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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 12, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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britt moreno. this is the news on this monday, september 12th. >> and i'm alan gionet. happening this morning on the cbs4 morning news. sean? >> reporter: students returned here to legacy high school a day after a deadly bus crash at dia. we'll have an update on the injuries in a live report. hillary clinton caught on camera losing her balance and now off the campaign trail until wednesday probably. what doctors are saying average flag from the world trade
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how it ended up missing and who officials want to find to learn more about what happened. and want to give you a little picture here soft some breaking news -- of some breaking news. this is of is thisth and sheridan. -- 14th and sheridan. closed right now because of a crash involving a denver police officer. we have a denver police suv that's hit there. so the officer apparently was on the way to check out reports of a chase and collided with a car at that intersection. the good news here nobody is hurt in this incident. but that area is closed for just a little bit as they lane up. we are expecting another round of rain coming this monday. so let's get over the lauren who is working the forecast for us. good morning. >> well, good morning. temperatures are fairly mild to start. 64 in denver and boulder. 59 out in burlington and 48 avon our cool spot this morning 34 in beloved. 6 -- leadville. 6 will in grand64 in grand junction. joel? let me show you here, you have sheridan closed between
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this morning. while they do clean-up now. typically the accidents that do involve officers, it's an extended investigation time. as they've got to collect all the evidence and information that they can. so alan expect that closure to be in place at least for the next half hour. counseling today to help students at legacy high school in adams county. deal with the crash of their football team bus yesterday. the bus driver's dead and two coaches are critically hurt and cbs4's shawn chitnis is live at the school this as we cover the bus fortunately are not seriously hurt. >> reporter: yeah, alan range of injuries but likely for those students not as serious as the ones you just mentioned that bus driver dying in that crash. as well as two coaches with critical injuries just some of the details that students are going to face as they come back to school this morning. right now of course, it's empty here at the school. but soon enough they will be arriving and we expect them all to be having to discuss or at least have this on their minds
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another day at school. here's a look at the scene yesterday at denver international airport late in the afternoon on sunday. crashing into an overpass and you can see the front side of the bus sort of smashed in when crews arrived at that that scene. the bus was one of three with football players and coaches heading home from dia coming back from a game in california. the bus that crashed had 31 people inside but everyone on all three buses evacuated and they went inside to the airport to a closed off area so they could be checked for non-life-threatening injuries and police tylotes driver made -- us the driver made a second loop back to the arrival section of the airport on the east side of dia after she already had those students on the bus. and they're not sure yet why she may have done that. the name of the bus driver as well as those two coaches in critical condition has nonpresident released yet -- not been released yet but police are still investigating this crash trying to figure out if a medical emergency may have happened to that driver while she was on the road.
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chitnis, cbs4 news. >> you feel for the community this morning. thank you for that report. today hillary clinton is off the campaign trail because of doctors' orders. yesterday, she had some trouble getting into her vehicle after the 9/11 memorial in new york. our andrew spencer has the latest. >> reporter: clearly unsteady on her feet, hillary clinton stumbled trying to get into a van as she left early from a 9/11 memorial service on sunday. clinton would appear outside her daughter's apartment a couple of hours te and apparently feeling much better. >> it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: she posted for -- posed for a photo, but she said very little. >> how are you feeling? what happened? >> reporter: not until much later sunday did clinton's doctor release a statement saying clinton was actually diagnosed wamu moineau on friday. donald trump skipped the chance to comment on sunday. >> a question about hillary clinton's health incident this morning?
