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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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hi everybody, good morning, i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. we're sitting at 53 here in denver, 46 in avon and 37 in craig and 52 in grand junction, once again satellite and radar is mild to start the day.
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of sunshine and clouds in the afternoon but that's about it. let's check in with joel, good morning. good morning, obviously a couple construction projects up and moving around at this point in the morning. one of them is i-70 west of town along i-25 in through town in the southbound direction and all the data isn't showing up yet but if it were you would see orange and yellow and red as you approach i-25 hamden down to one lane. in the northbound direction that is nice and wide open. alan, the other thing is happy green everywhere meaning we're at or near posted speed limits. one man in critical condition after a shooting near i-70. >> reporter: hours after this shooting happened police have
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scene when they were first getting into the area. take a look at this video and you see the hotel itself is surrounded and they have to take over part of 46th avenue behind me because they needed to get around the hotel and because of this location it was tricky to get there set up in place. this is under the i-70 freeway which perhaps made it harder to get there and set up in place. crime scene here several hours only leaving the area an hour or two ago. we did notice officers. [ inaudible ] we lost shawn there.
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this hour as police work this investigation. moving on here to another story. protests erupted in california yesterday in a san diego suburb in an area called "el cahon". police say the man refused multiple instructions from police and wouldn't take his hands out of his pocket. he pulled out an object weapon. he assumed a shooting stance and that's when police shot him. it sparked protests from people chanting "black lives matter" at the scene. >> he's mentally challenged. they shot him five times. . >> another black man done been killed again. i can understand their anger
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police department released a picture right before the shooting. they have video from a bystander but have declined to release it at this time. six weeks to election day and early voting centers open in colorado october 24th. both candidates are touting their performances in this week's debates to supporters. >> reporter: donald trump is back on the campaign trail and talking about monday night's re debate against rival hillary clinton. >> she was talking about what she's going to do to get rid of isis. what she was going to do on child care. what she was going to do on all these different things and i kept saying for 26 years you have been doing nothing. nothing. . >> reporter: the republican nominee touted his fundraising hall of $18 million before the crowd but steer cleared of
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universe. he defended comments about her weight in the past. >> he called this woman miss piggy. >> she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a problem. >> we can can't except more insults for my latin community. no more. >> reporter: clinton took a victory lap through north carolina yesterday where releasing his tax returns. >> he actually bragged about gaming the system to get out of paying his fair share of taxes. if not paying taxes makes him smart, what does that make the rest of us? ? >>reporter: trump is promising to hit clinton harder in the next debate which takes place in less than two weeks.
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watched presidential debate debate ever with 84 million viewers. a boulder county jury deliberates the kaes of a trooper killed in the line of duty. he's facing 16 charges including first degree murder. he was driving under the influence in 2015 when he drove away from a traffic stop and crashed into another scene. one deputy died at the scene. the jury got the case yesterday but a verdict. they were caught selling fake jerseys and other items at the mile high flee market. two men changed their pleas to guilty for selling hundreds of dollars worth of fake broncos gear. they pled guilty to theft and two other men facing charges also. henderson is a former
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investigators are hoping to keep up gains as stocks get a much needed rebound. >> jill has our money watch report this morning. good morning, a turn around for the market yesterday. futures pointing to a lower open. wells fargo coe is forfeiting 41 $41 million in stock awards and his yearly salary while the fake accounts. . et na plans to sub sidize watches. they provide health coverage to 25 million people in the united states. be careful who you google.
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for google searchs. justin bieber is second and. >> carson daily third. >> i heard she was one of the highest paid comedians. >> . denver is taking unprecedented steps to bring a preview of a story you will see on cbs4. >> reporter: withdrawing from heroin is physically debilitating. >> it's horrible. >> one of the biggest things that motivates people to keep using is they become physically dependent on it and become sick if they don't use it. >> some addicted offenders will
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>> we're trying to move one road block at a time. >> tune in tonight at 10:00 for jim's report help with heroin. to find out about the brand new program that no one else is doing in the nation. 53 degrees in denver. >> a lot coming up this morning. tired of the teacher shortage? local douglas county teachers are donating to get students into the profession. it was a great escape for a dog at shelter. ahead you will not believe how many doors she opened to make her get away. this is the news on cbs4
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,, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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welcome back. this is the news in health. tyson food has a recall on chicken nuggets. the five pound bags have a used by date of july 18th, 2017. the chicken may have pieces of hard round plastic in them. you have these return them to the store for a refund. u.s. researchers say older adults with type two diabetes who participate in an interval training exercise regimen can improve their blood flow. people who exercised saw significant improvements to
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americas according to the world health organization. it can cause pneumonia, blindness, brain swelling and death. very nice outside and another warm afternoon for us. 13 degrees warmer in pueblo and four degrees warmer in avon. some of us wa outside. 53 in denver. not in the 30s this morning. 43 ouray ray 34 in leadville and 37 in craig and 52 in grand junction. at lite satellite and radar quiet this morning. high pressure is so dominant in the west and you see moisture making its way up into arizona
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mostly sunny skies and you may have a few more clouds on the western slope today and a pop or two of rain in the high country today. a few more clouds in the mountains but the front range and eastern plains we should stay on the dry and sunny side. a few clouds to the west and we could get a little bit of rain squirting into the state from utah and some flowing in the northwestern corner in the afternoon and evening and we may get rain into the gunnison ll eastern plains we don't get much of that at all. temperatures today another warm one were us. 83 in denver. 81 in fort collins and 80 in burlington and warm in the southeast. 70 degrees in frisco and 75 in aspen and 82 in grand junction. another sunny one for us. mostly sunny skies in your hour by hour forecast. nice tonight with clear skies
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cooler on saturday and a chance for storms throughout the weekend on the isolated side. let's check in with joel, house it going out there? as you make your way along i-25 near 20th in the southbound direction seeing pockets of volume. nothing slowing you down. that's what we're seeing across the denver metro area. a couple of things going on so you have the paving work and also some fire trucks near they're closing down between kipling and similars and the fire truck is still out there watching hot spots up along the hill so we'll continue to watch that and see if it will cause delays for drivers this morn. speeds into the 60s and 70s in the southbound direction along i-70 both directions. not a shocker -- a busy stretch
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today closing. traffic will be detoured to alameda which is a mess or iowa which seems the better option. early on a day on the court began with this. our wednesday's child david wants to play college ball and has dreams of playing in the nay. we have introd individual before. he moved to the united states from either beyond either beyond ethiopia when he was 15. he is from the same town so the two hit it off.
