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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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their family has new arrived on the tropical african island where two sisters died while vacationing one of those women is from denver. >> there are few clues as to what happened. they were on vacation in a group of islands off the coast of east africa. melissa garcia koryyy's apartment. >> reporter: the family says those deaths are so sudden, it still feels unreal. annie the property management company just learned of the tenant's strange death.
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outside the door of apart 102. the tenant won't be coming home. the 37-year-old denver woman was found dead in a hotel bed alongside the body of her 42-year-old sister and best friend robyn. the two spent a week vacationing at this luxury resort on an island 1,000 miles off the eastern coast of africa. authorities there await the results of autopsies. >> it's kind of shocking. pretty nice, relaxed. we moved in last month so i didn't get to know them well. >> reporter: prior to their death the sisters had been drinking throughout the day. police found them unresponsive.
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of violence. answers can't come soon enough for a devastated family. their brother told me they were kind, generous, and lived life to the fullest. an online fundraiser to help with final expenses has raised tens of thousands of dollars in just two days. >> reporter: their brother and mother are on the islands right now. and the u.s. consulate is arrangements to bring those sisters' bodies back home. new details about a man accused of murdering his wife while he was high on a pot edible. a judge ruled that richard skishg mentally competent to stand trial. shooting was at their observatory park home in denver two years ago. kirk pled not
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competent to stand trial. the judge is set the trial for march next year. denver police looking for a pair of bank robbers. a live look at the scene. and that search is tying up traffic near colorado boulevard. pair robbed compass bank on colfax in the park hill neighborhood. that's why an area is shut down for investigators. from 16th to 17th along albion street. the search for a missing hiker near aspen has been suspended. crews have been looking hard past eight days. he had plans to summit a few 14ers in the wilderness. the sheriff's office ended the search for now. if new information comes to light, search operations will start up again. sticker shock for a family when they opened up their electric bill. they found it had tripled and they don't even have air conditioning.
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a similar story like this before. >> reporter: that's right. and in both cases, the customer says that they saw this jump in their bill after a meter similar to this one was changed out on their property. so they called us to clear up the confusion. >> reporter: this has gotta be wrong. >> reporter: dwight says his meter was replaced by xcell earlier this month. now his bill has gone up triple the amount. >> we didn't add any new equipment. we didn't change anything. >> reporter: failed. they replaced the meter. the meters are replaced and customers can end up with a spike in their bill because of the power used during that time being accounted for. >> i called customer service and talked to one person and their answer was that there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: that's when hall called cbs4 he shows us how for the past two years, his usage is pretty much the same month to
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fluctuated. they will now find the old meter to make sure the kill watts were record correctly. we covered a similar story last month with this woman in boulder. >> if i'm hardly using my electricity now and it's almost $200, what will it be like in december and january? >> reporter: xcel says they're looking into the concern. paul just wants to understand his bill. >> i pay for what i use. i don't have a problem with that. being able to explain why it did jump. >> reporter: both customers say if your meter gets changed out, it's a good idea to take a close look at your bill especially when so many of us are on autopay. jennifer brice, cbs4 news. there's something that stinks in the water supply in loveland.
