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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  October 2, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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we begin cbs4 news with breaking news as they search for subject -- suspects in an armed carjacking. it was near yosemite and i-225 as two hispanic men drove away in a gold corolla with license plate 878-stg. if you see them, don't make contact. they should be considered armed and dangerous. >> open. touchdown pass denver. >> rookie quarterback paxton lynch looked good in his nfl debut as the broncos easily disposed of the -- of the tampa bay buccaneers. final score, broncos 27, buccaneer 7 and denver is 4-0. they got the win despite the quarterback injury and a long weather delay. >> yes it was kind of a crazy game. they have the quarterback injury and then the weather
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but congratulations you win the office ball although i don't think this is how they wanted paxton lynch to get his first game but we will get to that in a minute. 2nd quarter as we pick up the highlights, this is jameis winston for the second time today. aqib talib got the ball and they were able to cash in, 1 yard touchdown run to c.j. anderson than they are up. trevor siemian then let's gets sacked and watch him roll on his non-throwing shoulder. he would be carted off the field so on comes back -- paxton lynch. that's a touchdown pass were there to emmanuel sanders. he got over 170 yards passing. after the game everybody was talking about trevor siemian's shoulder. >> it's my left shoulder. obviously it's not ideal, you don't want to be heard at all
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that is it. >> i had been preparing like i would play from the first snap sets up first preseason game so up to this point -- i will just keep preparing like i've been preparing and if the opportunity presents itself -- >> it will be interesting to see what the broncos do with that quarterback spot as he's officially listed as day-to- day. they will have more test on that shoulder tomorrow. kathy? >>thank you michael. a tragic h video from copter 4 shows what was left of the vehicle after it rolled over and caught fire. lauren dispirito is live at the crash site and lauren, any word on what led to the crash? >> reporter: it is still under investigation tonight but troopers had said that they do think speed was a factor in the crash. it happened about a mile east of here down the road on county line and we are also told everybody in the car was a
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investigators said the sedan was traveling at an excessive rate of speed when it went off the county line road striking an embankment before catching fire. five people inside were killed. >> it lost control, flew off the left side of the road and was engulfed in flames. >> colorado state patrol said the crash happened shortly before 6 am. skidmarks on the pavement and bend fenceposts road. county line road was closed as troopers marked evidence and told what was left of the car. >> oh, man, it's devastating. >> reporter: a man who lives near by stopped by and said young drivers often speed through this rural stretch, well above the posted limit. >> you get kids that come home and usually they will be flying down going through at like 100. >> reporter: officials so far
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-- the identities of the five people that were killed. they say they are still working to notify families. we're live in arapahoe county, lauren dispirito cbs4 news. information on another deadly crash that killed two men in aurora. this is what was left after the crash near florida avenue and dayton street as investigators say a driver lost control and rolled several times. of driver also suffered mi they said speed and alcohol may be to blame. the search is underway for a man who allegedly tried to catch a teenager -- kidnap a teenager. this happened just south of i- 76. the suspect -- should be considered dangerous.
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of his car and tried to object her. -- abductor. -- abduct her. >> he tried to forcibly eject the teenage girl on her way to school early on friday morning near 53rd and sheridan. according to the sheriff's office the man stopped his suv here, got outside and told the girl to get inside the vehicle. to force her in the car. the girl ran away and the incident was reported to the school bus driver and investigators say the suspect is a 5'3" hispanic man wearing glasses with an elaborate and odd haircut. he has short shaved facial hair also and should be considered dangerous. and considered lucky to have -- the girl considered herself lucky to have gotten away. >> reporter: the car is either a silver honda or chevy suv. it did not have any other license
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live in genesee county, cbs4 news. a grass fire started before 2 pm near bowls and c-470. steep terrain complicated the firefighting efforts but the blaze is now 100% contained. it was due to -- they believe any legal campsite nearby may have sparked the fire. and there was a small grass fire near chatfield state park. no structures were damaged and there's no word on what caused that fire. let's go to dave aguilera. they had a -- the high risk exists for fire. >> i think tomorrow we are going to run into a problem. we have a storm system headed our way kicking up some wins out there. it's about 15 to 25 mi./h in town so it's a little bit gusty
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show you what happens here. take a look at the mountains and foothills if you will. we take you through tomorrow morning and then to the afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon some of this in the mountains me get up to 40 to 50 mi./h and up to 35 to 40 miles per hour on the front range foothills and adjacent planes tomorrow. for that reason we have a red flag warning for boulder and denver all the way through trinidad and then pushing all the way out into sections of eastern colorado where gusts of wind will humidity levels will be off the wall so the fire danger is really critical tomorrow from noon until 7 pm. after that, the front that is moving in that will kick of the wind tomorrow will cool us down starting on tuesday and bring in a major weather change for the rest of the week. >> all right dave, thank you. and happening tomorrow mount evans highway is closing for the season. it should reopen the friday before memorial day weather
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governor john hickenlooper is taking action after reports of a be -- of abuse at a center for people with disabilities. the center says an independent monitor will be appointed to oversee the facility. a recent investigation found a number of serious cases of abuse with some patients had the words die or kill cut into their skin. another had been burned by a blow driver -- blow dryer. future -- your vision for the city's future. they are ask -- asking for your opinion on how to better develop denver. >> every day dozens of people are moving to colorado. come year 2035 it is estimated that more than 100,000 more people will call denver their new home.
