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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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a shooting at a senior living home in cheyenne, wyoming. police responded to an active shooter at that facility. after it was over two, people were shot dead, include the gunman, two more hurt. >> we have a major crime scene unit going through and documenting and collecting a lot of the evidence. >> reporter: the gunman was 77 years old. we do not police are making arrangements to help the residents at living facility there new developments in the big controversy involving brandon marshall. for the first time he's talking about his meeting yesterday with denver's police chief and his plan to move beyond his protest during the national anthem. >> michael spencer joins us now. marshall talked on social media about donate little money and talked to but it as well.
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about 10 minutes. he talked about his meeting with chief white. the two met yesterday. marshall posted a picture with the chief to instagram today. in his post he said for every tackle he makes this season, he will donate $300 to local organizations that deal with social issues. chief white offered to let brandon go through a police simulator and take a ride along. he plans to do both and take some of his teammates with him. this as he hopes to bring more awareness to they go through and the different trials and tests that it is to be a police officer. and he got my side of the spiel as well. i think it was a good meeting. >> marshall plans to kneel again sunday. he does not have a timeline for how long he will continue to kneel. and marshall also heard from the nfl today. we'll tell you how much the hits
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right now two of three football coaches from legacy high school are out of the hospital. kelly werthmann is live where one more coach still recovering. >> reporter: still receiving medical treatment here at denver health. and his family says he has significant injuries and on a very long road to recovery. on this go fund me page, t says he had successful hip surgery yesterday, and so far more than $15,000 has been raised for coach k. he was sitting directly behind the bus driver at the time of that crash sunday at dia. the driver of the bus was killed, and krupa was critically hurt. 24th coaches were seriously hurt in the crash. those two men were released from the hospital yesterday and are continuing
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of comments are being posted, along with this picture which shows coach v before he was released. and there has been an outpouring of support from across the state of colorado, high schools, middle schools, even elementary schools that are sharing their support using the hashtag #taegsstrong. we have many of those pictures on kelly werthmann, cbs4 news. a wildfire fire in the high country is threatening homes it. has burned only about a dozen acres, but it's dangerously close to two subdivisions. matt kroschel toured the front lines this afternoon and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: we're at a safe spot here on a hillside overlooking that fire. you can see some of the burned out areas on this other hillside inform
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and they were able to save those structures so far. a lot of smoke still coming off this thing skchl we've seen a lot of wind. this started yesterday afternoon. crews used helicopters to attack the flames. about 75 firefighters working on the ground. 12 homes evacuated. those evacuations still in place. six yesterday came dangerously close to being lost. >> there's a lot of de we're burning in heavy timber. there are a lot of snags, a lot of hazards for firefighters. so it is an issue of safety. and the winds of picking up -- have been picking up. >> reporter: things have calmed down, we had some very strong winds up here earlier. those crews are doing a great job of keeping this fire pretty much
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work. it's pretty dangerous there in those trees as we heard the trees falling down and heard them work out there really hard. the sheriff's office is investigating the cause. the men accused in a violent crime spree over weekend goes before a judge. 33-year-old james draper carjacked a woman, shot at bystanders, and led police on a chase. he is a person of interest wife's death after she was found shot inside her apartment saturday. ashley draper's two children are struggling. >> the kids are really struggling. they want to go home. they can't accept the news. they're having trouble just accepting and understanding what happened to their mamma. >> james draper is not facing charges in his wife's death so far. there's also a go fund me page raising money for the
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the latest on a pastor who was led out from his montbello home in handcuffs after his wife was found dead inside. police now say the woman's death is no longer considered suspicious. neighbors say she had been ill. also developing, police trying to find whoever stole from vehicles parked in monument neighborhoods. about ten cars were targeted. all were unlocked. they're reminding peopo and not to leave anything valuable inside. the u.s. labor secretary in colorado today supporting efforts to raise our state's minimum wage. >> the ballot measure would raise it to $12 an hour by 2020. shaun boyd, the labor secretary says this would be good for colorado's economy. >> reporter: studies vary
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especially in the restaurant increase. colorado's minimum wage is increased every year for inflation. so even if the measure fails, our minimum wage would still jump to about $nine an hour by 2020. if it pass, it would be $12. >> i come here on behalf of the president to say let's vote yes on this critical initiative. >> reporter: u.s. labor secretary tom perez told business owners in denver raising the minimum wage >> there has been study after study done showing around the increase that when you have reasonable increases like we have here in colorado, people can adjust. >> reporter: what's reasonable? washington dc raised its minimum wage from $9.50 to $11.50 over the last two years. >> as someone who lives in dc, i look at the restaurant growth in our area, and it's going gang buster. >> reporter: not exactly, their restaurants cut more jobs in the first six months of this year
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the industry grew 1% over last year, where in surrounding suburbs it grew 4%. it's unclear if the wage increase is the cause but the group opposing the measure says it's a red flag. >> a city is pumped full of obvious money buying steak dinners, and even that can't survive. >> reporter: but colorado has not only survive bud thrived under the last major increase in 2006. restaurants added nearly 80,000 jobs in years. wages have increased every year. >> we support raising the wage. the way they're doing it is gonna have unintended consequences. >> what is very important about this initiative is that it's phased in. this is not $12 january 1st, 2017.
