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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  September 16, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MDT

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>> that bill does have bipartisan support. this is the news 10:00. an unbelievable case of mistaken identity. >> you destroyed my life. >> a financial advisor beaten, arrested, and wrongly accused of robbing two banks. now he's homeless and fighting to win back his life. >> if it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone else.
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police department and the f.b.i. for $2 million. >> sounds like he's been living a nightmare. >> reporter: and despite having proof that he was at work when the robberies happened, he says he was violently taken into custody and spent months in the denver jail. he is out now but life since has never improved. steve's life is far different today than it was two years ago, before he was accused of robberies. >> i had an air-tight alibi, but they focused on me because my face was similar >> reporter: in september, police received a tip that the man in these photos was him. a full s.w.a.t. team showed up at his home and took him into custody. >> five, six people on me, one guy was on my face, and several men were taking my arms and just
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ribs, prolonged bruising, lost teeth, and he has severe blood clotting in his legs and feet. outside of the physical damage, he spent months behind bars despite the fact that he had a solid alibi. >> my job was to be on the phone all day, to sell mutual funds >> reporter: at the time he was working for transamerica capital and was closely monitored throughout the day. >> i knew that they were gonna have a recorded conversation because i was on the phone all dismissed but months laefrtd police arrested him a second time claiming they had new evidence. that too was dropped. telly was never convicted of any crime. but the damage to his life had already been done. >> they destroyed my life. to go from a financial person to be a person that's homeless now. >> reporter: he spent 94 days here in the denver jail. during that time, he never received medical attention for those injuries. and as of tonight,
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an organized crime ring targeting mothers in the metro area. all it takes is a checkbook, and thousands of dollars go missing. the thieves are called the felony lane gang. jeff todd has been looking into the activity for weeks, and they're improving hard to catch. >> reporter: the criminals are hoping that when they pull up to that far-away spot in a drive-througk be able to positively i.d. them. just one checkbook is yielding tens of thousands of dollars. >> it's a pain were it's horrible. >> reporter: lori is dropping her daughter off at this daycare when thieves struck. >> they put a screwdriver in keyhole and hit it with
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alarm. >> reporter: checks were cashed all over the metro area, despite being reported as stoldten. she's been a victim of the felony lane gang. >> i found it on facebook, it's just step by step what has happened to me and the other lady at the daycare center they was at. >> it's a moniker they earned by using the last drive-through lane at a bank to be less visible to the teller and pass themselves off as the person stolen. >> reporter: the sheriff's office has seen a spike of cases like this since the beginning of the year. they're hoping someone recognizes this woman who could lead to other members. for now many people feel the banks are allowing this to continue. >> it's up to them to make it not as easy. it's too easy.
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thefts are happening aren't necessarily where the banks are. a number of law enforcement agencies have said they've never even heard of this crime. f.b.i. wasn't able to comment. >> according to a new cbs new york times poll, the race for the white house is hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail hoping her experience will connect her with voters. >> how i certainly feel lucky when i'm under the weather, i can afford to take a few days off, million was americans can't. they go to work sick or lose a paycheck. lots of americans still don't even have insurance or they do but it's
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use. >> joe biden visited the university of denver tonight. he spoke at the annual cordell dinner and honoring people who made a global impact. >> reporter: this is not a campaign speech, it was more of an address, a heart to heart about foreign policy with the school's international relations. the speech lasted over an hour. the vice president did not mention either candidate by name once but did bring up some hot issues. and he took a veiled shot at trump, criticizing one of his central foreign policy stances, that torture should be considered against america's enemies. >> one of the reasons we lost
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know -- guantanamo to the magnet generating more terrorists to torture, which we have outlawed under any and every circumstance in the united states of america, period! there's no justification. [ cheering and applause ] >> and as john mccain will tell you, doesn't work! >> reporter: issued a warning that trump should not use her deepest fears for political gain. but he stop short of connecting that to any candidate in this election. donald trump will be in colorado springs saturday but today he spoke at the economics of new york.
