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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  September 28, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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protestors come out to southern california, the latest after police shoot and kill a black man. one of the oldest churches in the state suffers a great loss. the damage done by a vandal. 33 in leadville, three in avon, 50 here in denver and 47 in burlington. 54 in boulder. ai nice pleasant start. a cool down in just a moment. i have good news. right now we have been watching along i-25 and hamden as they
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now it's wide open. great news. breaking overnight for you guys, a man is in critical condition after he was shot at the colonial manor motel near i- 70 and vas kwez. the motel is in the east block of 37th avenue. . >> reporter: police still keeping busy at this location. we're watching them let in a few vehi for the most part they're treating it as a closed crime scene hours after the shooting. if you look at video from overnight you see it was busy when police first arrived late on tuesday night. there were several patrol cars not only on the property but outside taking over part of 46th avenue. it's a tight spot for police because it's right under i-70 and not a whole lot of room to
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tricky spot to set up. we saw the investigators outside for quite some time and still a busy scene here as police are on the property and have it closed off. we do know one man was sent to the hospital because of the shooting and is in critical condition. police are still working on a description for that suspect. so back out check again and we see the motel is closed off and a few more vehicles inside while police continue to investigate this shooting. live in denver, shawn chitnis, cbs4 news. this morning a teen is expected to be charged as an adult in a brutal beating of a 71-year old woman in boulder county. we follow this case through the process. >> reporter: this is a big turn
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since he's only 16 years old he's previously been seen in juvenile court but this morning they're expected to charge him as an adult. he's still in custody this morning and being held on a one million dollars bond for suspicion of attempted murder. she brought the three her home. he fractured her skull with a fire poker. the other two fled and ran next door to call 911. it took several days to locate collins who had previous run ins with the law. she has had family since the incident. her son now he's improving. her son started a gofundme page to help raise funds for her
5:04 am the hearing this morning to formally file charges against collins as an adult is expected to take place at 10:00 a.m. live from the boulder county justice center, cbs4 news. thank you for that, jamie. time now for weather and traffic on the 4's. good morning, off to a clear start. once again we stay calm across the state. temperatures this morning are mild, 39 telluride and 40 in aspen and 54 in boulder and 42 in limon and 50 degrees in denver. our weather watchers are reporting 53 degrees in north west arvada and at the bus stop this morning, temperatures in the mid 50s and a nice morning with plenty of sunshine. how is the morning drive, joel? >> temperatures in the fifts and speeds into the 60s. brighton both directions on the elevated portion of the
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you make your way from i-25 to i-225 a nice drive for you. -- -- i-225. watch out for delays at c-470 and 285 as they continue paving work. southbound along i-25 great speeds into the 60s. . big news from overnight, a black man is shot several times by police in a suburb. that man is now dead. police say the man did not obey police recorders but a family friend says the man was mentally challenged. others on scene say the man was unarmed. so many stories to this one shooting. the el cajon police department released a photo. they say the man pulled an object from his object, pointed in a shooting stance towards two officers. one of the officers shot him
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this shooting led to protests overnight. >> we're tired of this. we just got word the brother died and they left real fast. we need to know what's going on. why are they killing black men out here? >> one person says the man had a seizure prior to the shooting. one of denver's oldest churches has been hit. it's a blocks east of coors field. >> reporter: denver's oldest catholic church was still cleaning up three days after an unknown man ransacked the sanction ware. sanction wary. . >> he asked this person what he
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through the windows knocking down the statues and making a total mess. >> reporter: the man threw dishes through stained glass windows as old as the church itself established in 1879. statues were also destroyed before the man kicked his way out of the front door. >> we can't replace one that had been here for a hundred years. >> reporter: the church estimates the damages in the thousands. a camp camping around the corner said the man was about 30 years old. >> he will get his one day. >> the church does have surveillance cameras but unfortunately when it happened the cameras were not working. the head football coach at legacy high school is coming back after tragedy. the coach returns to work after
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dia earlier this month. he's getting back on the practice field this afternoon. that crash also left two other coaches and 15 students hurt. they were all returning from a game in california when the driver crashed into the concrete overpass. she died and investigators still trying to figure out why she veered off the road. a woman opened a pizza dlif ri and fo dough. how the mix up happened. home prices on the rise. who gets paid the most for a good laugh?
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,,,, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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in charlotte people say nine people are facing charges after demonstrations every night since the shooting of keith scott last tuesday. the city has warned marching without a permit is illegal. angry residents complained about the police department and mayor monday night but it was the words of a young girl that brought some to tears. >> shouldn't have to feel like this. y'all are treating us wrong. we do this because we need to and have rights. . >> more than 80 arrests have been made since the shooting last tuesday. estimates predict more than a million coloradans have a mental health or substance use disorder and most go without treatment.
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kathy wall ch tells us about a need for funding and a change in focus. >> i am living a good life in recovery. >> but it's been a long time getting there for jennifer hill. at 15 she spent a year in a psych hospital battling eating disorders and drugs and alcohol. in her 20's she was harmless hanging around the mall living in hospitals voluntarily. >> how did you survive? >> day-to-day. i somehow found hope. >> reporter: these days hill helps others find hope at the colorado mental wellness network. >> the best thing is that we share the hope that recovery is possible and probable. >> hill is an advocate for change. >> integrated care where we don't cut off the head from the body and we treat the whole person.
