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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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morning. north carolina governor pat mccrory declares a state of emergency there after yet another night of violence on the streets in charlotte. >> the scathing report out this morning on the overbudget va hospital in aurora. >> and here's our first look from copter 4 this morning. still dark outside. we are just a couple of hours away from reaching the new season. fall starts today, but today's forecast still feels a little bit like summer. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm britt mo let's get a check on that forecast and on that traffic picture this morning. here's lauren with the latest. lauren. >> good morning, we actually have clear skies here in denver this morning. different than the past few days, and we are looking at our new system getting closer to us today. let's take a look at some of our wind advisories. we have high wind warnings and wind advisories from the western slope into the high country. winds could reach 60 to 65 miles per hour as the next system is approaching. these could be damaging winds. be extra cautious.
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storm, a cool down and a chance for rain in a moment. let's check with joel. and winds could make it tough for drivers as you head to i-70. watch out in town, mississippi, we have road work in the westbound direction from broadway to santa fe. your alternate is to take alameda to santa fe. you have to go north before you can head south. >> thank you very much. north carolina governor t mccrory has put his state in a state of emergency after a second night of chaos. violent protests stretched well into the night after the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. the national guard moved in early this morning. tear gas filled the air as officers moved in to clear the streets. protesters hurled canisters back at police, and even kicked some. officers arrested several people, at least four police officers are hurt. one person in the streets
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life support after another protester shot him. >> we came out here for peace. this is not how we succeed. i was wiping off his blood. i was sitting right next to him. justice justifies everything if you give the black man justice in accordance with the laws of the land, there would be no need for this. >> people smashed businesses. journalists also dealt with violence. that's a cnn correspondent who got knocked to the ground right there. thac the quick release of video showing scott's shooting. there are two sides to the story of the end of this man's life. police say the 43-year-old ignored repeated demands to drop a gun when they confronted him at his apartment complex on tuesday. family members insist he was holding a book, not a gun. breaking overnight, a u.s. marine pilot is safe this morning after crashing into the ocean.
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southwestern oak oak noway now -- okinowa japan. a teenage hitchhiker violently attacked a 71-year- old woman. we found out he has a criminal history at his young age. jamie leary live outside the boulder community hospital right now to tell us about seriously injured, suffering multiple skull fractures, and the teenager is on the run. police are asking for help locating this man, 16-year-old jeffrey collins. he is considered dangerous and has a prior record with law enforcement. 71-year-old katie kulpa picked
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including collins. they were stranded after a camping trip. collins struck kulpa on the head with a fire poker. he fled and the other two teens ran to neighbors to call 911 for help. collins' grandfather picked him up in ward. we spoke to his grandfather, and he told cbs4 he had no clue what had happened. officials are trying to track down the person who gave collins a ride to ward as well. if you have any information, you are asked to call office. live from boulder community health, jamie leary cbs4 morning news. we wanted to make you aware of this, katie kulpa's fund set up a go fund me page for her medical bills. people raised 12,000 of a $20,000 goal. 6:04 on the dot. let's get to weather and traffic. >> let's look at what's happening outside this morning. we have quite a bit of fog on the eastern plains from fort morgan to ray.
