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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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. good morning. sunday, september 11th. this is the news on cbs 4. a tribute in light shines over lower manhattan where the twin towers once stood 15 years ago. how one father is using grief to make a tribute to thousands of families. one man is in boulder county. the latest on the investigation. a body is found in a car in thornton. the discovery connected to the search for a missing woman. . good sunday morning to you. i'm kelly werthman. we'll have more in a moment. first a check on the weather in the colorado weather center. good morning to you dave. >> good morning kelly.
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yesterday at this time. looking at a lot of 30 degrees temperatures in some locations. this morning in 2620s and 50s. -- 60s and 50s. early morning watchers checking in at 5 54 this morning. couple clouds here and there in the mountains and across the east. otherwise, mostly clear. quite a bit in the way of sunshine coming up this morning. going to be a hot and breezy day for us. flag warning in effect later today from noon to 8:00 p.m. from the northern foothills of colorado,est stress park, red feather lakes, got to be careful. here's the break down for denver. 9:00 a.m.
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this afternoon, 90 degrees looks to be the high today. will be breeze from time to time in the afternoon. the record high today kelly is 92. we may be a couple degrees shy of getting to that record today. >> summer is hanging around. >> it doesn't want to leave. >> all right. new this morning, state parole -- patrol is investigating a crash that left a driver with serious injuries. around 10:00 last night on highway 6 near i-70 in jefferson county. alcohol may have been a factor of the crash. developing now, a man is in critical condition after opening fire on a deputy. the boulder county sheriff's office shared this picture of a patrol car. you can see the driver's side window was shot out. it happened on 287 in boulder county. jeff todd tells us what one
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into. >> 5:15 saturday evening a man was walking north and shouting at traffic. he's described as a man in his 40s. >> seemed very agitated. he was trying to pick -- he had a handgun tuck into his waistband and wasn't wearing a shirt. >> he's not believed to have association with the only house in the area. it took several minutes for the veteran deputy to arrive. >> the man pulle began to engage in gunfire. >> he was shot several times. he was subsequently transported to a local hospital where he's undergoing medical treatment. >> the man is listedn critical condition. c d.o.t. kept 287 closed as the multitie agency response team came to investigate. >> the man's motive or why he targeted the deputy is unknown. we're expecting to find out more information today. right now police are looking
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found shot to death inside an aurora apartment. this was the scene at the americaa apartments yesterday morning. a resident called police after finding the neighbor's front door open. officers found the body of a 29-year-old woman. no arrests have been made. a search is on for a man accused of attacking a bus driver. this is a picture of the suspect. the attack happened thursday morning on coal fax and mille passenger to pay the fare, the passenger attacked him breaking the suspect's nose. he's described as black 20 to 25 years old with a thin build. new information on why jurors failed to reach a verdict in the western slope murder trial. page disappeared in 2007 and remains weren't found until years later. she was a mother of three that
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after weeks of testimony and four days of deliberations, jurors were deadlocked. of the 12, 9 believed jones was guilty. two thought he was not and one was undecided. >> nobody in their mind thought he didn't do something wrong, that he committed this crime. it's the fact there was not enough evidence for them to get past the reasonable doubt. >> the judge did declare a mistrial. the district says they'll refile and go to trial again. today marks 15 years since the september 11 isth terror attacks which killed 2900 people. most those victims were at new york's world trade center where hundreds of first responders rush into burning buildings and never came out. kenneth craig talks to a father who's using grief to create a powerful tribute. >> this is the uniformed fire
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was killed. a 29-year-old father of two, his memory lives here at the 9 /11 tribute center along with other victims of the terror attack. >> this is a difficult space. a very difficult space. >> lee is jonathan's father and retired firefighter. he spent three months searching ground zero before he found his son's remains and continued combing the debris for victims for another six months. >> the best that humanity could give us everyday 24 hours a day, hands and knees. >> during that time, the damaged liberty deli became a gathering spot for rescue and recovery workers. the space was turned eventually to the 9 /11 tribute center until the official one opened in 2014. it stayed open and will move to a bigger space next spring where it will continue to tell the
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son, i cry. i can't tell you how many times i've cried this morning. >> pouring himself into his work has helped him move toward. it hasn't relieved the pain. >> the only thing 9 /11 means to me is i have not seen my buddy in 15 years, and i miss. i have not seen my buddy in >> the tribute center gave him a mission to educate, enlighten, and understand how 9 /11 not only changed his life but the world. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> colorado will come together to honor 9 /11 victims today in denver. a remembrance ceremony will include a free concert. mayor hancock says this day is
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responders during that ceremony. once it's over, we're going to have a celebration about american pride, our resiliency as a nation. big head todd and monsters and others will be here. we're excited about what's going to happen. >> cbs 4 is a proud sponsor. it kicks off at 1:00 this afternoon at civic center park. we have the information online on a beautiful day at the par hot. take your water out there. it's going to be a sizzleer today. starting out nice. few clouds out there we'll talk about the hot forecast today. in the meantime, check this shot out. larry pearce sent this in from mount warner. leaves are starting to change. signs the seasons are changings. 53 now. i'll have the forecast for you
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. right now we have a live look at the pentagon where 15 years ago today it was the site of one of the 9 /11 attacks. in observance of 9 /11, dia will ask pse silence at 6:46 this morning, the time the first tower was hit the airport will hold another moment of silence at 3:00 this afternoon. this is the news in your health watch report. aerial spraying for mosquitoes is again underway in miami beach despite continuing protests. while officials maintain the chemical is safe, spraying was delayed to allow residents who object to leave the area.
