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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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live from colorado's newschannel. this is cbs4 morning news. >> good morning, everybody. o vote today. the plan for donald trump and gary johnson. plus, that is connie west after -- kanye west after learning his wife was robbed in paris pick and paxton lynch stepping in this morning for trevor siemian meeting the broncos to a win in tampa. we have an update on the status
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good morning everybody, i am alan gionet. >> and i am britt moreno. today is a very special day for the cbs4 morning team. we want to welcome our newest member to the team, ashton altieri , who is back from texas in colorado. good morning, ashton. >> it is terrific to be back. it it was a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. it will be another warm day making it up to 81 becoming windth way for tonight. it brings in cooler weather for the remainder of the week. right now must get a check on the traffic. here is joel. this is on the run from westbound i-76 and there is some heavy damage as you make your way on the red
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state today as we are now 35 days out from the election. donald trump will be here and that a new controversy over a story showing one year of his taxes. our shawn chitnis is live from at the capital. shawn ? >> reporter: island, good morning. -- alan , good morning. we have another reminder of the competitive nature and the two candidates visiting the state. donald trump will begin in he many of the pueblo convention center in the afternoon. then he heads north to the budweiser event center in loveland. this all comes a day after the new york times reported trump filed a lawsuit in income of $900 million in 1995. that loss would have kept him from paying federal taxes for up to 18 years. his campaign said he did what he needed to pay as little as
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the other candidate appearing in our state was a libertarian nominee that is gary johnson. the former governor of new mexico will speak at the south denver campus in parker tonight. here in colorado his support has been higher than another state. he still hasn't gotten enough support nationally to enter those residential debates. the real clear politics average of polls shows trump has a slightd presidential nominee hillary clinton who is campaigning in ohio today. shawn chitnis, cbs4 when news. >> shawn, things a lot. be sure to catch the vice presidential debate tomorrow night at 7:00. kim kardashian west is missing millions of dollars worth of tools after a gunman apparently held her up at her luxury apartments in paris.
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fashion week with family members. officers posted outside the house this morning trying to watch over her. her spokesperson said she is badly shaken but physically unharmed. her husband kanye west cut out at his concert in the middle of a song telling fans he had a family emergency. he was performing in new york. >> i am sorry. i am sorry. i have a family emergency. i have to stop >> he bolted from the stage after making that announcement. someone accosted her last week while she was entering a restaurant. a man accused of trying to keep up a 14-year-old girl in jefferson county is on the run. investigators gave us this sketch of the accused man. he apparently is wearing glasses and has a unique haircut.
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the girl to the bus stop near 53rd and sheridan on friday. investigators said he tried to force that teenager into his vehicle. she ran away and told a school bus driver what happened. >> weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s and here is ashton. >> 33 degrees right now in arvada according to our cbs4 weather watcher robert peck, who is very dependable. we are 55 and 42 in leadville. for early october these temperatures are not bad at all. we will call it mild to get this monday started. there is a cold front approaching colorado with numerous showers and thunderstorms. for denver, boulder, fort collins, and the urban corner, we will keep it dry. look at that lightning up to
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for today it is dry and mild with temperatures very nice. 57 degrees at the bus stop this morning with a few clouds from time to time today. we will talk about the impact this cold front will have coming up. right now let's check the traffic. here is joel. take a look from copter 4 getting a look at this accident. over this area giving you an idea with a single line of traffic. this is an area that to get onto i-25 with the left lane that is blocked off and you have heavy front end damage to this semi truck. we have the tow truck on scene. hopefully they will get that cleared and moved out of the way shortly. you can see the backup swarming all of the way back into brighton boulevard southbound coming along i-76 take a look across the denver metro area with an accident on evans south
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225. you can get the latest traffic and cbs4 weather together . a terrible weekend tragedy learning the names of five apparently young people killed in a crash near apple hoke county you the county line. investigators seem to say the driver was speeding near monarch circle yesterday. the car veered off the road and then they say young drivers speed through the stretch well above the posted speed limit. >> you get a lot of kids on that 30 bridge. they come over usually flying down at 100 or 100 plus. >> that sudan left skid marks on the pavement. the car is so badly damaged as you can see it is hard to figure out it's make and model.
