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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  September 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, september 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a new explosion rocks new jersey overnight when police try to detonate bombs found near a trai people near a major new york bridge overnight and questions them in connection to saturday's explosion in manhattan. surveillance video shows the moment the bomb went off. only on "cbs this morning," jeff pegues shadows cia director john brennan. he gets an up-close look at how the agency is dealing with isis and challenge to its own existence. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."
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for possible links to international militants after a series of domestic attacks. >> more devices found after multiple attacks. >> as governor of new york, this is my worst nightmare. >> this is the nightmare scenario. >> you felt the explosion in the car? >> absolutely. >> what did it feel like? >> massive shock wave. just like your whole body shook. isis claimed responsibility for a stabbing rampage at a shopping mall in minnesota. >> nine people were stabbed. the suspect s by an off-duty police officer. >> this individual will not shake the resolve of this community. >> secretary clinton's basket of deplorables comments. was it appropriate to use the word irredeemable >> that's not a word i would use. i wouldn't use it. >> after the birth certificate, he was released. donald trump advocateding something fives year. why?
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with. >> a plane crashed into a home in arizona and incredibly, no one is hurt. >> that thing is crashing. >> the race official had to dodge oncomes cars. >> race officials said it was safe to go out there but, obviously, not. >> you've got it! >> minnesota vikings have beaten the green bay packers. >> funny man bill murray was in brooklyn trying his hand new profession. >> game of thrones conquered the competition at this year's emmys. >> we had the best cast from england, ireland, scotland and from new jersey. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i have to get downtown to the emmys. >> are you nominated? >> i am. yeah. >> wow. what is that like? >> it's nice. >> if you run a positive campaign, the voters ultimately will make the right choice. >> you know, it's funny. my psychic -- >> jimmy. that was a joke!
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jeb! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places! ? welcome to "cbs this morning." we are following several new developments overnight after a series of explosions in new york and new jersey. a robot detonated a bomb in a trash can overnight in the elizabeth, new jersey. it was one of five devices found near a train station. >> also overnight, the fbi stopped a car near new york's venizona bridge. several people were questioned
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michelle miller is in elizabeth, new jersey. michelle, good morning. >> repte amtrak and new jersey transit serve tens of thousands of people every single day. there will be delays today. in fact, the station behind me just reopened. investigators have been combing through evidence to see if there was any link between what would happen here last night and those
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investigators ducking for cover. officials say there were five devices inside the backpack, one of which was described as a pipe with wires coming out of it. only one of the devices exploded. >> i don't have the expertise to determine the blast function of that but based on the loudness, i think people could have been severely hurt or injured. >> reporter: the mayor of spotted in a trash can by two people after 8:00 last night. >> they found it and walked it around the corner thinking there was something of value in it. when they realized it was too heavy and emptied it out is when they left the area and went to police headquarters. >> reporter: with the northeast on high alert following other explosions this weekend, elizabeth's mayor says the investigation will be thorough. >> we're not going to know until the state police have an opportunity to examine the materials and compare it to what
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chelsea, new york. that will remain under investigation at this time. >> reporter: and right now the atf and the fbi are carrying out a raid inside a business a few blocks from here. it's unclear if it is related to the explosives found last night. fortunately no one was injured in that blast, and we should also note that the mayor says there were no electronic devices or cell phones used in that blast norah? >> michelle, thank you so much. surveillance shows the moment an explosion happened in chelsea that injured 29 people. all are okay this morning. investigators found a second bomb four blocks from the scene that did not go off. no one has claimed responsibility. anna warner is in chelsea with more. good morning. a motive. >> reporter: good morning. you can see behind me much of this neighborhood is still shut down in chelsea.
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filled with slhrapnel and blew p in a heavily traffic street four blocks from where i'm standing. surveillance footage shows the bomb shattering the doors of a new york city fitness center and causing panic on the street. you felt the explosion in the car? >> absolutely. >> reporter: what did it feel like? >> massive shock wave. like your whole body shook. >> reporter: investigators say the pressure cooker bomb detonated near a dumpster. it contained shrapnel, including ball bearings and a cell phone was used to set it off. police used bomb sniffing dogs to comb the neighborhood following the saturday night explosion. 29 people were injured and taken to the hospital. hours after the blast, police discovered a similar undetonated device four blocks away. >> i think it was right over here. >> reporter: jane schribner
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cbs news do not verify her account. >> it was wires coming out. a pressure cooker thing. >> reporter: early on saturday, a pipe bomb exploded along the course of a marine charity run in seaside park, new jersey. none of the 5,000 participants were injured but the investigators say the bombs in north and new jersey may share similar characteristics but unclear if they are link the. >> we are is anything we can learn. >> reporter: the nypd and the fbi are combing through the neighborhood around the blast site and reviewing surveillance footage from nearby businesses. >> here is what we know. it was intentional. it was a violatent act. certainly a criminal act. it was a bombing. >> reporter: cbs news sources tell us that police have surveillance video of a person planting at least one of the bombs here in this neighborhood of manhattan.
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gayle? >> thank you, anna. this morning, we are learning that police are making progress. homeland security correspondent jeff pegues is tracking the investigation now. jeff, good morning. >> good morning. late sunday, surveillance video gave investigators a solid lead. the video shows a person of interest planting at least one of the bombs in manhattan, but at this point, no one has claimed responsibility for the bombing. cbs news has learned both homemade bombs located in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan used explosive that blew up in seaside park, new jersey, about 55 miles to the south. we can also confirm that both chelsea bombs contain the explosive substance tannerite which is a substance that is easily accessible, meaning it's relatively easy to purchase a substance like that. overnight five people taken into custody near a bridge in new york city by the fbi and the nypd. in this investigation, no one
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the manhattan bombings appeared to target two busy, but relatively, unremarkable streets. they weren't traffic violations. charlie? >> dean, thanks. president obama and other world leaders arriving in new york for the united nations general assembly. new york governor andrew cuomo ordered a thousand more used officers to parol negotiating. he is with us from outside of his new york city >> good morning, charlie. how are you? >> good. you do not believe what has happened in new york is international terrorism? yes? >> well, yesterday, what we said was, i believe it was clearly a terrorist activity. prosecutors will be careful because they want to make sure they have all of the elements of a crime, but you set off two bombs in new york city, charlie, that is terrorism.