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mile. our weather watcher, wendy brian says it's bad by her as well, 1/4 mile in some areas. be extra careful, and some could shining closer to denver -- sink closer to denver. we have had early morning showers that have cleared out, and looking at future cast, a mix of sunshine, and maybe a few clouds this morning. it's clear in the denver area. by mid afternoon, a couple showers possible in the foothills, and we may get a couple to skirt through the denver area throughout the evening hours, and could see a little bit tonight. 55 in boulder. 53 in burlington. 53 in steam both, and 52 in craig this morning. looking at a bus stop forecast. temperatures in the low 60s, upper 50s this morning, a few clouds fairly mild. let's check with joel. how is the drive going. >> we're starting to see cars on the roadway. the cars that you see the headlights heading from the upper right hand portion of the screen, southbound along i-25. we are seeing added volume in
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upper left to lower right. i want to take you from our cdot camera, c470. we have had construction work late to get picked up. we have seen cars along there. just be prepared for delays as you head in the westbound direction heading up the hill. thornton to denver right now. southbound coming into town. we are seeing speeds in the 60s. that's just a 9 minute drive. this is the volume we have out there as the morning commute gets underway. across the denver metro, southbound along i-225, loading up as you center, typical this time of day. still looking at pretty good speeds westbound along i-76. you can turn on our partners, koa news radio, for the latest traffic and cbs4 weather together. new this morning, colorado governor, owens is weighing in on the 20-year-old jonbenet ramsey murder case. he followed the case closely. he put out a statement on
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regarding the cbsdocuseries. owen said i have my own strong views concerning who killed jonbenet, and presenting factually and unemotionally, an unbiased account of the tragedy. burke ramsey's attorney has announced plans to sue cbs over the documentary. a developing story on the disastrous va hospital project in aor now demanding a criminal investigation into a top executive now accused of perjury. the project is costing $1.7 billion and people are waiting on much needed care. shawn chitnis is in aurora near the site to tell us about the newly released report. shawn. >> reporter: it's the details in the report that are leading to those calls of an investigation. the report is very tough,
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official that the report says knew that this project was going to be overbudget. now, that report comes from the internal watchdog agency within the veterans affairs department. it also says that this disastrous va project is a result of gross mismanagement. the massive project is at least four years behind schedule, and will cost nearly $1.7 billion when it's done. again, that's nearly three times the initial estimate that came out glenn hagstrom was in charge of construction projects across the nation for the va but didn't tell lawmakers when he testified twice on capitol hill about the costs rising so dramatically. he retired last year. there are now calls for a criminal investigation including from congressman mike kaufman, his district is where the hospital is located and he said said in a statement he wants the inspector general to consider a recommendation for the allegation and he will
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live in aurora, shawn chitnis cbs4 morning news. new this morning, more than 260 people are learning doctors may have exposed them to contaminated equipment at the air force academy clinic. the va says staff members skipped a step in cleaning endy scopes between -- endiscopes between june and september. colorado takes center stage. some of the presidential candidates wl our state today. donald trump jr. will speak at a western slope rally. that starts at 6:00 at the mesa county fairgrounds. meanwhile republican vice presidential candidate mike pence is coming to colorado springs. he's supposed to talk at a town hall at the hillside community center, and ivanka trump is in denver. our political specialist shaun boyd will talk with her later this morning. the first presidential debate
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tonight, candidates for the colorado legislature plan to talk about mental health during a special event. this is part of a series of public forums, ahead of the election. tonight's decision is in aurora, at the ecotech institute on south about lean. it will run from 5:30 until 7:00. a super important topic in colorado. you're going to have to pay more to park at the base of the manitou incline. city council members have voted to double the parking fees there. they want to reduce the af a day effective immediately. nearby street parking is also doubling. city leaders hope visitors will park in the free lot and use the free shuttle over. 6:10 right now. next on the cbs4 morning news, another recall for blue bell
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pot for people dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder in colorado. a panel of state lawmakers voted 5-1 yesterday to endorse it. the state's current medical pot law does not approve marijuana as a treatment for ptsd. we're expecting more discussion on this issue before a formal vote which could come up next session: chipotle showing off efforts now to improve food safety. an e. coli outbreak sickened more than 500 customers. chipotle posted a video talking about stricter inspections and a system that will track ingredients through the supply system. the justice department has opened a criminal investigation over a series of infections in california last year. well, check it out. fall is here, and new video proves it. look how beautiful this is. copter 4 flew over the front range, and showed off the beautiful colors there.
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fall guide, and some of the leaves look iridescent. if you take pictures send them our way. clear skies in denver for our final hours of the summer season. fall is almost here. at 8:21 this morning. we have had a couple cloudy mornings. this is a nice change of pace. not so clear in other areas. we have thick fog out on the eastern plains. fort morgan to ray and up north, we have spots, and that may take a little bit to mix out this morning. taking a look at satellite and radar, we are starting to see clouds build into the northwestern corner. the rain has cleared as of right now. we have the chance for more of that later on today, and ahead of the next bigger system, the one that's going to cool us off, winds are going to crank up in the high country to the western slope. we are either under high wind warnings, that's the mustard color on your screen or wind
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through today and tomorrow morning. howling all night long in areas. here in denver, eastern plains will be on the windy side. nothing like that. and the beautiful leaves we were talking about, hopefully they can survive the gusty wind coming our way. looking at future cast, going to see more rain later this morning, and early afternoon into the northwestern corner, a little bit down south as well. a chance for showers showers in the denver area. -- a chance for showers in the denver area. some could turn severe on the eastern plains with the biggest threat, and tomorrow the chance for rein. i know it doesn't look like much but we have the possibility of thunderstorms and rain showers moving through. tomorrow night, the cold front comes through. this closed low is sinking towards the great basin, and on friday night, brings the cold front as well. that knocks down temperatures, and we are going to see big time changes coming our way. 572 in denver. 55 in boulder. 48 to start the day in avon.
