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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> violent protests erupt over a number down the police shooting in america in north
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>> police shoot and kill a man who pointed a gun at officers in westminster after he attempted to steal from a homeowner. now officers want to find others involved. >> it is still dark with sunrise moving later and later. we are talking about a cool down and maybe rain in your future. this is the last full day of summer, make the most of it. >> and i am britt moreno. we have lauren whitney with the forecast. >> it is our final day of summer. we have a lot of cloud cover still from what was hurricane pain in the pacific ocean. there is some rain as well. alamosa and also into the southeastern corner.
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temperatures and we will talk about that in just a moment. there is some debris on the roadway in arapahoe. it is sort of tousled about. we are watching this because here in just a little bit i am sure police cars will arrive so they can get it off of the road. breaking overnight we have violent riots erupting on the streets of che block officer shot and killed unarmed black man. people put fires in the streets and some protesters kicked the canisters back at police. others took turns hurling water bottles damaging several police cars. 12 officers are heard this morning and an officer shot and killed keith lamont scott. officers say they were looking
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police say he was not the man they were looking for but he had a gun and threatened officers. relatives say police shot him as he was reading a book. >> they jumped out of their track and they said hands up. >> a woman who says she is his daughter live streamed the aftermath on facebook. the block officer who pulled the trigger is administrative leave. check the demonstrations in charlotte follow other protests in tulsa. an officer shot and killed terrence crutcher in tulsa on friday. investigators found the drug pcp in his vehicle. the sister of crutcher said police profiled him. police shoot and kill a man wanted in a home invasion
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involved in the robbing and attack at a westminster home. shawn chitnis is live where police pulled the trigger. >> reporter: good morning. it is certainly complicated this morning as well as many different suspects. we also have some slightly different stories based on who you talk to. this all starts with the help owner calling police saying he taking items from his garage in the 12,000 block of bannock street on tuesday. that man told police he was punched by one of the suspects. one man drove away while the others got away in the car. police were trying to get the word out when one of their teams saw that suspect on the motorcycle.
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to run away. police saw him pull out a gun. officers noticed the weapon and responded by shooting and killing him. neighbors say a police cruiser may have actually hit the back of the motorcycle causing the crash with some reports the suspects did not have a weapon. police are still looking for the other suspects in the case. there is going to be an investigation led by a separate agency. shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. let's check in on weather and traffic. >> temperatures are fairly mild with 60 in denver and 64 in boulder. 55 in avon and 62 in grand junction. we have warmth and breezy conditions and rain in the southern part of the state. the rest of us are just on the
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temperatures for your bus stop forecast is the lower 70s and upper 60s. let's check in with control. we have a traffic alert following copter 4 and you can see the left expressed holding -- toll lane blocked. right now we are looking at speeds that are in the 50s and the whole average speed will drop because of this with the allow an extra five minutes. take a look across the denver metro area where we still have something in the road northbound i-25 along arapahoe. the earlier accident was on c- 470 and it has been cleared out of the way. if you are getting to the car you can turn on our partners at koa news radio for the latest. happening this morning the
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the trial in the death of a colorado state patrol cadet who was later promoted to trooper. the crash happened last year on highway 66 in longmont. jamie very is at the boulder county courthouse. he followed the case for some time now. tell us about it. >> reporter: this is a big day with taylor just 22 years old when he was killed. the impaof felt statewide. opening statements will get started early this morning for his accused killer standing trial. he was a cadet at the time of his death but as his memorial service that is when he was promoted to the rank of trooper to honor his service. his impact was clear at his funeral with hundreds lined up along i-25 to honor him. northbound drivers could be seen
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paramedics and others paid for >>'s. gebers is accused of playing a traffic -- fleeing a traffic stop. he was injured and this morning opening arguments start at 8:30. gebers has been in custody since his arrest 16 months ago and has pled not charges and is faced with the trial. jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> thank you so much. this morning had the heart of castle view high school. a student died yesterday morning near the school. 17-year-old kyra connolly crashed yesterday morning at butterfield crossing drive. investigators say she was driving on the wrong side of the road. connolly was a senior.