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damage and danger and intimidate a civilian population, so, by definition, is terrorism. what we didn't know yesterday and we don't know yet is anyone taking credit and is it linked to international terrorism? we hadn't heard from isis, et cetera, we didn't have a suspect that was from foreign origin so that was the open question. i suspect we may be getting an answer on thatod may very well be a foreign link and then it would be foreign terrorism. but we didn't have that yesterday. >> why do you suspect that? >> as the investigation is proceeding, and it's proceeding rapidly, by the way, you've had a number of bombs here. you had bombs in new jersey, as you've been reporting, bombs in new york, elizabeth, new jersey, seaside park, new jersey, chelsea, some were unexploded.
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undetonated, you can often get good evidence. you can get fingerprints, dna, say. >> governor, it's norah o'donnell here. what about the five men who were detained overnight? i understand they are being questioned now. do you believe they are connected? >> the five men are being questioned. i believe the investigation will soon target an individual who we believe is actually in the midst
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development. >> let me ask you this. the connection between the bombs in chelsea and new jersey, is this part of a larger threat facing this area? >> we don't have evidence of that. you have some similarities among the bombs and the way they were made and the way they were put together, and some of the technology that was used in the bombs. so there is some suggestionha identity across all of the bombs. but, again, this is preliminary. the investigation is proceeding quickly. i believe we will soon be targeting an individual, a person of interest, and it may very well turn out that there was a foreign connection to this incident which, yesterday, i think it was clear was an act of
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a foreign connection? >> do you suspect isis at all? >> i suspect there may be a foreign connection. that's what we are hearing today, as the investigation goes on. but, again, i was the former attorney general in new york and i did many -- i participated in many of these investigations. they take different twists and turns. >> got it. >> and you want to be careful what you say early on because you want to protect the my guess. >> all right, governor cuomo, thank you. we know the investigation is early. you said it's your worstland ma or any other symbolic targets. i is has used the word soldier to describe a man of accusing shoppers at a minnesota mall. cbs news has identified the
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after the bombing in new york city. dean reynolds has more in minneapolis. >> reporter: good morning. the victims of saturday's attack range in age from 15 to 53 years of age. all of them are expected to survive. the mayor of st. cloud said the man involved, identified as a naturalized american citizen from somalia is dead because an off-duty police officer was in the right place at the right time. >> we investigating this as a potential act of terrorism. >> reporter: police say the attack happened saturday after 8:00 p.m. when dahir adan entered a mall in a sears on the southeast corner. he asked people if they were muslim and used a knife to stab those who said they were not. the rampage ended minutes later
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killed by off on-duty police officer jason falconer. >> having witnessed what he did, not only he fired, the suspect went down. he came back up three different occasion. >> this guy comes out. he is african-american wearing a blue or black security outfit. >> reporter: ryan schleeb had just entered the mall what he was tacked. >> i knew he was going to -- strike me so i trieded embrace and he stabbed me in the side of the head. >> reporter: he fell down and watched as adan continued through the mall. >> no alarm or mall security anywhere. >> reporter: minnesota is home to the largest somalia population in the u.s. one that has been scrutinized for its threat of radical domination. adan had lived in the united states a number of of years. on sunday, they gathered to
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does anything -- resent everyone in our community. that is very wrong! >> reporter: now it's unclear to the fbi whether isis actually planned this attack or simply inspired it. to hear adan had three encounters with minnesota law enforcement in the past, although m today. hillary clinton and donald trump are condemning the attacks in new york and new jersey and minnesota. candidates offered their support for the victims. trump went a step further, though, saying, failed obama/hillary clinton policies won't keep us safe. i will make america safe again. >> trump and clinton are tied at 42% in the latest cbs news poll taken across the key battleground states. nancy cordes is covering the count down to election. >> reporter: trump is trying to
7:18 am
bombing. clinton, steadiness. >> it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions. >> reporter: their vastly different styles are reflected in the latest cbs news battleground tracker. trump is seen as far more likely to change washington. while voters think clinton would be better at handling the day-to-day job of being president. voters are so divided that 83% of republicans believe the co repair if clinton is president. even more, democrats believe that about trump. this weekend, clinton's running mate said he is one of them. >> donald trump as chiommander chief scares me to death. >> reporter: but recent polls show clinton's interest dropping among young people. the clinton team said it's clear the campaign must do more to
7:19 am
millennial voters with more appearances by bernie sanders and chelsea clinton and elizabeth warren who trumped for clinton in ohio this week. >> trump has more with the ku klux klan than he did with the republican party. >> reporter: obama tried to emphasize another voting bloc. >> go vote! >> reporter: he would take it as a personal insult if black voters don't turn out for clinton the way they did for hi is at stake in this election. >> reporter: but in a series of tweets sunday night, trump argued there hasn't been much progress. under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad, he wrote. time to change the playbook. both candidates will have an opportunity to practice some state craft this afternoon. they will both be meeting with foreign leaders at the u.n. general assembly in new york.