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>> reporter: supporters say no matter where you live in colorado, you can't get by on the current minimum wage, about $3 hundred a week for a full-time worker. president george w. bush novembers colorado springs today for the fort carson transition summit. he talked to soldiers and families who are leaving the military to start new careers. those soldiers face unique challenges as they prepare to rejoin civilian life. president told the group they have a lot to offer. >> think about it. the pool of talent that has spent time in the military has been through danger, has come out, and are ready to continue to contribute. >> veterans' advocates say employers should value the traits soldiers learn during their service like leadership
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a special tribute for a fallen jeffco sergeant who gave his life to help others. >> and lakewood police step up to help a young cancer patient after thieves stole her most special amongings. >> scattered showers and thunderstorms continue across the state. and around the metro area. not in the metro area. but you see there all around, the hour by hour forecast will show
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two parents say the police in lakewood have restored their faith in humanity. >> when a little backpack was stolen, officers stepped up to help. >> those officers in lakewood, way beyond the call of duty. when they learned about a theft that affected a family struggling with cancer, they rallied. >> reporter: they call her mighty. but it hasn't been easy for taylor or her family. >> the hardest part of all is when the doctor looks at you and
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leukemia. ever since, life has revolved around trips to the hospital and treatments. >> i did get a few shots, procedures, stuff like that. >> everything is chaotic, everything changes every day. and you have to roll with it. >> reporter: jake and stacy had a hard time accepting the fact of taylor's go -- theft of her go-bag from her car. it was filled with her comfort things, clothes and toys ready emergency. >> the important part was it was something we actually needed. >> maddening >> reporter: anger turned to amazement. on august 22nd, lakewood police showed up bearing gifts. a brand-new bag packed and ready to go. >> it was so much faster and so amazing >> reporter: toys for taylor and her sister, and gift cards, even time to pray in a patrol car. >> i didn't know that there was people out there who just out of the blue were like, hey, let's help somebody. >> reporter: it was a blessing,
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moment. the sergeant picked up a special book to write down words of encouragement. money kept appearing on her desk to help that family. >> beautiful, thank you. new developments says the state board of education vot and schools. it gives high schools more control over what they can sell. live well colorado says it puts children's health at risk. a new memorial for a
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helping a family in an earlier crash. a stretch of 285 has been renamed in his honor. crews have been work throughout the day today to repair this bridge hit this is i-70 over us-6. lanes closed in the eastbound direction. now we have had to close off westbound us-six as the right shoulder gets by. huge delays because of this all day today. i recommend taking sims north to colfax.
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greene. any showers around town? >> we got showers all around us. nothing in denver right now. showers off to the south. and some of the showers were heavier today. they kind of just go right by denver to the north. and some have been heavy. from 84 to 72 degrees in a matter of minutes with the rain-cool there. showers and thunderstorms pushing across the state with a little shower activity just around our area. doesn't look like anything is gonna come in here. we could see an isolated storm before it's all over. gusts of 56 miles an hour. almost 2-inch hail. that's the cool air we have had over the past several days. we've the air come from the southwest and push up into our state.