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until the 80s. cool down into the 60s. we may see some rain snow mix in the foothills, joel, on saturday morning. >> all right. it's about that time of year. i'm excited for it. fall is coming. cometter 4, live pictures is i--- copter 4, live pictures, i-25, and i-225. we don't have any trouble spots on the highway just yet. somebody knock on wood. this is a look from our cdot camera as you get right along c470 the cones cleared out of the way. we're going to replace the cones with about 10 times as many cars as you head up the hill. we have speeds into the 40s. ten minutes from thornton to denver. that's not too bad. westbound along i-76, eastbound i-270. that's where we're seeing the slow down. southbound into town, pockets of volume have turned into streaming volume as you make your way into town this morning. you have plenty of company on
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too bad. road work going on, mississippi in the western direction, take you in along i-70. along washington for 45th out to ringsby, they're going to have cones up from 8:30 this morning until 3:30 this afternoon. that will be in place tomorrow. the best alternate is to take brighten boulevard. how do the drive teams look as we head to the west. c470 to i-25, we have speeds into the 60s. >> good news for people looking to a mortgage, and back to the re street. jill wagner live at the new york stock exchange right now. jill. >> good morning the dow rose 163 points yesterday. the nasdaq jumped 53 closing at a new record. futures pointing to a higher open. the fed decided not to raise interest rates. the fed chair janet yellen says the job market and economy continue to improve. you can expect interest rates
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predetectiving december -- predicting december. colonial pipeline repaired leaks in the southeast. it could take days for the gas to make its way to stations that have run dry. and the future's almost here. nike's self-lacing, back to the future sneakers hit the store shelves, november 28th. it automatically adjusts the laces. no word on the costs. >> 1.0 means there's going be a 2.0, and 3.0, et cetera, i see it coming. jill thanks. >> i would think so. thursday's top stories now, investigators have released a surveillance camera photo of two men they want to talk to in connection with the weekend bombings in new york and new jersey. the potential witnesses apparently grabbed a suitcase containing a pressure cooker bomb in new york city saturday but left the device behind. ahmad rahami is in custody
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charges for detonating a bomb in the city that day, and another in seaside park, new jersey. a 2-year-old little girl will grow up without her parents now. the couple died in a crash last week in larimer county. both were beloved teachers in northern colorado. friends and family will come together to remember them. jared sommervold worked at longmont high school, his wife worked at fort collins high school. they were not wearing seat belts when their suv rolled on friday. their daughter survived because she was in a car seat. the memorial service is tonight at five. we have more listeria concerns for blue bell. the company is recalling the chocolate chip cookie dough, and cookie 2 step flavors. some cookie dough could contain listeria. the recall is out of an abundance of caution. they say a listeria outbreak
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production for all products last year. time 6:20. and the temp outside 52 in denver. what are the weather watchers seeing. >> jeff jager is reporting 52
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. as we head to the east coast, it's warm out there, 80s and 90s.
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weekend. hot in the south, 93 in new orleans. storms possible in southern minnesota, northern iowa today, potentially could turn severe. flooding is going to be a concern. big storms in utah, and could clip parts of western colorado, and we have that system in the pacific northwest going to bring moisture into parts of the northern rockies, they may see several inches of snow in parts of montana. let's check with joel. how is the drive going. >> an excellent start to the morning commute. hopefully we can keep it this way. i-25 in colorado. we have a lo there. the car's cooperating nicely as you're making your way in and through town. if you are making your way to the airport, i think you're going to like the drive along i- 70. quite a bit of company on the approach to brighten boulevard past washington. inbound on pena boulevard, should be a great drive. here are the drive times as you come from the west in the eastbound direction of i-70. speeds into the 50s. we are seeing the slowing
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diversity barrier, as she became the first african- american dancer for the american ballet company. e got to sit down with her before she spoke at the colorado annual luncheon. i asked her about the recent movement on the football field, you know, where athletes are kneeling during the national anthem. >> i think that it's important for us to be individuals and to be able to stand up for, you know, what we believe in, and as americans, we should have that right, you supposed to stand for is all of these things, you know, freedom of speech. >> copeland also wants young women and girls to see that it's quote powerful to be unique. we can't share stories like this enough. the aspen animal shelter has a nice bump in the budget.
