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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 13, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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. >> legacy high school officials are now trying to decide if there should be a homecoming football game he is after the bus driver was killed. three coaches are still in critical condition. now, all of the students on board are okay. and this is the news developing this noon. thank you for joining us.
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today. we are live from legacy high school for us. have you heard of a decision yet? >> reporter: the meeting is still going on to make that decision, but i did talk to school district officials and he did told me take the school will be notifying parents, students and staff between now and whether that game will proceed. it is the death of the bus diver and the coaches still in the hospital, they're definitely not taking this dislightly. the are three coaches on board th they are all still in the hospital with significant injure writeys, including fractured skull and other broken bones. since the crash, the main priority is to take care of the students a guidance counselor has been on hand and will remain here the rest of the week to talk to students and staff. the school has also been getting support from outside as well. and they have been pouring in from far and wide.
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from outside of los angeles. this is a team that legacy drew up the play last weekend before the crash. their sign reads chino hills stands with you followed by the hash tag legacy strong, which has been picking up steam all across social media. saturday's homecoming dance will still go on as planned. their homecoming game is still up in the air, the decision coming anytime between now and 1:00. the players are also getting tested for concussions, too, so long road ahead of them as far as mental and physical recovery goes. cbs 4 news. an emotional recovery as well. >> and you can count on us to continue to follow this story for you. we'll have updates on air and online at have you been outside yet? it sure felt like fall in the denver metro area. you can see cloud cover there today. let's find out if the cooler
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are we going to stay in the fall-like weather? >> for a little bit. and get the fall menu ready, and soup for lunch today. we have been watching fog and the fog rolling in and out here in the city. it is just low clouds hanging over the downtown. and this map, a lot of of blue showing us in seen colorado, some places are 30 degrees colder than they were this time yesterday. here are the temperatures for you on the mostly low to middle 50s. if you're heading west into western colorado, you'll climb out of this. doppler 4,000 tracking showers and storms on the other side of the state. you can see the precipitation that is a little better. we are seeing stop snow mixes in up around tell you ride. we'll -- tell ride and we'll talk about how long the cool weather will last. thank you, chris, for that.
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late last night leaving just a huge mess. these are pictures from aspen peak cellars. they say no one was inside the building at the time, but the semi driver was taken to the hospital. the officials tell us the driver took a right hand curve too faster, lost control and the truck was hauling only water. we'll have more for you object this tonight at 5:00. a developing stir of the man found dead on the railroad tracks in denver. the police frankly haven't said know the man's body was pulled off the tracks near ohio. and the trains were stalled for hours today causing a massive traffic mess during the morning rush hour. we showed you that on the cbs 4 morning news. everything is back open now, but it is still not clear how that man died. more questions than answers surround another death investigation in denver. the crews responded to 6th avenue last night and all they say is a person's body was found this that area.
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person's identity, nor if this is a murder investigation. we'll stay on top of this one as well. happening today, the broncos' linebacker brandon marshall is meeting with denver's police chief. he says he will kneel once again at this sunday's game during the national anthem. marshall followed colin kaepernick's lead, both saying the protest is in response to social injustice in our country. >> and i love and at the same time if you're in the a minority, you don't understand. >> he has lost his sponsorships following this act right here. century link ended their agreement yesterday. the air force credit union dropped marshall last week. and zero information about the efforts to help a douglas county detective shot in the line of duty. denver police and the douglas county sheriff's office say scammers are soliciting money from people who want to donate
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been several reports of this happening so far. we have legitimate ways you can help the family posted on our web site a really scary moment for a denver police officer, also hurt in the line of duty. we learned the officer had emergency surgery last friday. the family members say he is stable and that this is his 19th surgery. it is not clear why he needed the surgery. he recently returned back to wafter he was hit and dragged during a protest tonight people in commerce city can meet with the police department the talk about building trust in their community. this is part of an initiative from the department of justice and it follows a string of problems. the most recent case involve twos officers caught playing pokemon go instead of training recruits. stewart middle school will host a session at 6:00 if you're interested. and new details about a shooting involving a boulder
