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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 20, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> good to have you with us for the cbs4 morning news. i am alan gionet . >> and i am britt moreno. let's get right on over to
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forecast. >> some people don't want the summer heat to go and some are really excited for this weekend. will officially arrives on thursday, so right now we are looking at a surge of moisture coming in from the southwest. you can see all of the right in arizona right now with parts of the tropical storm join some increased rain in the state. right now plus check in with joel >> we are starting to see some slowing along i-25 also with a water main break on 23rd and equipment. we have a lot of them across the denver metro area. it really does look like this whole year round. >> thank you, joel. authorities are still trying to figure out what motivated and naturalized u.s. citizen to allegedly carried
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jersey or what is believed to be the first time the nation's wireless emergency alert system sent out an electronic wanted poster leading to the arrest of this man you see here, ahmad khan rahami . he is being held on a $5 million bail after a shootout with police. our hena daniels picks up the story from here.>> reporter: ahmad khan rahami is attempted murder of police officers and gun charges. president obama praised the officers who risked their lives to take him down. >> it is one more reminder of the extraordinary skill and sacrifice and courage of our law enforcement officers. >> reporter: authorities have directly linked rahami to the explosions and connected him to
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night near in new jersey train station. they are looking into whether he had any ties to terror groups. they say rahami travel to afghanistan at least three times in the last two years. >> as the investigation continues, people who lived here along the street are returning home and businesses are back open once again. >> all we can do >> this is not a block you would think of as a target. so it is very strange that it happened here. >> reporter: officials say there is no indication of an extremist cell operating in the area. hena daniels, cbs news. the denver city council is moving ahead with the creation of the first affordable housing fund.
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from to explain a little bit more about what this is about. hello, shawn . >> reporter: hello, alan. there is already an issue for folks looking for affordable housing. on top of that, so many people wanting to move to the denver area and the city council wanting to take on the issue. they approved a fund that may do just that using property taxes years bringing in $15 million each year to deal with the increase in the need for homes for sale as well as for rent. since 2010 the supply has risen dramatically and supply has not kept up with demand. there is 87,000 households with people pay more than one third of their monthly income just to
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this will provide funding for some new options that will also be affordable, and the cost estimated to be $12 a year for the average household in town. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> shawn , thanks a lot. it is time for a check of weather and traffic on a tuesday morning. >> just a couple degrees warmer than yesterday with 50 in steamboat and 40 in leadville. our weather watcher reporting 52 degrees in cold creek canyon and a few heighten clouds this morning. we do have plenty of clouds with some sunshine this morning. we do have clouds come in our direction thanks to a tropical storm off the coast of the baja region bringing a lot of rain into arizona. we will see the chance for some
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tonight. checking in on our bus stop forecast this morning a few clouds with temperatures in the upper 60s. we have the morning commute underway and take a look from our cbs4 mousetrap cam. this is coming down into town affecting speeds just a little bit. to the north of that not much of a problem. ca 60s and here we are across the denver metro area. we have some road work going on along mississippi with the total area a mess. 23rd and equipment has a water main break. right now people have no homes to go home to after a massive fire at an apartment building in arapahoe county.
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of quibec and yale. at least seven people were hurt, but do you know anything about what caused it? >> reporter: that is under investigation still. it is not hard to believe people were injured. just take a look at the damage on the southwest corner where the fire started. a real challenge for clues as a hot fire -- crews as a hot fire dozens are without a home this morning. the fire started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. more than 75 firefighters fought the flames in search for people trapped while conditions made it to the dangers to the inside -- too dangerous to the inside. >> all units of been in the
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i saw people crying, and i thought there might be somebody in that building. >> reporter: out of the seven people transported to the hospital, five for first responders. the good news all are expected to be okay. they suffered injuries and the red cross is assisting those who were displaced. it is not hard to believe considering the jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. the use department of justice has opened a civil rights investigation into the shooting of an unarmed black man in tulsa, oklahoma. this video shows the police officer walking toward terrence crutcher as he has his hands in
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respond to the request and was hit with a taser and then shot dead. the family of crutcher is seeking justice. >> we ask for the fax -- facts and answers. we clearly got it through the video. we are truly devastated. >> the justice department is going to decide whether this officer criminal charges. this morning 61 degrees in denver. >> a little girl has dealt with being a little different all of her life and she now has a new companion. the story ahead about how they are both overcoming a tough past . >> if you have a news tip, we want to hear from you. call our tip line at 303-863- tips or send us an email
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>> this morning there's an update on antibiotic use of hospitals. doctors are not prescribing fewer antibiotics to patients despite a push to rein in antibiotic use and avoid the super bacteria. research reviewed file from patients over a six-year period finding antibiotic use did not change significantly in prescriptions actually increased for powerful antibiotics used as a last
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approval to the first drug for muscular dystrophy. the medication called exondys 51 treat patients with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. and the cdc is lifting a ban on a neighborhood for pregnant women. they were told to stay away a section of miami and now government is recommending pregnant women avoid mosquito bites instead of avoiding the wynwood neighborhood. today demarcus ware is having surgery to repair his fractured forearm. he expected to be out five weeks. shane ray is stepping up. ray plays no introduction as he went all the way home.
