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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  October 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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paxton lynch has been going against one of the best defensive coverage units in the nflf not arguably the best in all the nfl. he's coming in playing against guys that aren't as good as his own defense that he faces every day. that's part of the reason he's having such great success. >> like only team not having a super bowl handling over to denver broncos because carolina panthers are. patriots lost, baltimore ravens lost today. >> arizona cardinals in championship game. >> they're struggling they're doing out there just absolutely on top of their game. they are plugging in rookies and young quarterbacks, defense is one of the best. >> even though we talk lot about quarterbacks i know this is offensively oriented league let's not forget that dives is you a? >> the best in the business. say what you want. what we're talking about from
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here. again, the pressure, it's the instinct between front and back end. pressure up the middle. disruptive what they want to do back end guys can play the ball. there's no match up that you can say, do this. >> you have unit that knows what he's doing, able to fill the package he uses your study against you. uses your knowledge, your tendency and switches them up at the right time.
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to me much like rex ryan he's like defensive whisperer he keeps you on your toes gives everybody on defense opportunities. that was beautiful part for me coming in on wednesday and everybody gets an opportunity. this week is your week. this is week is your week. this week is coach's week. now you're excited because just last week you were the guy jumping on the grenade. everybody plays fast and for you. >> great day, weep 6:00 30 this morning watching -- >> we can just stay here nor sunday night game. >> i'm smiling because we're chuckling as well. bilk do it nor 24 hours. reset just say, reminder that tonight on cbs begins with "60 minutes" and report on the riches of the arctic frontier. that will be followed by new episode of "ncis: los angeles"
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tonight only on cbs. as we talk about again the defense here, again through first half of the season i'm mind. of what you were saying. a book hasn't been gotten on these quarterbacks yet. talk about what the young quarterbacks in general have been doing you started noting them as you were counting early. >> you start with carson wentz. everything he's doing with play book t open you can handle all that is amazing. jacoby struggled they got after him. he was also playing with a bad thumb. >> he's also third quarterback. this is not the back this up is third quarterback. like you said, he was struggling >> yet, dax prescott has not thrown interception. >> hold hon we'll step aside for instant update.
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touchdown run to go up 31-212. second of the day. right now talk about philip rivers, 297 yards passing. melvin gordon with two touchdowns. >> some of the older quarterbacks that are struggling, ryan fitzpatrick, carson palmer are going to be hearing it from fans. especially if arizona loses today. i've been on other side what jameis winston is feeling like today. this just like andrew luck was being assaulted by jill earlier today. just like they're coming from everywhere. sometimes you think like 15 guys out there because that defensive line so fast, so sudden they put so much pressure on that pocket. you got to make decision like this. if you're off just a little bit going to turn into an interception. >> speaking of fast and sudden let me just remind folks that's exactly what is taking place in tampa, denver leading 27-7 but there's weather delay because of
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through the tampa area. severe lightning, obviously nfl exercising abundance of caution, evacuatingment stadium of the fans and players to see how quickly this storm moves through. at that point we will rejoin the game. but back to our discussion here. >> it's crazy. because when you think all the young quarterbacks, they all have the complete team. they are supported by strong running game for the most part other than dak prescott you think quarterbacks that are struggling andrew luck, i understand they gave him the big contract. how can you expect him to do everything. he's going to be exhausted. last year you put your quarterback on ir you didn't go out spend enough money to protect him. you talk about eight-man protection. you got two tight ends in the protection putting two guys on the route still can't protect your quarterback. he's taking the high road some point andrew luck will that have to point some m guys out. you guys have to protect.
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say hope that is what is going on when they break the film down. if you can't get the job done, i have to get somebody else another opportunity. >> that's hard. because they have young offensive line. three rookies started due to injuries. right side of the offensive line wasn't playing great anyway. but he's professional. did he not complain after the game at all. >> he never will. highest paid player in the game for reason. but i also think of philip rivers, drew brees, with b doing this for years for their reti part of the problem in capped system. you want to get paid lot of money, somewhere else along the lines somebody else not going to get paid. you can fortunately for the colts it's the five guys that are standing in front of him that are really struggling. >> from casual standpoint let me ask before we move along to the next topic, coach, anything you can do scheme-wise even though you got youngsters trying to do the job, got this franchise quarterback anything that can be done scheme-wise?
