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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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crutcher was ignoring her demands. she was afraid he might be reaching for a gun. he had no weapon. more breaking news, this time in northern colorado, a mother tells cbs4 her car window was shot out as she was driving with her 2-year-old in the backseat. other drivers had their windows shot out in longmont and lafayette. >> lauren dispirito is following the investigation tonight. >> reporter: this one mot in is all the glass still on the ground from what happened to her car. the aftermath of one of at least ten vehicles, drivers that experienced the same thing this afternoon. their windows having been shot out, not by firearms, but police say maybe by a pellet gun or airsoft gun. they're still investigating what happened. this woman says she was just running out to do some errands when she saw two
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seemed like they wanted to race. she pulled over to get out of the way. at that point that's when she heard a pop. her 2.5-year-old daughter was sitting in the back of the car, closest to the window that shattered. >> i hope they catch him and prosecute. you know what? you have to have consequences for what you do. and my daughter could have been seriously hurt. or killed. [ crying ] >> sorry remember >> we know that deputies vehicles in connection to this. one of them they say they found. a blue toyota sedan. there was nobody in it, ditched. so they're looking for at least five suspects. one other or maybe more in a stolen mini-van with a license plate of 452 uij. a dark blue 2013 town and country. coming up at 10:00,
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lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. a truck has caught fire and that has i-70 shut down near georgetown west of denver. one of our viewers says it's an ice cream truck. some of the grass near that truck is on fire. one of the largest c stolen information from at least 500 million of its users. the data breech has been going on for two years. the company says this was a state-sponsored attack but we don't know which country. the hacked data includes user names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, date of births. this is the news on the
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hillary clinton has 44% support, donald trump 42%. and there you see the libertarian candidate gary johnson registering 10% in this poll. with colorado again in play, no surprise the trump campaign is stepping up its presence. donald trump jr. is attending a rally in grand junction tonight. his sister visited denver and fort collins today. and that man right there, mike pence stopped by colorado ri meeting and a community center. telling the audience educating our children is a job best left to local communities without federal interference. >> we truly do believe that the model for education in america for r from washington dc is resource not red tape f. they want to send back some of your money in colorado, we'll send it back. >> our political specialist shaun boyd the only reporter who had the chance to sit down with
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>> reporter: that as you mentioned, trump has nearly closed the gap in polls here, and that is despite having half the number of field offices that clinton does here, and spending a fraction of the money but to win this state he will need women. women voters not only outnumber men in colorado, they are much more likely to vote, which is why the campaign dispatched ivanka to colorado to court their votes. >> i am a mother first and foremost. aif trump's biggest asset this election, especially when it comes to women. a business owner and mother of three under the age of five, she toll the nonpartisan colorado women's alliance her household is as complicated and chaotic as the campaign. >> i've ceased strive for total perfection. but having toddlers who don't have filters, they tell me when i'm falling short. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she is in many ways the polar opposite of her
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defender and best hope of making inroads with female voter, many of whom view him as sexist. >> he understands the world of pressures of the american working woman. but he also respects the contribution of the stay at home mom. >> reporter: as proof she pointed to his plan for depending care pretax saves accounts for working and stay at home parents. she also touted his commitment to school choice while touring liberty common school in fort while she is known as her dad's most fluential advisor, she insists she's not the one calling the shots. >> have you had to twist your dad's arm at all with any of the childcare proposals? >> this is an issue i'm deeply passionate about, but it came from him. and i think one of the reasons he understands the issues so well is for decades he's employed tens of thousands of people. and thousands of women.
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motherhood is a bigger indicator of income disparity than gender. i asked her how her dad prepare nar upcoming debate monday. sheep says his life and business experience are his preparation and he will be real and true. we'll see. live in denver, shaun boyd, cbs4 news. >> and you can see shaun's entire interview with hillary clinton is off the ca the week. she is busy preparing for monday's debate at hofstra in new york. it's the first time clinton and trump will be face-to-face on a debate stage. storm watch now. copter 4 showing us the haze hanging over the metro area for much of the day today. a big and cool change is gonna be pushing in! chris spears is live tonight on lookout mountain. and today is the first day of fall, and it's really going to feel like fall soon!
