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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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we have a combination of cloud cover on top of us and a light westerlily breeze help little warmer than they would otherwise be. but it is tough to call it warm. you see the temperatures updated in the upper 30s and now a check on traffic with joel. we have a little trouble spot this morning. this is i76t is not on i76 itself. we'll take a look at some of the drive times out there. the temperatures are dropping. thank you. and we could get an update on
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accused of plotting a murderious attack at mountain vista high school. we have been following this developing case for you. and we're live at the courthouse working on the latest. jamie? >> reporter: brook higgins will appear in court this morning. so far a date for her reverse transfer hearing has yet to be set. and there have been delays in some questions that went all the way to the supreme court. but the questions have finally been answered. so the hearings can continue. and the supreme court made a decision on the mental health evaluations. johnson will not have to submit to one. but higgins the supreme court declined to make a decision because she already consented under advisement of her former
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removed. her current attorneys have declined to talk to the media but the investigators have started their, quote, flimsy case with her therapy journal and phone and they stay is a thought crime at best. both are being charged with attempted first-degree murder after deliberation. brook higgins' hearing is expected to begin at 8:15 this morning. right now huan hurricane matthew is barreling to the bahamas. the storm is drenching haiti's southwest peninsula, flooding just pushed the cars down streets there. and many homes in haiti are not really built to withstand the storm like this and we're awaiting the reports of damage. and people in florida stocking up object emergency -- on
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land but it will strengthen again. governor scott has declared a state of emergency. >> there will be massive destruction that we have not seen in years. >> and people are forming long lines in south carolina at gas stations ahead of matthew's rifle. a colorado organization devoted to helping haiti rebuild from natural disasters faces another down thing task. jackie martin and the colorado haiti project have helped people in the country for years. they focus on everything from educatto members recently helped to rebuild after a terrible earthquake. >> we just cannot fathom of something of this magnitude would be hitting so soon after the earthquake and all the work that we've been trying do to help them rebuild noor. >> best way to help people in haiti right now is to donate so
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on so let's go ashton right now. we're talking about the latest track here, the latest predicted path in the hurricane models and the tropical models continue to take matthew up the east coast of florida and have it take a pretty sharp right turn as we get into the weekend it could be a major hurricane as it impacts florida. if that happens, it will be the first major hurricane category 3 or above ac states in 11 years. here in north colorado, 36 is the bus stop forecast. chilly this morning. but most of us staying above freezing. more on your weather coming up. let's check the traffic with joel. >> we're like far north texas. >> yes, far, far. >> we have a trouble spot on i76. it looks like they blocked off
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shoulder. and we were just looking at a little trouble spot along i76 at 96 under there. and take a look at the map here. this is southbound coming to town. a nine minute drive from thornton to denver and i76. it is starting to slow dunn a little bit southbound coming in town. and this is a look from our mousetrap cam. a lot of cars out there and not a lot of pavement. and that is southbound as you head along i225 and center, really starting to load up eastbound along i270 and commerce city. this is a look at your drive times. speeds in the 70s. 11 minutes on the drive right now and eastbound and long c470, a similar situation if you're about to get in your car, you can turn on to our partners for the latest traffic and cbs 4 weather together. >> all those cars go because i think half of texas is already
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one and only vice presidential debate will affect hillary clinton and donald trump now. the vp candidates spent a lot of time interrupting each other. they spent a good bit of time talking about donald trump's tax return. >> donald trump sports our troops. he sports our veterans. >> he will not pay taxes. >> donald trump has paid all the taxes -- do you not take dedu [ indiscernible ] >> i understand why you want to change the subject. >> pence calls for safe zones in in syria and community policing. and both cams declaring victory. >> senator cain could not interrupting pence or the moderator. it was unhinged and unfortunate. >> pence had a mission and that was trying change the trojecttory for a bad week for
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happen. >> and the next debate is going to be town hall style sunday in st. louis. the final debate on wednesday, october 19th. this morning donald trump and hillary clinton are reacting to the vice presidential debate. truck tweeted mike pence won big. and clinton writes lucky to have a partner tim kaine that stood up four our shared vision tonight instead of trying to deny t nevada and hillary clinton has a fundraiser planned in washington d.c. we expect the crews will get more resources to fight the fire near pueblo. 2,000 people are still out of their homes in blewla. three helicopters and three airplanes made laps well past dusk to attack the flames last night.
