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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 15, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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good morning. i am britt moreno. this is the news on this thursday, september 15. i am alan gionet. here is what is happening. sixth avenue. where to avoid coming up. emails, a former secretary of state colin powell our leaked. the more remarks about both presidential candidates. as protests during the national anthem spread we know what broncos linebacker brandon marshall says he will be doing about the issues he's raised. let's get a look at the forecast and find out what's
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ahead to the weekend. let's go to what is on tap. foggy conditions on the eastern plains. thick from akron to wray near burlington. the rest of us there. storm chances and chilly temperatures in a moment. we are watching the drive from the tech center can. you will like it is you head out the door. we had some delays you approach hampden and northbound past handed. due to ongoing construction through there. speaking of construction, drivers should prepare for another day of slow going. more lane closures on i-70 at six as cdot works to repair the bridge. shawn chitnis is live in that area and this was a bigger deal than i thought it was going to be yesterday.>> reporter: i think a lot of people were surprised by the delays that we
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affected by this. they moved up the delays today to 4 am and we're here watching them get set here and if you look over my shoulder you can see there getting in place to start to reduce the lanes here. as you make your way west you will be reminded of that delay from 4 am until 7 pm on the second day and they are reinforcing the clearance height of 15'3" because that is what caused all of this. take a look at those delays we saw yesterday afternoon and that is worst. you could see how bad it was for folks having to wait in line for miles as they were trying to get through this spot. this happening where sixth avenue goes by the i-70 bridge. over the weekend a semi was going through and had it construction equipment. it hit the bridge. a piece of the bridge came off an emergency repairs are needed. while they would like to do that overnight or off-peak
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the day because of the materials they are using as well as for safety concerns. you will want to prepare for that. right now there is still plenty of room to get along sixth avenue on the westbound side and we are preparing for them to close off his lanes. we will stay here and keep track of that. that delay will be in place until 7 pm tonight. shawn chitnis, cbs4. the presidential candidates are getting criticism from colin powell. hemingway police chief bryan todd reports on >> reporter: the politically savvy former secretary of state tears into donald trump and colin powell saying of his fellow republican, trump is a national disgrace and an international pariah. he calls them birther movement racist. powell doesn't spare hillary clinton either. in emails slamming clinton for her handling of her personal emails while she was secretary of state. >> i did not email any
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>> powell wrote everything hrc touches she screws up with hubris and saying in 2014 i would rather not have to vote for hearst -- for her. greedy and not transformational. he calls ben ghazi a stupid witchhunt and an aide to powell confirms the emails are accurate but one comment furt leaks which is affiliated with hacks of high-profile figures. was he targeted by the same hackers who hit the democratic committee when officials believed to be russian? according to evidence assembled by the cyber security form -- firm cyber connect there is a connection between dc leaks and another hacker named lucifer. this is a likely outlet for russian influence. in this example we have lucifer
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story about leaked content. we have to .0 sharing credentials to private content on the dc leaks website. >> that means lucifer who is tied to the russians would be able to provide a password to dc leaks without a connection to the buzzfeed and the intercept are notable because powell has not yet publicly endorsed either candidate. his opinion generating buzz at the campaign's final weeks. this is the latest in a steady drumbeat of tax of american politicians who are believed to have been carried out on the behalf of puig.>> this is pushing out the american public for the world and for the russians it's important with a domestic audience. look at what is happening. do you think this picture we're seeing here is any better than
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the world and what gives these people who are engaged in this kind of dirty politics the right to make pronouncements on our political systems. weather and traffic. >> good morning. we start off with a few rain showers and snow showers near aspen and southeastern corner is clearing and so is the northeastern corner. we had storms roll through this morning. the fog is still out there on the eastern plains down to a half-mile visibility. reduced visibility near burlington and looking at temperatures, cooler to the and 39 steamboat and craig and 49 in grand junction, 33 leadville. 52 denver. 57 burlington. 46 degrees east of franktown this morning. hour by hour forecast, 74 at noon and we have a chance for isolated thunderstorms this afternoon and most of them
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moment. we are watching a great drive around the denver metro that is starting to load up if you can believe it if you are heading out the door through the bridges you can see flashing lights. this is the southbound direction of i 25. there is a closure in a little bit. westbound on sixth avenue, bigger delays than i expected yesterday. backing up with police to slow folks down. it is a high-speed area and take sam's to colfax and avoid that whole area all together. get westbound onto us 6 to get mississippi is closed east of santa fe to mississippi. new this morning, a united airlines flight on its way to san diego was diverted to dia for a possible security scare. the plane is on the ground safely in san diego. it was a fiasco. 1243 was headed from new work when a passenger saw an item
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suspicious. the pilot landed at dia. port authority of new york and new jersey spokesman scott ladd and her took this photo's as put -- as people got off the buses. the passengers were loaded back onto the plane to continue to san diego and they were off for two and half hours. three coaches who were hurt in sunday's crash in a school bus at dia. 15 students and members of the football team have injuries from when their bus crashed into a driver died and we are still awaiting more information on her help before the crash. the coaches are now both out of the hospital and voorhees tweeted he had a rough few days in the hospital but he is home now. the third coach, matt krupa, remains in the hospital. broncos linebacker brandon marshall says he will make a charitable donation for every tackle he makes this season. marshall says the money will go to several organizations
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stop domestic violence. in an instagram post the bronco share this picture of recent meeting with the denver police chief. he says the conversation gave him insight into how to make a difference away from the football field. is one of several nfl players who have been protesting social injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem. a louisiana man the wrist his life to save a woman and her daughter from flooding in baton rouge. now they have reunited. lakeland police a young cancer patient.
