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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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live, from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 morning news. >> great to have you with us. 5:30 right now, and there is a look at the beautiful moon this morning. summer ends in just a few hours, an could start in the high country this weekend. that will put a period on your summer right there. this is thursday, september 22 september 22nd. also a second night of violent protests to show you in a moment. this is the news, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. we are getting closure on the summer season today. fall starts, but lauren we have a couple warm days before the cool front. >> that cold front comes through on friday night. ahead of it, though, we are
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looking at the gusty winds. we may see winds up to 60 to 65 miles per hour in many areas, so we'll watch out for that today. we'll talk about that upcoming system and cool down in a moment. a quiet drive across the denver metro. of course construction and boy, mississippi that's been a nightmare, hasn't it. tonight east of santa fe out to broadway, we have got that closure in the westbound direction. they are rerouteing traffic up onto santa fe onto southbound santa fe from alameda. head northbound before you can head southbound. it's a wheel mess. >> thank you very much. north carolina governor pat mccrory has put in place a state of emergency as violence among protesters grew worse. police shot tear gas canisters at protesters in charlotte. one person was shot and critically wounded. at least 7 law enforcement officers are hurt, and there
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of a man tuesday afternoon. our don champion's in charlotte with the latest. the chaos in charlotte stretched well into the overnight hours as protesters faced off with heavily armed officers. tear gas filled the air,s and at least one flash bang exploded. as officers moved in to clear the streets. the scene played out as anger over the deadly police of keith scott spilled onto the streets for a second night. some demonstrators were arrested peacefully, but damage to businesses and stores in charlotte's vibrant uptown area mounted. windows were smashed even at the spectrum sports arena. >> justice justify everything. if you give the black man justice and according to the laws of the land, there would be no need for this. >> reporter: at one point, a man was shot in the head by another civilian, drawing raw emotion from this protester.
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i was wiping off his blood. i was sitting right next to him. there was no life in his eyes. >> reporter: fueling the unrest, the different narratives of what led to keith scott's death tuesday. >> i want people to know we are going to make sure that our investigation is thorough, and that it's transparent. >> reporter: police say the 43- year-old ignored repeated demands to drop a gun when they confronted him at this apartment complex. family members insist he was holding a book, not don champion, cbs news, charlotte. the north carolina chapter of the naacp is calling on authorities now to release what video they have of that tragedy as quickly as possible. this morning, lawmakers are asking for federal prosecutors to investigate claims made by a former veterans affairs executive for perjury. all this while veterans wait for much needed care, and the
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triple the original amount. shawn chitnis is live this morning. >> reporter: just east of the construction we can see there's a lot accomplished and a lot more to do. we are learning from this report that a senior va official in charge of the construction at the time knew that this project was going to be overbudget. that report coming out this week also goes on to say that the internal watchdog group for the veteran affairs department is the one that said that this is a ro project that is a result of gross mismanagement. the project is at least four years behind schedule and will cost nearly $1.7 billion. again, that's three times the initial estimate that came out in 2014. that action was the man in charge of construction projects across the nation for the va at the time. but he didn't tell lawmakers when he testified twice on capitol hill about the costs rising so dramatically. he retired last year.
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district of congressman mike kaufman and he said in a statement he wants the inspector general to consider a recommendation of a criminal investigation and he will continue to keep pressing and asking for the investigation. live in aurora. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news news. weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> let's take a look at fog. we are starting with low visibility near akron and ray and into philips and sedgwick county. all the way from fort morgan to er corner is pretty gad this morning, and -- bad this morning and we could see that coming close to the denver area this morning. aside from the fog, it's quite across the state. most of the rain has cleared and we have a mixture of clouds and some clear skies here in denver later on today, some of the storms on the western slope from mofette county down to the southwest, we may see bigger thunderstorms today that roll on through. gusty winds are a huge issue for us, ahead of our upcoming storm system and may get heavier rainfall along with
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55 in boulder. 56 in burlington. 52 in avon, and 63 in grand junction. our weather watcher reporting 42 degrees in silver plume, and the hour-by-hour forecast, a mild morning. winds pick up this afternoon, and we have the chance of thunderstorms and rain showers rolling through. they don't look to be severe and winds won't be nearly as bad as western slope. let's check with joel, good morning. we're seeing a good drive around town. we're starting to get the computer feed here. this is i-25 and 104th. we are seeing the volume in the southbound direction. speeds into the 60s, into the 50s as you get past 84th. here we are from our cbs4 mouse trap cam, pointed to the west as you head in the eastbound direction p look at the long line of headlights starting to develop. we're starting to sina in the northbound direction of -- to see that in the northbound direction of i-25. a look across the denver metro, a lot of green on the map.