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and homeowners said they cannot believe how quickly it is spreading. >> i went to beula and the road was closed. >> and the schools closed again today. the firefighters hope that the cooler temperatures and walmer winds -- calmer winds will help them keep the fire from destroying more home. three men are safe after spending an unexpected night on allan smith and ashton and allen got stranded and spent the night on the mountain. they never reach the top. but family members told the rangers. the searchers decided to rescue them after they said they did not need help. the three plenty glenn haven and estes park areas are okay.
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they were cold, dehydrated and tired. swedish academy of science has announced the nobel prize of people try for developing mow leg must leg cue lar machine. >> [ design of the machine. >> the tiny machines can convert chemical energy no a physical force or motion. and the nobel peace prize announcement will come out on friday. their intellect and creativity always impresses me. coming up, the growing list of airline waiving fees now
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monocular. it's the sight that several people have been waiting. and chris took a trip to loveland. >> reporter: in colorado's high country, it is getting cold enough to start making snow. places like this, e hard work each nightsticking around as the temperatures consistently drop well into the 20s and even the teens in the overnight. and during the daytime, it can get above freezing up here at elevation with a pretty high sun angle. but what is key are the overnight lows consistently getting well below freezing, keeping the snow nice and
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go skiing in the days ahead. time for weather and traffic on the fours. not only man made snowed at those ski resorts but natural snow. and a live look outside. a beautiful start to the day. the sun will be up here in 45 minutes to be exact. and will be 7:00 a.m. for our sunrise here along the front range this morning. and we have a freeze warning that goes till 9:00 a.m. and it does include and it is out on the plains that we have the coldest subfreezing temperatures. lineman, 23. in the denver area, most of us are in the upper 30s or lower 40s and we're staying above freezing despite the breeze -- freeze warning because of the wind, ten to 15 miles an hour. and westerly wind are helping to keep the had muchs a little -- keep the temperatures a little warmer. and we mentioned the snow around winter park.
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it is enough to create a couple travel issues in winter park. and further west on the western slopes, a couple of showers both rain and snow out on the western slopes. not much. the next weather system coming in tonight into tomorrow and that will bring us another ten to 15-degree temperature drop. and the mountains, we'll see one to three inches of snow tomorrow and in the flat tops a little more. and here's the futureca tonight for lucky area or two along the front range. and most of us stay dry and tomorrow a shower or two and mountain snow. today partly cloudy and high temperatures 67. tomorrow down to 54. and 30% chance for rain. friday, 64 with sunshine and a beautiful weekend ahead. let's check in with joel. mentioned up in the high country winter driving condition we saw the mess it made of the roads yesterday.