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southeast. they could drop along the coast as much as 6 inches of rain. a little heavy out to the northeast later on this evening. and thursday, a few storms to the north, pretty nice day. friday, a better chance for those scattered showers and thunderstorms around the eastern plains, then they're gone. saturday, at noon, already got some showers and thunderstorms forming out to 84 and 82 our highs today after starts of 76 and 48. 79 and 49 other norms for this time of year. 92, and 29 degrees, . we do have a faller barometer. and usually it is warmer on the ground, cooler air as you go farther up. but this is where we had cold air on the ground, gave us the 80s today, and it gives us this line, this is all just pollution
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and that's what we had today. and look at this from dustin schafer, 16 days till snow-making starts! 30s higher up, and out west temperatures mostly in the 40s. for tomorrow, temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s over the eastern plains plains. here is your forecast, isolated storms, clearing skies, isolated storms. 74 and 75. 71 degrees, starting to warm it up just in time for the weekend. >> two words for broncos players. pay up. >> sorry, fellas. >> real money.
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>> time to open up the
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too bad andrew luck's opinion doesn't matter. i'm sure darian stewart and brandon make their case to the league. both were fined for their hits on cam newton. neither was pleased about it, and they're tired of all this dirty talk >> reporter: the panthers game almost a week ago now. in the locker room today, the players tired of talking about it. with the fines announced today. the story line of whether or not the denver defense is dirty still hanging over the team. >> we just call it bronco football. we're supposed to be
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call it, we call it broncos football. >> i know how hard we play and how hard we are on each other to play with great effort on each and every play. and that's the difference between winning and liezing in this league >> reporter: -- losing in this league. >> reporter: the broncos brand of football has paid off in the last year. >> $24,000. and i guess somebody was saying it wasn't enough. what you mean? that's some people's salaries after taxes,an it's crazy. >> it's still football, it's not gonna change the way i play the game. they got a job to do too. >> reporter: that feeling is shared in the broncos locker room. >> we're just gonna play broncos football. we're doing our job, man. just trying to be no. 1. >> reporter: both stewart and
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will be reduced. with the colts on the horizon,ing which quarterback is most difficult to defend? luck, newton, roethlisberger? good news for the broncos' offense, thomas back at practice today. he took about one third of the offensive snaps. he's been dealing with a hip injury suffered in that carolina game last week. the broncos are expecting him to play on sunday. washington state head coach guy. he's quirk and he grumpy. it's no surprise he gave us this gem after his team lost back-to-back games to open the season. >> that's what we are. it's not whether you win or lose. the team that wins is the one that has the most fun. crap like that. all this stuff that's contaminated america where they give every kid a catastrophe and
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we run out of bounds more than any team in the country. we're the easiest team in the country to tackle. we don't like to run and hit, and this is a game for running and hitting. their life is gonna change as they know it. for the rest of the season. >> i imagine it's been an interesting couple of days at practice. >> he's the coach, isn't he? [ laughter ] redward snowden wants to return to the united states. what he wants from president obama. >> school districts across the country new technology. the hope is
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a shooting at a senior living home in cheyenne, wyoming. police on the helping residents. police responded to a report of an active shooter this afternoon. the gunman shot three people before killing himself. the gunman was 77 years old. we still don't know what sparked the gunfire. the news on campaign 2016. hacked e-mails from former secretary of state collin powell reveals skalthing criticisms of
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donald trump and hillary clinton. >> and trump is revealing some of the health information as hillary clinton remains at home today before hitting the campaign trail. >> live in washington dc with the latest for us. >> good to talk to you. donald trump just wrapped up a rally this evening this canton, ohio. he took a swing at hillary clinton's health. hillary clinton releasing some medical information after donald trump gave us a information. donald trump gave the first glimpse. his health during a tape offing of the -- taping of the dr. oz show. he released a 1-page summary of his most recent physical. >> those are all the tests that were done last week. >> reporter: the clinton campaign released her medical records wednesday. they show how clinton is being treated for pneumonia. a diagnosis revealed after video showed clinton


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