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football over. can't give up the big plays. they are losing close football games. they won couple of close football games. in the process, feel like first month of the season is the identity-finding part of find can out. because find out what your strengths are, can't base on one game or two games. four games it's body of work. you find out what you have strength wise, then what you do start to tweak your team or make changes but you got to see what you have to d lot of times, bench 'em. these are our guys. this is what we have. change your scheme to fit what you have as a strength. moo t my strength is tight ends i'm going to start utilizing schemes that take advantage. if my strength is my secondary. i'm going to blitz for it f. my back end hurting my i'll put pressure on you got to help these guys in the back.
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ability that second month of the season, good coaches, find out what they have, make the tweaks or the changes, schematically or personnel wise. but they have identity, understand what this is they make the change accordingly. >> fans of the denver broncos certainly had heard all the talk did youing training camp about paxton lynch. not of folks -- >> john elway pushing all the right button in the draft free agent see. some of these throws. these throws are spot on. they're in the face of pressure, they're quick. watch how quickly he's setting his back foot. here he is on the move. easy completion right here for his first touchdown pass as denver bronco and professional football player. everything that we saw of him in the combine as we're seeing come to fruition. he's a big kid, quick release,
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first time out. >> trevor siemian back on the sidelines which is good news for denver. >> you know what that leads me to a question for you, coach, i'm saying he's playing some really good football right now. siemian was playing good football right now f. they go through the whole week, they're both cleared for health next week what do you do next sunday when you have to take the field? what quarterback would you start? >> i don't think it's -- health will determine a lot of that. but i kids. it doesn't matter. they're young. they're inexperienced. do whatever the coach wants. i think gary pushed all the right buttons because whoever you put in there you're not changing anything. you have two guys that can run same system. two guys look like what they fit. understand what you're doing, i think that in themselves from the standpoint, don't have to change anything when you're back
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>> coach used expression pushing the right buttons again, mindful of that, new england patriots have third string quarterback in. nonetheless, rex ryan pushed all the right buttons. >> he really did push all the right buttons when you talk about the buffalo bills. they came out, again started early, shoving before the game. tyrod taylor with 47-yard touchdown. jacoby, great -- take off running with the ball. young man they hit you hard in this league. turnover right there you can see. they didn't have any -- you can see this 15-0 shut out. last time that they were shut out at home they were shut out by new york jets. in 1993, guess who quarterbacked new york jets. >> boomer esiason. >> we beat them 6-0. played like 14 inches of rain.
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i couldn't even see the receiver ten yards down the field. >> after the game, comments of both coaches starting with bill belichick. >> decision that not be able to use jimmy today. >> i said at the beginning nothing was good enough. >> having tom brady come back in. your thoughts -- >> my thoughts are on the buffalo game. >> on to l.a. >> my sources inside the new england patriot building said that jacoby would be the quarterback. how's that. i'll stir some stuff up. >> who was it? >> i don't know who it was. >> rex ryan always going to have fun -- >> your former coach. >> this was game that the buffalo bills absolutely had to win. if they wanted to have any place in the division. has to continue to work, we all
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is still. when tom brady comes back talk about all the weapons that he had. you have to win this one. not about who you play, when you play. rex ryan they were prepared for what they were going to do. understood they had to protect the horizontal passing game. when brady comes back vertical bass pasting game will open up. >> my goodness, any new england fan or anybody in the coaching welcoming tom brady back has to be ideal. segue to coach, i love coach belichick has a little bit of an edge going in. >> i agree with coach there because now you come in, good to have loss every once in awhile. am i right about that? >> yes,. >> i we need a good loss to get our team focused. i can see you say something like that. >> nothing wrong. it wakes you up. you know what -- >> baloney.
