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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  September 18, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MDT

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just thought about that i was close to not actually seeing my son again. that was the scare areyest part of the night to me. >> an explosion rocks a new york city neighborhood, leaving 29 people hurt. this is a live look at the scene this morning. what we're learning more about a second device police found just blocks away. and the search is on for a suspect police say shot and killed a 16-year-old girl in or rattled the community. plus details about the deaths of a high school track at fleet broomfield. what s the school doing to help students cope. good morning to you. we'll is have more on those stories in just a moment, but let's get a check of the forecast with dave first. >> happy sunday, everybody. as we look at the map here, if
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and 50s, but if you look from just outside of eerie and thornton, to greeley, a big patch of blue up there. it's cool up there. you go down the highway here to westminster, and it's 61 degrees. so just depending upon where you are, you're in the warmth or the cold this morning. john our weather watcher. he it's clear over denver, and it will remain that way through most of the day. 85 degrees in the sunshine. that out to be the high today. 83 at halftime, and right around 80 in the fourth quarter, so it will feel like the middle of july out there at mile high stadium today. hopefully that will help the broncos bring home a win. coming up, we'll talk about how
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>> we want to get to a live look of new york city right now, where you can see debris and crime scene tape are still all over the road, after an explosion went off last night. 29 people were hurt. police found two suspicious devices. investigators say the victims will be okay, but they believe the blast was intentional. kenneth craig has the latest from new york. >> reporter: bomb sniffing after an explosion rocked the heart of new york city saturday night. witnesses say the blast was so powerful it shook buildings and sent people running for cover. >> i heard boom! i thought it might be fireworks, but it was so loud, and it just went through my whole body. >> witnesses also say the blast ripped this dumpster to shreds. residents who live in the area posted pictures of shattered
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instagram. blood soaked napkins littered the ground. >> saw a guy who got injured. >> where were he pleading from? >> from his head, right here. >> reporter: investigators searched for more explosive devices. the mayor of new york tried to calm fear offers terrorism, but said it was an intentional attack. >> there is no evidence at this time of a terror this incident.
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a u.s. marine corps charity race. three pipe bombs were tethered together, all had explosives, but only one went off. the blast happened just adams runners were due to pass a trash can yesterday morning, but the race started late, be saving anyone from being hurt. >> that was actually a very good thing, because had it not been delayed, we would have been running by the -- you know, where the explosive device was. >> reporter: the be fbi is believe the incident was terror- related, or if the race was targeted. back here at home, friends and family of a 16-year-old girl are mourning her death. haley vargas was shot and killed a at party in thornton early yesterday morning, and now the search is on for the shooter. we spoke with some of haley's friends. >> it's the worst thing i've ever experienced. >> reporter: emotions ran high hat a prayer vigil as friends
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shot and killed a at party overnight. >> talk to her every day, and now it's like i have that part of my missing. >> reporter: teens tell us the party was cut short just before 2:00 a.m. >> some guy just started shooting in the house, and everybody started running to their cars, and i seen a girl just fall in the middle of the street. >> reporter: two sisters who did not want to be identified, tried to keep vargas alive until police got to the scene. >> reporter: nobody is helping her, so >> i grabbed my friend's shirt and just wrapped it around my hand, and just put it over tow wound to try to stop the bleeding. . >> reporter: now vargas's friends want to make sure she isn't remembered by how she died, but how she lived. >> is people know her adams the girl who got shot right now. i don't want her to be known as
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known as that, so i just want people to remember her as haley vargas, the one always smiling, who made people smile. >> and thornton police say a red sedan might be associated with the shooter. if you have any information about what happened at this party right now, thornton police ask you give them a call. >> right now the death of a high school athlete leaves a community >> ill think there's a lot of shock. this happened suddenly, without any warning at all. so we're very much trying to get acquainted with the idea that we no longer have be one of our stellar students. he was an absolutely phenomenal human being, touched a lot of lives, just a very generous, wonderful person. >> grief counselors will be available for students as they return to classes tomorrow in broomfield. the school said it's working to
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witnesses tell us a propane tank exploded, causing this fire at a banquet hall in aurora. this was the scene on smith road near chamber saturday night. no injuries were reported. right now, fire investigators want to find out what sparked this fire at a storage facility in aurora. it proceeding out a. the cube smart self storage yesterday. nobody was hurt, but four units do have major damage. tonight, cps is launching a murder of jon benet ramsey. we spoke with the executive producer and investigator looking into the case. >> reporter: why did you want to do this front how did all of this come together? >> jim came to us five or six months ago, and said he was frustrated, that as one of the original investigators on the case, he hadn't been able to investigate it the way he wanted to. >> reporter: they put together
