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tv   CBS4 News at 5  CBS  September 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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>> verne: 45-7, 2:35 to go. perine again. >> verne: that will make you a fan favorite. gain of 17. trying to gain a competitive impact on this game, perine is trying to earn cher >> gary: perine is trying to earn carries in the next game. >> verne: allie laforce. >> allie: verne and gary, coaches are always looking for different ways to motivate their players and coach mcelwain came up with a good one where he said "write down how you can
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down how we can be better as a team." he took their names off and posted them all over the televisions and the locker room so the team could see. i think it worked. >> verne: perine is 0 for 100 yards now. his second gain as a player 1st gators. theodore, alabama, 17 carries, 105 yards. one catch. 28 yards and a touchdown. 45-7, 1:09 to go. the streak will be extended to 30 games >> gary: when you combine it together, 30 games and 30 years,
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allie pointed out in the open there were a couple of times they came close. >> verne: including the last two years and as you documented, 1993. remember notre dame over navy, 43 years years, roger staubach had that win in 1964 and then when navy ended the streak the curfew -- i'm just saying. 45-7. then navy played very competitively with notre dame for the next couple years. that should do it. jim mcelwain out of missoula, montana. mark stoops. they met each other as coaches in 1997. mcelwain at montana state.
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>> verne: 45-7 the final. play of the game presented by napa auto parts. luke del rio. he hit antonio callaway. that one went 78 yards. it's worth another look. listen to mick huber, florida's play by play radio man. >> del rio. rainbows one downfield for callaway. he makes the catch. there he goes. away, callaway, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, he just went 78 yards for a gator
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>> gary: if you've got a star player like callaway, strong defense like florida does and a quarterback that doesn't make mistakes, you've got a chance. >> verne: the two offensive stars, del rio 320 yards, four touchdowns, one interception. lamik5 perine. 17 carries, 105 yards on the ground. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist saying so long from gainesville. again, our final score. 45-7. we're going to take our road show in to oxford, next week. as alabama tries to end a two-game losing streak to ole miss.
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tonight's been great. yeah. you look, amazing... you take after your mom.... she's hot. know when to shhhhhhh
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> adam: welcome to the jeep post game show. i'm adam zucker. >> adam: in the game you just saw, florida over kentucky 45-7. make it 30 in a row.
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kentucky did score. kentucky ended up getting on the board at the end but florida dominant. >> brian: this was a resounding victory for florida versus the state of kentucky -- pitiful football. go back to last week. they give up a big lead versus southern miss, they go on the road and have an excellent opportunity to get a bad taste out of their mouth and they do nothing. they lay a fat egg. >> rick: a lonely place for m you can't sleep. all you can do is think about how to fix this. he will go to the office. block out the noise. when you have completed as many passes to the opponent as you do to yourself it's a long way back but it starts with him. he will go right to the offense when they get off the plane. >> adam: the team from western kentucky having abouta rough a day. western kentucky that had over 500 passing yards last week saw jalen hurts solidifying his role
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>> rick: jalen hurts picked up where he left off last week, ardarius stewart, hurts two touchdowns. i think they've got a good one. >> adam: calvin ridley as well, 38-10 the final in that one. georgia with jacob eason making his first start. they had to hold on tight against nicholls. >> brian: nolls came to play. colonels. since 2013 they've taken on nine f.b.s. schools. they knew what they were up for but they weren't up to the speed to tackle and isaiah mckenzie took it 66 yards to the house. >> adam: a punt return inside his own 10 that allowed the colonels to make a run in the game. bama going to the grove next week looking for revenge after losing the last two to ole miss. last year, of course, chad kelly, rick, they want to get back in the groove today.
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kelly finds one of his favorite targets. quincy adeboyo. >> adam: trevor knight an easy day as texas a&m took care of prairie view. four total touchdowns for him. in a weather delay with vandy on top of middle tennessee 19-10 despite not completing a pass yet -- coming up we'll show you th shouldn't have been. they say a lot of things about rain. (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive lineup from dodge.
