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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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[ playing taps ] today, coloradans are coming together to honor the
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attacks. nearly 3,000 americans lost their lives 15 years ago today. good evening, i'm tom mustin. >> i'm kathy walsh. the colorado remembers event, taking place right now. and melissa, emotional tributes today. >> reporter: kathy, what you're hearing right now is the end of a commemoration that wrapping up. this is john fogerty performing. also, some remains of 9/11, including pieces of steel recovered from the world trade center. over there, support beams of the north tower, also, howitzer cannons were fired off today to start the ceremony. today, colorado remembers 9/11.
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it shook our entire nation. it shook our community even here in colorado. >> reporter: the ceremony began with a march of 300 military members from the state capitol building to civic center park. >> we witness courage, and extraordinary heroism from ordinary men and women. >> reporter: elected officials honored the first responderrers who rushed in to rescue victims from the burnin there's no place. >> reporter: roger dixon was in new york city when the planes hit. >> we could see the fires from the building, and the mass of people walking from lower manhattan to try and escape. >> reporter: now he's paying tribute to the bravery, and to the thousands who lost their lives on that day 15 years ago. >> i was in 5th grade, and i walked into school, and they
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sure the next generation never forgets. >> she understands a little bit. all we can do is tell our children that heinous acts like that don't represent the world. >> new york city, new york, 9:03 a.m. ? [ music ] ? >> reporter: and there were an estimated 30,000 people stopped by here throughout the day here definitely a lot of good responses here from the crowd. we're live in denver, in melissa garcia, cbs4 news. we have breaking news now. a school bus crash at denver international airport has sent several people to the hospital. denver police say those victims are in critical condition. we have no information on the ages of the victims. that bus reads adams county schools on the side. right now, dia is asking drivers to use the west terminal tore passenger pickup.
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gather more information. happening now, an outpouring of support for douglas county deputy, dan brite. he was critically injured in parker earlier this month. this morning, the community packed a shopping center, we saw a long line of cars waiting to contribute to the cars. deputy brite is now fighting for his life. andrea flores joins from the scene with more. >> reporter: again, as you said, hundreds made their way to parker to pray outside detective dan brite's hospital room and offer their well wishes to him for a speedy recovery as well. detective brite was critically injured. supporting a man many have never even met.
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like to witness a sea of supporters in blue. >> the only word you can really find is awesome. it was wonderful to see the community come together to support an officer who served them with such distinction. he charged in, ran to the fight, but he didn't stop, he was the first guy to go in, and he was ready to do it. and the community knows that. >> reporter: now spurlock says detective brite is still in ic cannot speak or open his eyes, but is showing other signs of responsiveness, and is getting better by the day. reporting live in parker, andrea flores, cbs4 news. >> that is such great news. thank you. drove by that coffee cabin today, and there was a line of people. i'm told some people sat there for an hour, and it was toasty this hose cars. >> i bet they wanted iced coffee, instead of regular coffee today. >> reporter: it was a hot one.
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now. 88degrees at dia. 90 in mead. 90 in greeley. everyone enjoying the heat, or not enjoying the heat. it's 91 in louisville. here is a look now. we still have fire weather problems. this continues until 8:00 tonight. this also includes some of the higher foothills just west of fort collins and boulder here, because of the gusty the heat. there is a change coming for tomorrow, already on doppler 4000, we're seeing a little moisture down south with some stretches of the state, with a little bit of cloud cover moving through. so creed, south of gunnison, over into sowatch, as we look up north, there's a nice cold front here, if you look right in this area here.
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and the dakotas as well. cool air is starting to settle in, and that will be bringing a dramatic change in the temperatures, starting tomorrow. and for the rest of the week. a little hint for you, we may be done with the 90s this season. >> whoa. >> we'll take a look. thank you. >> now tonight at 5:00, a man firing with a gun, shots at random led police to aurora. draper carjacked an suv and went on a shooting spree through aurora. he fired his gun at times, targeting innocent bistanders. he pointed a loaded gun at them and a chase ensued. he was forcibly stopped at the area of yosemite and colfax. police called in a dangerous man with a long rap sheet.
