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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 12, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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the good news is, everyone is okay no one was hurt. but the area is closed this morning for just a little bit as investigators here work to clean it up and figure out just how badly damaged everything is. >> oh. the other car was broadsided and there you can see the front end damage to the police car and as you said fortunately everyone okay. good to have you with us if half hour -- this half hour, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. thank you for joining us, we hope you had a great weekend. expecting stormy weath storms later this afternoon coming in and this morning skirting to the northern part of the state we're getting clipped a little bit by the storm to the north and we have the chance of more later on this afternoon. more about that and the cooldown coming up in just a moment. right now over to joel. we also have got sheridan shut down from 14th down to colfax this morning, use federal or wadsworth the get around that. that closure now been in place for the last about 15, 20 minutes or so.
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for the next quarter hour at least. okay thank you for the update joel. this morning, counselors will be at legacy high school in broomfield helping students and staff deal with the deadly school bus accident. the football team was on board. fortunately though, all the players are okay this morning. but cbs4's shawn chitnis is live from the high school and certainly that community is rattled. shawn? >> reporter: right britt and at this time it is quiet here on campus as we wait and staff to arrive so about a couple hours away from that happening but we expect them to have that on their minds. both the bus driver, that passed away as well as the coaches that are still in critical condition. so here's a closer look at that crash yesterday. take a look at this bus that drove off the road at denver international airport late in the afternoon on sunday. it crashed into an overpass there. and you can see the front side of the bus was smashed in when crews arrived on scene.
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coming back from a game in california. the bus that crashed had 31 people inside but everyone on all three buses evacuated. they went to a closed off area inside dia so they could be checked out for injuries. 15 students in all have non- life-threatening injuries. police tell us the driver was making a second loop back toward the arrival section of the airport on the east side of dia and they're still not sure why she did that. her name of the bus driver as well as the names of those two coaches ri but police are investigating this crash. time to find out if possibly the bus driver may have had a medical emergency while she was driving. live at legacy high school, shawn chitnis, news knew morning. hillary clinton will not travel to campaign events in california today. yesterday, clinton was caught on camera having trouble getting into her vehicle after the 9/11 memorial ceremony in new york city. here's our henna daniels with
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her health. >> great. >> reporter: hillary clinton says she is feeling fine but is canceled a two day fundraising trip to california. her doctor says the 68-year-old was diagnosed wamu moineau on friday -- pneumonia on friday although the illness wasn't publicly revealed when leaving the 9/11 ceremony another ground zero on sunday -- at ground zero on sunday. clinton went to her daughter's apartment for a few hours after the incident and then headed will her home her home not far from new york city. her doctor issued a statement saying -- >> reporter: donald trump has not commented about clinton's illness but in the past the republican nominee has repeatedly questioned whether his opponent has the strength to be president and the stamina to take on terrorists. he returned tot campaign trail after -- to the campaign trail after taking a day off to pay tribute to victims of the
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the latest cbs news battleground tracker poll shows the race is tightening in florida. clinton holds just a two point lead there. in ohio, another key battleground state, clinton has a seven point lead. hena daniels, cbs news, new york. >> now hillary clinton's being treated with antibiotics tight now. today tonight trump gives a speech in baltimore and then heads to ashe vim, north carolina for an evening rally. time for a check of weather the temperature change in the last 24 hours we have warmed up with big warm day yesterday for us. but we're going to see a cold front come through today and knock the temperatures down. 20 degrees warmer in craig than we were yesterday at this time and 9 in denver and 16 is in greeley. 64 here in denver and 53 in craig and 50 in meeker and at in burlington. the weather watcher andrew we recognize him, 61 degrees coming in from aurora this morning. and he says it's a cool morning for a bike ride and yes it is.