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handlers kept governor mike pence at a distance. the silence is perhaps surprising from the trump campaign. whose surrogates have at times tried to stir up questions about her health in the past. but sources inside trump's campaign say surrogates have been told to be respectful and staff members told to keep quiet and not say anything negative about what happened. i'm andrew spencer reporting. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the floor, here's lauren. >> good morning, starting off with 59 in burlington and 6 # akron and at dia 48 in avon and 64 over in grand junction. satellite and radar we have some rain skirting through the state right now. not a lot. south some in mat fat county and a few showers this morning and the rest of us clear or a little bit of cloud cover and the hour by hour forecast, this morning mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. and then we have the chance for some afternoon and evening thunderstorms. so we'll time those out for you in just a moment. right now let's check in with joel. we're watching a traffic
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and you can see our photojournalist eddie castro at the scene. it involves a police cruiser so they have an extended investigation going on. meanwhile that whole intersection is shut down. this is sheridan and actually a big stretch of sheridan itself shut down from 14th out to colfax because of that this morning. you can take federal and of course you can take wadsworth on either side if you need to get access south on to colfax this morning. in the northbound direction you should be able to get on to colfax itself. here we are across the denver metro area and i know there's showing that ramp closure as you get from auraria to southbound i-25 that has been closed all weekend and alan that should be picked up here shortly. all right joel thank you very much. an a image that's been a symbol of strength since the 9/11 attacks on america. three firefighters on the smoldering rubble hoisting the american flag. for a time that flag though, was missing. we have more on the story and
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three firefighters were out in the audience and they said that's not the flag. >> reporter: how did they know? >> these guys are sharp guys, they knew that was so big it was definitely not the flag that they had that day. >> reporter: in november of 2014, 13 years and 3,000 miles away, the missing flag resurfaced. just as mysteriously as it once disappeared. jim masn gail was a detective with the everett, washington police department which selected the case. >> the fire had been turned into the department in a joanne's store bag. we looked at the flag and we had photos and it looked very similar to what we were seeing in the photographs and in the video. so we thought, well, it's either a very elaborate hoax or it's the real thing. >> reporter: after months authorities are now 99% stern it's indeed the real thing. same size, coated in the same
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zero. but how was it lost in the first place? and who is the mystery man seen here in a police sketch who returned it? joe daniels is president of the national september 11th memorial and museum. >> i think that it's such an incredible story we want to know all the details try to actually trace it back throughout the years. so that's something that we'll be working on but right now just so thrilled that this is the actual flag that is going to be here for forever for honors firefighters lost on 9/11. ahead this morning we're going to hear what first responders are motivated to do every year. >> if you think that grabbing that airline seat booking has been getting harder you may be
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a colorado tribute to fallen firefighters on 9/11 is now grown to be a nationally recognized event. >> now firefighters come from across the country to take part in the denver stair climb. our kelly werthmann has the story. >> reporter: 110 stories. 343 firefighters. one firefighter who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the twin towers' 15 years ago. >> and each firefighter carries the picture and the name of one of the fdny members that were killed so we can complete the journey they were not able to complete that day. >> reporter: wearing all the heave gear -- heavy gear, firefighters from across colorado and six other states are climbing the stairs inside 54 story building in downtown denver twice.
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are taking each step? >> i mean taking a step is just remembering every time we go we get a guy and i have him -- throughout the years and stuff and you just think about their family, what they're going through, not having him with them. >> if they were able to decide at that moment they were going to risk their lives and maybe lose their lives to save thousands of other people, keeps us going all the time. it's our responsibility to carry on their memories. >> reporter: the denver 9/11 stair climb was the first of now, dozens of similar events take place across the nation every year. all with one goal in mind. >> just kind of a way to keep going and -- they go on. >> reporter: in denver, kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. >> just amazing to see that tradition carried out. take a look at this. there was also a massive turnout yesterday morning for the stair climb at red rocks.