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and anything is possible as long as you work for it and i believe that too. >> let me tell you, he's smart and polite and david and sunday taught me how to shoot a free throw. i got lucky and made one. >> yeah, you did, sure. >> they're good teachers. find out more about david or any of the children looking for adoptive families. call the adoption exchange and you can find more at >> there's teachers in colorado and it's hitting douglas county especially hard. teachers themselves are help. mountain vista teacher have started a scholarship fund for people who want to be in the teacher profession. >> reporter: thanks to innovative programming here at mountain vista high school some special students here can follow their dreams.
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highlands ranch mark newton is fulfilling his dream. >> this is the greatest job in the world. >> reporter: the 32-year teaching veteran has come up with a plan to encourage students to follow his passion. >> i started to think about what can we do to pay it forward for our profession. >> reporter: all 170 teachers and staff will give $1 for every year they have been in the field. it will total thousands of dollars and fund scholarships for students. nursing for the paychecks but i've always had this passion and i know this is meant for me. >> i'm so excited to have my own classroom sdad. >> reporter: 5500 colorado teachers are retiring this year and only 2,000 state college graduates will earn a teaching degree. mike weaver gave a thumbs up to the scholarship. >> there's nothing better we can do to try to encourage
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impact on our communities. >> reporter: morgan miller has worked with children with disabilities since she was ten years old. >> it's so fulfilling me, the smiles on their faces and it's important. >> it's a future fuelled by the passion of a douglas county teacher looking to give back. we need great teachers so why wouldn't we want to encourage them? >>reporter: the scholarship winners will be decided by a panel. thousand dollars in the scholarship fund. montez leading cu to its biggest win in years.
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thouchds. meanwhile lufal on the sidelines with an ankle injury. will the buffs go back to him? >> it depends on how hot our team is at the time and how that works. everybody understands that in sports so we need both of them because somebody is going to get dinged up. that's the way the game goes and we need th play and go. >> the buffs looking to go 2-0 and hosting oregon state at
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weeks ago. at age 93 he was one of the earliest leaders of israel. >> reporter: he was the face of israel for more than half a century. he held about every political office. his family emigrated the the pal steen yan mandate in 1934 when he was just 11. a job led him into politics. he served a record 48 years in the israel parliament and considered the father of their secret nuclear program. he worked with political rivals to secure an interim peace accord with egypt. the oslo o cord signed at the
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>> a permanent settlement and with all our neighbors, a comprehensive peaceful. >> reporter: peres posted a facebook video promoting local products. a dog in california in a california shelter is getting not just because he's up for adoption. the german shepard tried to escape and it was caught on camera. ginger climbed up to the top of her kennel and she was able to get through not one or two but three doors before she made her escape. here she stopped at the reception desk and posed for the camera. she gets to the front door and pushes you right open making
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>> everybody believes that she was trying to make her way back to her old owner because she was found close to where her old home was. >> her old owner could no longer take care of her. people are lining up to adopt her. the shelter is asking for someone who worked ,, at ikea, we believe that everything - from your lamp to your couch - should work as hard as you do. that green living is something everyone can afford. that you can sacrifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after.
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. good morning, this is the news at 5:00 on this wednesday september 28th. here's what's happening now. cbs4 morning news. shawn? >>reporter: police are investigating a shooting here in denver. one man in the hospital and police working on a suspect description.
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protestors come out to southern california, the latest after police shoot and kill a black man. one of the oldest churches in the state suffers a great loss. the damage done by a vandal. 33 in leadville, three in avon, 50 here in denver and 47 in burlington. 54 in boulder. ai nice pleasant start. a cool down in just a moment. i have good news. right now we have been watching along i-25 and hamden as they


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