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cities in the country and now is the time to come together and decide what we want to be in the next 20 years. >> as planning officials prepare plans for denver's future they want the community's input on what the mile high city should look like. >> you care about parks and open space? do you care about transit and good mobility opportunities? >> this tuesday and wednesday the city is hosting five meetings where the public can share there ideas -- their ideas about housing and traffic congestion and public transit >> some of the things we're hearing from people is i want more transit options and more ride -- more light rail, rapid bus transit and better sidewalks and trails. >> reporter: city planners are encouraging everybody to make their voices heard as the upcoming meetings are chance to shape the future. >> this is how planning works today and we want to hear from all of you. >> reporter: county fort bend cbs4 news. -- some of trump's tax
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campaign is responding. and why key colorado counties are shifting vertical alliances. and a historic peace deal has stalled. why colombians voted against the agreement to end the 50 year war. ,, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama.
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was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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as he takes as -- as it is expected to make landfall tomorrow and could dump up to 2 feet of rain. it is still unclear if the storm will directly affect the u.s. and voters in colombia has rejected a historic peace deal which was the product of years of negotiations and was expected to pass but many dis- -- many citizens disliked it be would not be charged with crimes including kidnapping and murder. they said a cease-fire will remain in place while he tries to save the treaty. new developments in the deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. a data recorder recovered from the commuter train was not functioning. yesterday our recorders experts worked with experts from the -- manufacturers to recover the
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unfortunately the event recorder was not functioning during this trip. >> officials are still trying to recover two other recorders from the wreckage and the devices could get investigators clues as to what caused it to -- it -- to crash into the train concourse killing one woman and injuring 100 other people. the -- the donald trump's taxes. the new york times published part of their -- of the 1995 tax return showing he claimed the loss of nearly $960 million which avoided -- helped him avoid taxes on nearly $1 billion of future earnings. it said he has a quote fiduciary responsibility to his business family and employees to pay no more tax than legally required. >> he's a genius. >> genius?
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he would have been a fool not to take advantage of it. >> while speaking in charlotte, north carolina hillary clinton made no mention of taxes instead focusing on criminal justice reform. her campaign released a tax cut later sunday meant to mock trump. type in any salary and you will get the same zero dollars tax bill -- zero dollars tax bill. try to win the supporters of -- the support of voters in swing counties. these areas could decide the election outcome here in colorado. for decades adams county has been a democratic start -- stronghold. the median family income below -- remains below the state average and long-held political alliances are shifting. >> hillary clinton is talking
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coming back -- these people are still struggling. we are population that doesn't feel like she is espousing our views. >> reporter: in 2014 republicans took more races in adams county than they had in nearly 80 years and kaufman who won the county by one point in 2012 walked away with it by 11 points in 2014. and the democrats took them for granted. that's happening now as well. >> it's not just adams. public county is also seeing a shift. they haven't seen statewide office here in more than 40 years while republican senator cory gardner lost by just 300 votes in 2014. donald trump is campaigning here on monday. >> some of the positions that he's taken are appealing to
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on issues like the trans- pacific partnership. he opposes that trade deal. >> he's a colorado native who grew up in adams county and says many working-class voters in adams and public county simply want change. >> voters are looking for something different in this election. the question is if they are going to look for something as different as trump. i think the messages for hillary clinton you don't take adams or >> clinton is also facing a challenge with young voters in places like older county where libertarian gary johnson is campaigning on monday but while she may lose support in some traditional democratic counties she could make it up in traditional swing counties like arapahoe and jefferson, where women are key vote. i'm political specialists shaun boyd, cbs4 news. aon sighting in kentucky leads to an arrest.