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minutes away from the next traffic report these pictures are coming in from chopper 4. as you had head in the westbound direction it is a tough drive right now. southbound coming down, we have the speeds in the 50s and they dip into the 40s as you get past 92nd. so nine minutes from thornton to denver. you can see the loads of cars that we have as you head into the southbound diio c470 and sixth avenue and most of i-70 west of town and southbound along i225. we're seeing is load up from park tore the tech center. and we have the the accidents isolated along i76. more airlines are waiving fees because of hurricane matthew and the florida bronco is making a comeback. this is the news on wall street. jill wagner is live at the new
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investor rs waiting for the private -- investigators are waiting for the private sector jobs report. futures are pointing to a slightly higher open. u.s. airlines is keeping a close eye eye on hurricane matthew. they will waive change fees. and southwest and jetblue are allowing people without a change fee or fare difference. google introducing the new smart phone. the pixel phones are $650. and they showed off the new virtual reality head site and it is called day dream view. it will be play to google's on line play store. ford has hinted a revival of
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expected to be on the market in 2020. >> i like those cars that you can go over everything, including curves and all of that. not saying i'm a bad driver or anything. >> reporter: what are you telling us? >> it is everybody's fault but mine. >> reporter: blame it on the other guy. people be attending a superhero funeral for that six- year-old boy killed in last week's school carolina. a troubled 14-year-old shot and killed jacob hall on the playground of townville elementary. and people are planning to wear superhero outfits today, t- shirts and costumes in the little boy's honor. he loved his superheros. and we're expecting new details in that deadly train crash in hoboken, new jersey. they have recovered a data recover and the engineer's cell phone. they estimate that the train was going 20 to 30 miles an
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extent of the damage the speed limit there coming into the station was actually ten miles an hour. and broncos quarterback -- waiting to learn if he'll face discipline for the dallas shooting this summer. the police department has finished the investigation now. officers say that he shot himself in the early morning hours of june 5th. he has recovered and he started all four games this season and even got the game ball on sunday. he has a team hi interceptions. it is national walk to school day and the kids in the high country may be walking through snow. in denver 44 degrees. we have 37 according to ward at lakewood. and temperatures a little colder out on the eastern plains. done over in deer trail reporting 29. so in some places we're below
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, in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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our wednesday while knew heights today showing strength and grace as an aerial dancer. she learning the ropes, so to speak from a professional dancer at aerial cirque du soleil of denver. and she travels and spins on a hoop in the air. and she seems to thrive on adventure and likes to make others smile and wants to see a family see her individuality.
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so i'm looking forward to a family that is going to come soon. >> you can find out much more about izzy and all the children looking for forever homes. catch izzy's full story at noon. weather and traffic every ten minutes. we're taking a look at your travel forecast. and all travel destinations southwest of colorado look terrific for today. 78 in phoenix. and rain and snow for the neighbors to the north. and the midwest, a couple thunderstorms are possible and some could be strong or severe. 77 in kansas city and 91 in dallas and rain in florida. all major airport across the country in good shape this morning. and now a check on the traffic. a couple trouble spots out there. take a look at this. this is a live picture this is affecting the portion of the
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we'll continue to watch that four and we're also watching an accident on i76 and near 74th that is in the eastbound direction. and that is the drive down to dia. this is eastbound along i-70. and inbound pena boulevard. and here are the drive times. eastbound, you have and average speed of 53 miles an hour to 225. jobs are growing in colorado in a new study out this morning. the colorado business commit report that comes out every couple of years. and this one shows the arts have add 367 medicine to the local economy and 11,000 jobs. that includes -- $367 million to the local economy and 11,000 jobs. we'll have much more on the impact in our community on cbs 4 news at noon. you got to have art and culture to have a great city. >> that's right.
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insulin pump vulnerable to hacking. and they rent a home and that means new people coming through all the time. and how people in one mounta,,,,
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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people are waking up to to frost on their plants this morning and we're just starting with the cold october weather t is chilly out there. good morning. >> today is national walk to school day. and i had a viewer tweet me and he tell me it is bus to workday in boulder. so people are out and about on a chilly morning on this
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the cbs had roof. how is it -- cbs 4 roof. how is it out there? >> reporter: i left my jacket n the weather models were insisting that we could have you don't first freeze of the season. but it looks like we'll safe stay above freezing and it is cold. a beautiful look over downtown denver this morning. and would have our official sunrise and 29 minutes from now. 7:00 a.m. on the do the. you want eastern plains. you wantd, and st. louis valley waking up with 19n. and dia at 45 and 43 in boulder if you're looking for the first freeze, it could happen friday morning. we have another cold front on the way and rain and snow possible. forecast details straight ahead. here's joel. we're watching up in the high country. we have a report of some snow up in that direction. and we turn on the cdot cameras and this is i-70.