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>> it was genuinely heartbreaking to know that someone i got so close to -- and i had seen that morning -- is no longer here. >> connolly hit a delivery truck head on. she also say to select another vehicle. investigators are not sure if she was trying to pass or what exactly happened. friends held a candlelight vigil last night. former denver mayor wellington webb is in the hospital for a problem with his digestive system. doctors admitted him yesterday for surgery. he will like we spend the next few days at the hospital. his wife is thinking the community for the outpouring of support. webb served as the mayor for three terms from 1991 until 2003. we are getting ready to say
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the new owners will remodel the space and reopen as a new restaurant. we are not sure what that means for how things will look there. it is 6:10 right now. >> coming up next new details about the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey over the weekend. >> and lots of
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it is wednesday and that means it is time to meet wednesday's child. we've introduce you to render before. i wednesday's child wants to be a wedding planner when she grows up so she can makes others happy.
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much decisiveness as she does with her future. she allows the kind now technicians to give her a manicure. she tells me she doesn't get to do this very often, but she loves getting her nails done. she does not worry about the normal things some teenagers fret about but rather where she will be in the near future. >> it is stressful. >> why isn't stressful? >> responsibilities. i already feel old. >> you do? older beyond your years? maybe wiser too? >> yeah. i just worry about my school in my case in adoption. >> you can hear her full story at noon later today and also learn about any of the children looking for families at . let's get you your weather and traffic every 10 minutes
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>> there are a few breaks in the clouds from different city cameras. but it will definitely be another mostly cloudy day. temperatures are a lot warmer in most areas this morning with 11 degrees warmer in avon and 17 in my men. -- lyman. 67 burlington and 60 in denver. 55 in avon and 62 degrees in grand junction. for the most part everyone has cloud cover this morning and some moving through our southern part of the state as well. for the most part we are on the cloudy site with the moisture coming in from the hurricane moving through the states into the desert southwest. we are still looking at being in new mexico. -- rain in new mexico. the heavy rain possible down south and it does get more
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in denver we may have a few breaks in the clouds with most of the moisture staining to the west. we see this 50 denver area so by 4:00 a chance for showers here in denver moving out to the eastern plains. more rain is possible for the northwest and a dryer air mass moving in overnight. again, a lot of our west with 85 in greeley and 90s on the eastern plains. 68 in eagle and 72 in grand junction. this pattern change comes our direction later this week. it heads our way later this week with cooler temperatures and a cold front associated with that. we are in the 80s for the next
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spot as you travel on the westbound version of evans trying to get on the ramp to northbound santa fe. you can see that is blocked off. so from westbound to northbound via some activity and copter 4 shoot a couple other cars involved as well. we have an accident as you get past 92nd approaching 94th. you can see the speeds in the single digits. it is 30 minutes to get to southbound from 14 out to denver. that is a trouble spot blocking the left express toll lane. the earlier accident has been cleared and you can see the trouble along santa fe not affecting volume on santa fe itself. we have had something in the road and i am not sure if they
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>> thanks so much. we expect an update on interest rates today. do you know those fitness trackers? the minute help you reach your goals after all. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. the fed wraps up a policy meeting this afternoon with most economists voting to keep interest rates as is with yesterday the dow jone nine points. the head of the pharmaceutical company mylan is suspending how much she charges customers for epipens. she is appearing before congress today. she signals the company has no plans to lower prices. she says she thinks the company has a balance between price and access. samsung has a replacement
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of the devices issued. they will have the rest of the replacements by the end of the month. those trendy fitness trackers may not help. a study found those who did not use those wearable trackers may have lost more weight than those who did. researchers think dieters might use reaching fitness goals as an excuse to indulge or maybe they are just discouraged by missing goals. >> thank you so much for that report. new details this morning with a man accused in a series of weekend bombings. ahmad khan rahami now faces federal terror charges. investigators say rahami but bomb making materials off ebay this summer and video caught him
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into him but they came up with nothing tying him to tear. our military is once again showing force while the north korea nuclear test with a pair of supersonic bombers just flying over south korea for the last time. that is the heavy stuff. donald trump and hillary clinton taking the debate stage in just five days. the topics will include securing america, achieving prosperity, and the direction of the country. hillary clinton plans to talk about the economy. it is our last full day of summer today. let's find out what weather watchers are reporting.
