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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  September 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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good morning, a third night of protests in charlotte, north carolina where police use tear gas again. we'll look at whether a midnight curfew worked and protestors's announcement last night. denver traffic is moving and joel has that. dave has the weather. thanks for joining us, i'm alan gionet . big weekend ahead today with the broncos in cincinnati. yeah, in the 80s in cincinnati. we're looking at the 60s here. this morning is partly cloudy and nice in the 50s; right now.
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time to time and windy later in the afternoon. joel hillan is checking the traffic. hot later today and i'll have the numbers for you in just a few minutes. this weekend is a mess on the roadways. several construction projects we're following. here's one of them eastbound along santa fe out to cherokee tonight from 9:00 until monday at 5:00 in the morning. a huge project at arapahoe road. we'll talk about that coming up. breaking overnight an accident in the ruby hill involved nowhere in site. denver police found a truck in gunnison with significant damage but nobody was in the truck. this is a few blocks west of ruby hill park. officers think the truck hit another vehicle but it was gone. people are waking up this morning finding their cars damaged the ones they parked in the neighborhood got hit in all of this. right now 16-year old is in custody for the brutal attack
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him. jamie leary is live this morning in boulder county with the latest. his next stop is the courthouse. >> reporter: that is correct, alan. he's filing custody after being on the run for most of this week. the place where this happened neighbors say anybody would have stopped to pick up these three hitchhikers but it was the 71-year old who saw them first and decided to help. she stopped to help them and because of it she's in the skull fractures. the 16-year old was arrested yesterday in broomfield. boulder county has been after him since monday when he picked up collins and two other hitchhikers in lefthand canyon. she invited them back to her cabin to wait and that's when collins beat her with a fire poker. we spoke to the victim's son
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>> she chimed in on this phone call and he told me that they had him in kus custody and i said you got him? and he said yes, we got him we're transferring him to over to boulder county tonight and i just looked at my mom and said to her, we have him mom. we got him. . >>. . facing a judge. he will likely face multiple charges, among them attempted murder. live from the boulder county white house, jamie leary, cbs4 news. a cbs4 investigation has revealed dead people are voting from the grave in colorado. our report last night showed several examples of votes being cast in the names of people who died months and years earlier. we found dozens of dead men and
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brian moss told wayne williams about a woman in colorado springs who died but voted four years in a row after her death. >> someone cast a ballot on her behalf four times after she passed away. that's illegal and it's a crime and it's been referred to the district attorney for prosecution. >> we're still on this one. tonight brian moss reports on more dead voters and several cast ballots long te voter registrations we found dozens of dead coloradans still eligible to vote and some casting ballots long after their demise. >> it does dill dilute your vote. >> reporter: so how can people die and then vote years later? just ask this man. >> so a single vote or just a couple votes can really swing an election? >> absolutely.
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information in the cbs investigation, "dying to vote" coming on tonight. a beautiful morning out there this morning. 49 in eerie. 61 in centennial and 51 in king carol. don walker says there's 35 miles per hour gusts up there this morning. here's a radar. partly cloudy start to the day and the wind later today is the big story. in fact, a red flag warning noon through 8:00 today from denver and limon all the way down through trinidad. mainly the i-25 corridor. winds gusting up to 25 miles per hour boosting the fire danger. high today should make it to 82 82 degrees with iesdz isolated thunderstorms this afternoon
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60s. we'll outline the big change this sad and sunday. saturday and sunday. there may be snow snow in the in the mountains coming up. a police situation going on at 96th and croak. this is a side street in the neighborhood but copter4 is over that. not sure what's going on o denver metro area. a couple trouble spots at chambers and lincoln, an accident along there. we have been talking about construction. i mentioned the closure at westbound alameda for the weekend. overnight closures of federal from 67th out of 70th happening tonight, tomorrow night and sunday night affecting the b- line which will not operate this weekend. if you're getting in your car turn on our partners k oa news
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weather and traffic. protestors marched for a third night in charlotte, north carolina ignoring the midnight curfew. police let the protestors continue but they did use tear gas to get some off a highway. they are demanding to see video of the fatal shooting of keith scott. here's don champion. police in riot gear moved in on demonstrators along shortly before the mandatory curfew took affect. protestors stood with their hands up and one man took a knee. officers used tear gas and pushed them off the highway. >> when you stand up for a cause, you go all in. you can't run in fear. dr. king did it. >> reporter: some residents stepped in to help maintain calm.