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his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. ? the bud light party is for everyone. men bar crowd:yeah! women bar crowd: woo! people of all genders! we don't care we'll sell you beer. steel mill workers: yeah! ? >> adam: welcome back to "the
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over on cbs sports network a night of college football action, northern illinois and u.s.f. followed by cal and san diego state. we go back to the scoreboards, and what you are about to see should have been the last play of an oklahoma state win, rick. >> rick: mike gundy wants throw this away. get the game over. mason rudolph does that but it's not out of the pocket. it's intentional grounding. they decide they're going to give central michigan another play but the rul if the team in possession commits the foul and the penalty includes a loss of down which intentional grounding does, there is no untimed down, this play shouldn't have happened. it was an amazing play that should never have taken place. >> adam: an amazing play that shouldn't have happened. the m.a.c. admitted fault. the big 12 replay view in stillwater could have intervened and did not. >> brian: this needs to be
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the penalty. if you give them the ball back or say the game is over, they have been rewarded so they still win the ballgame and central michigan doesn't get another attempt. >> rick: whoever said common sense rules? >> brian: it should. >> rick: i think that will be an amendment but this is unbelievable that this was allowed to take place. the question, will the game be changed? will central michigan state give it back? no. >> adam: take a knee, with it. troy held off. deshaun watson 33 touchdown passes but it took a while. florida state winning. their star defensive back left the game. they go to louisville next week. ohio state starting to pull away from tulsa. a weather delay stretching across halftime, michigan, wilton speight four touchdown
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they had a weather delay as well. it is a final now. 42-0 over lamar. lamar, houston will be playing in houston tomorrow. how about the service academies. all of them 2-0 for the first time since 1996. the last year that army won the commander-in-chief trophy. 348 rushing yards today by the black knights and navy benefitting from clock mismanagement by uconn. top-25 action tonight includes l.s.u. trying to shake off that loss at lambeau, guys. jacksonville state gave auburn a game last year. leonard fournette will not play. remember that hit he took late in the game against wisconsin last week and bristol, tennessee is going to see some rubbing and racing between the hokies and vols. that will just about do it for this week. thank you for watching "the jeep post game show."
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next saturday it is the home depot s.e.c. on cbs. a top-25 s.e.c. west showdown. number one, alabama at number 19, ole miss. coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern with "autotrader college football today" thursday night football returns to cbs and nfl network thursday with the jets and the bills and the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with regional action. many will see the bengals and jets. it gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us, have a great evening and we'll see you next week. by cbs sports division enough. yea, i'm over it. ? we shouldn't need commercials to tell you we're powerful. no thanks. genders don't play sports. athletes do.
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a woman is how shot to death in an aurora apartment, good evening at think it would joining us tonight i am tom meston. melissa garcia's live the scene and there are a lot of questions about what happened.>>reporter: there are many questions tom and a lot is unknown right now but what we can tell you is that police responded here to the americana
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officers say it happened right up on the third floor of the apartment complex. this is at the americana apartments on s. memphis way northeast of alameda and chambers to a call came in from concerned residents, she was worried about her neighbors that she says lived there and the door when police arrived was slightly ajar and they found a dead body inside and the victim of black female the police found with a gunshot wound to her body lying on the floor. no one else was inside the unit when they arrived. there has been a mobile crime lab on scene throughout the day and investigators have been processing evidence and as we mentioned it is early, but according to police there are no suspects in custody and the victim's identity will be released by the arapahoe county sheriff's office once a positive identification has
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notified. we spoke with neighbors who said the victim lived inside the apartment with a man and children they often saw playing outside and one neighborhood a gunshot early this morning. we also spoke with police about what alerted them to the shooting.>> the person who called was concerned about the occupant of the apartment because the door was open and i guess there was a dog barking which is what called attention to th officers found when they got there that was the door was opened with a dead body inside. >> police are asking anyone with information about the shooting, even if it seems like it is small, they call crimestoppers and report that immediately and that can be anonymous. they also say there is no reason right now to believe the public is in any danger. live an aurora melissa garcia cbs4 news. a man accused of
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is behind bars and lambert county, 24-year-old ron hernandes was arrested following an investigation where investigators said the mother and hernandes brought the child to the hospital wednesday in hernando's allegedly hit the baby with a chair inside an apartment in fort collins and the baby died from injuries yesterday. court records show the man is not the child'th abuse. a wanted man is in custody after barricaded himself inside a motel room 11 the police of trying to arrest 28-year-old david block over burglary and drug possession kansas and one officer fired a shot of reportedly seeing a gun. police eventually used tear gas to get him out and take them into custody and a woman and four children were safely evacuated from the building. lakewood police are looking for man accused of attacking and rtv bus driver early on thursday morning on colfax and miller street and when the driver asked the man to pay the fare the man attacked him and broke his nose. right now police are looking