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wisking across the interstate there in the high country. we saw a mess that could cause on the roadways yesterday. and we were tracking the volume and then all of that snow and ice. winter driving conditions always possible in colorado. >> we're not prepared for it but it is coming. right now there's a search for a 69-year-old man. he is visiting from las vegas. family members are worried because he suffers from dementia. he left a he was last seen wearing a blue shirt and white sweater, jeans and tennis shoes. we have reaction to the vice presidential debate last night. 48% said that mike pence gave a better performance and that mike cain. and face the nation john
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during the debate during cbs this morning. >> i think it depends on what your game was. tim kaine's goal was to keep the general election in mind and keep driving the issues of donald trump and what he said. his demeanor and constant interruptions undoubtedly came across as just too much for viewers. mike pence was all the things that donald trump was he clearly studied and he was inflappable in the face of all of those interruptions. luck hear all the analysis on cbs this morning. and neighbors in evergreen orup set about a home on the short rental list. they stay is creating noise and safety issues and now the neighbors are going to take their fight to jefferson county leaders this morning. and we're live from the jefferson county courthouse.
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be off the market. >> reporter: they are concerned because this goes against the reason they bought into the homes. they plan to be at this hearing to voice their concern and stop that from continuing. and the part of evergreen that they moved into, they chose it because it was a chance to escape the city and the traffic that you find in other parts of the state. but now they're concerned the same noise they tried to avoid and brought to their door. this is a short-term rental and it is supposed to require a minimum stay of 30 days. but the neighbors said they kept track of people coming in and out of the location over the course of a movement and new people keep showing up every three days. and of them gave the neighbors a scare late at night showing up at the wrong house.
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to come in. it was a frightening experience and my wife was shaking an hour and a half later. >> reporter: with expect the owners of the property to be in court today for this hearing. we were unable to get in touch with them to get their reaction to the story. shawn has a coat on out there and weather and traffic every ten minutes on the fours. and we warning. we have. many of us are above freezing. but some locations are in the 20s. a beautiful start to the day. 7:00 a.m. is the social sunrise this morning. and that is the northwest corner of the state and all the eastern plains and the entire denver metro area and boulder and fort collins, you're included as well. and 34 in fort collins and 45
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first freeze of the season. look at lineman. we have light wind outside and it is coming in from the west at ten to 15 miles an hour, especially on the south side of town. and the highlands ranch, 13- mile-an-hour winds right now. and that keeps the temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s opposed to the lower 30s. i want to show you the radar to the west. we have snow flying from winter park to frazier and allens park into estes park. it will be enough snow to cause some nine more accumulation and cause a couple of travel issues there. and up around the flat tops, we have snow this morning. and bigger picture in the next storm system is in montana and wyoming. it is another front that comes into tonight and tomorrow and it drops the temperatures another ten to 15 degrees and brings snow back to the mountains tomorrow. we could be lucky enough to get a shower or two around denver and the front range tonight and into tomorrow. but i don't think we'll see much in terms of rain, even
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and the approach to the tunnel could see one to three inches of snow and some areas could see three to six inches tomorrow. denver 67 and tomorrow dunn to 54 and 30% chance of rain and we clear out friday and 70s for the weekend. we see these live picks coming in on i-70 and towards wadsworth, we have a couple of little trouble spots on this drive southbound coming into town. and we have an accident. take a look at the maps here and i'll show you this. down past 88 that is where we really see the slowing and the speeds dip nothing the 20s. so 49 miles an hour the afternoon speed will get you from 120th to i-70. look how slow it is on i-70. and this is along 96. you get under i76. and this one is in the westbound direction of 76 and blocking the right shoulder and lane and just the left lane
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that is causing the majority of the slowing from 27 to 70 an accident on the ramp from eastbound along 70 to southbound 225 and that is caused delays. there's an accident in the eastbound direction of i-70 as you make your way past 58. so that is causing the slow as you come from the c470. and the average speed right now 36 miles an hour. cdot calls it the summer breathalyzer study a success. they people and the breathalyzer lowered their risk for a dui. only 12% reported possible drunk driving. the number was .08%. a warning when it comes to insulin pumps. johnson and johnson is warning about the potential they could be hacked. it has a bug that could cause a hacking risk.