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>> not at all. >> i don't think he ever looks happy. he'll be happy tonight, i guarantee, tom brady probably already at the facility getting ready for tomorrow. whole team shows up because it is going to be lights out from here on out. i've been talking about it all day. i'm excited to see tom brady back in the system with those weapons that we're talking about. a huge impact as gronk gets healthier. not able to stop this offense. >> a you can enjoy or you can sit there in mitt re. he's in mitt reright now. 24 hours doesn't end until tomorrow. he'll get ready for cleveland. >> misery for him to good. >> the buffalo bills. >> they're 2- next four games. l.a. rams, san francisco 49ers, miami dolphins. then new england patriots.
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about it. they play good on defense against baltimore. good on offense lost to the jets. bring them both together, simplify things got the running game going. realize what their strengths are playing good defense. giving up big plays. they are solid football team. tyrod taylor keeps making plays with his feet. >> we have superstar trying to force the ball to him. rh what happens then your best players -- everybody has to elevate their game. you saw charles clay come back into the fold. he's a match up nightmare. what happens is multiple on offense, get a little wildcat they are changing the tempo up and down. come in, rush to the line, hit you with different personnel. >> boomer esiason has top radio show in the mornings with of
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seahawks got the job done. >> i know that this is going to be like for ryan fits pat frick after throwing three more interceptions. ryan fitzpatrick right here, richard sherman after they beat them earlier. russell wilson was playing with a bad knee and ankle was almost flawless. take look at russell wilson's number, 23 of 32, 309 yards. three tds there were lot great performance today, this just happened to be one of them. the other great performance was atlanta falcons. what matt ryan then what julio jones. matt ryan's 503 yards passing just like russell wilson, awesome day. >> not a pretty two weeks for ryan fitzpatrick but he did face the media after the game. >> obviously not where we want to be or thought we'd be.
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us. can't sit here and pout. got to get back to work. try to focus on the next game. >> here instant update out in arizona. second touchdown pass, quick outside as rams now take the lead 17-13 late in the fourth quarter carson palmer talk about pressure point, a lot of issues going on right now, arizona's got to be one of those situations kind of like jets all these teams are struggling mightily. >> issues, hit coach with this as well because coaches are paid to handle issues like this. carson palmer heads back to the locker room, concussion protocol with arizona. talk about potential impact that have. with the squad trying to find itself as tony mentioned. >> you talk about a situation. 1-3 going into short thursday night game against san francisco team that looks -- they're tough
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better. duane gabbert looks good. running that option. again, around the national football league but i'm sure to get all that stuff about who has responsibility wise. this will be big challenge. 1-3 is one thing. 1-4 if they were to lose this game going to be a sense of urgency in this game on >> let's take look at other team in this game. we all made fun of the los angeles rams after that first game that offensive juggernaut they put on. they beat seattle seahawks. now possibly may be about to beat arizona cardinals. talk about todd gerley not struggling now these guys are starting to open up. they're shutting teams out.
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they got arguably best defensive line in the game. they are versatile, have play makers at every level on that defensive line. talk about quinn coming across the edge. one of the most outstanding defensive tackles. give them credit they can be three and one. >> because football games are so important, i mean each and every game. we're mindful of what soap said not to overreact in the early part of the season. look at the new york jets i'm going book ryan fitzpatrick is it time to consider possibly changing quarterbacks with fitzpatrick although brandon marshall publicly stood up for him. what are your thoughts? >> you know, the first two weeks he's played okay then last two weeks he played miserably no. other way to tell it. i know some of these picks are -- like that. boomer, you know that better than anybody. you don't like when that happens. some of these those are errant
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give them couple of weeks. speaks volumes when you throw six interceptions in the game they still don't go to the back-up quarterback. that tells me something that they think there's significant difference between two. i think chan gaily will put him in position to be successful. if he does continue to play. you definitely, you have to go to back up if you're going to continue to throw picks and put your team in a who new york jets is that secondary. game in, game out we talk about this secondary as one of the top in the game. know they have arguably one of the best front four. the lack of communication, russell wilson, a hobbled, compromised russell wilson threat them. jimmy graham they got almost 100 yards to tight end last week. this week it was graham.