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welcome back. this is what is happening across the country with bigger thunderstorms moving toward chicago. ther from west virginia into north carolina they could see some heavier rainfall today. it is still warm on the east coast and it is still hot down south with 96 in dallas today. we do still have some moisture in arizona. we are seeing a pretty good drive along i-25 and it is
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accident past 92nd. a look from copter 4 in colfax is not too bad a drive. look how slow this is that we were talking about a son on i- 270. take a look at these drive times in the >> direction with speeds in the 50s. a lot going on in america this morning. let's get a preview on cbs this morning there is still king. >> we are in charlotte with an overnight protest after police shot and killed a black man. plus, we are learning more about the suspected new york, new jersey bomber. we test some new technology designed to keep airlines from ever using a checked bag again. and more from anthony mason's amazing interview with bruce springsteen. what he has in common with
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>> gayle king , right after our news cast. first lady michelle obama join stephen colbert for what they call a pretend sleep over. check it out. >> stephen , if you got stuck on a desert island with one famous person, who would you take? >> i would pick the president. how abt >> beyonci. >> [ laughter ] weight. can i change it to beyonci? >> no. she is mine. >> [ laughter ] do you blame them? cash you stephen colbert show after cbs4 news at 10:00 tonight . a wildfire burns near a
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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good to have you with us this morning. a live picture downtown this morning. this is your last full day of summer. we want to get you ready for possible storms today. i will let lauren give you that news. speculates have already started to change. lord is upon they were and it feels pretty nice right now. >> temperatures in the low 60s and even low 70s. we are cloudy once again but it is nice outside. it feels great although it is
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cover. we are 17 degrees warmer in limon then we were yesterday. 30 degrees warmer in avon and temperatures are having cloud cover and we are looking at cooler temperatures this weekend. if you want to where the boots, this weekend you can officially do it. >> we have a mess of a tribe southbound. maybe if you pulled out to get the latte you have something you can enjoy. we have the left express toll lane blocked off your way southbound coming in from 120th. right now looking at a 41 minute drive. >> thank you for that. a homeowner survives a ball and burglary -- burglary in westminster. one was shot and killed because the man pointed a gun at police. now they want to find at least three more people on the run.
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where police caught up with the suspected burglar who is on a motorcycle. >> reporter: the area behind me was closed off as police were working this case. it certainly is complicated. we know there is multiple suspects and has been some differences in information from neighborhoods in the area. it does i'll start with a homeowner calling police saying a few men and a woman were stealing items from his garage street. the man told police he was punched by one of the suspects. one man triple play on a motorcycle while the others got away on the car. the suspect was spotted saying he crushed it and then he still tried to run away. police say he pulled again and officers shot at him and he died. neighbors were shocked to see this happening outside their
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neighborhood. we very rarely have any kind of violence or anything happen in this neighborhood at all. >> police are now still looking for those remaining suspects that got away in the car. there will be a separate investigation by an independent agency. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. and want to give you a heads up about this. gunshots. officers are supposed to test their shot spotted technology from 8:00 until midnight tonight. it detects sense of gunshots to help police locate the area where it came from. police describe what you here as a sequence of gunshots. a panel of state lawmakers will vote today on letting
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they are considering it a condition for which doctors can recommend marijuana. the vote will have no legal effect but it could impact the legislature meeting in january. today people may notice a lot of police at the st. luke's medical center in denver. crews are practicing for an emergency. the training starts this morning 9:00. a fire burning at the vandenberg air force base california is 10,000 acres in size. colorado companies often use this place to send rockets to space. its equipment is said that crews are getting help from the air as they try to deal the fire. here is lauren. >> temperatures are still fairly mild and it feels pretty good outside. this is a look from our mile
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overall 60 in denver and 70 in wray. 73 in la junta and 55 in avon. 44 in leadville and 52 in craig with 62 in grand junction. we have some rain moving through the lamar area and close to the pagosa springs area. the rest of us just have cloud cover to deal with. we still have this cl coming up right direction. some cloud cover today and rain possibly. seven colorado will get some rain throughout the morning and it gets widespread into the northwest as we head into the morning hours. but then a couple of showers possible through denver threat the late afternoon and early evening. we have dry air moving in and
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showers to the southwestern corner and even toward the eastern plains. temperatures today still on the hot side with 90 in burlington and 84 here in denver. 66 in frisco and 72 in grand junction. we are watching an area of low pressure moved for the great basin area bring in cooler temperatures toward friday night . sunday you noticed the changes. until then, for showers and in the 60s on a saturday and sunday. we are watching this accident along copter 4. this is eastbound -- westbound at havana blocking the left lane. it is now blocking the left two lanes with denver fire just arriving there. this is as you try to make your
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seeing some delays with accident on the left express toll lane and speeds into the single digits with 48 minutes to get to from fullerton to denver. you caught this slowing as you head westbound of i-70. this is right past havana and then you see the slowing develop eastbound as you get out to york. south 225 westbound along i-70 speeds in the 20s. >> it is a slow go. thank you. right now the douglas county sheriff's office is hope to find whomever lost a bag of cash. a good samaritan from several hundred dollars about a month ago. the sheriff's office says they have gotten some characters claiming the money is there is.
