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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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police are searching for the man who shot and killed a 16-year-old girl in house party in thorton. good evening. >> thank you for joining us. melissa garcia is live at monica way with what happened there. >> reporter: friends have identified the victim as a 16-
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bottle caps, some of the evidence of what happened here early this morning. police say the teenage girl was at a party at that house over there with some uninvited guests showed up and opened fire. signs of celebration littered the street outside it thorton home where a party turned into tragedy. >> horrified. this is a great neighborhood. we are all very close together, a close-knit community. >> reporter: startled awake around 2 am saturday to the sound of gunshots. >> what i thought was a knock at the door was actually a gunshots that tragically killed this young lady. >> i came outside and heard sirens and came down here and i saw the body on the ground. >> reporter: mark came out to see the body of a 16-year-old girl who was shot in the torso and died. >> it's awful. her life was taken so soon. just getting started in life. it is tragic. >> reporter: police say the gunfire rang out after a fight
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monaco way. >> in the world of social media we know that this party was advertised. we don't know how far it was shared. sometimes people share it with people that are invited. they end up crashing these parties and bad things happen. >> all of a sudden bank, bank, bank. i look out the window and i see cars gobbling up the street.>> reporter: shooter took off. police are searching for a suspect described as a skinny hispanic male in his late teens or early 20s. male in his late teens or early 20s. about 5'6" with dark hair and glasses and a gold hoop nose ring. he may be associated with a red sedan. >> police right now are asking anyone who might have any information to come forward. investigators say is unclear right now if that teenage girl was intended target in the shooting or whether she may have been caught in the crossfire. or loved ones tell us they will be holding a vigil, a candlelight vigil, here are haley tonight at 7:00.
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new details about a crash that killed two people last night in larimer county. we have learned victims are husband and wife from johnstown but both are teachers here in colorado. jerrod sommerville worked at longmont high school. his wife genevieve worked at fort collins high school. no word on what caused the crash. we know either person was wearing a seatbelt. investigators say the young child in the back seat was properly strapped in and survived the crash. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be factors in the crash. after the shocking death of a high school athlete. officials at peak to peak charter school in lafayette confirmed 18-year-old brandon ries collapsed while running in a 5k cross-country meet. it happened in broomfield last night. he died later at the hospital. loved ones are still searching for answers. >> i think there is a lot of shock. i'm very surprised. this happened very suddenly without any warning.
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acquainted with the idea we no longer have one of our stellar students here. he was an absolutely phenomenal human being. he touched a lot of lives. just a very generous, wonderful person. >> grief counselors will be available for students on monday . the school says it is working to organize a vigil for reese. >> reporter: less than a week ago the legacy high school football team was involved in a deadly bus crash. last night the team took the field in raleigh to win their crash. several players and coaches were hurt. one is still in the hospital. since the tragedy we have seen outpouring of support from the community. >> including a few denver broncos who showed up to cheer on the team. t.j. ward, sylvester williams and russell were on the sidelines. they even stepped in and gave the players a pep talk. legacy students say the tragedy has brought them closer together. >> that is really united all
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he didn't -- really did all. >> but we really appreciate. >> legacy also held a moment of silence for the bus driver who was killed. investigators and medical examiners have not said what led to that crash. storms put on a major light show over dinner last night. let's get a check in the forecast. anymore moisture on the way? >> we have sunshine. today was a real rocking day in the eastern plains of colorado. look at this. we y we were dry and then just a big line of thunderstorms across eastern plains as another trough moves through and keeps us in the 70s today. here's a closer look from yuma to burlington and cheyenne, thunderstorms with a lot of lightning out there today. hail and tornadoes as well. looking at some of the reports we had down here near cheyenne wells we had two landspouts. one on the north edge and another roughly 2 miles north of town. they lasted for about five
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as we look for the north we had hail around the yuma area. this hailstorm dropped p to marble size hail out in that area. roughly during the course of the game that was on channel 4 today. on the big picture we have a couple of things going on. there is a cold front in billings all the way back to northern california. at the same time, there is a big high over the desert southwest. one of those will be changing tomorrow and for the start of the week ahead. we will take a look at which one and what it does to the temperature coming up next. >> you have our attention now. crews not to down a fire that broke out in a this morning. this is at the cube smart self storage facility your eye to 25 and sixth avenue. no one was hurt but four units suffered major damage. investigators are still working on the cause.
