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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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>> and i am alan gionet. we are live this morning for you on the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: i am shawn chitnis in westminster but there was a robbery. one suspect is dead but police are still looking for the others. we will have the latest coming up. violence after police are involved in a shooting in north carolina. what we have learned about the police officer involved a castle rock student dies in a crash. coming up when she was driving on the wrong side of the road. live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> we get a chance to enjoy the last day of summer. >> the seasons are changing. good morning.
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it is 62 in grand junction right now. we will talk more about the cool down in a moment but right now let's check with joel. it is nice and wide open at least for now with some construction work across the metro area. three people are on the run after a robbery and assault. shawn chitnis is live in westminster happened. >> reporter: it is a complicated case with some differing stories depending on who you speak with. without the police or neighbors who saw some are part of this all go down yesterday afternoon. here is what we know. this began with the robbery that is happening at a home in the 12,000 block of annex street.
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few men and a woman stealing items from his garage. the man told police he was punched by a suspect who pulled a gun on him. the others got into a car. police were trying to put out the word when one team so that suspect on the motorcycle. police said that suspect crashed the motorcycle and then tried to run away. the officers noticed the weapon . they fired and killed him. neighbors in the area say a police cruiser may have hit the motorcycle and there are some reports the suspect did not have a weapon. police are looking for the remaining suspects in the case. that is being done by a separate agency. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning
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counselors will be on hand at castle view high school following the death of a student in a car crash. police are still trying to figure out why 17 year old kyra connolly was driving on the wrong side of the road when she was killed. it happened yesterday morning or the high school. they say she was driving on the wrong side of the road when it sideswiped another car and hit head on. friends are grieving her loss. >> she was always happy. she would always crack jokes during class. >> we just started crying when we got in because we saw everybody so emotional. it was just horrible. i thought she is going to be okay. i kept hoping for the bass --
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involved in the crash will recover. >> let's turn to weather and traffic now. we are off to a much warmer start yesterday. we were actually hot yesterday hitting 90 degrees in denver. we are 20 degrees warmer in lyman and 50 degrees warmer in la junta putting us as 65 junta. satellite and radar has a little rain near burlington this morning south of lamar. most of us are really on the cloudy side looking at a pretty nice bus stop for the kids with a big cool down on the way.
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boulevard you may be heading out there this morning. southbound coming into town is a 10 minute drive from fortune to denver. that is where we are seeing with southbound coming into town. some pockets of volume but nothing that will slow you down. a couple of side street incidents including columbine. construction on mississippi east of santa fe out to broadway. it is just a mess. copter 4 flew over it yesterday and i think there is more cones then there is people in denver. this morning a man accused of hitting a colorado state patrol cadet is facing a true. cbs4's jamie leary is live at
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remembers this even though it was over a year ago with opening arguments set to begin. 28-year-old christopher keepers has pled not guilty to first- degree murder. his attorneys argued they violated policies and procedures during the traffic stop. they want any evidence obtained test out. prosecutors have dismissed that claim. gebers is accused of selling a traffic stop and crashing into an accident scene where he injured a trooper. he killed the trooper taylor t- fal who was just 22 years old. they believe he was on his way to longmont to conduct a drug deal.
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with numerous felonies in relation to the incident last year. opening arguments are set to begin this morning. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thank you very much. return to the streets of charlotte north carolina after a night of writing following the killing of a black man by police. keith lamonte scott and people took to the street. 12 officers are injured. this is the second shooting prompting protests and the other was friday in tulsa, oklahoma. >> reid bennion report on both of these shootings. >> reporter: protests the wrapping -- interrupting in north carolina. police say what officers looked
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armed. >> some imminent threat to them. because of that, at least one of our officers fired rounds. >> reporter: the officer is now on paid administrative leave. after the fatal shooting an unarmed african-american man happened friday. terrence crutcher was walking to his vehicle with his hands up. he stands beside the suv and then fatally wounded. officer that he shall be now on paid administrative leave. >> he gets to the window of the suv and has his hands in the air. his left hand goes into the window. >> reporter: criticism fueled by what is seen in the veto and what is heard. the sister of crutcher responding to the
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brother. >> that was my twin brother. he was a father. >> reporter: i am reid bennion reporting. >> there were 59 deaths from pedestrian related accidents in colorado last year. the state agency now has a new pedestrian safety champion the change that number. his name is fred who was outside you can seen yesterday to interact with pedean >> fred has seen a lot of crashes in his day and has come out and the signpost to engage one on one with pedestrians to keep everybody said. >> fred will visit 10 intersections to spread the safety message. >> a scar can be a lasting reminder for cancer survivors.
