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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  September 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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tonight the 1st presidential debate between clinton and trump. >> we have to build an economy that works for everyone. not just those at the top. >> a job created like we haven't seen since ronald reagan. >> the candidates sparred on several topics. >> i was so shocked invited putin to hack into americans. >> it could be russians or could be someone sitting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds. >> the candidates moved through the issues and saved some of the most blistering attacks for the end. >> shaun boyd is here.
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seeing. >> there was a lot of speculation about which trump we would see. while clinton was scripted and guarded. regardless, this debate lived up to its billing. a clash of the titans. >> they shook hands of the gloves came off. >> and the kind of plan donald has put forth would be about economics. call it trumped up economics. >> typical politician, all talk an sounds good, doesn't work. >> they sparred over the economy. 2 the facts are i said i hoped it would be a good deal but when it was negotiated, what i was not responsible for, i concluded it wasn't. >> so is it president obama's fault? 2 he won on trade she scored on national security. 2 it's like is the plan to defeat isis. a secret plan but the only secret is he has no plan.
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out isis. you are there and you were's secretary of state when it was an infant. minutes and 30 countries. and you're going to stop them? i don't think so. >> some of the more memorable moments are not about policy. >> you have to ask yourself, why won't he released his tax returns? i think there may be a couple of reasons. 1st, maybe he is not as rich as he says he is. 2nd, maybe he is not as charitable as he claims. >> i will released by tax 33,000 emails that have been deleted. >> from trump's tax returns to clinton's stamina. >> she doesn't have the stamina. >> he tried to switch from looks to stamina but this is a man who is called women pigs, slobs and dogs. and his temperament. >> have a winning government. i know how to win. she does not. >> okay.
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called for lots of facts checking. the moderator jumped in when trump insisted he didn't support the war in iraq. but the 2 candidates also called each other out repeatedly. at one point clinton urged viewers to go to her website. saying her campaign was fact checking on the fly. >> trumpet hillary supporters are locked. what about the undecided? >> i think trump defensive more tonight. i also think the bar was set low for him. i think he managed to clear it. a debate narrative, it is often defined by those moments in the debate. i'm not sure there was any one moment that changed the trajectory of the race. while the polls may move a little, after this is said and done i think the next debate is still open.
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us. that came after years of supporting the so-called birther movement. >> he was grilled on that issue tonight. >> the birth certificate was produced in 2011. you continued to tell the story in question the presence legitimacy. as recently as generally. the question is what changed? >> no one was pressing it or caring much about it. i figured you'd ask the question of course. but no one was caring. i was the one who got them to producth and i think i did a good job. >> nearly 100,000,000 people were expected to watch the debate. >> many viewers still undecided. we set our -- we went to a debate watch party. stand, how did they react? >> reporter: there were liberals and conservatives in this room. it was incredibly intense. there was some outbursts.
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the things trump said. as you heard during the debate there were supporters from both. the general feeling in this room, this was a pro trump crowd. in the post-debate i thought this room is going to rip itself apart. trump and clinton supporters sounded entrenched in who they were going to support. this debate seem to reinforce the decision they will make in november. >> there were a few strengths for clinton. in a few for trump. i think trump on national security was superior. he brought out the works of the last 8 years of foreign-policy. >> to meet i didn't think it was such a clear run away with hillary. i thought she did much better and i thought it would be closer. he didn't seem qualified. >> trump was controlled in all of his responses. the thing that bothers me about
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response is condescending and, and better than you. she has a smarmy smile. >> is a moment in the debate? >> i think when lester holt brought up the earth are controversy and trump was unable or did not choose to answer that question and instead blamed clinton. >> what do you think >> i think trump is a racist. >> reporter: as you can see it is extremely divided. after the debate we talked to them. more people felt the clinton won the debate. although a majority thought trump look to presidential. of course colorado seems to come down to the undecided vote. while there were only 2 undecided in this room oath seem to think trump would be a
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there's a much larger group. this was the 1st of 3 presidential debates. trump and clinton will go at it again on sunday october nights. and wednesday trump and clinton will go at it again on sunday october nights. and wednesday, october 19. 1st, the 2 vice presidential candidates will debate next week. tuesday, october 4. new developments in the violently attacking a 71-year- old woman. jeffrey was in court today. we've been following this clay's -- case closely. karen, at 16 years old he is expected to be prosecuted as an adult. >> reporter: and likely facing attempted first-degree murder charges. those adult charges are expected to be filed later this week. 16-year-old jeffrey collins sat stonefaced in a boulder courtroom on monday.
