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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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tonight, a mystery about why a school bus driver drove a bus into a concrete bridge. the crash injured 15 legacy high school students and three coaches outside denver international airport. the bus driver died. investigators are now asking students what happened moments before that crash. why the bus driver made that turn. >> the coaches have significant injuries. head coach wayne vorhees, matt kroupa, and kyle rider are all hospitalized at this hour. faculty and staff just finished meeting with students at the school. >> the driver looped around the terminal. she was about to drive into the passenger pickup area on deck 4, but she went straight
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into a cement pillar. our jennifer brice spoke with that driver's husband today. jennifer, so many questions. >> reporter: that is right, we're actually learning a lot more about this bus driver. 44-year-old kari chopper who was a wife. she was a mother to four children and also a grandmother. i spoke with her husband today who said their family is absolutely devastated by this accident. police know that chopper made the second lap at the airport, attempting to leave when her bus drove straight into a investigators will now rely on choppers autopsy, medical background, and the mechanics of the bus to piece together why that accident happened. josh chopper tells me that his wife was very healthy. she was not a drinker, and she did not use medications or substances, and this accident was a mystery to him as well.
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did not suffer from them since. >> the latest i was told from the coroner is that she had an enlarged heart, which we're told that could be leading for a heart attack. >> but we don't definitively know that yet. >> we don't definitively know it. they did tell me they didn't find alcohol in her system, but are still waiting for reports. >> reporter: as for those toxicology reports, they could take 6 to 8 weeks before they actually get back into the hands of police officers and the coroner's office. i'm told also by chopper that his wife went through a physical each and every year to keep her job. he says each and every year, it came back with a clean bill of health, and as a very healthy woman, he says. >> jennifer, thank you. tom mustin is at legacy
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rallying around those coaches. >> reporter: they really are, karen. if you look behind me, you can see the girl's softball team is hard at work. noticeably absent is the football team. they closed practice today. right now, several of the students who were in the bus crash are going through concussion protocol, so the status of the game friday is very much in doubt. students say football right now is the furthest thing from their minds. >> yeah, i'm sorry that happened. it's horrible. >> reporter: students return to broomfield's legacy high school, still stunned by sunday's tragic bus accident. >> it's really hard on us right now. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand to help students and faculty. sunday afternoon, the legacy varsity, and jv football teams were leaving dia on buses, after returning from a night game in california. the driver suddenly crashed
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hospital. coaches wayne vorhees, matt kroupa, and kyle rider suffered injuries. every student is expected to be okay. monday, student wyatt kreider tried to speak with friends, as they entered in neck braces. >> a lot of them don't want to talk about it, because it was so traumatic. >> he saw and he's just really traumatized right now. >> reporter: monday afternoon, football practice was canceled. as homecoming week moved forward, student john toomey had a message for the families affected. >> you're in our thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: brief counselors will be on hand all week. all homecoming activities are still on, other than the homecoming game. we'll know the status of that around noon. meanwhile, the students say
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they'll get through this. live in broomfield, tom mustin. new at 6:00, a judge rules in favor of a 10-year-old boy confined to a wheelchair. his family says he was denied access to a 4d theater ride after waiting outside in the snow for 45 minutes. a ticket person who no longer works for the company also uttered offensive mark. the family sued for discrimination and they won. thaq million for affliction of distress for outrageous conduct. habitat for humanity is finding places to call home. now a plan that would generate $115 million to provide more affordable housing. it relies on raising the property tax about $12 a year for the owner of the average home. new fees on developers would
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they are against it. >> because if you want to encourage development and affordability, we shouldn't make it more expensive. mayor hancock's budget for next year, includes $19 million to repair and repave police officers, including 16 who would work solely downtown. and in that budget, $2 million to finish standardizing trash service. supporters of a higher minimum wage flooded the capitol today. these workers are fighting for $15 an hour wages. they protested with faith and community leaders. they say a higher minimum wage is needed nationwide, because it's too hard to raise a family with low wages right now.
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an hour. it is not possible. can you tell me it's not possible to live on low wages. we need the increase. >> reporter: colorado voters will decide whether to raise the minimum wage by 2020. it's currently $8.31. new developments about this fire inside an abandoned sugar mill, it was really waging when chopper 4 was over it. the building has been condemned for years. ri unsafe, investigators say they won't even try to enter the building. still no word on what sparked the fire. right now, the fire danger is high in parts of colorado's high country. this huge fire ballooned today. this is called the snake fire. two miles north of the colorado/wyoming state line.
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summit county. mountain newsroom, matt kroschel is near that fire. >> reporter: this was a lot of attack early on this the fire by crews on the ground, and help from the air. an attack helicopter working just on the other side of this hill. they've been able to contain this fire for now. also, mother nature lending a hand with some rain and pretty low humidity up here, helping those crews. the fire is about a mile east of this neighborhood. the breckenridge. neighbors were worried they might have to evacuate. firefighters say fire danger is high right now in summit county. >> everybody was posting things, and then i saw your live post and started following that. we have lived here for 16 years. fires are also in the back of our mind, but this is really the closest it's ever been. >> we're currently under a high fire danger here.