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we'll have a nice change on the way as we roll through the weekend. over my shoulder, we're gonna pan and show you the city of denver. you mentioned that haze that rolled in here. fall arrived 8:21 this morning, and right on cue, we had a little surge of cool air back out in nebraska down tot south platte river valley. a bank of fog and a little haze around today. the big picture on doppler 4,000, this is the storm we're tracking. yesterday we showed you it was up in the pacific northwest. it has dropped into the under the gun today with storms and a lot of rainfall, wind, slowly going to move into colorado tonight. closer into the state view out ahead of this system. we have had a few batches of showers and some storms in the southeast. live on the side of lookout mountain, a great view of the storms in southeastern colorado. we'll be coming up in just a minute with ed greene and the forecast.
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advisory to wind warnings to a fire warning all in colorado right now! chris spears, cbs4 news. there's been an outpouring of support for the lone survivor of a deadly car correct, the 2.5-year-old daughter of two teachers survived a rollover accident on i-25 in loveland earlier this month. she was the only one in the vehicle buckled up. her parents both died. jared summerville worked at longmont high his wife genevieve worked at fort collins high. a page has raised more than $24,000 for the toddler's schooling. only cbs4 cameras there are as wildlife officers catch a moose in an arvada neighborhood, a populated area! a family who lives on south union e-mailed us about the moose in their yard near roston and sims. matt kroschel is live in that area.
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that moose was able to trot here through the neighborhood streets and business parking lots, eventually ending up trapped inside this fenced in area for itself where it was left to the wildlife managers to tranquilize the animal. >> here's this moose, and i did a double take like what? >> reporter: phyllis thought it was a dream. >> there's a moose in the backyard. yeah, right. sure. there's a moose backre >> reporter: yep, in the heart of arvada. >> it's unusual but it's not uncommon >> reporter: a wild encounter. >> we believe this bull moose was about three or four years old and 800 to 2,000 pounds. >> reporter: the big bull was darted and loaded into a truck. >> this is the season they're looking for a mate >> reporter: this is the fourth moose in the area in the last two years. >> we're gonna take him back up to pike castle forest, water,
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something that's far better than the middle of a town. >> reporter: for the moss family, it was an exciting morning. >> i've seen foxes, raccoons, but never a moose. >> reporter: wildlife managers telling us that the bull moose are out looking for love right now! and their territory is expanding. so is the population in colorado. a reminder for folks that moose do attack. they have no fear of humans. so again, your distance if you do encounter a moose, places like here in arvada. a former colorado governor speaks out about the raemz case. his praise for the cbs investigation. >> and here's a low pressure system that chris was talking about. pumping-into utah as it moves east. all this moisture will come our way. let's look on the hour by hour friday morning, 9:00 am, we've got rain right up against the front range. and snow in the mountains! snow in
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>> free groceries for a year! who's behind the big surprise for a colorado vet and his
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>> you remember he was quite involved in the case while governor. he convened a panel of legal experts provide advice and rejected calls for a special prosecutor. he told us today he still is asked about the case all the time. this show gathered evidence to re-examine is. bill owens was outspoken in the case. >> to the killers let me say this, you only think you have
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>> reporter: now on facebook he praised the cbs series for stripping away the many myths surrounding this horrible case. the investigators on the show ruled out one of the two main scenarios. >> the show dispelled the theory of an outside intruder using very good analysis. >> reporter: the program showed the difficulty of coming in the basement window, that cobwebs would have been disturbed, that the ransom note some 20 minutes to write on a notepad inside. >> and obviously some crimes are never solved, but in this case i do believe we now have a better idea of what actually happened. >> reporter: the veergz theorized the patients tried to cover up that their son killed jonbenet with a flashlight. >> you probably would have been upset about her trying to snag a
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her with that flashlight. >> reporter: recently on the dr. phil show, burke denied that, suggesting a pedophile may have killed his sister. >> longtime ramsey family attorney called the cbs docuserious outrageous . businesses coming together to support a a purple heart recipient but recently lost his job. >> it's been so many months where we were like how are we gonna pay the groceries this month? but the oil field layoff, i heard from my caregiver, it's been pretty hard. all i can say is thank you.