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make $1000. 6:26. >> coming up next on the cbs4 morning news, colorado springs police take drastic measures to help with staffing. and forged prototypes turn
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this is the news at 6:30 this morning. the national guard arrived in charlotte this morning after another night of violent protests. we'll have a look at what happened. and here's a live look from copter 4 this morning. the calendar is saying fall today, but the thermometer indicates summer for a couple more days at least until fall brushes us with a cold front
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thursday morning, i'm britt moreno. >> and i'm alan gionet. let's get to lauren to talk about fail. >> we're less than two hours away until the new season. it is a little cool outside this morning, cooler than yesterday, but it is nice out here. let's take a look at what's going on outside. this is from our foothills camera. i thought it looked heavenly this morning. beautiful to start the day. clear skies, than the last couple of days. we actually can see outside a bit more. it's not quite as gloomy, and temperatures are cooler across the fr plains compared to yesterday. 51 in denver. 55 in burlington. 40 degrees in leadville, 63 in junction. today fairly mellow, and we will see winds rolling through. we'll talk about the weekend cool down in just a minute. let's check with joel. we have trouble on the roadway. this is at 104th, waiting for emergency crews to arrive. it's a little difficult to see where this is, but this is the
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the far left lane, you see the car that has stalled and trying to make its way to the right shoulder. they're trying to move that accident over themselves, and you can see the headlights not working on that one car. brit, this is something we're going to be watching. makes you nervous to see them cutting across traffic like that. now it's cleared to the right shoulder. >> it sure does. thank you for showing us that image. the big story this morning, breaking overnight, the streets of charlotte, north carolina, are now quiet this morning following a second night people continue to protest the police shooting death of keith lamont scott, and here you see police throwing gas canisters at people, a protester shot another person who now remains in the hospital on life support. at least four officers are hurt. police did make several arrests. north carolina's governor declared a state of emergency and brought in the national guard overnight, and some protesters shared their story with cbs this morning. >> the whole reason we had to
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was shot, unarmed. another unarmed person is shot today. >> there are two sides to what happened to end that man's life. you can hear more from her and other protesters after our newscast here on cbs4, and hang with us right here on cbs4 mornings. we have a live report out of charlotte around 6:45 this morning: new this morning, an arrest in a deadly weld county shooting to tell you about. investigators say ro shot and killed a 51-year-old woman there. this happened yesterday on hunters cove road in weed. and authorities have not yet released the name of that woman who died. big changes are coming for people reporting crimes in colorado springs. starting on sunday, people can only report problems like property theft online. other crimes like stolen cars have to be reported over the phone, and patrol officers will
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a community service officer will have that responsibility. the changes are supposed to help with staffing issues there. >> it does increase the response time that they can actually show up for something faster, then that would be an improvement. >> the police chief says he wants to free up more officers to respond to emergencies. patrol officers will react to crimes where suspects are still on the scene as well as all emergencies. weather and traffic every day here in denver. winds are calm downtown, and you can see a little bit in the picture that skies are clear in the denver area. let's take a look at our temperature change outside right now. we are starting off 9 degrees cooler in denver compared to yesterday at this time. 15 degrees cooler in limon. 13 degrees cooler in akron. that puts us at 51 degrees in denver. there's a chill in the area this morning. 59 degrees in greeley. 55 in akron. 48 in avon this morning.
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grand junction. we have fog toward the northeastern plains. visibility is reduced from ray out towards fort morgan. 8/10 of a mile to a 1/2 mile. be extra careful this morning. satellite and radar other than that is fairly quiet for us. a few more clouds moving in to our northwestern corner of the state, and ahead of our next system, the bigger system that we're watching. we're going to see gusty winds today from mofette county into the san juans and durango. high wind warnings in place through tomorrow mog, miles per hour. hopefully all the leaves survive that because it's so beautiful in the high country right now. these are damaging winds and could do nasty stuff out there. be extra careful outdoors today. looking at future cast, we have the chance for heavier rainfall in the northwestern corner and down to the southwest. some of the storms out west could turn severe. we may have showers and storms roll through the denver area later this evening. overnight tonight, rain continues to the west, and tomorrow another chance of rain in the afternoon and evening.