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only on "cbs this morning," jeff pegues shadows the cia director. >> john brennen talks about the big changes in the cia and the biggest thing facing the u.s. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning." announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by fastsigns. more than fast! more than signs. you inherit lots of traits from your family. my ancestor, lady beatrice, introduced the elizabethan ruff. great-grandfather horatio went west during the gold rush. and aunt susan was a a world champion. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin.
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28-year old ahmad khan from afghanistan, investigators a he's armed and dangerous. they're still trying to figure out if there's a connection to a pressure cooker device. there's also looking into a pipe bomb blast into new jersey saturday before a run in see side park. plus five devices found overnight last night in elizabeth, new jersey, one of which ek exploded as it was
7:27 am
in the high country west after vail pass. a look at the back up, the traffic snaking around over a mile behind this roll-overaccident and no word on when that will reopen. across the denver metro area, a couple accidents. one southbound along i-25 past 144th there and along parker road near bellevue, the earlier accident along c-470 has been
7:28 am
64 in denver. 56 in greeley. 52 in burlington. 56 in grand junction. 35 in craig. satellite and radar showing cloud coffer near fort collins and parts of weld county but the rest of us are clear. hot s sunny dry day. 90 in greeley and 90 in burlington and the mountains and plenty of upper 60s and close to 90s on the western slope. if it's too hot, down to the 70s
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>> thank you, man. >> thank you. >> now that is nice. we saw this and say good for yo you! they brought starbucks to the officers who were working the bomb saturday night. it's monday, september 19th, welcome back to cbs. cia director john brennan sees a world where america is in more danger than ever before. he tells us about the recent
7:31 am
the sglwe will talk to a mi doctor who caught the zika virus. he says he wasn't test at first because they told him he wasn't pregnant. an incredible story and that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the new york times" has fallout from an accidental air strike in eastern syria. the attack on saturday was carried out by american-led coalition forces in detr sps ezz ezzor. american officials reject the criticism. the herald at rockhill south carolina says the ntsb is now investigating a deadly bus crash in north carolina. this bus was carrying a football team, two players from clinton college, the driver, and an 8-year-old boy were killed on saturday. the boy's father was part of the coaching staff. the bus was traveling from
7:32 am
a tire blew and the bus struck a median guardrail. the arizona republic says federal investigators want to know why a plane carrying sky divers crashed into a house. the plane burst into a fireball as it hurdled to the ground saturday night. four sky drivers jumped to safety and the pilot who was a sky diver jumped last and he suffered burns. the residents of the home outside of phoenix managed to escape without injury. the huntsville time says the colonial pipelinepa ready to restart a leaking line later this week. a segment of that pipe has filled an estimated 336,000 gallons of gasoline in shelby county, alabama. the 36-inch line is estimated to supply the east coast up to 40% of its gasoline supply. with that pipeline out of service, drivers in the south have faced a spike in prices and scattered gas station outages. new york's daily news says opening states are set to begin
7:33 am
trial. bridget kelly is one of the witnesses and bill beroni a former executive director of the port authority. they are accused of closing down lanes on the george washington bridge three years ago. they were closed for four days allegedly to take revenge on a local mayor and caused a big traffic mess. christie denies knowing anything about this plot. we have some breaking news in the search for suspects in the new york city bombing. sources tell cbs news the fbi is looking raomani and just released this photo of him. the blast injured 29 people saturday night. the surveillance video gave investigators a solid lead. the video showed a man planting at least one of those bombs. >> we are following a raid that is going on in elizabeth, new jersey, right now. atf and fbi agents are inside a business and searching a location not far from where more
7:34 am
police used a robot overnight to detonate a bomb near a train station. officials say there were five devices in the backpack, one of which was described as a pipe with wires coming out of it. we will continue to bring updates on these developing investigations. with american facing challenges all over the world, cia director john brennan says his work force needs to evolve and diversify to meet that threat. jeff pegues traveled with brennan and got unprecedented access to the cia director. >> reporter: nobody knows more about terrorism than john brenn brennan. he lived in the middle east and speaks arabic and has 30 years of security training. he believes the terrorist organization's days are numbered. we interviewed the cia director
7:35 am
john brennan's motorcade arrived at andrews air force base. shortly before this unmarked air force jet was scheduled to take off. this is is how the cia director travels. the plane is equipped with secure systems ensuring he can communicate with the president during a crisis. we were headed to alabama. the cia did not allow us to record video during the flight. but we were permitted to tape the interview on bore, the director told us he worried about isis' success and inspiring attacks worldwide. >> we have invested in this the past several years and right now i think they are trying to reap the harvest of those investments. >> reporter: while the cia focuses on external threats he is looking within the agency itself. in 2013 he ordered a study on diversity. the results?
