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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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are things starting to get back to normal? >> reporter: they're indeed. business is back to norm right now. these ticketing counters were closed for enough time to put a big damper on travel plans for some. denver police have determined that the suspicious bag is safe and there is nothing to worry about. this all began when a security dog hit on an unattended bag. area avocadoed and roped off. the bomb squad called in. police found personal items but nothing dangerous. >> that bag is going to be tested further. we're not sure why the dog hit. so we need to take those extra steps. >> reporter: the investigation kept people from being dropped off at level 6 west for more than two hours. passengers on american airlines and alaska air are the most affected. international travellers were
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my opinion. it's particularly difficult connecting internationally not knowing what the situation is. they must have some idea, some kind of an instant routine that they have gone through. >> reporter: julie hopes she will make her connecting flight. >> i'm not very happy with whoever dropped off the suspicious package. i was up until 3:00 am because i was so excited for my trip. so thanks for wrecking my back on track. >> reporter: i want to mention that denver police say it is pretty easy for a dog to get a hit on something, there are a number of normal scents that can trigger that sense, also someone touching a bag can transfer easily. police did not find that
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this is the second security scare at the airport in less than a day. a report of a suspicious device on board a flight. passengers spotted something suspicious prompting a crew to make that emergency landing at dia. >> it's like an alarm. like a buzzing alarm. likab oven alarm. i believe they found something inside the seat. >> you hear suspicious package, so we were a little worried. >> the f.b.i. and denver police responded to the airport. the device was determined to be harms. efficients have not said what -- officials have not said what it was. a denver man suing denver police and the f.b.i. for $10 million. he claims he was wrongfully arrest forward two rank robberies. he was working as a financial analyst at the time. he says not only was he
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not commit but police violently assaulted him and his life has never been the same since. >> the reason i'm doing it is because they destroyed my career, they destroyed my family, they destroyed my health, i have permanent injuries, physical and mental. so it's bad. >> the cases against him were eventually dismissed. tonight at 10:00, he talks about the air-tight alibi police had the wrong guy but was ignored. an apology from police tonight after officers raid the wrong home. they thought they were targeting a methamphetamine operation. instead they broke down the couple -- door of a couple's condo. >> reporter: this entire condo complex surrounded by s.w.a.t. teams. it was early in the morning, the police were focused in on one condo looking for
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only problem, he didn't live there anymore. it was a family of seven with five young children inside that condo. all of this happening yesterday morning. s.w.a.t. members broke down the front door, destroyed windows as they breached the house. they were look for a suspect they were told by an informant was selling meth. >> you wonder why people don't like cops. because they don't get their facts straight allhe are true, and they go for it. and it bites them in the butt! >> reporter: i spoke to the family that was inside that home as the s.w.a.t. team came in. the mother telling us that she didn't want to talk on camera. but they are in shock that this
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pled guilty to imlewding -- eluding and identity theft. in exchange for the police, other charges were dropped. potts was arrested april 18th after an 8-hour standoff. two coloradans killed fighting isis. the bodies of levi mctaggert are expected to return tomorrow morning at union station after arrive in kwhik chick yesterday -- arriving in chicago yesterday. he died in syria fighting for kurdish forces. we introduced you to his parents in july. >> riding at half-staff for my son, and it should be. because i think he's a hero. >> he had such a strong conviction that when there's injust in the world -- injustice in the world, somebody those
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a u.s. marine but his eyesight prevented that. the group ypg recruited him through facebook. the sfefrp answers after a man was -- search for answers after a man was found shot to death in montbello neighborhood. today the victim is gervais spencer, only 45 years old. andrea florespo still unknown what led up to that shooting who who did it. >> reporter: it's been three days since spencer was shot and killed inside that home and no answers. the family is hoping a crime stoppers reward will lead police to the suspect. monday night denver police found gervais spencer shot inside this home on maxwell place. the
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department of corrections transitional home with seven other parolees. >> he was working hard to get his life together. [ crying ] >> and loved very much. and i just can't believe nobody doesn't know anything. i can't believe it. >> reporter: if you have any information about what happened that night, denver police and crime stoppers ask that you give them a call. you could be eligib $2,000. right now the mcnick cols building in downtown denver is welcoming guests for the first time in more than a year. the historic building reopened this morning. happening tonight, vice president joe biden will speak at the university of denver.
