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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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c1 kind of scary. i still want to go to hawaii. [ laughter ] >> passengers' travel plans changed. they shut down the terminal and it started with what a police dog found. this noon passengers are moving on, but not before big delays
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on cbs4. i'm alan gionet. let's go to jennifer brice for the latest. jen. >> reporter: well alan, denver police say after investigating that bag, what they thought was a suspicious item is now safe and clear. this happened around 9:00 a.m. and it had been closed off for two hours. a dog hit on a bag found near a ticketing counter. that area was rope evacuated on the west side. inside the bag, police found personal items, nothing that appeared to be dangerous but they are now being tested to see what triggered the dog which alerted the bomb squad. they had to wait more than two hours. passengers were using the east side of level six. passengers on american and alaskan airlines are most affected by this incident and
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them. >> i am not very happy with whoever dropped off the suspicious package. i was up until 3:00 a.m. because i was so excited, you know, for my trip, so -- thanks for wrecking my day. but hopefully, we can get it back on track. >> reporter: to get it back on track, american airlines and alaskan are helping passengers to get on the flights as best they can. the person has not been found, the bag owner. any time a dog hits on something they have to bring everyone out here and investigate. if something happened that would be very bad so false alarm. coast is clear so that is good news. back to you. thanks a lot. this wasn't the only drama in a
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a pilot diverted a plane into dia after a passenger saw a suspicious package. scott took this photo on the tarmac as they got on to buses. they searched the plane and then they let people back on board. nothing found. the plane flew in san diego where it landed safely this morning. an unbelievable mistake has apologizing. they said officers busted their way into the wrong home in clifton. officers say they got a tip about meth and guns in the home, problem is they tell us the suspects once lived there had since moved away. that meant officers busted into a family with children. they are apologizing, replacing broken window, door and carpeting there. the shooting in wyoming yesterday.
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about frequent poker games. one of the victims died. he was armed with a handgun and rifle. he ran down the street and shot and killed himself as police officers got there. people said he had grown dis stand recently and was often upset about the poker games going on in the common area of the complex. the woman in charge of denver public safety cadet program has been fired. she previously faced a suspension for mistreating cadets. it accuses her of calling cadets names and touching them inappropriately. she admitted to the inappropriate behavior. she has two weeks to appeal that decision. new details also about that semi crash that destroyed a wine cellar. the semi driver is now facing careless driving charges.
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fast tuesday morning and smashed into the wine cellars. some flowed into a nearby creek. that area is notorious for big rigs losing control and crashing. happening tonight, vice president joe biden will speak at the university of denver and he will join guests at the dinner. that event is at the richie center at 7:00. it honors joseph first dean and the founder of the joseph corvell school of international studies at d u. this is the news on campaign 2016. hillary clinton hits the campaign trail after having pneumonia on 9/11 when she was diagnosed. she will be in north carolina. donald trump will be in manhattan. >> reporter: hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail
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greensboro, north carolina. it is the democratic nominee's first appears after a three-day rest from pneumonia. >> i'm really glad that i did follow my doctor's orders and take some days to rest instead of trying to keep powering through which is a common experience for people. >> reporter: the latest "cbs news" poll shows clinton with a 2 point lead over trump. she still has among women, 13 points and an 83 points from black voters. trump is talking about his health and his campaign made public, a one page summary. >> the paper offers some information about his physical condition and what appears to be a swipe at hillary clinton's pneumonia induced break. it shows he is in excellent
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rigors of a punishing and unprecedented presidential campaign. last night in ohio, he questioned his rival's stamina. >> in this beautiful room that is 122 degrees, you think hillary would be able to stand up here fon are hour and do this? >> today trump addressed an economic club in new york and has a rally in new hampshire tonight. hillary clinton's doctor says she is being treated antibiotics and is a healthy 67- year-old and has hyper thyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies. three days of a ceasefire. that country still has not received humanitarian aid. opposition groups backed by russia and those backed by the u.s. have not moved from roads to allow that aid to go through. they are each waiting for the other side to move first. it is desperate. more than 2,000 people died in
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fighting there. new details about how lawmakers are trying to keep children out of hot cars. >> a group is meeting today on capitol hill to introduce the hot care bill. that would require automakers to install technology that a hurts drivers about a child in the back seat before they leave the car. 29 children have already died from heat stroke incidents this year alone. a live look right downtown on civic center park. the building opened today after being under construction for a year. it is for special events and meetings and they made a bunch of upgrades with a courtyard and all connected to the civic center park. first event tonight at 5:30. football returns to cbs4 tonight. the new york jets and buffalo
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for the season. jamie yuccas reports. >> reporter: the battle is on in buffalo, a city known for three things. >> football, cold, wings. >> reporter: at anchor bar home of the buffalo wing, they will crank out all fans can eat. >> for a normal business day, we sell about 2,000 wings a day. we're anticipating around 4,000 for tomorrow >> a win would be tasty. the bills beat the jets six of the last seven games. they are in charge in buffalo. >> it is something we learned to accept and deal with. you have to be a very resilient hardy person to be a bill's fan. >> do you embrace the fact you lose? >> to some degree. >> even some of the most frustrating moments have new
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joke. i wasn't starting a movement. >> but it became such a hit, 26 shirts, the first $8 of each t- shirt goes back to local charities. >> we're the only company that we're not in the t-shirt business. we're in the helping people business. plus the broad caster puts it this way. >> when they do make it, it is going to >> going to be a great game. it will be here on cbs4. starts at 6:00. broncos play the colts at home this sunday at 2:25. coming up, police are fielding calls from parents whose kids refuse to go to school. how authorities and school experts respond to that parenting tactic. several ships and boats just knocked loose as the strongest storm of the year
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outside right now take a look at our view from pike's peak. stunning. a few clouds out there. we'll talk about the forecast in a mo,, ,, in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist.
