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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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a huge broncos win. first of all let's get you going on this friday with a look at the forecast. lauren whitney is here now. good morning, once again a foggy start to the day in the eastern plains. very reduced visibility near burlington and la junta. all the way out west skies are clear. a cold front working its way through today so cooler temperatures on the way. i'm going to talk overnight temperatures too. let's dhek in with joel. >> we the d, h, and f lines on 30-minute delays. the rtd says there's police activity going on near the convention center. we'll continue to watch that. but the a-line no delays. thank you very much. a look at this damage in lakewood. breaking news overnight to show you a child and an adult were
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house fire. two other people got out safely. this is the news on cbs4 this morning. shawn chitnis is there to tell us more about it. >> reporter: we know the child, a five year old girl was rescued from a bedroom on the second level of the house. she was hiding in a closet. firefighters had to move her from there to the front of the house so they could get her out and take her to the hospital. she wasn't the only one taken to we know the damage was significant on the back side so the fire was a challenge for them where the girl was hiding. like i mentioned, she was taken to the hospital also her father taken for smoke inhalation so they could get treated for injuries. firefighters got the call around 12:30 this morning and they saw heavy fire on the back side. after rescuing the girl they got a handle of it fairly quickly? in addition to those two, two
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and outside by the time firefighters arrived. so in all, four people and three adults out side, the one girl inside and those other two are okay. but the house in inhabitable. there's a crew behind us working to patch things up and secure it so the family won't be able to go back in for some time. the cause is under investigation but firefighters saying it likely started on the deck on the back side of the house. cbs4 news. home security cameras caught a peeping tom. we see him peering into the bedroom of a teenager girl in arvada. stan bush went to the neighborhood near kol creek canyon road. the residents want him caught. >> reporter: a homeowner woke up to this disturbing video seeing this unknown peeping tom looking into his 17-year old daughter's window. the man tried to go in the front
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girl's room. >> i can't imagine what that would be like. >> it happened around 1:00 in the morning in early august. they have been looking for the peeping tom for more than a month. >> ever see anyone like that? >> not here. he has three daughters of his own. the incident occurred in a neighborhood that has more homes under construction and for sale than it has actual residents. arvada police went door to door here and now neighbors are on high especially my daughters have their phones close be and be hyper vigilant. >> he turns and actually looks at the camera so you can get a good frontal shot of his face and we are hoping someone will recognize him. >> appears to be a white man wearing glasses with a bald spot and noticeable rereceding hairline.
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is not from that area after a thorough search. new surveillance pictures show a groping suspect in boulder after a woman was assaulted on sunday morn near broadway and college. she told us that -- excuse me, she told police the man grabbed her and she fought him off and he ran towards an underpass in the area. those are clearer pictures of this man in boulder. time now for traffic every ten minutes on the four's. 55 in boulder and 61 in lamar and la junta and 34 in gunnison and 58 degrees in grand junction. once again, we have that fog on the eastern plains, very reduced visibility near burlington and looking at the satellite and radar skies are clear. a dry cold front working its way through this morning. like i said, it's a dry front so you'll notice not much activity. we get a little rain in the
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have a few more clouds possible this evening south of town in the palmer divide area. it's a fairly mellow day and you'll notice the winds start to pick up this afternoon so a bit gusty at times. temperatures are 76 here in denver. how is the drive going? >> great start to the morning commute. one little side street accident. this is our cbs4 mousetrap cam. look at folks drooufing southbound along i-25. there's pockets of volume but you the stadium curve and there's mile high magic making everything go smoothly. an 8-minute drive from thornton to denver. still seeing speeds into the 50s as you get through commerce city. there's the accident on the side street. i-225 nice and wide open. northbound along parker road we still have speeds in the 40s and those are great from arapahoe
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i-225 speeds into the 50s. his first touchdown this morning. the broncos quarterback is feeling good. trevor siemian completed close to 70% of passes and scored against one of the best defenses in the league with a perfect screen pass right there to cj anderson who took it to the house. brandon marshall last nine joining 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick in protest. both were college teammates at the university of nevada. he says he won't stand for a flag of a koun tru that oppresses blacks and others of color. >> i'm not against the military or police or america. i'm against social injustice. i'm a man of faith honestly so i prayed long and hard i and feel like that was the right thing to do.