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expected to start for the woman accused of causing a deadly crash along i-25. this is a video from the crash back in april of last year. it happened near mead. nicole grimm was involved in a road rage incident. she was driving recklessly and went into oncoming traffic. the crash killed two people and hurt two others. police departments nationwide will soon have more money to hire new fi merril lynch will talk about $190 -- $190 million in federal grants today to protect 900 positions across the country. this comes as dallas launches national community policing week. she spent time in colorado last week to talk about police and their relationship with our community. grand junction city leaders are asking for people to accept voluntary layout options because of budget cuts.
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shortfall in the general fund. grand junction has more than 630 full-time employees. people have until the 17th to accept voluntary separation agreement. we are expecting an update today on the quarterback situation for the broncos. trevor siemian's shoulder is hurt. >> that assist left shoulder he hurt yesterday. paxton lynch helped lead the team we love peyton manning but the broncos are proving -- proving they can win with any quarterback. >> touchdown denver. >> there you go. the rookie looked good in his nfl debut against the buccaneers. he threw a nice pass to emmanuel sanders leading them to a 27-7 win. >> mark haas has a look at the quarterback situation.
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for the broncos to come to tampa, get a win, and go home 4- 0. the big story late in the first half had trevor siemian getting sacked going down hard on his left shoulder. he ended up leaving the game and in came paxton lynch, the first's -- team's first round pick. he was 14 and got his first touchdown as >> i have been preparing from the first half in the first preseason game. so up until this point i will just be preparing like a happen and if the opportunity presents itself, i will make sure i am ready. >> you can get them in the position to be successful. i think he handled himself pretty well. it was supported in the second half. >> reporter: after the game
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back to denver they will have more tests done on trevor's shoulder. for the broncos, mark haas, cbs4 sports. >> of course the big question is which quarterback do you play? brandon marshall joins us tonight and you can head to the view house centennial or watch it live tonight. it is 625 degrees outside right now. >> up next on the cbs4 morning haiti brace for category four storm hurricane matthew.
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any traffic alert we are following this is was found along i-76. it is a mess right now with one single file of cars getting by on the right lane and right shoulder. we have a tow truck to holloway
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missing and we will continue to watch this for you. we typically see backups this time of the day anyway. the good news is i-270 is wide open with another accident along colfax along evans this morning. we are seeing green across the map and we are seeing this site found along i-25 as 120th of two i-70 is a great drive and still seeing speeds into the 50s. no weather-related problems as we get this monday started. sunrise set for 6:58 this morning. we see just a little bit of light showing along the eastern horizon with temperatures mild to get the day started. we are in the 60s throughout
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later on today the wind will start picking up with wind gusts reaching 35 or 40 miles-per-hour in some areas. you combine these with the low humidity with an elevated threat for wildfires. 58 right now dia a good for in greeley. 36 in burlington and 40s for the most part in the colorado high country. later on today expect 50s in the mountains and lower 80s up and down the ra normal. very similar to where the temperatures were over the weekend. we have thunderstorms in northwest colorado this morning. look at all of that lightning to the west of maker and craig -- maker -- meeker and craig. here is the timing with 2 pm and a few showers in the mountains. we could see a couple of snow
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tomorrow. behind the front much cooler weather starting tomorrow. today warm and 81 and again very windy. tomorrow we drop to 66. we are talking a 15 degrees temperature drop with lots of sunshine. still no rain until thursday with a good chance for showers and friday morning just above freezing. we are finally going to need the sweaters. takata airbags and costco faces a big fine for selling fake tiffany rings. hena daniels is live at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: stocks rallied on friday to end the week in a positive territory. the dow gained 164 points and the nasdaq added 42. right now futures are pointing down. another problem with takata airbags forces b&w to recall