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influence of drugs. >> at least twice, actual human beings were shot at. that we know for a fact. we're so happy that this person is off the street. >> authorities are calling draper a person of interest. it was jed, found shot to death. police have did asked us not to release his mug shot because of the ongoing investigation. developing tonight, police are searching for a shooter who killed a man in denver. it happened overnight at 29th and welton. denver police tell us it may have started with a no information so far on a suspect. we're learning new information tonight about an alleged attack on a sheriff's deputy last night. it happened on highway 287 in boulder county. an armed man, had reportedly tried to pick fights with drivers. when deputies showed up, a man opened fire. she fired back, and struck the man. they called for backup. the suspect was taken to denver hospital last night. tonight, he is listed in critical condition. we're following a developing story now out of
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woman's body was found in the back of an suv. cbs4 has learned the investigation may be connected, to a missing woman from elbert county. the mother of 25-year-old hannah hrabik says the suv belongs to her daughter. she hasn't been seen since last sunday. people living in the apartment complex where her suv was found say the vehicle has been there since labor day. >> it just, it didn't belong here, and i didn't see anybody coming or going fr and there was a fire truck and ambulance. there was some crime scene tape route. >> officials have not identified the woman found dead in that suv. the adams county sheriff is not saying if they have any suspects. the search is on for a man accused of attacking an rtd bus driver. police say when the driver asked this man to pay the fare, the passenger attacked him and
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the suspect is described as african american, 20 to 25 years old with a thin build. campaign 2016 is heating up in colorado. the candidates took the debate stage for the first time this weekend. michael bennet, darren glen, and libertarian, lily williams. >> that front-runner, michael bennet defended his te >> our healthcare system had big problems before the affordable care act passed. it has good problems today. the good part is, 20 million more people have health insurance than had had before. >> when you start looking at, you were made a promise that you were going to be able to keep your doctor. that you were going to be able to keep your insurance providers. now we're down to probably three insurance providers.
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>> despite trailing by a large margin, lily tong williams, drew some of the biggest cheers from the audience. >> we need to cut spending. our government is broke. our country is broke. do you two parties understand simple math? republican, democrat, and the washington state. you should have sent some of them home. >> time. >> all three candidates made plans to meet with voter as the a town hall event. the event was sponsod policy 20. up next, a scary moment for hillary clinton this morning. she was seen stumbling at a 9/11 ceremony in new york. >> and coloradans climb hundreds of flights of sphaers
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what began as a small tribute with a handful of colorado firefighters, has grown to be recognized as a nationally known 9/11 event. hundreds of firefighters across the country now take part in kelly werthmann has the story. >> reporter: 110 stories. 343 firefighters. one for every new york firefighter who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the twin towers 15 years ago. >> each firefighter carries the picture and the name of one of the fdny members who were killed, so we can complete the journey that they were not able to complete that day. >> reporter: wearing all their heavy gear, firefighters from across colorado and six other
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inside this 50 story building in downtown denver, twice. >> what do you think about as you're taking each step? >> when i take each step, it's just remembering, every time we go i get a guy, and i have throughout the years and stuff. you just think about their family, what they're going through, not having them with them. >> that they were able to decide at that moment, they were going to risk their and maybe lose their lives. it's our responsibility to carry on their memory. >> reporter: the denver 9/11 stair climb was the first of its kind when it began in 2005. now dozens of similar events take place across the nation every year. all with one goal in mind. >> doing this, just kind of a way to keep going. they're not forgotten, and they go on. >> reporter: in denver, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> the denver stair climb
