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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  September 24, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MDT

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she just said she heard people and there were gunshots i told her to lock the door. >> this is the news breaking now. moments of panic after a man opens fire in a mall in burlington, washington five people were family members waited to get in touch with their loved ones. the latest on the search for the shooter ahead. we're on a storm watch this morning. a taste of snow all day yesterday. check out the snow falling last night in loveland pass. this is the view from our mobile weather lab. looks almost like star trek. good morning. grab the jacket if you're headed
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this morning. chris was up on loveland pass last night. he's here with us bright and early. >> much colder this morning we have snow in the western corner of the state. these are the temperature changes we have had over the last 24 hours right now, 24 degrees colder in denver than yesterday. you definitely are going to feel that front statewid watcher over here in the bennett area, she's not 36 degrees she says it's calm this morning. those winds have settled down. we are 38 at the airport. most of the state has cooled into the 30s and the 40s. there's a handful of showers
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atlantis advisory. looking at that and we'll look at the rest of the weekend and preview next week. thank you. back to that breaking news in burlington, washington. the search is on for the man who opened fire inside a mall this was the scene that lasted hours last night. authorities say that four women and a man were killed they were shot inside a makeup department. >> he usually leaves his in contact with him. >> the fbi has stepped in to help look for the suspect who is described as a hispanic man. police say he is armed with a rifle and was last seen walking toward interstate 5. >> we're looking for the shooter. again, cautioning people, stay indoors and stay secure.
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something. stay locked down until we can get this guy caught. >> investigators are working to determine the motive for the shooting. new this morning, an overnight fire prompted preevacuation orders. those will be lifted after officials say that the fire is now fully contained. it burned about 2-4-acres new details this morning about a hiker who crews reached her early this morning after hours of looking for her. the woman was hurt near the exit. she was alone and fell off. she managed to text her husband but her phone went silent. i requests surround a homicide. police found a body in the middle of a farmer's field
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road. it's not clear how they ended up in the field or who killed them. police say that a pedestrian was hit and killed after they tried to walk across i-25. it closed the lanes for hours. it's since re-opened it's not clear who the victim is. troopers in castle ro it crashed at the greenland exit. one person was air lifted to a hospital. it's not clear what caused the crash. >> two of the three suspects involved in a crime spree that spanned three cities faced a judge yesterday. the men are accused of stealing cars and shooting windows out of 12 vehicles in lafayette.
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group was high on drugs a 16-year-old girl is in custody. the two men set to appear on tuesday. vandals leave their mark on nature and now investigators want to find whoever did it. look at these pictures and see that there's graffiti along the trail in o'fallon park near morrison. five trees and four rocks were spray painted. if you have any information, call the shers happening today, a local cross fit gym owner hosts a fundraiser for the detective shot. it starts at 10:00. meanwhile, we have learned that the detective is making great progress in his recovery. the douglas county's office says he's awake, alert and able to
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>> reporter: families say that detective dan bright is showing encouraging signs of encouragement that includes eating and breathing on his own. the douglas county sheriff's office reads in part, never would have we imagined that just three weeks after the shooting dan would be doing so well we are truly grateful. the detective was wounded in a shootout with a man who was reportedly suicidal firing on law enforcement and bystanders outside of his home. >> he charged in and ran to the fight, he was the first guy to go in and ready to do it. >> reporter: people across colorado turned out for prayer gatherings outside of his hospital room and blood drives in his name. the continued prayers and
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healing process and helpful for the family. we would like to thank everyone who has supported the family and those who have showed their support for the sheriff's office. >> the man who shot bright was shot and killed by parker police and an investigation is still ongoing. west metro firefighters expect more than 3,000 kids and their parents at their annual family fire muster. it's happening at center on south kipling families can tour fire engines and see how the crews work. it is free and open to the public. today you can help support the american diabetes association. they're merging three events into one. there is still the traditional biking events they'reoffing a 5k run and walk