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inflator can separate from a plate and shoot out pieces of metal the recall affects certain bmws from 2015 and x5 from 2014 and 2015. one of google's self- driving vehicles has been involved in another crash. this time it is in mountain view, california. it was the crashed into the autonomous lexus. google says while the car was in self driving mode, there was an employee in the car who took over and hit the brakes when the other driver entered the intersection. and american airlines new uniforms have some employees crying for cotton. the 80,000 employees started wearing new wool uniforms in
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reported and allergies reporting hives, rashes, and headaches. americans that they can use polyester versions of that same uniform. tiffany took on costco for selling rings with his name on them. a federal jury ruled costco should pay $5.5 million for infringing on the trademark. costco argued using the your daughter word tiffany as a generic description but the jury did not fight it. -- buy it. let's go to the top stories right now with a crowd of people gathering in los angeles for a second night to protest the deadly police shooting of an 18 year. one driver did donuts last night as people cheered and chat video at the intersection. some people vandalized nearby buildings. these protests come after a vigil for carnell snell junior. bullets hit him in the back five times. witnesses say he was running
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police did find a gun where he died. investigators are to retrieve the data recorder located in the car of the new jersey transit -- transit train crash. another data recover was not working when the train slammed into the station last week killing some. thomas gallagher, the engineer, has no memory of the crash. right now hurricane matthew is barreling toward haiti and u.s. leaders have evacuated hundreds of people from guantanamo bay in cuba. people are prepared for flash flooding with violent winds. matthew is a category 4 hurricane in the next highest class of 40 -- classification would be at 130 miles-per-hour. >> i've heard this hurricane is on track to maybe hit south carolina. ashton , is it still going that
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be until the end of the week. for now, matthew is still to the south of cuba. there is the latest projected path taking it up on the east side of the state of florida. not expected to make landfall but certainly bring in some rain took this is thursday. you can see it making its way up toward the us with some models that take it out into the atlantic. your travel forecast is coming
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north of colorado. we are talking wyoming, montana , and idaho. a couple of showers out on the west coast as well with beautiful throughout the midwest today with 70s and 80s from chicago all of the way down through kansas city 80s texas as well. there is something that should cause any major weather delays. at airports across the country are looking pretty good this one. that is a look at your travel forecast. we have come to four this morning that is over a little incident we had. this is monaco and colfax with reports of a pedestrian been hit by a tire. you can see the ambulance on seeing walking the southbound monocle of colfax. that is just going to make it worse as part of your morning commute. what about the drive out to dia? along i-70 it should be nice and as you make your way
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a japanese scientist wins the nobel prize in medicine for work on healthy body cells detoxified and repair themselves. >> the 2016 nobel prize in medicine to yoshinori ohsumi for his discoveries. >> announcements continue tomorrow chemistry on wednesday and the nobel peace prize comes on friday. economics and literature awards will come out next week. the americans win the ryder cup for the first time since 2008 over the weekend with everybody feeling the love accept rickie fowler. people are sharing this awesome photo of his teammates kissing their significant others while in the midst he is all alone and somewhat awkward. >> now, i know girls tend to
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so i'm sure you can find somebody. [ laughter ] >> coming up next, a popular summer spot officially closes for the season in colorado. what a game. what a game. from injuries to ,, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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good morning, everybody. a live picture from sports authority filled at mile high this morning where the broncos will be back this morning against the falcons. we are try this morning with some clouds in some wings and ashton altieri tells us where we can see a little rain mixed with maybe snow. did i say that?
6:31 am
but it is october, and it is going to happen. >> in the mountains now we are talking some snow in the high country. even this afternoon there could be some snow and later this week a better chance for snow in the high country. it is a beautiful, mild start to the day. it will be another warm day for us for this time of the year. we are back up near 80 degrees later on. we are 27 artificial sunrise. it is 42 in leadville and avon is at 39. right now dia is at 58 with 52 in boulder. tomorrow morning we will be at least 15 degrees cooler and by the end of the week flirting with freezing in the morning. much more illustrated. here is some sirens behind you. it has me worried about another accident downtown.