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well as the fallen firefighters foundation. >> a massive turn out for the stair climb event at red rocks. they marched nine laps around the amphitheater. dozens of firefighters throughout state took part in the climb. we're turning to weather now, dave. boy, red rocks, a them too. nice to see those folks going out and doing that though. >> you've got to hand it to them, doing it today. it was a sizzler out there. 93degrees. the official high at downtown, 89. the record is 92. two drays away from the record high today. 53 and 52 for the morning lows. this may be the last 90 of the year, possibly. i'll show you why coming up. 86degrees out there right now in downtown denver. we still have 88 at the
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5. humidity, 8% out there. it is awfully dry across colorado. karen is our weather watcher in superior. she has 86. it is 90 degrees in west littleton. orlando addleman jr. checking in. we have some cloud cover moving in this afternoon. that's helping to cut the heat just a little bit. and we have thunderstorms and a few showers in colorado and the western part of the state. not widespread, but a couple of isolated storms here and there. we had lightning across juans. i want to blow that picture up for you. we have high pressure around new mexico. around that high, a little bit of this tropical moisture is coming in. look here into billings. across northern california. there's a cold front, and a low pressure area here. that is actually what's helping to get the westerly winds going today. around this high, and ahead of this front, we've got pretty strong winds through here. that's what kicked up the fire danger here today. in western colorado. as we head into tomorrow, this
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western part of the state. tomorrow, we may have a few isolated storms late, and our temperatures go down dramatically. we could see high temperatures as much as 20 degrees, 25 degrees cooler than what we had today, believe it or not. this will be a significant change that sticks around for most of the week. into tomorrow morning, we'll be mostly clear. starting out with sunshine. then by the afternoon, a few isolated storms come in. you can see a shot of moisture coming in through here. that will mix in with the cooler air eastern plains as well. by monday night, this is the map at 10:00 monday night. we could have showers and thunderstorms, as cooler air rushes in for tuesday. so a dramatic change tore the way. tonight, 40s in the mountains. 50s and 60s down low, and a little easier to take across northeastern colorado. still 890s and 80s into the southeast. 70s and 60s into the mountains. partly cloudy, light breeze tonight. we'll be in the 50s for the
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67 on tuesday. a little better chance of picking up some rain, and we keep the 70s and 60s going on, all week long. if that takes us into the end of september, we may be done with the 90s. >> 80s too, it looks like. >> we might be. fall is knocking on the door. 11 days away from the autumnal equinox. in sports, demaryius thomas is seeking a second opinion after an injury he suffered
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lost in the hype of the broncos win, was the injury to demareious thomas. you may remember, he landed awkwardly on this throw here. he left the game, but returned shortly after. dt finished the game with 40 receptions for 48 yards.
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would obviously be a big loss to the denver offense. cody latimer, or jordan taylor would theoretically be the next man up. our poll question, who impressed you the most in the win on thursday? maybe the offensive line. go to the sports page on to vote. the broncos obviously off today, but the rest of the afc west in action. the chiefs hosting the chargers. san diego was melvin gordon didn't have a touchdown last year, he had two today. later in the 2nd, san diego up 21-3. scary moment for the chargers. keenan allen goes down with a knee injury. he would be carted off the field. in the 4th quarter, kansas city down by 17. don't call it a comeback. alex smith to jeremy maclin. that made it a 10 point game.
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first drive of ot. alex smith on the qb keeper. he gets in, kansas city comes all the way back and wins it 33- 27. the saints hosting the raiders today. we pick it up in the 3rd quarter. drew brees going to find brandon cooks. and cooks does the rest. a 98-yard touchdown pass. that the longest scoring play in franchise history. new orleans up 24-10. jalen rashard going yards. the two-point conversion would be good. oakland decides to go for two. oakland up by one. new orleans with a chance, but a 61-yard field goal try goes left. brock osweiler making his regular season debut with the texans. osweiler, not the start he
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possession to take a 7-0 lead. 2nd quarter, he finds hopkins with a 23-yard touchdown. houston up, 10-0. then in the 4th, houston down by a point. austin finds will fuller. osweiler finished with 231 yards. the texans win it 23-14. through three games against the padres, the rockies have been outscored 21-8. colorado trying to today. in the 4th, charlie blackmon. a solo shot here. his second home run of the series. that would make it 1-0. in the 5th, blackman added one again. the rockies up 2-0. the padres would tie it up with two runs in the 6th. a mark reynolds home run has the rockies up 3-2. that one currently in the 10th. the mets and braves today.
