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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 6, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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murk hurricane matthew florida faces what could be the largest evacuation in state history. another nsa contractor is accused of stealing classified u.s. secrets. the justice department says the theft could cause exceptionally grave damage to national security. we'll talk with donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence and kick off issues that matter. senator lindsey graham up first
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challenges in russia, syria and north korea. >> we begin by looking at today's i would opener. your world in order. get out now. >> i've already been to three gas stations that are out of gas. >> hurricane matthew marches towards the u.s. >> landfall, landfall, landfall. that is about the worst case scenario. >> millions of people are under military or voluntary evacuation. property but you cannot restore life. >> a man allegedly stealing classified information. >> do you more snowden's out there working in the federal government? >> i didn't think but not until today. >> i was getting a lot of credit because that was my first high. >> pence just bobbed and weave because trying to defend donald trump is an possible trump. >> momentous occasion for the
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ready for the paris agreement. >> this gives us the best shot we have got to save a planet. >> spectacular launch blue origin successfully tested its crew escape system. touchdown. >> donald trump spent part of teachers day visiting a first grade class in las vegas. honest family is going to be the t >> all that matters. >> what was the biggest perk of being a kid at the white house? >> hide and go seek. definitely hide and go seek. >> it seems like the secret service's worst day. you guys know there is 30, 13-year-old hidden all over the place, try not to be too skittish. >> everyone is saying mike pence did. >> he had a solid debate performance last nichght.
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the ticket. >> did you see the size of his hands? they are massive! they are massive! announcer: this portion of "cbs 90 seconds. >> here's a look this morning where gusts have been slamming the islands popular with tourists. 39 deaths in the caribbean are blamed on the storm. millions of americans have been told to evacuate. flights and train services have been canceled. >> the storm is forecast to becme a category 4 hurricane later today and move north along the southeastern coast of the united states.
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carolinas to florida and the bahamas. bahamas, georgetown, to show >> snapshots show the storm's power. homes damaged. streets covered in debris, trucks tossed on their side. the wind is slicing through the bahamas as the storm gets closer to the shore. beaches are empty. homes are boarded up. and here most of the people are without electricity. as the storm approached from the south, nassau resident evacuated her home and went to a shelter.
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buildings are nearly destroyed. many roofs were ripped clean off. they struggle to cross a river where a bridge used to be. the haitian government has suspended presidential elections that were scheduled for sunday. the u.s. government has sent experts to haiti to assess the damage and is offering $1 million in food assistance. along with another of nonfood items like blankets and temporary shelters for haiti, jamaica and the bahamas. american military forces arrived to help with the relief efforts. matthew decimated eastern cuba leveling homes and filling streets with mud and debris. like many in the caribbean, residents have now started a
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more than 1.5 million people >> more than 1.5 million people in florida have been urged to evacuate as the state prepares for a possible direct hit there. overnight hurricane warning and watch zones expanded northward as rain began to reach florida. a hurricane warning is in place for florida's atlantic coast and into georgia. a hurricane watch extends north well into south carolina and there's a >> reporter: there's a state of emergency here. 1500 national guard troops have been called up to assist here. the wind is starting to pick up speed. matthew is expected to batter the coastline with up to 10 inches of rain and winds over 100 miles per hour. storm preparations are in full
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coast. >> that's the reason i'm trying to make sure everything is good. >> store shelves are empty. gas stations have run out of fuel. >> i've been to three gas stations that have shut down because they're out of gas. >> and businesses are boarding up to protect them from the high winds and heavy rain matthew is expected to bring. >> now that there's a little bit of a higher chance for us to get hit, it's time to be 100% prepared. >> on wednesday rick scott said the evacuation could be the largest florida has ever seen. >> you know you're going to be evacuate. don't wait to evacuate. get out now. it could be the decision between life and death. >> the last time florida took a direct hit was by wilma in 2005. a storm that caused nearly $17 billion in damage in south florida alone. as matthew approaches, air
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the storm has already forced more than 1,600 flights to be canceled through tomorrow. charlie? >> thanks. south carolina is expected to start feeling the storm's effect by tomorrow night. about a half million people have been ordered to evacuate. we go to charleston with a huge exodus and preparations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of historic downtown charleston's most popular boarded up and this is just one of the 10,000 sandbags which have been filled and distributed daily. folks here just want to be ready. we watched as residents and businesses boarded up their properties before heading out evacuating from the coastline. governor nikki haley is taking every precaution in ordering this mandatory evacuation. we watched the main route out of
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congestion, they reversed the eastbound section that created a six lane freeway for thousands of people to get from charleston to columbia in addition to the safe network of existing evacuation routes. if you don't have a vehicle, they made preparations for you. a fleet of more than 300 school buses has been brought in to shuttle people to more than 30 rs there are 1,100 national guardsmen on standby. we are now in the hurricane watch zone means people here are as prepared as possible. >> errol, thank you. cameras aboard the internet space station show the scape of hurricane matthew. lonnie quinn is tracking where the storm is heading. >> good morning, everybody. while you were sleeping last
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let's get straight to the most recent information that we have from the national hurricane center. satellite imagery shows we lost the eye but now it's starting to show signs of coming back. the storm is getting stronger. 125 miles per hour and last night 115 miles per hour. 60 miles to the south/southeast of nas kaw. today for the baems athen the s coast after florida and makes a big drop to the south and not couldn't do a loop-to-loop out there. a possible landfall around west palm and staying and hugging along the shore line and the shore line like i said of georgia, south carolina. pushing out to sea somewhere around north carolina. it's going to be everything. rain, wind, the surge. 6 to 10 inches of rain. the surge is going to be big and the only saving grace here is the further you can get away from the shore line because the hurricane force wind field is
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you'll be better as far as the tough winds from the shore. >> not a pretty picture. thank you very much. the national security agency is under new scrutiny this morning after another alleged jert breach by a contractor. harold martin is accused of stealing top secret information from the nsa. the fbi arrested him in august and he is charged with stealing classified information. he worked for the same agency that employed eric snowden. >> reporter: the investigation began in august after sensitive nsa information about u.s. hacking tools ended up online even though they have a suspect in custody, law enforcement sources say investigators are still not confident that all of
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would have had top secret security clearance. the. >> we must ensure whistle blowers can act again. >> reporter: the company is facing its second major black
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hired edward snowden. snowden released thousands of documents releasing the nsa's controversial surveillance program. after snowden's leak, they strengthened their program for detecting insider threats. in a statement, house intelligence committee measure adam schiff called the breach distressing and that the intelligence community has much to do to protect in vance the from insider threats. >> what can happen is you have amazing defenses to protect your intellectual property but you forget to have a program where you watch those that you trust. fired martin immediately once it learned of his arrest and is cooperating with this arrest. martin's record shows a past misdemeanor charge for computer harassment in 2003 which was later dismissed. >> jeff, thanks.
