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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  September 10, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MDT

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it's saturday, september 10. this is the news on cbs4. man accused of deadly child abuse on an 11-month-old baby is arrested. his confession to police. plus, the controversy involving an african-american man tased by aurora police. what police and the aclu are saying about the incident and a jury is deadlocked in a trial involving a single mother in colorado who was killed while living a double life as an escort. what the woman's father hopes will happen next. good saturday morning to you. i am kelly werthmann. we will get to those stories in a moment. first, a check of the forecast with chris spears. good morning, chris. >> good morning, kelly.
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a lot of 30s and 40s across the lower elevations. look at this. this shocked me. our weather up here in jackson county, let's see if i can get this to work here, mark russell, goodness. there we go. it's not wanting to work for us. anyway, he is reporting 19 degrees this morning, and his bird bath froze overnight. that's what i'm trying to get to, to show you this picture. check this out. cold enough that all the ice -- our screen is acting up this morning. i tweeted morning. a couple of computer problems in the weather center. it's a little chilly out here. 30s and 40s on the eastern plains this morning. widespread 30s. a limon 32 degrees. teens and 20s in the higher elevations. in grand junction it's 54 degrees. in the metropolitan areas mostly 40s for everybody.
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at the airport, and the record low for this date is 35 all the way back in 1898. so a pretty chilly start for this september 10. we have a freeze warning for a couple more hours for northwestern colorado. a hard freeze in a few places and that means their growing season has come to an end. anybody agree 29 degrees this morning -- anybody below 29 degrees this morning. 50s by the 9 a.m. hour, cruising into the 70s by noon. this will be topping out around 80. right now denver police are looking for a driver who hit a pedestrian and took off last night. it happened around 10:00 near colfax and colorado boulevard. it left the victim with possible serious injuries. police say a gray chevy impala with license plate number
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into a monday in boulder county is in the hospital after falling off of barker dam. the sheriff's office says deputies responded to the call around 2:30 this morning. authorities tell us the 22-year- old man had been drinking, then climbed a safety fence before falling about 15 feet onto the concrete below. several crews helped get the man out before he was taken to the hospital. no word yet this morning on his condition or the extent of his injuries. a man accused of abusing an 11 bars in larimer county. 24-year-old juan hernandez was arrested following an investigation of the child's injuries. investigators say the mother and hernandez brought the child to the hospital on wednesday after hernandez allegedly hit the baby with a chair at an apartment in fort collins. the baby did die from their injuries yesterday. court records show the man is not the child's father and confessed to the alleged abuse. well, developing now an independent review board will
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encounter between aurora police and a man they wanted to question. now, that man is seen as being tased and falls back on to his head after asking why he was even being detained. the aclu is calling this a case of excessive force. jeff todd takes a look at both sides of the story. >> put your hands in the air. >> reporter: this is the beginning of the video the aclu gave us. aurora police were responding to a call for a n a gun at a child. >> enter lace your fingers now! >> reporter: we don't know how this incident started, but police say these two men matched the description. >> what are we being detained for? answer my question, officer. i know my rights! >> stay there. cuff him. >> police need facts that amount to reasonable suspicion that crime is afoot. they didn't have reasonable suspicion.