6:39 am
could hijack the device and actually force to deliver unauthorized and potentially lethal insul doses. johnson and johnson said that the probability of that happening is extremely low and they should use the devices advance protection feature. investigator are worried about the best selling vehicle. they were worried about ford 150 brake il says, of any injuries or crashes so far. coloradoans are known to be active. and the kids living up to the notion. children and their parents and teachers are braving the cold this morning for sidewalk to school day -- for walk to school day. more than 155 schools across colorado registered for this year's event. it raises awareness of health and fitness and safety for our
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free rides all day in the city of boulder. there are also free refreshments at several stations and that includes the table mesa and the downtown boulder station. >> i like freshments. we hear from a woman stuck in haiti during hurricane matthew. >> the colorado woman swimming from utah to arizona on lake powell. montez and -- is the question that mike mcintire faces this weekend. montez has come in and been red hot as his replacement. and he won two straight and 2-0 in conference play for the first time since 2007. and they'll travel to take on usc this weekend. and max said that -- will play when he is healthy. but the two differ on when that
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100%. disciplining so. but you go day by day to see how this feels. >> reporter: he said that he felt his ankle was a hundred percent from. what you've seen this week, would you degree with that? >> no. he's the toughest suck reporter in the building. -- sucker in the building. he said that two weeks ago. >> reporter: so it will be interesting to see what gets the start this saturday in los angeles.
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? when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me.
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time for weather and traffic on the fours. it say beautiful start to the day but it is chilly. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for all of us. and we have a freeze warning that goes to 9:00 a.m. and 41 in wheat ridge and 39 in stapleton and 36 in eerie. so a chill in the air and the temperatures will be in the 30s at the bus stop this morning and it will likely be the coldest morning at the bus stop so far this school year. so make sure that the kids prepared for that lunch 62 and the highs in the upper 60s. we have a couple of trouble spots out there. the camera swings around. we have a little tour of the studio for free. chopper 4 showing us the drive use travel along 225 and almeda. that is where it is starting to load up right now. and southbound in town, we have a trouble spot on 88th. it looks like they're getting that cleared out of the way.
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westbound along i76 and 88 that is caused the delays along there. >> that will make your head spin. one to two of two teenage girls accused in a high school shooting plot will head to court today after a big supreme court decision. and jamie is following the story. >> reporter: there have been a few holdups because of the supreme court's decision. but this morning, attorneys for one of the two girl as cuted in the case, bric -- brook higgins, will taken to try to get her case transferred from adult court to juvenile court and the punishment will be far less severe. and it was monday that the colorado supreme court issued the decision and it had to do with questions regarding mental health evaluations. the questions were raised by both the defendants in this case. they were just 16 when they were arrested left december.
6:47 am
mental health asisment, but for higgins, the supreme court refused to make a decision because she already consented to the mental health evaluation while with a former attorney in the case. and her present attorney stay is a flimsy indicate and they stay -- case and thought crime at best. and brook higgins is scheduled to be here at 8:15. and we hope to learn more about the reverse transfer hearings as her attorneys continue to fight from adult court into juvenile court. gimme ny leery, cbs 4 news -- jamie leery, cbs 4 news.
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how that is marching to the bahamas. day a look at the damage it left behind in haiti. matthew leveled homes leaving debris everywhere and the streets look like rushing rivers now. and one woman visiting her family from charlotte got caught in the storm. >> they have nothing. haiti is not prepared nor type of catastrophe. i with my people. >> and people in florida are stocking up on emergency supplies like food, water and batteries. and matthew could make landfall there tomorrow. and florida governor rick scott declared a state of emergency and people are forming long lines in south carolina and gas stations ahead of matthew's rifle. arrival. a colorado organization
6:49 am
pretty big job. they focus on everything from education to community, health and infrastructure. >> you know, god for bid. we're nervous about the human cost that the lives, that we are just stale spraying because we have not heard from our friends in the region there yet. >> group said if you want to help, the best way to do that is to donate right now. and we have a link our website at the hudson river is passenger and board one carnival cruise ship. hurricane matthew rerouted this and now is docked in new york city because of the storm. >> i'm walking around new york city with my husband's shoes. >> carnival cruise is giving
6:50 am