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sunday's second presidential debate. both sides claim victory in tuesday's vice presidential debate. but trump and his running mate mike pence say they got a bigger boost. nancy cordes looks at the rematch. >> reporter: one of trump's roughest weeks in nevada. ed pence's performance for choosing pence for a running mate. >> didn't mike pence do a great job? >> some people think i won. >> reporter: mike pence and donald trump did a victory lap through three battleground states on wednesday. >> from where i sat, donald trump won that debate. >> reporter: trump praised pence and himself. >> mike pence did an incredible job and i'm getting a lot of credit because that is really my
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that was my first hire, as we would say in las vegas. >> reporter: in philadelphia, tim kaine laughed off critics who said his performance was a little too fiery. >> the debate was a little feisty, i got to admit, i am irish. >> reporter: he admitted he might have got a little carried away. >> i got dinged by my wife for interrupting too much. >> reporter:. >> i can't imagine how you can defend your running mate's position. >> reporter: ed pence refuse >> at some points i felt like me and mike pence were debating donald trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton chimed in from a fund-raiser in washington, d.c. >> when your own running mate won't defend the top of the ticket, i think that tells you everything you need to know. >> reporter: clinton campaign aides say there is no second-guessing about kaine's aggressive strategy. they argue their main goal was to show that trump's own running mate can't back his views on muslims, on women, on foreign policy.
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kaine achieved that. >> thanks, nancy. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will join us in our next hour. donald trump is bashing hillary clinton by quoting her husband. campaigning in nevada, trump repeatedly brought up former president bill clinton's comment that obamacare is a crazy system. major, good morning. >> reporter: donald trump is often described by hillary clinton's clinton as the gift that keeps on giving. well, now trump world is saying the exact same thing about clinton, particularly his take-down this week of the affordable care act's reduced coverage and higher premiums for some middle class americans. >> bill called it a system, a crazy system. and said that it's the craziest thing in the world. this is him. this isn't trump. this is bill clinton. >> reporter: donald trump, on wednesday, quoted bill clinton's critique of president obama's health care law as if he wished it were his home.
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sometimes 60 hours a week and wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half. the craziest thing in the world. >> reporter: promising to repeal the affordable care act, trump offered few details about how he >> there is only one way to stop obamacare and that to vote for donald j. trump. i'll stop it. >> reporter: hillary clinton argued her husband was echoing her own calls for reform while bill tried to clean up the mess. >> it's been a tough slog for the last year. for small businesses who were a little bit above the eligibility for any help from the government. >> oh, did bill clinton blow it? whoa. did he ever. >> reporter: for now, trump is reveling in the thought of bill in the dog house. >> can you imagine when he walked home to that beautiful home in westchester and he said, ah, hillary, how was your day?
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brief western state swing with three stops in nevada, where he trails clinton by six points in the most recent poll. in reno, trump tried to school supporters on how to pronounce? >> nevada. nobody says it the other way. it has to be nevada. right? >> reporter: it's actually pronounced nevada and nevadians i once was one defend that pronunciation somewhat zealou zealously. trump is attending an inti in new hampshire a state clinton has led comfortably since the conventions. >> thank you for pointing that out. when i have mispronounced nevada on the air i have gotten a slew of e-mails for that and tweets. thank you for that. >> you're welcome. sunday's coverage of the town hall debate will begin at 8:00 central/9:00 eastern here on cbs. >> we now how to pronounce is because major was one. i like that. he's a good source.
