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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  September 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 news at noon . this is the news from campaign 2016 . the stage is set as america waits for the first presidential debate in this unprecedented election season . i am britt moreno . thanks for joining us . the latest poll shows republican donald trump and democrat
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>> reporter: the audience for tonight's televised showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump could reach 100 million viewers . the face-off comes as the latest polls showing clinton's numbers slipping . putting her in a virtual type . >> hunter knows she needs to earn trust . >> reporter: she spent most of her weekend practicing with a small group of advisers and studying trumps primary debates . trump on the other hand, devoted less time to do but -- debate prep talks about his message and is focused and talks about the contrast tween them, i think he will be a winner . >> reporter: political experts say in this debate, trump has to show he is presidential . while linton have to get her supporters excited again .>> it is not the people are switching over, it is that her voters are less likely to vote . >> reporter: on the campus, college students they do want to hear about the issues before they get their minds .>> and
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this debate is important . so many people have their decisions up in the air . took are you leaning where the other ? >> no . i am waiting to hear . and see what both candidates have to say . >> reporter: both candidates will have plenty to say, as the 90 minute debate opus is on security and economic growth . you can watch the debate right here on cbs4 . scott pelley and john dickerson were anchor coverage and join us for cbs news tonight at 10 -- 10 pm to hear thoughts from our political specialist . a woman fights off an attacker at the university of campus -- colorado compass in boulder . it happened early saturday morning . we're live on the campus to tell you about the disturbing story . >> reporter: cu police say there have been several incidents at the campus and has few weeks . this latest attack
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avenue near 17th st. had a walking along university avenue near 17th st . she noticed a man walking behind her . demand then put an arm around her and she rejected the advances . he grabbed her shirt and pulled her to the ground . luckily, she was able to fight him off . command ran toward mackey hall . the suspect is still on the loose . police and students tell us they are very concerned after this brazen attack . >> it is disturbing that this attack happened . we do not accept this . we want pe students and faculty and staff to know something like this does happen to them am a reach out to us so that we can investigate >> it is scary . i feel safe, but also a freak me out . i don't want to be alone a lot . >> reporter: the suspect is described as college aged and a black male at six at 6 feet tall is a shaggy beard and mustache . at the time of the attack he
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any information, call cu boulder police . will have much where the developing story tonight . on cbs4 news at 5 pm . we're live is you'd campus in boulder, tom mustin . happening now, investigators in houston are trying to find out why a man opened fire at cars and injuring nine people . one, critically . police shot and killed the man the bomb squad inspected the car running to the shooter . he's -- they say more bombs were inside . one woman talked about encountering the shooter . >> she came had on and he opened his door and started shooting at her . it went right to her windshield . in mr. a couple of inches . >> investigators say the man lived near the neighborhood where the shootings occurred . they say he was having problems with his law firm . police are also searching his home . the 20-year-old man accused
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makeup counter and washington state is due in court today . five people were killed . he was arrested after a 24 hour manhunt a deputy spotted him on the sidewalk 20 miles from the scene . they say he was in a zombielike state . the investigation into his motive continues . >> we feel confident that we have the shooter . whether or not the motive was terrorism, will be determined . buck and neighbor secretin was so timber police say they are investigating a shooting in the montebello neighborhood as a homicide . right now, a woman is in custody . a man was found dead after police received a call about shots fired police have yet to identify the victim . nor the suspect . thick -- an update on missing mother
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news . we are glad to report that both have been found and are safe . developing now, neighbors are credited with saving the life of a woman being attacked in hudson . it happened yesterday morning . investigator say john cornyn boss stabbed the woman after a fight . neighbors attacked him with gardening tools .>> it quickly escalated to a situation where there were 10 or 12 emergency responder vehicles . it was crazy . we've never seen this large of a tightknit community . the victim was airlifted to denver health in critical condition . a grieving mother hopes someone will come forward with information about her daughter's murder . 16-year-old haley vargaz died after been shot outside a heart -- houseparty near 128 and holly . more than two weeks ago . vargas had already battled leukemia . she survived that . her mother says this is not how her teenager should have died . to take her this way hurts . it
