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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MDT

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missiles while china hosted world leaders at the g20. the nuclear test now not only violates un security resolutions but also raises concerns that that communist nation is a step closer to building a nuclear warhead capable of reaching the u.s. mainland. >> north korea says the test is in response to international sanctions and u.s. hostility in the region. has released disturbing images to drive home the dangers of heroin. a man and a woman passed out in the front seats with their 4-year-old son sitting in the back. an officer pulled them over because the driver was weaving back and forth. the driver told the officer he was taking the woman to the hospital but then immediately passed out himself. overdoses. crews administered a drug to reverse the effects of the heroin.
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charges, including endangering a child. parts of kansas are trying to dry out after heavy rains. families woke up to several feet of water. mosquito spraying went on as planned in miami beach this morning despite days of protests. planes flew over the area spraying the pesticide to kill mosquitos and holy stem the spread children born in farming areas where it is used have a higher rate of autism and learning disorders. this is the first of four scheduled sprays in miami beach. new video shows an suv plowing through a gas station convenience store. police said the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. the vehicle hit the clerk, did not stop until it ran into the back wall of the store there. the store closed
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how the presidential candidates doing in colorado coming up next in our weekly reality check. >> and crews rescue more than 100 tour ifrts standed in the -- tours stranded in the french alps. >> and cooler weather today. we're in dry weather from the southwest, and it's also hot weather!
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>> >> our weekly rty joining me on the right, dick laudums, republican strategist, >> hillary clinton has been leading by double digits for the last month. recent polls show this race could be tightening in colorado. both campaigns sent
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does this signal colorado is still in play? >> i think colorado remains in play. but only in a theoretical sense. colorado is the state that democrats went for bernie sanders, republicans went for ted cruz. so i think based on how the nominees have sorted out irk think colorado is more likely to go for hillary clinton than it is for donald trump. and i think after the rnc and the dnc, trump's people sort of i think they're reengaging now. they've gotten some money, going on the air with some ads. i don't think they want to concede the state of colorado, but i think they know it's a tough sled for them. >> what do you think? too late for trump here? >> not at all. i saw a washington post poll that was tied, 37-37. that tells me it's not so much that trump is coming up, but clinton is coming down.
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bad weeks. and if that trend continues, i think trump is back in the game in colorado. >> let's left to the u.s. senate race. michael bennett and darryl glenn face off in their first debate. glenn debated a lot in the primary. but polls show him so far behind bennett who has been running all kinds of ads. is it too little too late? >> well, darryl glenn is still struggling to gather the basis of the campaign, to be honest. he's an air force academy graduate, he's an elected official. he did blow through the republican convention and primaries in very impressive ways. but when you get into a general election in colorado, you have got to be able to talk to those un-afilliated voters. and he's got to find a way to do that, and have an infrastructure of a campaign to do it. we'll see if he can turn it around. >> penfield, what do you think? >> i would be polite to say
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[ laughter ] >> i agree with dick. and i think the other thing that really hamstrings darryl is in addition to not having the infrastructure to speak to unaffiliated voter, i think in a real sense, darryl's message doesn't speak to them in colorado inform many respects he came for a very contested republican primary. as a result of that, his message, his campaign sort of listed pretty far to the right. i don't think he can get far enough to the middle toea colorado voters to have any hope of beating michael bennett. >> is he trying to get to the middle? [ laughter ] >> i will give him credit for that. i don't think he's very interested in getting to the middle. [ laughter ] >> i'm trying to be polite here. i think darryl is a great guy. he's a smart guy, impressive guy. but i think that this -- where he comes from is not where the state of colorado is. >> it's no mystery how you win
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you're a republican. and i'm not sure darryl glenn has that. >> several controversial measures on the ballot this year, including amendment 69. colorado care. opponents launched an ad. >> it would raise our taxes by $twitch billion a year, double the size of state government, and give colorado the highest income taxes in the country all to replace your doctor's decisions with a state program run what could possibly go wrong with that? >> i'm giving this ad a reality check. i also helped moderate a debate this week on the measure. healthcare is a big issue. i wonder if anyone is gonna get past the first line on this ballot measure which says shall taxes be increased $25 billion a year? to even consider any of the potential merit of this. >> i think it's a difficult sell. i agree with you.
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very frustrated with the cost of healthcare. we saw example after example where big pharma is just raising the rates on prescription medications. the epipen and the others. apparently for no reason exempt for the fact that they want to charge more money. so this is something that people are very strielthsly interested in. but i agree -- vitally interested in. but i agree with you. i think you start with a ballot measure, shall tacks be raised $25 nonstarter for a lot of people. >> to be fair, the group supporting this says that we spend $30 billion a year on health insurance. what do you think, dick? >> colorado voters never liked obamacare to begin with. this is obamacare on steroids. we'll be paying a much bigger price for it if it passes but the death
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progress now, two very liberal organizations, decided to pull their support and oppose it. if you can't have the liberal wing of colorado consolidate around something like this, how can it win a statewide election? >> so much to talk about this election. we're out of time. same place, same time next week!