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justice talking with charlie about kim kardashian? are you clutching your pearls? ahead, you'll hear announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by prudential. prudenti
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a high school football team >> it's like putting a vw bug up against a mack truck. >> ahead the safety concerns raiseded by the team's huge players. opponents are now forfeiting the games. the news is back this
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ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at a smoking samsung phone forces the evacuation of a passenger jet. the new questions about the company's massive recall of a
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candidate is likely to benefit from the town h f0 good morning, everyone. it is 7:26. this morning we have snow at the higher elevations, rain in the metro, and the rain is causing a traffic alert. we have a couple on i-225. i-225 and parker. joel hillan has the latest. >> this is pretty kidnap cal this time of day -- typical this time of day. accident northbound along i-25 blocking off the right side of the highway causing delays. look at this, it's hard not to look at that long line of blue from north of thornton down through highlands ranch, ken
7:27 am
along the map folks slowing down. we could have areas of standing water. accidents northbound along i- 225, delays northbound back from iliff because of it. thank you so much. this morning a driver is in custody after crashing into another car in denver. a police helicopter followed this red car you see eastbound on 14th avenue. the driver crashed into a blue car heading north on downing. the driver then tried to nearby. no one is hurt. but officers are not saying why
7:28 am
good morning. rain and snow in the region this morning, including a band of lane from englewood through downtown denver, brighton, that line slowly moving to the east.
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we are tracking hurricane matthew. here is a look at people in impoverished nation. >> top sustained winds near 125 miles an hour. now it is expected to arrive in florida late today as a category four storm. national hurricane center models show the short-term hugging the coast as it moves north and pushing out to sea late saturday. now, most of the coastal southeast through south carolina
7:31 am
this is very, very serious. and so we are going to continue to bring you updates throughout the day. >> it's important to stress and i hope if they tell you to evacuate, you do. there is always somebody who says i can ride this out. take it very seriously. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up, a samsung phone forces the evacuation of a southwest plane after smoke pours out in the cabin. passengers said the phone started popping in his pocket and it was turned off. how this raises questions about a huge recall why would you mention justice stephen breyer and kim kardashian in the same breath? he used the robbery of her jewels to make a point during a supreme court argument pup you're going to tell what he told charlie about this ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "the washington post" reports that the paris climate treaty will go into force next month. the historic deal crossed a key threshold. it now has the backing of countries that caused 55% of the
7:32 am
73 of 197 nations are on board. it will take effect november 4th. president obama calls it a turning point for our planet. the at super heroes because hall was a fan of them. >> may a 6-year-old such a part of our lives that this community shows the rest of the world what hope is all about. >> a 14-year-old is charged in the shooting which also wounded two others at the school. i thought it was so sweet. i saw his mother yesterday. >> she was dressed as robin. >> yeah. she wanted to pay tribute to her son. very sad but beautiful at the same time. the "los angeles times" reports on the capture of a suspect in the death of an l.a. county sheriff sergeant.
7:33 am
angeles led to a shoot-out. authorities say the man stole a patrol car and took two teenagers hostage appear the shooting. the victim was sergeant steve owen. he was a 29-year veteran who won the agency's highest honor for courage. records show trump, his family, and associates donated, in particular, to attorney general in new york. the money was given often when trump's companies had decisions getting approval for real estate deals. in total, trump has given about 140,000 to a dozen people. some of the recipients returned the contributions. the trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment. "the new york times" remembers songwriter rod tempton who died last week from cancer. he wrote dozens of songs that you know, including some of michael jackson's biggest hits
7:34 am
we will be paying rod tempton's songs throughout this broadcast to honor him. >> "rock with you" is one of my favorites too. >> it's danceable. federal investigators this morning are looking for noointo samsung phone who overheated on board a southwest plane. kris van cleave is at reagan national airport outside of washington with the owner's troubling story. >> reporter: good morning. the federal aviation administration has been telling passengers if they have a samsung galaxy note 7 to turn it off when they are on a plane. the flight crew had just made this announcement on this baltimore bound southwest 737 when a passenger realized something was wrong. >> just smoke and popping and sizzling sounds. >> reporter: brian green says that noise was coming from the galaxy note 7 he had tucked into his pocket after trying to power it down. >> a few second later i heard
7:35 am
lock bag popping up and looked around to see what that was and there was smoke pouring out of my pocket and billowing out of my pocket. >> reporter: crews evacuated flight 994 as it sat at the gate at louisville international airport. the feds have long been weary of the danger of malfunctioning lithium ion batteries. a recall last month of about a million samsung galy reports of batteries overheating and burning 26 people and damaging property at least 55 times. >> we are moving aggressively to investigate this incident. >> reporter: the head of cpsc says it's looking into green's claim that the device that overheated was a replacement for the phone he turned in as part of the recall. green showed us the serial number, according to samsung's website is not among the list of
7:36 am
there has to be other remedies including a refund. >> reporter: dan ackerman calls the latest incident worrisome. >> if it is a replacement phone it shows the replacement models have a same or similar problem or may be entirely new problem. and that could happen when you rush so many replacement phones into the market in such a short period of time. >> reporter: for now, brian green is no longer using a >> it's just scary to think that i could have been driving and this happened. someone could have had this in their luggage on the plane under the plane and it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: in a statement to "cbs this morning," samsung says it's working with authorities and southwest to recover the device and figure out the cause but says because it has not examined the phone, it cannot confirm if it is, in fact, a new note 7. gayle?
