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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  September 13, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MDT

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this is the news at 10. development in the bus crash involving the legacy high school football team. tonight we are learning more about the drivers history as players and coaches struggle with injuries and emotional trauma. kelly is live at legacy with the latest. >> reporter: the legacy high
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instead they met here at the school to talk with staff and interim coach is about whether or not they are physically or emotionally ready to play in their homecoming football game this friday night. all well through the coaches remain in the hospital following the crash. >> i am so speechless. i can't believe it. >> reporter: why the school bus crashed head-on into a concrete bridge remains a mystery. friends of those on board pulling for the recovery. >> it's hard to think about. does your friends and you don't want bad things to happen. it's not good. >> reporter: legacy high school football players were returning home from a game in california when the driver kari chopper veered off the road smashing into the bridge at dia. she died and 3 legacy coaches were critically hurt. suffering broken bones and skull fractures. no student was seriously hurt and they were able to go home
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neck braces. back returning to school on tuesday, fellow students created a signature wall for the head coach and assistant coaches. >> i hope they get better soon. >> reporter: messages of support for coming in from across the metro area. on the coaches facebook page dozens of people are posting comments for a speedy recovery. other high schools are tweeting photos showing they to our legacy strong. including the california the legacy played just days before the crash. a district spokesperson tells me that tomorrow afternoon they will have another meeting to decide whether or not the homecoming football game go on as scheduled. as for other homecoming events like the dance and rally, that is all to go on as planned. in an effort to maintain normalcy for the students. we're live in broomfield.
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about the breast driver. family members ours anxious to learn a reason for the crash is anyone else. kari chopper is a married mother of 4 and a grandmother. her husband joss -- josh says his wife is healthy. he shared that his -- he got some surprising news from the corner. >> the latest i know is she has -- had an enlarged heart. which we are leading to a heart attack. >> but we don't know that. >> we don't know it yet. they did tell me they didn't find alcohol in her system. but they still are waiting for more reports. i know they won't find alcohol or drugs. >> investigators will rely on her autopsy medical history and the mechanics of the bus to try and figure out how the crash
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turned the tables. protesting the players action by burning a brandon marshall t- shirt at team headquarters. also today marshall lost a 2nd sponsor. we go to the stadium, jeff marshall says he will need again before sunday's game? >> we heard from him saying he will okay -- he is okay losing the endorsement. he does not regret the decision and his protest has gotten him a high profile meeting. don't know what it's like. i'm not saying it's terrible. i love this country. we have great opportunities but at the same time if you're not a minority you don't understand. >> reporter: he says he is following his former teammate kaepernick and will continue to kneel during the national anthem as they protest what they call social injustice. >> as far as police laws, that could be changed. >> reporter: tomorrow he is a
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>> i will talk to him tomorrow. >> reporter: as a t-shirt burned outside broncos headquarters an autograph session was canceled in colorado springs and sentry link terminated his endorsement. local black lives matter chapter sent a statement saying in part, activism comes with sacrifice and we affirm professional athletes ability to think and act with complete agency even at the cost of corporate sponsorship" >> i do it's not going to make me lose any sleep. i'm still can play football but do what i believe in. >> cbs4's michael spencer asked marshall if he has an endgame in my. he says saying he wants to make sure he has everything put together before bringing it to the table. about 1 hour ago marshall
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to ask chief white. players and other teams showed solidarity. the seahawks stood and linked arms. for dolphins kneeled on the sidelines. to new york giants took a different route. they were cleats showing the american flag. and attribute to the new york city firefighters. unlike the other players, they could be fined by the nfl for wearing unsanctioned foor. after a bizarre attack in colorado springs. a customer stabbed and choked the driver and then hit him in the head with the handle of the knife. police did arrest this man. during the assault the went off the road and crashed. the suspect had just completed probation in it child pornography case. no word on why he attacked. here's a picture of a man police say attacked at rtd bus
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when the driver asked the man for his fair he allegedly hit the driver and broke his nose. an update on a boy whose family say he was lead by the downtown aquarium. he was 10-year-old and has several palsy. his mom says she tried to take your money 40 ride at the attraction. an employee refused to let him enter and made offensive remarks about his disability. the family sued and we learned today the for the employees conduct and also the emotional distress suffered by the boy. >> -- there is new information on the man arvada police have labeled as a peeping tom. cameras caught him looking in the bedroom window of a teenage girl. today police announced the man in the video is this man. he lives nearby. but is this whole thing a misunderstanding? we go to arvada, you talked with some neighbors who
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are warranted? >> >> reporter: that is what not neighbors are thinking about. neighbors say he lives just a few doors down from the teenage girl. conflicting reports from the community about what his intentions were that night. >> checking the doors and windows. >> reporter: in this quiet arvada neighborhood, neighbors don't know what to believe after learning one of their nes peeping tom. >> it so close. you just don't know. it's your neighbor. you don't think of your neighbors that way. >> reporter: video from last month shows the stranger peering into 8 teenage girls woman -- teenage girls room trying to go through the front door and trying to get back in. >> my husband went to the mailbox, he said he thought he saw the guy in the video. we came home and called the