6:32 am
westbound direction on i-26 walking out the left lane. look at those huge backups along i-76 with several other accidents including one involving a pedestrian. colorado of course is an important key for this election with two candidates spending some time in our state today. shawn chitnis is at the state capitol this morning as we keep you covered with visit today. go ahead, shawn. >> reporter: alan , good morning. a lot to talk about what we are discussing politics in colorado today with two candidates in time. donald trump will make two different steps in the southern and northern part of colorado. all of this coming as some controversy has been happening around his candidacy over the weekend. we will talk about that coming up as well with the race
6:33 am
libertarian candidate also making an appearance in colorado today so a busy day for the presidential candidates on the trail. is right here in colorado with more and coming up at 6:35. shawn chitnis, cbs4 when news. aurora police are searching for two armed man who apparently stole a car from someone. it happened last night on ellis street new 70 and i-225. tw hispanic man drove away in a gold toyota corolla with the license plate number 878stg. police say these men are armed and dangerous. today people can start applying for one last pot shop license in our more. city leaders are starting to accept applications for a spot in the southeastern part of the city. aurora has already issued 23 of 24 available store licenses, and the city will accept applications through november.
6:34 am
easier time flying from the riverton regional airport in wyoming. carry-on luggage people would no longer have to take the shuttle for security. they are now screen passengers on its own. passengers who have a checked bag will still have to claim it and go back through security at dia. the broncos face the falcons the sunday after a big perfe quarterback. new video this morning shows coach gary kubiak. >> but i am going to give one ball, okay? this new starter here has had one hell of a career. welcome home. [ applause ] >> they were really good. >> we will hear from the broncos reporter romy dean about the quarterback situation.
6:35 am
morning started off with the newest member to the cbs4 morning team with ashton altieri . >> it is terrific to be here. and it is a terrific start to this new week. you can see we do have some cloud cover on top of us but overall it will be a sunny day with a red flock morning issued from the new until 7 pm -- noon until 7 pm today. we have increased threat for temperatures are in the 50s for the most part up and down with 58 at dj right now and 30s and 40s in the high country. even in the mountains we are far above freezing. we are talking 50s in the colorado high country and 80s along the eastern plains with wray close to 90 right around 80 in the denver and fort collins areas.
6:36 am
northwest colorado. a line produces a lot of lightning out to the west of craig and maker -- maker -- meeker. a cold front approaches later on . we will see a couple of showers and a few snowflakes this afternoon. hearest 2:00 tomorrow morning with the front coming through denver and behind the front much cooler weather. if you like warmer enjoy today. 81 with the high temperature tomorrow 66. a fit integrate temperature drop to a 50 degree temperature drop and total 850 degree temperature drop. we have got one along the us-36 and pecos with copter 4 just leaving. because of the high winds we have been experiencing making it tough for them.
6:37 am
blocked off. southbound you see speeds dipping down into the 30s. it is still slow around i-76 and we had the earlier incident involving a semi truck blocking the left lane and left shoulder. southbound coming to town we have pockets of volume and you can see the express lanes when about. you get around the stadium it is slowing down getting ready for what is happening with the atlanta falcons on sunday. infidel accident along evans southbound from colorado this one. we have an accident at colfax right at monaco causing some delays for folks as well. happening today mount evans closes at echo lake for the season. cdot already close to the top
6:38 am
it usually opens for the summer season the friday before memorial day. >> it is that time of year. thanks so much. park rangers have recovered the body of a 61-year-old greeley man who fell while climbing thongs peek. the accident happened saturday. he slipped on ice and fail 100 feet. investigators have not released his name. denver leaders were like your ideas at the city is hosting five minutes free to share growth for some of the discussion topics include population growth, housing, traffic, congestion, and public transit. >> some of the things we are hearing from people is i want more transit options and light rail. and they also want better sidewalks, better connectivity, and better trails. >> city planners are encouraging everyone to make their voices heard. you can visit to learn where the meetings
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it has been a very bad here on the streets around colorado for street racing. a lot of people have been hurt and killed. rick salinger chose us -- shows us a story tonight at 10:00. here is a pb. >> reporter: they gather to watch. it often leads to racing. how do you stop this activity? >> well, i think that you stop it with enforcement. >> repo >> so you are saying police cannot stop this? why? >> because it is not stoppable. >> you can watch the report tonight at 10:00 right here on cbs4 news. coming up next, a scary moment during the new mexico balloon fiesta as a pilot hits some power lines. and armed men rob kim kardashian west in paris. wait until you hear what they