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fun. >> we thought by pooling off of our resources we could have a larger event and greater serve the community and raise more funds for the education and researching. >> the ada tour decure is happening today. online registration is closed but you can still register at the race. students may be several weeks into the new school year, adjusting. how nutrition could be part of the solution. >> it's a big day for the buffs, they're getting ready to take on the oregon ducks just ahead, the uncertainty surrounding the quarterback. here's chris with a quick check of the forecast. noticeably colder when you step outside this morning doppler 4,000 has rain and snow
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attention parents, the new school year is in full swing. your student maybe struggling to get going in the mornings i can relate. a registered dietitian on the matter. >> it's great to be here. you know, nutrition is really what it's about. it's really about how well kids do in school. that's what i want to talk about. the nutrition part of it. >> we know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. >> that's where i want to start. i want to say, there are no magical foods what there is, a lot of since and researching. breakfast is probably the most
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complicated. it improves attendance, reduces absenteeism. it's for everybody. the power of protein. >> i've heard >> protein, we always here builds muscle it's beyond muscles, it's brain development, it's brain cells i with can do this well at meals, but it's snacks most snacks are high in fat, sugar and sodium. let's look at protein as an alternate snack. if you really do like a little something sweet, bars are a
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kids, parents and they know it's a healthy option. but fruits and vegetables are important too. >> i just want to point out, i like the balance bars because they're under 200 calories, 5-7 grams of protein and packed with fiber. fruit and vegetables always. let's just look, vitamins, minimals, fat, also for the nervous system and brain development. the journal just recently said that a avocados are the ideal food for early introduction. >> it's tempting me when chris came in to give us his forecast.
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and our fats, it's good for the brain. >> yogurt, we have some balance bars. >> awesome. thank you for being here this morning. >> it was great. >> while you're having your healthy breakfast, chris has the forecast. >> you are going to enjoy that breakfast this morning you need it if you're out and about because it's chilly outside. nice and cool after a cold front came through yesterday. let's start off with the weather advisory. in the northwest, an advisory through 10:00 a.m. check that out. we have some snow working into the northwestern part of the state. it snowed most of the night in some of the areas of our northern and central mountains. temperatures very cool. limon you dipped to 29. we're 38 at the airport. 30s and 40s for most of the higher elevations.
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frank town has 40. the winds finally died down and here's why. the cold front cleared the state, finally. it came through yesterday. we're getting some wrap around moisture onto the backside of that low. here we go on the future of the air pattern map. it will lift out through the weekend and turning into this high pressure ridge it was a unsettled we keep some of the rain and the snow showers in northwest colorado. most of us here in denver stay dry. we're on the wrong side of the mountains, our wind is down sloping, you can never rule out a quick shower. it all comes to an end by tomorrow morning and sunday is shaping up to be nice around the state. speaking of cool, freeze warning
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50s to mid-60s out on the western slope. if you want to look at leaves, the color is perfect. there was a lot of wind in the high country, some leaves may have started to fall. today and tomorrow, a good time to get up there and do a little leaf peeping. a cool weekend on the way, this front got out quick. we start to clear it out and a warmup for next week. >> we have had a little bit of everything in the hours >> snow, sun, rain, grass fire. >> it's a serious subject. we have the heat and extreme fire danger. >> yes, it's dry out there but we'll enjoy the cool temperatures for a few days to the grid iron now as the buffs are in oregon today. they need him if they want to keep pace with the ducks
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ranked scoring offense >> last year, our offense was not as tempod and came close to beating oregon and this year, we have more weapons i feel like and we're going to take advantage of that. >> the first game when we played csu, you can tell they were winded and, that happened at idaho state and michigan when we got up on them. i think the tempo is key. >> here's mark with more sports break. >> two games in, the broncos down three starters due to injuries. and tight end virgil green ruled out. he was the pass catcher through two games john phillips gets the start in his place, but sunday will be
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last season with an injury. >> about time, i do need to get in there and make some plays and hope to see a win on the road this weekend. i'm excited to get out with the guys and run around and get back to playing >> i'm a tight end. i do what i'm told. they tell me to run route, i'll run routes i'll do what the coaches tell me to do and try to get a win. >> have a good one. they say good karma follows you.