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suspect as the 37-year-old adrienne schafer. at last check he is still in the hospital in grave condition. the shooting happened last weekend after reports that schafer was armed and walking along 107th avenue. the investigators say he shot at the deputy who, of course, fired back. the deputy is okay and remains on administrative leave. and this is the news in campaign 2016. hillary clinton took another day to recuperate from knee with questions about her health and her transparency. her rival donald trump says he is going to release more information about her health this week. the clinton campaign says it could have released more information about her pnemonia more quickly. >> i just didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. >> reporter: she was diagnosed on friday but didn't tell the
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sunday. the former president bill clinton tells charlie rose this has happened to his wife on more than one occasion. >> and when she just got severely dehydrated. >> reporter: and vice president joe biden had blunt words for her campaign. >> and the staff, and she has been diagnosed with pnemonia. >> reporter: the clinton campaign says it will release more of her medical information in the coming days. clinton's rival, donald trump, also plans to release more medical information on thursday. and trump is giving clinton a pass on her health and instead he hammered her for calling half of her supporters for calling her deplorable. >> you cannot run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the american voter. >> reporter: the republican presidential nominee will appear with his daughter ivanka tonight to lay out his
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more affordable for working families. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. former president bill clinton will -- will fill many for in for his -- will fill in for his wife at i vents. and ryan lochte is still in hot water. and the ncaa responds to a controversial law in north carolina. what the organization says about the state' bathroom law. and we're in the middle of a cool down. >> cloudy and cool in the city. there are showers and storms on the western slope. will those make it to the city?
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#. welcome back, everyone. the ncaa says it will is not play championship basketball games in year to protest a state lawyer. the move is the latest backlash against house bill 2 or the state's transgender law. some say this leads to disclimb aim to the lgbt community. >> reporter: the ncaa says its decision to pull seven college championship events out of north carolina is the direct result of house bill 2, a state law that opponents say allows discrimination of lgbt 2
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what the universities do and for our university president this was the proverbial month brainer. >> reporter: it requires transgender people to use public bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate and it also excludes anti-discrimination protection. the state republicans call the ncaa's decision absurd and silly. >> and i t the safety of their athletes. if they were, we would care far more about the women ho are being raped by baylor football players. >> reporter: in july the nba announced it was moving the 2017 all-star game from charlotte to new orleans because of the law. the state democrats fear more fall-out. no and having the worst anti- lgbt law on the nation in books deadly for the north carolina economy, for tourism and for
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critical events like ncaa tournament games. >> reporter: the ncaa says it will decide on future tournaments early next year. kenneth craig, cbs news. the atlantic coast conference says the law might affect the tournament games, which includes the football championship at a meeting later on this week. have you seen this? "dancing with the stars" kicked off the latest season with drama on the dance floor. they rushed the ryan lochte performed. they wore anti-lochte shirts. the police charged them with trespassing. lochte reacted after the show and went to a quick commercial break. >> so many feelings are going through my head right now. i'm real hurt, but i came out here and i wantoned to do something that -- wanted to do something i'm completely not comfortable with and i did and i came out with a big smile. >> and lochte has admitted he,
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robbed at gun point during the summer olympic games in rio. new video, a fan running on to the field at levi stadium of the l.a. rams, but what is trending how the game announcer handled the situation. >> and san francisco and somebody has run out on the field. some goof ball in a hat and a receipt third. he takes off th by the 50. he is at the 30! >> it was fun. some goof ball. i love it. this all happened early in the fourth quarter last night. the niners beat the rams. it is not clear if the fan will be charged. it will be so fun to have that voice, rite? to have that voice over the game. >> exactly. >> and chris is joining us now. you're not a goof ball, are you? >> i'll try to be serious for your forecast today. >> it is a good one, though. >> yes. i like this weather.
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we're looking toward county. it is murky and moisture in the air. let's go out west to look-out mountain. spooky! almost like halloween there. they have socked in there with a bank of fog and they have had it most of the morning. the temperatures on the eastern plains, we're in the 50s for the most part. and pueblo, 62. fort collins and boulder, 50 degrees even. the warmest weather is out there on the junction. and it has been so long since we began to show you rain totals. cold creek canyon, two tenths of an inch. .15 in wellington. and it is nice to get a little bit of rain shower activity. it has been so long since we have had that. eastern colorado is socked in with cloud cover. the rest of the western half of the state, we're watching rain showers and here is the low pressure sitting over nevada.