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contact with the man who lives a few doors down. >> he came back and said it was probably someone that had been drinking and was at the ron howes. >> reporter: but arvada police arrested this 36-year-old one day after the video went public. now the quiet community is concerned about a potential peeping tom living in the neighborhood. >> the couple neighbors are getting security systems for their homes. it makes you more io >> reporter: brown faces attempted trespassing in the charges have not yet been accepted by the jefferson county district attorney. the morning drive on i-70 and 6 avenue could be slower than usual. the right lane is closed right now. a piece of construction
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semi click the bridge sunday night. no injuries but a big chunk of bridge was taken out. cdot says it could be several days before repairs are made. fire danger is high in the western slow. pretty moderate for the rest of colorado. crews in the high country have the french gulch fire 80 percent contained. the fire spread in beetle kill forest about 1 mile east of the wellington heard in summit county. firefighters say if the weather cooperates they hope to have containment tomorrow. the snake fire took off over th fire crews say it started to miles north of the colorado wyoming border. hunters have been evacuated and some ranch buildings threatened. new questions about hillary clinton's health. after she stumbles into a car. coming up, her campaign responds to critics who question the secrecy.
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kids soccer. after years of suspicion jonbenet's ramses brother gives his 1st interview ever. >> what he says he was doing the day his sister died. this is a light across the street attempted lincoln. you can see a rain shower. that is what the radar shows us. this could be the pattern into the weekend. lots of people crying foul after
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the campaign trail. it revolves around hillary clinton's health. here is video from new york city over the weekend. her campaign is playing defense. her staff says she stumbled because she has pneumonia and was dehydrated in the intense heat. now more on the follow-up.
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hillary clinton is her legs buckled and helped her into a van. her campaign initially said she had overheated at 8 911 event in new york. only hours later did it admit she was suffering from pneumonia. and had been on antibiotics for 2 days. intensifying calls for her to be more forthcoming about her medical history. >> in the information. we got in touch with her physician to get those materials together. we will release that to put the rest any concerns about what you saw yesterday. >> reporter: the campaign has resisted demands for more radical records. aides have scoffed at the suggestion the 68-year-old's health was failing. in a were show of restraint trump said only he wished her well. his running mate said
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people have a right to know. donald trump in the days ahead will release his information. from a recent physical and providing that to the public. i think of candidates should do that. it is in the public interest. >> reporter: donald trump has only released an unusual note from his doctor saying he has extraordinary strength and stamina, and would be the healthiest person ever elected. clinton's campaign says w release more medical records this week. >> trump is not commenting on her health but he did have plenty to say on her comments about supporters. clinton said over the weekend, have to trump voters are racist, sexist and homophobic. >> to be joe -- grossly unrealistic you could put half of his supporters into what i call the basket of deplorable's.
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your heart for the american voter. >> the trump campaign has released a commercial playing off her comments. an eye-opening report on one of the most popular sports in the country. doctors say there's a sharp increase in emergency room visits from kids who play soccer. according to the journal of pediatrics 300 kurtz -- kids are hurt every day. most are simple sprains or concussions. doctors say there has been a 1600 percent increase in head injuries in the last 25 years. partly because kids are playing soccer more than ever. and because doctors are doing a better job of diagnosing concussions. >> kids are playing more frequently. they are playing year-round and in more leagues. >> to cut down on injuries the us soccer federation prohibits kids under 11 from using their heads to strike the ball. for the 1st time ramsey is
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little sister jonbenet was murdered. he talked exclusively to doctor phil. the interview will play out in 3 episodes. >> the 1st thing i remember is my mom bursting into my room frantically. saying oh my gosh, oh my gosh. running around my room looking for jonbenet. >> in his 1st ever public interview, ramsey describes the frantic search for jonbenet in the early hours of december 26. >> the next thing i remember is a police officer coming in my room. >> despite the commotion he never got out of bed. >> someone comes in your bed -- room with a flashlight and you never get up? >> i cannot like to avoid conflict, i guess it just felt safer there. >> or you curious? >> part of me doesn't want to
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curious because you knew. >> i was scared. i did note if there was a bad guy downstairs the guy -- that my dad was chasing off. i had no idea. >> in an interview were no questions were off-limits, he talks about the evidence and behavior the turned them into it suspect. and for the 1st time doctor phil reveals the interrogation tapes done with burke nearly 20 years ago. >> the interview tomorrow and you can see it right here on cbs4. we have some moisture. >> you can see it here. this the light across the street, just a light rain shower. you see it coming up in passing through the city. not much behind it. not a lot of showers but take a look at this. above estes park and grand lake and allen's park, this blue is
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higher up it's cold enough to change to snow. showers and thunderstorms to the southeast and otherwise scattered to the northwest. here it is on the hour by hour. you can see how this will move out. a couple of scattered showers during the morning hours. tomorrow at 3 here come the showers. pushing across denver. as we get into wednesday, same situation. showers and thunderstorms along the front range. then they move out. thursday a break early in the morning with sunshine but the showers will be back. the clockwise flow of highly pressure taking it into colorado. up to portions of montana and wyoming, snow. we don't have that accept a higher elevations. we have rain showers. this will be the pattern for most of the week. yesterday 90. today 74. 73 downtown.