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new this morning, a cell phone store employee catches some good karma after she found $5,000 inside a domino's pizza box. it happened in san jose, california she ordered wings for lunch and later found the stack of cash inside her order she tried to call the restaurant to talk to a manager but no one called her got in touch with corporate. >> three days later, nothing, it's crazy. >> the dominoes store gave her a year's worth of pizza and her own employer gave her a week off with pay. she suspected it was the restaurant's deposits but it's not clear where the money came from. the danger surrounding a
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and why experts want doctors to stop
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it's 44 degrees, beautiful morning but definitely chilly. this is the news in health, pediatricians are urging doctors to stop prescribing codeine to kids they found evidence linking the drug to deadly breathing reactions they metabolize the drug faster than adults. cdc reports that progressive ariel spraying has likely helped
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florida. no reports since august. the government recommends that pregnant women and partners continue to protect themselves against mosquito bites. breaking news in washington state where five people were killed during a mall shooting. this is the wrong video for
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what a gorgeous view on this saturday morning you're going to want to grab a jacket. it's very cold outside. only 44 degrees let's check in with meteorologist chris, he is up on the roof. how does it feel out there? >> without the jacket, i'm not setting a good example it's chilly. there's no wind in the downtown. the two minutes m rooftop is not bad. if you're outside for any extended period of time, give yourself a couple layers. i'll show you this picture that came in. i love the contrast of the seasons the fall color in the distance. beautiful picture. a lot of the mountain passes have wet roads due to a little snow overnight. if you're heading to the high
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corner. rain in the valleys this is very, very light precipitation. it could make the roads a little slick if you're heading to that part of the state. the precipitation will come to an end. we are colder than yesterday. we are running some 15-25 degrees colder in most locations. coming up, we'll look at the rest of your day and time out the day into sunday if you want to check out the fall color and this is the news breaking new of a manhunt in burlington, washington. this man is suspected of shooting and killing five people inside of a macy's store last night in a mall last night. the shooting happened last night sending hundreds to take cover. many hid in dressing rooms for safety. >> i heard about one and two and
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and rounds starting going, 4, 5, 6. it wasn't all at once, it was like a shot and then two seconds later, another shot. crazy. crazy. >> police did clear the mall while family members waited for any sign of their loved ones the names of the victims have not been released. >> for a fourth night, protesters marched through the streets of north carolina. curfew. kenneth has the latest. >> peaceful protesters marched in charlotte friday night hours after new video of scott's final moments became public. >> don't shoot him he has no weapon. he has no weapon. >> she pleaded with police not to shoot her husband as he recorded parts of his fatal
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she yelled that he had a traumatic brain injury and posed no threat >> drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. >> police yelled for him to drop the gun. it does not capture the shooting but shows him lying on the ground after. three nights of protest. scott's family has been demanding release their footage of the shooting which investigators have refused to make public. if i were to put it out and doesn't give you good context, it can inflame the situation. >> you could have a peaceful walk or anything else that y'all
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helping the situation. it makes it worse >> police agree and prepared for a fourth night of protests. >> police say they did recover a gun at the scene. witnesses claim they didn't see one. instead, scott's family says he was carrying a book. in campaign 2016, hillary clinton decided to postpone her trip to charlotte after hearing from community but following the protests, she did put that off. clinton's campaign doesn't want to stress the city's resources and pushed the visit to next sunday, october second. >> the latest on the search for the missing hiker. david cook from new mexico never returned from his hike this earlier this week. a national guard helicopter looked for him.
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former marine who is described as an expert mountaineer. claims made by broncos marshall that he was nearly tasered. it factored into his kneeling protest when the national anthem is played. >> reporter: it was the fourth of july in miami and reports of what sounded to some like fireworks came into police >> hundreds of people began screaming and running toward bay de saying he didn't believe a policeman who said it was just fireworks. he told the denver post, as he was leaving, a woman yelled stop him when i turned around, about 5 officers rushed toward me to take me down. marshall says the situation escalated. one pointed a taser at my chest and handcuffed me and i heard one say take him in for resisting. he claims he was placed into a
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two-way radio to bring him back. they said we're not going to take you in as long as you keep this between us >> at this point, we have not found any casings, victims, suspects or video or evidence of a shooting. >> marshall met last week with denver's police chief to talk and visited a school. >> i'm doing other things, i'm doing le out to schools and trying to talk to kids and help them to stay in school and listen to their teacher and get good grades and be respectful. >> reporter: but those contend this is all about respect too. >> marshall has not indicated if he will take a knee again during the anthem tomorrow. a newly released picture
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have information about a bicyclist hit last week. the vehicle took off and the cyclist with us hit by a pickup truck. the truck stayed at the scene but the cyclist died. troopers are still looking for the first vehicle that hit the cyclist. denver police want to find this suspected bank robber. they say that the woman targeted the first bank at 29th quebec. she escaped in a red malibu driven by a white man. part of arapahoe road is closed it's happening where it runs under i-25 and greenwood village. joel hillan tells us how to get around the mess. >> arapahoe road closed until
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bridge demolition continues. eastbound alameda closed eastbound of santa fe. the closure in place until monday morning. we have the closures of federal. the rtd b line until monday. thank you. new this morning, uber rolled out a new security feature requiring drivers to confirm their identities with a selfie before each shift. uber officials want to help build more confidence in passengers and prevent fraud on a driver's account. another change to a driver's menu. the fast food giant is testing kid's happy meals for breakfast.