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positive for zika virus linked to health defects. people without cardiovascular disease that exercise regularly saw health care cost savings. here's another reason to limit your children's tv time. researchers in boston found that the more kids seeing specific ds likely they are to drink underpage drink particular brands. flu season is almost here. preventative measures will be more restrictive this year than usual. the new flu season guidelines in the health minute. >> the american association of pediatrics updated the annual guidelines that means bad news for parents. flu mist is off the table.
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sub par meaning a flu shot is the only option. everyone six months or older should be inaccumulated by october. -- inoculated by october. the flu kills thousands each year with children and elderly being particularly susceptible. the recommendation against the mist was made over the summer. flu mist data was compared against the flu the spray had been infective the last three seasons. it could be reversed next year with new data dave aguilera is here with your forecast. this sunday, could be inching close to a record. >> going to feel pretty hot around here. record is 926789 i don't think -- is 92. i don't think we're going to
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moistly clear skies going on this morning. temperatures not quite as chilly as yesterday. few degrees from the record low. going to be a few degrees from the record high today. 46 fort collins. dia 60 now. john kirkpatrick right at 50 degrees. we have to worry about fire danger in some parts of colorado today because of the westerly winds from grand junction and up to the craig area and back to northern mountains foothills. gusty west winds, low relative humidity and very warm temperatures today. the closest to denver, foothills and higher areas outside of boulder, allens park,est stress park and fort collins noon to 8:00 p.m. today. satellite radar together showing clouds coming up. we have a good westerly push. that does a couple things. dries us out and gives a down
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in from utah. there might be a sprinkle later today. overall fairly dry. up here in the northern rockies, there's a cold front coming together from montana up to washington and oregon. that will be sliding in tomorrow actually let's say we'll feel the effects tomorrow afternoon on into tuesday. it will dramatically drop our temperatures coming up which you'll see in the five-day forecast. today, clear to partly cloudy skies. chances of rain, few showers that's the shot of moisture coming in. overall we're dry and gusty today. temperatures 90s across the eastern plains. very hot here. 70s in the mountains. mostly 80s to near 09 on the western slope. forecast for denver today. 90 for the high, sunny and breeze. 75 tomorrow. a slight chance of a late day thunderstorm. tuesday, dramatically cooler 67 for the high. little better chance of isolated
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we hold back some 70s coming up on wednesday and for thursday. that will be the first time we've had a prolonged tease of fall. we've had one day here, one day there. we've cooled down a little. this might be a few in a row. >> true colorado forecast up and down. >> september seems to be that way. >> thank you very much. singer demi lovato is one of the hottest spontaneous hot -- hottest success. she was a working actress at age 10 costarring with a purple dinosaur. ? even then she dreamed and prayed she would one day get the chance to really sing. >> it sounds ridiculous, but i kind of made a pact with god. i don't think you're even supposed to do that, but i was like i promise if you make me a
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my voice for so much more than singing and help people with it. >> you've held up your end of the bargain. >> i've held up my end, i still do. >> god held up his. >> god held up his. he was like you don't realize what you're asking for, but here you go. >> this was the answer to that prayer, lead role in a hit disney channel movie "camp rock ." within weeks she went from child actor she says the sudden fame did a number on her body and soul. off camera she battled bulimia, drugs and >> at one point in treatment i
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drugs and drink because i couldn't -- i couldn't function without it. >> demi and her fought of her life please a museum dedicated to african-american experience and talk show host wendy williams tells all. that's all coming up on cbs 4 at 8:00. gm is recalling millions of vehicles in the united states. just ahead t problem with air bags and seat belts that have already been decked to at one death.