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represented the man tased, darsean kelley. he was initially charged with failure to obey a landfall command. his case was dismissed by city prosecutors last week. today the city wouldn't say why. the aclu argued this was an illegal detention. a fourth amendment -- violation. >> police are detaining them, barking orders, and pointing tasers at them. >> i don't have any knowledge of there being >> reporter: along with the use of force, some consider officer adam harris' actions to be unprofessional. >> look right here. it's all on video, sweetheart. your failing to obey orders is on video. >> i think every agency has an expectation of officers to remain professional. >> reporter: an independent review board, which includes members of the community, will soon meet. the hope is that they will have some conclusions by october
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chief nick mentz. we have a clip up on jeff todd, cbs4 news. jurors cannot reach a unanimous verdict in the case of a mother killed on the western slope. paige burg feld disappeared in 2007 but her remains weren't found until 2012. she was a single mother of three who led a secret life as an escort. prosecutors believe one of her clients kill charged lester jones with murder. after weeks of testimony jurors are deadlocked. bergfeld's father wants a guilty verdict and is prepared for another trial. the district attorney's office says they will refile the charges and go to trial again. an update on a douglas county deputy hurt after a shootout with a suicidal suspect. detective dan bright was shot
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with weapons near a school in parker. doctors say bright remains in very critical condition, but is responding to treatment. bright is a former marine and his brother says that's part of the encouragement that his family is giving him. >> we tell him what his next mission is. his next mission is move your toes. keep on. you're doing this. you're winning. you're gonna walk out of here. >> the man who shot bright was later killed by parker the forecast. that chilly forecast. >> yeah, it's chilly, kelly. we need our pumpkin spiced lattes this morning. i got the computer working. here is the frozen bird bath. 19 degrees from our weather watcher in jackson county. we are going to warm up quickly, kelly. i will tell you how fast coming up. and coming up a driver in texas has a little trouble with parking. how crews got this dangling suv
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i approve this message because i believe parents and our communities
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new video this morning shows an suv crashing into a store in connecticut. a ford explorer ck from the store accelerates forward instead, smashing through the front door and plowing through shelves. another angle shows when the clerk is hit. we are told he was not hurt -- he was hurt, rather, and is expected to recover. the man behind the wheel was charged with reckless driving. a car dangles from a parking garage in downtown austin, texas. the driver told police he was pulling into a spot but, for some reason, couldn't stop the
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through the sunroof and then first responders tethered the car and lowered it to an alley below. chris, i don't know about you, but if i had been in that car i would have been screaming and just probably would have jumped and you never know what would have happened. >> i would have passed out. [ laughter ]. >> i would be out cold. >> oh, man. look at that view. a beautiful start to this saturday. a live view of downtown denver. clear blue skies statewide. this is why we cooled off so much last night. we have dry air in place, clear skies, li maximize radiational cooling overnight. a good preview to fall. 28 in leadville and grand junction. 40 at the airport. we bottomed out at 37 at 5:00 this morning. 33 in cold creek canyon. not too much warmer down a few
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35 degrees from jim. no need to show this to you today. there is very little to see. later this afternoon way down here in the eastern san juan mountains we could crop up a stray shower or thunderstorm. most of us plenty of sunshine. wall-to-wall today. a very nice saturday on the way. it will be nice and quiet. those temperatures are going to rebound nicely. one characteristic of dry air, it cools fast and warms just as fast, too. as soon as the sun comes up 70s and 80s statewide. warm on the western slope. near 90. tomorrow fire concerns for the northwestern plateau. the foothills of larimer and boulder county and waldon and jackson county a fire weather watch for sunday, and here's why. on the jet stream we are going to see this pattern turn hot and dry. air coming in from the southwest on sunday, it doesn't last long. this low pressure drops in by monday, pushes that warm air out and we start to cool off.
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day forecast, kelly. it is the temperature rollercoaster ride for the next few days. we are going to rocket to 80 today, blasting up to 90 tomorrow. windy late in the de the day as a cold front approaches. a chance for a few thunderstorms in here. this is september. we see the weather go up and down as the seasons change. >> it's like a true colorado forecast. a little bit of everything. >> we love it. >> thank you. after scoring once and thursday night, the rockies look to bounce back at petco park. down by one in the third with one man on first, charlie blackmon hits a rocket out to right to put his team up by one. that was all the rocks needed in this one. colorado did add two more and the pitchers didn't allow any more runs in what would be a 4- 1 win. game three of four is set for tonight at 6:40. although the new iphone is without a headphone jack, it's
