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tv   CBS4 News at 6  KCNC  September 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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wyre on storm watch, snowing in the high country! arapahoe basin posted this video. and these aren't the snow guns. the real stuff is coming down! and check out the september snow coming down in southwestern colorado. these pictures are from red mountain pass. and the cold front bringing the snow is making its way to >> we're gonna notice the colder temperatures in just a few hours. chris spears is in the mobile weather lab in castle rock. and we're still dealing with summer like heat and high fire danger. >> reporter: very high danger. and it was 80s to near 90, but a little frontal passage is happening right now. and behind
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we're gonna widen this view and show you one of the hazards. this fire broke out a half acre in side. but it quickly ran toward that hill. firefighters were able to stop it before it hit that brush and could have taken off. due to the wind we have, and the still warm temperatures where the front has not made it through, a red flag warning for just a few more h front range of i-25 from denver through new mexico. live in castle rock, you can see some dust being stirred up. we're starting to feel that front here too on the mobile weather lab. temperatures went from 79, right now 72. so when you step outside for dinner, you'll notice that front has arrived! the latest after
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stretched try longmont and lafayette. two of the three suspects were in court today. they are accused of stealing cars and shooting windows out of at least 12 vehicles. the events may have fueled by drugs. no one was hurt. a 16-year-old girl is also in custody. an update on the teenager accused of attacking a 71-year-old woman. jeffrey collins was in boulder juvenile court today. police arrested him 16-year-old is facing charges of attempted murder and assault. investigators say the victim picked up collins and two other hitchhikers in left-hand canyon on monday. she invited them to her cabin to wait for a ride. that's where collins allegedly beat the woman causing serious injuries. miami police looking at claims made by brandon
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us at mile high. marshall has said that action factored into his kneeling protest. >> reporter: the miami incident occurred this summer at what's called the bayside marketplace. miami police told us they have an open investigation into claims made by the d bronco. >> reporter: it was the 4th of july in miami, and reports of what sounded like fireworks came into p screaming and running toward bayside >> reporter: marshall says he ducked under the table saying he didn't believe a policeman who said it was just fireworks. he told the denver post. as he was leaving, a woman yelled stop him. "when i turned around, about five officers rushed toward me to take me down." he says the situation then escalated. "one of the cops pointed a tazer at my chest, they handcuffed me, and i heard
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resisting." marshall claims he was placed in a patrol car to be taken to a station but he heard on a radio to bring him back. >> a canvas of the area was also conducted. at this time we have not found any casings, victims, suspects or video or photographic evidence of a shooting >> reporter: marshall met last week with denver's police chief to talk and visited a school. >> i'm the leg work and coming out to schools and trying to talk to kids and help them to stay in school and listen to their teacher and get good grades and be respectful. >> reporter: there are those who contend this is all about respect. marshall has not indicated whether he will take a knee again this sunday when the broncos play. rick salinger,
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deputy who was hurt during a shootout with a suspect. the douglas county sheriff's office says detective dan brite is awake and alert and still has a long road of recovery ahead of him. he was critically hurt on september 2nd during a shootout with a suicidal man, later killed by parker police. criminal investigators have taken a keen interest in our special cbs4 reports that people voting in colorado. our report showed several examples of votes being cast in the names of people who died months, even years earlier. we found dozens of dead men and women still listed in colorado as eligible voters. cbs4 investigator brian push the air told me state a woman who died and vote 4th down years in a row. >> someone cast a ballot on her behalf four times after she
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that's illegal, it's a crime, and it's been referred to the district attorney for prosecution. >> our investigation into dying to vote continues tonight at 10:00 with new information on more phantom voters. seems like voters are being asked all the time whether they want to change colorado's constitution. >> a proposed amendment would make those changes harder to come by. our political specialist shaun boyd gives ads for amendment 71 a reality check.>> and d can't agree on anything, along comes amendment 71 it. has ballparks support. a former republican attorney general, and democratic mayor star in the ads. and it his ballparks opposition. it's -- bipartisan opposition. its intent, to make harder to change the constitution. >> an amendment nearly made it unconstitutional for kids of firefighters to get
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gambling monopoly in our constitution. proposed constitutional amendments have been used for blackmail >> reporter: true, our constitution locks in some problematic amendments with unintended consequences. and while blackmail is a bit strong, suggesting something criminal, groups do threaten to take then things to the ballot in hopes of forcing the legislature's or governor's hand, like full-strength alcohol in grocery stores. so what's the solution? supporters of amendment 71 say raise the bar. >> you want to put shi the constitution? okay. get signatures from all across colorado. and build broad support yoosz communities >> reporter: there are two types of initiate inches that we as citizens can put on the ballot. statutory and constitutional. both require the same number. signatures to make the ballot, and the same simple majority to pass. the difference? lawmakers can amend statutory m, only voters can
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constitution. again, there can be unintended consequences. amendment 71 changes two things.. it requires 55% of voters, not 50%, to pass a constitutional initiative. and signatures from at least 2% of voters in each of the state's 35 senate districts to get on the ballot. giving more say to rural colorado but also giving veto power to any >> our constitution exists to unight us and protect us. the constitution is not for special interest clutter. >> reporter: that's an opinion most would agree with. but opponents say wealthy special interests are the only ones that could afford to gather signatures in all 35 senate districts. although supporters claim they did. bottom line, the ads are accurate but don't tell the whole story.