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. starting to games in, bucks scored 100 by allowing 13. bucks taking care of business as they head to michigan next week. home opener for the bucs yesterday against the in, made it 14-0. and everybody partied. not taking this lightly in the least bit, going for it on fourth down in second quarter to go up 35-0. now buffs had the backup quarterback in before halftime. stephen finds into. stop, change directions. off he goes.
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up before michigan. >> it's easy to lose focus. sometimes the preparation can be long. i'm pleased with our focus and ability to execute today. for the most part, we did very well. . we're only two weeks into the college football season. this may be the best play year. central michigan throwing a hail mary against oklahoma state. catch about the 10-yard line. the run into the end zone gives them the upset over the cowboys. play came on untimed down the refs ended up admitting it was incorrectly awarded to central michigan. so this never should have happened but it did. there's nothing oklahoma state can do about it now.
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watch report. general motors issued a recall for 4 million vehicles globally the software defect can prevent air bags from deploying. seat belts may not work properly. one death has been linked to the recall. that recall affects certain vehicles 2014-2017 model years. now you can have the gps navigation on your feet literally. the dutch sportswear maker created boots that ec app on your phone. insoles in the boots will let you know when to turn left or right. dig deep into your pockets if you want a pair. they cost about $300. new rules are forcing credit companies to quickly fix errors on your credit report. jill explains. >> the credit reporting industry is implementing significant changes to their businesses due to a settlement with the new
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e inquiry -- equifax and others must quickly expedite the errors from your report. landlords often use credit data to research tenants. in some states it's still legal for prospective employers to check credit. the credit reporting companies will also implement debts which will significantly affect the 43 million american who is are past due. the firms will now have to wait 180 days before adding any medical debt information to consumer's credit reports. when medical debts are paid by the insurance company, regardless of time frame, debts have to be removed from the credit report soon after.
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de -- dedelint wet. freudianer high in the higher foothills and mountains of northern northern colorado. starting noon today, we'll watch for that and a drama tick change in the forecast coming in the week ahead. you don't want to gowa still ahead on cbs 4 morning news. >> roughly 3,000 children lost their parents on 9 /11. years since have been filled with heart ache and triumph.
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. welcome back to colorado's news channel. it's 6:30 this sunday on september 11th. looking at the skyline as the sun is about to rise. dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center with your forecast. good morning. >> going to be beautiful. a hot day for us. this might be summer's last punch in the face, last hoorah as we get going with w starting out in the 60s and 50s across the area. 60 westminster. susie j and our weather watcher there. 46 degrees. cooler up there. satellite radar shows clouds drifting from park county to south denver. we'll have passing cloud this is morning. overall, mostly sunny. the red flag warning, fire danger very high in some of the highest fit hills or mountains.
6:31 am
western mountains and foothills as well. because of the westerly winds and dryness there. we have to be careful noon to 8:00 p.m. today. forecast now for denver. not as cool as yesterday for this point in the morning. we should warm up to 70 by 8:00 a.m., 85 by noon. the high should make it to 90 degrees today. the record is 92. awfully close to that. then a dramatic cool down tomorrow and for the week ahead as well. you'll want to stick around and you. one day in the 60s believe it or not. >> i'll stick around. thanks. in a developing story, a death investigation is underway in adams county after a woman's body was found near york street in thornton. cbs 4 has learned there's a connection between that investigation and the search for a missing woman. andrea flores explains. >> reporter: neighbors in this
6:32 am
day. saturday morning the adams county sheriff's office found the dead body of an adult female inside. >> came out 11:30 and there was cop cars, fire truck and ambulance. >> the mother of 25-year-old hannah says the suv is her daughter's. she's been missing from elbert county since last sunday. she said she never saw the suv >> i smelled something funny, but i didn't think about it. >> her family says she was last seen one mile from north cornado parkway where investigators found her suv. with little answers from authorities, schwartz says the incident has her neighborhood on edge. >> we have kids. they ride their bikes, come through in and out. makes you wonder what kind of people are lurking around our neighborhood. >> the adams county sheriff
6:33 am
whether -- could not elaborate on whether there's a suspect in the case. authorities are waiting for an autopsy. andrea will have more later today. a new round of heated words between the presidential candidates after hillary clinton criticized donald trump supporters. barnett explains. . >> to just be grossly generallistic. you could put half of trump supporters of what i call basket of deplorables. right? the racists, homophobics, you name it. >> that other basket of people are people that feel the government has let them down, the economy has let them down.