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statement during the game regarding his protests. they said, "while we encourage members of our organization to stand during the national anthem, we understand and respect it being a personal decision." update right now on what turned out to be a road rage incident that ended with two people dead. it happened at 56th right near pena. we know one of the victims was a good samaritan who stopped to try and help employee. andrea flores tells us what friends of the victims are saying. >> reporter: two drivers came to a stop at an intersection near 56th and pena. >> one of the drivers exited his car and went to the second vehicle and pounded on the windows. >> reporter: police say he ran in front of the car and was hit as it tried to get away. >> a good samaritan saw what
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by a third vehicle. >> reporter: the driver struck twice was pronounced dead at the scene. the good samaritan, an employee died at a nearby hospital. on facebook coworkers remembered him as a great man and great friend who loved his classic ford falcon. dpd reminds drivers how dangerous road rage can be. >> it's hard to tell what's going on in the other person's mind. if you find yourself in the situation do not don't have to. >> the surviving drivers involved are cooperating with police and dpd says it's unlikely they will face any charges. this morning the douglas county sheriff's office is updating us on the recovery of a deputy injured in a shoot out last week. a gunmen shot him near a middle school in parker last friday. he was later killed by officers. we expect to learn more about his injuries and the
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at a news conference today. the white house is assessing whether north korea conducted its fifth and largest nuclear test yet. it comes after the u.s. geological survey reported a 3.5 seismic event near north korea's known nuclear site this morning. the test is in response to international sanctions and what it calls u.s. hostility. president obama was briefed on the matter aboard air force one er from his trip to asia. the president says north korea's test would be met with serious consequences. 5:39 and 53 degrees this morning. the bank robber who had enough of married life.
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if you think there was something wrong with the parking ticket you got, take a number. this is where you go to appear before a parking magistrate and make a compelling argument they may dismiss your ticket if you're lucky. >> it's fighting for safety. it's a matter of collecting revenue for the city. >> reporter: we found behind these doors denver parking managers cancel thousands of tickets written in error. we reviewed thousands of parking tickets and found an average of 400 tickets every month are voided. more than 1600 tickets were cancelled during the time based
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15 sigh tigss later that was voided due to mistakes. just ask eric robinson. he disdisplayed his handicap placard. >> it was on display and they issued a ticket citing that it was not on display so it was erroneous. >> a magistrate and tossed the ticket. also another ticket for parking too long in a two hour zone but there was no signs so his ticket was dumped. >> i was upset that i got a ticket and i followed the rules and there's no sign. why do you give me a ticket? >>reporter: we wanted to ask about the erroneous tickets, the ones they catch and caught by drivers themselves but a spokes
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camera instead writing that "enforcement agents make occasional errors and it's less than 1% year to date.". >> reporter: something else revealed, hundreds of parking tickets are being cancelled every month for good will for compliance. that means even after a ticket is written the parking agent cancels it because the driver complied with the law. >> i don't like throwing away money and also it's principle. >> reporter: brian moss, cbs4 news. turning to weather and traffic. everything just looks better somehow this morning. why is that? >> i don't know, it's always nice after a broncos win. great game last night. a little tough at times but we pulled through. 55 in denver and boulder. 62 in burlington. 61 in avon and 65 in steamboat and 36 in gunnison and 58 in grand junction. the rest of the state is clear except the the eastern plains where we have fog about a mile
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fog towards la junta. be cautious once again. satellite and radar showing clear skies across the state. much of the southwest is dry so not much moisture. a cold front is coming through and you see rain in the northern part of wyoming and also snow up there but the front is fot bringing moisture with it. we just get wind and cooler temperatures. 76 in denver and boulder. upper 70s out e high country 69 in frisco and steamboat 72 in craig and 86 in grand junction. for our futurecast, we look at mostly sunny skies today. a few clouds coming through but not until later on and the evening. overnight tonight skies are clear and a cold start to the day in some areas. could get a few showers down south tomorrow but that's it and a freeze watch tonight for parts
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river valleys. talk a look at overnight lows 31 in steamboat tonight. if you have plans outside your animals may get chilly. 37 in greeley so tomorrow morning when you wake up it's going to be cool out there. definitely a crisp morning and 81 degrees in denver. tomorrow 91 on sunday. joel? take a look at our tech center cam this morning. quite a few more cars on the roadway making their tech center. we'll start to see dropping of drive times f. for now speeds in the 50s and 60s southbound coming into town a 9-minute drive out to i-70 and look at these cars cooperating nicely. one little side street accident not on i-25 and not affecting traffic. along c-470 that should be wide open and i-225 you start to see