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kind of support. >> it was part of a national campaign to honor military families. let's talk more about this change moving in. >> gonna be a chilly weekend i think. we got sunshine and blue skies in northeastern colorado. and here is that low pressure system in the west, pumping moisture up for a better chance for showers and thunderstorms and cooler temperatures. this wandering stationary front that has been here all week just dipped into northeastern colorado. we thought we might be in the lower 80s. this will move our way tomorrow and we'll be in the low 80s for tomorrow before the chill comes in for the weekend. here's our hour by hour. the scattered showers in the south, but here comes that moisture
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and you can see that snow over vail. we've got a high wind warning and advisory until 5:00 am all over the west on friday. and we also have a red flag warning from noon to 8:00 pm on friday. and a freeze watching from 10:00 pm friday night to 9:00 am saturday morning, al same state. our almanac today, 76 and 74 the highs. 49 and 53 were the lows. pretty close to normal for this time of year. 89 and 27 the extremes. 72 and 74 right now. north breeze at 15, 48% humidity, a falling barometer, and a nice shot from larry strain. a drone photo from over silverthornee. and you can see the golden orange aspen
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and is this from telluride. they say welcome back fall! 40s for the mountains, out west temperatures in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow, we start to cool it off. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s over the southeast. 50s and 60s for the mountains. 60s to around 70 degrees out west. look now at the ca tonight, 59 and 57 the overnight lows. start of sunny skies tomorrow, isolated storms back in the lower 80s. then things do take a nose-dive. 68 on saturday! sunday just 59. monday and tuesday as we start next week, we warm it up again, and we're dry at 73 degrees! >> thank you. some coloradans really have been dieing to vote. >> a cbs4 investigation unveils questions about the voting
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months after her death. >> if you're dead you don't get to vote! >> reporter: he died too! but our investigation found two years later, a vote cast in his name. >> it has to be a phony vote. >> reporter: dead men and women casting votes. >> that's illegal. >> that is. >> reporter: how did it happen? >> we could clear this all up right now. >> i don't have to clear anything up. >> reporter: does this show that the system is ripe for fraud? investigation, dieing to vote,
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peyton manning flue plenty touchdowns for everybody in 2014. that has not been the case recently. getting ready for tonight's football blitz, hopefully there are enough aptighters to keep everybody happy. >> i get disgruntled who weather i don't get my fair share of the n so kisympathize with the wide receivers who are disgruntled because of their lack of production in the offense wheefrmentd in the last couple of days from demaryius thomas and emmanuel sanders both saying they want more touches in this offense. neither has a touchdown so far. neither guy is in the top-30, and either receptions or receiving yards, and is both want that to change. so does their head coach. >> they're great playersism
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that's what you want. they got a chance to be around jerry rice and andre johnson and steve smith. these two kids work really hard. i respect the hell out of them. and i try to get them the ball the best ki. >> reporter: nobody complaining about the broncos' running game, 4th in the league in yards per game. one of our guests will be here along with tonight. >> that show airs saturday night, 10:35. the end of the season who, gets to 1,000 yards receiving? please vote on our centurylink poll at veteran players reported today, and many of them meeting bed naur for the first time. they weren't expecting to have a new kitchen. but patrick roy suddenly resigned last month. >> definitely shocked.
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but that was what he felt. and you gotta just move forward. >> new year, new coach!
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>> here comes the weekend, and here comes colder weather! there it is, 82 tomorrow, and 68 saturday! 59 sunday. then we warm up into next week.
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[ laughter ] >> i like it! thanks for >> "code black" season premiere. >> it is caught for the win! >> he has won the masters. >> derrick henry the win it! >> phenomenal! >> tonight from foxborough, the new england patriots host the houston texans. this is "thursday night football." ? ? ? ?


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