7:37 am
meetings at samsung. it normally takes years for a case to reach a the supreme court this year's kim kardashian's case is in the highest court in the land. justice stephen breyer brought it up when a lawyer could not be accused of bank fraud. >> ed even if kardashian's thief believe that jewelry is overinsured sot' i asked the justice about that yesterday during a conversation here in new york. did you ever, did you ever, ever, did your wife, ever, ever, ever, think that your name would be in the same sentence with kim kardashian? >> this comes about through teaching, you know? when you're teaching, what you do is you want to give an example that the class is going
7:38 am
>> reporter: oh, no. >> i've said a lot worse things than that and it's because i want an illustrious point and not watch every two seconds what i'm saying but i want the lawyer to get the point that i'm making so i'll get an answer out of that lawyer. when you have a conversation going in a courtroom, and it is, you know, right on the merits, people not taking poses or positions, you can make a lot of progress. >> people will >> they will, indeed. the point, obviously, was he views this interrogation of a lawyer as a teachable moment and he wanted to make the point that if, in fact, it had come up in legal argument, there was no loss. can there be a theft? and maybe in this case he was trying to say to the lawyers, thee insured jewels may have been insured and more, and, in fact, if that was true and there was no economic loss, was there a theft? >> i like it.
7:39 am
yes, my big ring is gone. there was a theft. that would be her argument. >> we have a bigger ring then. >> that is true. that is true. >> very interesting. one gigantic football team isn't so big, it is dominate. other teams are afraid to take field. >> i don't care what people say. it's our safety and concerned about that. >> how player safety led to a stringfo take us with you on the go. that's right. we invite you to subscribe to our new "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews, and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. we are excited about our on podcast. >> i like it that people can get us all sorts of places. in case you got other stuff to do. make it easy for you.
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? a top high school football team in washington state is having trouble finding opponents. three teams in a row forfeited their games against archbishop murphy high school. they are concerned about the size of the student athlete and they say it puts their player at risk because these guys are huge. carter evans is at the school at everett, washington, where the people is ready to get back on >> reporter: the arch bishop murphy wildcards are considered a powerhouse around these areas. they managed to win their last three games without even stepping on the field. the arch bishop murphy wildcard haven't lost a game or even given up a single point this season. the school says it's the result of hard work and dedication. >> we are not looking to hurt anybody in this game. football by its nature can be a
7:45 am
>> reporter: but the size and strength of arch bishop players has some schools and parents worried their teams will get crushed, literally. >> the kids were concerned about going against a team that was much larger, much more physical. >> reporter: granite falls high school forfeited tomorrow's game against the wildcats. it's the third team to bow out this season. >> i don't care what other people think. it's our safety and we are playing, not them. >> reporter: granite falls has just one football player who arch bhishop murphy have six, including three who weigh 300 pounds. >>ic like putting a vw bug up against a mack truck. >> reporter: her son is asafety on the team. >> if those players get hurt, the rest are freshmen and sophomores. it's definitely a safety issue and strategic. >> reporter: there are growing calls around the league for arch
7:46 am
higher division. critics argue the private catholic school has an advantage because it can draw bigger players around the region and something public schools can't do. >> we have kid that come here for a whole variety of reasons. we have great academics here and we have great programs and to be perceived as a school recruiting these huge kids, it's just not relate. >> reporter: wednesday, the wildcats worry their jerseys to a school press conference, hoping the next time they will s game. >> as a team, we do miss football and that is the bottom line. >> reporter: arch bishop murphy has three more games scheduled this month. we have contacted all of those schools and, so far, norah, the one we have heard back from still plans on taking the field. >> really interesting story. carter, thank you so much. jeff bezos' latest rocket test goes better than he expected. how the space capsule and
7:47 am
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duate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. ? >> liftoff. >> a super smooth ride for blue original, a private rocket bezos. yesterday's launch tested the escape system that rescues the crew in case of a malfunction. the capsule fell to earth safely and the booster rocket landed without a scratch. surprising everyone. last month, bezos predicted the booster would likely be destroyed in the test. >> it went okay too. a good week for jeff. >> yes, it has. >> we had a story where he is number two on the list of america's richest americans and then blastoff.
7:52 am
congratulations, mr. bezos. vice presidential nominee mike pence is winning praise for his debate performance from donald trump. ahead, we will ask the governor about the apparent contradictions between some of his view and his running mate. you're watching "cbs this morning." we got a tempur-flex... and it's got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress. you sink into it, but you can still move around. and now that i have a tempur-flex, i can finally get a good night's sleep. buy the most highly recommended bed in america for as low as $25 per month and a 90 night free trial.
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including where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes. votes must be filed by december 9, 2016 call 844-garlock
7:56 am
f0 good morning, everyone. it is 7:56. i'm britt moreno. if you're waking up, we have rain and we have snow falling across the front range this morning. that weather of course is causing some issues on the roads. this is fall in colorado. deal. good morning. >> good morning. as you're dealing up into the high country, i think this shows how quickly things can change. just a few moments ago we had the low cloud level. you could barely see. we had cars pulled off to the side. even had snow falling in the foothills. this is i-70 in evergreen and a different situation. you've got the complete right side of the highway, including the exit to 23rd blocked off due to an accident.
7:57 am
i-25 as you get to yale. another at hampden. you see this line of blue along here, that means there could be areas of standing water. that's how heavy the rain has been. joel, thank you. the fbi is looking into how leaders in the town of lyons spent flood recovery money. fbi and federal housing agents have searched the city's computers, part of a flood recovery work. the town has placed two employees on paid administrative leave. an audit by the homeland security in april revealed city officials did not comply with some fema guidelines and finished projects without their approval. it's unclear if this investigation is in fact
7:58 am
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7:59 am
including along interstate 70.