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this time of day. southbound along i-225 speeds are in the 60s and dipping into the 40s. getting word from rtd all lines are up and running and expect some delays over the next quarter hour as we get trains running again. this morning we're getting more information on last friday's officer involved shooting in douglas county. jamie leary is live from parker hospital where a >> reporter: good morning, there's been an outpouring of community support for dan bright remaining here in critical condition. his brother is saying thank you to the community on behalf of his family. the sheriff plans to speak here this morning and give us an update on the investigation. detective bright was injured in
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last friday. he fired on them outside of the home and fled his rv before crashing it near sierra middle school where he was shot and killed. the community stepped up to support bright and a gofundme page has raised $36,000. in addition to the update on the investigation this morning we're also hearing from the director of the trauma center here at the hospital and the con. gofundme page on his website at the governor isn't all about signing laws and recruiting new businesses. no sometimes you just have to repel down a build. he's raising money for the cancer league of colorado yesterday. 200 courageous people are repelling down the building with
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a million dollars. steady as she goes, governor. a picture perfect launch for nasa as they send a rocket into space to chase down an asteroid. scientists want to study the asteroid which may hold keys to the origin of life on earth. the rock known as bennu is composed of the same raw material that went into the sun and planets. the spacecraft had a gorgeous launch from cape canaveral. a man admits to robbing a kansas city bank to get away from his wife. things must be bad in their house. the man told the teller he had a gun and demanded money and got more than $3,000 but then he turned around and waited in the lobby for police to show up. he said he would rather go to jail than live with his wife.
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a different story for a couple celebrating their anniversary. the photographer says she thought of the notebook when she saw the couple. she thought the romantic fictional story would be a fun theme for the shoot in oklahoma and the photos instantly went viral after they were posted online. i'm just looking at that and it's great. an unusual up in grocery stores. alcoholic ice cream is available now in more than 20 states. snow bar sells alcohol infused ice cream in pop sickles in nine state. these retail for about $10 at markets and including some whole foods. six packs ship for $75. the big tribute concert is
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ahead. brett breaks it down in cbs4 calendar. this sunday is the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and we remember with great music at civic center park. it starts at 1:00 at civic center park, that's colorado remembers 9/11. sunday night oar celebrati their 20th anniversary as a band. they released their latest album called xx signifying 20 years together. that's at red rock on sunday.
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ness. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. welcome back. clear skies and fairly calm out now. we will see the winds pick up with a cold front this morning. 58 in grand junction, 39 in meeker and 37 in craig and 40 in
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towards denver. 50 degrees this morning in lakewood. feels like fallout side and he will see us tomorrow at the xcel energy day of service. a great morning, cool for xcel energy day of service. skies are clear across the state. freeze watch for our northwestern corner of the state. the river basin areas will chilly tonight. 27 in craig and 31 in steamboat. 37 as we head towards greeley tonight. it will be chilly tomorrow morning but a nice morning today for our bus stop forecast. temperatures in the upper 50s and sunshine and mild should be a great start to the day. let's check in with joel. it's a great start to the day when the broncos win. take a look from our mousetrap cam. it's friday and hopefully for some of you its payday. quite a few more cars so some
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all the cars are cooperating nicely southbound coming into town, speeds into the 60s so nine minutes from thornton to denver. great speeds from the west as well. c-470 and i-25 speeds into the 60s. the late show with stephen colbert, a google search has a story on the adoption of a dog after hurricane katrina. he ex-plans after the original owners wanted their dog back originally owned the dog traced it to the tampa bay area but bonn di didn't want to give the dog up which ledo t a 16-month fight with katrina victims. everybody hates katrina victims right? the worst detail is that she changed the saint bernard's name to noah from "master tank". that dog had the greatest name
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"time for dinner noah" or the meat fest is before you master tank, take what is yours [ laughter ] bonn di did eventually give the dog back to the family. the late late show is on after the cbs4 news at 10:00. firefighters rescue a five year old girl from a house on the second floor. coming up in a live report we'll tell you how she's doing this on the ball. snap placement kicked on the way and wide left! the magic eight down here at sports authority field at mile high. >> it all came down to the final seconds. wide left. last night's game and your new starting quarterback ahead.
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good morning, a fire tears through a lakewood home sending a father and daughter to the hospital. the super bowl rematch goe go wide left. what do you think about our new quarterback now? his decision to take a knee during the national anthem -- brandon marshall that is. a look ahead to your weekend as we are ahead of the sunrise at 6:00. good morning, i'm alan gionet. lauren is here with a check on your weather right now. everybody just feels good, lauren. you can bring a hurricane to us i think.


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