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tall with a thin build. meteorologist chris spears is here with this summer's last hurrah.>> it just may be tomorrow but you would not know what looking at this picture, or whether water or washer in jackson county had 190 and is birdbath froze over. the water frozen solid as it drips over. let me go back. th see how dramatic our climate can be. we warmed up nicely today into the 70s and 80s statewide, thanks to gusty winds out of the west which is a sign of the weather change that lies ahead as we going to the rest of the weekend. metropolitan area flirting with 80, most declined to the low 80s and now the sun is getting lower we will begin a a slow to send and down into the overnight low range, tonight 76
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collins did i want to show you that wind. our weather story over the next 24 hours, gusty winds into western colorado and they may subside a little bit tonight but they will be back and that is a huge concern because you know a lot of our state is abnormally dry with a little pocket of moderate drought from denver up to fort collins on the interstate 25 ride and tom not a lot of rain but there is a lot of wind and hot temperaturnd drop, all of that and just a bit. right now more than 154 carson soldiers are back home with their loved ones, the fourth combat aviation brigade returned overnight after spending nine months deployed in afghanistan and the soldiers were part of operation freedom. today hundreds of people across colorado came together to volunteer this morning and it is to mark the eighth annual xl energy day of service and folks took part in nearly 70
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the privilege of helping out denver parks and rec over at green valley ranch and cbs4's kelly werthmann shows us how other volunteers helped out in our communities .>>reporter: gordon middle school gymnasium typically serves as a place for pe or sports but saturday he became a site for serving the community.>> right now i am in the packaging section and i'm putting stickers on it. >> of these assembly lines are staffed with hundreds of volunteers including community benemann and cbs4's weather team, they are all taking part in the xl energy day of service, a day dedicated to helping organizations across the state like food banks and nonprofits. >> we've always volunteered and we care. >> this is the second year that xl has partnered with colorado feeding kids and this year more than 700 volunteers turned out
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distributing it to local food banks as we speak today. >> in denver about 250 volunteers took part in cleaning up parks and trails and among the helping hands cbs4's tom mustin sports anchors michael spencer and mark haas.>> i think it is important because denver such a great place in the metro area such a great place to get out and be active in have such wonderful people in our community and when we have a chance to give back it community but good for us.>> that do good attitude encouraged nearly 3000 people across colorado to volunteer.>> you feel good when you do this and it brings out the best and everybody.>> i love helping other people.>> in thorton kelly werthmann cbs4 news .>> it does, xl began his day of service programs on it is a lesser lights on 9/11 and chris and other you when the weather team were taking part the tell
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food and the good news is it stays in colorado and helps our children could tom i have to tell you this is the first time in my adult life i've ever been a part of something so big, the energy in the room, 700 people may have music playing and you saw the soundbite from that little kid and he said it best and it was so nice to help others.>> i am proud of the turnout from cbs4 all across the metro area. new developments tonight in a story we in august from a local restaurant owner lost his dog and he believes he was stolen your idaho springs bed early this morning someone found the -dog in our data was found in arvada and the dog was reunited with its owner. the dog was happy and healthy and it played fetch until dawn. will bring a lot more to the story tonight. coming up, dead duck serving found in an aurora parco will show you what the
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problem. ,, ? ,, sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday
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welcome back, the information tonight on white docs are dying in exposition park in aurora and the city says botulism is to blame and that has neighbors concerned about what made the looking in the water and cbs4's alyssa garcia took the issue to the city.>>reporter: to be honest it smelled like straight sewage and the wildlife is dying there something going on there. anthony ross just moved to ro showed us photos he took of the dead ducks he has found there in the last week. our cameras spotted three and he said the trash, stench and dead animals in these ponds have his worries up.>> and is to be safe and clean place to bring their families. i do not want my kids running through that and it does not seem like it is to healthy and
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not seen any increase in the contaminants in the water and it would be a concern at this point. >> greg baker says in addition to being a place of recreation and wildlife expo park has a vital purposes a storm drainage collection area and back in 2013 heavy rains flooded the part what this is designed it for the water has to go someplace in an urban environment and it is better that it come houses that are frankly just on the border of the park.>> they have good intentions and unfortunately i do not think there is a way they can do with the streetside trash and the drains where they are set up.>> they test the water on a regular basis and has not seen an increase in thompson's and the city says washington cannot spread to humans. chris spears, 81 now but it was chilly this morning. >> is sure why, we live in a special state but not too many
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but that is what we did and it is because of the dry air, anything or lower for dewpoint is dry air, with of the western half of the state, bone dry. two points are little difficult for you to understand and is more than meteorologist term, look at the humidity, single- digit humidity right now on the western slope from grand junction through craig, this is we day tomorrow along with heat and wind. 82 at the airport, 81 for boulder and 70s and 80s east of interstate 2530 was a beautiful day to be out, is currently still of the hour over on the west slope, john schneider the weather watcher and south denver has 80 and karen and superior has a pleasant 74. it is breezy on the eastern plains and very windy on the
