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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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spock we begin -- we begin with breaking news, dramatic video shows two people being shot to death in a game shooting in denver. i am alan gionet. this was part of the sentencing in court today. we have more details on this
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captures the shooting. >> reporter: this shooting took place at 35th and downing in denver about a year ago. it was in broad daylight between rival gangs. [ technical difficulties ] aman in the sleeveless shirt -- a man in a sleeveless shirt joins and there are two children nearby. the man with the sleeveless shirt has a hand tucked away in and starts firing. the gunman ma into a car wash bay. another camera picks up the scene in which mayfield and a man run to their car as shots are being fired. the man on the drivers side appears to have been struck. they drive to denver health medical center where that man died mayfield was sentenced to 57 months in prison for being a felon in possession of ammunition pretty pled guilty to the crime back in june. >> thank you very much rick. we have a fire at a building under construction
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downtown. this is 1453 california st. firefighters say there are no injuries but this is an active scene. this is happening downtown right now. we will keep track of it. a show of support for the family of a chp cadet killed in the line of duty. the man charged in that death is now on trial. christopher [ name indiscernible ] faces a number of ge degree murder in the death of the officer. another trooper was also hurt. jane mcgarry's live in boulder for opening statements. she joins us live right now. dose jamie leary -- jamie larry joins us live in boulder for opening statements. >> reporter: the majority of the court room was filled with support for the officer including family and friends as
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we met with the family who said they do not want to talk until after the verdict comes in. the suspect appeared in court. procedural mistakes are enough to throw at evidence according to defense. he made bad choices and decisions with those choices do not equal first-degree murder. prosecution focused on prosecution itself who say that the officer -- who they say is a hero. the second was this was a driver passing by who saw the moment that trump or clinton was struck by the car. this made her absolutely sick, she said.
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on methamphetamine when he was arrested. this is many of the bits of evidence that the defense is trying to get thrown out of trial. live from the county courthouse, jamie larry "cbs 2 news". >> it was quite moving when we saw that promotion posthumously awarded to him. police are looking for more people after police shot and killed a man. this happened after a homeowner reported man says the suspects punched him. one pointed a gun at him. that man left on a motorcycle. k-9 officers found him on huron street. >> i heard sirens and so i turned around. i saw the back of one of the suv police cars that had bumped the back of the tire of the motorcycle. >> it was shocking to have something like this happen over here. >> police say after he got off the bike, the man pulled a
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three other women, two men and a woman with -- three other people, two men and a woman with pink hair. violent protests have left charlotte, north carolina on edge today. don champion stairs -- shares what the police are saying about whether or not the man was armed. police and charlotte, north carolina -- carolina police say they are bracing for more violence after the death of kikkoman shot. six officers -- keith lamont scott. six officers were injured with protests. >> when behavior becomes violent, aggressive and destructive, we have to act as we did. >> reporter: scott was spotted
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outstanding warrant. they say he came out of his car with a handgun and refused repeated requests to drop it. >> officer brentley vinson subsequently fired his weapon. >> reporter: his family says he was unarmed and reading a book when police approached him. >> they jumped out and said hands up. he's got a gun. he's got a gun. bang, , >> reporter: a handgun was recovered from the scene. >> we did not find a book. >> reporter: charlotte police says the investigation will be transparent and fair. the officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the findings of the investigation. don champion cbs
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opened a civil rights investigation into the deadly shooting of an unarmed man by a police officer in tulsa, oklahoma. the family of terence crutcher days says -- terence crutcher says changes need to be made. a lawyer for the officer says she shot him when he refused to obey her commands and he reached into the vehicle. that is unclear on the video. they found pcp but no gun in the car. now to campaign 2016, donald trump address the police shootings as he campaigned in ohio this morning. he spoke at a church with religious leaders them laid hands on him while they pray for him. trump says he is a tremendous believer in the police but has questions about that shooting in tulsa. mick to me it looked like someone -- >> to me it looked like someone that was doing what they were asked to do. this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. i am very troubled by that.
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of five years on the force. donald trump says it's possible that the officer choked and if people can't handle those situations, they shouldn't be doing those jobs. hillary clinton is grandstanding -- campaigning in florida right now. she says this has to end. rusty kidd is a file federal charges against a man suspected last weekend bombings in new york in new jersey and new york. he now faces 10 federal charges for the attack >> it's our intention to bring him to the court which has jurisdiction over the manhattan neighborhood where more than 30 innocent people were wounded and countless others were gravely endangered by his bombs . >> another bomb went off in new jersey. prosecutors say they have a video showing what appears to be him setting off a pipe bomb in his backyard. a maybe -- they believe it may have been practice for his
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with an attorney and is still in the hospital. the fpa -- the fbi may have spotted on surveillance video, two men that may have picked up a suitcase that contain the bomb, remove the bottom, left it and took the suitcase and walked off explode. they consider the man witnesses. they would like to find them. a 71-year-old woman is critically injured after being attacked by a 16-year-old hitchhiker that she allowed to stay at her home. he was one of three people that she picked up in left-hand canyon on monday. she offered to let them stay tonight at the 16-year-old boy reportedly wanted to steal her car. his companions tried to stop him and he eventually did attacker. his companions then ran to another home to call for help. police have already issued a warrant for his addressed -- his arrest with a million- dollar bond.