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>> there's tons of evidence in this case, and what it needed was a comprehensive look from all sorts of different professional perspectives. >> reporter: the teach even built a replica of the house, focusing on rooms critical to the investigation. >> we're using behavioral analysts to actually deacon instruct the crime, reverse engineer it back to the type of person who commit child. >> of course one obviously the key witnesses, patsy ramsey is gone, having passed away ovarian cancer after the death of her dater. what would you ask her if you could give her one question? >> i would ask her for exactly whatever she remembered about the initial moments when she found that letter on the staircase. >> reporter: this is not a retelling of the story. this is an active investigation into the case, and then you can decide what happened to jon
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7:00. part two will air tomorrow night at 8:00, right here on cps. we have learned in knew information about steps taken by investigators in are the murder of jon benet ramsey. we have a preview of tomorrow night's story. >> reporter: nearly 20 years since a terrifying call for help. a grand jury wanted to charge the girl's parents, but the family has now been cleared. what does it all >> we would love to solve that case, file charges and pursue it. >> reporter: but are boulder police any closer to finding the killer of jon benet? >> we have not and will not give up. happening this morning, all types of animals will get a essential blessing at st. aidan's episcopal church in boulder across from the c.u. engineering building. the public blessing is held every year.
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popular it now includes a petting zoo and pony rides for children. that is this morning. >> sun is shining. a little cloud action on the west signed is of town, bust otherwise, look at that lookout mountain camera over there. sun is shining brightly this morning. look at the colors near vail. william danly took that shot there. great ek the colors. speaking of leaves and that type of thing, fall begins on thursday at 8:21 in the morning. i'll is your first day of fall forecast coming up in a bit. >> and a terrifying scene at a mall on saturday night. a man dressed at n a security uniform goes on a stabbing spree before an off-duty officer kills him. how many are hurt, and what police are revealing about that suspect. plus an american classic
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new details about a stabbing attack that sent at least 8 people to a minnesota hospital. police say the attacker was dressed in a private security uniform and made references to allah. this all happened at a mall in st. cloud. an off-duty police officer shot
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hasn't been identified. >> do know there is no imminent threat right now to the citizens of st. cloud, but we are still investigating, and the crossroads mall, as of now, will be closed until further notice. >> police declined to call that attack an act of terrorism. the u.s. military says it might have unintentionally killed more than 60 syrian troops in a series of air strikes. officials say the raid was intended for ivy. fighting on opposite sides of the war in syria, but recently agreed to a cease-fire allow humanitarian aide. this is the news in health this morning. engineers at berkeley say they have developed a sensor that could help people with chronic illnesses. that sensor has been planted into your body and records information about your nervous system in real-time. inventers say that ultra-sonic
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device to gather information which could hip treat conditions. >> able to provide the stimulation to help stop seizures, before they fully fledge, which means a -- a see you're-free life is a -- seizur for so many with epilepsy. dave here now with your game-day forecast. hoping to see a lot of orange in that stadium today. >> i think we will. that field looks good out there. it will feel like summer out at mile high stadium today. so good-looking day. speaking of orange color. take a look at this from around rabbit ears pass. larry sent this shot in. colors in the northern
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so peeks week questioned into next week. but a lot of areas will have some beautiful color through the first week or so is of october, but northern colorado is looking very good right now, if you want to take a drive today before the broncos game. look at this, 30 degrees up there. 36 in meeker. it's 27 in alamosa. that's at the airport down there, and 55 at dia. ed is one of our weather watchers in northeast alamosa, and degrees this morning. it's a little breezy in some hoff the northern foothills. estes park up here, goes into the mountains, as well. 40 in winter park, and it goes into southern wyoming, and that while area has a pretty strong pressure gradient there, and there's a red flag warning here from jackson county, at least the higher elevations into northern weld county. red flag warning from noon to
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winds picking up there, and how dry and warm it will be today. so be care envelope that region. there's a cold front moving into northern wyoming, and in between where you get high pressure and low pressure, that's where the wind is going, right over northern colorado. it's a downloading wind for us, so that's boosting the temperature, and that high should be cold enough to hold those cold fronts, too, up to the north. so we'll be warm and a little breezy around here today. we'll be in the 70 and well. 85 in grand young today. 85234 in the bronco game today when we kick that thing off. a lot of sunshine out there today, should be great. and then looking ahead, upper 80s for monday and tuesday. and then we bring it back down to lower 800s on wednesday and thursday. there's a chance we could see some storms late on thursday with another cold front coming through, and it's not on there, but i think friday heading into
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the 60s. so that will be kind of a shocker after all of those 80s during the week. >> hopefully it doesn't shock the fall colors too much. i was just thinking about that, as warm as it has been, it allows these fall colors to develop. >> i think it will be okay 0. it's a cold front, but not a crazy one. you have to get a front that is really windy, and that will blow the leaves down and that type of thing, and that's not happening yet. >> so you're saying i have to grab my pumpkin spice latte. >> that's right. >> brees springsteen has been on the road most of the year, but anthony mason managed to catch up with him at home in new jersey. >> reporter: in the final dates of his international tour that ended this past week, bruce springsteen played one four-hour gig after another.