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last week he was stranded with 2 other friends at left-hand canyon when a 71-year-old stopped to help. she invited them into her home where collins is accused of attacking her and then leaving the scene. sheriff's office issued a warrant for his arrest on tuesday. he was taken into custody 3 days data. bringing relief to the victim son who spoke with us moments after the arrest was made. got them. he is in broomfield and we will transfer him over to boulder county. i looked at my mom and i said to her, we have them. boo the boulder district attorney plans to charge him as an adult for attempted murder, a crime that could mean several years behind bars. >> reporter: a hearing has also been set for tomorrow morning and that hearing judge is
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not the arrest paperwork should be released to the public. we are live tonight in boulder. happening now, cu boulder students are on alert after an attempted sex assault on campus. it happened early sunday morning and police say a student was walking near macky auditorium when a man came up behind her, pulled her to the ground. the victim did manage to fight him off. the suspect is described as a college age black male with a gy >> we have new information. a denver woman accused of killing the father of her children in front of the kids. it happened at a home near 56 and chambers. roxanne is in custody facing first-degree murder charges. please say she confessed to the shooting. the motive is not clear. following a developing story, a teenager from thornton
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the teen was shot outside a house party. lauren, we never family wants justice. but we don't even have an arrest. >> reporter: there has been very little information about this investigation. haley vargez was 16 years old. she had survived cancer as a kid. and now there is a small memorial where she was shot. her family is preparing for her funeral and they big anyone with information about their it has been more than one week since she was shot in the stomach outside a party in thornton. she had been attending homecoming events earlier that night. police say a fight out outside the party. that is when haley vargez was hit. they don't think she was the intended target. they saved many people there ran. have been unwilling to speak with investigators and that is
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her mother says that adds to her pain. >> i'm very angry that this person is in caught. i want this person. i want justice. i want peace in my heart when i bury her. i want to feel like i know who did this. >> reporter: haley will be buried tomorrow. police have not named any a suspect -- any suspects. who killed 5 people in the seattle area mall those before a judge. his father sheds some light on the reason for the attacks. an update on vandalism along 8 popular jeffco trail. the changes to marijuana edibles to make them less appealing to children. clear and dry.
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low pressure system will move north and that will bring moisture into colorado. is denver the town of disrespect? it seems no one outside the
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the search for answers after a man opened fire on a
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hurting 9 people. the gunman has been identified as nathan desai . a lawyer who was disgruntled with his law firm. authority say he had to weapons. he randomly shot a driver. -- at drivers. >> it went off a good 25 minutes. it was crazy. >> it shattered the parking brake. in the blood is on the er >> 2 victims still in the hospital. one is in critical condition. the gunman was shot and killed by police. new developments after the shooting inside a mall in washington state. 5 people were killed and the macy's store on friday. today the man people -- police say has confessed is in court. >> arcan cetin entered the courtroom filled with grieving victims.
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premeditated murder. and has still given no motive. he is a naturalized us citizen from turkey. he had expressed an interest in guns. his stepfather talked after the court appearance. >> he had mental health issues. we've been trying to work on with him. that's all i can say. >> early friday night 911 calls porting. they described a man walking into macy's with attack. the suspect shot a juvenile victim near a clothing rack. he moved toward the makeup counter were he shot the adult male victim. then shot 3 adult female victims. the entire attack took 1 minute. 24 hours later police found arcan cetin near his home. the victims included a 16-year- old cancer survivor. also a maintenance worker at
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year-old mother. >> if convicted he will spend his life in prison. for now he is undergoing a mental health evaluation. last week deputies in arapahoe county began carrying and nasal spray that can reverse the effects of opioid overdose. they say it's saving lives. they say friday night a car was swerving in and out it came to a stop. when deputies got there they found a man and woman passed out. deputies gave them narcan. the search for vandals who targeted a parking jefferson county. last week hikers found graffiti on trees in o'fallon park near kittredge. people who enjoy the parker angry. >> it makes me feel upset and disappointed. that someone would disrespect
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area has been vandalized. a vandal was recently, spray painting rocks on lookout mountain. marijuana packaging is changing in colorado starting on saturday. all packages must have a reversal symbol on the front. the new markings will identify marijuana infused attics. also on october 1 word can be, not appear on any package. the rule is intended t appealing to children. and providers will have to include information including potency to help buyers understand the serving size. cooler temperatures this weekend. but were warming back up. >> most of this week and into the weekend. clear skies. lots of sunshine and a lot of warmth. nothing going on. as we take a look at the big picture, the big storm system and trough of low pressure, you can see were most of that
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not a lot of pressure gradient so winds will stay light and skies sunny. over the southeast, some showers along the cold front they give us cool weather over the weekend. saturday was 17 degrees cooler than friday. today we started to warm up., tomorrow. here's the hour by hour forecast. not much going on as we take it into tuesday. over the southwest you see moisture from the low we pointed out. starting to push a. we moisture begins to move into the state. seat along the western border at about 10 am on thursday. this will start to spread to the east into colorado. is it gets here it will be relatively dry. if any of it makes it over the feiss -- front range we have isolated storms. 76 today. start of 42 and 50. 74 and 44 are the normals. from weather watchers, silverthorne 66.