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much but we have the possibility. our front works through friday night. saturday morning, noticeably cooler. 80 in greeley. 89 in burlington. 74 in frisco. 81, have a chance for storms, but the really cool stuff comes through on saturday. >> we have been watching the trouble spot, southbound coming into town. copter 4 was heading that direction. there was some cloud fog, this is i-25 and u.s. 36 most of that has been cleared, and moved to the right shoulder previously. southbound into town, this is where the trouble spot is to the right shoulder. we'll see speeds recover just a bit. we're in the heart of the morning commute, so speeds in the 40s right now. westbound along i-76. eastbound 270, slow around the
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slowing getting into the tech center. we see slowing in the northbound direction of i-225. i wouldn't be surprised if there's a trouble spot at alameda. that is causing delays as you head back to mississippi. i want to take you returning just a little bit. 8:30 until 3:30 this afternoon, we're going to have construction work going on along washington from 45th. brighton boulevard is your alternate. cdot crewing snap chat to tell students across colorado to buckle up. hundreds of high the cdot's snap code which the students can add on their profile, and screen shots are welcome. they say more than 1400 teens added the agency. 16 teenagers died in crashes last year in colorado. lawmakers are calling for an investigation now into a former va executive. this comes as the new veterans affairs hospital in aurora sits unfinished and overbudget. our shawn chitnis is live this morning, and shawn, we have
6:38 am
the va has been resistant on releasing info, and now the new report highlights the project mismanagement. tell us about it. >> reporter: alan, that's right, and likely why congress may be getting involved now. at this hour, we can hear some of the construction work going on behind me. a lot completed but a lot more they need to finish. in in new report coming out today, we are hearing from one of the internal watchdog agencies inside the veterans affairs department. it goes on to say is a result of quote gross mismanagement. the massive project is at least four years behind schedule and will cost nearly $1.7 billion and again, this project is about three times over the initial estimate that came out in 2014. glen hagstrom was in charge of construction projects across the country, and he did testify twice before lawmakers on capitol hill, but never
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the report says he knew that. he did retire last year. now, the congressman for the hospital in in part of aurora, mike kaufman has said he wants to see a criminal investigation. it's something that he's going to keep pressing for so that it gets done. live in aurora. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. thank you. could people be dying to vote. the names of dead people are turning up on colorado ball lots. now, a cbs4 investigation questions our voting st you'll see tonight at ten. >> reporter: she died, but we found a vote cast in her name months after her death. >> if you're dead, you don't get to vote. >> he died too, but our investigation found two years later a vote cast in his name. >> it has to be a phony vote. >> dead men and women casting votes. >> that's illegal. >> that is illegal. >> how did it happen? >> we can clear this all up right now.
6:40 am
>> thursday this -- does this show the system is ripe for fraud. >> a special cbs4 investigation dying to vote airs tonight right after the texans and patriots game at 6:25 our time. coming up next, we're going to go live to charlotte after overnight violence there. what the streets look like this morning. and the presidential candidates respond to the deadly police shooting in charlotte and oklahoma. time now for the chevy sports break. baseball, and if everybody is healthy next year, the lineup could be loaded. blackman, dj, cargo, storey, dahl. carlos estevez having one of the post anthem show downs, despite getting the mask, estevez blinked first. second inning after cargo walked to load the bases, nowhere to put nolan, so nolan
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marquez making the first start, first win at 21, second youngest rockies play tore get a win. dj lemahieu, he's batting 351 as he leads the chase. rocks won 11-1 to avoid the sweep and start their last road trip today in los angeles. have a good one. >> this has been the chevy sports break, brought to you by chevrolet, the most awarded car company twar
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thursday morning, our final hours of the summer season are here. a look at our view from our foothills cam and from lookout mountain, you can see a few clouds, really beautiful. much clearer than the past couple of days, and you can see the sunrising from our pikes peak camera. clear skies to start, we have fog on the eastern plains. and carlson our weather watcher in steamboat springs says 49 degrees this morning, and some of the leaves are starting to fall. we are reaching peak how's the drive. >> we have a couple trouble spots, southbound into town. take a look from our cdot camera. you have the headlights coming toward you. do you see the flashing lights to the right shoulder. and we have all the volume heading in the southbound direction. speeds into the 30s behind that accident. then it opens up for you. eleven minutes, not too bad from 120th. city of charlotte is under a state of emergency after a second night of chaos in the streets.
