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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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life, love and laughter are waiting for you. >> good morning,, i'm britt more eveno, this is the news on monday, september 26. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now. jamie's live. >> we are in arapahoe county this morning where authorities need your help finding a young mother and her son who have gone missing. we have details coming up in a live report on cbs 4 news. >> see you in a comes. a look at what we might and might not get. >> this over the weekend, the broncos pass a tough test on the road. the players who stepped up and got the victory against the cincinnati bengals. >> there's that siemian guy. snow back at trail ridge road on saturday and the foliage out there beautiful as well. the highway back open. what a difference the day makes from the two pictures.
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week of september. >> live from colorado's news channel. this is cbs 4 morning news. >> okay, let's get a first look at the forecast now. >> those pictures are incredible. we had such a narrow window to watch the leaves. now we have snow in colorado. lauren whitney is live tracking the weather. >> a chilly morning in some areas, frost advisory for parts of larimer county, weld county, so we lot of areas already are. we will talk more about that chill and a mid-week warmup as well. let's check in with joel. >> we have been talking about construction all weekend long. we still got some delays eastbound along alameda, just to the east of santa fe. picked up any minute. but we will continue to watch. still seeing purple. >> arapahoe county looking for a 15-year-old young mother and
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are jamie leery has the story from arapahoe county and a lot of folks could help with this one, jamie. >> reporter: we are in the area where the two were last seen near quincy. we want to get to the photo. dane and his mother, jasmine tolliver. they say the two were reported missing around 10:00 last night. the sheriff's office told me it doesn't believe issue. jasmine was in a foster home with her son when she disappeared. her hair is dyed blond. last seen wearing a black shirt with pink and gray sweat pants. it is cold out, they believe the two will be seeking shelter sometime this morning. making this more urgent of a matter, the son has medication he needs. they want these two found as soon as possible. if you have any information or
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office. live in arapahoe county. >> after 407 years in business, the campus lounge shut its doors last night. the lounge at university and exposition is a feature in bonnie brae. it's been iconic in the years. jim westy was a star in the '60s. went on to play for the n.h.l., the blackhawks, bought the joint in 76 hockey. played for the blackhawks and canucks for just aify years. they worked hard all weekend as people came by to say goodbye. people packed the bar yesterday to watch one last game. >> lot of good memories here. sad so see it go for sure. >> it's an substitutionin citytution.
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and bar. >> time for a check on weather and traffic on this monday morning. >> let's take a look at our temperatures to start. it is cool outside. temperatures about 45 in denver right now. 46 degrees in boulder. 41 in burlington and 30 in limon. the high country, check this out, 26 in leadville this morning and 34 in avon. cooler temperatures out there. 30 in craig, that's one of the chilly spots. taking a look at the weather watcher just, 36 degrees for us just out on near wray. very cool this morning, lots of stars out there. you can see the crescent moon. no wind out there this morning. because of all the cool temperatures, we do have a frost advisory for parts of the eastern plains, pretty chilly temperatures out there. hopefully covered your plants last night. dave talked about this last night for us. satellite and radar is quiet and clear. not looking at much activity. sunshine, temperatures warm up a bit from yesterday.
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sunshine. actually should be a pretty perfect day out there. let's check in with joel. how's the morning drive? >> a good start to the morning commute. trouble spots have been moved out of the way. i-25 and dry creek, hopefully this monday morning drive doesn't feel like a monday later on this morning as we get more cars on the road. i-25 on the ramp to i-70 and i- 76 have been cleared out of the way. still seeing the line of purple as you they've been laying in a water main there. we have a railroad that kind of goes to the north of alameda, not a really good alternate. i would still use i htaz to 6th avenue. here along federal, we have some green going along there. we had the closure friday night, saturday night, last night it looks like that's finally out of the way. that is affecting the b line this morning as well.
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tonight is the first presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. the debate comes as a new cbs poll shows the race in a dead heat. clinton and trump are tied at 24 percent in battleground states. our political specialist shaun boyd has a preview. >> reporter: when hillary clinton and donald trump take the stage at-off extra university, the stakes couldn't be the most watched program in history. >> reporter: trump has an opportunity to capitalize on clinton's drop in polls. >> i think there's a whole bunch of voter who have moved into the okay i'm undecided now. they are looking for something from trump that might give them assurance he would a responsible president of the united states. >> reporter: which means showing a command of the issues and maybe grace under pressure.
