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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm britt moreno and this is the news at 5:00 on this wednesday, september 14th. >> i'm alan gionet. good to have you with us on this cooler wednesday morning. jamie is live today. >> reporter: a woman found dead inside this denver home, police are calling her death suspicious. what we are handcuffed and taken away. that's coming up. also no whining here. a big rig plowing into a wine rio. how bad is that area? there's snow in the high country. we'll take a look at what to expect later today. c-dot closing lanes on the i-76 bridge this morning.
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around it. 0. >> it really feels like fall is in the air this morning. let's get right to the forecast and find out what's happening out there. >> it's the kind of morning you want a cup of coffee in your mind. lauren whitney is joining us now. good morning, also very foggy in some areas south of denver and the palmer divide area will be foggy this morning going out east into and north as well near fort collins. thick fog throughout the morning hours and we also have a little bit on the cloudy side. i'll talk about rain and temperatures in a moment. we're watching the mousetrap cam, quite a bit of volume heading southbound coming into town as your morning commute is under way. >> the wife of a local pastor is
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live in the story this morning on the 14,000-block in east andrews. jamie has more. >> reporter: good morning, it was in this home just behind me where a woman was found dead. police say they're going to perform an autopsy today to determine the manner of death. they haven't said if there's someone in custody they're calling it suspicious. we hope to learn more about the investigation in general today. police won't say calling the death suspicious. it was after 5:30 yesterday even when they responded to the east block. a neighbor tells us it's a woman dead and her husband who was a teacher and pastor at a nearby church. he was taken away in handcuffs. a neighbor we spoke with said the pastor called him shortly after calling police. >> i just came back from school
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happened. i said where are they taking her? the paramedics are here and i took her. >> reporter: the woman had been very sick. he says there's no way his neighbor could have done anything to harm his wife. an autopsy is being done today and we hope to learn more about the death later this afternoon. police say are questioning several people. live in denver, jamie leary, cbs4 news. a tractor trailer runs right into a wine rio in bailey. mountain news reporter matt kroschel tells us more. >> within seconds something like that destroyed everything. >> reporter: it's hard to tell what's truck and what's building.
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realized right away there's nothing left there. >> reporter: wine leeking from ruptured tank flooded the creeks. >> water to wine i guess. nobody was in here and did driver is okay. >> reporter: this hill. >> this will probably stir more discussion. >> reporter: has a horrible reputation. >> we have had an oil tanker years ago that rolled here. a coors truck wen river here. a truck halling card board for recycling hit the old fire house here where that sign was. >> reporter: what was once a community built music venue is also gone. >> it's going to take more than a night to get back up. >> reporter: for the owner this destroyed a dream, not just a building. before he rebuilds he wants
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285. >> it needs to be addressed. >> rethinks it will help other businesses here from suffering a similar safe. >> there's no safety features on this highway we're in for a lot of trouble. >> reporter: matt kroschel, cbs4 news. high speeds and sharp turns, lots of problems. a lot of rain in utah missing our northwestern corner. rain and snow near morning. the heaviest is south near colorado city and you can see there's snow in parts of the christos. thick fog out there this morning. south towards colorado springs and monument hill you have that fog. this goes up into northern wyoming. taking a look at temperatures, 49 in denver and 46 in greeley and 50 in the springs now.