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lakewood have restored their faith in humanity. the little girl is fighting cancer when her special backpack was stolen and officers helped this little girl. cbs4 health specialist kathy walsh showed us how they made a seven-year-old stay. >> reporter: they call her mighty t.>> like you know kicking cancers but. >> it hasn't been easy for taylor burgess or her fami when the doctor says i'm thinking cancer. >> the diagnosis is leukemia. ever since life has revolved around trips to the hospital and treatments.>> i did get a few shots and procedures. stuff like that. >> everything is chaotic and everything changes every day and you have to roll with it. >> jake and stacy had a hard time accepting the theft of taylor's bag from their car. it
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things, clothing and toys. ready in case of emergency.>> importantly it was something we needed. >> it was maddening. >> anger turned to amazement. on august 22 lakeland police showed up bearing gives. a new bag packed and ready to go. >> it was so much faster and so amazing. >> toys for taylor and her sister bella and gift cards and time to >> we didn't know there were people out there who out of the blue were like let's go help somebody. >> for the burgesses it was a blessing, a chance to forget cancer for a moment. >> i get to rest my mom. >> and have fun. >> beautiful little girl. cbs4 health specialist kathy walsh reporting. no one launched the collection but a sergeant picked up a book for officers to write taylor words of encouragement. the victims advocate turned out donations but money kept appearing on her desk to help this family. let's take a
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we have fog again on the eastern plains. thicken the northeastern corner down to half-mile visibility. taking a look at the satellite radar, a little rain and snow in the mountains near aspen and we've had thunderstorms rolled to the northern part of the state but those are fizzling out north of cheyenne. the rest of us on the dry side with activity and parts of sangro de cristos but more possible a cold front working through the west now across the front range. not so much for us but the possibility later on of a few isolated thunderstorms. by noon activity and parts of jackson county and moffat county and here across the front range we should be on the sunny side. the chance of thunderstorms to roll through and most of those look to stay on the north side of town to the northeastern plains. the said the part of the state today is dry and mild with
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denver. skies are clear tonight and tomorrow morning we wake up to sunshine and we do have a chance of a few isolated storms in the afternoon and evening with increased cloud cover. friday night football games may have rain and some more clouds and we will be on the cool side. a cold front working to the west so some areas are little bit cooler and a degrees cooler in craig. we are not affected by that across the front range. temperatures for us are 52 in denver and 46 in greeley. 33 leadville. 38 craig and junction. temperatures today, 78 denver. 74 greeley, 75 boulder. 82 burlington. 62 frisco. 76 grand junction. tomorrow in the mid-70s. 74. isolated chance for storms by sunday. we are drying out and back to warmer temperatures. take a look. these live pictures coming in from shawn chitnis who is reporting out there.