6:46 am
following the police shooting of keith lamont scott on tuesday afternoon. >> there's a declared state of emergency and the national guard was called in. our don don champion is live in charlotte. it looks awful there. what is it like this morning. >> reporter: yeah t certainly was -- it certainly was an ugly night. as you drive around uptown charlotte here, which is essentially the downtown section o. city, you really begin to see scars le violence. take a look behind me. you can see vandals took advantage of the unrest here, and ransacked this store. it is a scene we are seeing up and down this block. >> the chaos in charlotte stretched well into the overnight hours as protesters faced off with heavily armed officers. tear gas filmed the air, and -- filled the air and at least one flash bang exploded as officers
6:47 am
over the deadly police shooting of keith scott spilled onto the street for a second night. some demonstrators were arrested peacefully but damage to the vibrant uptown area mounted. windows were smashed even at the spectrum sports arena. >> if you give the black man justice in accordance to the laws of the land, there would be no need for this. >> reporter: at one point, a man was shot in another civilian, drawing raw emotion by this protester. >> we came out here for peace. this is not how we succeed. i was wiping off his blood. i was sitting right next to him. there was no life in his eyes. >> reporter: the different narratives of what led to keith scott's death. >> i want people to know we are going to make sure our investigation is thorough and transparent. >> police say the 43-year-old ignored repeated demands to
6:48 am
him as this apartment complex. family members insist he was holding a book, not a weapon. this morning we did learn that the scott family has requested to see video of the shooting from police dash cameras and also body cameras. we are told that arrangements are being made right now to make that happen. brit and alan, we should also mention that two other civilians were treated at a local hospital as well as four officers treated for injuries here last night. >> don it would seem the business behind you would not be in operation today based off of damage done there, but are other businesses telling employees to stay home today? >> reporter: yeah, perhaps it's yet another example of just how bad it has gotten here. a number of businesses in the area have told their employees to stay home today, including bank of america, which is headquartered here, so certainly it's a sign of just
6:49 am
downward here. >> and two distinct versions of what happened, still unsettled. we appreciate it very much. hundreds packed in north tulsa calling for peace and unity following the police shooting of terrence crutcher. his father said he had put his hands up just like he had been told to do. an attorney for the officer who shot him said crutcher reached into the vehicle. the video is unclear. the family is infuriated at called crutcher a bad dude. thoughts and prayers with a 71-year-old woman fighting to survive after a 16-year-old boy attacked her. the boy was a hitchhiker and this woman was just trying to help him. right now, a search is on for the teenager as he is wanted for attempted murder. our jamie leary is live outside the boulder community hospital where that woman is in serious condition. jamie. >> reporter: at last check, she was in serious condition.