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parked in their own apartment complex. why that complex says the copiers taken and why residents were not happy with their excuse. a stolen dog found hundreds ever miles from home. what it took to get the st. bernard back to colorado. >> sunshine and 80 downtown, snow and cold not too far away. we have a cold front outlined by this moisture that's coming our way. and as it does, it's going to chill our temperatures.
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breaking traffic news we i-25 north of denver remains closed, the northbound lanes from thornton parkway to 104th avenue. a pedestrian was trying to run across the highway was hit and killed in the hov lane. even though it's closed northbound, you can see traffic is slow in the southbound lanes of 25 as well. crews had hoped to get the interstate open this hour, but again still closed up in northglenn. the latest on contract talks between frontier airlines
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the pilots are asking for a federal mediator to step in. two sides have been in negotiations since march. airline pilots association says frontier refuses to offer them pay raises even though they say the airline is making record profits. frontier sent us a statement saying it will continue to work with our pilots to ensure that both they and frontier have a successful and secure future. some people in the denver apartment complex woke up to find their cars missing. turns out they had been towed but the ow parked legally. matt kroschel is getting to the bottom of the problem. >> reporter: justin mactire spent his friday morning battling this company after crews towed his family's car from outside his villages gateway apartment complex. >> my wife is 38 weeks pregnant, and i need a tire badly. >> reporter: cbs4 has learned
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wyatt's towing took at least four cars. they're not charging three of the residents for the mixup, but justin says they're not apologizing either. >> i am shocked at the incompetence, the pure incompetence that you guys would have to take away people's vehicles and forget the inconvenience. i'm concerned about the health, the safety and health of others. >> reporter: people who live here at this apartment complex get stick r stickers to put on their cars so they don't get towed, but the kauchl they used the stickers. and that's why all the tokes were toad -- folks were towed. >> that's what they said months ago. we got this new company, and you gotta show up at the office and get your stickers. and then everything will be squared away. apparently not. we've been looking for stickers for a while and they haven't given us any. >> reporter: residents we talked with worried more cars will be towed even though these owners think they are play by the rules. registering their vehicles and is waiting on the
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care and humanity is gone. >> reporter: officials won't talk on camera, and we found dozens of recent complaints to the better business bureau and an f rating. dustin is just happy he has his car back. >> managers at the apartment complex tell us the towing company patrols the parking lots nightly and most of the cars they tow have either expired low pressure systems or flat tires -- license plates or flat tires. its way back to its colorado family after being lost for five years. somehow misty here ended up in missouri. she was taken from her pueblo family's backyard. the woman who adopted her planned to train her as a service dog for her special needs daughters. volnears missouri ended up -- volunteers in missourien up tracking misty down after checking the
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-- if they'll release the dog to me, i'll make sure gets back to colorado. >> awww. misted seexpected to arrive in pueblo -- misty is expected to arrive in pueblo tonight. >> as far as our weather goes, sunshine, blue skies out here! temperatures in the 70s and 80s! snow off the off to the west of us. what happens, low pressure system, counterclockwise flow, pulling that more their moisture from the pacific. we get our moisture from the gulf. that low pressure system has to be over southeastern colorado for it to affect us. so as the front goes by, we'll see an isolated shower or thunder shower and that is it. but the mountains will see rain and snow! this warm front today, lots of warm up ahead of it. downslope winds helped that. and
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the southern border until 8:00 tonight. and a freeze warning from 10:00 pm tonight till 9:00 am on saturday with temperatures dropping to 28 to 32 degrees. and yes, here is our winter weather advisory from midnight tonight to 9:00 am saturday. short duration, but they could get two to five inch was snow! all the mountains could see snow. es of snow! all the mountains could see snow. watch the skies clear for sunday, border to border, we have sunshine around here. you will notice much cooler temperature, and we keep the sunshine going until monday at 2:00 pm. our high today, 88 degrees at dia. normal high is 75. 86 downtown. 53 and 53 were the lows. the record high, way back in 1905, 90 degrees, 10
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29 degrees for the record low. winds gusting to 32 mieshlz. keeping you -- miles an hour. daren o'brien, you can see the seats here, red rocks park at sunrise. needle rock north of crawford. and kelly werthmann up in steamboat springs with her got going on up there. 30s and 40s out west. and for tomorrow, 60s, 70s for the eastern plains, 50s, 60s, nearing 70 degrees. here is that denver forecast for tonight. we'll look at increasing clouds, maybe a shower or storm, sdprif 44 for the lows. sunny and cooler, only in the upper 60s, not that bad. sunday cooler with 63 degrees.
