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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  October 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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y23uwy y5yy good morning this is the news on wednesday, october 5th. >> reporter: attorneys for one of the two girl plotting an attack against mount vista high school will fight to get they are case transferred going to
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>> vice presidential candidates go back and forth defending their running mates. the debate that seemed to be filled with insults. what came out of it? we're waking up to colder temperature across colorado from the mountains to the plains. why you need to dig through the closet and find a coat this morning. we want to talk about this forecast this morning. ashton is in colorado's weather center. i need to do this myself. clean out the closet and bring out the winter gear. yes. find the coats and hats. you may not need everything this morning. but it is chilly. we're in the 30s and the 40s. and we have a freeze warning in effect and it does include the entire denver area. at this point i'm not convinced that we'll have our first
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but even if we don't make to 32, we'll be close. cbs 4 weather watchers this morning reporting 40 degrees. we have calm winds there. so it is chilly but perhaps not freezing. we'll talk more about this and your five-day outlook in a few minutes. harold has that great pose there. take a look in the high country. after yesterday, we have been watching the dry. we have one accident to the eisenhower at u.s. driving conditions are much better. but you need to be prepared for winter driving in colorado. a teenager accused of plotting an attack against the highlands ranch high school will be back in court following a judge. we're following this process. this is the first hearing since a big ruling the other day by the colorado supreme court. >> reporter: yes, that's correct. her attorneys for the two girl as cuted in the case, brook higgins will continue to fight
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back to juvenile court. there had been holdups in the case. back to juvenile court where the punishment is far less severe. it was monday that the colorado supreme court issued a decision on some procedural questions raised by the attorneys in both the defendants in this case. both were 16 when they were arrested last december. and the court said that johnson will not have to submit a mental health statement on behalf of her attorney. but hi t to make a decision because she's already consented to a mental health evaluation under a former attorney who has since been removed from the case. the new attorney declined to talk to the media at all. but the last time in court, she claim that the investigators have centered the flimsy case around her therapy journal and cell phone that they say was seized without proper consent.
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they were charged as adults with conspiracy to commit murder. he will be here around 8:15 this morning. but no date set yet for the reverse transfer case. and this story four. englewood police are looking for clues after an apparent random murder of a was walking home from the 7 and 11 and he was shot several times and died at the hospital. lewis was executive chef at denver's black bird public house. he was also the single father of an eight-year-old boy. neighbors said that his family is struggling to figure out why he was targeted. and now weather and traffic every ten minutes to get you going. good morning. we've been talking a lot about
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and the freeze warning does continue till 9:00 a.m. and for us to get the freezing temperatures, we need light winds and we need mostly clear skies. and instead we have the cloud cover on top of us this morning. and the wind has not become calm everywhere and most of us are in the up 30s to 40. stapleton 38 and wheat ridge 40. you can see what i'm talking about with the wind, especially on the south side highland ranch, 15 miles an hour wind and it keeps the atmosphere mixed up and makes it a little tougher. regardless, it is chilly this morning. so be prepared. and we have the clouds on the increase all day long. and noon today 60 and the high temperature around 67 that is just below normal for the first weekend in october. coming up is your five-day outlook. and now a check on the traffic
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we're crash free. and take a look from our cdot camera. look at the volume that we have this morning this is the denver metro area t is not causing any delays. we're seeing a little slow, north westbound along c470. and we have that ongoing paving work on morrison. hurricane matthew a big deal now picking up steam again after wiping ac cuba it left homes flood and homes destroyed in a country where the poor often have no insurance and their homes are not strong. hurricane matthew has left 11 dead and the storm is moving to the bahamas. it weaken the from a category 4 to a 3 as it went over the land. but we expect to bulk up again over the warmer waters.
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worrisome for florida and south carolina. florida and south carolina have did he compared states of emergency. crews are battling a wildfire in southern california and they could see more help. and they need it. this is in the town of bule la. 1 buildings are -- 18 buildings are destroyed and eight of them or homes. they are trying to get this in control with these 2,000 people have been forced out by the fire. today hillary clinton and donald trump are back on the road. hillary clinton will be in washington d.c. and trump will be in nevada. this is after their running mates took part in their first and only debate last night. >> i can't imagine how governor pence can defend donald trump.
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>> reporter: mike pence pins the rise of ice on hillary clinton saying that as secretary of state she pulled troops out of iraq too soon. >> and to see the weakless leadership and the policy of obama administration. >> reporter: and they stay donald trump does not have a plan to defeat isis. >> donald trump believes from more nations weapons. >> reporter: and he said that he brought up trump's tax. >> he went through a difficult time and he used the tax code the way it is supposed to be used and he did it brilliantly. he created a business that is worth billions of dollars. >> reporter: and then e-mails.
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in syria and race relations in law enforcement and both call for community policing. >> we need a full, transparent investigation when there's a loss of life because of police action. but, senator, enough of this seeking every opportunity to demean law enforcement broadly. >> want to have a society where people are. ed and respect laws. you cannot have someone at the top that demeans every grou that he talks about. >> the next debate for clinton and trump is set for sunday at washington university in st. louis. coming up today, a paralyzed teenager thanks the colorado hospital that helps her
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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it's been so instrumental in my recover. >> reporter: a play on words to to craig hospital t is here at craig that gracie fisher got the music back. in 2014 she was playing three instruments and plan to go to berkley college of music in boston. but on her 17th birthday party she felt sick. >> i felt tingling in my hands and pain in my neck and within five minutes i could not walk.