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>> lay down like you've been shot. >> reporter: others staged a die-in on the steps of the county courthouse. >> there was a lot more positive people out here and a lot more people involved tonight that wanted to make a statement peacefully. >> the relatively peaceful evening in charlotte followed two straight nights of vie rent protests in the wake of the death of keith scott. hundreds of officers and national guards men equipment helped maintain order. >> protestors are demanding officials release video of the deadly encounters. scott's relative privately viewed dash and body cam video of his killing thursday and couldn't tell whether he was holding a weapon as police claim. their attorney had a message for demonstrators. >> we have to be mindful of the feelings of the loved ones of the people who have died before
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public. >> authorities say they will not release the video because of the ongoing investigation. don champion, cbs news, charlotte. the 26-year old was shot in the head during the protests in charlotte on wednesday night. he has now died. police say he was shot by another person in the protests. a tulsa police officer is out on bond after her arrest in this shooting of a motorists. the officer shot and killed an unarmed black today. crutcher was not responding to officers commands but had his hands up when he was walking to his vehicle. shelby reacted unreasonably when she shot him. her attorney is preparing to defend her. >> from that standpoint, she's a strong person. >> she's accused now of manslaughter if she's convicted
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four years in prison. the man accused of shooting his wife and two neighbors set to be arraigned last month. he was deemed competent to stand trial despite his last outbursts in court. last april he shot his wife and two neighbors trying to intervene. one of the victims was dr. kenneth atkinson who died. coming up, the first presidential debate monday night. donald trump and hillary clinton going into the more on how each candidates is trying to gather the african american vote against tensions across the country. a teenager girl struggling with police, what led to the
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deputies tried to pull over a truck near pecos and croak. deputies chased the truck for a short time and then they backed off on their case. they found it dumped at 96th and croak. canine units were out for a short time. you have probably seen the dogs out. apparently the dogs couldn't pick up anything. this is the news in campaign 2016, recent polls show donald trump leading hillary clinton in three battleground states. those and nevada. he was in pennsylvania yesterday where hillary clinton holds a big advantage among african american voters. clinton is out with a new ad on black radio stations that featured first lady, michelle obama. new video this morning showing a 15-year old girl being pepper sprayed by police
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police say she crashed her bike into a moving car. they say she was knocked out by the crash after running the red light. police say they wasn't cooperating. all six officers still on duty. let's go to dave aguilera with the latest in the friday weather. >> weather and traffic on the four's. take a look at this. this is our lookout mountain camera over the plains there. you can distance but you can tell it will be a fabulous sunrise this morning. temperature rise, it's cool in fort collins. starting out at # one degrees right now. 54 in boulder and 58 in aspen. the mountains have mild temperatures this morning and west of ouray out there on the eastern plains nancy is our weather watcher out there, 65 degrees this morning. breezy in a lot of locations. 13 in castle rock and 19 in parker and in some locations we have seen gusts higher than
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a windy day across the state, especially this afternoon when winds are expected to pick up from the south. on this area from trinidad up through denver, a red flag warning noon through 8:00 today. last night thunderstorms moving across eastern colorado and that has left behind cloud cover here. there's a thunderstorms around the telluride area with pushing up revolving around a closed low over salt lake city here. this low should move to northern colorado and wyoming during the course of the day today with a cold front passage later tonight in denver cooling us down for the weekend. it will bring showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and snow in the higher elevations here and by the afternoon a chance of thunderstorms in denver but our best chance is later this evening as the system comes through we could see showerses
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>> quite a change for us. a little rain this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon as well. doesn't fill like fall today. . this arapahoe at i-25 and we have some road work going on this weekend. we're checking in with shawn in just a moment. we're going to look through tonight into tomorrow morning. you an idea of the slight detour i would take i-25 as a detour and go to orchard or dry creek to access back on to arapahoe. here we are across the denver metro area. at or near posted speed limits and great speeds through commerce city. a couple side street trouble spots where lights are malfunctioning. an accident at chambers and lincoln and that police activity allen was showing you