6:34 am
they're just desperate for change. it doesn't really matter where it comes from. >> it's an effort to win undecided voters. as the hashtag basket of deplorables started trending on social media, her phrase was widely mocked. today's, trump's running mate shot back. >> from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they're not a basket your respect. >> hillary clinton ultimately relented releasing this statement saturday saying she quote regrets saying half. that was wrong. she goes on to say she quote, won't stop calling out rhetoric in his campaign. >> new poll numbers from the key battleground states of ohio and florida will be released today. they're expected to show the race is tight inning.
6:35 am
tightening. here in colorado, the denver post reports michael bennett with darrel glenn over bipartisan ship. lily williams joined the two on stage. she blamed the democrats and republicans for the high debt. thousands of children lost their parents on 9 /1 1. the trauma has followed adult hood. >> i stood there a while. now i can leave. >> the visit that helped him make peace with his father's death was 12 years after 9 /11.
6:36 am
anniversary approached. he was a rebellious 15-year-old with big plans. >> i've had my dream of being a doctor. my dad wanted me to succeed. he would have been help i to see me grow up, go through medical school, pass classes and whatnot. >> how did that dream turn out? >> it turned out. >> today this doctor is in his final year of medical residency. his reasons for changed. he decided to become a family doctor. >> the moments of healing after i father's passing were in the people who approached me and said, man this sucks and sat with me. >> you want to be that for someone else? >> yeah. >> matt says he found peace through daily meditation and yoga and annual letters to his dad. >> then i would light the letter
6:37 am
>> last september he wrote about his marriage to jamie. this year he'll share the news they're expecting a baby. >> i'm going to be proud to tell them what kind of person their grandfather was, proud to tell them what he taught me. that's the foundation for this family that jamie and i are building together now. >> cbs news, portland, oregon. an annual volunteer day honoring 9 /11 victims brings hundreds to together across the state. how colorado residents and
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. welcome back. good morning sunrise just happened at 6:37 this morning. there's a live look for you from our lookout mountain camera. clouds and haze way distance. a bright orange this morning. a lot of smoke from the fires burning in western colorado and california, some of the west coast as well. looks pretty despite the reason for orangeness out there. lafayette 52 this morning.
6:41 am
here's the future cast now. we'll have a few passing cloud mixed with sunshine. good looking temperatures. 89 boulder, 86 colorado springs. breckenridge in bane bane that vista. 90 is hot by anybody's standards out there. >> summer's last stand >> thank you. hundreds from across colorado came together to volunteer for the eighth annual xl day of service. people took part in nearly 70 volunteer projects. that included cbs 4 staff who rolled up their sleeves to help out their community. >> thornton century middle school gymnasium typically serves as a place for e. or sports. saturday it was a site for serving the community.
6:42 am
i'm putting stickers on it. >> these assembly lines. cbs 4 anchor and weather team. they're all taking part in the day of service. a day dedicated to helping organizations across the state like food banks and non profits. >> we've always volunteered. we really cared about the community. >> this was the second year sal partnered with colorado feeding kids. this year more package meals. . >> this is huge. >> in denver, 250 volunteers took part in cleaning up parks and trails. among the helping hands, cbs 4 tom mustin and sports anchors michael spencer and mike haws. >> denver is a great place to
6:43 am
community. we have the chance to give back. it does good for people in our community and good for us too. that do good attitude encouraged 3800 people. >> xl energy began the day of service program to honor those that lost their lives
6:44 am
6:45 am
. right now a live look at the memorial ceremony in new york
6:46 am
their lives that september morning. in new york, the pentagon and near pennsylvania. 6:46 a.m. is the time the first tower was hit. that's the time right now. we'd like to take a moment of silence to honor those victims.
6:47 am
>> again, this is a live l the tribute ceremony memorial ceremony happening in new york city. the site where 3,000 people lost their lives on this day 15 years ago. we'll continue our remembrance and tribute coverage throughout the morning. let's get to our top stories. a wanted man is in custody after barricading himself inside a motel room in evans. police had been trying to arrest david blanco for burglary and
6:48 am
gun. no one was hit. police used tear gas to get the man out. authorities say one is dead and two others hurt after speedboats crashed the district attorney's office says it happened yesterday afternoon in touton. one boat spun out causing a pile up. all three drivers were ejected. tomorrow's cease fire is ushered in by violenc intense air strikes yesterday on and around help poe killed 45 people. previous cease fires or truces have been proceeded by sneak violence. now let's turn to the forecast. dave is here now. >> good morning. we look over the city from our tech center camera. visibility is not bad. there's smoke and haze and that type of thing in the atmosphere.