5:36 pm
continental divide. we're watching a pattern in the jet stream that has hot and dry air over the southwest influencing colorado but watch to the top left of your screen, low pressure will quickly dive down into the great basin over the next 24 to 36 hours which will create a pressure gradient in the western part of the country and that will translate into wind. tomorrow it brings hot air in monday it brings a big cooldown. future cast will start to see clouds increasing from th think we'll have a nice start to the day the clouds do increase. and as moisture tries to flow into the southwest part of the state with the little bit of shower and thunderstorm activity but notice if we had interstate 70 painted here areas to the north high and dry and that is where the fire danger will be extreme tomorrow. into two sunday night and monday morning cloud cover stays around we run the risk for a few showers, this incoming weather changes more
5:37 pm
eastern plains, 40s up high and 50s outwest and temps much warmer than this morning which is a sign of the wind coming in which keep the atmosphere stirred up and we stay warmer mid-80s and 90s on the eastern plains tomorrow and denver should flirt with 90 this could be the last 90 of the year, 70s up high in 80s to near 90 on the western slope. tonight in denver a beautiful night, low 50s with a little hint of fall, tomorrow it will be hot for this time of year too far from the record, hot and dry and we do have high fire danger, the five day forecast shows heating it up tomorrow and calling it right back on monday with a cool front coming through the first part of the week which will be cool and unsettled. in fact it looks like we stay in the 70s most of the week as of this 90 tomorrow if you are a fan of the heat get out and soak it up because it could be it.>> i tell you what when it is this fire and windy you worry about the fire danger.>>
5:38 pm
up of who is under a fire warning. sticker shock for woman who thought she would be saving money on an electric bill after signing up for conservation program as you are about to see and i found out she wasn't the problem.>> i thought this was a mistake.>> michelle doesn't want to use her last name after a dispute with xl energy after her electric bill.>> it went up almost 5 times as much of the previous. >> new meter in michelle's denver home and the device since meter readings through radio waves and michelle's august bill arrives showing an increase of $42 to more than $180. >> if i'm hardly using my electricity now and it is almost $200 what will it be like in december and january?>> for 20 years she says she's
5:39 pm
around $50 a month on her bill and she called xl was told there was nothing wrong on the bill and she needed to pay the invoice.>> a specialist was arguing with me and i did not know what to do and so i called you.>> we contacted xl and after looking at the case they admitted mistakes had been made. they explain what happened. spin the radio transmitter quit transmitting and i happens.>> how did it end up being five times higher?>> a misread, whether it is machine or human that.>> they say that will make it right and i with a new bill on the way michelle says she has a new lease on life and one small request.>> i would like a meter that works.>> we will let you know how that works out. he was very sick when he arrived at the vet's office
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a big white dog who was very sick is slowly getting better thanks to cutting-edge treatment at csu, three-year- old grizzly needed kidney dialysis and more amphibious force kathy walsh tells us it is treatment you do not usually hear about for dogs.>>reporter: grizzly has a lot to say, after all he has become a regular at the veterinary teaching hospital at colorado state university and on this day he looks well. but this some we had has been a very sick puppy.>> to take a bathroom break and he was being black.>> he said that was about three weeks ago and he and his fiancie rushed to csu where they learned their dog was dying.>> his body was attacking his own red blood cells.>> here the team was able to filter his blood but his kidneys had shut down and he needed dialysis. speed i was happy to hear the dialysis existed in there was
5:44 pm
the crib and wait patiently for the machine to fix this problem and doggy dialysis seems to be working.>> his owners say they are starting to see the old grizzly but getting him back has broken the bank and they need $22,000 for medical bills. >> we maxed out our credit cards and we blew through every savings we had.>> and they asked for help and our dog lovers from across the world have donated through a gofundme page, all rooting for grizzly a live look outside, 81 and
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,, ? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- final days! ends sunday know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. welcome back to cbs4 news,
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very nice now but this morning a hint of fall.>> absolutely, 43 downtown but although and 37 out at the airport and 19 for walden colorado, so there is wind, a lot of color on the map indicating gusty winds mostly in western colorado and a few pockets on the eastern plains which will stick with us an increase is going to the day tomorrow due to a weather change it is nice out, a beautiful afternoon with 70s elevations upper 60s, places like grand junction a little warm with 86 in the metro area. most of us made it into the low 80s and were hanging there right now and we will do a quick drop once we get into the six and we will do a quick drop once we get into the 6 pm hour and the sun angle gets lower and lower. 79 from bob over in glenwood springs and he said it was 85 at his place today, this is what we are worried about, the
5:49 pm
low humidity and warm temps, also very dry out in northwestern colorado and parts of the north central part of the state. we're going to be talking high fire danger tom as he rolled to the day sunday. those red flag warnings on the map take affect tomorrow at noon through sunset sunday. we're talking about that coming up and a bit cool down which is a topsy-turvy forecast.>> fingers crossed the nothing sparks today for 100 years it has been a place for all who wish to learn and emily griffith technical colleges but it's generations of talent to fill important jobs you're in the mile high city amphibious force alan g&a has more.>>reporter: all around the room you have all these different displays.>> we did a scavenger hunt and doug through the closet to find any artifacts it may have been left and this was one of the things we found.>> it is really weird.