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affecting traffic this weekend is a closure we have eastbound at alameda from santa fe out to cherokee happening tonight until monday morning. thanks joel, probably the biggest data breach ever, more than half a billion people with yahoo e-mail accounts hit. disney pulls the plug on a controversial halloween costume. jill wagner is live with news this morning from wall street. good morning, the rally continues on wall street. the dow jumped 98 points yesterday and the nasdaq added 44. futures pointing to a lower open. yahoo says personal info was stolen in the dinl tall break in. yahoo blames the breech on state sponsored hackers and it
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the company that used yahoo finance are part of the breach. the hacked data includes user names and bank account info. yahoo is recommending that users change their pass words. tesla is updating their auto pilot system. it sounds an alarm if the driver is not keeping their hands on the wheel. disney pulled a halloween costume from store shelves and apologized after criticism that it depicts a character from the upcoming movie, "moana." top stories right now this morning, three people are behind bars this morning accused of a wild crime spree across northern colorado. investigators say they shot at ten cars yesterday north of
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the shot with an air soft or bee bee gun, one car had a small child in the backseat but she's okay. deputies caught up with the three last night in lafayette. when they got a call about a stolen van in the parking lot, they put down stop sticks and flattened the tires. they still drove about a mile before they bailed out and were caught. a colorado community remembering an 18-year old track star who collapsed and died last week. we told you about an broomfield. he was a student at peak to peak charter school and died at the hospital. school staff says he was part of the heart and soul of the school and friends and family at his funeral later in afternoon in eerie. weather watchers are seeing a lot of good stuff this morning. nancy rock well is seeing 65 degrees going on now and then
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morning. 60s and 50s all around. 65 in deer trail. he has had a wibd gust this morning of 34 miles per hour. so a little breezy out there this morning. if you're traveling across the nation, we'll take a look at
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rain showers through chicago here. dallas is hot at 95 degrees. 82 is our high in denver today but a big cool down expected for the weekend. we'll talk about that in a bit. traffic time with joel hillan now. this is wadsworth near 29th and i kn behind the branches but heavy police presence that is shut down. this is a big stretch of the roadway along there. 29th and moving fine but wadsworth is not. we're continuing to watch this for you. out ot dia inbound along pena is a good drive for you -- -- at. drive times from the east southbound along i-25 really slowing down and eastbound
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into the fifts. not too bad. 54 outside in denver now. traffic headaches to warn you about on arapahoe road. tonight we're talking more about it and the helmet caper, the latest on the denver broncos helmet. 0. >> there's been so many months where we are like, how are we going to pay for groceries? >> a local purple heart recipient and his family can breathe a sigh of relief. he lost his job but he got help.
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the high country is lighting up as the foliage is yellow. the first weekend of fall is just ahead. it's cooling down. this is hunter, our junior weather watcher. a red flag warning for denver. the fire danger is going up later this afternoon flt we'll winds up to 45 miles per hour noon through 8:00 p.m. today. and then the big cool down is coming for the weekend. hunter is telling us about that. joel has a look at traffic this morning. joel? good morning, hunter and welcome. we watch the traffic out there this morning and it's loading up. on the highway no big accidents to tell you about. let me show you through the tech center. here we are across the denver metro area, new accident at
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side street problems like wadsworth which is shut down at 29th you see the icon there as you make your way through lakewood this morning. we're watching a lot of construction work going on including a project that c-dot has to continue to tear down that bridge at arapahoe road. shawn chitnis is live from the area. this is a huge project. yeah, joel, you know probably the best bet for this weekend is to much as possible if you can. a combination of closures and restrictions of course c-dot saying if you come across this way be prepared to have some delays there and give yourself extra time. the main aspect of this that is happening this weekend is arapahoe road under the i-25 bridge that is going to be completely closed all weekend. there will be additional closures during the weekend from time to time on saturday and sunday. you will also have limited
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this is a $66 million project building an additional lane along aralph ho reid heading west. the denver broncos helmet that was ripped off during practice is back. and there's a suspect. stan bush reports from sports authority field. investigators say think were kflt say they were confident they would find a
