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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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4th quarter he threw a pick 6 to aqib talib. denver had 5 sacks. secret to the success just play bronco football. >> we didn't change anything up. last year we changed some up so we went out there played bronco d today. >> that's what we live for. i'm a pass rusher whenever you do your job that's what in elway brought me into this organization to do. it feels great to live up to expectations that we have for ourselves on defense. feels great to go out get a win like we did today.
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down guys like andrew luck and cam newton. the broncos have done that on back-to-back weeks. of course they are doing it with a guy drafted late. we'll have much more coming up in sports. >> 2-0 sounds good. >> yes it does. >> before today's game once again the broncos brandon marshal did not stands up for the national anthem. this was the second time marshall has joined in the protest against social injustice. rick sallinger joins us live from outside mile high stadium. th >>reporter: yes tom. brandon marshall is still the only denver bronco taking part in this protest. it began of course with his former college teammate colin kaepernick of the 49ers and has now spread to several other teams. there were cheers mixed with boos as the broncos linebacker was introduced.
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as everyone was asked to stand up. the silent protest has been spreading. >> 3 of the 4 dolphins who took a knee at the opener last week did so again today. >>reporter: like last week the seattle seahawks linked arms in a sign of unity while some rams and chargers raised fist into the air once again. outside e according to one vendor. >> you got discrimination injustice, so i feel both sides of the argument but i would be probably more on brandon marshall's side. >>reporter: the broncos met with the police chief to discuss police brutality and/orer issues. as promised he would not rise for the occasion. >> it's a national conversation and i think that people say it's going to divide
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i think it's the opposite. >>reporter: in the locker room after the game marshall was asked if he would refuse to stand at the next game as well. his reply, i can't tell you, i don't know. live at mile high rick sallinger cbs 4 news. >> we have an update on a bizarre shooting in boulder county. today we learned the man who opened fire on a sheriff's deputy has died. the incident happened on september 10th of highway 287. investigators say 37-year-old adrian schafer was armed and trying to pick a fight with passing cars when a gut responded he opened fire. the deputy shot schafer, again he died from his injuries last night. new developments in the murder of a young mother in westminster. the suspected killer is in
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her husband is in custody. 31-year-old jared strange was arrested on unrelated warrants and under investigation for second degree homicide. meanwhile roxanne's ex-husband is asking for the community's help in burying the mother of 5. >> i've never seen my son that sad. he's expressed to me that it was really important for him to you know for us to be able to have a good burial for his mother. >> so far the family has been unable to afford that burial. they set up a gofundme account in hopes of raising money. we our web site we're following developing story a little girl is raising money for a friend seriously injured in a lakewood house fire. two weeks ago firefighters found a five-year-old girl hiding in a closet as her home burned. that little girl is still in the hospital. her family is raising money to pay for the hospital bills online. a close friend is making it her
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. >>reporter: you might expect most i can 6 yelleds to be playing outside on a sunday afternoon. but berg an july a spent her day serving up apple juice an apple cider to help her best friends. >> she's going to be in the hospital fire little while longer. >> at least a few more weeks. >>reporter: her neighbor 5- year-old natalie was rescued from her bedroom closet during an early morning fire at this home more than a ek except for her. >>reporter: a gofundme page shows natalie still has a long way to go. >> she's your friend isn't she? >>reporter: bergen's dad served as her right-hand man throughout the day but say setting up the stand was her idea. >> we just helped her set it up and kept her company. >> and help me pour. >> and i helped her pour. >>reporter: as those donations
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felt. >> proud of course. that's her. >>reporter: west moat wrote fire even stop by to zip some cider and support the 6-year- old. as bergen continues to raise money she already knows the first thing she plans to do when natalie gets better. >> hug her. >> that were andrea flores orthopedicing. they have raised $350. she has means to set up good luck. developing tonight investigators say they have recovered pieces of the pressure cooker bomb that injured 29 people last night in new york city. the manhunt is underway for whoever planted that explosive device. surveillance footage captures the moment of the blast. police believe a pressure cooker bomb went off in manhattan chelsea neighborhood. 29 people were injured. all have been released if this hospital. a second bomb was found four
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sunday. >> was it a political motivation a personal motivation? we do not know that. >>reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo noted no terrorist groups claimed responsibility. >> at this time there's no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident. >> definitely an explosion definitely felt it from two blocks away. >>reporter: tonight the nypd is on heightened aler national guard are patrolling transit hubs all while hundreds of international dignitaries arrive for the u n jenna several bring. both new york bombs and the one that went off at a charity race in new jersey had something in common. they were all designed to use cell phones as triggers. but investigators can't say definitively if the events are linked. the investigation continues into a stabbing spree