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called and said he wanted her to have it. we have gotten calls from people who have claimed a spirit has told them to call. crazy stories. >> i guess some are very creative. the money was found in the town center. if no one claims the money, the cash will go into the douglas county general assembly fun. -- fund. ray of sun takes a look at which vanity plates the state has banned and why. >> reporter: marijuana may be legal what happens if you try to refer to it on your license plate? >> it is a violation of the freedom of speech. >> reporter: you can show off your heritage, activities, favorite team, but we found
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cannot put on your vanity plate. >> when a request comes in from a customer, we actually have a database of 10,000 combinations already on our do not issue list. >> reporter: we will show you what some of the questionable ones are any the state has a right to ban this form of expression. >> you can watch for but in plates tonight at 7:00 right here on cbs4 . a group of people will help honor veterans buried at logan national cemetery. the volunteers will spend the day removing hazardous trees across the site. this is part of a day of service. the arborist were inspired by some volunteers in minnesota who wanted to give back to our troops. >> getting ready to debut sculptures. it is called washed ashore. it features sculptures
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entirely from trash collected from beaches. that exhibit runs from september 24 through the 16th in january. coming up next, a valid protest in charlotte over another deadly police shooting. we have arapahoe basin coming up. it is time now for the chevy sports break. >> team usa med team na they need a win to stay with matt duchesne having himself a game. he scored two goals. they led 3- 1 after the first. eric johnson with the goal for team usa, but it wasn't nearly enough. they get the win with a disappointing ending.
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ballpark last night. they will pay the cardinals later today. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet, the most awarded car company two years in a row based on 2015/2016 year-end totals. visit your colorado chevy
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welcome back. it is a cloudy start to the day. here is a look at the fort collins camera. in the foothills we have some clear skies and over denver ulysse for the most part we are on the cloudy site.
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canyon is our weather watcher john page. we will talk about a cool down coming up in just a moment. >> this is the latest trouble spot involving an rtd bus blocking a lane. these pictures coming from copter 4. we have had a massive drive coming down into town with the left lane in the less -- left express tolling blocked off due to an accident. hopefully they can get that carried off shortly but until then, speeds into the single digits. this is the average speed along this stretch here with 58 minutes. >> those are some low numbers. thanks a lot. opening statements start this morning for the man on trial for hitting indicating a cadet. jamie leary covering this case
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>> reporter: they are trying to get evidence thrown at. 20-year- old christopher innkeepers will appear in custody for opening statements. he has been in custody since his arrest. taylor was just 22 years old when he was killed, in the impact of his death was felt statewide. his funeral procession went on for 21 miles with a massive law enforcement support fallen comrade. he was promoted to trooper and was remembered as an honorable leader. gebers is accused of selling a traffic stop last year. -- fleeing a traffic stop last year. he hit trooper clinton. the attorney of gebers archies csp did not follow the correct
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>> temperatures are pretty nice with 64 in boulder and 72 in wray. 55 in avon and 62 in grand junction.
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60s with mild temperatures. on our satellite and radar, we have rain in the eastern plains and also rain near lamar this morning. mixture of cloud cover and clear skies. we have what is left of the hurricane in the pacific pumping moisture toward us. it is a little dry moving in tonight with skies clearing a bit. futurecast is raining possible into the northwestern corner by midmorning into early afternoon. even a few breaks in the clouds by lunchtime. now temperatures today eastern plains are still pretty warm with 90 in burlington and 92 in wray today. let's of 60s in the high country and 72 over in grand junction. we are watching this area of
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friday with a cold front coming through friday night. that really cools us offer saturday and maybe brings snowing to the mountains this weekend. we have a couple trouble spots this can meet at havana -- commute at havana taking down speeds as you are heading into town from aurora. it is also affecting the drive northbound on i-225. we have cleared out of the way. we did get the accident cleared out southbound but you have to wait for the stretch all of the back with the 58th minute drive from thornton to denver. here we are cross the denver metro area. watch out if you are at monaco. we talked about the slow speeds we are seeing westbound along i-
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>> we are kind of lucky we didn't have more severe fires this year. >> and now we're headed toward the cold season,, ,, washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten
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ublic lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, september 21st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? violent protests overnight in north carolina after police shoot and kill a black man. block a major freeway and property. >> new details about the bombings in new york and new jersey unfolded. we are getting new information about the attacker's family including a wife overseas. >> we test the new technologies sdiped designed to make sure airlines never lose your bags again. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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