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how long some will have to wait to get their hands on the new model. and it's an up-and-down forecast just like those rollercoasters. chris will have more just ahead. and the talk around town is still about the broncos' win over the panthers, but some say the refs missed some calls for hits against cam newton. mark hasse has your morning sports. the broncos win just one of three big headlines from thursday night taking a knee during the anthem, and cam newton taking multiple blows to the head. that was probably the biggest story nationally. questions on why the panthers' quarterback was never taken out to be checked for a concussion and also why the broncos weren't flagged more during the game. only darian stewart's hit was called a penalty, and stewart said yesterday he expects to be fined. but broncos making no apologies
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>> we don't pay that any mind. we hear what everyone says about that, man. like i said, we are not going to stop being aggressive. that's what we do. that's what has us number one. so we are going to continue to play football. >> how much there was, i disagree with that. i saw two plays where he left a pocket where, you know, there were big collisions going on. there were a lot of collisions in the game. so i think we were playing hard. they were playing hard. they will knocked the heck out of us a lot, too, you kn we'll see what the league says. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet. the most awarded car company
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it is saturday, september 10th. we are so glad you are waking up with us on cbs4 morning news. it's crisp outside if you haven't yet stepped out. beautiful clear skies. that sunshine is up and about to do its thing. we have a freeze warning in effect for a couple of more hours. an hour and a half or so. the northwestern valleys. we had some places into the upper teens and lower 20s. mostly 40s here in the lower elevations. one of our weather watchers up here in junior weather watcher from northglenn. 43 degrees at his house this morning. that's pretty chilly. most of the metropolitan area in the lower 40s, although some of the foothills did briefly dip into the 30s. dia dropped down to 37. that was just 2 degrees above the record for this date back in 1898. now, it's way too dry a cross a lot of colorado. several areas abnormally dry, and we have a pocket of
7:21 am
through fort collins. we warm up into the low 80s today, but tomorrow it's going to turn windy and almost summer- like. we are going back into the low 90s across the eastern plains and it will even be warm up high. we have some fire weather watches for northwest colorado, the valley of jackson county and the foothills of larimer and boulder county for your sunday. kelly, today a tame afternoon on the way. lots of 9 and a quick jump in those temperatures. i think we will be up around the 80-degree mark by this afternoon. >> thank you. cbs is getting r a three-part docuseries on the 20-year-old murder case of jonbenet ramsey. the special looks at the case using today's technology and forensics. cbs4 morning news anchor alan gionet talked with the investigator on the case. >> i hate to compare it to anything at all, but it is like an episode of csi. world-class investigators tearing into a case that needs to be solved. they want justice for jonbenet and they are not going to give
7:22 am
like an episode of "criminal minds" because it's actually we're using behavioral analysts to actually deconstruct the crime, reverse engineer it to the type of person that committed the crime so we can come up with a comprehensive theory that actually covers all of the evidence all of the aspects of this crime. >> now, you can watch the special right here on cbs4. it premieres sunday, september 18. and dr. phil will also with jonbenet's brother in a three-part interview beginning monday on cbs4 at 4:00. well, this is the news in your moneywatch report. salmonella is expediting new shipments of its galaxy note 7 smartphone to customers after reports the batteries could catch fire. the faa is warning users to avoid turning on or charging the phone while flying or checking the devices in their luggage. salmonella issued a recall of its premium phone last week. well, apple has started
7:23 am
iphones and applewatch products. sales of the 7 series phones with the new jet black finish appear to be the most popular. some of those won't ship for three to four weeks while shipments of the jet black 7 plus iphone have been pushed back to november. well, coming up, mayor hancock cracks open a 60-year- old time capsule.
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this is the news you will see only on 4. the contents of a 60-year-old time capsule are revealed at emily griffith technical college in downtown denver. the school is celebrating their 100th birthday. our joel hillan was there as the time capsule mystery was revealed. >> reporter: the mayor and the
7:27 am
capsule filled and sealed in 1955. it was supposed to be opened in 1995, but we're finally getting a look at its contents now. inside was a letter from the then principal explaining the training of students for various vocations, including denver's martin plant in their industry of guided missels. last night 60 years later that plant has successfully launched a rocket set an astroid. some things are different. then again, some things haven't changed. they had classes for pipefitters and electricians. >> it's interesting to see how history 60 years ago is repeating itself and the classes haven't changed for the skill trades. >> reporter: that school schedule along with newspapers
7:28 am
the fifth floor of the main denver public library on broadway. their total budget in 1955 $51,000. joel hillan, cbs news. >> the exit is free and runs -- the exhibit is free and runs through december. well, coming up, broncos linebacker brandon marshall loses an endorsement after taking a knee during the national anthem about the negative and positive