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as a school superintendent, i saw how unnecessary regulations from washington made it more difficult for teachers and principals. and as a dad, i know we must empower those who spend every day with our kids. that's why i worked with republicans and democrats to replace the no child left behind law and increase local control of schools. i'm michael bennet. i approve this message and our communities
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a train derails in spain killing four and injures dozens more. >> the train's driver is among the dead. it was headed to portugal. it went off the rails early this morning. 65 people were on board. that crash was on the same stretch of tracks where another train accident killed 80 people three years ago. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this latest wreck. russian president putin is hosting a massive military drill in crimea, along the ukraine border. it comes as tensions are still high between the u.s. and russia after they annexed crimera a little over two years ago. a lot more excitement than they expected. dozens of tourists trapped in cable cars in the french alps are now safe. they spent the night dangling
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mountainside. crews worked nonstop to rescue the 110 people spread out in cars across three miles. >> 10 hours in the cable car. it was just before midnight when they finally got us out of the gondola. really quite an experience. >> that's one way to put it! rescue workers brought food and water to about 50 of those tourists who spent the night in the they were safely evacuated this morning. >> incredible. >> winds can tangle cables. >> i know! >> too windy, they shut it down here. >> 14 degrees cooler today, 89 yesterday, might be warmer on sunday. some clouds have formed. a surge of cool air that came on through.
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through, here's the cloudiness you're seeing along the front range. a little thunderstorm, even a couple of strike was lightning right there. and already it's beginning to die down. that's all we're gonna see from this. to the east, we have much heavier showers and thunderstorms in kansas. here's the hour by hour forecast. clouds just dissipate, into saturday, pretty much sunshine all across the state, maybe a few clouds across the south. sunday, a few scattered showers. that's about it. now monday, here comes and with that cold front, you can see more rain at 3:00 pm, push right up along the front range, and the eastern plains. so we have a chance for scattered showers on monday with much cooler temperatures. freeze warning up there in the yampa valley. 20s to 30s! this is till 9:00 am tomorrow morning. a pool of cool air pushed into eastern colorado, and another surge
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75 and 74. yesterday 89. sdmor 31 the records. everybody below normal. sill rer plume with 69. almowsa, farther south, didn't see that much cooling. 82 degrees today. a little breezy, northeast at 25. 38% humidity. rising barometer. this is called bees around it. this is near lake columbine. a little bit of cooler. this is up in gunnis son, and he calls this the tapestry of autumn, indeed! temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 30s for the high country. 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s out wove.
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warmup, 70s mountains, warmer west. 80s to near 90. for tonight, clearing skies, it will be chilly! 46 and 43 the overnight lows, for tomorrow, fair, breezy, warmer into the low 80s. a near perfect day, and a seasonal day too! sunday 90 degrees with those sunny skies. here comes the cold front! back in the 70s, low 70s at that, monday and tuesday. wednesday in the upper 70s. chance for shower or thunderstorm each day. >> that time of the year, we don't finish it's summer plenty ever possibilities for great music this weekend. brett saunders gives us the skinny. >> reporter: this sunday is the 15th anniversary of the attacks on september 11th. and colorado remembers with some terrific music at civic center park, all free, and features the great
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center park. sunday night it's o..a. r., celebrating their 20th anniversary as a band. they just released their latest album. they're a longtime red rocks audience favorite, uplifting rock from oar at red rocks on sunday. >> and alan jackson coming to
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stocks plunging this friday. the dow tum belled 394. its biggest one-day fall since june 24th. nasdaq lost 133. new problems the faa is warning passengers not to use their galaxy note 7 on planes or stow the device in checked baggage. batteries can burst into flames. 35 phone fires have been reported around the world. >> that's the last thought in my head, a brand-new device,
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is going to burn down my car, or my house. >> last friday samsung recalled all 2.5 million units it shipped since the launch. a recall for more than four million vehicles nationwide from gm. a software defect can prevent the airbags from deploying. seatbelts might also not work properly. one death is already linked to the safety issue. the recall affects a certain amount of vehicles from the 2014-17 model years. flying burritos will soon be a reality at one university. taking part in a test to deliver bufferitos to staff and students using drones. google's parent company is working to make un-naned aircraft deliver the food, medicine, and other items. >> great idea! maybe pizza is next. >> do you have to run around
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>> thanks for joining us.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> i'm just going to jump right in. why does ed want to make this movie? let me set the stage for you. it's the ultimate fight against the ultimate villain. wait for it. cancer. it's an epic movie. it's called "the dream team," and whether we all live or die is in the hands of-- are you ready for it-- the dream team.
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researchers, how about this? we're just going to try you're a brilliant dream team doctor, you're at the forefront of cancer research. ready? and go. >>. >> are you sold on cancer? because i see my character as a doctor, but as a doctor of philosophy. >> okay. >> and what he does is that through logic, he proves that cancer no longer exists. >> why are you wearing aak it's-- it's a chin toupee. >> take one. >> you know, if matt damon'sat involved can i be genius and he play the supportive best friend this time? i think that's more realistic. >> i know what, i'd rather not get in the middle of that. >> okay, i just want to make sure this female doctor role isn't scripted as "the love interest." am i right. >> i know what the script says, but i really don't think anyone
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doctor and the female doctor are just friends.'t anybody? >> i know you've got a lot of people coming down line. i would just like to take this time to say i'm super against cancer. i don't like it. >> what if i play, like, a darth vader character? leukemia, i am your father. >> i'm feeling so, so proud to be able to represent a character as powerful and passionate as-- wait? >> i think we should change that line to, that doctor is all hat and no cattle." >> i don't know what that means. >> it's a texasa phrase. just anal jiez. >> are the female doctors paid the same as male doctors or is it like hollywood? >> who's playing cancer? >> i don't know if this is going to work.e >> live from the music center in


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