6:50 am
that 16-year-old who police say put her here in the hospital, he's still on the run. we want to show you that picture. this is 16-year-old jeffrey collins. he's from arvada and he has had previous run-ins with law enforcement. many have expressed anger over the photo because it was a full day before police were able to release it. the reason being is because he's a minor. it took a crowd to get it out -- court order to get it out there. katie kulpa picked up th inside the home, without warning, collins struck kulpa on the head with a fire poker. he fled and the other two teens ran to a neighbor's to get help and call 911. >> just a tragedy of someone being repaid by kindness this way and how everyone is affected because we're close knit up here. >> reporter: now, that was kulpa's neighbor. she said she is just shocked that somebody would do this to
6:51 am
police are still looking for this young man. they say he's dangerous. anybody with information is asked to call the boulder county sheriff's office for help. live from boulder county health, jamie leary cbs4 morning news. thank you. and katie kulpa's son has set up a go fund me page for her medical bills. people have raised more than 12,000 of the $20,000 goal. some of the top surrogates for donald trump will be in colorado today. donald trump jr. ll fairgrounds. mike pence will be in colorado spinning for a town hall at the hill -- springs for a town hall at the hillside community center, and ivanka trump will be in denver. you can see her reports later on cbs4 news. trump and hillary clinton are weighing in now on the recent police shootings. hillary clinton called the incidents unbearable yesterday. while donald trump called for a
6:52 am
the policy was halted in new york. after a court ruling called it unconstitutional. >> i see what's going on in chicago. i think stop and frisk in new york city, it was so incredible the way it worked. >> we have two more names to add to a list of african- americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it's unbearable. >> the candidates meet face to face for the their first presidential debate in just fours days. have access to a new wellness center. crews are breaking ground on a new project today. right now you're looking at renderings of the wellness center. fitness rooms, a rock wall, student kitchen and bicycle repair shop. the school hopes to open it at the beginning of the spring semester in 2018. new this morning, people have a new way of getting to some future broncos games. cdot is launching the bus to broncos program for october
6:53 am
colorado springs and fort collins to sports authority field at mile high. a round trip ticket is 30 bucks. the bus will get to the stadium about 90 minutes before kickoff, so fans have plenty of time to tailgate. you can support the american diabetes association by taking part in tour de de cure. a family friendly ride, a 50k and 100k routes as well as 100-mile century ride. that's the biggy. there's a 5k fun run/walk. some participants call cure de cure a life changing event. go to for information on how to sign up. the ford gt prototypes are pretty darn fast. not fast enough to escape a souvenir from police officers.
6:54 am
video showing two of ford's new gt prototype cars speeding through glenwood canyon. each one apparently cost about $400,000. well, the glenwood springs post independent reports a trooper clocked the cars at more than 100 miles per hour. the speed limit there is 50. officers caught up with the drivers and they got themselves some tickets. >> and no, it wasn't me this time. his story won the hearts of strangers. an update on the chicago man who became while selling pop sickles. someone snapped a photo of the man working hard. the generosity of others, enabled fidencio sanchez to receive a check for more than $380,000. the 89-year-old had been struggling to pay the bills after his daughter passed away in july. she used to help her parents pay the bills. thousands of people pitched in to raises money so sanchez could retire. >> the original idea was to give him a day off.
6:55 am
dreamed this would be the end result. >> sanchez says he's not only thankful for the money but his new friends that made it possible. >> great to see people coming together like that. let's take a live look outside this morning. isn't it beautiful, the sun is up. we are in the final hours of summer. fall starts at 8:21 this morning. you can officially break out the pumpkin spiced latti, and not feel guilty about it. 55 in boulder. 56 deee 48 in avon. 48 in craig. and 69 degrees in grand junction. we have fog in denver. we have weather watchers reports, it did sink towards denver. still thick on the eastern plains from akron to burlington. it is going to be a foggy morning in spots. satellite and radar, we are on the quiet side right now, except for the fog, that's really our only trouble. winds are going to crank up ahead of the next system. we do have wind advisories. high wind warnings for the western slope into the high
6:56 am
and 65 miles per hour at times. future cast, we have rain in the northwest, some heads towards denver in the afternoon and evening. now temperatures today still fairly mellow. 84 in denver. 77 in boulder. 89 in burlington. 70s in the high country. then on saturday, we really cool down to the 60s. a chance for isolated storms. joel. it is loading up as you head in the eastbound direction of i-70 through the elevated portion of the highway, southbound into town has been cleared out of the way. the drive times returning they should be in the 50s. slow both directions along i- 270, commerce city westbound. here we are across the denver metro area, an accident on colfax just to the west of i- 225, slow northbound along i- 225 and southbound along i-225 as well. i want to take you in. we have a construction project happening at 8:30 this morning until 3:30, and happening again. i mention it because washington is one of the only access points along there. from 45th to rigsby, your
6:57 am
>> a pretty good summer, huh. >> it's been a great summer. >> so fast, i cannot believe
6:58 am
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,, captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, september 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? charlotte is under a state of emergency after a second night of violent protests over the police shooting of a black man. police officers are injured. one civilian was shot in the chaos. the wife of the accused new york and new jersey bomber reportedly flies back to the united states. a bloody journal recovered on the suspect reveals a possible motive. nypd counterterrorism chief john miller is here. fresh off his emmy win, john


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