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live from colorado's news channel this is cbs4 morning news. >> welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it's 7:30 on saturday, september 10th. just a gorgeous day out there starting your weekend with a beautiful blue sky. it's chilly. cbs4 chris spears is rooftop with that coat on. >> i am not a wimp, kelly. i just get excited over the cold weather. it is a little crisp outside. some places dropped two or below freezing, if you can believe that. take a look from our network. ted carlton in steamboat springs 27. he told me his hostas are not happy this morning. i bet not. northwestern colorado is under a freeze warning for another 90
7:31 am
degree mark for several hours. unfortunately, that means an end to the growing season. a lot of 30s up high. a lot of low 40s in the lower elevations. grand junction at 54 for one of the warmer spots closer into the denver metro. some of us bottomed out in the upper 30s briefly. the minute that sun came up, we are already climbing back through the 40s for most locations. it's a quick rise into the 50s by the 9:00 hour. we will flirt with 80 this afternoon. wait until you see the temperature rise for tomorrow and then the drop by monday. >> chris, thank you. developing now, support and backlash after broncos' linebacker brandon marshall chose not to stand during the national anthem thursday night. as cbs4's stan bush tells us, marshall knew there would be controversy, but he did it anyway to join a stance against seral injustice towards the african-american community. >> reporter: when brandon
7:32 am
to lose the endorsement of an air force credit union and the hate that followed. >> people calling me the n- word. calling me derogatory terms. >> reporter: what he may not have anticipated is the overwhelming support from fans criticizing the bank for dropping him after he exercised the right service men are sworn to protect. >> i hope there is not a lot more consequences to come. if it is, it's what i choose. as a man, i made a decision and i still stick by that decision. >> colin kaepernick met anger after he first sat out the anthem, but he has found even more support. his jersey is the league's top seller. and more players intend to kneel this weekend. doug baldwin tweeted the entire team would acknowledge the movement in their first game. even colorado's governor respected marshall's decision. >> i don't agree with it. it takes a certain amount of courage to take a position like
7:33 am
different environment when a man cited muslim faith, met with contempt. this time the players protesting are not standing or sitting alone. >> i thought they were given a lot of grief, millennials are very much in favor of be and let be. >> that was stan bush reporting. marshall is not sure how long he arvada police have tracked down a suspected peeping tom caught spying on a teenage girl in her home. police say after we aired this surveillance video they identified and arrested a suspect. and we now know what has been killing ducks at a pond in aurora. wildlife officers are blaming botulism, the naturally occurring bacteria spread through insects. visitors to exposition park started seeing the dead birds last week and had concerns it may have been due to the
7:34 am
but the city says they test the water willing larly and that is not a problem. one man committed two attacks on the high line canal trail. a suspect is now being charged in both cases. demaricus bookhart is charged with robbery, assault, and failing to register as a sex offender. investigators say he attacked two women on the trail near dartmouth and forest in denver last month. one of those women told us she was walking her dog when a man came out of nowhere and punched her in the face. in three men who held up a pawn shop in centennial. the masked men robbed the jumping jack cash before 11:00 yesterday morning. employees say shots were fired but no one was hurt. the getaway car is described as blue or dark silver, a buick sedan. >> it has tinted windows, blacked out lights and it didn't have any plates.
7:35 am
what the men stole, but give them a call if you have any information that could help. in a developing story firefighters rescue a little girl who was too scared to come out of a fire -- come out of her house during a fire in lakewood. crews say she was stuck upstairs when it happened yesterday morning. the rest of the family was able to get out safely. andrea flores tells us this case serves as a reminder for families to set an escape plan in case of an emergency. >> she's five! calls for help as her lakewood home goes up in flame. >> there is a fire on our deck. the house is filling with smoke. >> reporter: her daughter trapped inside. >> this is confirmed. there is a five-year-old trapped on the second floor of of the home. >> reporter: west metro fire responded where they found the girl hiding in a closet. >> she did not want to come with me because she was too scared. >> reporter: the firefighter was able to get the girl out safely, but says situations like these aren't that
7:36 am
they try to hide. >> reporter: a year ago denver fire crews almost missed two young boys inside a burning home all because they were hiding in an area that was hard to find. it's important for kids and parents to have a plan. >> they should know two ways to get out. >> reporter: families should establish a safe space early on. >> they need to have a meeting place for the parents, whether it's the mailbox out front or the neighbor's front porch. >> reporter: while there is no way to know how your kids will happens. >> it's a big deal that they know what to do when something goes wrong. >> west metro fire says the cause of that fire is still under investigation and that the girl and her family are expected to be okay. president ronald reagan's shooter because a mostly free man today. john hinckley jr. is scheduled to leave a washington, d.c. mental hospital for good to live full time at his mother's home in williamsburg, virginia. hinckley will have to follow a
7:37 am
coming up, severe weather affecting parts of the midwest. where a tornado damaged homes
7:38 am
7:39 am
new video shows a tornado touching down in central illinois. this happened last night in champaign county.