7:19 am
from many, many years of experience. don't try it at home, kids. (laughing). >> reporter: it's the one arena where the singer, who turned 67 this week, can control the clock. >> you're looking for a particular moment, and when you catch that, it feels so good sometimes, and then disappears. ? can't start a fire without a spark ? this gun's for hire even if we're just dancing in the dark ? >> you get a little physically tired, though it's amazing how you can do itive night when you're called to. >> we met on the singer's new jersey farm recently, at the recording studio he built there. where do you think your drive comes from? >> i believe every artist has someone who told them that they
7:20 am
who told them they were the second coming of baby jesus, and they believed them both, and that's the fuel that starts the fire. >> bruce springsteen, troubadour of the working class. a that story this sunday morning right here on cbs 4 at 8:00. coming up, officials with the state's tourism department talk about why they don't plan to use legal marijuana as a selling point. in a new coors field record
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good morning. i would love to be talking about the rockies this late in september because they're in playoff contention, but we'll have to settle today for a record-breaking performance from jon gray. gray are on the mound last night, rockies hosting the padres this weekend, and gray got plenty of sun report. nolan crushed one in the first. tom murphy also had two home runs, but it was 16 shades of gray last night, as gray a broke the rockies strikeout record with 16 strikeouts in the game. that's a coors field record, as well. gray pitching a cleat game four- hint shutout. that's what you want from your ace. rockies won 8-0. >> i just wanted to get back to doing -- being the best version
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that's not so much picking around, as getting after guys, just blowing up their hands with fastballs. >> jonny has a right future. he's doing some special things already. >> have a good sunday. rockies go for the sweep this afternoon 37 hey broncos fans, are you ready for the game today? join the conversation with our broncos insiders. you can do so all season long with arby's fan talk. during broncos games vote in our fan poll. the results are on auto nation all access tonight at 10:35. lawmakers in washington want to pull the plug on so- called ticket robots. that's the software that scoops
7:25 am
events before anyone else, and then brokers resell them at astro mommicle prices. congress has proposed a bill to end that practice. >> reporter: the producer of the hit musical hamilton implored lawmakers to act, slamming the scalpers who used ticket robots as computerized cheaters. >> every time we put a new block of tickets on sale, the botts, or robot, have invaded the ticketmaster system the then electronically purchased almost all of the available inventory. >> reporter: that's what drove ticket prices into the thousands, and led the show's creator to call for a crackdown last month. >> you shouldn't have to fight a robot to go see a show you like. >> reporter: the bill would prohibit the use of robot ticket software. new york's attorney general
7:26 am
month, finding ticketing is a fixed game with average markups of 49%. for example, a single both snagged more than a thousand tickets to a u2 show in the first minute, excite a limit of four tickets per customer -- despite a limit of four tickets per customer. >> i don't mind paying for the tickets, but i think it should be done fairly. >> reporter: the bots act >> coming up on cbs 4 morning news, tragedy hits lair her county. what we're learn -- larimer county. what we're learning about that developing story. >> plus stunning video from arizona, where a plane crashed into a home.