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challenge. >> and i think hill earthquake clinton needs to come across as someone not only in command of the issues, but show some likability. >> reporter: penfield tate says clinton needs to fall into the trap many of trump's primary opponents did. >> too many candidates tried to pick up his style in an effort to respond or retaliate against him. it didn't wear well. i'm sure there will be some live action. i heard someone say it will be more full contact than the n.f.l. game that's running opposite. i hope that's not the case. >> reporter: whatever the candidates' strategy, one analyst noted it's tough to be someone you're not for 90 minutes. we will see them for who they really are. >> we will not know the clear winner until days after this debate unless someone really messes up. both of the candidates are capability of that. >> president obama will get a chance to talk about climate
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issue in detail with actser leonardo decapryo. they will do so with katherine kayho. that film presented by national geographic. the broncos are 3-0 and sitting atop the afc west after their first road test they passed with flying colors, right? they got a much behind the passing behind of quarterback trevor siemian. he showed little pressure in his first road game. he hit sanders for two touchdowns including this one in the first half. the defense didn't miss a beat. he ended up with three sacks. in the 4th with the broncos behind, siemian found tight end john phillips for the score and then he went back to the air.
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game away. broncos win 29-17. . >> it's huge. i'm leaning on those guys a lot, they've been great. they are two of our leaders up front. >> we have been proving that the past three years. the run game there. i was just excited the pass game, we had a lot of opportunities, we are going to keep working, bring the championship to denver again. >> we know what we are capable of we are the best at doing it. one-two punch, either way. we are the best in the game that does it. we showed it today. >> the broncos will be on the road next sunday against tampa bay. you can see that game right here on cbs 4 and check out the broncos section of our website to find out the record-breaking performance of trevor siemian. cbs for all the details.
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. >> welcome back, everyone. investors are hoping for a buying boost after a pretty big drop last week. new safety features are bogue rolled >> tasters will see if u.s. markets can rebounds after losses last week. friday the dow fell 131 points. am they are all considering for though company pay $50,000 in penalties after payment breaches expose more than 70,000 credit cards belonging to customers. several of sits properties are affected. the attorney general says thc failed to inform customers of
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in a statement to cbs the company says safeguarding customers' data is a top priority and they will continue taking actions to do. so uber has rolled out a new security feature requiring drivers to confirm identities with a selfy before each shift. and mcdonald's is testing kids happy meals for breakfast in oklahoma. the fast food chain will feature two mcgriddles or a egg and cheese mcmuffin. if it launches nationally, it will be the first new entree for the happy meal in 30 years. log on to cbs money in new york, i'm corrina mitchell. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s. >> off to a bit of a chilly start. frost advisory for parts of the front range, all the way from
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out east into the plains, temperatures between 32, even areas cooler than that out on the eastern plains adjustments 17 degrees cooler in limon yesterday compared to yesterday morning. 16 degrees cooler in wray. 8 for la junta. so not a big difference in the mountains. 30 in limon, 46 in wray. hopefully all the cows and horse are warm out there this towards gunnison. 30 in craig and 48 degrees in grand junction. satellite and radar, we are on the quiet side right now, it stays that way. much of the west is very -- very dry with an area of and that will keep us on the dry side for the next several days. that will bring us warmer and dryer conditions. look at today's future cast, mostly sunny skies, time ticks away, but not much action on the future cast. we stay that way and even
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on the patio before the sun goes down. we will get back up into the mid-70s. tomorrow morning's clear, and then we do look at more sunshine tomorrow and maybe a few clouds out there. mainly the southwestern corner. temperatures for today, little warmer than yesterday, only 68 in denver yesterday. still felt pretty warm with the sunshine we had. today another sunny day, 76 in boulder, 78 in greeley. 76 in 68 in frisco, 72 in craig and 76 in grand junction. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow we jump up to the mid- 80s. sunshine throughout the rest of the week. friday we have a chance for showers and wednesday a little bit of moisture in the high country. we will keep watching that. let's check in with joel. how's the drive going? >> pretty darn good out there. i-25 and dry creek. i think you're going to like this drive. northbound -- southbound speeds
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overnight construction, sometimes that factors into the historic data there, but at or near posted speed limits. less than a 10-minute drive to get you to broomfield. denver metro area, c-470 nice and wide open. slowing to the north of santa fe or to the north of 285. we have had some ongoing construction there. you have the ramp from westbound 285 which is southbound 285 which is northbound if the westbound. that ramp is closed as they continue to do some roadwork. just to the east of santa fe. that it looks like still in place. still seeing the line of purple. northbound 25 to 6. train tracks right along there. that's a waste of a good 10 minutes if you could take northbound i-25-ton 6th avenue. tonight's presidential
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if you think about big debate moments. we took a look at some of the best and some of the worst. >> prepare for the good, the bad and ugly debate moments. the only things the candidatings point are fingers. the debate duel is fought with zingers. >> senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> even if one of the more famous debate zingers. >> i am paying for this microphone. >> was a paying for this broadcast. >> reporter: from spencer tracer in a movie. we have seen debates remembered for winks. debates remembered for sweat, debates remembered for sighs. >> that's what a governor gets to do. >> reporter: ross perot's running mate became famous for being unknown. >> who am i, why am i here?