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in the eastbound direction of i- 70 from i-25 out to i-225, we've got speeds into the upper 50s. thank you very much. there are a lot of people looking for a 16-year-old on the run after a brutal attack on a 71-year-old woman who only wanted to help him. cbs iv's jamie leary live where that woman is still icu this morning. >> we are told she's in serious condition. at last check that's what was. and her son says she has multiple skull fractures. the 16-year-old who police say put her here is still on the run. this is his picture, 16-year- old jeffrey collins. he's from arvada. he has had previous run-ins with law enforcement, and many have expressed anger over the photo because it was a full day that police could release it. the reason being because he's a minor. it took a court order to get it
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camping trip and brought them to her cabin to wait inside the home. collins struck kulpa on the head with a fire poker. it was discovered that collins' grandfather picked him up in ward. we spoke to his grandfather, he told cbs4 he had no clue what had happened when he picked up his grandson. >> just a tragedy of someone being repaid by kindness this way. and how ev because we are close knit up here. >> that was collins neighbor. they can't believe she was attacked while she was trying to help out those teenagers. collins should be considered armed and dangerous. they're actually trying to track down the person who gave him a ride to ward. they say anybody with information that can help track him down is asked to call the boulder county sheriff's office. live from the boulder community hospital, jamie leary, cbs4
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students of married teachers will honor them tonight. a memorial service for jared sommervold and his wife genevieve takes place at the rocky mountain christian church. it begins at five. a private burial will be in greeley. they died in a rollover crash near u.s. highway 34. their toddler survived because she was buckled into a car seat in the backseat. there is a go fund me account set up for their daughter with the goal of $50,000. ed fund will pay for her schooling and other needs she may have in the future. hillary clinton is calling recently police involved shootings of back men unbearable, while donald trump says they're troubling. the republican nominee is also calling for more aggressive police tack techs. here's -- tactics. here's our hannah daniel daniels. >> in my opinion, i see what's going on here. i see what's going on in
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york city it was so incredible the way it worked. >> reporter: the practice allows police to detain and search pedestrians based on the suspicion of criminal activity. >> now god i ask that you would touch this man, donald j. trump. >> earlier in the day in cleveland, ohio, the republican nominee met with black pastors and spoke about the recent police involved shootings of black men at north carolina, and oklahoma. >> that man was hands up, that man put his hand on the car, i mean, to me it looked like he did everything you're supposed to do. >> reporter: both candidates are trying to broaden their appeal to minority voters as they head into the home stretch of the presidential race. while campaigns in orlando, hillary clinton also weighed in. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african-
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it's unbearable. >> reporter: in the latest wall street journal nbc poll, clinton has a 6 point lead over trump among likely voters. >> the candidates face off in the first debate on monday: this morning, 53 degrees in denver. the first day of fall is here. we have the wonderful results of the kindness of strangers ahead. how much an 89-year-old street vendor got from a go fund me campaign.
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good morning, everyone. this is the news in our health watch. people who have undergone transplants should get total body skin exams because they are at the highest risk of skin cancer, according to research that looked at 400 organ researchers say patients are at risk for new skin cancers because they're on drugs to suppress the immune system. and an experimental drug may prevent or reduce the progression of multiple sclerosis. a study in neurology showed the drug liquidimode stopped progression. we're in our final hours of summer.
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the fall equinox. we are looking forward to that so you can break out your pumpkin candles and sweater and begin the fall season. 56 in burlington. 58 in craig, and 57 in telluride. taking a look at facebook, we have thick fog -- look at the fog, we have thick fog. visibilities down to a 1/2 mile in some areas. akron down to a 1/2 mile. quiet across the state. winds are going to crank up later today. we are looking at the chance for more rain. rain as eased up a bit. you can see how much we have in utah. that's shooting toward the northwestern corner of the state. we're looking at a pattern change heading our direction. this area of low pressure is sinking toward the great basin. winds are going to increase today, and we're also going to see some moisture still in the state as well. as it's still going to swing up moisture from what was
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about today first. as this system gets closer, our winds ramp up for parts of the high country, all of the western slope. high wind warnings. that's the mustard color. winds could gust 60 to 65 miles per hour today to tomorrow morning. some winds could be damaging. you have to be extra careful for outdoor things you have outside and kind of a bummer, it may rip leaves off and it's pretty up there. hopefully the winds don't do too much damage. and the system could bring bigger thunderstorms to the northeastern corner or northwestern corner. some of the storms could potentially bring heavy rains, gusty winds and on the look out for hail off to the western slope. across the front range, we may get scattered showers and storms later this afternoon and evening. some could stick around overnight tonight, and rain is heavy off to the west throughout the early morning hours, and we have a chance for more rain tomorrow, and it doesn't look like much. we have the possibility of showers and rain here in denver
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in overnight friday and into saturday, and that's when things change for us. today, still in the mid-80s. 84 in denver. 9 in burlington -- 89 in burlington. 76 in aspen, and 83 in grand judges. that front d grand junction. still the hans for isolate -- chance for isolated storms. joel, how is the drive going. just got a c470 and just off to this lane, in the westbound direction, we had a whole bunch of construction trucks late to pick up. that has since been moved out of the way. and we're going to see a good return of speeds in the westbound direction making your way up the hill past 285. taking you across the denver metro area. there's a lot to like about the drive. very few icons on the screen, and the ones we have are long- term construction projects.