7:40 am
tearing down trees, and even power lines. this appears to be more of the flooding video. no injuries have been reported. but this is the flooding affecting some residents -- yeah, we got these backwards. that's the tornado. we should tell you that there was flooding in parts of kansas and some people say they can't use their water because their septic tanks are flooded. others are stranded at their homes as they waited for roads to dry. these tornados are scary to look at. chris, i know as we continue to look looking at the damage, i mean, it's scary stuff. something that, you know, things that we have experienced here. the flooding. we have experienced it, as well. three years ago we saw those heavy rains that caused our historic flooding. >> it's crazy it was three years ago. that was a monumental event that began on september 9. it was the nighttime of the 10th
7:41 am
this is state. we are talking about a beautiful day on the way here. very warm. very mild across colorado. although it's a very chilly start. let's look at these temperatures around colorado. 30s and 40s for almost every major reporting station. 40 in denver. we bottomed out at 37. 28 in leadville. 54 grand junction. i want to show you our weather watcher reports. they help us tell the weather story. western valleys 20s overnight. you come east of the continental divide and the higher elevation, we are in the low 30s this morning. cynthia from silver plume, hovering around that 40-degree mark. april from greenwood village. futurecast not much to show you today. we are expecting wall-to-wall sunshine. maybe this afternoon a few clouds and a shower or two down over the extreme south central mountains, but get ready for a great day. get out and play. this is a fantastic saturday to be out and about. no risk of thunderstorms or
7:42 am
highs today 70s and 80s statewide. we are going to warm quickly from the chilly temperatures. it is going to be warm in the grand valley. 88 degrees in grand junction. i want to show you a fire weather watch for larimer and boulder county, jackson county and the northwestern plateau. this is because of hot, dry air working in today, and in particular tomorrow ramping up that fire danger. as fast as that ramps up, this low pressure is going to drop down into the great basin monday and really around colorado. here is our five-day forecast for denver. this shows you very well what we're expecting. that up and down temperature trend the next five days. today 80. that's a big jump from our low this morning of 37. 91 for tomorrow. a hot day with fire danger. then that front is going to blast in here, kelly, and upper 60s for monday and tuesday as you go back to work and school with a couple of little thunderstorms around. wednesday in the 70s.
7:43 am
and i know you're going to love this segment. look at the jewelry here. it's a free event and it's going to feature art, jewelry, things like this, live music, food, fun for the kid. it all supports a great cause. >> the cherry arts festival at the stanley marketplace in aurora starts next friday. here are tara and kristin. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> so tara, let's begin real quickly. i understand this is the second year for this event? >> it is. it is. and so we're holding it out at the stanley marketplace. decided to do it again. the stanley marketplace is in aurora on the border of stapleton. it's an adaptive reuse project where we're going to feature 50 independent businesses. it's almost open. we are really excited to grow the show a little bit this year. we are going to feature 100 artists up from 70. we will have food trucks and live music and interactive art
7:44 am
a huge sculpture that we have worked with the mexican consulate to get. it's a 14-foot sculpture. people can also look out for that. >> neat. >> wow. that's really cool. tara first of all, i love that necklace. >> kristin. [ laughter ]. >> we know there is food involved. anytime food is involved i get excited. we have to have tickets for the grand tasting. >> it opens up the event on friday evening. of art and food and lots of different beverages. so we have got some great wine and distilleries and beer partners that are going to be there. we are also featuring a lot of local eateries, including restaurants that are going to be at the stanley marketplace. it's really a sneak preview of stanley. and we've got a v.i.p. entrance from five to six and the regular admission from six to nine. of course, all of that is
7:45 am
that's your first chance to visit with them. people can find tickets on our website at >> kristin, i am all about this. you hand make these? tell us a little bit about your jewelry here because you are one of the artists that is going to be featured? >> i am. thank you. i do make everything from hand. everything starts as sheet metal and wire. i have my backgrounds in metal work and jewelry design. i have been doing it over 20 years. i am really excited to be bringing the stanley show. i always have something new at every show. to people who collect my work will always find something different. >> that's neat. i am admiring your earrings. i know you have some like this here. if you are interested in wearing some of the beautiful earrings that you have on or any of these necklaces or anything else that might be at the stanley -- the cherry arts festival at stanley, it starts tomorrow -- excuse me, next weekend. september 16. man. admission is free.