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denver doctor looking to make those scars less visible. the ceo of wells fargo
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,, washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests
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t tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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welcome back, everyone. according to the american cancer society there will be 6000 new cases of thyroid cancer in the united states this year alone. 50,000 of them will be women. health specialist tells us a doctor in denver is working to change that. >> she is a young, upbeat professional women. she called and didn't go quite
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my throat. >> a natural when shown on her thyroid. the 28-year-old knew she needed it removed but the surgery scared her. >> i have to live my life with a scar that runs across my whole neck. >> she was afraid for the rest of her life people would stare at her. >> reporter: there was a better outcome brown is the chief of head and neck surgery and is also a board-certified plastic surgeon with small instruments and evasive techniques. he can reduce the incision. >> i can do the surgery. >> reporter: her scar is probably noticeable. >> it is the last thing on my
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some people are surprised it is so small but most don't notice a theme. >> kathy walsh reporting for us. not only does it look better, but reduces discomfort. >> it is time now for weather and traffic every 10 minute. this is our last day of the summer season. it is 20 degrees warmer in lyman and 18 degrees warmer in the high country. 40 in craig putting us at 63 in greeley and 44 in leadville. satellite and radar is a cloutier start to the day with a little rain moving out toward burlington. we had a little bit in our southern area as well. overall, it is just a cloudy start to the day. we are still looking at moisture streaming in from the
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the southwest with the cloud cover streaming up toward us. you will notice it will clear out just a bit and it will be a nice morning for the kids. some mild temperatures and let's time out futurecast. we will be on the cloudy side through the morning with some rain moving in to the southwest with scattered showers in some areas continuing throughout the y. that will head toward the front range to the eastern plains later on today. we cannot look at anything severe but south denver you may pick up heavier rainfall and skies will clear and we have the possibility of more rain tomorrow to the last. temperatures to our best with 73 in grand junction and craig
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burlington and 84 degrees in denver today. we do have a weather pattern change heading our way and that drops into the great basin toward tomorrow and into friday pre-us some changes as well on friday night with a cold front and it really knocks down our temperatures as we head toward saturday. if you've been waiting for fall, you get to do that on saturday without looking crazy. i want to do it to go. 63 on sunday and let's check in with joel. as you had a long i-70 to the airport, it should be a great drive for you. we have a couple trouble spots but nothing that will slow you
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toward clipping tone kipling. you are parties to all of that by now to broadway and i want to take you through the drive times. southbound just a three minute drive to get you out. four minutes in the northbound direction. is it is ridiculous how much those change? right now into town speeds into minute drive. someday there'll be a cure for diabetes may be. there is a young boy dealing with it who cannot wait for that day. are karen morfitt has more in the story. >> the jay smith has been playing lacrosse since he was six years old.
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-- watch all the games. >> reporter: he still plays with diabetes but not the carefully tracks his blood sugar levels and insulin intake. he uses a pump to regulate his insulin and takes breaks when he feels like his sugar is low. >> i want people to know that i am a diabetic and nine different. >> reporter: he cares about finding a cure. >> the first thing i will do is go to wyoming and ball of my entire kit. >> reporter: it includes a glucose meter and everything a diabetic has to carry every day. he is working for a chore by raising money. the association's run and walk fundraiser.
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>> reporter: dj took his efforts to the nearest supers soliciting for donations. they are participants in the toward a cure who are living with diabetes. >> i cannot wait until i can go to wyoming and fall of my kicked. -- vote up my kit -- blow up my kit. >> you can go to
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the head of wells fargo bank after a verbal beat down by senator elizabeth warren. here is marlie hall with today's money watch. >> reporter: lawmakers a crime for john stumpf to step down. regulators said the company created millions of fake bank accounts to get bonuses. stumpf told the banking committee people assist customers affected by the scandal. st wait the results for the fed reserve meeting. seaworld announced it will stop paying shareholder dividends after next month. the attraction has struggled with dwindling attendance and revenue as many people shy away from the idea of using animals as entertainment. many empty-nesters have
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according to a british airways survey, 48% of parents whose children have gone to college are playing their own empty nest vacation. 40% said they would dip into savings guilt free now that children are out of the house. that is your money watch. or more log onto i am marlie hall. it is time now for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> i ll happening across the country. we have some bigger storms rolling through wisconsin right now. the east coast right around norfolk virginia has some big storms right now south of the dc area down to north carolina. we could also see some rain in parts of florida today. it is fairly mild in the west
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>> it should be a great drive this morning. southbound coming down along i- 70 it is nice and wide open. the a line is running on time. if you are heading eastbound, speeds are at the 60s. 65 in denver right now. >> coming up next, many are looking to get fit doing the job. violent protests broke out after a black man was killed by police in charlotte, north carolina. i am hena daniels with more on what some are calling another incident of police brutality coming up. >> it is time now for the ford sports break. >> the chief told him actions speak louder than words and monday. marshall took that to heart and
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the elementary. he has been in the spotlight after taking a knee during the national anthem. he is donating money for every tackle he makes this season as part of his tackle change initiative. but he knows it is more than just about money. >> coming out to schools in trying to help kids to stay in school and listen to their teacher and get good grades and be respectful. facets. i think it is more than just taking a knee. >> 11 a.m. kickoff right here on cbs4. >> this has been the ford sports break powered by the best-selling trucks for 39 years straight. the ford f-series. built better, built better,
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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> the last full day of summer right now and this is the cbs4 morning news. i am alan gionet. >> and i am britt moreno. enjoy this last day of summer. the season is changing and so is the forest >> we are off to a much warmer start today than yesterday with 62 in grand junction and 55 in avon. 64 in boulder with 70 right now in akron and ray and 63 in la junta. right now let's check in with joel. >> as you head westbound along


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