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-- 78 westminister. a south breeze right now. 36 humidity. a steady barometer and 56. kelly scott with some old farm equipment. look at this, snow on the mountains. here's another one from steamboat. snow coating the ski area. and this from rod. mountains. temperatures for tonight. mostly in the 30s and 40s. eastern plains. 40s and 50s out west. tomorrow we warm up a bit with 70s and 80s on the planes, 60s and 70s for the mountains out west. here's the denver forecast. tonight clear skies with 49 and 47 by morning. tomorrow low 80s. for the next several days not a
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low 80s wednesday and thursday, maybe an isolated shower on friday and saturday. sunday with 76. slightly cooler into the middle of next week. >> ,, [ music ]
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knowing that someone you trust, will always there to help. you can do it again. because... you're ready. ready with purpose. ready to reach your potential. surrounded by people and support to help you succeed. you've been here before, and with csu-global, you're already on campus.
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the miami marlins back at
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fernandez was tragically killed in a boating accident. marlins players honored him by wearing his number jersey. and there was this moment. a home run, it was his 1st home run of the season. you can see the emotion as he crosses home plate. couldn't have scripted a better tribute. marlins won season people disrespecting the broncos. their offense is no good. the defense can do it again. who is their quarterback? they are not asking that anymore. the broncos are 3-0. trevor siemian had a day. no interceptions. not a lot of people picked the broncos to be 3 and 0. but dick's -- but they expected nothing less. >> that is why we are here. to stay undefeated if we can.
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>> we are viewing the tape. before we get in the meeting room, we already know. what we made mistakes on. everyone has to be great here and on their own time. >> our century link poll, which obstacle poses the biggest threat to the broncos? 53 percent said overconfidence. 27 percent monday night football, saint celebrating 10 years since they returned to the superdome following hurricane katrina. 9 carries but 3 for touchdowns. the saints warned out of it. except when drew does this. jones picked off the ball and the new orleans native takes it 90 yards to the house. falcons win 45-32.
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underestimate the broncos, how do the nuggets feel. the club 133 games last your. they're not expecting much improvement. the nuggets are young, inexperienced, i have not made it to the playoffs since 2013. the current players don't care anything about that. they are embracing it. >> we know we are young and we know a lot of teams are counting us -- on us to do too much. that is what makes it fun, you sneak up on teams or get more out of your team than you are supposed to. >> speaking of young, stephen making the best as the cu buffs quarterback. all he did saturday was throw for 333 yards and run for a game-high 135 yards. he became the youngest player,
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to run for 100 yards in the same game. the buffs got a big win.
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,, the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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what will you miss most about arnold palmer? >> our friendship. it's hard and it hurts. the respect i have had and will always have. for legend arnold palmer who died yesterday at the age of 87. he won the 1960 u.s. open. at cherry hills. today the club with flags at half staff. he had his greatest comeback ever there. his ties to colorado run deeper. his grand son -- grandson is a fort collins resident.
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goodbye to him yesterday without knowing that that was happening. i told him i loved him and he said he loved me back. he was pretty tough. to say i love you to him, it wasn't something we did a lot. to have that moment happen yesterday, i will remember that for the rest of my life.
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are picture of the day. you can see the color up there. look what is also there. 3 and 0. you everywhere. >> a server side >> that concludes our debate this evening, a spirited one. >> stephen: wow, that was some debay. what did you think, ghost of abraham lincoln? >> democracy in action.


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