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it will be the first new entree in more than 30 years one organization made it its mission to help you cope. chris has your forecast on
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heading back to school can be stressful for anyone. there are options to cope with it. one is a back to school stress-busting kit. that's what we have in front of us. kurt is joining us this morning. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us what your company does and what these are. >> we have a feel comfortable as they move into colorado. we start by sending in a welcome package and we put special offers from local businesses it's for the whole family. it could be bowling, pizza, even mechanic shops it helps to ease the burden of the move and makes it connect
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denver or northern colorado. >> we have so many people moving into colorado on a daily basis. as an army brat myself, moving can be so stressful on kids. a a in addition to our typical package, we encourage parents to make this. d expensive. you take things from your old house and put it into their favorite toys, games, moes you could decorate their rooms from the broncos, the nuggets or
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it from lets pack up our bags and go to let's make it an adventure. it's harder on kids. they can't understand why this move is going to be beneficial for them. >> it's fun for the whole family with those adventures and exploring their new city. forward. bridge both words. have those items they feel comfortable with but add in some things from the world champion denver broncos. add in some gifts and take them to get free ice cream or pizza and get them out and explore >> i love this idea
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coming up. this is a great idea. awesome thank you. if there's any toys in your kit maybe you can play outside, right, chris? >> you might need a little sweater at times today. especially this morning. there's a live view, we're looking west from the evergreen parkway camera. just a couple clouds hanging in the sky. the precipitation is way out west. freeze and two hours to go on the winter weather advisory. the first one of our season. we have some rain and snow. here's good new, it's fairly light, but those roads are wet and some of the higher passes have snow on them. 30s and 40s for the reporting stations. 53 for the warm spot this morning. 45 from lone tree
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morning and 32 degrees in cold creek canyon. the pressure sitting to the north. wrap around pressure through colorado today. the cold front is long past and we're on the cool side now wee keep the rain and the snow showers throughout most of the day. they do stay along and west of the divide because for eastern colorado, we have a down slope flow. in denver, side today with temperatures in the 60s. 50s up high. 60s out there on the western slope. this picture was taken before the snow. today, i bet the mountain has snow on the top. beautiful contrast with the fall color we're at peek now in most elevations above 9000 feet. it's the weekend to go we have
7:47 am
we're a little unsettled today, it improves tomorrow. it's a great weekend to get out and look at the fall colors and we warm it up next week. >> i was in steam boat springs yesterday and it is gorgeous. it really has reached its peak. a lot of the leaves aren't there anymore. gorgeous, it's one of the better places to go >> okay, great. >> thank you. when we come back, an
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incredible video of a play that had the crowd at a baseball
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angels player hit a ball up the middle how he put a stop to it. >> what a play by the shortstop. >> wow, the angels ended up winning 10-6. both teams play tonight. chris spears is here with weather update. if heading out to do a little fall leaf peeping, it's not a terrible day to do it. we have some light snow, but it will clear out.
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is that coffee?
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let's get one last check of the forecast. >> it starts off unsettled, but it improves here's doppler 4,000 you have a little rain and snow. let me widen out the picture so you can get a perspective the main part is way up in wrap around moisture affecting the northwest corner of our state. a little cool an unsettled today and a few rain and snow showers in the mountains as the day goes on, it decreeses. cool, a perfect weekend to see the fall leaves >> i like the pass, it's one of my favorites. >> go see it if you can, they're going to fall real fast
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