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including our childcare reforms that my daughter is so involved in. will be complete. i like her too. will be completely paid for in combination with proepszed budget savings. >> the childcare reform he mentioned is allowing families to deduct the average cost of childcare from their tacks. the remains of two men killed fighting isis in the middle east are returning home to lauren dispirito live at union station where the caskets are due to arrive. >> reporter: both have been described as selfless, young, each in their 20s and considered by their families heroes. jack was killed in syria in july when
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his family says fighting isis was jack's calling. >> they're my definition of pure evil. >> reporter: he grew up in colorado and hoped to become a u.s. marine but was unable to because of his eyesight . his family knew the dangers but were proud of his decision to join kurdish forces. >> he had a strong conviction that when there's injustice in the world, somebod no. >> reporter: jordan was on his second trip to syria to fight isis when he was killed in august. mctaggert was 22 years old. fans made a video tribute calling him a hero. >> i just want everyone to know, he's the greatest to me. he always put others before himself. >> reporter: we're told their caskets arrived in chicago yesterday, and is they'll arrive
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morning. lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. things are back to normal at dia. police evacuated part of the west terminal because of a suspicious package. it turned out to be nothing but it held up passengers for hours. >> reporter: business is back to normal. these ticket counters were closed for enough time today that it put a damp or travel plans for police determined the suspicious bag is safe and nothing to worry about. this began when a security dog hit on an unattended bag near a ticketing counter. the bomb squad called in. inside the bag police found personal items but nothing appeared to be dangerous. >> that bag is going to be tested further. we're not sure why the dog hit. >> reporter: the investigation
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than two hours. passengers on american airlines and alaska air are the most effective. international travellers were very confused. >> not very well managed, in my opinion. particularly for people travelling internationally, because they have collecting flights. they must have some idea, some kind of an -- a routine that they have gone through. >> whoever dropped off the suspicious package. i was up until 3:00 am because i was so excited for my trip. thanks for wrecking my day! [ laughter ] >> but hopefully we can get it back on track! >> reporter: they could not find the owner of that bag this morning. they say it's very easy for a dog to hit on a bag.
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dia, jennifer brice, cbs4 news. explosions forced one of the most popular phones off the market. a massive recall for the galaxy note. >> just wanted to share what just happened to my note 7. >> why people are being told to stop using them. >> police are forced to shoot a man who attacked them with a male cleaver >> and how this giant ball end up rolling through rush hour. >> dropping to the 50s in the front range. our weather watcher in superior, 54. >> is it better to be lucky than good? the broncos are hoping the colts are neither on
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commission is recalling the device samsung pitched as its best smart phone yet. the batteries pose a fire hazard and samsung has received dozens of reports of damage and injuries. federal regulators recalled about one million galaxy note 7 phones. >> because this product is in such a serious fire hazard, i am urging all consumers advantage of this recall right away. >> just wanted to post, share what happened to my note 7. >> reporter: samsung confirmed a few dozen instances of the problem. this man's jeep caught fire after he left his phone charging. >> a brand-new device, something as simple as a phone is going to burn down my car. >> reporter: lithium-ion batteries are popular because they're light-weight and can
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the positive and negative sides of the battery came into contact with each other, causing a manufacturing problem. the company voluntarily recalled the devices. >> anybody who thinks that a company going out on a phone is going to provide the best recall for that company and the consumer needs to have more than their phone checked. >> a consumer can get a full refund or a replacement phone. inew attacked a police officer with a meat cleaver. [ crowd noise ] >> the story says two officers approached a man trying to take the parking boot off his car, he ran. they gave chase. an off-duty detective joined them. he got hit in the face with the cleaver. other officers opened fire. thesome is in the hospital, the detective is in
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that sounds a lot like another high-profile case we reported. white officers shot and killed a 13-year-old black boy after he pulled a bb gun out of his waist band. the officers were responding to an armed robbery when they came across three potential suspects. that 13-year-old pulled out what they thought was a real gun so one cop fired several shots. >> we found a gun at near the suspect that we were trying to apprehend, and is this is what that gun looked like. >> reporter: it was a bb gun. the boy died at the hospital. the officer is on administrative leave. acting -- a tip, investigators went to a home in clifton looking for meth. they busted in only to learn there were no drug dealers inside, just a family with five kids.