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mornings this week with the temperature change. looking at the satellite and radar we have a few showers in the northern part of the state. from that northwestern corner all the way through parts of weld county this morning. and we have the chance for some more rain later today and some thunderstorms but this morning at the bus stop it will be a little breezy we have a few clouds out there and temperatures in the mid 60s. talk about the way home coming up in just a moment. right now joel how's the drive? good morning, to the cbs4 mile high cam and oh we move the camera there but you see auraria parkway reopened. now you can see six flags as you head along there. elitch gardens downtown. a look across the denver metro area. we have a couple of little trouble spots out there. one of them is at 14th and sheridan. sheridan shut down not only that intersection 14th sheridan, but sheridan itself from 14th out to colfax due to an accident that involved a police cruiser, no injuries but that investigation if it does involve a police vehicle takes an extended period of time. and they've got some of the evidence markers picked up and moved out of the way alan but
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cars yet. going to be closed for a bit. use federal or wadsworth. 9/11 brought emotional so forth for a douglas county sheriff's detective. dan brite was injured in a shooting ten days ago. right near sierra middle school. the gunman died in that shooting. our andrea flores shows us how people were praying for his recovery as he remains in critical condition. >> what is a policeman? he of all men is at once the most needed and the most wanted. >> reporter: he was injured in the line of duty more than parker adventist hospital to play outside douglas county detective dan brite's room. >> he charged in and ran to the fight but he didn't stop. he was ready to do it and the community knows that. >> he must be able to start breathing, stop bleeding, tie splits and above all, be sure the victim goes home without a limp. >> reporter: the parker hawks football team dedicated their game ball to brite. >> it looks like you guys did well. >> 40-0.
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will take it right up to his room. >> reporter: coach white says -- >> it's important for the guys the understand that all of this is bigger than we are. we go out there and can play a game that we love because of people like him. >> reporter: that family and friends watched from above as the community stood in silence. >> how willing people were to to come out on a sunday and support someone they've never met. song -- ? my home sweet home ? >> reporter: supporters continued to pray for the man who put his life on the line for them. >> we appreciate what he does for us. >> thank you for your service. >> look at that crowd, that was great all folks coming out. andrea forest reporting there. also yesterday, hundreds of people lined up to get a cup of joe from the coffee cabin in parker. the business held a fundraiser for detective brite. the owner says every penny
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and his family. >> very moving to see that playing out. we're following a developing story out of thornton this morning, police are investigating a suspicious death after a woman's body was found in the back of an suv and we could soon learn that woman's identity. cbs4 has learned the investigation may be connected to a missing woman from elbert county. the mother of 25-year-old hannah houribic says the suv here belongs to her and she has not been seen since last sunday. people in the apartment complex where the suv was found say the vehicle has been there since labor day. >> it didn't belong here and i didn't see anybody coming or going from it. >> here around 11:30 and there was a bunch of cop cars and there was a fire truck and ambulance. and there was some crime scene tape around. >> officials have not identified the woman found dead in that suv just yet. the adams county sheriff is not saying if they have any suspects.
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64 degrees. >> yeah we're still in the good stuff here in september. but lauren is talking about the change and the chances of rain today. >> also only on cbs4, dr. phil's talking about his exclusive interview with jonbenet ramsey's brother burke, ahead we'll have a
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good morning and welcome back. this is the news in health.
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mastics -- parents picking mace ticks with -- making mistakes with their medicine and children. 85% of parents are making e ors when living -- errors when giving liquid medicine to children. most errors involves overdosing and apparently the dosing cups are linked to more errors than compared to oral syringes. using regular kitchen spoons also contributes to mistakes. nationwide, children's hospital reports a dramatic rise in soccer related injuries among kids 7 to 17. researchers found about 300 children are treated every day in the e. r.. they looked at that years' worth of -- 25 years worth of data and found sprains, strains and fractures were the most common injuries and that the rate of concussions significantly increased as well. doctors advise women who have had gastric bypass surgery to wait 18 movements before trying to become pregnant. new data indicates women who have had ha the weight loss surgery are prone to nutrient