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position deal with athletic tight ends. one week it's the corners, next week the safeties. have to pick out make front end and back end work in unison. >> doesn't get any easier they go to pittsburgh and arizona. >> nothing more miserable than waking up, two game losing streaks, brandon marshal said, if -- i'm not asking for change, i don't want a change. i'll tell great to hear brandon say that. fitz is what one of the best years that any quarterback has had in jet history. going to be tough week for them. >> i didn't say -- times like this when you find out, you say adversity builds character, it reveals it. find out about the people you surround yourself with. forpet for taught to keep them
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only thing you can control is next game. in assessing the fact you cannot give up big plays. cannot turn the football over. go back to the basics. football can get very complex, you can say this, do that. but when things start to go awry you go back to the basic fundamentals of the game of football. what that is, not giving up big plays. offensively not beating yourself. this team has got some talent, got a lot of good football players. veterans need to tak notch. there's got to be more of sense of urgency. i don't play tight, i don't worry about that but sense of urgency and preparation has to go up a notch. >> the name chan gaily nobody knows better than you. i know chan he will do whatever he has to d. a plan in place. going to ex sires whatever he needs to do with whatever he's
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get back to running the football game. throwing the ball. if that means we run couple of times, good kicking game. put onus on defense we can get back into a rhythm offensively make sure again do the things we need to do. don't turn it over. don't give up the interesting play. >> for me times like this where they miss chris ivory. kind of runner they don't have that power regioning game. they picked up jenkins from waiver wires he's talented player. they can get him coached up he's advantage for them in the passing game. maybe they can coach him up find something. >> i don't like where they are right now. >> it's more than one element but we knew this it was going to be tough. you looked at their season
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schedule. knew it was going to be tough. get to 3-after six give them nestles chance now dug themselves hole have to win one of the next at least. if they want to -- best chance now they have to win the next two to get to 3-then go from there. >> i'll say this, kansas city chiefs last year after seven games. 1-6. >> i'm not going to drum, though. >> okay. >> just by way of reminder for some may be tuning in we are experiencing a weather delay in tampa. there's lightning, heavy storms in the area again nfl has evacuated the stadium there, all of the players, will resume when league has determined that it is safe to do so right now denver is on top 27-7 over tampa bay with 6:52 left in regulation.
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respect to that. we will keep you abreast of when the league does make a decision of what they're going to do. keep in find we're also going to step aside take break in just a moment. boomer you were going to say? >> couple of games coming to end. dallas just beat san francisco 24-17. arizona cardinals just threw interception under 1:30 to go in this game. that was drew stanton who is in for the injured carson palmer looks like l.a. rams are going to 3-1 of all teams,f road game at san francisco. >> how big a surprise with the rams? >> huge. nobody would have thought especially with all the stuff going on with them moving cities all that other stuff, quarterback that really nobody had lot of confidence who played well last couple of weeks. >> no question about it. as we said we're filling time right now while that game being delayed there in tampa. but programming note. many of you are going to "60 minutes" after this word from your local station we'll update
5:25 pm
again denver broncos on top of tampa by 20. 6:22 make that 6:52 left in regulation. back with more in a moment. >> we'll be here j.b. yes to low fares with nothing to hide. that's transfarency?.
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hello, i'm kathy walsh. ons the broncos have been
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game is suspended due to weather. meteorologist dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. the fire danger is increasing but a cool-down is coming. >> we have a lot of weather here but let's talk about the rain delay in florida. a lot of water going on there right now. in the past couple of weeks we have had a lot of these football games delayed by weather, these thunderstorms that are firing up here. let's take you right into the tampa bay area here. they have a stationary front right over the western side of florida as we zoom for you. as we move around the area, big thunderstorms right along i-75 there have blossomed up. there's not a big cold front. it's a stationary front, so these storms are hanging over tampa. heavy thunderstorms going on in that area. and in fact, the stadium itself is on the northwestern corner of tampa, right at the edge of that. so they are just right now being overtaken by the heavier rain there.