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94 and 31 records. nederland 64. the -- deer trail 71. everyone is cool -- cooler than normal. 58 and 54 right now. the east upslope wind at 12. 77 percent humidity. this is saturday morning where we had 37 degrees at the airport for the low, they had frost on the here's one from mike, pike national forest above bailey. the pretty sure -- shot of park county, the hay bales ready to go. what spectacular sunset from aurora. temperatures tonight 40s and 50s over the eastern plains. mountains 40s. 40s and 50s out west. for tomorrow we will stay on
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over the eastern plains. out west they don't get a school , 70s and 80s. denver forecast. for tonight mostly cloudy. scattered showers with 47 and 45. tomorrow mostly cloudy with scattered showers and low to mid-60s. for the next several days we will get to the 70s wednesday, thursday and friday. chance of thunderstorm into the weekend.
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every sunday men put on helmets and shoulder pads and run into one another. some people call crazy others call it football. the broncos are pretty good at football and hitting people hard. the hit cam newton really hard and often. so much so that after one game they've earned themselves the reputation of being dirty. it's a reputation ey there's a fine line between being dirty and playing hard. >> i'm not worried. i think we will still be us. and keeping aggressive. i don't think we should change anything. that is what has us defending world champs. >> we play hard. we hit hard. the plate fast. >> just because we hit cam in the head, the doesn't make us dirty.
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that is not us. >> thank you to darian stewart for being our guest. our century link poll question. did the defense cross the line? 69 percent say no. steelers and redskins, the 1st game of the double-dip on monday night football. eli rogers ends up with the ball in his hands after bounces off 3 other guys. that was his 1st career 2nd half, antonio brown, his 2nd td for the night. steelers win 38-16. this is the portion of the program where we remind you even though football has started, the rockies are still playing. they are starting a three-game series in arizona. down 3-0 in the 3rd. rough night for tyler anderson.
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anderson lasted 4.3. he thought this one was gone, somehow it would stand. he would come home to score and it was pretty much all rockies after that. daniel with a solo shot. that put colored up 7-6. rockies winning 9-6. if you think all is well at csu after their 1st win, think again. the rams may have one saturday but they are into games rams have played all 3 of the quarterbacks in the coach is not happy. >> right now we have no confidence. offensively. we have to find a way to get that this week. there was a little spark when: came in again. it's like when john elway threw the ball. we have to make the routine plays. which we haven't been able to do.
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the day. it's also the michigan coach
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today sarah's class is reading my most celebrated work, hamlet. but, alas, poor sarah's home again with tooth pain. and catching up on social media instead. #notcool. #remedialreading. #ohlooktheregoesyourgpa. surprisingly, kids with poor oral health are three times more likely to miss school.
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i am jealous. golfers everywhere are jealous. this is the scorecard of a see you -- cu senior. she saw a record. she leads at 14 september 24, 1994, see you and michigan will be forever linked. the bus travel to ann arbor, the bond between the 2 programs is bigger than that. coach mccartney was on the sidelines for that plate. behind -- before he became head coach at cu he was an assistant in michigan. jim harbaugh had some fond memories.
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best serial of anyone in the neighborhood. we had cheerios, no flavor. we had wheaties. but you could go to the mccartney's, they had a carousel under the cabinet with cap'n crunch, lucky charms, froot loops. >> somehow it doesn't surprise
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time to get to the picture of a day. >> a beautiful sunset. this is a reflection from aurora. reflected in the side of the building with all those windows. unfortunately, it's such a
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almost live, it's time for "unleashed" with your host byron allen. tonight, byron welcomes sinbad. maria cam for, tom driessen. and dennis mitchell. and now, a guy who's opposed to internet porn because it's too hard typing with one hand, byron allen! [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. oh, no, no, no. say hello to deejay cobra.


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