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well, the broncos are getting ready right now to take on the colts on sunday right here on cbs4 and they may have to do it without one of the main weapons. receiver demaryius thomas suffered an injury against the panthers last thursday. now thomas hurt his hip in the first quarter on thursday on this play right here. but he was able to finish game. espn reported yesterday that thomas had an mri on friday and the broncos are now sending that mri out for a second opinion. thomas could miss some time. so that is something we'll be watching this week. receiver benny fowler missed the opener with an elbow injury and cody lattimore dealt with a preseason knee injury. in a few hours our broncos' insider will head to coach -- will talk with head coach kubiak and we could find out more about the team's depth chart at receiver. get complete coverage of the
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started yet another season with a new quarterback. the team now has robert griffin iii but he struggled in at the- 10 loss --29-10 loss at the eagles but it was the phone call at the press conference after the game getting the attention. >> we work on the little things to make sure that we can continue to improve. so how about that guys? [ phone ringing ] it's my mother. she's really worried about me. >> ask mom, when mom calls you know you have to pick up. it was a tough his head, he suffered a left shoulder injury which prompted the call from his mom. it makes sense right? >> oh, yeah. moms calling. go get the ball in the back of the end zone. and -- there's that pass there. that didn't help them at all. weather and traffic every ten minutes. here's lauren. you know my mom and she would be calling me too and i would have to answer. starting off with 64 in denver and boulder. at out in wray and -- 59 out in wray and 46 avon and 34 in
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on the satellite and radar, we have some rain that's skirting through the northern part of the state right now. also just a little pop down into the south and to the west right now. lookinged the red flag warnings so even though there's a little rain rolling through the area right now. we have red flag warnings for parts of little snake and white river river basin area, we have that today. we are going to see some gusty winds and low humidity and there's a lot of dry vegetation over there right now. looking at the futurecast, we have the chance maybe of the isolated shower around the denver area this morning. and as we head towards lunchtth part of the state. a mixture of sunshine and clouds over the next couple of hours the confident is going to work its way through. so winds will pick up a little bit more and it's going to cool off pretty quickly you'll notice and we have the chance of rain and thunderstorms coming in later on this afternoon in the evening into the -- into teening. a better chance comes in later on tonight. palmer divide area the best shot all the way down into the southwest. could roll through the foothills well overnight tonight. along with some cloud cover
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tomorrow. and actually slightly better chance of rain. some of that could be on the heavier side tomorrow. we may have some heavier rainfall around denver with those thunderstorms tomorrow. taking a look at the temperatures for today, it is going to be cooler with that front working its way through. so. in denver and -- 78 in denver and 75 greeley and boulder and 7en 7 in burlington and -- 77 in burlington and 85 over in grand junction. if you're planning out the day today. morning hours are going to be cooling off with the front coming through again and there's the chance of some thunderstorms later on this afternood really cool off for us. and then we have the chance of storms almost every afternoon this week. let's check in with joel. good morning. hey good morning lauren. we've been following a traffic alert this morning and take to you live pictures from photojournalist jeremiah belisle. this is the intersection of 14th and sheridan and you can sees that the car that was it's boned by -- car that was t- boned by a police cruiser. that remains closed as he pans off to the right now you see all the police presence that we have along there. but what you won't see is the
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ago and hauled out of the way. you can see all of the fluids from the car there right along the intersection as well. sheridan and 14th that intersection remains closed as well as sheridan itself as you get from 14th all the way out to colfax this morning. i would take wadsworth or i would take federal to get around that this morning. flush that should be picked up and moved out of the way and you saw the car off to the side and looks like we have most of the clean-up work that it's done now. they just need to reopen it and that should happen here shortly of course keep you ahead of at metro area and little issue along yale at jersey. car versus a motorcycle accident there. no word on the injuries of that accident. but this is not along i-25 but at yale itself. expect delays as you travel through that area and then along chambers and 56th we have the light malfunctioning treat that as a four way stop. slowing both directions along c- 470 to the south of 285 continuing some paving work and here we are a look another the drive times coming from the east and britt southbound along i-225 still looking good.