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around the amphitheater equaling the 110 stories of the world trade center in new york city. dozens of fire departments from across colorado took part in the climb. they raised $100,000 for families of the fallen. >> and well done by all. both events and all the other events surrounding metro area and we all remember. this morning, with your weather as we get you started on a monday. lauren? >> temperatures are warmer to start but we're waiting for a cold front to come through. with that winds are going to pick up a le off as well. so our warm temperatures won't last for too much longer here. nine degrees warmer in denver and 11 in wray and burlington compared to 24 hours ago. 13 degrees warmer in boulder and that puts us at 64 here in denver and boulder, 51 salida. the school spot this morning, 34 leadville and 64 grand junction. satellite and radar a little bit of rain in the northern part of the state. really all the way from the northwestern corner to parts of the northeast. and we have a little system
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really going to get much from that. we have the cold front that's going to drop on through with it but fairly dry. we have the chance though of some moisture to swing up our direction later on today. the futurecast now, the morning showers skirt on through and then we have partly sunny to mostly sunny skies this morning and again as that front comes through it's going to cool us off for us and we are going to see our winds increase and then this afternoon, we do have the chance of a few isolated thunderstorms. most of those should be south of denver and then stay down to the south and the west. and could get a few up into the foothills overnight tonight and still have little rain out there. cloudy skies here across the front range and out west. and then we have a chance of more rain coming through tomorrow afternoon and evening along with much cooler temperatures down into the 60s tomorrow. so we really cool off tomorrow. now we'll have the chance of rain over here across the front range. northwestern corner you are going to be on the dry side again today. low humidity and also gusty winds and then we're looking at dry vegetation. for parts of the white river
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the high fire danger. temperatures today 78 denver and burlington. 90s in the southeast today and 69 frisco and 76 in steamboat and 85 in grand junction. by noon only in the 70s and then we have a chance for some afternoon and evening storms. again not super widespread but the possibility is out there. 67 tomorrow and we're back to the 70s on wednesday and we have the chance of storms pretty much every day this week. joel. how's the drive? well we have a traffic alert we continue to follow. a portion of sheridan shut down the photojournalist jeremiah belisle. out there on the scene. 14th and sheridan you can see the denver police cruiser that was involved. so they had evidence markers all out along there. and those have since been picked up and moved out of the way. hopefully the first of things to get cloned up along there but these investigations if they do involve a police cruiser, take a long time. so we do have 14 -- sheridan excuse me that's shut down between 14th and colfax. if you need access on to colfax you can do that from wadsworth
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at least for now as you get right near colfax from is thisth out to -- 14th out to colfax again that closure in place. still overnight closures in place until this morning at 5:30 from auraria to southbound i-25. the closure that we had along alameda in the eastbound direction just east of santa fe has been cleared out of the way. and c-470 still seeing some delays coming up the hill and that north westbound direction. due to some ongoing road work through there. they've been doing some repaving and britt take a look at the drive times i will like them. both directions through commerce city right now speeds into the 60s. joel thank you for that. this weekend, filmmakers and stars are hoping to gain oscar buzz as they gather in toronto and this weekend's top film makes a splash at the box office. here's danielle nottingham with today's eye on entertainment. >> reporter: the film "sullied" soared to the top of this weekend's box office. tom hanks stars in the drama
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pilot chelsea sullenberger. the toronto international film festival over the weekend was where they walked. it's the unofficial start to oscar season. several top films premiered including "blair witch." the animated musical comedy "sing." and rollerer stone's fill im-- oliver stone's film about it ends on sunday. now they deliver packages for >> reporter: and move over amazon. storks are no longer delivering babies. they're dropping up a packages from an -- off packages from an online retail giant in the new film "storks." things get tricky when one last by by shows up -- baby shows up and has to be delivered before the mistake is discovered. i'm going to be named chairman. >> reporter: kelsey grammer play miss ted stork and -- plays the head stork and also a
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be straight with them and don't necessarily be their best friend. be their parent. >> reporter: storks opened next friday. that's your eye on
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stocks are down ahead of this morning's open falling some rough on friday when the dow was down over 2%. a presidential nominee's home is going up for auction. here's our carey i that mitchell with today -- karina mitchell with today's money watch. >> reporter: steep losses last week. on friday the dow plunged 39