8:00 am
? ? it is thursday, october 6th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? there is more real news ahead, including the very dangerous hurricane matthew heading right towards florida. the latest on the killer storm that threatens to cause billions in coastal damage. the wind is slicing through the bahamas. beaches are empty. homes are boarded up. >> matthew is expected to batter the coastline with up to 10 inches of rain and winds over 100 miles per hour. we watched as residents and businesses boarded up their properties before heading out, evacuating from the coastline. >> it's going to be everything. the rain. the wind, the surge.
8:01 am
>> investigators are still not confident that all of the u.s. secrets harold martin allegedly stole have been accounted for and recovered. >> after one of trump's roughest weeks in nevada, trump says pence's performance showed how great his own judgment was. >> trump world is saying the same thing about bill. >> federal investigators are looking into a samsung phone that overheated and forced the evacuation of a passenger jet. >> there is an old saying that says the russian bear never dies, just hibernates. >> this could be the biggest trump campaign scandal since melania talked about the ancient proverbs of michelle obama. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. the death toll from
8:02 am
lash florida. matthew grew stronger overnight and on track to reach florida late today as a category four hurricane. forecasts show it moving up the coast and reaching south carolina tomorrow. about 2 million people in florida and south carolina have been urged to evacuate as the state braces for matthew. 39 deaths in the caribbean are blamed on this storm. the powerful category three hurricane is hammering the bahamas right now with sustained winds up t5 it is delivering about a foot of rain in massive storm surge in haiti. the devastating storm has leveled homes and flooded streets and killed dozens of people. chief weather caster lonnie quinn of new york station wcbs is watching the storm's path. >> good morning, everybody. we talk about how the storm strengthened. now the wind are blowing at 125. 11:00 last night, 11.
8:03 am
right now 30 miles or less to south/southwest of nassau in the bahamas. it's all about the florida coast. then the georgia and south carolina coasts. look at this. anywhere from west palm beach to jacksonville a little wobble and you would have a landfall. so where do you go with this system? the wind field for the hurricane force winds is about 40 miles from the center so you got to to be in orlando to get out of the hurricane force winds. does a big turn and eventually pushes out to sea after it flirts with the south carolina coast and maybe even portions of the north carolina coast. hurricane warnings are in effect for all of the atlantic coastline in florida and if you go north of that it's a hurricane watch into portions of georgia. we got our eye on this. let's go back to you, charlie. >> lonnie quinn, thanks. you can get around the clock coverage of hurricane matthew on
8:04 am
they will be up through the storm. you can get cbsn on your mobile devices through the cbs news app and we are on apple tv and even on playstation. donald trump says mike pence won tuesday's vice presidential debate and he took credit for his running mate's performance and hailing his own judgment in choosing pence but some of pence's responses to past comments made by trump do not hold up. >> donald trump and i would never support legislation that punished women who made the heartbreaking choice to end a pregnancy. >> punishment for abortion, yes or no, as a principle? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yeah, some form. >> donald trump has said it deportation force. they want to go house-to-house, school-to-school, business-to-business and kick out 16 million people and i cannot believe -- >> you're going to have a deportation force and you're going to do it humanly. >> more nations should get
8:05 am
>> he never said that. >> agree to have nuclear weapons? >> at some point we have to say you know what we are better off if japan protects itself against this maniac in north korea and better off frankly if south korea starts to protect itself. >> saudi arabia? >> saudi arabia? absolutely! >> governor pence is with us from gettysburg, pennsylvania. good morning, governor. >> good morning, all. >> some have said as they looked at your performance, they have praised your performance in the debate. they have also said that the strategy -- >> thank you. >> -- was to deflect, to deflect, rather than defend your running mate. >> well, first, before i respond to that, let me thank you for all of the attention that this program and the network is paying to the approaching hurricane. our hearts go out to those families who lost loved ones in haiti and our hearts and our prayers go out to our neighbors
8:06 am
we certainly encourage people to support the red cross and other efforts that are very likely going to have to step forward in the hours and the days ahead. but i will tell you, charlie, i was very humble, very honored to be on that stage to tell the story about donald trump's vision to make america great again. and it was my great privilege to go out and to be honest with you i know some people said i won the debate and i'll leave that to others but i honestly believe that donald trump won the debate. it was donald trump's vision to make america great again. it was the donald trump's aspiration for this country, the policies he has been articulating that i carried forward. >> he said it was -- >> i also saw a contrast in this debate. as i said, it was a privilege for me to be there. >> governor pence, he is claiming credit and said his good judgment in choosing you as his first hire. do you think that is an example of good judgment and are you giving him any pointers? people are saying you could give
8:07 am
>> look. obviously, i'm humbled by his esteem and the kind word by others. i think the reason donald trump has built an extraordinary business, an extraordinary career is because he -- he has had the judgment to make it through tough times. you saw those tax releases that came out from 20 years ago. he faced enormous losses in his business. he led an incredible comeback. he did that by drawing around him women and men of enterprise and i think it's exactly the kind of judgment and exactly the kind of people that he is going to bring around him if we have the privilege of serving in the next administration. >> you said that in the debate you were speaking about donald trump's vision. however, you guys differ on a number of policy issues so let me ask you specifically about those issues. specifically, on the topic of immigration. mr. trump said that he has
8:08 am