5:31 pm
embedded, but what they're worried about is the tremendous lightning that is really piling up with that big line of thunderstorms that is forming. i think this is going to be a delay -- this might be with the heavy thunderstorms, at least 30 minutes, and then behind that there is a big wall of water coming through. probably not severe, but they're going to have rain. so once they get started they're going to probably be in the rain for the rest of the game tonight. this is going to change the way the field reacts and everything, because it is going to be a lot of through that area. in the meantime let's bring it back to colorado and show what you is going on with our weather. we have had a few thunderstorms popping around here as well. not in denver. we've had bigger thunderstorms with gusty winds out across the eastern plains. at this point fort morgan over into sterling and akron, right along i-76, some thunderstorms firing up. not severe but there is some lightning, pockets of heavy rain out there and some gusty winds going on. these are very isolated systems
5:32 pm
few lightning bolts. same deal. it is going to be a lot of gusty wind. if we put into it motion, you can see a line of storms coming across limon, pushing up into that area. meantime, bringing it back to denver we have a few clouds, maybe a few sprinkles in the mountains. but a big change is in the offing. up in the pacific northwest there is a big trough of low pressure you can see on the weather map. that will be swinging in, kathy, sometime during tomorrow. i will give you a timeline on when it rolls through here, but it is going to be a significant weather changer for us in the week ahead. >> dave, back to tampa. my understanding is that last week they had a delay of game for lightning as well. >> yeah, and i think it was like almost an hour long because of lightning. so that's what's bad about this time of season. if you are a fan watching the weather, it's warm and nice, but these thunderstorms can really cause delays. it's almost better to play in
5:33 pm
a lightning storm, i think. >> once again you'd rather live in denver. >> for sure. >> michael spencer joins us now. it's so interesting here we are watching, broncos 27-7, paxton lynch looks great. delay of game. >> one of those where if you are the broncos everything is going smoothly. obviously you have the trevor siemian injury, seven minutes left. all you want to do is get out of tampa bay with the win. broncos get the ball, you think they're going run out the game, then mark haas live in tampa. one thing for us to complain about the situation as we're sitting here in the studio. it's another for you to do it. what was it like in the press box when they announced a weather delay? i know you could probably see the clouds coming a little bit. >> reporter: yeah, could you see the dark clouds. it was like, oh no, not gang. a quick update. they are going to reassess the situation in about 15 minutes, 7:45 local time. there has been some discussion
5:34 pm
but as of now it does not seem like an osmghts it does seem they're going to have to go back out and placement michael, we have a low battery on our camera, so let's toss it back to you. >> certainly lots to talk about tonight. obviously we mentioned the trevor siemian injury. he got hurt in the 2nd quarter, and then paxton lynch came in. we have seen paxton play the entire second half. tonight's fan poll, how would you grade paxton lynch's performance? a couple of really lo certainly not the time we thought we would see paxton lynch but that is our arby's fan poll. go to our website,, click on the sports paining and vote. of course we will keep you updated with more from tampa, then wrap it up tonight on "autonation all access." >> michael, i've been here a few years. never seen anything like this. >> pretty interesting. second week in a row in tampa this has happened. we talked to some of the guys. they said, hey, if the happens,
5:35 pm
we will get back with you. developing tonight, five people are dead after a fiery rollover crash in arapahoe county. the speeding car went off county line road near monarch circle sometime before 6:00 this morning. cbs4's melissa garcia has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: the smell of smoke is thick where a speeding car flew off the road and landed in this grove of trees. you can see the large area of burnt grass where the car went up in flames. all five of the >> devastating. heartbreaking. >> reporter: residents are shocked as investigators piece together a deadly wreck at the border of albert and arapahoe counties. law enforcement shut down the road as troopers marked the area for evidence and towed what was left of the torched vehicle. the small sedan was so badly burned that its make and model couldn't be determined. skid marks on the pavement led to the bent fence post where
5:36 pm