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in grand junction. we learned the retrial for lester jones is set to begin november 21. jones is accused of bergfeld's disappearance in 2007. remains were found in 2012. she led a double life as an export -- as an escort. jones was one of the less people to see her. >> a big change for police in colorado springs the department is disbanding the gang units because of what their calling a critical staffing shortage. dozens of officers are being reassigned to street patrol. that area has been hit hard by resignations and retirements. >> any police department has to focus on their patrol division in answering calls to service right now. that is the main focus. unfortunately, there are some things that i'm going to have to take a step back from, including some of the specific again work through the gang unit and that team. >> another big change, springs
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their officers. thousands of people heading to the us air force academy tonight to see country music star tim mcgraw. that means a lot of traffic on i-25. kelly werthmann shows us cdot is using that congestion to test what they're calling a new pie-in-the-sky. >> reporter: colorado's department of transportation is getting a high-tech birds eye view of traffic. >> you can take this up to 400 feet legally fly it and you can see 37 miles. >> reporter: as part of an faa the denver-based company you a view flight operations are using this six prop drone to check out road conditions. >> right now we have the camera locked on i-25. >> reporter: with a major concert happening at air force academy tens of thousands of cars are expected to pack interstate between denver and colorado springs. the strong will help monitor traffic using its camera and 30
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enforcement. >> if there is an accident we can also vector emergency vehicles. we can get ambulances, fire trucks very rapidly without people guessing on where the actual accident is. >> reporter: the unmanned aerial vehicle was tethered to the ground where it is powered by a generator. that essentially allows the drawn to fly for an unlimited amount of time while also keeping it in a safe flying zone. >> whenever flying over traffic , over schools, anything that could be of any personal. >> reporter: instead of stationary cameras mounted on poles or pricey helicopter flights experts say drones like this will provide more accurate and cost-effective traffic monitoring for cdot. >> anytime there's an accident or an emergency or even a road repair they can pop this up, take the pictures, manage the traffic situation. >> reporter: kelly werthmann cbs4 news. see double continue testing tonight. is no word on when they will make a decision regarding
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coming up, donald trump is set to give a speech in colorado springs tonight. political specialists shaun boyd is there with why the republican nominee is refocusing on our state. lots of sunshine to be had here in the final weekend of summer. there is a little fire danger going on tonight the weather map up in northern colorado until 7:00 tonight.
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,, happening tonight, donald trump is in colorado springs. >> he said to give a speech in just over an hour. shaun boyd is live springs tonight. hillary clinton had a big lead in colorado, but trump is no closing that gap. >> reporter: a month ago donald trump trailed hillary clinton here in colorado by 11 points. today polling averages show him down by just three points trump isn't expected to speak here and tell 7:30. you can see the crowd is already starting to build. his campaign expects more than 5000 people. security wasn't
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bomb scare. it turned out to be false alarm. how this is only his second campaign rally in colorado he has been stepping up his game. his son was here last week, daughter here next week. trump in colorado springs to rally the republican base and large number of veterans here. he is also helping to peel off some blue-collar anti-gun democrats in southern colorado. a paso county commissioner and trump consultant mark waller tells me the campaign is aggressively courting don't vote or who may have never voted. he says he is hoping that momentum and enthusiasm that trump is a now continues. i will break down what trump has to say here and talk more about that shift in the polls coming up at 10:00. live in colorado springs with cbs4 news. turning to weather, a beautiful day to campaign in colorado. >> no kidding. with the exception of the
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here's a satellite and radar. starting up is 6:00 the morning everyone had sunshine. a little low pressure trough went through mixing with the heat over the eastern plains. you can see the >> thunderstorms. now on the way to nebraska and kansas. we will have a calm night over most of colorado heading into the evening. on the big weather picture i showed you there is a front to the pacific northwest. there are actually two working on the weather from billings in boise to portland and seattle. this high over las vegas will the central rockies. watch what happens when it does. keeps the fronts up to the north and brings and clear skies over colorado. tomorrow in the state of i'm not expecting thunderstorms, maybe one or two clouds and that's about it. mostly sunny skies across colorado. this will probably keep us in the 80s for the rest of the summer season. all the way through thursday.