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wooded area this morning and when officers responded he ran towards a nearby vehicle. police arrested him for violating a city ordinance by having his face covered and for disorderly calmer -- conduct. numerous creepy clown sightings have been reported in the recent weeks. the albuquerque balloon festival is in full swing as hundreds of balloons lifted into the air for the second day of the fiesta festival showcases hundreds of balloons and is expected to draw close to 1 million visitors. it is in its 45th year. time to check the forecast. we have cooler temperatures. >> cool temperatures, yes. that will bring us back down. that creepy system will be creeping in here by the time we get to tuesday. we had some thunderstorms across lincoln and washington county. those folks have a lot of wind
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another little push of moisture coming in from durango so that may provide some of the mountains later tonight with some rain and maybe some snow up above timberline. but there may be cold enough for that to happen. it's breezy tonight, high pressure over texas here spinning southwesterly winds over colorado. there's a big low-pressure trough out west and we are caught in th seeing that pressure between the high and low develop around here, and then tomorrow what we will add into the mix will be a big strong jet stream that goes right under that low-pressure trough and that will kick up the wind around here. you can see by the snap a lot of the moisture will go with this low up into wyoming and montana so initially when this front comes through we aren't going to have a lot of moisture on tuesday or wednesday, but thursday we might get another shot of moisture that follows it up and we might actually get some bona fide rain right here in denver. but no rain here. high fire
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denver. is going to remain dry and hot. it was hot today. 81 at the airport and same thing downtown. 10 degrees above normal which is 71. 51 was the morning low. out there tonight we are at 65 in the city and it is a little bit gusty with the southeast wind at 21 miles an hour. wayne gallagher is our weather watcher coming in at 63, robert peck in arvada at 59 degrees. so tonight the moisture moves on out of here at least out east but in the mountains you might see this going through with the band of moisture. for denver up to fort collins early before 6:00 we might have passing clouds. it's mostly sunny for most of the day tomorrow and a few outdoor rain showers are popping in the mountains during the middle of the day. tomorrow night should clear out
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50s down low and highs tomorrow again 80s and 70s here in the east. we might make it to 91 in walmart tomorrow. it is still hot down there in the southeast so my forecast tonight, partly cloudy, breezy, 55 for the low and tomorrow it is mostly sunny and windy. then looking ahead at the extended forecast, we cool down as the 60s creep back into the forecast. tuesday 67, 65 on wednesday and then thursday will be be in be a rainy day in the morning or afternoon but then we crawled friday heading into the weekend with temperatures back to near 70 by saturday and sunday. >> we will take it, dan. thank you. we've seen a number of deaths and injuries caused by street racing this year. we are looking at a tool that police are using to try to stop that activity.
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>>i think you stop it with enforcement. >> reporter: they are hitting them where it hurts. >> you say the police can't stop this. why? >>it's not stoppable. >> reporter: watch his report, street racing tomorrow night at 10 on cbs4 news. aqib talib had a homecoming in tampa today. how he made the most of his
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you that. they are 4-0 shutting down three former number one overall draft picks including today when they shut down jameis winston. first drive of the game, aqib talib at the interception. he said he was mad at himself for getting tackled by an offensive lineman but he capitalized, very next play i should say trevor siemian finds gary -- demaryius thomas. here's -- 2nd quarter, trevor siemian gets sacd it's paxton lynch time. three scoring drives and scored his first nfl td to emmanuel sanders as the broncos when it 27 -- win it 27-7. not bad for aqib talib returning home. >> we had confidence in new we would have five or six opportunities to get our hands on the football and i think we capitalized on three of them. i got a warm welcome on the
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to be able to put on a show like that was special. >> he was this close to having another pick six according to him. he had 16 quarterback hits today. this is starting to become them -- the norm for denver.. >> it was supposed to be simple, come to tampa win, go home. plus the broncos are getting home a lot later than scheduled. because of that 90 minute lightning delay so how did they pass the time? automation all access coming up.
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extras >> the fans aren't excited but showing their appreciation. they finished 75-87. >> i think next year is going to be really exciting here in denver. i think we are going to have a lot of pieces come together and i >> the chase sprint cup -- for the sprint cup, looking at his home track in dover today, heading to charlotte next week. cu buffs checking in at number 21 in the top 25 today, first time since 2005.
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-- the buffs are now 2-0 for the first time in the pac 12. memorial -- rory mcelroy was a gain on the crowd today. and they actually had a fan that was heckling him kicked out earlier this week. phil mickelson got some error on this one. -- the ryder cup for the first
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. ove this message. another beautiful shot, still some colorful stuff. anita sent us this one from broomfield. that's not pretty -- that's really pretty and not too far away. >> don't forget we're always on
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the broncos moved to 4-0 with the win in tampa bay. how about paxton lynch today. he was very impressive. we will talk about that and much more coming up on autonation all access. >> from cbssports this is autonation all access. drive clean, drive safe drive out of it -- drive autonation. >> welcome into autonation all access. i am michael spencer. it seems like nothing can stop the


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