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grab by the fan. bare handed. he was feeling it too. then he did a nice little dance congratulating himself. final round in the bmw championship. paul casey, chasing dustin johnson. he gets the eagle put to go on 15. that would move casey one back of the lead. later, johnson with the eagle put of his own. that would move him to three shots ahead. on 18, that would johnson shot 67 today. he finishes the tournament 23 under. after a dominating win over idaho state, the buffs are receiving more love in the ap poll today. colorado receiving two votes in the latest poll. it's only been two games, but the buffs have the number 1 defense in the country right now. the offense hasn't been bad eitherment colorado currently averaging 50 points a game. those numbers are really impressive. the buffs going to get their
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michigan. >> we're all competitors on our team. and we want to go for a win every week, and you know, ultimately that correlates to the pac-12 champions. wherever we play, i don't care where we'll play. we'll be ready to play and line up against them. >> lots of excitement at boulder right now. this will be a big, big test within this coming week. >> a little step up in weight class, going to michigan. >> they're doing well in ann arbor. >> yes, they are. coloradans are together to honor the victims of 9/11 on the 15th anniversary of the attack. up next, a look at the touching tributes from across the
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isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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happening today, americans are remembering the lives lost in the 9/11 attacks 15 years ago today. here's a live picture at the
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>> in new york today, tears, tributes and pledges to never forget. two moments of silence were held at the exact times al- qaeda members flew plane noose the world trade center towers. both presidential candidates took time off the campaign trail to attend that ceremony. this morning in shanksville, pennsylvania, they honored the crews of flight 93. names of were read aloud. it went down after selfless passengers storm the cockpit to stop them from cleating their mission. >> the youngest victim just 3 years old. the president laid a wreath at the site and asked americans to stay strong in the face of terrorism.
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site that doesn't have a visiter's center, documenting what happened there on 9/11. >> reporter: there are times zach can't believe a day has passed since september 11, 2001. let alone 15 years. >> it just seems so fresh to me. i remember those memories of the day, like it was yesterday. >> reporter: he was 9 years old, when terrorists crashed a plane into the pentagon, killing his father david. >> as a country, to the time where time may have healed those wounds. for me, time doesn't really move the same way. >> reporter: we met him at the pentagon memorial. a place he visits often. specifically, this sculpture with his dad's name inscribed in it. representing the lives lost during the attack here. >> we have to learn from history, so that it doesn't repeat itself. >> reporter: the pentagon is
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doesn't have a center or museum to remild people wrapped. right now, there's not enough money. >> anybody can help. >> reporter: zach's uncle works with the pentagon memorial fund. the group has raised $6 million out of the $25 million it needs to get the project off the ground. >> kids that now come to visit the memorial weren't even born. they were born after 9/11. everything would be important just to really show kind of what happened to her country, and how our country responded. >> reporter: and it will ensure the memories of his father and all the victims never fade. this week, the fund received its largest gift to date. $2.5million from the diana davis foundation. they hope to break ground in
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completed by 2020. i understand, this could be the end of the 90s. >> a big change coming in tomorrow, and it's going to stick around for the entire week and may stretch us into the end of september. if that happens it could be the end of the 90s. just a couple from that. here on doppler 4000, we're seeing clouds bubble into denver. south of gunnison, into acreed, and sowatch. there is some moisture to be had there. meantime, clouds are helping to cool things off. this is not the front though. the front is way up here in montana and canada. but you can see the clouds and the moisture coming through.