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we may have heard the broncos defense is pretty good but you probably don't need me to tell you that. the broncos have shut down three former number one overall draft picks in the process. yesterday the game over tampa bay first drive in the game with the intersection with two picks yesterday. the broncos would capitalize on that one on the very next play with trevor siemian putting the broncos up 7-0. it was all good siemian plays the game after landing on his non-throwing shoulder. gary kubiak said he is day-to- day. we got to see paxton lynch play the entire second half. broncos win it 27-7 and not a bad way to reintroduce himself to the fans in tampa. >> we watched the tape. we saw how confident he was in
6:41 am
have opportunities today to get our hands on the football. we will take that. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet, the most awarded car company two years in a row based on 2014/2015 year-end totals. visit your colorado chevy dealer today. ,,
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welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it is a male start today. our cbs4 weather watcher date palm and reporting 53 degrees and it is a male start up down the front range. most of us are in the 50s as we
6:45 am
50s and 63 the morning at the bus stop and then later on expect high temperatures up near 80 degrees. thunderstorms up around craig and meeker and we will keep it dry all day long here. here is the bus stop forecast with 57 degrees. a cold front on the way for tonight and we will talk about that coming up. right now is get a check on the traffic with joel. >> we have seen copter 4 being forced to land. yo going down the detailed and that will cost some slowing. have speed to be from the 20s and 30s as you get closer to us- 36 and had earlier trouble along the route to i could 25 that is all starting to develop into a lot of traffic. so northbound making your past complex and a new accident eastbound a look federal.
6:46 am
and libertarian candidate gary johnson are in colorado. shawn chitnis is live from from the state capitol -- capital. our state, shawn, is a very important one in this upcoming election. >> reporter: absolutely. this could be another reminder that colorado could have a deciding role in the election. so another reason why these candidates are here. let's start with gary johnson, the former governor of ne this is video of him at the recent rally. he is speaking tonight at parker at the cu south denver campus. here in colorado he has enjoyed much more support than other state but he hasn't been able to get enough support nationally to take part in those presidential debates. the other major candidates in town is donald trump started in southern colorado at the pueblo convention center in the
6:47 am
in loveland. this is video of him recently in colorado springs. he will address the recent reports on his taxes and all of this has the race tightens in our state. the clear politics average has the race almost tied but trump with a slight lead over democratic nominee hillary clinton and clinton campaigning today in ohio. reportedy chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> be sure to catch the vice presidential candidate debate tomorrow night at 7:00. the next debate for clinton and trump is sunday, october 9 with the final one on wednesday with the final one on wednesday, october 19. the colorado supreme court is expected to roll on whether to teenagers accused of plotting an attack will be charged as adults or not. police arrested the girls in december for plotting an attack
6:48 am
there have been warnings of the allege it plan to attack the school. we will bring you the ruling at when it comes down. kim kardashian is okay but shaken. that is the word from her spokesperson after gunmen robbed her at gunpoint in paris. they got away with millions of dollars in jewelry. police said what happened as her husband heard about the news during his conc city. >> [ music ] i am sorry. i am sorry. i have a family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> because the selling short. he bolted from the stage. kardashian west is overseas with family members. this is not the first encounter for her. last week a harasser accosted her while she was in a
6:49 am
transporting her were seen leaving her home this morning. the police confirmed she left the city after being questioned but there is no word on where she was going. a morning is out about a man who tried could who kidnapped a 14-year-old girl. investigators gave us this sketch of the man who has classes and he had at the time a unique haircut. investigators say he followed the girl on he tried to force her into his vehicle she ran away and told the driver about what happened. he may have been driving a silver honda or a chevy suv. investigators could soon release the names of five people killed in a crash in arapahoe county. here is the aftermath. the coroner's office is only saying the people were young. investigators say a speeding driver was on the crash in monarch circle.