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training camp dealing with a back injury giving ray a majority of the rest. and he is ready to step in and step up. >> they have prepared me for this all off-season with demarcus being out in any situation for me to have to come in like this, i am comfortable. i have been able to get a lot of good work in and working with demarcus now. >> the broncos insiders you up-to-date on all of the things. you can head to the sports section. even dr. dave hnida is weighing in saying my surgery may speed up demarcus ware in his play. here is lauren with the weather. >> there is a beautiful shot coming in from our rooftop camera for you can see the moon this morning. it is still a really pleasant
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cloud cover. we have this streaming up our direction coming in from the southwest. you will notice there has been a little bit of rain and we will see more of it to the southwestern part of the state today because we have a tropical storm hanging out bring in the moisture into arizona. flooding will be a concern as we could see some heavier rainfall. here in colorado state route the southern corner today. i -- he will even notice the chance of showers today and overnight tonight is the better shot for that. we do have more cloud cover today with the clouds getting thicker into the afternoon and evening. we may even have a little bit more morning with
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tomorrow afternoon there is a chance for a few showers to roll through. there is also a mixture of cloud cover as well. 59th in boulder and 45 this morning in avon. 50 in steamboat and 60 over in grand junction. temperatures today are still pretty warm with 90 in greeley and 74 in frisco and 86 in grand junction. the pattern changes to the latter part of the week with this area of low pressure dropping for the great basin on thursday and friday with the transfer cooler temperatures and an increased chance of moisture. maybe some light showers tomorrow and a chance for isolated storms on thursday.
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pretty good with the cbs4 mousetrap cam come into town. spelling past i-to 70 -- -- slowing past i-270. 23rd and quitman we have a water main break closing up a portion of the intersection. work continues through mississippi rough part of town. we have a couple of construction projects. some of these are overnight expiring and you will see some of these with others taking place in the daytime. if you are wondering why i didn't tell you about your drive, this is why. they are out there in force.
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>> federal officials developing self driving vehicles. the guidelines are also aimed at ensuring safer testing on the roads. here is chris martinez with more from los angeles. >> reporter: saving drivers money, time, and lives. they also see potential risks. the department of transportation is revealing new policy before they are allowed on the road. it includes testing and deployment. officials say they want the ability to approve new driverless technologies and regulate sales and software upgrades. the safety of driverless cars has come into question after a fatal crash involving a tesla
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>> we are simultaneously allowing information to happen and introducing and raising the level of safety on these vehicles. >> reporter: the new policy would have automakers certify vehicles are safe. drivers we spoke with feel uneasy about sharing the road with self-driving cars. >> i don't like it at all. i don't see the eight. >> i would be kind of scared. >> reporter: the regulations would be updated annually to keep up with technological advancements. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. >> today you can hear more from secretary anthony foxx coming up on cbs this morning. a new girl in oklahoma city has a new dog that has something in common with her.
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oklahoma city and recently got a new prosthetic leg. she was born with a disease that caused her leg to break and never hill. nothing stops her. recently she got a new puppy and here is a picture of her. the one year old lab was missing a rice lake and also has a new prosthetic. thre >> sometimes people do stare. it gives her a companion. >> it feels good to have another person liked me. >> so far so good. both avery and hattie are not letting anything slow them down. strike it is premiere week for cbs and that means you will see plenty of promotions. in los angeles there is new
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programming having james corden taking drastic measures to keep his show on the minds of viewers. >> i just want to make a statement. >> are you sure you want to do this? >> i am so scared. this is a terrible idea. okay. nice. >> if mike weatherly's face is the last thing i see before i day, i'm going to be so mad. >> you can catch the late late
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welcome back. it is 5:54 on this tuesday morning starting off with 57 in burlington and 49 in aspen with 39 in craig and 63 in grand junction.
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reporting 53 degrees on the western slope and there is more cloud cover this morning with rain in the southwest. there has been a tropical storm in the southwest pumping moisture in the state later today. taking a look at temperatures, they are in the mid to upper 80s today, so it is a bit more with us. it has been a good start to the morning commute cdot camera we have near the 17. we typically see some volume, but there could be a trouble spot. from mississippi up to i-70 you can see the average speed dipping into the 40s. >> thanks, joel. replacement of the galaxy note 7 are coming out tomorrow.
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charging. samsung also suspended sales of the phone due to a battery problem. people can pick up their free replacement from samsung. jim carrey is being sued by the husband of his ex- girlfriend. carrey was named in a wrongful death lawsuit. the suit claims carrey provided the prescription drugs he says i will not tolerate this heartless attempt. her troubles began long before i met her. sarah paulson is paying tribute to the woman she played in the people versus oj simpson series.
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complicated weathercock two who woke up every day and dedicated herself to writing two wrongs, -- rightint two wrongs, the more i had to realize i have been superficial in my judgment. >> what a mome. here is what a still ahead with the 6:00 cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: it is the aftermath of an intense fire in the latest on the investigation coming up on cbs4 morning news . >> reporter: i am shawn chitnis live in denver for the council
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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> new information this morning about the overseas trips by this man. the man suspected in the new jersey and new york bombings. and the health on the way for people looking for affordable housing in denver. >> let's give you a live look outside. it is hard to believe it is almost fall. we do until you hear how warm we are going to get today. i am alan gionet. >> and i am britt moreno.


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