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and 64 in grand junction. throughout the morning hours cloud cover with breaks in the cloud like yesterday and a chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms which we'll time out in the futurecast in a moment. let's check in with joel for now. good morning, a good drive across the denver metro area. a couple construction projects. this is our tech center cam southbound as you make your way from the bridges to the tech center. i want to take you in. a couple trouble spots out there and one of them traveling along mississippi to the east of santa fe that is closed to broadway this morning. that whole area is a mess. i would avoid that. it will be closed for quite a bit of time. a large portion of 6th avenue is closed in the westbound direction as emergency repair work is coming together on that bridge. shawn chitnis is there and this is because of the big accident on sunday. >> yeah, it's going to cause two
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into the evening they are doing emergency work to repair the bridge that's damaged. take a look at these photos that c-dot tweeted. say semi carrying construction equipment over the weekend did some damage there. the accident broke off a part of the bridge that needs to be fixed so the westbound lanes of highway six at i-70 here in golden will be closed. there will be one lane of traffic that goes through the closure using the shoulder on the hig s until 9:00 p.m. tonight and again from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. the lanes will be closed. c-dot says this work has to happen during the day because of the materials they're using. see if you can find an alternate route away from that. it's the westbound lanes on highway six until 9:00 p.m. tonight. live in golden, shawn chitnis,
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letting us now. today donald trump will be in flint, michigan. hillary clinton will be staying home today still recovering. >> reporter: on the campaign trail a focus on family by the daughters of the candidates. >> as a society we need tocr all parents enabling the american family to thrive. >> more support for caregivers and more support for early childhood education programs across the country. my mom knows that education does start long before college. it matters to me that she understands how important early childhood education is and how important it is we support parents in our role as our children's first teacher.
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it's a family issue. it's an american issue. it's an issue that often is discussed but yet to be solved. my father plans to change that. >> reporter: here's how the plans stack up. hillary clinton wants to give new parents 12 weeks of paid family or medical leave. donald trump says paid maternity leave alone should be six weeks. clinton wants no more than 10% of parents income to care. trump would give families a free break. hillary clinton wants free preschool for four year olds. >> our plan would bring relief to working and middle class family. >> it will mac a lot of people very happy. -- -- make. >> both of the candidates have their child care plans on their
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comcast is making more people eligible for internet by including any coloradoen receiving federal assistance. >> it's a big deal. >> reporter: better compute computers and faster internet, it's a big deal. he can't afford a computer to so this connect z his technology to the world. >> it's all on computers now when you go to get a job. it makes it easier for people to
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$100,000 grant from comcast. that's not all. >> we expand the eligible. >> reporter: comcast internet essentials brings affordable high speed internet to low income families. the program was recently expanded to include anyone receiving housing assistance. >> we increased the eligible pool by 2 million families nationally and by 50,000 in the state of colorado including >> six time olympic medallist is the spokes person. >> we knead to give people access to have the opportunity to you can be in the race. >> reporter: she's dedicated to bridging the digital divide. she worries without access we
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behind. >> it's just $9.95 a month. and a computer is $150. we're warmer today and also looking at the chance of thunderstorms once again. taking a look at fog once again across the front range and eastern plains. there's some in the foothills but once you head south of town towards monument hill and colorado springs the visibility is down to three tenths f not so hot either. and you have fog scattered to the eastern plains. rain and snow near aspen this morning and the western slope on the dry side. heavier rainfall and thunderstorms down in the southern part of the state and trinidad near colorado city and south of pueblo. there's also some snow in some parts as well. today we're looking to hit up
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central state on and off throughout the morning hours. these showers heading up into the denver area. so after 2:00 or 3:00, we have the chance for rain here in denver and thunderstorms. if you do get a storm today watch out for small hail and gusty winds. snow in the high country and clearing tomorrow morning with fog on the eastern plains and we have the chance of an isolated storm tomorrow. can't rule out a pop or two the front range. 49 in denver. it's cooler outside this morning similar to yesterday. 50 in boulder and 46 in greeley and 53 in burlington. 46 in craig and meeker and 64 in grand junction. a little crisp for the kids at the bus stop this morning. cloud cover and temperatures in the upper 40s and on the way home temperatures in the 70s with a slight chance for storms. 78 in denver. 72 in burlington.