5:50 pm
spirit yes i'm sure it took a long time.>> part of the exhibit put together by artist linda campbell, a collection of things that used it emily griffith to teach the skills for jobs they give generations of coloradans a job and a place in life. some, like the equipment used to teach dental assisting, are almost creepy.>> this is a child's real skull covered in plastic to they wanted to learn how the jaw moves and learn how to photograph a real human jaw.>> if that is not interesting enough consider the life and death of emily griffith and there is even a mystery with her as well.>> right, she was murdered and it is still an unsolved mystery, she was murdered in 1947 in a cabin and buying cliff after she retired from the school. >> the case never closed and in the exhibit clues and answers about emily and her school.>>
5:51 pm
and this was a perm machine we found in the old building when emily griffith moved to the new location at 1860 lincoln. >> the exhibit is not permanent and want to see for yourself,
5:52 pm
,, over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill
5:53 pm
we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
5:54 pm has this win probability they have the bus at around 99.2% for this game so yeah, a scrimmage and the baths were on the board early and often, devin ross is found by seth fully fell, seven 7-0,
5:55 pm
we had 21-0 and all bus so far, 450 yards of offense at the half, it was 49-0 at half, by the way csu also one 23-14 pick today the nfl and advantage of playing on thursdays you have a couple of extra days to recover and review and then start planning for the colts next sunday. it was kind of a quiet game for von miller, quiet compared to the havoc you created in the super bowl, just three tackles in the rematch and did not get a sack until late in the fourth quarter but it was clear the panthers plan was to not let von miller be them this time and there were double teaming him and holding him but no complaints from mr. miller.>> it is always like that. that is just the story and that is just how it is that i do not complain. you just go out and make it happen. no matter what i will just do
5:56 pm
notice they tried to block you a little bit?>> [ laughter ] i noticed it and they did a good job of tripping me, they cannot play a whole game like that.>> the pressure on cam newton picked up in the second half end demarcus ware had a sack and a half giving him 136 for his career and up into the top 10 all-time and is now tied for ninth, not a bad start for a guy who mr. the entire preseason and only played sparingly this off-season to rehabilitate myself and get my back right and now i was on the pitch count this game, each game our play more and i look forward to it. i was trying to sting or swing a home run every time and i guess it worked out. >> check out this crazy ending in the central michigan obama state game, central michigan with a hail mary and no time
5:57 pm
in for a touchdown is one of those all-time highlight reel plays this is what makes it even crazier, it never should have happened, the referees admitted afterwards they incorrectly awarded central michigan and untimed it down but the results stands, central michigan pulled off the upset rabbits taking on the first place, falling in the standings after losing back-to- back games for the first time this season they you learn from the previous game and the things we do not lose so well and you approach it with a good and positive mentality and training and had over two new england and do everything we can to maximize the point.>> finally a big day for colorado bus basketball, boyle had four-star recruits,
5:58 pm
>> this movie trailer is announced, it is
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,, ? sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday.
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stories. on the surface, they're tired, broken-down, old buildings whose usefulness has long since passed. but look closer, peer into the shattered glass. walk the weed-grown pathways, feel the decayed wood. you begin to get a sense of history, a sense of place. every day, more and more of these sites succumb to the pressures of time, erasing their role in colorado's history. remaining sites increasingly critical. without their stories, the picture of colorado's past becomes incomplete. these are colorado's most endangered places. walking across an open field and finding an old foundation makes you wonder, what was it for? who built it?


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