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battled for her to stay alive . i want justice . i want peace in my heart when i bury her . i want to feel like i know who did this . no one should have to bury their child . >> police believe vargas was not the intended target . they say many witnesses fled the four officers arrived . they are trying to track down people . these are disturbing pictures . showing the core of heroin and opiates an are from ohio . we have the same problem here in colorado . just last week, deputies in arapahoe county had to save a copy -- couple from an opiate overdose . are jamie leary is live at the sheriff's office this afternoon . jamie, deputies received the antidote a week earlier . >> reporter: they have already had to use it once . law enforcement says surprisingly this does happen in the public
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that is the case . friday night around 8 pm on arapahoe road and it was busy . witnesses say a car was swerving in and out of traffic . fortunately, he came to a stop . that is only because both the passenger in the driver passed out while the car was a motion . sheriff's deputies were able to use their narcan kits and likely saved their lives friday night . narcan is an fda approved nasal spray that reverses the effects of opioid er to use even if you are not sure if someone has overdosed the arapahoe county sheriff's office says they have seen a rise in opioid and heroin use . they put it in 50 cars just last week . they say it is important that all of the cars have them . often times the deputies will get to the scene before the paramedics . the nasal spray can mean the difference between life and death . >> the important thing about using narcan kits is to respond
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to have us respond and rescue and transport, maybe too late . >> reporter: even though they are aware of the growing opioid abuse problem, they were extremely surprised they had to use it within a week of putting them into deputies cars . they also have them at the detention facility . they actually give them to people who are released and may have a high risk of reusing or abusing drugs . they will have them personally . they also ha supers surprisingly . we looked into it they do carry the narcan kits and key supers . their $75 . they are really expanded -- expensive kits . have funding in place so that they can expand the program going into 2017 . jamie leary, cbs4 news . >> such important information . take a look at these . more proof that it is fall . parts of trail ridge road were busy
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not seen this in a while . let's check in with lauren whitney . good afternoon . we had cooler temperatures and snow this weekend . we are back to clear skies here's a look from fort collins . will talk about the week ahead . trevor siemian passes his first road test as the broncos beat the bengals what the coach says about his quarterback . and what the qu say about his performance . she said she wanted to work at whole foods because she thought the company shared her
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the denver broncos hit the road and kept their winning ways . they beat the bengals 29 - 17 . it was siemian his first start away from home as quarterback . how does he do it ? how does his coach phil that his performance ? >> to come in here and do that, and not only that, his first time out . is very composed . it is a strength of his . i think we continue to work on decision-making . he got away with a couple throws . about that tipped . is part of playing quarterback also . you get away with those in it sure
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over again . you always have that . i think as a group, we did a lot of good things . will go back and clean up some of those and get ready for next week . >> is another road games next sunday . they play the buccaneers in tampa . at >> is another road games next sunday . they play the buccaneers in tampa . at 2:05 pm right here on cbs4 . is not forget 4 touchdowns that is good .>> a good when .>> will get back . it is really nice outside . with the cool down this again . yesterday, it felt rm and about . we are looking at warmer temperatures than yesterday . it was called yesterday morning if you are out . temperatures are 10 degrees warmer than we were yesterday . 9 for boulder and eight degrees warmer and lyman . 71 degrees in denver . how nice is that ? 70 in greeley and 70 and lyman . and high country
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58 and 61 and craig . look at pikes peak camera you can see clear skies forever . it is really beautiful with this view . taking a look at satellite and radar, you will notice clear skies across the state . they are clear across the west . we do have some rain into parts of arizona and new mexico and into texas . there are storms swinging into the midwest . the most part, th looking at future cast, we do not look at much other action . and nice day if your home from work early or you can get outside before sunset . it will be a lovely evening . at the patio or fire up the grill . overnight, skies are clear . tomorrow morning we had sunshine from eastern plains all the way to the western slope . with a nice day tomorrow . maybe a spot of rain in the southwestern corner . overall, a nice day tomorrow .