6:49 am
category. 53 out there now. wanted to show you a beautiful shot near baldwin. see the colors starting to change up in the high country. already as seasons are changing. it's cold in locations. avon is 37. boulder 50 this morning. randy clark in hartselle checking in 45. we have western colorado and northern foothills and mountains noon to 8:00 p.m. because of warmer winds, dry conditions as far as the fuel, plants plants and that type of thing. all that combined is creating that situation today. got to be careful with that. there's a little bit of moisture pulling in out here. you have to wait for it. the last few frames this morning is pulling into south western colorado. you folks might get a little rain later today. there's a cold front in the pacific northwest that will dramatically change our weather
6:50 am
temperatures dropping to 70s and 60s believe it or not. our forecast 90 degrees today. the record is 92 believe it or not. we get close to that. tomorrow we drop down to 75, slight chance of thunderstorms late. 67 on tuesday with isolated storms. better chance of that and 70s return for wednesday and thursday. a little cool shot. i know when i get my kids ready for school, we've been wearing jackets and that type of thing. they get rid of it afternoon. that's no problem. >> got to be prepared, right? >> yes. a men only gala supporting women and their fight against breast cancer coming up friday. ed green is a cofounder for men for the cure. this year's host is peyton manning. we have oncologist virginia to talk to us about the event and what it means to the hospital. good morning. thank you for being here. >> good morning. thank you for having me.
6:51 am
almost every year what's it all about? >> it's an opportunity for men to come together and have a fun evening at the same time doing very important work. raising money to support women and projects related to breast cancer to help us move the field forward. this year it's going to be 800 gentlemen who are coming together. of course we have the wonderful host this year mr. manning showing the up. i think this is part of the attraction. >> sure. >> it's an opportunity and also an opportunity for significant fundraising that benefits women going through this disease. >> this is an awesome event. such a great guy. >> it's a chance for a lot of men who don't normally rub elbows with guys like peyton manning or that type of thing to get out there. what kind of things has this
6:52 am
>> this event has been 16 years in the making in terms of going on for that long. they've raised $2 million over that time. they have supported things from bringing in new technologies for detection of breast cancer, supporting programs that help women going through the disease to get better navigation and better ways of figuring out appointments and how to help while getting treatments and also very important contributions to research. the cure has helped me train the next genio my lab. >> we understand some of the money is going to go towards some sort of treatment or device that helps prevent hair loss. can you talk about that? >> this year is special. there's a device that got fda approved last fall. it's the device that women can wear during their chemo therapy that prevent them from losing hair. you might say it's chemo, losing your heir is right of pass ag. it grows back. right?
6:53 am
strongest regimens that help us cure women can actually cause permanent hair loss. this device prevents them from losing hair, not all but a lot. you wouldn't realize these are gals going through chemo. it softens the blow of what chemo therapy brings to the woman while she's taking the drugs but also helps protect our women from experiencing this fairly devastating side effect. life without hair is ng bear >> it's part of their identity. we're thank youing you for being here this morn -- thank youing you for being here. it is sold out. donations are always accepted. make one by going to i should say uch thank you for
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y23eqy yvpy . libertarian candidate gary johnson slipped up on the question about syria he's far from the first presidential candidate who is involved in a mishap. jenny moss reports. >> we dare you to try and look away even if you've seen it ten times already. >> what would you do if elected about aleppo? >> and >> you're kidding? >> no. >> the exchange instantly gave birth to #what is aleppo. >> 14 people we asked on the street couldn't identify the syrian city at the epicenter of the refugees crisis. >> what is aleppo? >> i have no idea. >> i know a libertarian candidate got it wrong. i don't know either. >> one of those animals?
6:57 am
>> someone tweeted donald trump wouldn't know the difference. when criticizing someone for screwing up, better make sure you don't screw up yourself. a former ambassador to iraq called johnson aleppo johnson and proceeded to talk about about it wrong. >> new york sometimes precipitationed a correction then a correction correction. candidates hate what they consider to be gotcha questions. what happened to johnson wasn't a gotcha. it was more like what happened to sarah palin. >> do you agree with the bush doctrine? >> in what respect charlie? >> if herman cane was asked if
6:58 am
>> got all this stuff twirling in my head. >> what wasn't twirling was the third party he'd eliminate. >> gary johnson first thought aleppo was an acura anymore. i blank -- acronym. i blanked. trying to guess could be worse. >> johnson, what
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. good morning. it's sunday, september 11th.


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