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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  September 16, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MDT

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hillary clinton is among those slamming the republican nominee. >> crews trying to prevent a >> crews trying to prevent a major environmental disaster in >> crews trying to prevent a major environmental disaster in with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. um, paul, that was great. i like how you can walk around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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breaking news tonight, a
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no one is going in or out of rose medical center, and the v.a. hospital off 9th and colorado. there were reports of someone seen walking around with a gun. >> shawn chitnis live on the scene. they are looking for someone and can't find that person of interest. >> reporter: denver police just tweeting out that that search continues. a lot of people playing the waiting game outside here by the talk to dan biz bee. your wife and son inside. are they okay? >> they're doing fine right now. >> reporter: tell us what it's like for them to have to shelter in place and how restrictive that is. >> basically the nurses told them they had to stay in their room, they're not allowed to leave for anything. so they're pretty locked down. >> reporter: not even to did to the bathroom. how are you keeping in touch? >> i'm able to call her and text message. it's not too restrictive. >> reporter: so what's your plan now?
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see what happens. hopefully the police can get the building clear and everything is okay. sounds like she's safe. that's all that really matters >> reporter: thanks so much for talking to us. we remain just outside of the perimeter. denver police are searching the entire building. the hospital telling us that everyone is safe. staff and patients. they can't get into too many details about the operational steps. we'll continue to check in with police and shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. this is the news on campaign 2016, donald trump flip-flops on the trail, and hillary clinton's camp pounces. trump is a leader of the birther movement and now believes president obama is an american. craig boswell live in washington dc for us tonight. craig? >> reporter: donald trump has made president obama's
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years. today he made a brief statement about it, and it reverberated throughout the city in seconds. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: at his washington hotel, republican presidential nominee donald trump summed up several years of controversy that he helped promote in just a few words. >> president barack obama was born in the united states. period. >> reporter: trump blamed hillary clinton's 2008 presidential campaign for starting the controversy in the first place. earlier clinton took a jab at trump from her campaign event across town. >> he has led the birther movement to delegitimatize our first black president. >> reporter: clinton later unleashed a tweet-storm, calling trump's action a disarrays. >> i'm shocked that a question like that would come up at a time when we got so many other things to do. >> reporter: while the
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about the birther controversy, members of the congressional black caucus are seething. >> donald trump is a disgusting fraud! >> donald trump is nothing more than a 2-bit racial arsonist. >> reporter: trump dismissed claims he's a racist at a rally in florida. >> the racist word, it's the oldest play in the democratic playbook. and americans have had enough of it, okay? >> reporter: a new poll shows trump and clinton are locked in party candidates are included. >> reporter: that video was from trump in miami where he moved onto this evening. hillary clinton was in new york where she taped an episode of the tonight show. a massive sinkhole opened
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since then, 215 million gallons of contaminated water have drained into that massive hole. experts now believe it's seeping into florida's underground aquestion fer. they're working -- aquifer. six manateed rescued in the middle of a florida golf course. they were able to swim into a water hazard they couldn't get back out. crews were able to relocate all six. more animal trouble, this time in russia. >> just a few sprinkles south of denver, storms in
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists.
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women helping built a
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habitat for humanity's blitz build. volunteers raise the roof and put up the walls for homes. habitat has been doing these women-fueled builds longer than 20 years. >> a team of women from wells fargo, as well as other individual women who wanted to get involved and give back to the community. >> they are planning to finish the project by november in time for the holidays. >> a live look on a gorgeous september evening. and it is a
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refugees in syria are getting much-needed humanitarian aid. food and splice were seen crossing the border into syria this morning. they were stuck in turkey for several days. able to help a military vet
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royal visit today. the dignitary was standing between the prince and duchess. helped the gentleman up. he wasn't hurt. a kitten narrowly escaped death in russia! dozens of vehicles there nearly hit the kitten. finally a driver stopped, scooped him off the ground. a veterinarian says it has some bruises but it's gonna be just fine. [ laughter ] >> unbelievable. >> gorgeous evening! >> lovely evening, terrific weekend. there you see just a few clouds off to the horizon, not much going on. nothing in the city but sunshine and blue skies. pretty nice day around here. doppler 4,000 does show a couple of scattered showers. isolated shower somewhere around the metro area. to the south,
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thunderstorm well to the south around trinidad, albuquerque, that's where we got some thunderstorms going on right now. just a little patch from there, the tail end of that front kicking up. and along the front, showers and thunderstorms heavy into the great lakes region and across the gulf coast. julia still hanging around off the coast of south carolina. heavy showers and thunderstorms here, all the green or gray are flood advisories or warnings, and then the thunderstorm warnings. they've got a heck of a mess going through most of missouri! the freeze warning we've got, up in the northwest and the extreme southwest, midnight freeze warnings from midnight to 9:00 am tomorrow. might see a few showers but then they're over. and mostly clear skies around saturday. an isolated shower push off, that's about it. sunday dry all day long into the evening hours. and monday into
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the sky. pretty nice weather coming our way. from our city cam, mostly clear skies downtown, as the sun goes down. 73 and 73 the highs today. 79 will be normal. well below normal today. and that one for the weather watchers as well. buena vista 68, 71 in arvada. limon at 73 we've got some snow at the higher peaks. and this is herman gulch trail. a little disting of snow. temperatures tonight, mostly 40s, 50s for the plains. tomorrow, a few 60s, 70s, 80s over the eastern plains.