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bush keep checking his watch. >> reporter: candidates should avoid in vading their candidates space. made hillary's senate rival look like a stalker. >> we will shake. >> i want your sergeant. >> reporter: a sergeant lines, what lives on after a debate. >> there you go again. >> i hear there's rumors on he the internets. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> yo beyond theful primary debates. >> and what's the third one there. let's see. >> reporter: thing to avoid is the oops moment. when the donald debates hillary, he should stick to bragging about the size of his buildings. >> something else must be small.
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. >> los angeles dodgers said farewell to announce ervins skully during their game the rockies yesterday. he has been an announcer for 67 years. he thanked the fans for keeping him young at heart. >> i've needed you far more than you've needed me. true. truees. >> e the game with the rockies were tied in the 10th. it came down to this last call. >> hole in one.
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can you believe it? the dodgers will celebrate on schedule. >> vince skully new how to call them. it lifted the dodgers to a 4-3 victory over the rockies. >> we do weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s. >> take a look what's happening across the country. most of the west is very -- very dry, l.a. today. temperatures could even get into the triple digits down there. heat advisories in place. chance for rain in southern arizona and southern new mexico. stormy weather into the southeast as well. last week dallas was in 100s. northern midwest is fairly dry. getting a bit of a break from the heat as well. 72 in new york today. no major delays across the
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security wait of 10 minutes. >> a look at i-25 in dry creek. excellent conditions along the roadways. penna boulevard, great drive. a line running on time. >> the presidential candidates are ready to rumble. a preview of tonight's debate. . >> time for the sports break. >> apparently it's ask and you shall offense. demaryius thomas and emmanuel sanders wanted more opportunities to make plays. they said all right, here you go. early game in cincinnati, 5th 5th time in 6 years these teams have met. go deep! siemian connects with emmanuel sanders. he had two touchdowns in the first half. broncos had a turnover early in the third. denver defense moved the
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of sacks. broncos very trailing by 1 in the 4th when the offense had its best drive of the year. siemian best game of his career, another deep pass to dt to keep him happy. 4 touchdowns, no picks, broncos won 29-17. >> it's huge. i'm leaning on those guys a lot, not just throwing them the football. but leadership, they are two of our leaders up front. >> we are the best duo in pass game, we had a lot of opportunities, we were going to keep working and building, bring the championship to denver again. >> we just know what we are capable of doing on the field. i think we are the best that does it, one-two punch or one- two punch either way. we showed it today. >> broncos on the road again next sunday taking on tampa bay. have a good week. >> this has be the sports break, brought to you by your
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. >> live, from colorado's news channel, this is cbs 4 morning news. >> hi, everybody, right now 5:29 this morning. monday, september 26, lasted week of i'll alan gionet. >> i'm britt more eveno. october is right around the corner. starting off monday on a good note after the broncos win. >> it is a nice morning after the broncos win. it is a little cold out there in some areas. frost advisories in larimer cowell, temperatures below the advise'ory, definitely chilly. frosty, hopefully you covered
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didn't do any damage. later today we will warm up nicely. so watch out this morning it may be a warmer jacket kind of start to the day. let's check in with joel. howes the morning drive going? >> i-25 and dry creek, nice light volumes out there as we take a look both ways. a lot of weekend construction, some construction overnight last night. we'll check on that in a bit. a woman is recovering after being stabbed multiple this yesterday near the town of hudson. >> reporter: they woke up to sights and sounds they had never seen before. >> it was kind of shocking. >> reporter: at first one sheriff's cruiser came by and then several more sped down weld county road 47. >> that's when we started being suspicious of what was going on. it very quickly escalated to a situation where there was


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