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acre, but there was some real concern with all that dead and dry brush and timber up there. tonight, they're going to be monitoring the fire, the helicopter will be back at it tomorrow morning up here, cleaning up some of the hot spots, but very good new ins, they're able to keep this fire from growing, and very grateful neighbors here in breckenridge. we're live in breckenridge, matt kroschel, cbs4 in the newsroom. ed, what rain coming up for the high country? >> not a lot. just scattered storms around here. but we're in that flow, and that will raise humidities and that will help somewhat. 16degrees cooler than yesterday, and tomorrow, cooler still. another sponsor drops brandon marshall. why the linebacker says he will continue to kneel during the
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bronco linebacker brandon marshall after he knelt during the national anthem on thursday. and there was this, a man burned a brandon marshall t- shirt outside of the practice facility. marshall plans to kneel again before sunday's game vs. the colts. >> people say you should have done it another way. that's what everybody says. but if you want to get thing to do. no matter if it offended people or not. >> marshall told michael spencer he's close to finding the next chapter in this protest, but is not saying what this is just yet. new details as people donate blood in honor of dan brite. >> it's very, very sad.
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do to help. but i appreciate what they do for us. >> that's doing a lot. >> reporter: the blood drive follows the huge outpouring of contributions and prayers for the deputy and his family. experts with the white river national forest say there is no immediate threat of another one happening. they caught the rockslide well above the tree line. so much smoke that people thought it was a wildfire, it didn't threaten any homes. ed greene, it's going to feel noticeably cooler. >> you see scattered showers and thunderstorms armed us, but you saw some clouds, and now some clearing skies. a little sunshine in the city. also some lightning around the area. and a big moisture flow across the state. that's the situation. not only for today, i think most of the week sees this
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thunderstorm every afternoon. cloudy skies until about 5:00, then you see more showers and thunder showers maybe as late as 10:00 or 11:00. here it is 4:00 on wednesday. showers and thunderstorms once again moving across the area, and they could get heavy across southeastern sections of the state. we're also talking about the dry conditions. with this moisture flow, the humidity goes up, and that's going to bit. here's the cooler air, we had high pressure with this clockwise flow. look at there, rain and snow in northern wyoming, and parts of montana. right now, we just have the cooler weather with that moisture flow moving up into northern colorado. 54 and 58. here are the norms, 80 and 50. 94, and 31 the records.
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kiowa, 74 degrees. 71 and 67 right now. a pretty shot from mark man. lots of color. this from frisco. also, larry pierce in northwestern colorado. and fall river road with a lot of color going on right now. eric sends this from colors near creed. this coming weekend could be a good weekend to go see the color. 40s and 50s over the eastern plains tonight. 40s, 50s, to around 60 west. then tomorrow, cooler weather. only 60s over the eastern 60s for the mountains. out west, warmer, 70s and 80s. here's your forecast. for tonight, we'll look at mostly cloudy skies. could see a few scattered showers or storms, and we'll be in the upper 40s by morning. for tomorrow, a cool day around here. only in the 60s with scattered showers and storms. then into the 70s, but we keep those 70s right on into the weekend by the afternoon. shower, and storm possibility. >> hope we get those showers. >> we also want to say thank
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who came together to volunteer this weekend. cbs viewers participated in nearly 70 projects. >> just unbelievable, the generosity on display. >> michael spencer getting set for xfinity monday live. michael, it looks like you were shoveling mulch. nice job. >> coming up a little bit later in sports, fair or not fair, you be the judge. was it dirty play by the broncos?
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well you'd think after beating the defending nfc champs, all the questions for the broncos would be about the win on thursday night. but that was not the case. almost every question was asked about the hits on cam newton. the broncos defending their hits on cam, saying they were hard, but they weren't dirty. it appears at least a couple of times, the broncos were
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saying, hey look, he's cam newton, he's huge. brandon marshall's hit on newton, which wasn't flagged seemed to be the most egregious. brandon saying, yeah, he excepts to get a letter and maybe a fine from the nfl. >> we play faster than any defense in the league in my opinion. just because we hit cam in the head a couple of times, that doesn't make us dirty. look at some of the players the league. there's some dirty players, and that's not our m.o. >> reporter: tonight's poll question, did the broncos defense cross the line? you be the judge, yes or no, you can go on the sports page on to vote. the browns putting rg 3 on the injured reserve today. he will miss at least the next
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sergio garcia none too happy with his putter, and made sure the putter knew about it. had to put with a wedge on his next hole. the irony, here, guys, the bmw championship taking place at the crooked stick golf club. coming up on xfinity live, darian stewart is going to be our guest. >> take that putter. ,, with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there.
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son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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this is the news from the presidential campaign. hillary clinton calls in sick and she's off the campaign trail for now. >> her doctor says she has pneumonia. someone captured hillary to sunday. her doctor shared she has pneumonia. she is skipping a trip to california this week. donald trump will release the results of his medical records this week. >> hillary clinton is an
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who have absolutely no political power. >> trump campaign released a -- he maintains his campaign has given a platform to hateful views. burke ramsey talked to dr. phil mcgraw. burke ramsey now he was 9 years old, when jonbenet's body was found in the family's basement in boulder. >> the next thing i remember is going to another one of other friend's houses. everyone was really sad over there, and my dad came and told me jonbenet is in heaven now, and he started crying. >> you can watch part 2 of the interview tomorrow at 4:00 here on cbs4. a distoshing case of someone lurking outside of a
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that man lurking into a teenage girl's room in arvada. >> michael's special guest
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?[ music ] ? live from view house centennial. this is xfinity monday live. brought to you by xfinity on the x1 entertainment operating system. tv and internet together like never before. now your host, michael spencer. hello everyone, and a beautiful monday to you,


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