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points. in 2015, that's the biggest gain since 2010. atlanta hartsfield-jackson was ranked the world's busiest airport with more than 100 million passengers. passing through it last year. followed by beijing, china. chicago's o'hare came in fourth. and carl icon the billionaire owner of the trump taj mahal casino wants to shut it down. the team filed a petition asking regulators to approve the closure effective october 10th but some table games later this month will be wound down. the casino has lost millions a month while local casino workers strike against it. and news day reports the opening bid for the presidential nominee's first home in queens, new york will be $849,000. the owners of the 3600 fire foot five bedroom -- square
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for more log on to cbs money watch. in new york, i'm karina mitchell. time now for a check of weather and traffic. >> well taking a look at what's happening in the country the eastern side of the country fairly mild. temperatures in the 80s but we are looking at more sunshine than anything else as we head towards the west coast. it is a bit stormier. there's a front that's working its way through so we have some rain possible all the way in parts of utah as we i head up north into parts of idaho and parts of wyoming. and we are looking at the chance for storms here in colorado with increased fire danger in our northwestern corner. fairly mild into the doze sweert and 9 -- desert southwest and we have the 70s and 80s up in the pacific northwest. midwest not too bad. 82 today in chicago. let's check in with joel. how's the morning drive going? we have a traffic alert we continue to follow. live pictures coming in from the photojournalist here at 14th and sheridan. as many as giving us the pictures and this is a police cruiser and anytime you have an accident that involves a police cruiser like that the investigation takes quite an extensed period of time. now they had some evidence
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have those picked up and hope hopefully get this intersection cleared. until then you have sheridan shut down from 14th all the way out to colfax this morning. take wadsworth or federal to get around that. along i-70 and back along pena boulevard. a great drive to dia this morning. take a look at the drive tiles from the west. -- times from the east. you have eastbound along i-70 and i-25 out to i-225 that's going to be a nine minute drive for you. alan? all right joel thanks a lot. right now 64 degrees outside. >> aen campaign wants to comment about this. ahead, the latest on the illness affecting democrat hillary clinton. >> on the first football sunday of the new season, the nfl honored those lost during the september 11th attacks. while some players continued to sit out the national anthem to raise awareness of racial inequality. i'm hena daniels in new york, i'll have more on the games
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good morning. talking broncos and about a month ago kubiak said the broncos had more depth at wide receiver than he's ever had in his career. well one week into the regular season, and an injury to thomas could test that depth. dt hurt his hips in the first quarter on thursday and he did finish the game. espn reported yesterday that thomas had an mri on friday and the broncos are now going to send it out for a second opinion. as there's some concern that dt could miss time. so certainly something to watch for this week. remember, fowlers a millionsed the up -- also missed the occupier with an -- opener with an elbow injury. and nfl yesterday was the former broncos' bull in houston, the texans against john fox and the bears. late in the second quarter, brock to hopkins, first td pass as a texan. but just before the half, it'd be former bronco jay cutler to former bronco eddie royal. 14-10 bears. fourth quarter, brock dumps it
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lead. they win 23-14. so brock osweiler 1-0 with the houston texans. the rockies beat arizona 3- 2 there this week.
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good morning everyone, we start off here with some breaking news. a live picture for you at 14th and sheridan. right now, this intersection is closed and you can see why. there's been a crash here involving a denver police officer. the officer was apparently on the way to check out reports of a chase and collided with a different car in that intersection.
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the good news is, everyone is okay no one was hurt. but the area is closed this morning for just a little bit as investigators here work to clean it up and figure out just how badly damaged everything is. >> oh. the other car was broadsided and there you can see the front end damage to the police car and as you said fortunately everyone okay. good to have you with us if half hour -- this half hour, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. thank you for joining us, we hope you had a great weekend. expecting stormy weath storms later this afternoon coming in and this morning skirting to the northern part of the state we're getting clipped a little bit by the storm to the north and we have the chance of more later on this afternoon. more about that and the cooldown coming up in just a moment. right now over to joel. we also have got sheridan shut down from 14th down to colfax this morning, use federal or wadsworth the get around that. that closure now been in place for the last about 15, 20 minutes or so.


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