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welcome back to colorado's news channel. it is 6:30 on sunday, september 18th. a beautiful shot looking west. looks like there might be a little bit of a breeze, looking at those windmills. dave is centis this morning. a little breezy out out there? >> yeah, in fact, the foot hills in larimer county, there's a red flag warning for later this afternoon for high fire danger because of that gusty wind, but it's a down loading wind, and that will boost the estimates today. 62 already in archdiocese. we have -- are a have a da. -- arvada. a good start to the day.
7:31 am
tans, across the foothills here and out east. otherwise, clear over denver. if you're going to the big bronco game today, there will be a lot of sunshine. if you're on the nonshadey side of the field, you may want to put some sunscreen on, or wear a big hat, because it's going to be sunny and 85, at kickoff, in the low 80s at half time, right around 80 in the the fourth quarter. so look pretty good. five he-day fore up, kelly. it includes a couple of things including the forecast for the first day of fall. >> new video this morning of a plane that crashed into home in arizona. amazingly, everyone on board and inside the home are said to be okay. the plane was carried sky diverses for an annual fair. a fire did erupt after the crash, sending a pilot to the
7:32 am
a crash killed two teachers were were husband and wife, jared sommervold and his wife genevieve died. we know neither one was wearing a seat belt. a young child in the back seat was properly trapped in and survived the crash. drugs and alcohol are not believed to be factors in the crash. this is the news on campaign 2016. second donald trump event if the last couple of months. the republican presidential candidate talked about his plans to reduce taxes and build a wall, and also attacked hillary clinton. shawn boyd reports he started by addressing the explosion in new york city. >> i am so thrilled to be in colorado, a special place. >> reporter: donald trump in colorado for only his second campaign rally, as polls show the state now a tossup. in one month, trump has nearly
7:33 am
hillary clinton. >> and we haven't spent on money on advertising yet, that's even better. >> reporter: actually, he does have an ad, but it's his first here. so why the shift in the polls? lynch is making mistakes. >> -- lynch is making mistakes. my opponent slanders you as deplorable. >> reporter: and trump is not making as many mistakes. >> don't even like using the h word, you know, the place down there, because if i use that language. see, i've learned. it's barn process. >> reporter: he has also learned to hit on some colorado themes in colorado, appealing to oil and gas workers, as well as steel work else in southern colorado who tend to be don'ts. >> american steele will send sky scrapers into the clouds, and that includes denver.
7:34 am
this country, and american energy will power this nation. >> reporter: he also appealed to la tee no, a key voting bloc in colorado he is lose big double digits. several latino protesters were led out of the rally, and squared off with trump supporters outside. colon a clear battle ground once -- colorado a clear battleground once again. >> hillary clinton took a break from the campaign night to attend a gala hosted by the congressional black caucus foundation. she received the trailblazer award. turning to marijuana in colorado. staturism officials say they won't be using the legal pot industry as part of their way to promote the state. officials say federal laws restrict what they can do, and that it's not a quote major attraction for visiters. despite that, they say more education about what state laws allow needs to be expressed
7:35 am
the state health department does have a campaign to help with that problem. >> a financial adviser is fighting to win back his life he said he was wrongly accused of robbing two banks. he has proven he was at work during the time of the creams. >> reporter: steve tally's life is quite different than a cup of years ago, in 2014, police received a tip that the man in this bank robbery surveil videos was talley. a s.w.a.t. team took him into custody. >> they body slammed me down. one guy was on my face, and then several men were actually taking my arms and just wrenching them back behind. >> reporter: broken rbi's,
7:36 am
severe blood clotting in his legs and feet. he also spent months behind bars, despite the fact he had a soliddal buy. >> my job was to be on then phone all day. that was my job, to sell mutual funds. >> reporter: at the time, he was working for transamerica capital, and was closely monitored throughout the day. >> i knew that they were going to have a recorded conversation, because i was on the phone all day. >> reporter: the case was dismissed, but months later, police arrested hail second time, claiming they evidence. that, too, was dropped. talley was never convicted of any crime, put the damage this to life had already been done. >> they destroyed my life, to go from a financial person to a person who is homeless now. >> he spent 94 days in jail and said he never received medical attention for his injuries. investigators are still looking for the actual bank rob per. tomorrow dr. phil wraps up
7:37 am
burke ramsey, the brother of jonbenet. this candid interview really gets to the heart of the suspicion surrounding the i case. >> did you hit your sister over the hid with a baseball bat or a flashlight? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: burke ramsey addresses much of the speculation and theory surrounding the death of jonbenet. >> one of the reasons that he believes that you are the culprit here is that on the day of your sister's murder wish you never asked about her welfare. >> well, it was pretty ch sister, what do you think happened? and i was, like, well, she's probably just hiding somewhere, like you guys look around the house. the next time i talked to somebody, it was she's dead. >> reporter: he watched interrogation type tapes of police, and a child psychologist interviews him nearly 20 years ago. at one point he was asked to draw a picture of the family, in which he drew his mom, dad, and himself. >> did you consciously not draw
7:38 am
she was gone, so i didn't draw her. >> drew c phil walked him through the funeral. >> i remember the casket was small, and her eyes were closed, and one of her eye wases a little droopy, and i thought that was weird. >> within you when that 911 phone call was made? >> in my bed. >> reporter: he maintains he was in his bed when police and his parents search jonbenet. he alsoconfessed to being out of bed at times during the night. >> yeah, i had a toy i wanted to play with. and did you use a flashlight so you woundn't be seen? >> i don't remember. i just remember being downstairs, this toy. >> reporter: .