6:50 am
mending dozens of feet away among trees in the embankment. the car caught fire and all five people died. the man who lives nearby said young drivers often speed through the area well above the posted speed limit. investigators are hoping a second recorder from the new jersey train crash is working. we are still trying to reach it. they think it is under a collapsed section of a roof. another recorder that was pp when that train crashed last week. investigators say they trey pettus engineer apparently has no memory of the crash. it killed one woman and her somewhat others. right now hurricane matthew is heading toward haiti and packing 130 mile-per-hour winds. this review is from space showing how powerful the storm is. here is how it is organizing itself.
6:51 am
tomorrow. the united states has evacuated hundreds of employees and their families from on tom bernabei. cbs news reports -- on tom bernabei -- on tom bernabei -- guantanemo bay. a very scary moment when that crash photos show the balloon over the powerline. fortunately no one was hurt. we will turn now to the broncos who had such a great game yesterday. they are now 4-0 after the beat down of the buccaneers. >> we have holy being -- romi bean here. >> reporter: it is a good time to be a broncos fan.
6:52 am
injury for trevor siemian, the broncos still improved 4-0 on the season. siemian left the game with a shoulder industry -- injury. enter the first pick paxton lynch in his nfl debut. the broncos did not miss a beat with lynch during his first touchdown pass to emmanuel sanders. >> you never know little more temporal you can get the ball down the field and i thought that was impressive. >> reporter: he also showed some growing pains. lynch
6:53 am
in the game >> they played next sunday and lynch would get his first career start. >> like i said, i've been ready since the first preseason game. if the opportunity presents itself we will go through. >> reporter: the concern for the broncos is the ns they continue to struggle with defensive fronts. the broncos rushed for less than 100 yards. one of those sacks resulted in his game into an injury. why are the broncos 4-0? the broncos defense of course. the recorded two interceptions in the first half of the game with both following and resulting in touchdowns.
6:54 am
to suffocate offenses an quarterbacks uncomfortable. the defense recorded five sacks and a forced fumble holding buccaneers jamison stay in two 179 yards, which means no quarterback this season has been able to pass for over 200 yards against the broncos. up next for the broncos is matt ryan who threw for 503 yards yesterday will be the fourth pick at quarterback after his two interceptions sunday, the cornerback said we love first round picks check keep them coming. >> of course. unbelievable. thanks a lot. you can hear more from her on friday on cbs for mornings. 6:54 on this monday morning.
6:55 am
>> as you travel eastbound right at federal, this is the camera. you can just see the backups and that is having effects on drive times. we have speeds into the 20s as you make your way westbound with 24 minutes as the drive time. here we are across the denver metro area along i-225 this morning. >> all t. traffic side overall with whether or not too much of a problem. the wind will pick up wind right now gusting up to 25 miles-per-hour. a red flag warning for today from the front range to the east with a combination of gusty wind and warm temperature meeting increasing threats for
6:56 am
start to the day. just like over the weekend, high temperatures will be close to 80. 40s and 50s for highs in the mountains. we have thunderstorms in the northwest corner of the state with the cold front coming through here tonight. this afternoon a few snowflakes over the higher mountains this afternoon. tomorrow morning the front comes through in tomorrow at least 15 degrees cooler. we will drop to 66 tomorrow with wednesday. by the end of the week, much cooler with a reinforcing shot of cold air. friday morning i don't think we will have our first freeze of the season, but will be close with 34. >> ready or not here it comes. ashton, we just want to welcome you to colorado and to the cbs4 morning team. >> i've been in dallas for the last five years, and i am so pleased to be back in colorado
6:57 am
seasons and to be here at channel 4 as well. >> it is awesome to have you here.
6:59 am
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monay, october 3rd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? donald trump campaign brags about his business skills after a leaked tax return shows he lost ny avoided paying federal income tax for 18 years. >> we are in jamaica where the strongest hurricane in years is tearing through the caribbean. matthew's path could threaten the u.s. more than 10 million dollars worth of jewels stolen from kim c kardashian.


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