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in burlington 78 degrees in greeley . into the upper 70s and denver with 77 . 70 in eagle and 77 in grand junction . if your timing your day, i cannot say it enough it will be nice outside . 76 degrees by 3 pm . if you think out of the office for a little bit go for a walk and enjoy the evening . perfect weather . wins -- winds are calm weekend 85 degrees tomorrow . we go up a bit . wednesday 82 . i could get a little mountain rain on wednesday potentially dry across the front range . our chance for rain does not role in until friday . we have a chance for some storms and a couple on and off through the weekend . we will watch that . upper 70s for the weekend . >> i encourage people to send
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thanks so much . keep track of the forecast with our app . new details about the future of cbs sunday morning . charles posted his final show yesterday . he announced jane pauly is taking over those duties . she joined the show in 2014 as a contributor . she says charles set the standard for the show and it is a great honor to follow in his footsteps . anyone who purchased one of the older frontloading washing machines . it could mean cash in your pocket we are down at this hour at
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone.
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done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message.
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of frontloading washer machines . we told you about these problems with the machines in july water can get trapped in the rubber gasket leading to mold and a bad smell . if you bought a whirlpool, kenmore or maytag between 2001 and 2010 or in a lg between 2002 and 2006, you could be eligible for cash . we do have the information in our links and information page at . a woman in boulder is suing whole foods employer discriminated against her because of her sexual orientation . she spoke exclusively with our melissa garcia . >> i felt let down . >> reporter: jennifer johnston pictured on the right married her wife kristin in 2014 . not long after, she says her supervisor at this whole foods market in boulder started to harass her on a near daily basis . regarding the clothes
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bleepher personal life in the bedroom . she told me that i look and only gay people wear crocs . >> reporter: the only action they took against employees with against her . the discipline she received she believed was in retaliation for her sign up for her rights . >> in may me feel awful . i loved working for whole foods . it was this up -- disappointing that wa >> reporter: the lawsuit was filed wednesday and asked for back pay and other damages for the loss of employment that johnson said she was compelled to do -- resign from . her attorneys help it brings action for employees nationwide .>> whatever their gender orientation is, they should have equal rights in the workplace . >> reporter: in response, whole foods released a statement saying dissemination in any form is unacceptable to whole
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of this filing and we are looking into the situation work melissa garcia, cbs4 news new developments for wells fargo andaccounts . two former workers are suing the bank for more than $2 billion . they say the company fired or demoted them along with thousands of other employees for failing to meet unrealistic sales quotas they also say the company gave promotions to those employees who met those quotas by opening fake accounts have a final look at the forecast coming up . a few newspaper story idea we want to hear from you or call our tip line at 303863
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tammy asked dr. phil for help . they constantly fight and have been doing this for six years . dr. phil wants to know why chuck chooses to be
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>> you should go to vegas . it sounded like she answered for you . i am asking you .>> that is part of it i cannot get a word in edgewise .>> you are saying you do not have a choice . your choice every day . i'm sorry spike dr. phil is not having it . why amanda says she doesn't want a divorce . new tonight at ipm . a new study shows how much that seek feeling may lower the risk of miscarriage . lauren whitney is back with a final look at the forecast . 71 degrees and sunshine in denver . this is why we live in colorado . perfect weather . 72 degrees in boulder 64 degrees in grand junction . 72 degrees in burlington . light radar is
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mid-80s . you can see bring in denver potentially on friday . we need the rain . it is so nice to have the sunny days . bucket is perfect >> angst lauren . thanks for being with us on colorado state chant -- news channel . we'll
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>> eric: nobody came. >> quinn: they don't want this. >> eric: i do. and they know that. pam and charlie were here. thorne promised to be my best man. wyatt! wyatt's not here! >> quinn: i'm so sorry, eric. >> eric: you have nothing to i love you, quinn. >> quinn: i love you. so much. and i would give anything to be your wife. but i can't let you do this. your family is too important to you. you're gonna lose them. [ sniffles ]


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