>> well, that came up in the debate. it was quite striking to me that this -- all this talk about a deportation force. we have a deportation force in this country. it's called immigrations and customs enforcement. and for the first time in the history of immigrations and customs enforcement, their union endorsed donald trump to be the next president of the united states of america because they know he has -- he has a plan to end illegal immigration, beginning with border security and strengthening internal enforcement through immigrations and custom and identifying and removing from this country aliens and bringing crime to our streets and removing people from this country that the law requires leave after they overstay their visa. and then saying once we have done all of that, let's reform our immigration system and i'll tell you, there is no daylight between donald trump and i on
8:09 am
i truly do believe the american people long for us to end illegal immigration. we have talked about it for decades. let's do it and let's do it in the order that donald trump described. >> governor, let me ask you about aleppo. aid groups say their situation there is dire. there are a hundred thousand children trapped inside aleppo without food, water, or aid. would you support using u.s. war planes to enforce a zone a no-fly zone so aid trucks could get in? establishment of safe zones under, you know, under the umbrella of international approval and we have to act. i mean, the fact that you had the assad regime with the russians in the wake of the failure of the russian reset by hillary clinton, they are
8:10 am
and protect those safe zones and when i was talking to the other night in the debate, i said, look, we absolutely should be prepared to use military force to establish and preserve the safe zones and the ability to people to safely evacuate out of those areas. we can't stand idly by. >> your running mate, the top of the ticket said, quote, i would have stayed out of syria. you guys have a different position on this issue. >> well, i think -- i think donald trump has been very, very clear about his -- his view of -- of the syrian situation. first a reset with russia, a total failure under hillary clinton's as secretary. president obama said he would draw a red line if syria ever
8:11 am
>> to be exactly clear, governor pence,i think the issue about ultimate military force. i want to be -- forgive me. forgive me you and donald trump agree you and donald trump would use u.s. military force to bomb assad forces and to enforce a no-fly zone. absolute agreement between the two of you? >> well, where there is absolute agreement is we have to establish safe zones for peopleb way in aleppo and if you don't back that up with military resources and our allies in the region, then you can't really guarantee that people in and those hundred thousand children will be out of harm's way. syria has imploded into a civil war and isis is headquartered in syria. it's all emblematic of the
8:12 am
and -- >> let me ask you. >> that's why we need change. >> so we understand you exactly, governor. whether in syria or not, this is a humanitarian crisis. a no-fly zone is one thing and a safe zone is something else. which are you suggesting? >> it is. >> that you do not favor a no-fly zone but you favor a safe zone? >> well, charlie, i think it's -- they are two different region working with our allies in the region so that people have a way to get out of aleppo and out of harm's way in syria. and whether that -- you establish a no-fly zone or whether you go beyond that with military force, i think that would have to be a real-time decision by our commander in chief. but we cannot stand idly by the
8:13 am
lines and faining resets with russia and wringing our hand and saying as the secretary of state recently said we are out of talks with russia, all the while the leader of russia, you know, flexing his muscles, expanding his influence in the region. the united states of america needs to be there for those suffering families in aleppo and, at the same time, we need to continue to focus our resources as donald trump has on destroying isis at its source. it's headquartered in syria and it's headquarters in raq when donald trump becomes the president of the u.s. we will put the safety and security of the american people first but also be there to provide humanitarian relief and support for people that are coming under the brutal, brutal results of this kind of action. >> all right, governor pence, we thank you. we have to leave it there. unfortunately, we are out of time. senate armed service committee member lindsay graham
8:14 am
help us kick off our new series called "issues that matter." we will talk more about syria and russia and other international hot spots. first, it's ti,, announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by liberty mutual insurance. see car insurance in a whole new
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y254ey yi0y ? new rules will require prepaid debit card issuers to be more transparent about fees and offer better security and must now standardize the card's release fees and outline charges reloading the car and offer liability protection similar to credit cards. shannon pettypiece is from bloomberg news and joins us at the table. what is the difference between these kind of cards and a credit card and who uses them? >> they are not a gift card either. these are the prepaid reloadable cards. they look just like a credit card and visa, mastercard and unlike debit card not attached to your bank account.
8:20 am
a credit card you don't get a statement. you put a set amount of money on there there. 23 million americans regularly use one of these prepaid cards right now. >> are they a good alternative to bank accounts? >> it depends on who you are. a lot of people who use them either can't get a bank account or have had issues with a bank account in the past like with overdraft fees or running up credit card bills. some people these are a great way to stay within your and avoid overdraft fees or running up your credit card. for other people, though, a traditional bank account might be best. just really depends on your financial situation. >> why do they need new regulations? >> so right now, even though these look and act like a credit card the big thing if you lost them, you weren't guarantee -- and it was stolen or fraudulent charges were made you weren't guaranteed to get that money back. these new rules are going to provide protections to limit the loss on these cards. some people are putting their whole paycheck on them and your
8:21 am
pretty much everyone in this country at some point and you can lose thousands of dollars and protection is there and more disclosures about the fees. these cards can have a lot of fees attached to them so now there are more clear disclosures. >> good information. thank you, shannon. ahead a potentially surprising benefits of small talk. you're watching "cbs this morning." s driving performance? it's not a weekend hobby. you have to live and breathe it for 50 years. it's the sound... and the fury. it's letting it all hang out there, ear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe. picking up for kyle. here you go. you wouldn't put up with part of a pizza. um. something wrong? so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day?