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adding ptsd to the miracle marijuana -- medical marijuana bill in colorado. new developments in the campaign to improve pedestrian safety. meet fred- estrian, the crosswalk signal guy. he is stationed with a really odd outfit on as you see on the signs. there were 59 deaths from pedestrian deaths in colorado last year. fred will be a 10 intersections over the next couple of weeks. that's a very serious subject. while the leaves are changing, it is still plenty hot. we are in the weather center right now and i am wondering if the change in seasons will
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but we will have much cooler temperatures coming up soon. yet another honor for von miller. how he impressed the league this week in the
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another honor for von
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week after he tied his career high with three sacks and 7 tackles in sunday's 34 to 20 win over the colts. this is his third weekly conference mechanism. those three sacks led all of the nfl last week and he is in a tie for the 6 most career sacks, 64, and broncos history. we we hear from the coach and players today starting at cbs4 news at 5:00. lauren is back on the first full day of summer. -- >> summer is officially winding down. fall comes tomorrow. it is cloudy outside and certainly feels fairly warm but the clouds did roll out for a little bit and then mold den -- moved back in. it's a little cooler than yesterday at this time. 11 degrees cooler in craig and
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it's not too noticeable at you had outside here in denver, 81 in denver, 84 burlington, 85 la honda -- junta, 73 degrees in grand junction. showers are mainly moving to the southeastern portion of the state. we had some rain in the southwestern corner this morning but now it has shifted mostly in this direction. parts of the northwest as well as northeast. let's look at a wider look at what is happening. this is thanks to what was
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. we have a potential for showers this afternoon an evening in the foothills. skies will clear overnight tonight in by 11:00 tonight we still have rain possible. this is even scattered to the northwest as well. we could get rain overnight tonight. it is still in the sand wands and parts of this area. i have some friends hunting in this area and that is definitely a possibility. tomorrow afternoon and evening we do have a couple of ways possible to run --, through. there is s tomorrow. temperatures today are 84 and we hit 90 in denver yesterday. a little cooler today, 60s and the high country, 65 in eagle, 72 in grand junction. the pattern change really starts later this week. we are in the middle of the week. fall starts tomorrow. this area of low pressure will move toward the great basin thursday into friday. there is a cold front associated with
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this cooler to the north. by the time we hit saturday we will have much cooler conditions, dropping down to the 60s. we will be in the mid to low 80s until then. 66 is the high saturday and a much drier day on sunday with 63 for the high. we could have some isolated showers both days. we do have the possibility even for snow in the high country on friday night and saturday. >> i'm not listening. i'm not listening. thanks lauren. those vanity plate that you see on cars around town but some things you just don't see. rick salinger takes a look at why there are some things that are banned. what did he learn about the for midden plates is tonight at 10 only -- 10:00 after the finale of "big brother ". the ceo is answering questions in congress right now that is responsible for the
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,, washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten
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gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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a house committee's repairing to question heather bresch him about that -- heather bresch, the ceo of mylan about the the epipen. it has dropped to $608 since 2007 when it was only about $100. since public outcry has begun. -- begun, they are offering coupons for select people. they do not intend to lower the price however.
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in a balance and we believe we have struck that balance. she did say that she wished they had better anticipated the magnitude of this decision. today's wednesday child loves colorado, 16-year-old arena -- rayna wants to be a wedding planner. >> reporter: this 16-year-old knows what she likes. she picks out now papas at tootsies -- nail polish at tootsies, as she talks about her future. >> i am trying to graduate early. >> reporter: i'm getting the sense that you are a very ambitious person. >> yes, and very independent. >> reporter: she doesn't so much worry about the ordinary things that some teenagers fret about such as what to wear, but rather where she will be in the
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>> reporter: why is it stressful? >> because i have a lot of responsibilities. i don't know. i feel old. >> reporter: you do? older beyond your years? >> yes. i just worry about school and my adoption case. >> reporter: she tells me she normally keeps her concerns secret, buried the need for playful exterior she >> i crack them up. >> she causes of creative and is proud of her artistic expression reflected in her tattoos. today she chooses an array of colors for her manicure. >> i like to mix all the colors together. >> this is a form of self- expression. don't you think? >> yes. >> she's a great kid. you can find out more about her or any of the children looking
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the numbers on your screen, 303- 755-4756 or 800-451-5246. you will also find the information at the people in breckenridge experienced an unusual traffic jam today. a mother moda center calf trotted through the town near pinewood village near these apartments where maurice macomb
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today dr. phil explores the disappearance of seven-year-old kyron horman who disappeared six years ago during a science filter. many believe that his mother knows what happened. she faces tough questions from dr. phil. >> did you have any different
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>> the accusations terry faces plus what dr. phil things about the case is today at 4:00. we have a final look at the weather. >> we have clouds and rain in the southern part of the state, some popping up over the foothills as well. we could see rain in denver
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? >> ridge: she has to be stopped. quinn is nothing but trouble. >> steffy: as a mother-in-law, she was trouble. as granddad's wife, this is a disaster. we all know how dangerous she is. >> rick: he can't marry her. >> thorne: he won't let happen. >> ridge: glad you're here. >> thorne: we need all the support we can get. >> zende: my mom is really upset about this, too. i told her what was going on. she was not expecting that wedding invitation. >> pam: [ scoffs ] nobody was. >> steffy: look, we just need to get through to him before the wedding. i mean, it's tomorrow. >> ridge: yeah, and the plan we had for keeping quinn out of the company has hit a snag, so... >> thorne: spencer's shares in the company? >> steffy: bill's gonna give his shares to brooke as a wedding present, and then she's gonna sell them to dad. >> thomas: that would have given us the power to remove granddad as c.e.o.


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