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four coloradans experiences a substance abuse disorder but only 40% get the treatment they need. >> we wouldn't accept that when it comes to cancer. >> andrew is president of the mental health colorado and he says the state has to enforce the parody law requiring mental illnesses. >> better screening and early intervention and effective timely treatment are key. >> advocates are pushing for this amendment in november raising the pack of tax on cigarettes by 1 dollars $1.75. $34 million would be dedicated to expand access to youth
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forecast this morning. some parts of the state could get rain later today. 50 degrees in denver and 54 in boulder to start the day and 51 in la junta. 33 in laudville and 45 in steamboat and 53 in grand junction. satellite and radar is quiet and we stay that way throughout most of the day. we do have showers and rain down in pars of arizona and new mexico and as we zoom in closer you can see there's some rain in the area. we do have some areas of low pressure that are out in the area and swinging up sub strop cal moisture in the desert southwest and also parts of utah and nevada as well. this area of high pressure off to the east is preventing it from heading across the eastern plains. you'll notice we're dry and pleasant here today but again, not much of the moisture at
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side. few clouds possible and few showers in the southwest and central mountains and overnight tonight skies are clear and we could see more rain later on tomorrow morning and that gets more widespread throughout the evening tomorrow. you'll notice again we stay on the dry side. the area of high pressure starts to break down and move out and we see changes towards the weekend. 83 in denver and 81 in greeley and 80 in burlington and 70 in frisco today and 82 in grand junction. cooler on friday. starting to see maybe a chance of showers in denver and could get a couple on saturday as well. let's check in with joel, good morning. good morning, take a look at this drive at i-25 and evans. we have some volume in the one direction but nothing slowing you down too bad. southbound coming into town, speeds into the 60s and nine minutes on the drive out to i- 70. slowing in both directions as
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seeing really good speeds along the stretch. along i-70 from aurora to denver, looking great and we do have slowing at c-470 and 285 we had some slowing there on that ramp from sims and there was an earlier brush fire yesterday. it's open this morning but they have been monitoring it overnight and you may see fire trucks flashing in that direction. drive times as yo southbound coming from town looking great. speeds into the 50s and 60s. a busy stretch of mississippi is closing today as crews work on storm sewers improchlts. it will be closed from broadway to santa fe until tuesday october 4th. traffic will be detoured to alameda. that's a mess so i recommend using iowa. a california woman was not prepared for what was inside
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when she opened the bread sticks here that's what she found -- a wad of cash. nearly $5,000. that money ended up being the restaurants misplaced deposit. think the worker got in trouble? the woman turned in the loot and dominos awarded her with a paid week of vacation and free pizza for a year. for the first time a by bay has been born with dna from three parents. scientists are call medical break through. the baby's mothers carries genes for a rare disorder that kill twod of her children but her newborn was conceived through a new in vitro fertilization technique. doctors used the egg from the mother, the sperm from the father and another egg that switched out.
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procedure for the family. >> the baby's parents went to moeks co to have the procedure done. the baby is now nearly six months old and doing great. now you can get to denver and glenwood springs without jumping on i-70. crews have finally finished the last section between genesee parkway.
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analysts say the housing market got a boost from a strong job market and low mortgage rates. home prices went up 5.1% last july. wall street ended the day in positive territory. the nasdaq added 48. now that cvs is operating target pharmacies they have taken toci that cvs bring back the target style pill bottles that feature color coded rings. cvs is working on designing a new system for prescriptions. turns out you can put a price tag on a good laugh according to foshs magazine, kevin hart made $87 million
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next was jerry seinfeld. that's your money watch, in new york i'm marly hall. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4's. it's 5:24 . good morning, we're locking at the chance for rain and bigger storms from north carolina through virginia up through delaware and up into parts of pennsylvania. we could see flash flooding in 87 in atlanta. midwest fairly mild and we have storms in the great lakes region. temperatures in the 90s and it's cooling off a bit in la down to the 80s. fairly mild up into the pacific north west. if you're heading to dia this morning, security wait time is less than 20 minutes and all the lots are open.
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watching the drive through lakewood into denver along u.s. six here at sheridan. looks like new trouble spot along i-70 as you make your way between i-70 and i-225. not sure if it's eastbound or westbound, inbound along pena looking good as well. mississippi out to i-70 speeds into the 60s and the a-line running on now. big news overnight. more protests after police shoot and kill a black man in southern california. reaction to this ahead. both hillary clinton and donald trump are on the campaign trail today and the results are in. 84 million people watched the debate monday night. i'm hena daniels in new york, more on campaign 2016 coming up.
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selected jameis winston and 249 picks later they drafted trevor siemian. on sunday they will lead their teams against one another. the best way to describe winston he is tied with eight touchdown passes and also six interceptions tied for second in the nfl. win >> aye been watching him since college. i know what kind of player he is and he makes good throws. got to keep him in the pocket as well. it's a good thing and bad thing. we want him to scramble because he throws into a lot of traffic but at the same time you don't want him to plant his feet. >> we got to keep him corralled. don't want him getting out of the box too often. then when we get to him got to
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don't look now but hockey
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,, washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten
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ublic lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. good morning, really nice weather out there. >> it still feels like summer. i'm britt moreno.
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another mild day with temperatures in the low 80s. starting off with cool temperatures in the high country and off to the west. 39 in meeker and 45 in steamboat and 33 in leadville and 32 in alamosa and 50 in denver and akron and 47 in burlington. another fairly mild today but we'll talk about potential changes coming up in a moment. let's check in with joel. a couple accidents along i- 70 in the westbound direction at havana and another boulevard. breaking overnight a man is critical after a shooting near i-70. shawn chitnis at the scene gathering vakts this morning. what's the latest, shawn? ? >>reporter: police are able to open back up the scene after hours in the area and closing off the spot as they continue to investigate this shooting. we were able to watch the crime scene investigation team here


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