it landed dozens of feet away. >> it lost control, went off the north side of the road, rolled, and was engulfed in flames. >> it's a shame. this is crazy. >> reporter: one resident stopped by the road block and says young drivers often speed through the rural stretch, well above the posted limit. >> we get a lot of kids come out here, go to that third bridge, and they will be flying down this road doing 100, 100 plus. >> reporter: authorities played a role in the ride that cost five young people their life. >> i just pray to god my kids learn from it. >> reporter: colorado state patrol troopers are investigating what led up to this crash. stay tuned for the latest. melissa garcia, cbs4 news. >> another bad crash overnight killed two men in aurora. the driver and passenger died. a woman in the car survived. this happened on florida avenue. investigators say the driver
5:37 pm
several times. speed and alcohol are being looked at as possible factors. jefferson county deputies are looking for a man accused of trying to abduct a 14-year- old girl. investigators gave thus sketch of the. they say he followed the girl on her way to her bus stop on sheridan. she ran away and told the bus driver. the suspect is hispanic, 5' 3", with glasses and messy hair. he may have muddy silver suv with no plates. if you know anything about this please call the police. and stick with us.
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rtising. if you are just joining us the broncos and tampa bay bucs in a lightning to go in the fourth quarter. denver leading tampa 27-7. cbs4's mark haas is live in tampa. one of the big questions coming into this season, when would we see paxton lynch. i don't think anybody thought we would see him today. lynch forced into duty, and so far he has played w. >> reporter: he has played well. he came in at the end of the first half. he has led a couple of scoring
5:41 pm
talent that the broncos saw that made them draft him. he obviously has a strong arm, good on his feet. we have seen him extend a couple of plays. there was one play where penalty was called on the tampa bay defense for holding down- field. credit paxton on that lay for escaping what would have been a sack, keeping the play alive long enough that the back had to hold his receiver, and they got a first what would be a scoring drive. got to emmanuel sanders who cartwheeled, but they did eventually get the ball back. a good showing so far. >> i thought it was interesting how the broncos have tweaked their offense. going back to the first half of this game the broncos defense, just another day at the office, forcing three turnovers, two of
5:42 pm
problem with interceptions. he came in today with six interceptions. that tied for second most. the broncos and aqib talib able to take advantage. >> reporter: the buccaneers had a main news -- a minus two today. we didn't see a lot out of trevor siemian today because they had short fields to work with, but they were able to capitalize to basically the commanding lead. i know the big question is going to be the would now for the quarterbacks. if you are on twitter you have seen the debate spur up. i think we should slow any controversy talk just yet. the big question is how hurt is trevor. it's his throne throwing shoulder so the big question is going to be is he going to be ready to go next week. if he's not going to be 100%,
5:43 pm
with. i'm just speculating at this point but that will be a big question once we finally do wrap this game up. i want to remind you guys as i said earlier at 7:45 local time is the next time that they are going to meet to decide what to do with this weather. there is some concern from the broncos' standpoint that after playing three 1/2 quarters in a game that's pretty much decided, they would prefer to not to have go back out there and rink injuries. but as of now, no word from the nfl if that wo to cancel this game. >> of course if you are just now joining us, 7:22 to go. this is probably a situation where at this time local time the broncos would have been on their way to the airport flying back to denver. one other thing i want to make note of we mentioned the injury to trevor siemian what. has been your take-away from the offensive line? that was part of the reason why trevor got hurt. they allowed a lot of pressure. looks like the line has taken a beating today. >> reporter: yeah, hat not been
5:44 pm
three times. there were a couple of times where it seemed like he held the ball too long but it was one of those where he went down hard. the running game for the broncos has not been great so that would be a knock on the offensive line. obviously having a guy like paxton lynch back there, he's been able to get out of pressure, but overall not the best effort from this line. donald stevenson out again so they're still kind of shoving things around, but it was the same group as last week but th going to need to kind of fix as they move forward. >> mark haas outside the broncos locker room. go find out the latest on that weather delays. in fact you are just joining us, 7:22 to go. a lightning delay in tampa for the second straight week. >> i heard jameis winston wants to keep playing.
