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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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the case tonight juror this is afternoon. new video from copter 4 showing us firefighters wrapping up work on a wild fear near highway 285 and sims. 12 acres burned. the cause still being investigated. this video from rhonda shows what firefighters were up against. the nearby golf course watered its greens to stop an online post threatening a shootout on holly wean and island grove park in greeley. the threat grew to include schools. right now our kelly werthmann is live in greeley. and no surprise parents are taking this extremely seriously. >> reporter: many parents did keep their kids home from northridge high school today. and greeley police are investigating the facebook posts but they don't believe the
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a post on facebook has become a viral threat of clowns tearing up shootings at multiple greeley school. >> i think it's just immature and stupid. >> reporter: mason hegel says so many of his class mates are spooked by the online threats, they didn't go to school tuesday. >> i only had five kids in all of my classes today. i think that's just a waste of time for the teachers. >> this is interfering with these kids' ability to learn. >> reporter: district says they believe the threats are a hoax. after several clowns were arrested in states like alabama and north carolina for making similar threats and in some cases trying to lure kids into the woods, these colorado clown rumors are no laughing matter. >> whether somebody is using a clown to try to make it a joke or not, it is dealing with the safety and security of our schools.
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throughout schools across dpreely as police also keep an eye and ear out for suspicious activity. walker connell can understand the thought mind increasing security. >> if you believe everything you saw on facebook, then there would be a whole lot of miscommunication and misinformation in your life. >> reporter: if the person responsible for those online threats is caught, they could face misdemeanor charges up to 18 months in jail. a couch may have prevented someone from getting hurt when gunfire goes into their denver home. there are no suspects in the shooting near colorado avenue overnight. the bullets lodged into that couch. everyone inside the home is okay. new developments after someone vandalized a historic denver church over the weekend. police are searching for the man who damaged the sacred heart
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when a parishioner found him, he started breaking things. >> he went berserk and started throwing things through the windows, knocking down the statues and making a total mess. >> the suspect destroyed a statue that was 150 years old. and the church tells us it cannot be replaced. the damage stained glass was the original installed when the church was built, 130 years ago. the preside today, fresh off their first debated. >> hillary clinton and donald trump both claiming voiktry after -- victory after last night's debate. >> his demeanor, his temperament, his behavior on the staging be seen by everybody, and people can draw their own conclusions. >> it was a fascinating period of time. and we won virtually every poll. >> 84 million people watched at least part of that debate making it the most watched political
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voter registrations in denver soared after the debate. elections division saw 300 new and updated registrations between when the debate ended and midnight. colorado has the highest percentage of registered verts in the country. and coloradans are molt veyed to vote. >> you see that excitement people, some of whom haven't been excited before. and some people are excited against a particular candidate on either side. >> shaun boyd shows us which party is seeing the most growth in colorado. miles an hour a million coloradans have a mental health or substance abuse disorder. >> advocates are urging
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walsh is in now, and they want the public to weigh in too. >> they want every opinion they can get on this. and they're holding candidate forums to quiz those running for the state house and senate about their views on mental health where she asks how to solve them. advocates need funding and a change in focus. >> i am living a good life in recovery. >> reporter: but it has been a long time getting there for 52-year-old jennifer hill. she says at 15, she spent a year in a psychiatric hospitaltl disorder. she struggled with drugs and alcohol. in her 20s, she was homeless, hanging around the skaejt street mall living in a car, and back in hospitals involuntarily. >> how did you survive? >> day to day. i somehow found hope. >> reporter: these days, hill helps others find hope at the colorado mental wellness network. >> the best thing is that we
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>> reporter: and hill is an advocate for change. >> integrative care. we don't cut off the head from the body, and we treat the whole person. >> reporter: according to the nonprofit mental health colorado, 1 in 4 coloradans experiences a mental health or substance use disorder. but only 40% get the treatment they need. >> we wouldn't accept that when it comes to cancer. if only 40% of americans with cancer got treatment, we would march on washington. >> reporter: andrew president of mental health colorado. he says the state has to enforce the parody law, requiring insurance companies to cover mental health treatment no less extensive than coverage for physical illness. and he wants the battle to turn to prevention. >> better screening, early intervention, effective and timely treatment, those are key. >> reporter: advocates for mental healthcare are pushing for passage of amendment 72 in november. that raises the tax on
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million would be dedicated to expand access to youth behavioral health services. >> the need is there and it's great. keep up with the campaign news here in colorado and nationally on the campaign 2016 section at the latest on a crash that shut down part of parker road for hours. a 28-year-old driver died this morning after getting thrown from a car after the crash. the driver did not have morning. another vehicle pulled out in front of that car near parker and jewel. the victim was not wearing his seatbelt. the lack of wearing seatbelts has become a major crisis. >> reporter: cdot officials are calling it a crisis pause of this number, 147. wean as of today, it's at least 148 which is means since the beginning of the year in our state, at least 148 people have decided not to