7:36 am
make up 24% of the work force and 10% of the senior intelligence positions. on the day we followed him, brennan was visiting miles college, a historically black college near birmingham. >> everybody at the agency looked like me and thought like me and had my background and experience, i think we would be subject to tremendous group think and we would not be open to new ideas and new >> reporter: did u.s. intelligence, for some of those reasons miss what was bubbling under the arab spring? >> no matter how much insight we had into governments were thinking and reacting we didn't have the pulse of the street as best we should have. >> reporter: isis grew partly out of discontent in the arab world. the terror group inspired the deadly attacks in san bernardino and orlando. and in europe, deployed cells to carry out the attacks in paris and brussels. do you think the american people
7:37 am
>> i think isis' capability to carrying out attacks outside of the syria/iraq theater will continue and increase. >> reporter: his experience spans 36 years, he can't remember a time when the country faced so many complex and dangerous threats. as we rode in his motorcade, we asked about recent cyber attacks records and files of the democratic national committee and election databases in two states. experts say the hacks traced back to russia. going forward, do you expect there will be more cyber intrusions from russia or russians leading up to the november 8th election? >> well, i believe that, as we come to the election, there will
7:38 am
disclose information is related somehow to the presidential campaign. >> reporter: he was reluctant to he not a democrat or republican but he will not waterboard terror suspects even though republican nominee donald trump has endorsed the idea. >> i would refuse to carry out a direction to conduct waterboarding. i will just say no. >> reporter: even to a president? >> absolutely. even to a president. >> for brennan coming to birmingham is also about understanding evil. in 1963 in the midst of the civil rights move, three ku klux klan planted die might sticks outside of a church and the explosion killed four young black girls. >> this is what we need to do to keep this country safe and
7:39 am
secure. >> reporter: brennan says the core of isis taken off the battlefield but take time for the tentacles to decay. the tentacles he is referring to are the sympathizers and operatives willing to carry out attacks. >> anything you can tell us about the suspect we just heard about? >> we just learned, obviously, that there is a wanted poster that is out. police are looking for this man. they consider him armed and dangerous. so this, in a lot of ways, chane happened here. there appears to be some sort of international connection to terrorism in this case. and so investigators say this may be part of a cell. this man may be part of a cell. so that is the latest news we have. >> what is interesting no one seems to have put their own life willing to commit sued in order to launch an explosion.
7:40 am
they were not there. >> the thing about isis and cia director and fbi director have said about this threat from isis. it continues to evolve. as u.s. law enforcement evolves and tries to adjust, isis is almost one step ahead. but that is typical when you have cases like these, because, often, offense comes before defense. that's the way the cia director put it and that released it out to me. offense comes before defense. clear this morning is that our law enforcement is on it and they move quickly. they will find you and catch you. >> they are on top of it. thank you, jeff. we will continue to gather new new york and new jersey. up next, former homeland security adviser to george w. bush fran townsend just arrived. you're watching "cbs this morning." she will join us after the break. your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me.
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress ael bennet and i approve this message because congress should only work for you. we continue to get new information on a man wanted in connection to saturday's explosion in new york city. the fbi says 28-year-old ahmad
7:45 am
was in elizabeth, new jersey, where atf and fbi agents are searching a location right now. fran townsend joins u.s. what do we know about this suspect? >> we got a wanted poster from the fbi. clearly to identify him that quickly a couple of things surveillance tape planting the bomb. we also know that just the natural investigative techniques as they would have dusted for fingerprints and looks for presencic looking to see hair, fiber, anything to help them identify that man in the surveillance tape or an individual connected with this and that is the kind of sort of everyday detective work and the forensics has helps them to
7:46 am
it doesn't seem like aovernight there were pipe bombs or the seaside heights against the marathon. >> what about the investigation? who lead this investigation? the fbi, homeland security, nypd? >> interesting because it depends whether you call it terrorism. if it's run individual it's a local investigation. clearly this is now leading to more of a feel of a terrorism investigation and i suspect that the fbi is leading this investigation. they are certainly leading the one in new jersey. >> the question whether this is a terror cell and linked to international terrorism, governor cuomo, this morning, in response to charlie's question clearly shifted a bit and said there appears to be foreign
7:47 am
additional threats here in the united states? >> well, it's interesting that he said there appears to be an international connection. we don't really know because the governor was royal coy whether he was referring to the single individual or there were known connections. interests. the isis news agency claimed credit for the minnesota stabbings, which happened also this weekend, but haven't said anything about any of whether its seaside heights o e to wait and see. law enforcement is being pretty quiet about this. >> fran, always good to have you here. ahead, we will get updates from our correspondent in new york
7:48 am
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a massive manhunt going on right now is focusing on one man wanted in a series of attacks that started saturday morning in seaside park, new jersey. law enforcement tells cbs news that they believe ahmad khan rahami is connected to the seaside explosion saturday morning and the manhattan explosion saturday night and the bombs found late last night in new jersey. i'm moving forward... thinking about all the steps that i haven't taken yet. what helps keeps me going? oikos triple zero greek nonfat yogurt. with 15 grams of protein. 0 added sugar, 0 fat, 0 artificial sweeteners. zero holding me back. i'm cam newton and i'm unstoppably myself. oikos triple zero, be unstoppably you. i don't want to live with
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7:56 am
good morning, it's 7:56. i'm alan gionet. police are connecting the same men for questions in b manhattan bombing and new jersey bomb. they want ahmad khan rahami for questioning. investigators believe he's part of a terror cell and they consider him armed and extremely dangerous. right now there's an alert out in colorado for a missing young mother and her son. they could be in danger. the two year old and 21 year old were last seen together on thursday. police say they were in the
7:57 am
2 with a colorado temporary plate. morning commute there's problems. traffic is stopped westbound along i-70 as you get past vail past at the summit. this is due to a roll over accident. if i were stuck in this traffic i might try and turn around. that's what they're trying to get the cars to do. it's blocked off to mile marker 195. this is tough this morning if you're trying to accessn westbound direction of i-70 with a roll-over accident and mriz have no estimate on when it will be cleared. the eastbound direction of c-470 near wadsworth has been cleared.
7:58 am
7:59 am
clouds up north.
8:00 am
? ? it is monday, september 19th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? there is more real news ahead, including the man named as a suspect in this weekend's new york city bombing. the latest from the investigation of that attack and the discovery of other devices. fi "eye opener" at 8:00. >> investigators combing through evidence to see if there was any link between here and those explosions over the weekend. that pressure cooker bomb was filled with shrapnel and blew up in a heavily traffic street. >> sources tell cbs news the fbi is looking for 28-year-old ahmed khan rahami. >> it may very well turn out there was a foreign connection.