7:39 am
tomorrow at 4:00 on cbs 4. >> after two days of delays, a satellite with strong colorado ties is set to lawn watch space today. officials say the world view 4 will lift off today at 12:30 our time. a ground like postponed the launch last week. it will take high resolution pictures from space. lock heed martin built the rocket, and digital globe will monitor the rocket once it is in space. 14 different designers worked on a house, and blended their ideas to make a living space that flows throughout the home. >> each space gives the opportunity to kind of see how you put it into your own home. i love the subway time. i love the different paint colors. the texture, and fabrics, and different lighting.
7:40 am
picture where you want to put things in your own home. >> and if you want to check it out, denver life magazine's designer show house is opened for touring starting at 3:30 in the afternoon every day -- at 1:30 to 3:00 every day. it's the start of a new workweek for many. that means traffic troubles for your morning commute. here is joe to explain what's happening tomorrow morning person >> the ramp from westbound to i-225 finally reopens tomorrow morning at 5:00. so for one more night, your alternate is airport out to 6th. when it does reopen, though, expect single overnight lane closures for the next three weeks. the ramp to northbound i-25 also reopens tomorrow morning at 5:00. crews are realigning traffic over arapahoe road. when it does reopen, expect double right lane closures on northbound 25 from dry creek
7:41 am
at 4:30 tomorrow morning. and still ahead on cbs 4 morning news, all though it feels a little like summer, things are a bit different in the high current. where you can go to check out all of those beautiful fall colors happening right now up in our high country. can't see it from here, but i'm sure that will change. this is the news on cbs 4. ,,
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welcome back. here is a place that's going to be rocking today. mile high stadium. if you look real closely, some clouds out west. but full on sunshine for the day today. it's 55 degrees this morning. our weather watchers are checking in in this morning. john lives in south denver, and he has 54 this morning. and there's one warm temperature up here. i want to see what is going on
7:45 am
here. i believe that's risk canyon, jim bruce. he said: if you are going to the bronco game today, 85 at concludeoff, 83 at half he time, 80 by the fourth quarter, and lots of sunshine. so the final sunday of the summer season. can you believe it,? it equinox happens on thursday. bye-bye summer. >> say it isn't so.. addison be, thank you for being here. i understand that you have diabetes or type one diabetes. can you talk about maybe when you were ticed and what it's like dealing with it? >> so i was diagnosed when i was 9 years old, so i was
7:46 am
lot of monitoring, and checking my blood sugar, giving myself insulin, watching what i eat, and making sure that i exercise. >> you're 16 now, so that's 7 years you've been dealing with that, but seems like you're doing just fine. >> yeah. it's a lot to handle, but it's doable. >> right, right. so the tour to cure, we understand it might be different this year. what has changed? >> yeah, so is combining three of their events into one day. so there will still be bike rides, including the 20k, 50k, 100k, and he 100-mile bike ride. >> wow. ? also, there will be be a 5k walk and run that happens on that same day, and there's going to be a little festival at the end with music, vendors, and a lot of fun activities for the entire family. >> well, that's great, and then
7:47 am
past. and obviously cbs 4 takes part in this, as well. it's always an exciting event. are you taking part in any of those events this year? >> yeah. so this year, i'm going to be participating in the 20k bike ride with my dad. >> awesome. you have to be looking forward to that. do you do any training? >> a little bit. it's riding a bike, so it's pretty fun. >> so it's also a fund-raiser, though, correct? >> uh-huh. and can you talk where the money goes? >> yeah. so the money helps fund programs in research, education, and family services for the ada. actually one of my favorite programs is camp colorado, which is a diabetes camp for kids with type 1 diabetes. >> oh, great. did you go when you were a kid? >> yeah. i've been going to for a really long time, and i love it. it's so much fun, and the family there is fantastic. >> yeah, looking at more video
7:48 am
