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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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loud thunderstorms rumble through the area, spitting out a lot of lightning. ed greene is in colorado's weather center. >> we had a couple of good boomers out here, and lots. lightning. not much in the way of rain and hail. you can see what happened. just three hours ago, you can see that we had a storm move out, a little rain mixed with snow at the higher elevations near bailey, and a denver. you can see that go along with it, and it is just hanging around right now. hail only about 0.20 to 0.30 of an inch. it was soft hail. not much rain either. about 61 strikes in the last 15 minutes.
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reports of shots fired at a hospital. now six hours later, we're finally learning the results of an extensive search at denver rose medical center. police found nothing inside the victim. >> reporter: multipl called 911 saying they heard shots fired at rose medical center. >> she explained that somebody had fired fun shot shots outside the building. and there seemed to be regular activity. >> reporter: a mass itch response by police, including
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my worry is my wife's work leader for 25 years. i'm a little concerned. >> reporter: dan is worried about his wife and son. >> she's in a very secure part of the building. >> we conducted a zone by zone search of the facil not locate a suspect or a victim >> reporter: additional searching was done after dark. what evidence was found? >> we're not good afternoon talk with the details. but i can say our detectives are getting into a good path. >> reporter: the hospital wouldn't say how many people were on lockdown. denver police do have a person of interest
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a white man in his 30s, 130 pound, a flannel shirt and cap on. thunder still rumbling in the background. a frightening afternoon for several homeowners in thornton. a fire got within a few yards of the properties. copter 4 is overhead, pouring water on those flames. homeowners tell us -- you can't blame them. karen morfitt live tonight, watching that fire from their back decks. >> reporter: you look to the right over here, this open field
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from their backyard. far too close for comfort. flames moved quickly from one corner of this open field to another. >> my head was racing. you don't know what's gonna happen >> reporter: she heard the sirens but didn't realize what was happening or how close the fire had come to her backyard. >> i look out the window and there's flames. >> very emotional. i didn't know what >> reporter: multiple agents were already on the ground. working seriously to knock down the flames and is protect dozens
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>> reporter: landon suited up in case they needed an extra hand. >> he's a little late but ready to offer his assistance. >> reporter: the flames grew to about a half mile in length and a quarter mile wide. still no word yet on tonight on what may have caused the fire. two men posing as denver water workers ripped off an 84-year-old woman. one man brought her outside to distract her while the other stole her valuables. >> i open the little glass dish and i sought rings were gone. it meant a lot to me. i never thought i would lose them. >> denver water wants to remind you that they will never show unannounced.
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their shirt, cars, and always feel free to ask for i.d.. for the first time since the devastating bus crash, the legacy high school football team took the field. lauren dispirito is live at the team stadium tonight. they've got a lot of support behind them. >> reporter: they had some inspiring support from the broncos here tonight afterwards, the interim head coach acknowledged this was a very despite that, able to pull off a 29-6 victory. it's a game that students tell us would not have been able to happen if it weren't for the support from within and outside the legacy community. >> reporter: nearly one week since tragedy, the phrase legacy strong has become more than a social media hashtag. a mindset for a community focused on moving forward together.
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together. >> reporter: the high school's football team decided to play its homecoming game, taking the field for the first time since being involved in a bus crash. sunday carie died when the bus she was driving crashed into is a concrete pillar at dia. the team was on its way home from a game in california. three coaches were seriously hurt. >> we'd like to honor the >> reporter: before kickoff, legacy held a moment of silence for chopper and her family. >> reporter: and the team itself, reenforcements. three denver broncos joined their huddle to help raise the spirit. >> the whole environment of this week and the atmosphere of
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together. >> reporter: investigators and the medical examine vernot determined what may have caused this crash. lauren dispirit oh, cbs4 news. >> there the be a memorial service. denverol events. a man was hit walk along 6th near federal. he hopped a median and got hit by another car. then he tried to carjack a pickup truck stuck in the traffic. >> directly after my truck, tried getting into is the driver's door. at that point he said get out of the truck, i want your truck. at that point traffic had started moving again. i started take off. >> reporter: turns out the guy
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he did go to the hospital with serious injuries. trevor siemian has a big opportunity this weekend to prove he's the real deal. >> an impressive week 1 victory victory. >> we didn't know what to expect. now the proz are expected to win in week 2. r panthers. last week, underdogs to carolina. this week they're favored. not necessarily sure that's a good thing since they seem to embrace the underdog role. they won't overlook the colts. the only team in the nfl with defense the last two seasons. and even though they know they won as the underdog,
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mistakes, results could be different. >> they give you a lot of problems. we'll have to play better than we did against carolina in my opinion. we're very fortunate. >> kubiak may leave it up to damirius thomas and derek wolfe this weekend. >> kickoff on sunday donald trump creates another big controversy by claiming he doesn't believe the birther movement. >> was born in the united states, period. >> why he blames hillary clinton for his theory that president obama was not born in the united states. >> and a painful homecoming, red mains of two colorado ons who died fighting isis. >> how a kitten survived
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highway. >> a little group of storms moving over the metro area. a lot of noise, a lot of
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to knowald trump no long -- donald trump no longer pushing the false theory that president obama was not born in the u.s. at the same time he started a new theory, that hillary clinton started the birther movement.