7:46 am
ladies, thank you so much for being here this morning. beautiful in red. >> thank you. >> jewelry has you all -- >> i am just so excited about it. hey, coming up the little girl caught on camera loving cotton candy becomes an internet hit. hear what this 3-year-old has
7:47 am
7:48 am
a 3-year-old baseball fan has become an internet sensation. beatrix hart was named the cotton candy girl after a mariners game. dave cohen talked to the little girl about her sugar rush. >> most days this is bouncy beatrix hart.
7:49 am
and sings. >> hello! >> reporter: today she has a big interview. >> hello! >> reporter: here with dad to talk about her new nickname. >> the world is calling her cotton candy now. >> yay, mariners! >> reporter: yes. she was at the mariners game monday night. that's when the jumbotron caught this. that's beatrix going berserk. the cameras came back again and beatrix hit the car seat hard afterward. meanwhile, the mariners posted this video and the internet got to work. >> and then you wake up the next morning and the whole world is talking about it. >> reporter: now cotton candy girl and her apparent sugar rush are famous. >> i feel crazy. >> reporter: the secret most folks don't know, this look didn't come from any sugar. beatrix just likes making faces. a lot of them. >> because i was being silly
7:50 am
>> reporter: but none compare to this tasteful look that's flavored the internet. >> i didn't have enough. >> you didn't have enough? >> i want more cotton candy. >> you are going to need some more? >> yeah. >> reporter: in fairness, it was her first time trying it. >> gabe cohen reporting there. she says she doesn't understand how to famous she has become. well, ufc fighter mesha tate came to the rescue of a little girl who while hiking with her family. after splinting the girl's arm, she offered to carry her as you see. she says she needed the workout. after the ordeal the little girl sent tate an online thank you. tate shared the video with a post saying it was one of the most rewarding days of her career. chris, a quick check of the forecast? >> yeah, freezing in some areas this morning. our bird bath from our weather watcher in jackson county. that thing froze solid.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
7:54 am
one last check of our weekend forecast. big changes are in the works? >> yeah, kelly, this is what is so cool about dry air. we bottomed out at 37. we will the bottom drops out with another strong cool front on the way. that will kick up showers and storms. we will watch the forecast early next week. tomorrow we have high fire danger. it's so dry. 90-degree weather this time of the year with dry weather, that's not a good combination. >> lightning, we know what that can do. we hope you have a great weekend. thank you so much for joining
7:55 am
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what kind of people attend your classes? we have all kinds of students. you know, we have people in the medical profession. we have carpenters. we have truck drivers. we have stay-at-home moms, teachers, even professional athletes. the key thing is they realize they can still make their dreams and goals happen through trading and investing in the markets. and, actually, you have a free half-day class that you're offering to our viewers. i actually attended that course, and it was fantastic. but tell us a little bit about what people are going to learn. yeah, it's an amazing class. i love that class as well. really works. you're going to leave that class understanding that you can make money in up markets and in down markets, and you can do so with less risk than most people believe. and i think the best thing you're going to have is a clear path that you can pursue to make the markets start working for you rather than against you. all right, and actually going back to the whole gambling scenario, now you're basically teaching people how to count cards to win. how to be the house, basically. yeah, absolutely. how to be the casino.
7:58 am
involved, to know what i'm doing so i'm not just gambling, i'm actually being a professional. let's actually take a listen to some of yours students, what they had to say. great. before, our trading was, i have to say, sheer luck, and now we have a much better understanding of something much more technical about the market. in ota you learn a lot of techniques and processes that you have to learn the hard way after reading books and trying so it basically accelerates your learning curve, builds your confidence, and you get to a more profitable level much, much faster. you know, why would you say most of your students come to see you? well, oddly enough, it's not about the money, chris, it's what the money can do for them. so many people today, you know, maybe they're struggling in their current job and they want a source of income that can't be outsourced or downsized.
7:59 am
been able to fulfill. or maybe it's just the lifestyle. maybe they don't love the work they have and they want to have more time to do the things that they're passionate about, or maybe they have a cause or family that they want to take care of, any host of number reasons, really. yeah, and i'll tell you when i attended the class, i met people, and it was diverse with what they wanted. so thanks for explaining this to us. i'm going to tell people how they can get ahold of you and take advantage of this free half-day class. great. so thanks so much. call now to attend a free half-day class on trading and the value of this class is $500 but the tuition is waived for callers from the show. you'll also receive a complementary flash drive on market timing that's worth $200 just for attending, so call (866) 816-1918. seating is extremely limited, so call now. you can also visit their website their number again is (866) 816-1918.
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