about diabetes and you just have fun, right? >> yeah, there's a med staff that takes care of the diabetes aspect, so that the kids can have a normal and fun camp experience. >> that's awesome. well, addison, we're so grateful you were here this morning. thanks for taking time out of your weekend to be here. dave is emceeing the event, and will start the to for signup information. addison, again, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. and we have a live look from new york city as police continue to comb through dozens of pieces of evidence following an explosion. the latest after they found a second device close by. second device close by. and dave has your the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need
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taking a look at your top stories this sunday morning. thornton police want to find who shot and killed this 16- year-old girl at a party early saturday morning. they describe the shooter as a hispanic mail in his late teens or early 20s. if you have any more information, please call police. this is a live look at the destruction least behind from an explosion in new 29 people were sent to the hospital. they are all expected to be okay. the mayor believes the explosion was intentional. however, he said it doesn't appear that this was an act of terrorism. police did find a second device a few blocks away. the bomb squad disarmed it and removed it overnight. dave is here now with your forecast. >> you have that interview of the tour de cure next week. it will cool down into the 60s by then. >> well, that's probably good
7:52 am
>> and there's not a huge chance of rain, too. >> yeah, stay dry. you can see a wave cloud any the west side of town. sometimes we get these when we get westerly winds with a little bit of moisture. they hang over the foothill all day long, and we'll probably see that at least throughout the morning around here. shouldn't cut down on much of our sunshine today, until we get to the so we're in good shape there. check out this beautiful shot i have for you. this is herman gulch. bob sent this in. he lives in littleton. what a shot there. a lot of the colors in northern colorado about a week ahead of average schedule. so today or all next week, you have a pretty good chance of seeing some great color coming in. next weekend will be nice, as well. it will just be a little cooler. current temperatures, it's 36
7:53 am
we're 55 at dia. you want to get the shivers? southwest of alamosa, mary has 26 degrees right now. that is a good sign that fall is on the way. maybe even winter right around the corner, huh? don't say that, right? 21 mile per hour gusts, 24 in estes park. so that whole area of the northern rockies and foothills here into southern wyomin area sundayary red flag warning for today, noon to 7:00. you get a little spark, and fire could really talk off there. it and extends into northern weld county here as well, so just be careful if you're in any of those areas, basically all of northern colorado fairly dry and windy. we have a cold front coming through wyoming. warm, high pressure down to around arizona, pushing up, and if between we get what we call a pressure gradient that is creating a westerly wind that will warm us up today, but, at
7:54 am
gusty winds. mostly clear skies is what we're looking at across the state. so our high tonight today should make it to about 85 degrees. normal high, 78. can you believe that? and we keep the upper 80ed going through monday and tuesday. there's a chance for some storms late on tuesday, and then again on thursday, as well. and thursday is the equinox 0, first day of fall. it happens they'reth, on friday, we might start to get some cooler air. >> okay. fall is definitely coming. >> it is knocking.
7:55 am
7:56 am
y23esy yvpy the days of summer are numbered, and we're already starting to see the fall colors. we went up to bertha pass to check out the scenery that's going to be a very popular spot
7:57 am
great shots, check out our full fall color guide on man, it's beautiful out there. >> the 4 fall color guide. if you went to go, at least before the bronze game to check out -- bronx game to check out some -- bronco game to check out some of the fall colors, but around here be, it's a different story. 85 will be the temperature at kickoff today for the broncos game. 83 at halftime. 80 by the fourth quarter. upper 80s role on to start the week. lower 80s wednesday and thursday. first day of fall thursday, that may bring in a cold front, with 60s for friday.
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,, in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. ess as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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