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road out to i-25. great to hear for a monday. denver life magazine's designer show house is full of fun design ideas. is this different designers -- 14 different designers worked on the house bringing their own energy and ideas to each space and then blending them so the house flows. >> each space gives the opportunity to kind of see how you'd put spite your own home. i -- it into your own home. i love the subway tile. i love the different paint colors. the texture and fabrics and di it's really fun to kind of tour through and picture where you want to put things in your own home. >> denver life magazine's designer show house is open for touring from 10:30 until pac in the afternoon daily -- 3:00 in the afternoon daily. tickets are $20 and we have all the information for you at football sunday yesterday was not just a time for football but 15 years to the day of the september 11th attacks and it was also a day
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controversy there. there were even more players protesting during the national anthem. here's our hena daniels with the latest. ? ? >> reporter: in a show of solidarity and tribute to the victims of the september 11th terror attacks, the seattle seahawks stood and linked arms during the national anthem before their season opener against the miami dolphins. >> we want to honor those lives that have been lost 15 years ago on this tragic day. an sacrificed their lives for the freedom that we cherish. we want to ensure that freedom and security and justice for all people. >> reporter: during the same game four dolphins kneeled on the sideline with hands on their hearts as the "star- spangled banner" played. their coach talked after the game. >> you know, it's their opinion. it's their right. and you know, my job is to coach the football team. >> reporter: a number of
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kaepernick who has chosen to sit out the national anthem in order to bring attention to racial inequality. on sunday the kansas city star reported that marcus peters raised a black gloved fist before the song. and before the game against the cardinals two patriots raised their right fists after the anthem was played. one show of patriotism by new york giants' odell beckham and victor cruz could have them paying up. they could face fines by the footwear as they played in commemorative cleats showing the american flag and a tribute to the fdny. hena daniels, cbs news. >> the nfl could fine the players $6,000 for wearing the cleats, some police unions around the country have actually vowed the pay the fines for the players. kaopek nick is expected to sit out the national anthem ahead of the game against the los
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with burke ramsey for his first interview about the death of his sister jonbenet. he was just 9 years old when his sister was found dead in the basement of their family's home in boulder. dr. phil says for such a young age, burke has very vivid memory -- vivid memories and the more he talked about it the more he remembered. >> his mother coming into his room very early the next morning with a police officer, flashlights going and you could imagine a 9-year- old child in their bed all of a sudden in the darkness. a police officer and their mother gist -- really upset in the room. flashlights going everywhere. looking around. >> dr. phil's interview with burke ramsey airs if three parts, first parts airs today
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,, ,, ? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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welcome back. it's monday morning, we had a great weekend. now we start the workweek here and we are going to cooler
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boulder, we have a cold front that's working its way through. 57 in burlington and 46 in avon and 64 grand junction. the weather watcher john reporting 55 degrees for us this morning in coal creek canyon. the satellite and radar not clear for everyone. we have some rain from our northwestern corner skirting through the northern part of the state. some rain near bennett that's popped up this morning and a little bit down in the southwestern corner, may not actually be hitting the ground. taking a look at the futurecast for today morning hours are dry but we have few thunderstorms and rain showers and more clouds coming in a little bit later on this afternoon. joel how's the drive? you know just got a lot better, we've been watching the situation where a police cruiser t-boned another car and shut down 14th and sheridan for most of the morning commute. so far this morning. that road has reopened. it is all been cleared out of the way. so sheridan from 14th to colfax is reopened this morning and again no injuries in that crash. alan? three people are dead in a plane crash at the reno tahoe international airport.
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at around 6:15 in the evening. you're looking right now at where it came down. there you can see bits of the plane above the fire truck there. this is in a parking lot. cars were parked on the ground and fortunately nobody on the ground was hurt. but they have to figure out why that happened today. must be quite a sight in atlanta when the pilot made an emergency landing on the interstate last night. a pilot brought down pl i-20 around midnight. the pilot's not hurt and overnight they had to try to figure out how to get the plane off the highway. tesla is updating its autopilot feature to rely more heavily on radar indead of just cameras and you may remember in may, a tesla driver was killed while using the autopilot feature when he collided with a truck in florida. tesla's ceo elon musk says the improved autopilot very likely would have prevented that
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4 degrees in -- 64 degrees in denver. >> the chances for rain coming up and lauren has that still ahead on the cbs4 morning news, shawn is live. >> reporter: students will head to classes here at legacy high school in about an hour, just a day after a deadly bus crash at denver snarl airport. we'll have a live report coming up. >> a crash on i-70 leaves a big mess. what you need to know to get around the troubles. >> and the community support for a douglas county sheriff's deputy shot while on duty. continues to pour in. >> all right, a cold front is on the way. when we could feel the big temperature drop coming up. >> also ahead on cbs4 morning news at 6:00, general motors is recalling millions of vehicles for a new airbag problem. i'll have that story in your cbs money watch report live
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this is the news at 6:00 a.m. this morning, a community supports the coaches and the players hurt in this bus crash at dia. this morning, what investigators are saying about the driver killed in that crash. and what are doctor's orders after video shows hillary new york? and a first look from copter 4 this morning ahead of the sunrise, just a hint of it on the horizon there. as the sun starts getting up later and later. but you still have to get going early we're going to help you out. cool temperatures some storms coming up and lauren is looking at that. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. happy monday to you. lauren whitney, of course tracking that for us. happy monday. well, happy monday to you as well. we're off to a fairly mild start and we will see a cold


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