board and 50% off a future cruise. 2,000 people are still out of their homes as a wildfire rages on in pueblo. there are no new evaluation notices. the bulela hill fire has destroyed 18 builds, including eight homes. and the acres in size. and homeowners she had they cannot believe how fast it is spreading. >> we saw it on the ridge of the valley and it is above our house. you just say good-bye to your house and hope it is there when you get back. and we'll see what happens. >> that is heartbreaking. and the schools closed again today. and they hope that the colder temperatures will help them keep the fire from destroying
6:51 am
campaigning today after the one and only vice presidential debate that happened in virginia last night. 2006 cain -- and tim kaine continually interrupted each other. >> hillary clinton had a private serve near her home that had classified information on it about drone strikes, e- mails from the president of the united states of america on there. and her private subject. we could put cyber security . >> in one reasonable prosecutor would take any additional steps. >> and we look how the debate could impact the election. >> reporter: debate about two individuals about that were not on the stage. mike pence formed hillary clinton more of the same in the year in which voters are
6:52 am
trend trump and clinton did, most tv was familiar territory. for two generally mile mainer politicians, pence and tim kaine, especially combative. kaine was the aggressor. and pence seemed more calm and relaxed seemed better at depending trump than trump himself d he help trump? i doubt it. and vice presidential debate rarely move the needle. people vote at the name at the top of the ticket, not number two. and still the next debate is town hall style and that is coming up on sunday. and the final one scheduled for wednesday october 19th. dallas police said that bronco's quarterback -- shot himself in the league four
6:53 am
and fell to the ground in the early hours on june 5th. he has recovered and he got a team accolade of three interceptions. and the nfl has not said anything about possible disciplinary actions. new details on another way to get to the broncos game. cdot bus service between colorado springs and fort collins and mile high stadium starts this sunday. the bus will arrive about 90 don't and the round ticket will cost 30u dollars. right now you can -- you $30. right now you can only use it during home games. they may expand it depending on its popularity. city leaders are hosting more meeting to get new ideas for land use and parks and recreational resource. >> this gives us the
6:54 am
conversation weaving the plans together at the most efficient and effective times. >> meeting starts at 3:00 at the jewish community center. and we have information on both meetings on a swim certify going on a long lake power swim. sarah thomas has posted a link to track her swim on her facebook page. you see that she started to swim yesterday morning and she is still at it more than 37 miles in. independent judging make sure she follows rules for any possible record breaking achievements. >> that is impressive. good morning. we have a nice start to the day. but it is chilly outside. and the temperatures in the 30s
6:55 am
effect. and many of news the denver area will dodge the freezing temperatures and further to the north and east, we have sub freezing temperatures and 37 in liman. and greely had been at 32. you just climbed back up to 34 and there's snow in the mountains. knock lying what we saw on i-70 yesterday morning. and western boulder county, netherlands up to allen's park along 119. we have a couple of snow showers and the showers extending to well. and in garfield county, we have snow and also some rain. the next weather maker making its way toward us now and it moves in tonight into tomorrow and some of us on the front range, we may get some rain. but most of us will get little if any rain and the north central mountains could see up to 3 inches and the flat tops we could see up to six inches
6:56 am
chance of rain and we clear and 70s for the weekend. this is i-25 and orchard as you make your way to the bridges in the tech center t should be a good drive and loaded up in the northbound direction making your away from c470 we'll show you the drives coming in town as we have speeds in the 50s and into the 30s this is the approach to 88 and we had an accident in the left lane that is since been nod of way and the denver metro area, we have quite a few accidents out there. and we'll start the eastbound and long i-70 and 58th. aand that is be right back off the -- and that is blocking off the left lane. and 70 to southbound,. >> i-5, that is causing some delays. and this is the h.o.v. lane that is at 58th. and then along i76 as you travel in the westbound direction and another accident that is at 88. you told me three years ago
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now it is the time of year to put them on and i didn't the first year and i was in
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,, captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, october 5th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? hurricane warnings are up in florida after matthew smashes haiti and moves into the bahamas. the atlantic c f the carolinas prepares for the killer storm. >> the vice presidential candidates clash over taxes, russia, immigration and nuclear weapons. we will fact check their claims. plus, tennis star maria sharapova sits down with charlie for her first tv interview since a doping suspension was cut short. she vows a big comeback we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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