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player. it was taken during an autograph session in training camp. this man was caught on camera stealing the equipment. he then hid the helmet in a stroller. after our first story, more than 20 tip administers called crime stoppers saying they knew who the suspect was. he was not surprised when deputies contacted him but what was surprising is that the helmet hand been sold for more than it's orig v at the stadium, stan bush, cbs4 news. new this morning a police officer in craig is facing child abuse charges. the district attorney's office in steamboat springs says tracy reno hurt her stepchild last month. details about what happened are not out yet. we'll be following up on this one. she's said to be in court next month. jefferson county deputies are investigating a really unusual hit-and-run that
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and evergreen. an 86-year old hiker was walking along the castro cut off trail and heard a bicyclist approaching and tried to move over but the bicyclist hit him. the hiker was actually seriously hurt and the cyclist shouted out a question, are you all right? the hiker said, "no". but they still rode off. they're looking for him. if caught he could be ch with assault. dave aguilera with our junior weather watch. >> good morning. >> hunter is in first grade, right? >> yeah. >> how old are you. >> i go to cotton green. i'm six years old. >> okay that's in colorado. that's good. can you tell me why you wantd
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>> i like weather. >> let's get right to the weather. >> we have the current temperatures here fired up so let's sigh, can you tell us what the temperature is in castle rock this morning? >> 58. >> yes, how about westminster. >> 61. >> and in eerie it's cool, what's the temperature up in eerie? >> 48. >> yeah a little cool there. this is something interesting. this is a red flag warning noon from fire danger is high today. >> because there's wind. >> yeah, it's windy, right so it's going to be windy this afternoon so that's going up and a quick look at temperatures today, we will have some isolated storms. how hot is fort collins today? >> 80. >> and denver is 82 so last but not least, if you're waiting for your bus this morning, it's
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degrees morning a coat. >> you need a coat or jacket, right? >> yes, partly cloudy and breezy at times. hunter you did excellent. say hi to everybody and have a great weekend. >> hi everybody, have a great weekend. if you want to be a junior weather watcher go to with your mom and or dad and sign up. hunter would like to have you join the weather watchers. >> yeah. >> joel hillan has a look at hunter, you killed it this morning. great job, buddy and hello to all his classmates at cotton creek adams school district this morning. copter4, these live pictures coming in. wadsworth shut down near 29th this morning due to an accident. you can see a motorcycle off to the side of the road. we're keeping an eye on this as well.
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this is that closure at 29th. an accident at 29th and sheridan and southbound along i- 225 some slowing some big time slowing arapahoe underneath 25. the closures start at 8:00 tonight and go until 5:00 in the morning. arapahoe look at the alternate on this. this red line mean means there's lane restriction sos if you stick to access to arapahoe road or dry creek and that's your best alternate. that's not our only construction project. tonight the closure from santa fe out to cherokee until monday morning at 5:00. the best way is to just head northbound on santa fe, get on to i-25 and then exit at 6th avenue and head in the eastbound direction. i'm disappointed i'm over the age limit for junior weather watchers. >> it's a shame.
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support a purple heart vet who lost his job. we'll show you. ek ridge foods partnered to surprise an alamosa veteran and his family with a full year's worth of groceries. justin patterson recently lost his job as an oil worker. >> there's been so many months where we are like, how are we going to pay for groceries this month? like i said, with the oil lay off and her becoming my care giver it's been hard. all i can say is thank you and i'm truly blessed as a family to have this kind of support. >> groceries for a year will really help the gesture. it's part of the campaign to honor military families. great options this weekend. brett saunders breaks it down.
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gothic theater on saturday night. they're promoting their new album, saint motel. that's saturday night at the gothic theater. on sunday legendary worth class artist greg almond is playing at red rocks. he's been sidelined all year with health issues but he insists on playing red rocks as part of e zz top is part of the festival as well. this morning info on three people under arrest after a crime spree that included shooting at cars. this one had a wild ending. that's coming up. an emotional day for a colorado family getting their dog back after five years. romi bean is here. >> the broncos hitting the road for this sunday's game against the bengals. i'll compare this weekend's
6:40 am
injured next. here's more on the broncos wide receivers. so when thomas and sanders say they want more catches is it because they want the offense to be better or selfish about their own stats? their frustrations have been the hot topics all week trevor siemian understands where they're coming from and trying to get them the ball more. gary kubiak not worr your play makers to make plays. >> they're workers and you want guys that want the ball. that's what you want. i got a chance to be around jerry rice and andre johnson and steve smith and those good ones all want their hands on the ball. these two kids work really hard and i respect the hell out of them and you're right, i try to give them the ball the best i can. >> broncos visit the bengals 11:00 a.m. on sunday.