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
8:24 am
? the next president will face
8:25 am
and north korea. ah good morning, everyone. i'm alan gionet. now hurricane matthew is pounding the bahamas as it moves towards the united states. it is expected to approach florida by tonight and it is bulking up with more power. have listened to evacuation warnings. drivers filled up at gas stations, cleared store shelves, boarded up property. boaters in daytona beach are working to get those boats going now. matthew causing a mess for people in and out of dia. many canceled, though many were going out this morning. frontier, united and american
8:26 am
orlando. some inbound flights from orlando and fort lauderdale are still coming in. they're offering waivers to those potentially affected by the hurricane. joel has the latest on the commute. in some places it's crawling. you have a mix that you're of the rain -- mixture of the rain and the trouble out there. southbound through town a mess. a lot of red ashton has been tracking this for us. you've got this blue here, that means there's the possibility of standing water on the roadways. we haven't had a lot of moisture, so you have all that oil, any transmission fluids, pieces of tires and it makes
8:27 am
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8:28 am
welcome back. doppler 4000 shows the rain and the snow this morning, including a heavier band of rain we've been tracking as it's been moving from west to east across the denver area. it's along 76, hudson to keensburg. highlands ranch, castle rock, light rain. in the mountains se snow taper off. 285 through bailey and conifer still snow falling. 53 the high today. our coolest day since may. tomorrow the 60s, and 70s for the upcoming weekend. i want to point out tomorrow morning, 31, a freeze warning for tomorrow morning. could be our first official freeze of the season.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
simulcast on the nfl network. >> the earlier, the better on this show we say. welcome back to "cbs this morning.? coming up in this half hour, we are launching a new series. we are excited about it called "issues that matter." our first issue is foreign policy so we have senate armed
8:31 am
57. we will get his take on where donald trump and hillary clinton stand on challenges that the u.s. faces from countries like russia and iran. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "wall street journal" stays the controversial blood testing company announced layoffs. more than 40% of its employees will be let go, about 340 people. they will close all of its blood testing facilities. earlier this year federal regulators imposed sanctions and followed questions about the operations and operations and they will focus now on developing products that can be sold to outside labs. "time" reports on the first wound transplants from living donors. four women used uterus transplants last month in dallas. despite the setbacks the head surgeon calls it a breakthrough. we are launching a new
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
their nuclear program and the world blaming us. >> senator lindsey graham has been critical of both presidential candidates. the member of the senate armed services committee is with us now. good morning, senator. >> issues in this campaign? >> well, there has been a lot of folks on personality. >> really? >> let's talk, first, you heard our conversation earlier with governor pence. >> yeah. >> on the issue of syria. what is the best hope to try and save the people of aleppo? what should the united states be doing? >> there are three things. how do you stop the flow of people out of syria. one being slaughtered and going to europe and eventually coming here. a safe haven or no-fly zone. i think they are the same, actually.
8:35 am
they can go somewhere where they would be protected so here is the test of us. if if we say there is a safe haven there what happens when in a syrian helicopter comes toward it? do we shoot it down? >> a difference in it because is there a difference in terms of creating safe havens away from a place in terms of like aleppo and the turks and everybody else say we want safe zones. >> i think the issue is -- >> too. >> i think the enforcement. are we going to planes flying over syria to enforce that? will the obama administration has said no. governor pence has suggested he would do that but unclear what senator kaine -- >> hillary clinton said she would have a safe zone. look at this way. charlie, a safe zone has to be enforced so if a syrian helicopter or russian jet comes into this region bombing what they consider to be terrorists and we consider to be victims if you're not willing to shoot them
8:36 am
what i heard today was new to me quite frankly and encourage. it seems that donald trump and mike pence are more robust when it comes to getting involved and protecting people and creating safe zones inside of syria meaning they would take on the russians and -- >> and shoot down russian air plains? >> you're not willing to do that it's not a safe zone. the russian we believe would not bomb. it's all about attitude. the one thing e i think the next president would be poorly viewed in history if they allowed the north koreans to develop a missile that would hit our homeland. >> what considers you mow, north korea? >> north korea and missile program concern me the most. two unstable regimes. one has nuclear weapons and one is trying to get them. what would happen in terms of game-changer if theyed the capability to hit the homeland. i think the next president needs to tell the north koreans if you continue to develop a missile
8:37 am
you. we need to tell the iranians if you continue to developed icb technology in violation of u.n. resolutions we will not not only sanctions. the worst possible thing is allow rogue machine and unstable elements to deliver weapons. >> you say the next president of the united states should be willing to attack north korean nuclear facilities? >> yes. >> if they continue with the program? >> because if you're not willing to do that, the allow flnorth korea to have the ability to attack us. who in their right mind believes that kim jong-un should launch a missile to the west coast of the united states or maybe even deeper? i think that is a nonstarter for the united states and here is the good news. if he believed we would knock out his program, he would stop. if iran believed we would reimpose sanctions or come after them if they tried to keep developing missile technology, they would stop.