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this was a mess yesterday for the commute all day. that will happen again today. how do you get around that. i would take simms up to colfax. you come back down the hill and that is where we have issues because as folks crest the hill traffic is stopped and forced to the right and you have cards trying to merge and police are trying to stop or slow down vehicles farther and farther back. a ticket or an accident. take simms to the north and access on us 6. westbound from colfax, throughout the day today and the bridge hit by a piece of construction equipment that was being hauled over the weekend. this is the denver metro area south of 285, slowing on super 70 as they do road work. mississippi is closed east of santa fe out to broadway this morning. that is messy. look along the boulder turnpike, 17 minute drive now
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speeds in the 60s. tropic still that tropical storm julia is bringing rain and high surf. people are allowed to do this because surfboards -- they are made of fiberglass. waves are some of the toughest to ride because they come in faster. residence along coastal georgia and south carolina are under a flash flood warning and a tropical storm watch. the rain keeps coming. cleanup through wednesday removing massive trees that fell on power lines. julia is actually a weather first. this is the first name to storm ever form -- forming overland in state history. usually they form on the ocean. here is a reunion between a stranger and a woman he rescued in the flooding in louisiana. david fung jumped into the raging waters in baton rouge to
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sinking car. there he is pulling her out. folks essay he went back for her dog. this week all three reunited. still homeless, fung brought brouillette supplies and dog treats for sassy. >> i think it is divine intervention. i believe that in my heart and soul. >> it is who we are in louisiana. we help people in times of need and i was put in that plac her way to pick up medication when she drove into the
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good morning. something we grapple with at all ages, should we get life insurance and what kind. we're talking about this because it is national life awareness month. >> life insurance awareness, let's be aware. jill's lesson or is here to remind us that we all do die and this does happen. i had a birthday recently. who needs life insurance and how much is enough. >> first of all i know this is not like the most fun topic but in financial planning world it is an easy problem to solve so ask yourself if your death would cause a financial hardship for your survivors and you need life insurance. or if you need to create liquidity for estate purposes you also may need to buy life
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so let's talk about that first case because that is more people affected. you need enough coverage for survivors living expenses, to provide future retirement needs of your surviving spouse or partner, and if you want to put your kids through college for future educational expenses. as far as how much they used to be this rule of thumb. 8 to 10 times income. but we don't need a rule of thumb. we have technology. so simple to determine specific needs. use a calculator. there is a great one at life very easy.>> there are different types of insurance. which is the best and how do you decide?>> for most people term life is the most affordable option and the way it works is how it sounds. during the state term of a policy if the insured person dies the company pays the face
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call level term insurance and that is cool because the locks and the premiums for the period of time you hold the policy. and level amount every year. cost is reasonable for anyone in good health up to about age 50. here is the problem. after 50, term insurance gets more expensive. permanent life insurance is a more expensive option than term because you have this death benefit that remains in place for your investment component. here is what you would save. if you need coverage for estate purposes or entire life you are probably going to need to pay up for permanent life insurance. good news, i have all this written down and easy to read. life insurance basics. jill on suggesting to do that today before the weekend because no one wants to do life insurance on the weekend.>> you could
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[ laughter ]. let's check on weather and traffic. bigger thunderstorms rolling to south dakota already. threat for severe weather from south dakota to kansas today. thunderstorms into parts of minnesota and iowa. east coast is mild and the threat from julia has rainfall totals will be less than we expected which is good. we will get wind and rip currents but on the other side of the country warm and mild with the desert southwest. 99 phoenix. 93 vegas. let's check in with joel. a great drive to the airport if you are traveling south to town. you have a lot of company. pretty typical. northbound, not as bad. here's the drive to dia on i 70 on pi?a boulevard. you will like these drive times on i-70 in the eastbound
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eight minute drive. 5:26 am. thank you for waking up with us. hillary clinton gets back to campaigning today. what her doctor wright's about her condition after being sidelined with pneumonia. tropical storm julia is moving off the coast of northern georgia and south carolina this morning and is expected to cause flooding. i am hannah daniels. i will have more on the movement coming up. $24,000 is a lot. nfl finding broncos linebacker brandon marshall 24 grand and change yesterday. stewart has been find $18,000. they are stemming from these the hits to the head on cam newton. stewart's had a penalty and was deemed to wrapping the passenger . and proper use of the helmet which was why it was more expensive. both guys knew it was coming but that is a lot of money.
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football. is not going to change the way you play the game. i guess they have a job to do as well.>> i would expect him to get more than me. but i guess his is more justified. i don't know. $24,000, i guess someone saying it was not enough. for me that is -- after taxes that is crazy. >> you have to appear. >> stewart says he plans to appeal they are kicking off sunday afternoon at 2:25 pm at mile high. switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link.
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