8:01 am
the only question, was it a foreign connection? >> the mayor of st. cloud said the man involved is dead because an off-duty police officer was in the right place at the right time. both candidates will have an opportunity to practice some state craft and both meeting with foreign leaders at the u.n. general assembly. >> when you started playing in stadiums, did you plan for that in any way? >> no, no, not really. i don't think we planned for anything, you know? >> we just went on with what we had. >> the noise was constant. >> i mean, at first, that screaming was great. because it meant we were a success. it's just like, she love -- ah! whoa! i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the fbi has just identified a suspect in connection with the weekend bombing in you know.
8:02 am
rahami whose last known address was in new jersey. the fbi released this image of the suspect this morning. >> law enforcement source tell cbs news they believe the suspect is connected to all of the incidents in the area over the past weekend. they say rahami is the bomb maker. anna werner in is a neighborhood in chelsea, new york, where a blast injured dozens on saturday. >> reporter: good morning. we understand this is the police say was seen on surveillance video in both locations, both here on 23rd street and four blocks north on 27th street. as a reminder, this is where on 23rd street on saturday night that pressure cooker bomb filled with shrapnel blew up and 29 people were injured and, fortunately, nonlife-threatening injuries. they are all out of the hospital as of this morning. but, again, an hour and a half
8:03 am
blocks north of here on 27th street, police located another pressure cooker device that was designed to do harm. in fact, sources have told cbs news this blast could have caused a wide blast and done property damage and injured many people. that device, fortunately, was disarmed and dismantled and they are using that for evidence. again, rahami wend is seen on surveillance video in both of these locations. norah? >> anna, thank you. we are following an ongoing the last known location where the suspected bomb maker lived. atf and fbi agents are searching through a business not far from there where police robot blew up another bomb overnight. it was in a bag with fire devices found near a railroad bridge. officials have now found ten explosive devices in new york and new jersey. this began with an explosion in seaside park, new jersey, saturday morning. one of three devices there exploded along the course of a
8:04 am
none of the 5,000 runners were hurt. new york governor andrew cuomo say the investigators suspect a foreign connection. homeland security correspondent jeff pegues is here again this morning. he's on the run, he's considered dangerous, right? >> oh, yeah. there's an awful lot going on, and you can see that from the headlines here. police are clearly closing in on the suspect. i'm struck by the fact that investigations like this it's not the big event that draws the attention of law enforcement small little details like th flip phones that connect the three incidents together, seaside park, and the incidents in chelsea. the small details and, clearly, police have the evidence they feel they need to name this person as a suspect and put his face on that wanted poster and go after him and that is what they are doing now. connection with an international terror organization like isis? >> they may. the fact they already have a
8:05 am
perhaps he was maybe on their radar before that. tht is something that we have to look into. but they have a colored photograph of him for their wanted poster. so that, alone, suggests that they -- >> isis has not taken credit? >> not yet which is interesting. yesterday, with the minnesota stabbing, you know, a few hours after that, isis came out and claimed that person as an isis soldier. we haven't heard anything yet in terms of manhattan and seaside park, but that could be coming. sometimes it doesn't come within 24 hours. >> the flip phone, does it mean it can be activated remotely and that's the only thing that ties the three incidents together? >> that's not the only thing. there's the surveillance video. as you all know, there's this incredible network of
8:06 am
of new york and that is what they have been use. of course, if he was traveling down south 55 miles south to seaside park, new jersey, perhaps there are toll images of him as well. >> what about the five men? what can you tell us about that, anything? >> they are still on the radar, but they have not been named as suspects yet. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate it, jeff pegues. we will continue to follow the investigation and bring you new developments as they come. london mayor sadiq khan is outspoken about the american presidential race. to pakistani imgramigrants. the former human rights lawyer was elected in may as a first muslim to lead a capital. >> he's on a five-day trip. he took aim of divisive talk about muslims during the presidential campaign. ed, quote, we play straight into the hands of those who seek to divide us of extremist and terrorists around the world when we imply that it is not possible to hold western values dear and
8:07 am
the mayor joins us now and we are pleased to have you here. >> great to be here. really is. >> let me just begin you said in a city that has been hit by violence. you're in another city hit by violence. what do we need to know and do? >> first of all, london stands shoulder-to-shoulder with new york. the two have a lot in common. one of the things i know as the blasio, the police services here like my police services worry about this on a daily basis, how we keep our city safe and remain vigilant and how we ensure the police have all of the resources they need. so they will be grappling with who is responsible and analyzing the cctv and do more to keep us safe. my message to new yorkers and our message to people from london, you have 36,000 police
8:08 am
ears of.5 million new yorkers is a powerful thing. >> what do you specifically mean? >> well, one of the way we police in london, we have a phrase police by consent. that means as brilliant as the police is, as brilliant as the security services is, they rely pulling intelligence information to the communities. one way we have been successful -- >> do you mean the muslim community? >> everyone. it could be parents, big brothers, big sisters, neighbors, teachers, friends of, everyone has a role to play. you live in a great city of new york and i live in a gre of london but new york is the second biggest city after london. >> you're mayor of london and you've been a vociferous voices against donald trump. >> in my defense, you know, i have the privilege of being elected the mayor of greatest city in the world this may. and it was donald trump who said prior to my election he wanted to stop muslims coming into america. when i was elected, he said he would make an exception for me. now, according to my mom, i'm exceptional. there are tens and thousands of
8:09 am
muslims. there are millions of proud brits who are proud muslims. i don't make an exception for me. you know, i hope the best candidate wins, and i'm sure she will. >> you're saying that, if in fact you do this, you're giving fodder to you said daesh o the islamic state you use, that tactics like this play into their hands and their recruitment. i want to go to another point about them, which is are we looking at the new face of daesh in terms of what's happening in london and in new york and in nice, france, and so many other places around the world. are we under a state of constant siege? >> we shouldn't allow ourselves
8:10 am
iss issue. we shouldn't allow ourselves to be under siege and not allow anybody to lead our lives the way they want to. it's not outside of our countries and outside of our cities wishing to harm us and destroy our life. i think afraid the bad news people born and raised in london and born and raised in america and europe want to destroy our life. the bet anecdote is it's possible to be somebody with a western values and mainstream muslim and teach our youngsters resilience. if you're a young brit or a young american and somebody cos or brainwash you or intimidate you a preacher of hate and he says, look, the west hates you, there is a jewish conspiracy, you can say what are you talking about? i'm a doctor. my what are you talking about? my best friend is a jew and what are you talking about? i'm proud to be an american. what are you talking about? this country is a country you can fulfill your potential if you work hard, you give a working hand. i want to give youngster that
8:11 am
>> welcome to the best city in the world. glad you're here. >> can i say this? listen. "hamilton" is coming to london next year. says it all. >> "hamilton" ties everybody together. time to recognize the best in television. the prime time emmys honored new faces and some familiar names last night. "e.t." kevin frazier is standing
8:12 am
for the first time in 216 years, a woman is leading the library of congress. carla hayden will show us her plans to bring the largest library into the digital age when she's here on "cbs this morning."