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it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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on storm watch, the
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southern taiwan yesterday. the torrential rains caused dangerous storm surges. duped trees and other debris blew across towns affected by that storm. tens of thousands of homes are without power. at least nine bodies have been found at a nursing home in japan after that storm swept through there. this was a very powerful typhoon. once known as tropical storm julia is now down graded to a tropical depression record amounts of rain in georgia yesterday. there and in south carolina they are under a flash flood warning. the national weather service says more than 5 inches of rain has fallen. >> one of the worst things for people who live on the coast as we do is the storm surge. that is very bad. that creates a lot of damage, the storm surge. the wind you can survive, but the storm surge you cannot
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they removed massive trees that fell on power lines. copter 4 showing us the mountaintops whether you're ready or not. it is just starting to look like fall. skiers excited about this. you can check out which saw snow overnight at cbs >> it is coming and it is great. we want to ski and do that fun stuff as well. we have clouds building a little bit more and temperatures are pretty nice outside, but we have ty is going to be a nice day for most of us. we have a chance for storms. let's take a look outside. we have a bit of a cooldown from yesterday. right now, it is 13 degrees cooler than it was yesterday. 9 for steamboats. 8degrees cooler in grand junction and 3 degrees cooler in denver, but the eastern
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68 denver. 57 in steamboats. 60 in craig and 68 degrees in grand junction. we do have more clouds in the northern part of the state. seeing rain firing up in jackson county and grand county and into larimer county. here across the denver area, a few more clouds. taking a look at our threat for severe weather, some storms a little later on today have the potential to bring larger hail and went. we have to watch out for heavier rain fall. >> >> the rest of the day, a northern part of the state. could get a few thunderstorms in parts of the high country and into the foothills. during that time, we have a chance for storms here in denver as well. should be fairly isolated. we're not expecting a ton from those. tomorrow morning should be much nicer than we have been. east they had thicker fog. still could have a couple
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then tomorrow afternoon and evening, isolated storms mainly in the foothills and we'll see a few more clouds as well. friday night football games, eng outside, just know there is a chance for isolated showers as well. temperatures today, 78 here in denver. 73 in boulder. 74 in briefly. on the eastern plains a lot of low 80s. 82 burlington. the mountains are fairly cool today. 63 steamboat springs. steamboats has dollars with the fall leaves. 60 frisco. 76 over in grand junction. if you're planning out the rest of your day, just know there is a chance for thunderstorms coming in a little later on for us. it should clear by the evening hours, but know there is that possibility. for your five-day forecast tomorrow, 74 degrees. a slight chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. could get a few more on saturday. still in the 70s at that point
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here in denver. temperatures it 80s. it is not going to feel fall like at the game. 80s, you'll need sunglasses, sunscreen and your short sleeve jersey situation. a different fashions, different time o year. >> later in the year, we'll be layered up with about 12 layers. it is not uncommon for kids not to want to go to school, but in michigan are calling 911. police say sometimes the calls are knee-jerk reactions to scare kids to go to school. >> we respond to all 911 calls. if a parent asks us and help, we have no problem trying to go out and talk. >> parents should talk to their child and the school to find out why they don't want to go. another tip is to make sure the kids have a clear routine for the morning to get going.
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chores at home. there is an app for that. that is coming up.
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ossa. new at noon today, a father takes the fight of chores into his own hands and choosing an app to get his children to >> he uploads money and assigns tasks. she gives him pictures of the finished chore and then gets the money. it makes sense to reach out to kids on a digital platform. >> everything they do is digital so we're just allowing parents to understand if you want to have a conversation about money with kids it has to be in the format they understand. >> it lets them cash in for
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can cash out whenever they want. dia has a flight service. nonstop to those destinations today. there is an official ribbon- cutting ceremony in a few minutes. meantime, flyers have another food option at dia. that is chick-fil-a now open on concourse b. and we want you to meet our pet of the day. thanks to the friends league. this is buddy, a four-year-old male basse down feel. he is sweet, smart, good with other dogs, walks well on a leash and that is in castle
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today on dr. phil, special edition of the jonbenit ramsey coverage. today's show will delve deeper into the facts after thousand us have asked questions or posted comments earlier with jonbenit ramsey's brother burke. he remembers the night his sister was found dead. >> they say that your voice was heard saying what did you speak those words? >> no. >> reporter: one more special episode surrounding this 20- year-old murder mystery. you can watch it next monday right here on cbs4. lauren dispirito has a final check. >> we do have a couple storms starting to pop up and a little activity in the northern part of the state in larimer county right now. temperatures it 60s.
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foothills and you can see the areas, a little pink there in rocky national park. isolated storms in denver. >> you get that dividing line. >> thanks for being here.
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