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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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>> reporter: several people witnessed what happened here, and the shooting occurred down the block just past 121st here on huron. police tell us two officers shot at a suspect, somebody they believe was a robbery suspect, and that they did kill that suspect. he's a man, no other information released on him right now. they say this started around 3:30 this afternoon. westminster police got a report from a homeowner that he had found five people stealing items from his one on a motorcycle and four others in a silver malibu. police happened upon the motorcycle. it crashed on its own. suspect got off, started running, showed a weapon, and two officers fired. they do tell us the suspect did not fire shots at the officers.
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they're looking for the other suspects. this is the news develops in castle rock where a high school student is dead after a car correct. >> three were involved in that crash this morning. copter 4 was over that scene after the accident wreckage was cleared. facebook have identified the victim as 17-year-old kyra conolly. friends are gathering at 7:00 tonight for a memorial. >> she was always happy, always would crack jokes starting class. everybody loved her. >> we did see people dropping by the scene this afternoon with flowers. no word what caused the accident. and a pastor in thornton facing sexual assault charges.
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bible church, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl who attended that church. he told investigators the assaults began two years ago. he surrendered yesterday. investigators have pinned down where they think monday's blaze started in arapahoe county. it might be several days before we know exactly what started it. the fire began outside a garden east yale and ulster. more than 75 firefighters responded. seven people suffered smoke inhalation. dozens are burned out and wondering what to do next. >> sad. i don't see what i lost, what i don't have. as far as i know, this is the way it's gonna be. that means i lost
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highway 119 remains closed near longmont after a tanker truck overturned nearly six hours ago. truck carrying sludge from a waste treatment plant is not considered hazardous. a crash involving a truck carrying beer on loveland pass. it read away and hit two cars. matt kroschel broke the story today. and the highway >> reporter: yeah, still closed. crews up there working to get that truck off the road. it is quite a mess up there. >> load what we can, that'd be easiest. >> reporter: terrifying moments as the driver of this semi lost control. >> went sideways across the road, and knox -- knocking them cars off in the ditch.
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three drivers sent to the hospital, one of them with serious injuries. two others who ended up striking the trailer are employees of arapahoe-based ski record. >> you come around the corner, what i am gonna do? >> reporter: for the dispatch gear, this was a challenge. not something that's uncommon up here on high over to loveland for the bridge construction on 70. and most guys never been through the mountains before. this is what happened. >> reporter: troopers are investigating but speed may be a factor. >> come up here, clean up the mess, get the road open. >> reporter: loveland pass remains closed vm they're shooting for 7:00. they got a lot of work to do. as for the
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we haven't been given that information yet by the state patrol. trying to track that down and which driver has serious injuries. still part of this investigation. no one was killed in this crash. it could have been a lot worse. matt kroschel, cbs4. new developments in a deadly hit and run that killed a cyclist. police have identified a suspect but left the country. it happened near the denver country club in june. back then, jennifer brice talked to a good samaritan who tried to save that man. >> she has now developments on the search nar suspect. >> reporter: the hit and run happened at this intersection off gillpin and 1st. police believe the suspect was living in denver at the time but he may have fled the country. >> reporter: denver police have
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raphael >> iment his family to know that there were people there, ing -- holding his hand, trying cost him as much as we could. >> reporter: the fiat he was driving is his car. it was found abandoned at the whole foods parking lot in cherry creek it. took detectives several months to issue an arrest wa because they had a lot to prove. >> we had to put a lot of fo we have to prove the vehicle and the driver, that takes forensic analysis in the form of dna, developing additional witnesses that may have heard something after the fact. >> reporter: he has also lived in california and afford. detectives have -- florida. detectives received tips they believe the suspect may have fled the country, but they believe it's more likely he fled
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united states -- the state but is still in the united states. she does not understand how anyone would leave a person to die. >> i hope they turn themselves in. i feel like living with that guilt is gonna tear them apart. >> reporter: if you have any information that may help to solve this crime, there is a $2,000 reward. new details as federal officials charge a man planting bomb and new jersey. the >> the father of the suspect says he warned the f.b.i. about his son two years ago. foin did investigate -- the f.b.i. did investigate rahami in 2014 but found nothing tying him to terrorism. he is a u.s. citizen from afghanistan and travelled there at least three times. his father talked to requirements outside the family's fried
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jersey >> rahami is recovering in the hospital after gunshot wounds remember his mother left the states for afghanistan three weeks ago the presidential candidates are talking about their plans to prevent future bombings. >> shaun boyd is at the 2016 campaign desk furs tonight. >> national security will remain a big topic leading up to election day and donald trump and hillary clinton continue to criticize each other. >> reporter: trump says immigration security is national security and addressed the bombings in new york and new jersey in north carolina. >> these attacks were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system. >> reporter: the republican nominee repeated his call to temporarily suspend immigration from areas with ties to terrorism.
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inflow of refugees which hillary clinton is trying to drastically increase. >> reporter: clinton has called trump's remarks a terrorist recruitment tool. she held a conference call with national security adviseors about the recent bombings. >> reporter: she also called into the morning show and touched on her plans for next week's debate. >> i'm going to do my very best to communicate as clearly of the insults and the attentions and the bullying and bigotry that we've seen coming from my opponent. i can take it. i can take that kind of stuff. >> tonight a big show of support for hillary clinton comes from a corner republican president. george h. w. bush told about 30 people that he
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trump campaigning here on thursday, and mike pence will host a town meeting in colorado springs this saturday. >> and you can find out how to get tickets for that event in colorado springs right now. continuing to follow breaking news in westminster. police shoot and kill a robbery suspect the suspects. they caught up with one, he pulled a gun, the officers fired on that suspect. 1 twenty-eight and huron is closed. criminal charges after police in oklahoma shoot and kill an unarmed driver. why his family's attorney says the cops' accounts of the incident don't add up. >> and check that freezer!