8:13 am
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8:16 am
? dragons and kingdoms reins at the prime time emmys last night. "games of thrones" took home the best drama show for the second year in a row but a docudrama inspired by the o.j. simpson case was also a winner.
8:17 am
>> reporter: it was a night of drama for both fantasy and relity. came up big, big winners. games of thrones as you mentioned won 12 emmys this year and won 38 overall. the most wins ever by a trprime time show. >> the emmy goes to "the people versus o.j. simpson." >> three of the series trial lawyers bake first-time emmy winners. courtney b v outstanding lead actor for his portrayal of johnny cochran. he gave a shout-out to his wife of 18 years, angela bassett. >> this one is for you, girl! >> reporter: he got lots of love from the couple's 10-year-old twins. >> did you see it? >> we miss you, daddy! love you! >> i love you too. >> wow. >> let me go now. okay. >> we love you. love you. >> that will get you every time. that almost got me. that almost got me. whoa.
8:18 am
or draw, if i come home one of them or if i don't, i'm still a winner. they go, okay, daddy. >> sarah paulsen. >> reporter: the tv marcia clark got a real hug from the o.j prosecutor when she won. the drama showed her how this hard working professional was a far cry from any tabloid image. >> once i did any further looking, it became very clear what a very, complicated, wonderful, smart woman she was and what battle she was fighting. so, yeah, it became a very different picture. >> reporter: sterling brown as christopher darden rounded out this trio of wins. >> i instant felt like a float above the venue and looking down on myself and it happened, it was surreal. >> reporter: julia louis-dreyfus
8:19 am
her hand shook as she talked about her father who bapassed ay on friday. other winners including the star of "orange is black." and mr. robot. >> i don't know if it's etched in my mine because i barely remember it right now. >> reporter: it really was a fantastic night, gayle. you know what we are seeing? you know, there is so much great content to digest out there and group of winners. >> that was a very touching moment with julia louis-dreyfus, her hand shaking as she paid tribute to her dad who died two days before and so many emotion on the stage. >> back stage too. her costars from "veep" said julia is the leader of that show and means the world to them. >> it i hear you were sitting in
8:20 am
vacation? >> charlie, it felt good, but i'm way, way, too small to sit in that chair and fill those big shoes. >> i thought you meant my weight! >> he has really big feet. >> he is the man. >> o.j. simpson crew cleaned up last night. how did that play in the room? >> you know what? everybody was really excited. i think, also, everybody wanted to give love to that show because they appreciated it and enjoyed it. then you could see back stage the hugs and the excitement and just being congratulated. it was a great show and shows how the limited series can be a great venue for great actors. >> a lot of great talent on tv these days. now i want to see mr. robot. >> gayle, thanks for letting me use your office. >> i hear you were a hit around here. >> he was. we loved having you here, kevin. >> kevin, thanks. he will bring you the big emmy moments and back stage interviews with the winners this
8:21 am
find out where and what time. a hospital receptionist goes way beyond the call of duty. a quick grab that saved a newborn from a free-fall. that is next on "cbs this morning." product verified by usp. e the first to have a an independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand. ? i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. ?. botox? is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox? is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance. effects of botox? may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away, as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems,
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8:24 am
? a hospital receptionist in brazil shows he is quick with his hand. he caught a falling newborn baby last week, just before the child would have hit the ground. the baby's father had just sat
8:25 am
it tipped and the baby fell out. the little baby is fine good morning, counselors are helping student mourn the loss of lafayette high school. a student collapsed in broomfield friday night in a track meet. school staff members are working to organize a vigil for him. today is a tough day for students and staff members in northern colorado. a husband and a wife both teachers died in a crash on friday in larimer county. jared summerville worked at longmont high school and his
8:26 am
they were not wearing seat belt when their suv rolled over near i-25 and highway 34. their young child is 2 years old and did survive because the toddler was in a car seat. longmont high school and fort collins high students will have grief counselors there on hand this morning. this monday morning, let's get a check on the roads with joel hillan. good morning, a drive high country must better. a roll-over accident was on i-70 just past vail. we have an accident now along i-70 as you head in the westbound direction getting around the curve there heading out to highway 93. then along u.s. 36 on federal
8:27 am
8:28 am
67 in denver, 71 in limon. 48 in aspen and 46 in gunnison. cool in some spots. taking a look at satellite and radar parts of larimer county and also clouds in parts of weld coun and staying ta way today. mungs and a bit of a breeze this afternoon and clouds this afternoon and evening. 90 today in denver and 95 in lamar and la junta. 75 in frisco. for your five day forecast,
8:29 am
8:30 am
? welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up this half hour, carla hayden is the new librarian of congress and the first black person to hold that position ever and she is here this morning with treasures from the middle. letters written by rosa parks to her mother and alexander hamilton to his wife. >> kevin james will be here. he's back on cbs with new comedy series "kevin can wait." find out why he is returning to network television after nearly a decade. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. hollywood reporter remembers
8:31 am
charmian carr who played liesl von trap. she died saturday in los angeles of a rare form of dementia and best remembered for the song "16 going on 17." she was 73. >> that was beautiful. "the san francisco chronicle" says nearly 160 people treated for heat-related illness during the rams game. 14 people were hospitalized when they fell victim to the 90-degree temperatures. i was watching the game. i thought the players looked like they were sweating. >> good to have the rams back in l.a. >> that's true. that is good. >> looks like the same uniforms they used to have. >> l.a. is very glad they are there. the "los angeles times" looks at a rivalry between two high school stadiums in texas
8:32 am
>> where i grew up that is true. we like it big. >> eagle stadium opened in 2012 in allen, high school, outside of dallas. soft 60 million. now the mckinney independent school district plans to build a 70 million stadium starting later this month. a district spokesman says the wealthy districts in the region like to compete. he said a first-class stadium is one part of that package. "usa today" says predicts the dominance of self-driving cars. president john zimmer said when you hop in a lyft car, odds it will be driving its and that elon musk is wrong about the future of self-driving cars. zimmer said network fleets, not individual cars, will pave the way. >> carla hayden made history when she was confirmed the 14th librarian of congress.