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our standards. dia 78. same downtown. normal highs is 78 degrees. of the right now it is 75. lovely in the sunshine with an east northeast wind at 8 miles an hour. humidity at 18 and high pressure. you can see most of our weather watcher's right now are in the 70s. one little 80 in fort morgan. mike who is one of our weather watcher's was on manella pass, look at the colors up there. colors are changing about a from now until next weekend we might be peaking in the northern rockies. a little change down in southern colorado. here is a look at the average. dates. in the orange that is where the. is happening as we speak all the way through next week. the rest of the state should follow once we get into october , the first couple of weeks of october. for tonight clear skies and 40s and 30s in the mountains. 40s and 50s across eastern
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the eastern plains. the last sunday of the summer season. the equinox happens on thursday. 70s and 80s in the mountains in the west. here is my forecast. mostly clear and moonlit tonight. we had a harvest moon last night. i hope you saw that. 51 will be the overnight low downtown. tomorrow mostly sunny, warming up to 87 and the city. 85 at the airport. above normal. we have a few more 80s forward to. upper 80s for monday and tuesday with sunshine. 81 wednesday with partly cloudy skies. thursday is the autumnal equinox that happens in the morning, 78. we might even pickup a few isolated thunderstorms with a cold front coming through. >> we were looking at the moon lit night last night. >> were you howling at the
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welcome back. see you knew it would take a special performance a knockoff number four michigan. it was a special teams that let the wolverines back in this one. what a great start. ross is boss. 37 yard at 7-0. a couple of minutes later buffs defense doubles the score. sac, fumble. derek mccartney with a scoop and score. 14-0 in the first five minutes. the special teams albums, buffs punt blocked and taken back. michigan box to puns in the first half. they rallied with a 24-21 lead in half. shae builds for a 70 yard
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28-24. he cannot continue on that ankle. the buffs day was done as well. another problem for the punting team as michigan took this one back to seal the deal exi you was competitive with a top five team. the came up short 45-28. that was the final. csu hosting northern colorado aggie orange today. freshman colony hill looked like he would be -- looked the key could be wearing orange on sunday. his first ar pastorale remasters. a bit of an exaggeration. hill off and running. this time off and running for a 51 yard touchdown. longest run by rams quarterback since bradlee van pelt. held is the third quarterback to start with aransas year 24 touchdown passes in the first half. the job is now his. the rams win 47-21.
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has made plays, which is good to see, it's good to see our receivers make plays when opportunities can. we had one drop but otherwise everybody made a lot of plays. >> upset of the day. louisville to florida state. we have an early heisman front- runner, lamarr jackson ran for four touchdowns, through for another. in three games he has accounted for 18 total touchdowns as the cardinals wallop the second -ranked seminoles 63-20. nfl for the colts they dominated the broncos. one peyton manning like for the broncos the colts still dominated the broncos. since the turn-of-the-century the colts have one 11 of 14 matchups with the broncos including each of the last nine. going back up our isn't exactly relevant this year, but the core of the broncos team have lost three of four to indy including that upset two years ago. it begs the question why did the
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>> i don't know. that's a tough one. i don't know. i don't know if it's when they see the broncos they just want to go out and try to kick our butts or, that's just how they feel when they play. they are very well coached. we know that. the coaching staff over there, especially coaches backgrounding in baltimore, having metaphysical background he imposes that on his players and it works out no matter who's on the team ever your. >> this is our standard saturday poll during broncos season, predict tomorrow's outcome. vote at tomorrow warm temperatures will dominate of the broncos game. not looking for rain. 80s rolling through wednesday and by thursday a little cooler, 78 with isolated storms. that's okay because that will be the first day of fall. . >> a change on that day. >> aware did summer go? >> i know. thank you for watching cbs4 news. >> we will see you back here for cbs for news at 10:00.
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this week, week one ended with a win, but there is still plenty of work to be done. up next, andrew luck and the colts. not long ago this franchise was on the rise, and ju off to a bumpy start. and a new friend joins us this year, the former bronco lineman is in the studio and we'll get his takes on trevor's debut and the defense's dirty reputation." chevy football preview" starts


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