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you deplorables. >> reporter: donald trump took the stage to the music of les mis. hours earlier trump walked back on his long-held belief president obama was not born in the u.s. first he accuse hillary clinton of starting the movement in 2011. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. president obama was born in the united states. period. >> reporter: his comments set off a firestorm. >> he is feeding into the worst impulses. >> reporter: angry members of the congressional black caucus called him a fraud. >> donald trump is nothing more
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for decades has done nothing but fan the flames of bigotry and hatred. >> reporter: even the president himself commented. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. >> john dickerson questions the timing of the birther comment. >> not clear why he has changed his campaign manager and running mate said it was his view that president obama was born in the united states. and this may seem like an odd thing to be talking about in the middle of a campaign. it was the signature policy program that donald trump as a private citizen put forward, spending a lot of time even after barack obama put forward his official birth certificate, donald trump for a long time claimed that was a fraud. he's been talking about
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view now, and we'll see how much more that comes up. it may very well be that he changed it because it's an outlier of a theory. that his campaign worried that people would think it was just too out there to believe that when there's no evidence to suggest it's true. >> and we talked about trump's visit to colo welcome home. two colorado men killed fighting isis in syria. today their caskets were brought back to colorado arriving by train to union station. family and friends waiting for them describe their mixed emotions. >> he did more than i ever diddism got sent to vietnam. he went to syria.
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i wanted this day so bad. the last thing i wanted to see was my son come off of the train. a conflict of emotion, just like that -- like getting kicked in the face. >> representative pearlmutter presented them with flags that were previously flown over the u.s. capitol. brian o'connell was today. he has a gash on his jaw. he was attacked trying to arrest a man running from police. officers shot that suspect. he is in the hospital. a man escaped through the duct work, stoldt money out of the register and bolted.
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money was fake. [ laughter ] this kitten has used at least one of its nine lives it. fell out of an suv on a busy highway in russia. several vehicles drove over the kitten without hurting it. a man saved it. storms popped up in the last hour. >> we may see an isolated happened. 7:00, higher elevations, a little rain mixed with snow. even a lightning strike there. and right into denver, a lot of lightning. aurora as well. lightning is down to 43 strikes, starting to die down. the storm is starting to weaken. and that's about it. right here around the metro area. and we're starting to see a couple more jet streams over the area. clear skies over the mountains and west and all the
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some of you can keep going for the next hour or so. here's that cold front. showers and thunderstorms. the system over the gulf coastal area. that is still tropical storm julia, hanging around in the atlantic. a chilly start for some folks. look at the freeze warning in effect from midnight to 9:00 am tomorrow morning. parts of the west, north, and down to south. our hour by hour forecast, storms moving out of the area. clear skies saturday, sunday, isolated storm sat. arch that a stretch of great weather. and we're gonna warm up as well. today seseventy-three dia, downtown. thirty-nine and 44 is where we started.
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bourna vista. 71 -- buena vista. wheat ridge at 75 degrees. 58 and 59 right now. rain-cooled air right now. 39-% humidity. not a lot of humidity, hail or rain out of that storm. theer peak color from rabbit -- near peak color from rabid ears pass. good color here from leonabr temperatures for tonight mostly 40s. 30s higher up. out west, 40s, 50s. and for tomorrow, warming up a few degrees 80s eastern plains. out west temperatures in the 70s and 80s. the denver forecast for tonight, clear skies, full moon, 49 and 47. for tomorrow, look for plow
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storm. 77 and 78. then i think we dry it out on sunday with a high of 84. look at monday, sunny and 87 degrees. tuesday we're at 85. 81 on wednesday.
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demaryius thomas says he can play burk in the long-run it might make more sense to may it safe. kubiak says he trusts his players. fowler the only player ruled out for the colts game. >> they look men i gauge whether they can do it. i trust if they say they can play. >> if we can play, we're gonna play. heading to the archives this week.
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cu/michigan game. not gonna miss a chance to show the miracle in michigan game. most of the players on this year's team weren't even born yet! >> it's a great play to win the game. and we've heard about it, being here. focus on ourselves, focus on playing the game. y game, we meant to win that game. >> almost half think the buffs get blown out. third game, third quarterback. mike vogel is trying turnover get his offense going. >> we have no confidence offensively. we have to find a way to get that this week. we had a little spark when collin
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we completed an outroute, and like john elway just threw the ball. >> of hits, lots of runs, blown leads, and is crazy colorado weather. just another night at coors field. rockies hosting the padres. lemahieu helps himself to the batting title race. his average up to .348. tyler chat 7 runs in 5 innings, spending a lot of time looking into his glove. out of nowhere the skies opened up. 7-5 in the 9th. the game just resumed. i think i want to start a new segment and call it weekly
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demarcus "don't call me old ware" the oldest player on the lost ther year. but we're gonna call him wise! every week he always has some great pearls of wisdom to pass along. you really have to pay close attention to some is of his analogies. like when he described what it's like for a look tow game in the nfl. >> i think that game for them is like going to the circus and cotton candy. they're in the game, play a little bit. and now they're ready. they gotta go into a dungeon this time and see if they can find the light a little bit. >> i don't know what that means. >> sounds scary though. [ laughter ]
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two home, five days, and 150 plus women, participating in
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>> we had a lot of lightning out of this. not much rain. a little hail. it's just moving off, the only storm in the state right now. george sent in this. [ laughter ] >> there you go. looks like the br good omen. >> great omen! captioning sponsored by cbs >> we've got a great show tonight. harry connick jr. will be here.


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