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reservoir smell and taste funny. water is safe to drink. nope algae gets into the water supply. and it's a byproduct of the algae which gives the water the foul taste. an update on a mass itch marijuana bust in southeastern colorado. the dea executed 12 warrants at homes with illegal marijuana grows. the pot was texas. 22,000 pounds. and as we first reported last night, this bust was highly unusual because the drugring members are originally from laos. the dea has been conducting the raids with the help of sheriffs from various counties. forget presidential race,
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congress. >> mike coffman against morgan carroll. >> reporter: mike coffman goes bare-knuckles in his first attack ad, framing morgan carroll as a sleazy attorney and shady politician. >> the lawyer has worked for some of the sleaziest firms in the state. >> reporter: that's opinion. to support it. for the record carroll has worked for two of the biggest personal injury firms in the state. to the shady politician claim, it has to do with carroll's time in the state legislature. >> morgan carroll the state senator sfroertd exactly that, making it tears send doctors, small businesses, even nurses, putting her own shady interests first >> reporter: that's misleading. in committee, carroll voted
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medical professionals immunity when they volunteer for nonprofits. she and the colorado trial lawyers association argued the bill provided blanket immunity. the bill was amended on the floor to remove immunity in cases of gross negligence. with the amendment, carroll voted for it. so yes, she voted to make it easier to sue doctors and nurses, in cases of gross negligence. she did not vote to make it easier to sue small businesses. but she did sponsor a bill that ias of damages a worker can recover when businesses are found guilty of discrimination. unlike federal law, it applies to businesses of all sizes. coffman suggests the two bills represented a conflict of interest for carroll. here's what you need to know. legislative rules prohibit lawmakers from voting on bills they personally profit from. these bills, yes, benefited trial attorneys but all trial attorneys, not just morgan carroll. so they were not,
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services, conflicts. the same applies to farmers voting for agriculture bill, teachers for education bills, employers for business bills, etc. it happens all the time in a citizen legislature. bottom line, if you're gonna call someone sleaze and he is shady, you should have strong evidence to back it up. coffman doesn't. >> shaun greatly values transparency, so she posts all of her sources for her sisters at thousands of jobs up for grabs along the front range. we have the details on who's hiring. >> a senator aimed at helping people with disabilities is accused of abusing them. >> if you look to the west, you see the clouds coming our way. and you also see the clouds coming our way on doppler, and
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i first met mike to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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at least eight people have been fired because of alleged abuse at a center for the disabled in pueblo. a federal investigation found numerous cases of abuse. it includes residents who had the words die and kill scratched into their own skin. >> it was just unbelievable that in this day and age, p in this way. >> the department of human services oversees the pueblo regional center. it released a statement saying it will continue to improve staff training in a number of areas. retailers all over the denver area are hiring hundred
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>> reporter: there are a lot of people in denver looking to get back to work. and the city is hoping that the retail industry is that ticket to that future. >> there are about 12,000 people looking for work in the city, and we need to make sure there are opportunities for them, an abundance of opportunities for them to go to work. >> reporter: mayor hancock excited about the nearly half million dollar new grant. he thinks it help find good jobs for talented young people. they're already target the retail sector, and it seems to be working. >> i was working job to job, and it was hard to be stable with everything that i had going on. once i found this opportunity -- >> reporter: one of the first participants in the new job program already landed a full-time gig, work for king soopers. >> if you have the opportunity
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do and improve on them as well. i'm gonna spread the word to everybody in the community to those that are having problems finding jobs and staying employed, that this is a perfect place. >> reporter: the program recruits talented young people and helps with resume writing, job placement, teamwork, leadership, and communication classes to get participants ready. the goal is to get people working in jobs that pay better than minimum city officials looking for about 3 an applicant -- 300 applicants as part of this grant program. matt kroschel cbs4 news. the outlets in castle rock are looking to hire more than 1,000 people for the holidays.
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hospital. superman, ironman, captain america! the aurora s.w.a.t. team helped them for all the kids watching from inside. this is the third year. it helps aurora police train while it teaches kids that they can overcome anything. >> they even pulled some o >> that's a cool thing. from us we have all that sunshine over the eastern plains. we do have some rain and rain showers moving into that area. and down to the south, some heavier showers and thunderstorms moving up, all headed for denver. and this could bring us some showers as the next couple of days go on. on the hour by hour forecast, 1:00 on friday, and you can see the showers lining up, and pretty good showers over here, and is they don't last very long.