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crash. colorado lags behind other states when it comes to wearing seatbelts. the state ranks 39th in the country. >> if that was somebody's child, brother, sister, mother, father, those are real people. and those are recent tr fatalities. >> reporter: this morning a 28-year-old man was killed near jewel and parker. his car was struck thrown from the vehicle, not wearing a seatbelt. a week ago a young couple were killed when their vehicle rolled on i-25 near loveland. neither were wearing their seatbelts. their daughter was properly strapped into a car seat in the back and survived. the campaign is called beware of the beltless to emphasize how dangerous it can be to yourself and to others if you're not buckled in. one woman who was nearly killed by an
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>> due to his injuries, he broke his wrist. he broke those ribs on my right shoulder, fracturing my kafing -- e coming up tensions high in charlotte, north carolina, after that deadly police shooting. see one girl's emotional plea to city leaders. >> some are calling it a the first baby born with dna from three parents. >> and clear skies around here. a low pressure system to the south which will begin to drift toward our state, bringing moisture and cloudiness. >> how teachers in douglas county are paying it forward. to help the future of their
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>> reporter: breckenridge and breckenridge resort in a messy
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police in charlotte say nine more people face charges in protests over the death of a black man by officers. there have been demonstrations every night since the shooting of keith scott a week ago. the city has warned marching without a permit is illegal. during the charlotte city council meeting last night, angry residents complained about the police department. and one young girl brought som >> we do this because we need do and have rights. [ crying ] more than 80 arrests have been made since the shooting last tuesday. firefighters are battling a fast-growing wildfire near santa cruz, california. it has already charred more than 100,000 acres. residents in remote mountain communities have been ordered to get out.
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contained. for the first time, a baby has been born with dna from three parents. scientists are calling this a medical breakthrough. the baby's mother carries genes for a rare disorder. it has killed of two her children. her newborn was conceived through a new invitro fertilization technique. doctors using the special of the father, the egg of the mom, and another egg from a donor. the goal is to could have passed on the disease again. >> the mitochondrial dna delivery is a very devastating situation for the babies and for the family. >> the procedure is not approved in the u.s. so the baby's parents went to mexico. the baby is now nearly six months old and doing just great. looking ahead to helping the next generation of teachers make the grade. some current
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a unique way to help students who might pursue a career in the classroom. >> reporter: because of low pay and sometimes challenging conditions, teachers here are almost an endangered species. but thanks to the innovatiff program here, some students here can still follow their dreams. inside mountain vista high school, highlands journalism is fulfilling his dream. he's coming up with a revolutionary plan to encourage students to follow his passion. >> i started to think about what can we do to pay it forward for our profession >> reporter: all 170 teachers and staff will get $1 for every year they have been in the field of education. that money which will total thousands of dollars will fund partial college scholarships for students. >> people told me to go into
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they know this is meant for me. >> i'm so excited to have my own classroom someday. >> reporter: a study found 5,500 colorado teachers will retire this year. only about 2,000 state college graduates will earn a teaching degree. principal weaver gave the thumbs up to the scholarship. >> i don't think there's anything better that we could do to try to encourage great kids to have a meaningful impact on our communities. >> reporter: morgan miller disabilities since she was ten years old. >> it's so fulfilling for me, the smiles on all the faces. it's important. >> reporter: it's a future fueled by the fashion of a douglas county teacher looking to give back. >> we need great teachers. so why wouldn't we want to encourage our best and brightest to be teachers? >> reporter: the senior scholarship winners will be
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>> pretty nice day for early fall weather. and you can see just a few clouds here over southern sections of the state and that is it. we do have a low pressure system here, see that counterclockwise flow. and it's all going to be moving into our area very slowly. temperatures well above normal for this we do see showers and thunderstorms in the great lakes region along this front into the gulf. into thursday and friday, a little more rain now over western seshgzs of the state. on friday at noon, i think some of this spills over to the eastern plains. only isolated showers. you see the clouds ahead of it. so a cloudier day, a few
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east, and you can see the curb tour of the earth here -- curvature of the earth here. not a cloud in the sky in that direction. 83 degrees dia and downtown. should be at 74 and 44. the record 92 and 21. longmont 80, and 83 in northwest arvada. 81 and 82 right now. still prettyic northeast 7 for the winds. dry, 10% humidity. and the barometer, 30.13 and falling. this is from steamboat. this is from kelly scott, gold hill. just some fog, and looks pretty cool with the gold. and rod mckinney, piney lake.