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welcome back. good morning, weather and traffic on the 4's this morning. look at this sunrise. enough cloud cover making it look interesting here with all the colors reflecting. good looking morning. in the 50s now and as far as our weather watchers go they're in the 50s as well.
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satellite and radar showing the cloud cover over eastern colorado and we'll have a break in the cloud cover as we go through the morning so we'll be in the sunshine and this amp the afternoon the winds are picking up. the break down today, 79 at noon and high today 82 and that's above normal this time of year. isolated thunderstorms and winds later today because we have a cold front knocking on the door. a cool weekend on the way i'll have the specifics for you coming up in a bit. traffic alert we're following along wadsworth reopen and the southbound direction remains closed and you can see the motorcycle there against the curb along the bottom of the screen. if you're in the southbound direction i would take sheridan or kipling but you're not going to be able to access southbound along wadsworth. they will reroute you there
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alan, a couple trouble spots including southbound at i-25. the big trouble this weekend as road work is going on. we'll brake those down coming up. adams county deputies are looking for the person who stole a truck and dumped it at 96 and croak and thornton. not far west from i-25. all of this started when deputies tried to pull over the truck. deputies chased it a bit and then backed off. they found it dumped at 96th out for a short time. you probably saw the dogs out but they didn't pick up anything. they found the person in the truck. three men in custody after going on a dangerous crime spree across boulder county accused of shooting up more than ten cars. jamie leary is live at the boulder county jail this morning where they are in custody. there was a crime spree that police say left ten people with serious damage to their
6:47 am
glass everywhere. the three people were taken into custody yesterday and they will likely face a judge this morning. police say that the crimes were all committed using an air soft or pellet gun shooting at least eight of the cars in longmont. others in eerie and lafayette. two cars were cop cars. the suspects used a blue toyota stolen out of denver. this was when people reported them shooting fro the mini van was spotted by police. they pursued the mini van but called off the chase because it was too dangerous. someone called police after they spotted the van in a walmart porking lot about 8:30 last night. the three suspects weren't in the car but inside the star so police put stop sticks down in front of the tires in the parking lot. they continued driving though getting as far as baseline and
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police were able to capture all of them using a tazer on one. it's been a long day with all the of the criminal mischiefs they have cited several times in the area. they were shooting at cars driving down the road. >> reporter: one of them is under 18, a juvenile, and the other two are adults. they are in custody now. what usually happens is they will face a judge in jail and their next stop is here. li white house, jamie leary, cbs4 news. we expect a 16-year old in court this morning in the attack on a defenseless 71-year old woman who only wanted to help. we told you ant this story all week long. katie picked up jeffrey collins and two other hitchhikers. she took them to her cabin to wait for a ride. #k08 lynns turned on her and beat her with a fireplace poker in an attempt to steal her car.
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relieved to hear of the arrest last night. a cbs4 investigation has uncovered multiple cases of people voting while dead in colorado. our investigation prompted criminal investigators to look at what's happening. tonight brian moss reports on more dead voters, some who cast ballots long after their deaths. here's a preview of tonight's story. >> reporter: cross referencing voter registrations with death indexes we found dozens coloradans still eligible to vote and some casting ballots long after their demise. >> it does dill dilute your vote. >> how can people die and vote months later? just ask this man how much a difference it can make. >> a couple votes can swing an election. it certainly happened in mine.