5:45 pm
and the bucs are both ready to go home and call this one a wash. no pun intended. >> thanks michael. turning to news right now west metro firefighters say an illegal campsite may have sparked a fire near c-470. 30 firefighters are on scene. no structures are threatened. meteorologist dave aguilera, things are so dry here in colorado. we need some rain. >> very dry. we do need like we are going to get much. winds going anywhere from 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's what fanned those flames. it is going to get worse tomorrow. we have high pressure here. that brought some breezes in today but we have a big trough of low pressure that will be sliding in tomorrow, and ahead of it, it is going to really increase the southwesterly winds across colorado and especially the front range and the eastern plains. that's going to boost the fire danger. then when this trough comes
5:46 pm
moisture end, is way up into wyoming and. for tomorrow, denver is included in this. so is the foothills all the way into boulder and down into douglas county. a red flag warning tomorrow. gusts of 35 miles per hour. i wouldn't be surprised if they boost up to 40, 45 from time to time when that system starts to move closer. humidity levels are goto very dry. fire danger through the roof tomorrow. 81 was our high today. very hot around here. 52 was our morning low. out there now we're at 79 degrees with a southeast wind. for tonight the storms move through. we have a little shot of moisture tonight, so about 3:00 in the morning we could have some mountain rain, maybe some high elevation snow up above 11,000 feet. for us we might after few morning clouds coming through. then we get into the sunshine really quickly in the morning tomorrow, then we are partly
5:47 pm
a good looking day. my forecast for you tonight. partly cloudy, breezy. 54 for the overnight low. tomorrow's high, 82 to 80 from downtown all the way out to the airport. early clouds, then the sun breaks through pretty quick. it will be windy all day long tomorrow the way things are looking now. then looking ahead, 67 on tuesday as we cool down behind that front. 65 on wednesday. 58 on thursday. it will bea cloudy, rainy day. and right now there is a chance on thursday morning, with 34 degrees or so we could have a little rain mixed with snow possibly for thursday morning. we will have to wait and see what happens. >> the s word. >> we're bringing it out, with lower case letters, though.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community.
5:50 pm
's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. welcome back. the broncos and tampa bay bucs stable in lightning delay down in tampa. denver currently up in that one 27-7. there are some sports today. the race for the off-season coming to an end for the rockies. just nine innings away from vacation for the rox. they got off to a really good start. charlie blackmon with a leadoff homer to get things started. then in the 9th colorado was trailing until jordan patterson, with the rbi double, that would tie things at 4. but in true rockies fashion, you've got to end the season the way you started it, right? wouldn't you know it.
5:51 pm
two-run home run, and that would be the difference as the rockies fall today 6-4. martin truex jr. returning to his home track of dover today. truex able to hold off kyle busch and everybody else for that matter as he takes a checkered flag this afternoon. his second win in the last three weeks. the round of 12 starting next week in charlotte. final day at the ryder cup. the best thing about the ryder cup has been the reactions from the how about rory mcilroy? he's been egged on by the crowd. he says, what? i can't hear you. his playing partner would answer, then he gives the finger wave. later on, ryan moore has three putts to win it. that would be close enough as the u.s. takes home the ryder cup for the first time since 2008. lots to celebrate there.
5:52 pm
the cu buffs are ranked in the top 25. colorado checking in at number 21 today. the buffs coming off a very impressive 47-6 win over oregon statement they are now 2-0 in conference play for the first time since joining the pac-12. >> i used to tell them all the time all these seniors and red shirt juniors, come on with me, but we're getting in a roller and you're get in a roller coaster at the bottom. but i'm going lock you in. i want you to stay with me. now we've gone that up long hill where it goes click, click, clip, and now we're going, woo, and i think they want to keep going, woo. >> hopefully not at the top yet. arby's fan poll.