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from the neck down and her music stopped. >> it was hard accepting that i may not be able to use my hands. >> reporter: but grey's anatomy i didn't came to craig, colorado's world-renowned hospital. >> her attitude is the most impressive thing. >> reporter: she learned to play piano with a mouth stick again. >> getting back to something that she loves and just doing is a little differently. >> reporter: the check is to expand music therapy at craig and it comes from the foundation gracie started. and now she is instrumental in improving the lives of others. >> gracie is impressive and inspiring. she started her foundation with
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foundation. and instead meeting a pop star or taking a trip, her wish was to start the fund to help other. >> that is on incredible story. good morning, ashton what is going on? it is chilly. we have cold temperatures through the colorado and we have a freeze warning has been posted and it it will continue till 9:00 this morning. and that is especially true for our friends on the eastern plains. look at liman. skies and light winds there and the temperatures were able to drop quickly. and in the denver area, we have temperatures in the 40s. but i'm not convinced that we'll necessarily have our first freeze of the season. one of the reasons why the temperatures are a little bit above freezing is because of the winds blowing between ten and 15 miles an hour, especially on the south side of town and in addition to that light wind, we have cloud cover and that is helping to keep the temperatures just a little bit
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otherwise be. i would point out on the western slope, we have a couple of showers this morning, both rain and snow. nothing major, nothing that will cause any major travel problems like we saw yesterday. but be aware, once you get on the other side of the continental divide, there's a little precipitation. the storm system in the midwest. will there be thunderstorms again today. we're watching this system as it organizes in montana and it will drop southward and it will bring us an degree temperature drop and will bring some precipitation to the state tonight and tomorrow. here's the futurecast 6:00 p.m. today and a couple showers for the north central mountains and tomorrow we're talking rain and snow in the mountains. and we could see anywhere from two to six inches of snow over the highs peaks and passes, including the approach to the johnson tunnel and the denver and front range, we could get a shower or two tomorrow. and the bigger story will be
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on friday with sunshine still a beautiful weekend ahead. 70s for saturday and sunday. and get a check on the traffic. this is i-70 and central park boulevard. you see it is traveling along i- 70. but this is nothing that is going to slow you down as you make your way to the airport this morning. in the denver metro area, some lowing on 25. they have cones up this time of date. hopefully they will be picked up shortly and and we're watching the drive up into the high country after what we experienced yesterday. the earlier accident has been cleared out of the way. you got to be prepared for winter driving conditions in colorado. but it looks like all the roads this morning mostly dry. >> get all the stuff in the back of your car. a scientist has won the
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work for developing machines. these are tiny machines that convert 250eu7b tiny energy to force. beam me up scottie takes a new meaning. here is the hollywood minute. >> reporter: the track to the international space station where the astronauts watch between scientific experiments. it hits blu-ray and dvd november 1st. one award works country legend, dolly partisan is said to receive this year's willie nelson lifetime achievement award on november 2nd. parton is no stranger to the
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-- won nine cma awards. the shine -- shining is back for halloween. it will be in select u.s. they terz october 23rd and 26th. if you've never seen on the big screen before...
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popular 150 truck. >> reporter: good earth egg company is voluntarily recalling shell eggs becasue of salmonella contamination. the eggs distributed by the facility were linked to salmonella cases in missouri and surrounding states. the good earth eggs are sold at several supermarket chains in the midwest. stocks ended the day in negative territory tuesday. the dow jones industrial average dropped nasdaq lost 11. safety regulators are looking into expanding a recall of ford pickup trucks. last may ford recalled about 270,000 f-150 trucks from the 2013 and 2014 model years because of possible brake failures. and the new probe covers about 280,000 pickup trucks from 2015 and 2016. the holiday sales forecasts are out and americans are expected to spend more this
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retail federation, holiday sail for november and december are predicted to rise 3.6% and that is up from 3% growth seen a year ago. and that is your money watch. for more, log onto weather and traffic every ten minutes on the fours. if you're heading west to colorado, everything looks great. californts and 70 in lass and rain in the pacific northwest. and wyoming, idaho and montana rain. and in texas, showers and thunderstorms possible today and the thunderstorms possible through the much of the we had west and there could be severe weather in places like kansas city later on today. and in florida, they're watching matthew carefully and there will be rain across florida today and all the major airport across the country in good shape and no major delays being reported right now.
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as you head out to dia this is at is at rap poe road. and pena boulevard looking like a great job. into the 50s as you travel eastbound and long i-70 from i- 25 to morning. matthew makes landfall and is moving towards the u.s. we'll have the latest on the deadly storm's path and the devastation already left behind in the caribbean. according to the police,
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has concluded the investigation of the bronco as cornerback -- determineing that he shot himself. he has a team high three inter- senses. and the rest of the broncos' defense, if it is not one guy it is another. in back to back weeks, they had a player had a career high in sacks. two weeks ago it was with shane ray and sunday it was derrick wolf. they have had 7 guys that encounter it had a sack, including williams that got his first sack on sunday. >> we have a lot of passers inside and outside and they do a good job. and i think our coaches do a good job putting together schemes. you never know where we're going hit from you on a week to week basis. >> reporter: broncos back home this weekend and they will host
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at mile high. ,,,, when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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news on wednesday, october 5th. thank you for joining thus half hour. take a look at this. this is a lot of sight that a lot of people have been waiting for. the snow guns are firing at several resorts right now. and we have the new video showing at copper mountains. and chris speers took a trip to loveland. >> reporter: up near colorado's
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places like this, loveland ski area, firing up the guns hard work each nightsticking around. and during the daytime it can get above freezing at elevation. so sometime there is a little bit of melting. but what is key or the overnight lows getting below freezing and bulling that snowpack for nut days -- building that snowpack for you in the days ahead. but there are name dread this entire thing. let's go to ashton right now. we are heard a lot of whining yesterday. >> reporter: yes. it will be a long five or six


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