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towards colorado tomorrow. maybe 20 degrees cooler by the time we get to tuesday. there will be some moisture with this as well. so i'll try to iron everything out for you coming up in just a little bit with the five-day forecast. >> get that iron ready. >> i'm heating it up. new video appears to show hillary clinton stumbling at a 9/11 memorial event in new york today. you can see clinton lose her balance as her aides tried to hold her up. she left the event early, af her campaign says she felt quote overheated. clinton's doctor says she suffered quote, from pneumonia. >> she was escorted out. >> hillary clinton was seen walking out a short time later. she told reporters she felt much better. the ship cost nearly $4.5
5:37 pm
expensive ship in history. it's also capable of firing more than 600 rocket it's at targets more than 70 miles away. >> a lot of advanced technology on the ship that's found on many of our ship systems. this vessel is about 1.5 times the size of our previous vessel, but it's operated by about half the crew. >> that is captain, james kirk. soon it will move to its home port right now, more than 150 fort carson soldiers are back home with their loved ones. the soldiers were part of operation freedom. today, several hundred runners hit the streets of denver for a great cause. the 23rd annual el girdo kicked
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i emceed the event once again, and also ran the race. a beautiful morning, and thanks to everyone who came out and said hello, and supported a great cause. a colorado built spacecraft is on the first leg of a 7 year journey to rendezvous with an asteroid. osirus rex launched from cape canaveral, florida. we got a close rex back in june. the company also helped build the at risk five rocket. hannah daniels has more on what nasa hopes to learn. >> reporter: scientists believe the asteroid benu holds the keys to our solar system, and life on earth. osirus rex will be the first nasa led mission to retrieve a sample and return to earth,
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sample returned since the apollo era. the trip will take two years. then the suv sized spacecraft will cruise around the asteroid, and map its surface. then it vacuums up gravel and soil samples to bring back to earth. >> we'll go down for a five second contact, grab that material, bring it back. >> reporter: the mission, with a billio take seven years if successful. >> lockheed martin, says the samples will be roughly the size of a candy bar. dr. phil has the first interview with burke ramsey about the death of his sister, jonbenet. >> so can you tell us why burke ramsey is talking now?
5:40 pm
told. he says i want to tell it. i would rather tell my own story. >> you can see more of the interview tonight. then tune in tomorrow at 4:00 for part 1 of dr. phil's
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breaking news now, we've got a school bus crash at denver international airport that has sent several people to the hospital. >> cbs4's jeremy leary is live with the latest on what we're learning. >> reporter: tom, here's what we know so far. they are keeping us quite a ways from the accident, but we're on the east entrance to the airport. fairly close to where it happened, but i want to get
5:44 pm
take a look at this. it's adams county school bus, heavily damaged. appears to have crashed into a bridge support. we did speak with the adams county school district. they did confirm that it's a legacy high school football team within the adams 12 school district. they're headed back from a football game out of state. when the crash happened, denver police tweeted the information afternoon. probably happened sometime around there. i want to show you guys what's going on at the airport right now, a heavy traffic situation. denver police say if you're coming from the airport, they recommend you use the west entrance. there's a huge backup as emergency responders assess the scene. we also know several people were transported to the hospital in critical condition. right now, giving us more information. the high school football team on a way back from a football
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we're going to continue to follow this storey, and give you more as we get more information. live look outside right
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high country, after a chunk of mount silverthorne collapsed in a rockslide on saturday. it kicked up so much dust, we're told that summit county crews initially thought it was a wildfire. that's a popular spot for climbers, so a helicopter swept the area, to make sure no one was trapped. no injuries were reported, and slide didn't damage any trails. officials are however keeping an eye on that trail. you see some clouds hanging over the city. and dave, we could really use a little moisture here. >> you can e the clouds down on the mountain there. satellite and radar does show the clouds zooming on in here. we had a big blast of sunshine earlier today. clouds are helping to cut some of that heat we have. and a few thunderstorms. a shot of moisture going over a high pressure ridge. that high isusherring in that warm desert area. as we look up north, northwest, i should say, there's a cold front going through billings right now.