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with a knife and dressed in a private security uniform injured 9 people before he was shot and killed. witnesses say the manmade references to allah and asked a person if they were muslim before launching the attack. the fbi is working to identify a motive. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. i do say potential. there's a lot we don't know. >> none suffered life-threatening injuries. the suspect was shot and killed by an off duty police officer an isis run news agency is calling the attacker a soldier of the islamic state. developing tonight presidential candidates react to the bombing in new york city. plus what new polls reveal about the race to the white house. >> only on 4 burke ramsey opens up to d. phil about his sister's murder 20 years ago. >> on day of your sister's murder you never asked about
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night jonbenet was killed. >> a plane falls out of the sky and crashes into a home. >> i look over and i saw just a ball of flames. >> how the homeowners and those onboard managed to escape next. . big weather week on the way. we had the last warming trend of summer coming our way along with moisture from a tropical storm and first day of fall is
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. the presidential election is just 7 weeks away. a new cbs poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual tie in 13 key battle ground states. national security will likely become the focal point of the campaign. sunday both presidential campaigns react todd the wicked attacks in new jersey, new york and minnesota. donald trump's order of the day. >> in a statement hillary clinton said quote i am confident americans will once again choose list ree solve over fear. meanwhile trump's campaign is facing new questions about his sudden shift regarding president obama's birthplace. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> donald trump advocated
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well you're going to have to ask him again i think this is a sideshow now that the media seem obsessed with. >> with clinton slipping in the polls president obama rallied black voters behind her. saturday night he delivered a speech before the congressional black caucus foundation. >> i will consider it a personal insult an insult to my legacy if this community let's down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election. >> clinton will general same bring trump plans to stop in battleground states first presidential debate september 26th. an investigation into what caused a small plane to crash into a house it happened last night east of phoenix. witnesses orthopediced hearing a loud explosion and seeing seeing a fireball falling from the sky. >> the plane did two 360s came this way. by the time he hit he was in
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of a home immediately starting a fire. a pilot and four skydivers were onboard. they were all able to parachute out of the plane safely. a man and a woman were home at the time amazingly they were not injured. >> firefighters were honored in a special memorial ceremony in colorado springs yesterday. 123 names were added to the fallen firefighter memorial. the wall of honor has the names of 7400 firefighters who died chronic illnesses linked to the fire service. five colorado firefighters were honored this year including john whey lab. he was working a minor fire last year in denver when he fell through a skylight. he died two weeks later. new video shows historic discovery played by rtd crews. they were working on the north metro airline when they uncovered a century old trestle bridge.
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built back in 1911 and burred in 1951 for another projects. experts gave the crews the okay to continue working on the light rail. fall is around the corneller but we will start the work week with hot temperatures. >> we will indeed. today is reassurance summer is alive and kicking. we made it 2088 in dia. it's going to that tomorrow to start the week. 65 is what we have out there right now in the city with a south wind at 14, humidity 26 and high pressure 3012 and rising that's what's delivering the nice heat wave. bambi moss is our weather watch er east of conifer. 60 degrees and check out the colors up around steamboat. shannon took a shot up on the mountains and in northern colorado a lot of the areas are
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this week check that those out. virtually a cloud free sky across colorado tonight. we have dry air sitting over us southwesterly winds coming in around a high which is right over arizona and new mexico here. this high is strong enough to hold all this moisture and cold front action up to the northern rockies here. so kind of a protector, if you will this weekend and that will carry over into monday and tuesday as well. i want to show you a couple of things going on on the satellite. off the coast of the baja down here tropical m what will happen over the course of the next couple of days. watch the future cast for tuesday tomorrow high pressure over southern colorado northern new mexico. clear skies again for the entire state. but once we get to tuesday afternoon that high moves out over texas and opens the door fire little moisture to come in. so by tuesday we'll have a few more clouds around here and that will lead to gradual cool down as we get closer and closer to the first day of fall
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in the 40s 30s in the mountains. 50s, 30s download. upper 80s to mid-90s across the eastern plains. summertime in the east. 70s 80s in the mountains. mostly 80s out west. grand junction 89 tomorrow. my forecast tonight mostly clear and mild big bright moon out there tonight. it was a harvest moon on friday take a look at that. 56 in the city tonight. tomorrow mostly sunny breezy and warm. near 90 for the high temperature tomorrow. and looking ahead another warm y with some late day clouds. mostly cloudy and cooler on wednesday with 82. the first day of fall on thursday there's a chance a late day thunderstorm, 70s by friday with isolated storms and it looks like fall is kind of just going to ease in here. we're looking at 60s next weekend. maybe a few storms here and there. but definitely we'll knoll that the seasons have changed. >> autumnal. >> the leaves are changing in the high country.