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the construction continues. they're supposed to wrap up some of that. i'm sure more cones will be out there soon enough. c470, i-70, i-270 running at good speeds, look at this into the 50s, traveling both directions, along i-270, 6 minutes on the drive from either direction out to i-70 and look at the drive times from the east, not going to switch and do that for me. i think you're going to like at some coloradoans have been dying to vote. a cbs4 information that may question our voting system. investigator brian moss has a preview. >> reporter: she died, but we found a vote cast in her name months after her death. >> if you're dead, you don't get to vote. >> he died, too. but our investigation found two years later, a vote cast in his name. >> it has to be a phoney vote. >> dead men and women casting votes.
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>> we could clear this all up right now. >> i don't have to clear anything up. >> does this show that the system is ripe for fraud? >> a special cbs4 investigation, dying to vote airs tonight, right aft game on cbs4. chipotle trying to win back trust after its food sickened over 500 customers since last year. the denver based company posted a video to its web site yesterday highlighting the steps they are taking now improve food safety. those include new farming practices and stricter restaurant inspections. chipotle still facing a criminal investigation for its handling of the norovirus outbreak in california, and reported its first quarterly loss earlier this year. an 89-year-old man who had to go back to work in chicago after the death of his daughter got some help from the community. we first brought you his story a few weeks ago here on cbs4.
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the polentha man after someone snapped a picture of him with his cart and 17,000 people donated to give him a day off. yesterday he was awarded a life saving check. >> the original idea was to give him a day off. we never in a million years dreamed that this would be the end result. >> yesterday, sanchez and his wife were given a check for $384,000. the original goal was 3000. the check was given to shop where he sold the pop sickles for ten to fifteen years, earning maybe 50 to 60 bucks a day. sanchez says he may now buy a house for the first time. a pro bono attorney has been secured to help. >> so wonderful. they lost their daughter last year, i think it was. and that's a guy that works hard every day. the big presidential debate is coming up on monday, and that had stephen colbert giving
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night. >> secretary clinton is preparing for anything and everything. in fact, it is being reported that she is actually prepping for two trumps at the debate. an on messaged discipline donald trump, and a free wheeling donald trump. by the way, free wheeling donald trump is the worst folk album of all time. >> you can see the late show tonight right after cbs4 news.
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> outside this morning. we have clear skies across the front range, fog in the northeastern plains, and we have had a little rain to the west. that's cleared for now. some storms could produce hail, bring gusty winds and brief heavy rainfall. bigger thunderstorms, potentially severe storms on the western slope later today. let's check out our future cast for the front range. we have the chance for showers coming in later on this
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around the denver area. a couple of those to skirt on through, and on friday a chance for rain. bus stop for the kids. fairly mild, temperatures in the low to mid-60s. should be nice outside as well. let's check with joel. how is the morning drive going. >> you could escape the traffic on i-25. unfortunately not the case. we have big pockets of volume along santa fe in the northbound direction and the southbound direction, look at this, this is at florida, a look, we have the road work in mississippi, east of santa fe, and look at the drive tools from the west and the eastbound direction of i-70 from c470 out to i-25, brit. we have speeds into the 60s. >> joel, thank you. new this morning, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife donated $3 billion to cure all diseases. the couple made the
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yesterday. priscilla chan wiped away tears when she spoke about partnering with doctors and engineers to bring a greater science of health. delta air alones says it's going to spend $50 million to help keep luggage from getting lost. the new technology will put a tag on the bag that contains a small radio frequency identification chip, hoping to get a realtime tracking of your bag wherever it is. >> every time an airline delivered to you at the baggage claim, it costs about a hundred dollars to bring it to your home or office or hotel. that's a big expense the airline would like to avoid. >> delta's luggage system is going online at 84 airports across the country in the coming months. we have a narrow window of which to see the leaves change in the colorado. now is that time. 53 degrees. >> and a skinny window this morning of what's left of summer left during the 8:00
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a woman hospitalized here in boulder. she was attacked by a teen she was trying to help. that teen still on the run. we've got details coming up on cbs4 morning cbs4 morning news. and i'm shawn chitnis live in aurora where the va hospital is overbudget and behind schedule. coming up, what congress may do to find out how that happened. plus, big names in colorado this morning hoping to reach voters to push by the trump campaign ahead. cdot
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up
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to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. live, from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 morning
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morning. north carolina governor pat mccrory declares a state of emergency there after yet another night of violence on the streets in charlotte. >> the scathing report out this morning on the overbudget va hospital in aurora. >> and here's our first look from copter 4 this morning. still dark outside. we are just a couple of hours away from reaching the new season. fall starts today, but today's forecast still feels a little bit like summer. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm britt mo let's get a check on that forecast and on that traffic picture this morning. here's lauren with the latest. lauren. >> good morning, we actually have clear skies here in denver this morning. different than the past few days, and we are looking at our new system getting closer to us today. let's take a look at some of our wind advisories. we have high wind warnings and wind advisories from the western slope into the high country. winds could reach 60 to 65 miles per hour as the next system is approaching. these could be damaging winds. be extra cautious.


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