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around here, it looked cooler than it was! 90 degrees again today! moisture coming from what was once a hurricane, you now a tropical depression. a lot of rain moving toward colorado! >> angelina johe and brad pitt are calling it quits. >> reporter: a good samaritan finds several hundred dollars in the the quest to
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the latest on the fatal shooting of an african american driver by a white cop in tulsa, oklahoma. his family is demanding criminal charges against the officer. video shows the 40-year-old crutcher walking toward his suv with his hands in the air, friday night. he was unarmed. police tazed him then shot and killed him.
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reaching inside his vehicle as officers reported. >> where you can see clearly that the windows up, there is a streak of blood on the window, it is coming down the car door, and to show that it was contemporaneous, you see crutcher lying dead on the ground with his hands still up. and this is that shows the window was up. so how can he be reaching into the car? >> investigators say crutcher was killed by officer betty shelby. she is now on paid leave. a recall involving a popular morning breakfast food for many families. >> the voluntary recall
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testing found some nutrigrain whole wheat eggose might be contaminated with listeria. the hollywood power couple angelina jolie and brad pitt file forward divorce. we are hearing from brad pitt who i with from his kids. >> reporter: jolie's attorney confirmed the actress has filed for divorce. according to papers filed monday with the los angeles superior court, the actress cited irreconcilable differences. she is asking for physical custody of the six children and wants to limit pitt to visitation. jolie is not interested in joint physical custody. according to tmz, her
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parenting the children. she was extremely upset with his methods. the couple adopted three children and have three of their children. jolie's attorney released a statement saying the decision was made for the health of the family. they have been together since 2004. the couple said they would not get married and did tie the knot in 2014 in a private ceremony in france. they recently starred in the box office dud by the sea playing a glamorous couple on a rocky marriage. jolie is not asking for spousal support. doppler 4,000, all those clouds did not affect the temperature! right to 90 degrees
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moisture flow continues all wait into missouri. now as the week goes on, we have a cool air mass that's slowly gonna sink on down and put us into the 60s. out to the atlantic two, tropical storms, lisa and karl. neither forecast to hilt the u.s. over the pacific, this is this w now ton was moisture moving into the four corners, and that does mean colorado. clouds around here, the moisture, and it starts to push up into our mountains. snow at the higher elevations. 4:00 am tomorrow, some of that moisture spilling into the metro area. so you may wake up to some wet pavement. doesn't last long. sunshine tomorrow, scattered showers once again, thursday, same deal. scattered showers pushing across the area.
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you can see the snow over in utah in some of our mountain locations. by noon, some of this moisture spills over to the eastern plains of colorado. there it is. 90 and 89 after starts of 60 and 59. 77 and 47 would be normal for this time of year. from the weather watchers, 67 delores. 90 degrees arvada. take a look at this from sherry thomas. cottonwood lake. and you can see all the color in the mountains. the lows tonight, mostly 50s and 60s over the eastern plains. 40s for the mountains. 40s, 50s to around 60 degrees out west.
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only 60s and 70s for the mountains, and weft. for the east, temperatures in the 80s to lower 90s. your denver forecast for tonight, we'll see scattered showers, 63 and 61 the overnight lows. are in tomorrow, morning showers, partly cloudy skies. 80 and 81. then temperatures staying in the 80s wednesday, thursday, friday. here comes your weekend. >> dun dun dun! [ laughter ] >> low to mid-60s with a chance rs. washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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it seems like everything is going well for the broncos. and i hate to be the guy to rain on the parade, but here is goes: they have to get better inside the red zone and on 3rd downs. denver was just 5 of 11 on 3rd downs sunday afternoon. despite racking up 400 yards of total offense, just 1 offensive touchdown. they got inside the red zone >> we're struggling red zone on both sides of the ball, and is our defense at the bottom of the barrel in the league. we need to improve as a team in the red zone. very important for us to improve upon.
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string quarterback like that team in boston. the pats could start jacoby briccet thursday night. jimmy garafolo got hurt sunday. and when asked about the injury today, belichick as he usually does, reminded everyone he's a coach, not a doctor. >> i'm a football coach not a doctor. the medical staff is the medical staff. i coach the team. medical people handle the injuries. they don't i don't do surgery. it works out good. >> really glad he cleared that up. the buffers have a q.b. issue as well. he is currently listed as day to day f. he can't go, steven montes will get his first career start.
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that -- offense, a lot of captains on that offense as well offense, a lot of captains on that -- offense, a lot of captains on that offense as well. he's had a great spring, illusive, he can make throws. >> buffs open pac-12 play this weekend at oregon.
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a burglary ca captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the early warning about the bombing suspect.mb what ahmad rahami's father toldu the authorities two years ago and why that case was also tonight, the wells fargo fraud scandal. the top man at the bank is called to account. >> i rr failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers. >> pelley: the costly mistake a.a.a. says that millions are making when they fill their gas tank. and, brangelina-- it's all over. hollywood's ultimate power couple splits. this is the "cbs evening news"


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