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the mountains. tonight clear skies, full moon, 49 and 47 the overnight lows. tomorrow, partly cloudy, isolated storm, mid-to upper 70s. and notoriety next several day, an 84-degree reading coming your way on sunday. monday we're 87. 85 on tuesday, and wednesday 81 degrees. here's the 5th grade class in highlands ranch. dave ag-larry paid them a visit. lots of thermometers gages and. [ laughter ] >> they learned how weather balloons work. i don't think that's exactly the way they work. [ laughter ] >> he also made some tornadoes in dave's tornado machine. and he also makes snow in the classroom. thanks to teacher deborah charlton for shooting dave's visit. >> a lot of laughs! >> they love dave [ laughter ] >> just to keep the kids on their toes. [ laughter ] new concerns about
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owners of the gale axe note
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their phones. more than one million are being recalled. the president has apologized but the company is facing criticism. >> the recall process took a lot longer than anybody thought because samsung tried to do it by themselves at first. >> about 130,000 of the defective phones have been refunded or exchanged. >> the food and drug administration wish issuing new warnings about the dangers of tattooing. customers are re the fda has no way of knowing what goes into ink. many use industrial grade colors that are used in printer ink or automobile paint. >> it can cause many different types of problems like just allergic skin rashes, or inflammatory reactions, or even types of skin cancer. it's important that you're aware of that and don't think that it's just harmless paint going into your skin.
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denver police have lifted the shelter in place order outside of rose medical center and the veterans hospital campus in denver. people inside the hospitals are stilling told to stay where they are. police did get reports of shots being heard at rose medical center this afternoon. officers couldn't find anyone on-scene. they're looking for a man in his mid-30s
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we're live at 10:00 with the latest. there's a weekend traffica, letter to tell you about. >> we have a big weekend closure of the ramp from westbound i-70 to southbound i225. this was supposed to happen last weekend but was postponed. the ramp will be closed until monday morning at 5:00. take airport to 6th over to i-225. when it does reopen, overnight single-lane closures for the next three weeks. the ramp from eastbound arapahoe road to i-25 closing. when it does reopen monday morning, expect double right lane closures on northbound i 25 to orchard road during the morning commute. >> really nice weekend ahead! >> great weekend coming up, into next week. the 5-day forecast, 78 tomorrow, isolated
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sunshine around on monday. 87 degrees. 85 on tuesday, and 81 on wednesday. 78 would be normal for this time of year. so well above normal but dry. >> a cold reception for the colts. >> that's hope. [ laughter ]
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>> previously on "big brother": with the sitting ducks sitting ducks. >> i have decided not to use the power of veto. >> elfit was el-evicted for the third time. >> julie: victor, you are evicted from the "big brother"
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ticket to the final three... >> julie: congratulations, paul! you're the new h.o.h. >> ...he and james solidified a new partnership. >> you and i, if we don't work together, we would lose. >> this is a great scenario for me because paul knows if he wanthewants to split this coupl, he's going to need a little backup. >> so paul put the showmance on the block. >> i nominated you, corey, and you, nicole. >> with the bases loaded at the veto competition, it was the bottom of the ninth f final four. >> whoever wins this veto is basically evicting the next person to the jury house. >> and paul hit a home run. >> so i just finished playing my first baseball game ever, and look what i got. i get to choose who comes up to the final three with me. i have all the power this week. >> at the veto meeting, there was no friendship for nick-corey. >> i choose not to use the power
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>> core, i'm sorry, i'm going to have to evict you to give me and paul a chance to make it in one of those chairs. >> sending corey to jerry in a one horse open sleigh, jingling all the way. tonight the final battle for the head of household begins. plus the final three celebrate the summer. >> final three, congratulations! >> including tons of moments you haven't seen. >> aarrhh! >> all this right now on "big brother." >> don't bring up my daughter! >> da', da'!


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