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looking pretty. >> appreciate it thank you. dr. phil wraps up his exclusive interview with burke ramsey. the brother of jonbenet is breaking his silence of the murder of his little sister. >> did you hit your sister over the head with a baseball bat or a flashlight? >> absolutely not. >> burke ramsey addresses much of the speculation and theory surrounding the death of jonbenet. >> one one believes you are the culprit here is that on the day of your sister's murder you never asked about her welfare. >> well, it was pretty much hey we can't find your sister what do you think happened. well she's probably hiding next time i talked to somebody she's dead. he watched interrogation tapes of police and a child psychologist interviewing him nearly 20 years ago. at one point he was asked to
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himself. >> did you consciously not draw jonbenet. >> i don't remember what was going through my head but she was gone so i didn't draw her. >> dr. phil walked him through the funeral. >> i remember the viewing i remember the casket her eyes were closed i think one of her eyes was droopy or something i thought that was weird. >> conjecture that his voice in the background of the 911 call. >> where were you when that phone call was made. >> in my bed. bed. he admitted being out of bed late. >> i had some toy i wanted to put together. i remember being downstairs after everyone was kind of in bed and wanting to get this hing out. >> did you use a flashlight so you wouldn't be seen? >> i don't remember. i just remember being downstairs. i remember this toy. >> dr. phil wraps up his
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questions about the details around the nation's biggest mysteries. >> the final dr. phil show with burke ramsey airs tomorrow at 4:00 right here on cbs 4. >> tomorrow on cbs 4 news at 10:00 investigator rick sallinger takes a look at the official investigation and where it stands today. >> coming up next broncos scored 3 touchdowns today. one on offense, two on defense. i feel like we saw him this
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. broncos know how tobin
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it seems the broncos are dominating a team it somehow ends up being a close game. not sure did thomas would play. he had a big play early. broncos had to settle for a field goal on this try. broncos they only explored one touchdown on offense it came in the 2nd quarter. c. j. anderson with his third of the year. broncos led 1-6 at half. third quarter wear fractured his elbow. colts hung around in this 4th quarter broncos up 3 with aqib talib picks off andrew luck tubing took it back for 9th career pick 6 fifth since coming to denver. then the colts were back within 6 they had the ball but vaughn miller with a may may out of his super bowl playbook. shane way gets this touchdown. broncos win 34-20. broncos are 2-0. >> 2 into a 16 game season and got a long way to go. but there's a lot of encouraging from young guys i'm
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that's something you have to do in the nfl because it's going to happen to you. so we just got to stay focused now we got to do it on the road against a great football team. i think we just stay hard on ourselves keep plugging keep getting these young guys better the goal is to get to be as good as we can possibly be. >> broncos get to talk about getting better coming out a win. michael spencer what are we talking about tonight? >> mark coming up jake plummer going to join us he'll tell you why he sees a little bit of himself on in trevor simeon we will dissect the running game brawn cost rushed for 135 yards today we'll tell you why and how that's coming up on auto nation all access right here on cbs 4 at 10:35. >> thanks michael. to baseball the rockies won again today sweeping the padres at home but they also lost their first baseman for the rest of the season. at least mark reynolds ended
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4th inning rockies down one nothing reynolds connected for 14th home run of the year two- run shot put the rockies up 2-1. still in the fourth bases loaded single up the middle two more come home rockies score 5 in the frame. fifth inning reynolds gets hit in the left-hand for the second time in 40 days he broke his left-hand. rockies won 6-3. reynolds done for the year. >> i thought it may have hit his forearm i was hoping actually. when it hits the back of the hands typically those bones are going to get broken. >> i never broken a bone in my life i had two this year in the same hands. it's tough, but going get it better and get ready for next year. >> finally nascar martin you treks getting hot at the right time. today the first race in the chase for the sprints cup it's
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furniture pulling buyer the win. truex automatically advances to the next round. he's had bad luck along the way but 78 has won two of the last
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yist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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. dave's back with the picture of the day. >> today and tomorrow will feel like summer. it looks like fall in the mountains for sure. up near kenosha pass. it might be worth a good drive next weekend to check the colors out. >> nice shot. >> thanks for watching cbs 4
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