5:53 pm
lynch's performance? the backup forced into duty after trevor siemian's injury. go to our sports page at to cast your vote. >> michael, thanks, after a crazy day. right now denver officials want to know your vision for the future of the city and county. as the mile high city continues to grow at a rapid rate the public is being asked to share ideas on how to better develop denver. >> reporter: every day dozens of people are colorado. come the year 20 359s estimated more than 100,000 more people will call denver their new home. >> denver is one of the most rapidly changing and vibrant cities in the country, and now is the time to come together and decide what we want to be in the next 20 years. >> reporter: as city development and planning officials prepare plans for denver's future, they want the community's input on would the mile high city should look like. >> do you care about parks?
5:54 pm
mobility opportunities? >> reporter: this tuesday and wednesday the city is hosting five meetings where the public can share their ideas, whether they be about population growth and housing or traffic congestion and public transit. >> some of the things that we're hearing from people is i want more transit options, i want more light rail, more rapid bus transit. they also want better sidewalks and better trails. >> reporter: city planners are encouraging everyone to make their voices heard as the upcomingme >> this is how planning works today, and we want to hear from all of you. >> reporter: cbs4 news. >> the meetings this week will be held at different times and locations. we have that information at this year denver has seen a number of deaths and injuries caused by street racing. monday night at 10:00 cbs4 investigator rick sallinger shows us a tool police are
5:55 pm
>> they're gathering to watch the auto aerobatics. it often leads to racing. >> how due stop this activity? >> well, i think that you stop it with enforcement. >> reporter: they are hitting them where it hurts. >> you say the police can't stop this. why? >> because it's not stoppable. >> watch rick's report, street racing, that's tomorrow night at 10:00 on cbs4 news. final check >> we have a little roller coaster ourselves in the weather. on tuesday you might be going, woo! tomorrow should be in the 70s and 80s across the east, 50s and 60s in the mountains. so 54 looks to be the overnight low tonight. tomorrow 82 for the high. it is going to be very windy tomorrow. then the fire danger goes up. so we've got worry about that. tuesday will be the cool-down, down the 67. it will be a little breezy.
5:56 pm
a cool, cloudy rainy day, but we break out of it pretty quick on friday. thursday will be an interesting day. probably have a little mountain snow and maybe a little rain/snow mix in denver early in the mooring. >> okay, dave. thanks so much. and thank you for watching cbs4 news. we'll see you right back here for cbs4 news ,,
5:57 pm
i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros.
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ove this message. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> stahl: for five weeks, this no-man's land of ice was home to an expeditionary team of sailors, scientists and engineers, who's mission was to understand how to survive in maybe the most hostile conditions on earth.
5:59 pm
gas and oil long-buried under the sea floor. which is one reason we came upon a u.s. attack submarine in a most unlikely way. >> rebel! >> cooper: nate parker's new movie is about a slave rebellion at early screenings, it got standing ovations, and talk of oscar nominations. but with fame, came scrutiny, and nate parker's past began to make headlines. >> you know, i-- i was falsely accused. you know, i went to court. and i sat in trial. you know, i was-- i was-- i was vindicated. i was proven innocent. i was vindicated.
6:00 pm
knew this was-looked like we were going to be taken hostage, this was a kidnapping. >> whitaker: how many kidnappers were there? >> quin: about 18. >> whitaker: how mary quin survived is a story in itself. and so is what the terrorist behind the kidnapping learned: you don't mess with mary quin. >> quin: i just took another step closer to him and put my foot down on his head and that just gave me some leverage. >> whitaker: so you wrestled the gun away from him? >> quin: yes, and said some things that we won't repeat on television. >> whitaker: whadi >> quin: it was casting aspersions on his mother, i'll put it that way. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm bill whitaker. >> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight, on "60 minutes."


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