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tomorrow 75 and isolated storms possible and still the chance of storms on friday. good morning, watching from our cbs4 tech center cam this morning, seen quite a bit of volume in the denver metro area as the commute started early which is where we're getting at there. you get down through the bridges and quite a bit of volume. nothing slowing you down. we still have slowing along c-470 as they helicopter to do repaving work there. we have mississippi that's closed to e all the way out to broadway. keep that in mind this morning. southbound along i-225 looking great as well. we want to take you in to that piece of construction equipment being halled by a semi that hit a portion of the bridge at 6th avenue there. they closed off westbound 6th avenue just the shoulder is getting by but we start to see a
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tomorrow. so i recommend taking similar sims up to colfax. e, h and f lines major delays. they're doing emergency repairs and this morning you're forced to use a single track. people getting to know the brother of jonbenet ramsey as after her death. he reacted to interrogation tapes recorded 13 days after her death during an interview aired yesterday afternoon. part two of this exclusive interview, dr. phil walked him through a lot of speculation surrounding the case including his voice is in the background of the 1911 call and whether jonbenet ramsey was abused and he's the one that killed her. >> did you hit your sister over
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a flashlight? >> absolutely not. >> a direct question there, dr. phil wraps up his interview next mon september 19th is when you can see it here. why did you want to do this project? how did all of this come together? >> jim came to us five or six frustrated. he's one of the original investigators and he couldn't investigate it the way he wanted to. >> a dream team of investigators including french sissic path olg and behavioral lingist and others to dissect the evidence. >> there's tons of evidence. it needed a comprehensive look from all sorts of perspectives. >> they built a replica of the
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to the investigation. >> we are using behavioral analysts to deconstruct the crime. >> one of the key witnesses is gone having passed away of ovarian cancer after the death of her daughter. what would each of you ask her if you got one question? >> i would ask her exactly whatever she remembered about the initial moments found the letter. >> this is an active investigation into the case and you can decide what happened to jonbenet ramsey. the case of jonbenet ramsey is a four hour series beginning with a two hour premier this
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,, in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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the strongest storm of the year, a super typhoon hits taiwan. it has forced hundreds of people from their homes in southern taiwan and china. 230 miles per hour. that's faster than a formula one race car. there are reports of at least two injuries. some 260,000 people are without power and more than 370 flights are cancelled. >> incredible. more tropical weather in florida. nothing like that. but weird stuff going on in florida too. weather and traffic on the four's now. tropical storm julia is
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florida and georgia. there's reports of tornados in the area. heavy rainfall along that area as you head up towards the west near atlanta sunny weather today but up towards the northeast 74 in new york and 80 in dc and nashville at 93. 89 in new orleans. storms moving through parts of the midwest that could get bigger thunderstorms throughout the day today. temperatures in the 70s and the west coast, fairly mild at 71 degrees in los angeles and they actually had their first measurable rain yesterday since may. 97 in phoenix today. most storms are in the midwest and down into the southeast. good morning, joel. good morning, a good drive if you're heading to dia this morning. plenty of company on the road as you make your way out there along pena boulevard. at or near posted speed limits,
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from i-25 along i-225 along i-70. major delays along the e, h, and f lines for the next hour or so. no delays on the a-line. 5:26 now. 48 degrees outside. >> cool and foggy makes it tough to get out of bed. a school bus caught on fire was captured on camera earlier this week. we'll hear from the driver who had only minutes police officers in phoenix are recovering after a car ran them down in a convenience store parking lot. i'm hena daniels in new york. we'll show you the harrowing surveillance video on what we learned about this deliberate attack. how do you solve a problem like andrew luck? the broncos plan is to hit him and hit him a lot on sunday. getting to luck shouldn't be a
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welcome to the cbs4 morning news. it's wednesday september 14 sergeant. this is the news. thanks for joining us this half hour. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. we love starting the day with you. let's get to lauren and figure out the forecast today. good morning, foggy start in colorado springs up north as well and out west into the and a half visibility. we'll talk about storm chances and warmer temperatures. good morning, we're talking about volume and accident on the highways. pretty good drive to the tech center. southbound coming into town as well, speeds into the 60s nine minutes from 120th to i-70. a woman is dead and denver


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