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eastern plains. 30s higher up. and out west, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. and is tomorrow, a day much like today. 70s and 80s, 90 degrees over the southeast. 70s for the mountains, 70s, low 80s out west. here is the denver forecast for tonight, nothing but clear skies! it was around that first-degree degree for the morning lows. for tomorrow, sunny and warm conditions again, low 80s. 81 on thursday with a fe or thunderstorm through the weekend, and temperatures into the 70s. still pleasantly so, and still above normal! >> rams buffers and falcons all at home this weekend. football! mike bobby -- bobo starting say what he wants from the rams.
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,,,, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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if there was another concern it would be jameis winston. he was expected to be a breakout year. it's been more up and down. he is tied for the nfl lead in touchdown passes with 8. problem is that he's tide for the second most interceptions in the nfl with 6. winston is a dynamic play-maker and the broncos know it.
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405 yards sunday. somehow the bucks still lost. the key to stopping tampa bay starts with stopping winston. >> i know the kind of player he is. he makes good throws. the thing with him is just keeping him in the possibility as well. it's a good thing and a bad thing. we want him to scramble because i feel like he throws into a lot of traffic. at the same time you don't want him to be able to sit and plant his feet and make reads. >> just keep him out, we getting out of the box too often. and when we get to him, we gotta make it count. ccircumstance u has found the answer, collin hill got his second career start saturday. and while the rams didn't win, coach bobo liked what he saw. despite the loss, there was a lot of progress. >> the first time i felt like we were playing football they
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thes. -- for four quarters. did we execute everything properly? no. i thought we were in the game, we believed in what we were doing offensively, defensively. we got to be more productive. last night the marlins honored pitcher jose fernandez who died sunday morning in a boating accident. the best part of the tribute came once the game started. marlins leadoff batter dee gordon hit a leadoff home run, his first home run of the season. another eerie detail in thisry found a bag of baseballs autographed by hernandez which washed ashore just a mile away from where the crash happened. it contained four signed balls and fernandez's checkbook. no
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups.
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liticians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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exciting new pictures from the hubble telescope reveal what astron mers believe is a plume of water on europa. it is promising places that could harbor life in our solar system. >> dpoob a nice cooler weekend ahead -- gonna be a nice cooler weekend ahead. >> it is. here's the 5-day, temperatures in the 80s then the 70s. plus four or more, a couple of 60s in it. the case of fake broncos merchandise seized in colorado. >> cbs evening news coming your
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the candidates go out for a spin. c >> did anybody see that debate last night? a ( cheers and applause ) >> 80 million people watched. >> pelley: even more than that. >> i think trump did not look crazy or like a madman. i think hillary got some gooda licks on him.i >> pelley: also tonight, a week after the shooting, the children of charlotte. >> it's a shame that-- our fathers and mothers are killed, and we can't even see them anymore. >> pelley: chris christie is fingered in the bridgegate scandal. and-- >> this is it! we made it! i >> pelley: the late night hosts get the final word, and give it to the candidates. >> you were saying, i'm sorry?ri >> we have to bring back law and order. >> it's a good show.


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