8:33 am
first black person ever to hold this position. go you again. hayden is responsible for overseeing the world's largest library. 162 million pieces in the collection. the new librarian of congress, carla hayden joins us at the table. good morning! >> good morning. this is so exciting. >> being here or being the librarian? >> both! both. >> let's start with you. how did you get on the president's radar screen? how did they know about you? >> actually i was a part of a administration was contacting to consult about the opportunities at the library of congress. >> you were giving advice? >> i was giving quite a bit of advice advice. >> did you say carla hayden would be perfect? >> no, no. i really had an idea this could be an opportunity to open up what i consider a treasure chest for so many people and i talked about that. 162 million items.
8:34 am
>> yet, you had you had to think about it when you were offered the job. >> i did have to think about it because the tables kind of turned. then i was asked, would you consider being a candidate? and i did sit back, because i had been in public service and a public library in baltimore doing so many things directly with people and i had to think, how can i translate from going to a community, serving a community to the country? >> it is one of the most beautiful buildings, i think, washington, d.c. >> a wonderful building. >> i know the book shelves have
8:35 am
met eleanor roosevelt and heard in a post-script, i heard dr. king speak at madison square garden. >> alexander hamilton wrote a letter to his wife. >> that was something. so the next letter that -- this one, she really -- the lady who brought it up barely could sleep, she had, knowing that was there. this was the letter he wrote to his wife a feud before what he called the "interview."
8:36 am
that duel. he didn't want to but he said he had to go. >> isn't this so weird? weren't most of the letters to aliza burned them. >> these were better. >> were they better? >> these were better. these are the types of things that they could expect and what i'm concerned about is putting a lot of these things online so a kid anywhere. >> c of congress? >> wouldn't that be something? i have a few years to work with a crackerjack staff. >> you seem to be a different kind of librarians. no disrespect, most people think librarians are uptight and stuffy and wear uncomfortable shoes. >> i do have uncomfortable shoes. >> but you want to change the whole face, do you not? >> when people think of librarians, like in commercials if you want to show something is exciting, you show a librarian,
8:37 am
goes wild, right? >> and takes hf owner glasses. >> right. she takes off her glasses so you know it's good if a librarian can go wild. >> i like this movie! >> oh, it's a wonderful life. what is the last thing that you see? fate worse than death? she is coming out of the library at the end, right? >> yes. >> so we want to make sure that history is fun and people see the profession as something is desirable and let people make their own history. >> are libraries getting the support they need? i grew up in texas and my mom would always take us to the library to read books and also because the air-conditioning worked in texas and it was good to be in the cool library. are libraries getting the same support that they uns had? >> more people are coming into libraries than ever before. >> oh, good. >> they are doing all types of things. they are getting health information, they are coming in and i think there is an awareness that a library is
8:38 am
to communities, so they are getting their support. >> you have to learn technology to access it. >> right. that support is coming. it's coming. so when we think about the library of congress, i am the first librarian to tweet and since my swearing in, i have 10,000 followers! >> my goodness! >> we are going to help you. >> as i discover, i'm going to be dp here. had a peek at thomasever's >> was he really connected to the library, thomas jefferson? >> yes. yes. his personal library is actually what helped started it i. see how excited she is getting? >> i want everybody to do it. >> thank you.