5:49 pm
this will slide in during the day tomorrow. here we go in the future cast forecast. we'll start out clear, ahead in the morning, a little breezy. then the front comes in, in the afternoon, that will drop us into the 70s. this guy, this low pressure area will start to slide through, coming in on tuesday. that will drop us even further, and keep us cooler for the remainder into next weekend. northern wyoming in the snow in their mountain areas. we could have show coming up, down to about 11,000 feet or so coming up monday night into tuesday. it will be nice to see. we'll need a cool down by the time that arrives. high today was 90 degrees. two dreys away from the record -- degrees away from the record high of 92. john snyder in denver, has 90 degrees on the button. carol kester in longmont, is
5:50 pm
well. a little bit of haze from those forest fires going on. smoke in the atmosphere. tonight's sunset will be just as spectacular. here's the future cast now into tomorrow. mostly clear to start the day. then the moisture starts to increase from the southwest, so thousanders and thunderstorms from the san juans, pushing in our direction. at all night long. tonight, looking at 40s in the mountains. 50s and 60s down low. 70s tomorrow start to appear in the northeast. 70s and 60s in the mountains. and grand junction is looking at 86 for their high tomorrow. in denver, we'll be in the 50s for the overnight low. morning sun tomorrow. afternoon thunderstorms, and look at those highs. mid- to upper 70s.
5:51 pm
isolated storms, and we keep the 70s and 60s rolling on, all the way through friday. i think that's going to feel really nice. it looks kind of shocking. >> it's a fall preview. we'll take it. >> some of those 40s lows. >> overnight lows, kind of
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15 years ago, nearly 3,000 americans lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks. many were first responders who rushed into the burning twin towers and never came out. >> a father is using his grief for a positive tribute. >> reporter: this is the uniform jonathan iyeppi was wearing during the attack at the towers. the father lives here along with other victims of the terror attack. >> this is a difficult space. >> this is a very difficult space. >> reporter: lee is jonathan's father, and a retired firefighter. he spent three months searching ground zero before he found his son's remains, and then continued combing the debris for victims for another 6 months. >> the best that humanity could give us was here, searching every day. 24 hours a day. hands and knees.
5:55 pm
the damaged liberty deli turned into a gathering spot. he eventually turned the space into the 9/11 tribute center. a kind of interim museum, until the official one opened in 2014. not only did it stay open, it will move to a bigger space next spring, where it will continue to tell the story of 9/11 in the most personal terms. >> when i get to talk about my son, i cry. i can't tell you how many times i cried this week. >> reporter: pouring move forward, but it hasn't relieved the pain. >> the only thing 9/11 means to me, is i have not seen my buddy in 15 years, and i miss him . i have not seen my buddy in 15 year it's, and i miss him. >> reporter: the tribute center gave him a mission, to
5:56 pm
but the world. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> what a nice tribute to his son, and all of those other american heros out there. >> it's amazing, and so is the 9/11 memorial. everyone, needs to go basically. thank you for watching cbs4
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> stahl: today marks 15 years since the horrendous events of september 11, 2001. now at ground zero in new york city, there's a memorial museum that tells the story of that day and honors its nearly 3,000
5:59 pm
wasn't easy. was absolutely every single tiny little thing an argument? >> paula grant berry: there were lots of issues. >> iken: oh, boy. lots, lots. >> stahl: tonight we'll take you back to the challenges of creating our nation's 911 museum. >> mike anderson: not a day goes by where i don't think about my son. he was mike jr. he was my only son. >> pelley: he is what is known his son, mike anderson, jr., a marine, was killed in iraq. now, the father sees it as his duty to help other gold star parents at this remarkable event. the burden that you have is unbearable. >> anderson: at times, yes, sir. >> pelley: but when you come to this event, you take on the unbearable burdens of another 100 families. >> anderson: my son went abroad
6:00 pm
it is human nature to want to help others. >> bill whitaker: it may surprise you to hear that oklahoma is the most earthquake- prone state in the continental u.s. >> whoa! >> whitaker: in 2009, there were, on average, two earthquakes per year of magnitude three or greater. last year, there were 907. what's more astonishing is that nearly all of oklahoma's earthquakes are manmade. >> melinda olbert: what quake app do you use? >> kathy matthews: i use the one-- >> whitaker: these oklahomans say they check their phone apps to track earthquakes around the state. this must be unnerving. >> matthews: it's no way to live. it's no way to live. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60 minutes."


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