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it dry into next week. >> early fall looking nice. thanks, ed. we'll be talking about a bronco who's been waiting a while to shine! >> and just in time as the injuries are starting to pile up for the broncos. he's waited a year and a half, but sunday the broncos will need jeff hidlertd man to step up. do the buffers have the firepower to keep up
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next man up! a phrase used pretty much every week by every team in the nfl. guy goes next man up. virgil green is out for sunday with a calf green. so next man up! veteran john phillips who kubiak will get start sunday. we'll also see the sdab of jeff -- debut of jeff heuerman. missed all of last season an acl. >> i do need to get in there and make some plays and help this team win on the road this weekend. i'm excited to get out there with the guys and run
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>> they tell me to block, i'm gonna block, run routes i'll run routes. we'll try to execute a game plan and get a win. >> reporter: college football, a game time decision tomorrow. the buffers' offense has been scoring in bunches. >> 11 touchdown drivers, 2 minutes or less. is it fun to play in an offense like that? >> i didn't even know i was that good. [ laughter ] >> that first game, first
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were winded and that happened to idaho state too and michigan. >> touchdown! >> reporter: now cu is the owner of a 20th ranked scoring offense in the nation. and they'll try to fight fire with fire against the lightning-fast oregon ducks. >> last year our offense wasn't as tempoed and we came close to beating oregon. this year we have more and we're gonna take advantage of that. >> a high octane offense isn't the only similarities. colorado has its own world-class football facility, and an assortment of fancy uniforms! oregon changes its uniforms as often as i change my shirt. with over 17,000 combinations, i can't keep up with the ducks! but the buffers believe they can. and they're out to prove it
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tomorrow the pac-12, how many games will the buffers win this year? hill beat northern colorado last week but a much tougher task on the road against the big-10 team. the rams believe in their young quarterback. >> whoever a coach puts in at quarterback, we're gonna have confidence in him. wean he's gonna make the best decision for us as a team to be sce and win. swhofr back, there wean they're gonna get the job done. >> it's gonna give him a little bit more confidence. tough test for both teams tomorrow. >> those minnesota linemen average about 320. [ laughter ]
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a thief get away with her purse. but her bold move ended up with her getting hurt. >> newly released video out of charlotte shows the encounter between police and a black man between police and a black man who was later shot and killed.,, between police and a black man who was later shot and killed.,, with prism on the go from centurylink, you can get your favorite shows right on your devices pretty much everywhere you go. around and watch your shows. and your delivery really evokes "the frozen north". meets "un giorno nella vita." or early film noir. like "whispering city." but the french version. i'm just gonna take a drumstick there. hmm, it's a bit derivative. mom: and your suggestion? "the pottery maker"? son: no. "the summer of my despondency."
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death by police in charlotte, north carolina, released this video the department said we wouldn't get to see. this is cellphone video record by the wife of keith lamont scott. it shows the moments before his death. but the actual shooting is not seen on the video. police say the angle at which the video was taken doesn't tell the whole story. kenneth craig is following the investigation in charlotte tonight. more on the video and the reaction, and riots tonight. how are things doing now? >> reporter: well, it sure could. things are pretty calm right now. but the release of this video was a big turning point. these demonstrators have been calling for the release of some sort of video for days now. unfortunately it doesn't provide a lot of answers. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. >> reporter: as she recorded her husband keith's final
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with police not to shoot him. she told them she had a traumatic brain injury and posed no threat. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi! >> reporter: the scott family released the video, showing officers surrounding sot in his car. rakia told him to obey the officers who are heard telling him to drop a gun. keith! keith! don't you do it! [ gunfire ] >> did you shoot him! did you shoot him! >> reporter: scott is then seen lying on >> he better be alive. >> reporter: the video's unexpected release game after three nights -- came after three nights of violent protests in charlotte. many were motivated by the community's demand to release body and dashcam video of the shooting. charlotte's police chief said he would not release the videos which are now in the hands of state investigators. >> i'm not gonna put out one piece of evidence that could not tell the full story. >> reporter: we showed the video to charlotte resident


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