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saturday, maybe an isolated storm, just across the metro area, that's about it. sunday a drier day. only a few isolated storms to the north. sunny to partly sunny. and we'll stay on the warm side too. all this moisture being drawn up, it's drawing up the warm desert air. the moisture with it and the warmth. almost 90 degrees at the airport! this is hurricane math eye. it was a tropical storm lastnight. now it's a -- lastni gonna take a northerly turn, and by tuesday, just north of eastern cuba, then it could head for the u.s. coast. this could cause some problems. 88 and 81. 47 and 50 were the lows. 92 and 17 the records. should be at 73 and 43. 77s both locations right
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at 14. 28% humidity. steady barometer. nice shot from sue hanson, steamboat springs. dennis thomas, a pretty shot. and this is a nice shot too. u.s. 285. great shot that. barn in there and the gold. temperatures for tonight, mostly in the 40s and 50s over the eastern plains. 40s for the high country, 40s and 50s out west. and forom 80s eastern plains. for tonight, mostly clear skies, incre clouds, 54 and 52 by morning. by tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, a skaerted late storm -- scattered late storm, for the next several day, not a lot of change saturday, isolated storm, 78. 79 and dry on sunday. monday at 78 degrees, but tuesday we cool it off by 10 degrees.
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>> those fall colors, could be busy in the high co they have to invent new awards. another week, another award for von miller who says his teammates other one holding him to this high standard. and broncos aren't taking anybody
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no offseason the high of winning super bowl mvp. the ingredients were there for vonmilltory get off to a slow -- von milltory get off to a slow start this year. that has not been the case, miller being named afc defensive player of the month for september today. most sacks in the nfl. and third defensive player of the month
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history. he credits broncos culture. >> there's no pressure like the pressure we get out of each other in the locker room. we constantly push each other in the locker room. and that type of mentality just wouldn't pass. and i'm not that type of guy. but the locker room, they really keep everybody straight. we hold everybody to a higher standard. and that's where all the success is coming from. for now the drama down in denver. no one is currently calling the defense dirty. broncos have risen to no. 1 or no. 2 in most power rankings. hard to claim they're not getting respect. no complaints from the receivers about not getting the ball enough. where will the wroz fiebdz motivation -- broncos find mode vationthis week? >> we want to make the playoffs, go on a run and win the super bowl.
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making anyone lightly. whether it's the buccaneers or browns or the tigers. or my high school. [ laughter ] >> i'm not taking anybody lightly. matt duchene and team canada had a chance to win the world cup tonight against europe. nate mcinnon back. and landeskog participated in his first training practice sweden. landy will be the captain again this year. coach bednar made that announcement before the two had met! >> met him for the first time yesterday at pepsi center. went over some video, and some videos of the system, basically, and made a really good first impression on me. and i think everybody is real excited for the season.
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college football on saturday will be the 107th game played between cu and wyoming. since they introduced the bronze boot, the series is an even 24 and 24. first conference for both teams this season. rams coming off a road loss at minnesota. mike bobo says the attention turned quickly to trying to win a fourth straight against the cowboys. >> it was disappointing. we didn't finish immediately after, the players were told about playing for the boot. and they know that. this week should be exciting. >> poll question, what do you think is the best front range college rivalry?
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and chief games. >> you're question my poll question. >> hopeful lite buffs fans will sellout, fans are into it this week. a woman pulls over after hitting a deer on the highway, and the deer fought back. >> one person dead in new jersey more than 100 hurt
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video showing the aftermath of a train crash in hoboken new through a barrier and into a waiting area. one person was killed, more than 100 hurt during the busy morning commute. wreckage so twisted, some of the victims had to kick out windows and crawl to safety. investigators have a lot of work to do determining what went wrong. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. that could be an understatement.
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safety board said they might not be able to get investigators into the station until tomorrow. train damaged the building so badly, there's a large hole in the roof, water has been leaking all day, and there is possible asbestos. >> reporter: a packed commuter train barrelled into the hoboken station after it smashed through a barrier during morning rush hour. >> a horrendous exploding noise. and concrete, dust, electrical wires, and the train flying into the depot. >> reporter: the crashd under the first car. >> lights went out. just didn't stop. people were falling over. >> reporter: passengers inside helped each other escape. >> the person behind me was bloody, he had a cut on his head but was very -- wanted to make sure everyone was okay. >> reporter: officials say a woman standing on the platform was killed by falling debris.


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