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shaun boyd there now furs tonight. and this isn't a campaign event. politics most likely will come up. >> reporter: vice president biden is giving opening remarks here at ritchie center. people lined up for that right now. i interviewed tim kaine's wife and donald trump jr. last week. trump himself will be here on health took front and center. >> i'm doing great, thank you. >> reporter: hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail for the first time since she nearly fainted after a 9/11 memorial event in, no sunday. she released memorial records yesterday, including a ct scan revealing noncontagious numoan yachl she's on antibiotics. donald trump followed suit with
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>> i've experimented with three statins, and one seems for me to work the best. and it's really brought my cholesterol down. >> reporter: at 70, trump would be the oldest person to become president of the united states. he has repeatedly questioned clinton's stamina. she is a year younger. trump's campaign in colorado this weekend, only his second. clinton continues to lead in the polls in colorado but the race is tightening nationally. >> polls are coming out, we're tell you. >> reporter: trump has cut clinton's lead in the latest cbs news poll to 2 point, within the margin of error. >> reporter: trump laid out his most detailed economic plan with specific spending and tax cuts and promised a gdp growth of 3.5% a year which is we haven't seen in more than a decade. she campaigning in colorado springs
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speech here tonight and will have that at 10:00. we are seeing snow in the high country! loveland ski area and arapahoe ski basin posted pictures of a dursting overnight. ski season just around the corner! >> it's knocking on our door! but summer hanging othunderstorms east of the city. we'll track these tonight and plan your weekend com >> a new effort to prevent the death of toddlers left behind in hot cars. >> seven children in california hospitalized after a visit to the dentist. >> the government takes action recalling one million samsung
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5:14 pm lawmakers in washington passing a bill to prevent deaths in hot cars. 29 deaths of children so far after being left in a vehicle. technology would warn drivers when a passenger is still in the backseat. >> these are senseless deaths of young people that are so tragic, we need to step up and fix it now. >> the bill has bipartisan
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more than half a dozen kids have been hospitalized after getting the same procedure at a southern california dental clinic. seven children developed a dangerous bacterial infection after undergoing a common procedure known as a "baby root canal." 3-year-old jebron was one of them. he had surgery to remove an abscess caused by the infection. >> everything is gonna go by well, come out. but didn't happen like that. now he has this infection. >> because the bacteria can progress slowly, health officials are contacting 500 children who had the procedure as far back as may. men for the cure, an event that raises money for breast cancer research. ed greene is
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>> reporter: you're absolutely right. and this is a great dinner! it is sold out that. means 850 men will be here. part of the reason for the sell-out is that big name you were talking about, peyton manning. 16 years ago, it was john elway! so we're doing pretty well. we've raised over $2 million for the breast center at university of colorado hospital. and this dinner with a the sanctuary with $40,000 on the auction block should certainly add to that. we're here at the wings over the rockies sxar space museum. sold out, 850 people coming. and it does help research out at the breast center at university of colorado hospital. and a great big van out there, a pink van, that goes to points all over the state to help women get breast checks. and without this dinner, they would not have that van.
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that their dollars do very well here. sold out event! we're really look forward to it and hope to raise a lot of money tonight to fight breast cancer. >> you always do! thanks so much. new video tonight of a sight even rangers who work at the rocky mountain national park rarely see. an intern caught coyotes and a mountain lion good afternoon, nice to be here. we're seeing the battle of the seasons across our state today, great pictures of fall color coming in. a little summerhanging on. a trough of low pressure scooting by the northern border of colorado. and we're getting a little cooler air coming in on the backside of this. helping to lift the atmosphere on our northeastern plains, and giving us a taste of
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storms have broken out this afternoon. quite a bit of lightning. the strongest storm just to the north and east of burlington. east central kit carson county continues under a severe thunderstorm warning until 5:45. hail up to golf ball size in this storm. behind it, a second line has formed, just to the east of metro denver, deer trail, the south side of i-76, our weather watcher in ben set reporting rain from this. nothing in the city, but sometimes you have to watch the plains. today we started at 50, mid to upper 70s. not too far from the normals for this time of year. currently in the low 70s, wind 16 miles an hour. sunset at 7:07. still in the 60s and 70s for many locations. 56
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junction. futurecast, storms get out of here pretty quick tonight! tomorrow a repeat of today. morning sunshine, afternoon clouds, maybe a couple quick passing showers. all in all, a pretty nice forecast coming up fur as we roll into the weekend ahead! mostly 40s tonight on the eastern plains. a few places in the 50s. 30s to low 40s up high. 30s on the western slope. 40s in the valley. places like grand junction. and for tomorrow, a smij cooler. a little cooler air in here. a lot of 70s across the state. maybe a few low 80s on the south eastern plains. 60s up high. mostly 70s on the western slope. the forecast for denver, a few storms tonight on the northeastern plains. the 40s. and for tomorrow low to middle 70s, morning sun, and afternoon thunderstorms. the 5-day, a warming trend and a clearing trend! great weekend if you want to do some early fall leaf
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that'll carry us right into the new week. >> it'll change before we know it, it'll be cold! [ laughter ] it doesn't get much tougher than facing cam newton in week 1
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you have the no-fly zone.
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dave, thunder and lightning. and new today, the splash brothers! von miller and demarcus rare. a reference to the 1-2 punch of steph cur and he is klay thompson. they'll try and keep it going against andrew luck who for four years has eluded von miller. >> going against him, the respect that he should get, i don't feel like i've given it to him. he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. i haven't had a sack on i got -- he just has that knack for keeping his eyes downfield, still making great passes. >> let's head down to the viewhouse, where michael s sergetting ready to take the season premiere of the football blitz. who you got tonight? >> reporter: cj anderson and brandon marshall are gonna be joining us two. guys who played a key role in that key 1 victory. speaking of broncos football, the broncos are high
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we talked a lot about both in the offseason. but it was clear that week 1 that those guys are still rookies. booker actually fumbled on his first nfl carry, missed a pass trekz on siemian's second interception. the broncos also want more from simmons. >> they had some struggles and we made some mistakes in the game. wee the only way they become players is if we continue to push them through and put them in position. all three of those guys, played a little last week, and gotta be better this week. >> reporter: we talked to all three today. they feel much more comfortable heading into week 2. >> have a good show tonight! 10:35 on saturday night here on cbs4. our poll question, what
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a line of storms just to the east of denver. they should stay out of the city but sometimes send bound easier back here. just a cloudy, cool night, and is a nice day tomorrow. >> thank you so much for watching. evening news is coming up next. watch thursday night football.
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see you after the game. >> champions of the world, drench broncos. >> it is caught for the win! >> danny with willett has won the masters. jason day, major champion. >> correct henry will win it. >> cbs sports and nfl network welcome to you "thursday night football." tonight, it's an a.f.c. east battle between the new york jets and the buffalo bills. [captioning funded by cbs sports division] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its


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