6:50 am
at 10:00. a centennial man is now set to be arraigned. there's been a lot of questions about the mental health of kevin lions after his out burs in court. last month he was deemed kofrpt tent to stand trial. he shot his wife and two neighbors. one of the victims was dr. kenneth atkinson who died. friends and families of a high school track star in broomfield this morning. brandon reece died lats week after collapsing in a cross country meet. the people of peak to peak charter high school say he represented the best. services at 10:30. protests marched through the streets for a third night. the demonstrations were mostly peaceful. police did use tear gas after they walked on to a highway. protests want authorities to
6:51 am
scott being shot and killed earlier this week. his family got a look at it yesterday but the chief still won't release it publicly. a family in pueblo is set to be reunited with their dog they haven't seen in five years. missy was stolen back in 2 011 in missouri. the dog had a micro chip. now volunteers in missouri are that reunion happen driving her back to colorado. >> they get to play an early game on sunday. things are always tough and noisy in cincinnati. everyone enjoys the comforts of home and the broncos sure have this season with two wins and the first year starter at quarterback and trevor siemian. his next hurdle is his road start this sunday in
6:52 am
the jungle. a bengals team has won its last september 6th home game since 2012. the broncos spent a lot of time this week getting trevor siemian ready for the challenge by making his life difficult on the practice field. we have all had those weeks when our bosses made our lives difficults. gary kubiak did . gary kubiak did the same thing. >> the ol any other game -- you have to do it in a very hostile environment. for him it's not so much like today just calling the play in the huddle. no comfort zone at all and having to scream in the huddle and talk to guys, doing all i can to put him through the best possible scenarios. the only way you get better doing it is playing. >> the best thing for a quarterback on the road is playing sound football. that means don't take bad sacks
6:53 am
and don't get caught up in the distractions. >> other things to keep an eye on, demarcus wear had surgery to repair a foreman injury. right tackle donald stephenson out with a calf injury and the easiest move for the broncos is isto keep michael skoe field at right guard. the bengals te dalton leads the league in passing yard so this is a lot of opportunity to rush the passer and could be a big day for the nfl sack leader, von miller. so if you're trevor siemian and you want to throw the ball, the seefrs railroad getting bored by not getting the ball like they would like to. do you think they will change that much? >> not this week because the front seven on the cincinnati bengals defense is one of the best in the league and it's not
6:54 am
up. their coach is a defensive minded coach trying to trip up similar sum and make imthrow long passes down the middle and have a guy slide through so this is not the week to start passing more. >> yeah, you have to run the ball. >> yeah, really no choice. >> the broncos have rushed more than they passed. that's gary kubiak's offense so everyone has to get used to that. it's not peyton manning anymore. >> guess not. romi bean, thanks a lot. that game on cbs4. you can hear the break down on monday, she'll be back on cbs4 monday mornings. catch here on denver sports 740 weekdays from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.. look at the sunrise. what a way to get our weeks ended out there! it's beautiful with a start of 54 degrees. more color heading near frisco
6:55 am
55 in fort collins right now. and 52 in boulder. dia at 63 degrees in westminster 53. big low coming through salt lake city moving through overnight tonight. ahead of it strong winds so there's a red flag warning noon through 8:00 p.m. today from denver to trinidad where the winds are strong and dry. windy and warm afternoon and there's showers and thunderstorms actions moving through the mountains we could see storms develop over the city as well. isolated storms, 82 today and look at the weekend. upper 60s saturday and sunday with just a slight chance of a late day storm coming up on saturday. fall is rolling in starting tomorrow. >> you know why the 60s don't matter? it's the weekend. can't take that from me, dave. a traffic alert following in the southbound direction near 29th. they continue the investigation
6:56 am
the northbound direction remains open. i'm taking you across the denver metro area. an accident in the southbound direction of i-25 at colorado. the normal slowing we have this time of day, southbound coming into town not too bad. we're talking about the big construction projects and arapahoe will be closed until monday morning. unfortunately that's not the only closure we have. alameda is closed in the eastbound direction and federal between 67th and 70th. a whole bunch of work they this is a chihuahua, bella, morn in 2006. our pet of the week this morning. an active gal who would love a yard to run around in. always smiling romi bean. >> always smiling. sweet and quiet and gets along with small dogs and curious about cats. she likes to be petted and comes when you call her name. kisses at no charge.
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>> likes to bureau in the bed and sleep with humans. max fund is the place to go for bella.
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>> welcome to "cbs this morning." new protests in charlotte overnight. demonstrators chant we want the tape. they demand to see video of the police shooting of a black man. hackers attack at least half a billion yahoo! accounts. the fbi is now investigating who is behind what could be the largest cyberbreach in history. only on "cbs this morning," oprah winfrey joins us from the smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture before its grand opening. she will share her personal mission. >> we begin this morning with a


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