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to the northeast over the next 24 to 48 hours. and if you look close enough it is going to keep colorado under its influence. there was a fleer of moisture from the southwest to the northeast as we go through the day today. we think some of the squall cover will break just enough to let sunshine in. if that happens we will have enough instability to pop up showers and storms here along the front rake as we go into the evening showers -- hours and some of this will la the overnight. and wednesday, almost a repeat of today. you're going to wake up with a lot of cloud cover and another chance for showers and storms. western colorado, you have a marginal risk to see a couple of the storms today a little on the strong side. you can't rule out one becoming severe. highs today, the clouds will break a bit. we should push into the 60s, near 70s in the southeast. 60s and 70s up high.
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the cloud cover hangs tough. we'll probably hang in up ther 50s to lower 60s. here is your five-day forecast for tomorrow. we're going to warm up just a notch, but we keep this chance for showers an storms around. in fact, the entire five days. it is a preview to fall like this here. the good news, the fire danger gets curbed and we don't have wide spread rain that we really >> and it just feels like fall weather, you know. >> a bowl of soup that is on my agenda. >> i love it. >> sign of the chillies. thank you. >> thank you. sure. new developments following samsung and the galaxy note phone. what steps the company is taking to protect the users and where the dow is hanging this
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you may have noticed a popular longmont beer is off the shelves. they recalled 20,000 cases of its milk stout because of overflow issues. so they're calling it a foreign yeast and it apparently got into the mix somehow. it made the beer too fizzy. you can return it if you have it. and rocky mountain park is on track to have another record setting year. it has already welcomed three million visitor this is year alone that is a nearly 8% last year. the workers are trying -- it is a boost in the economy and lower gas prices. and also u new at noon, samsung says it will update the software on the galaxy 7 smart phone. there are reports they could catch fire or explode. the faa even warned the passengers about using them on flights. the concern is that small lithium batteries inside.
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effective electronics and casings, they can be safe. >> the problems are caused by an out-of-control chemical reactions. some airlines have started carrying special equipment that can control this issue. a final check of this foggy forecast, coming up.
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,, in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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the country remains captivated by a 20-year-old unsolved murder. we sit down with the family of jonbenet ramsey and dr. phil asks her older brother about her murder. dr. phil speaks specifically about the ransom letter left behind and whether he recognized the handwriting. >> and i listened carefully and
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i never looked at it closely and the see it you kind of get taken aback. it is not something i really want to look at. >> the second installment of dr. phil's interview airs this afternoon. the final episode will be monday here on cbs 4. tonight at 5:00, we'll have more on legacy high school's decision about whether to go forward the with homecoming football came or not after that deadly accident a elementary school is arrested for allegedly sending nude pictures to a student and how the police tracked down the man who attacked an rtd dryer. and we have cooler temperatures and pretty foggy conditions. >> yes, yes. you can dru a line straight down the middle. and the state is socked in with clouds and the left half is not as cloudy, but there are showers and storms. here is the future cast. it lifts toward us this afternoon. if we can break these cloud as
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storms in the city. about a 30% chance. and today the big story is cool. continued cool really. 70s on the way. >> it is an exciting change and a reprieve from the 90s. >> i agree. >> chris, thank you so much
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? >> steffy: you and quinn are engaged? you proposed to her? take it off! >> eric: steffy, listen to me. >> steffy: no, take it back, granddad! >> eric: i asked her to marry me, and she accepted. >> steffy: no. granddad -- >> eric: quinn and i are getting married. >> steffy: no, this can't happen, granddad! no! no! >> bill: am i interrupting? >> brooke: hi! >> bill: hi. >> brooke: i didn't know you were coming by. >> bill: apparently not. what'd i walk in on? >> ridge: a private conversation. >> bill: a private conversation. huh. well, in that case, i'm gonna have to use my powers of deductive reasoning... i got it.


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