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deputies are extremely committed to accuracy and filing good cases, and nobody wants to make a mistake like that. >> the chief says the police department will pay for damages. >> >> a not so full moon rolling through a town in china. it was part of a festival. to broke loose due to high winds from >> can you imagine? [ laughter ] >> pressure in the upper atmosphere all week long, finally on the move! this could help kick off some scattered showers and storms today.
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very week. we did have an inch of rain with quarter-sized hail in otis earlier today. all the activity in the center of the nation. in comcolthere may be a couple of sprinkles on the far eastern plains. dying off quickly. just a couple south of akron and holy oak, southeastern colorado, another cold front working in. and see this the radar, it's dust being picked up by gusto wind. 20, 30, 40 mile per hour winds from colorado springs toward lamar. and that gallon on for another few hours. 50s behind it, 40s for the most part in the higher elevations. 78 at the airport, 76 downtown, started at 50. close to the normals for this time of year. nowhere near the records of 92 and 32.
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humidity has come up a little bit. but that pressure is on the rise. with the future cast, not much to show you, we clear it off tonight. there could be a few patches of fog on the eastern plains. tomorrow we start off sunny, we'll get some clouds in the afternoon and a couple of those scattered showers that we expect to see sometimes this time of the year. as is way. a lot of 40s on the eastern plains, 30s up high, 30s and 40s up west. tomorrow back into the 70s. 60s up high, 70s on the western slope. the fall color, nearing peak in the north western corner, about 8,000 feet. that gradually shifts south. we'll get to this 5-day
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kim and karen, a slow warmup and a drying trend into the weekend. a couple of 80s coming our way. approaching next weekend, fall arrives thursday! it's gonna come in with a little cool-down. >> getting into fall, pretty nice! the historic mcnichols civic center building reopens. it colfax. the city spent more than
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[ crowd noise ] symbol is a horseshoe, and is your quarterback's name is luck, anybody notice that? >> the things that keep him up at night. andrew luck has proved over the years that it's not just luck. he's pretty good. he's won three of his four meetings against the in those games, the broncos sacked him once. in the game they won, denver sacked him three times. coincidence? i would think not. >> the respect he should get, he's one of the best quarterbacks in the league. i haven't had a sack on him yet. i got close but he just has that
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keeping his dies down-field. and this year he looks even better. >> there are a lot of people in the league who haven't been sacked by von miller. booker fumbled on the broncos' opening drive. for davonte, he's got short-term memory loss. and for brook, he has no trouble put that mistake behind him. >> being able stuff happens, but i'm past that now, and even in a game, that fumble, i got back in the next direction. kubiak gave me the ball again. and it just showed how much he trusted me in running the ball. >> which rookie will have the best broncos career? 46% ever
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tonight. rex ryan bowl. eric deck her a huge night. 6 catches, 176 yards. jets up 20-7 20-7. 37-24. jets get the win. >> chatfield taking on wheat ridge. dalton cane for virginia tech. it was all chat field all the time. they win it 57-7. don't try it at home! i don't know how much money the guy in the black shirt got paid but it wasn't enough. he must trust his buddy. woo! luckily he didn't let him down. hard to tell where the ball went but it
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been. football players aren't scared of much, but heights?
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i might have screamed a little bit. that's what will parks told me about his zip-lining experience with fellow rookie justin simmons. who's buying dinner? >> biggest, highe race line in all of colorado. >> you young girls can pick. [ laughter ] >> yeah, he can pick. >> anywhere, anywhere. >> on your mark, get set, go! >> how'd you feel when you were at the top? >> i was nervous.
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>> i wasn't moving. >> he was moving! >> i listened to the rules. [ laughter ] >> i guess there's trash talking with anything.
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y23esy yvpy >> maybe can you inform us. >> the top requires you to hum me a little shine on harvest moon. [ laughter ] >> you're hooking at the full
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it's time for your host -- byron allen. rick kaiser. mick flores. now a man who you tivo'd byron allen! ? >> all right. lot going on. lot going on. a consumer watch group has put out a list of the most dangerous costumes for kids to wear on halloween.


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