8:39 am the king of queens is back to reclaim his sitcom throne. we will talk to kevin james about how his family is inspiring his first tv role as a
8:40 am
8:41 am
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miami neighborhood that report florida's first zika transmission has the all-clear this morning. a nearby area is expanding the range for the dangerous virus. the so-called zone of local transmission grew considerably in miami beach after a cluster of new zika cases was reported this weekend. david begnaud has the only interview with one of those patients. he's in the wynwood art district which has gone 45 days without reporting a new infection. david, good morning. the governor of florida just declared wynwood zeke a-free a short time ago. most people who have zika won't feel the symptoms and won't know they are infected. this morning we introduce you to a miami beach doctor who hat virs uand speaking publicly for the first time he feels the responsibility to make people realize zika is a real threat and not just for pregnant women. >> muscle pain, rash, fever,
8:44 am
bloodshot eyes. >> reporter: dr. mike started suffering symptoms after a labor day barbecue with a dozen friends in his miami beach home. he had all sorts of repellant at his party. >> reporter: did anyone about mosquitoes at the party? >> not at all. i talked about how well the tiki >> reporter: two days after the party he start feeling sick. when did the cash started? >> about five days after the barbecue. >> reporter: after that rash, the symptoms got worse. >> i had several evenings where i put on a winter coat and got underneath blankets and shut off all of the air-conditioning in my home and i was shivering. >> reporter: his infection occurred outside the original 1.5 mile zika zone. it's one reason that zone has
8:45 am
spraying of the controversial insect eyed naled continued on sunday as the state tries to desperately kill more of those zika carrying mosquitoes. four of the doctor's party-goers also showed symptoms. so far, one has tested positive. the others have not yet been tested. the doctor says getting the test was a challenge. his insurance wouldn't cover the ruffle 600 dollar cost so he went to the local health department looking for a free test. >> there is a big sign saying we on if you only test pregnant women, you'll be underestimating and underreporting and you'll never get a handle of what is really going on! >> reporter: for the record, it's not just pregnant women that can get tested. other people can too but as you just heard from the doctor, it's difficult. he tells us when he got to the health department, he had to raise his shirt and show his rash and describe his symptoms and all but beg for a test. and he was finally given one for free. >> really interesting.
8:46 am
team work. two rival high school football teams come together for one play to lift the spirits of a classmate and his mom. you're watching "cbs this
8:47 am
8:48 am
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8:49 am
? >> robbie water boy for his football high school team in michigan. he shined on the field friday night. in the second quarter of a tie game he scored 36-yard touchdown! his mother was so overcome. she fell to her knees. the coaches arranged the play to surprise robbie's mom who is fighting, oh, my god, bone cancer. >> wow! >> bring out the tissues! >> wow. go robbie! kevin james, can you top that? >> wow. >> kevin james is here.
8:50 am
because he has made tv and movie audiences roar with laughter since he was discovered doing stand-up 20 years ago. lucky for us is a back on cbs tv with "kevin can wait." he plays newly retired police officer kevin gable in a series premiere. he hears some upsetting news from his oldest daughter. >> look. we have a lot to deal with and i understand that you're upset. >> no. you hid this from me and not how we do things in this family. >> sometimes we do. theris don't know. >> i know everything going on around here. i'm a cop. even if i don't, trust me, i know. >> got suspended for fighting and jack started seeing the school therapist for anxiety. >> whoa. i didn't know that. my head is spinning. >> i know. it's a lot to throw at you. >> no. it's the bike. i haven't been on that things in years! >> you can tell it's going to be funny already. kevin james joins us in studio 57. welcome. >> thank you. >> this is what i heard about you.
8:51 am
series around and les moonves said are you shopping around and not coming to me first? >> i was definitely going to end up there. i have to be with les. >> he's at a reading table? >> he's a hands-on guy and i love that he is excited about it so i was thrilled to be back with him. >> sis this a guy playing dad o tv? >> it is. we have kids here and i have four kids on the show. it's a new dynamic. >> you wanted it long island and you said if it's not in long island, i don't want to do it. not many have that juice to do that sort of thing. >> it's important to shoot instructor shots and be on long island. >> where you grew up? >> exactly. where i grew up. have the real pizza places and delis and just stuff to really, you know, that like i said it becomes a character on the show. you get the real feel of long island. >> when you shoot it here or in l.a.? >> here in bethpage.
8:52 am
>> oh, yeah. area we are looking a lot of long island comedian too so i'm excited. >> they got your face blown up all over the place! no, that's not enough. i'm saying what is it like for you and the children? you're driving around and there issed dah's picture? >> it's a little weird and odd. >> you didn't buy a poster? >> i should have but it's enough of dad to the kid. >> when did you start shooting? >> we have already started shooting. we are five episodes >> the thing is you wanted the kid to have to know you're a die-hard mets fan and you love the pizza and want them to know this is how i grew up and people to see the beauty of long island. >> exactly. so they know it and i can bring them to met and jets games and have some fun here on the east coast. >> you're a big mets fan too? >> huge, huge. >> thank you, kevin. >> glad you're back! >> very glad you made it. >> thank you, les!
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
good morning, breaking news we have been following for you this morning. police are connecting the new york city town bombings saying they have seeking this man for questions in both instances. the fbi put out word that it wants to find the 28-year old man named ahmad khan rahami for questioning. investigators believe he may be part of a terror cell and they consider him armed and extremely dangerous. this all comes after the fbi conducted a traffic stop on sunday in connection to the new
8:56 am
were detained. we'll stay on top of this for you. federal judges getting ready to hear arguments against wild horse round ups. more than a thousand horses are involved in this case. a live report coming up at noon. friends and family say goodbye to a bus driver, a wife and mother of four killed. what investigators caused the crash. the 105 year old discovery uncovered by rtd during a drainage project. joel joel is tracking the obstacles in the drive this morning -- -- joel hillan. an accident blocking off the right side of the highway. a lot of side street trouble
8:57 am
8:58 am
73 in denver. 79 in limon and #69d in la junta. 56 in aspen and 62 in grand junction. satellite and radar showing clouds to the north in larimer and weld counties but the rest of us on the clear side. it's hot and sun in denver. overall it's a mellow day with 90 in denver and for greeley and fort collins. 90 in burlington and 75 in frisco and 81 in steamboat and 89 in grand junction. tomorrow we have more cloud cover and could see rain in the south western corner of the state. mid 80s on wednesday. rain down south and on thursday
8:59 am
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