8:38 am
actually shoot their planes down, they wouldn't bomb the safe havens. >> you're saying they don't believe the united states would do that? >> nobody does. >> nobody would use force? >> yeah. i think hillary clinton would have a more -- i think -- i would believe her and i hope what i heard today is encouraging from the trump/pence side but i believe that hillary clinton would use military force to protect a safe haven inside of syria and today what i heard was encouraging. >> can i take a the encouraging conversation we are having at "the new york times" first raised this issue vladimir putin is taking advantage of the presidential election knowing that there won't be action in order to continue what he is doing in syria and in other places. what do you see about putin's threat to u.s. national -- >> between now and january when the next president is inaugurated i say land grab in syria and the complete destruction of aleppo and we want peace after they get everything they want.
8:39 am
you'll see an all-out assault on aleppo and maybe some of the baltic areas might be under threat. the iranians and the north koreans can't develop the technology i'm talking about between now and january but in the next president's term, in the fedex four years between 20 and 24, if the necks president doesn't put iran and north korea in a box in terms of their missile xant, we will live to regret it. >> what should be the u.s. position with vladimir putin? during the debate, we heard mike pence say he is a small bullying leader and we have heard donald trump indicate he would like to work with putin and things that he actually likes vladimir putin. >> all i can say is that schizophrenia you see is a little bit disturbing to me. i see putin as a dictator. he has destroyed every semblance of democracy in his own country and the biggest weapons supplier to ayatollah in terms of air capability. what i would do it putin is say you will be judged by your behavior and i would take him on
8:40 am
against assad because he is a butcher of damascus and no arab will allow assad to stay in power because he is a proxy of rein and if assad stays in power -- we will take a rocket back from isil and they are going to go after assad and if you bomb the people we train, we will -- that will be a confrontation between us and russia. if you're not willing to support the people you train -- >> okay. >> what would you do if, in fact, they are bombing the people that we support? because they are doing that now. >> i would shoot them down. >> beyond that? >> the plane is down but what else would you do in terms of confrontation with russia? >> we keep protecting the people we train. two threats in syria that matter to us. assad being in power gives yet another arab capital to the iranians. the rairanians up to no good an
8:41 am
because no arab nation and the people in syria will not accept him as their leader. so if the russians and iranians bent on keeping him in power i side with the syrians. get a regional force together to go after assad and after you destroy isil. >> do you believe the history will judge this administration hashly because of what happened in the middle east? >> i think they are giving the next president a lot of headaches. nothing i said is easy. and if it's provoce, i know two things about syria for sure, that to destroy isil you have to take the land away from them and hold it. the people we are training, the kurd do not have the ability to destroy isil and rocket syria because they are not arabs. i know this. there is no military pressure on assad at this moment to make him leave. i want to create military pressure so a political solution and without military pressure assad stays and nothing ever
8:42 am
campaign choosing donald trump or ted cruz would be like getting shot or getting poisoned. we are now here with donald trump. what are your thoughts in one sentence? >> oh. >> shot or poison? >> how do you feel? >> too early. >> it's too early? >> it's too early to tell whether it's shot or poison. here is what i do know. if he ding sgoing to be president of the united states he needs to up his game. putin is not our friend but what i heard about syria is encouraging. i wish you would ask secretary clinton this question do you would you use military force to stop north korea for developing a missile that hit our homeland? ask trump and clinton that at the next debate. would you use military force to stop the development of a missile by north korea that could hit america? because i'm dying to hear what they would say about that. >> thank you, senator graham. >> the people of south carolina. >> i pray for the people in south carolina and florida and everybody else. >> small talk with a stranger. do you think it could make your day better?
8:43 am
ahead, some tips on how you can banter with people like your barista or your do z254ez zi0z
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
z254ez zi0z y254ey yi0y you can't just go right to the selling. you need small talk! what topics can you use for
8:47 am
>> golf. stock market. dave matthews. >> what es? >> small things. peas, ball bearings, dimes. >> no. >> that adds to a conversation. >> sex. >> sex always works too. gave us unique ideas for small talk. research indicates such banner could have advantages. "wall street journa "wall street journal" published small talk and it co greats sense of belonging and happiness. on the elevator the other day, ten of us and nobody is saying a word. when you're talking about interactions what do you mean? >> the research shows that small and, you know, just talking with your barista or the person next to you on the train or the guy who walks their dog at the same time you do every day those small interactions contribute to our well-being.
8:48 am
the researchers looked at strong ties with relationships we have if our families and compare it to the small interactions and these make us such as happy. >> why is it important for our children to see us having these conversations? >> children learn kindness and empathy not how we treat the people closest to us but how we treat strangers they are not invisible and we appreciate the waitress and say thank you to the bus driver and it opens up their circle of compassion and caring. >> being a good listene essential. it shows people you're paying attention to them. >> that is right. one of the tips experts gave us don't be a backboard. we are taught to regurgitate what we hear. work like a trampoline and add depth to the conversation if you have time. >> 10/5 rule too? >> it's used in hotels. they are ten feet away make eye contact and five feet away, say hello. >> hello!
8:49 am
questions? >> yes. a way of making people of small talk think it's boring or useless. but you can ask interesting questions. you can -- don't talk about yourself and what you know. find something out that you don't know. >> amen. >> and if you're sitting on the train and next to somebody who works in energy you could say i have no idea how wind power works. talk to me about that and you can learn something and you get them talking. conversation! >> you have interest in that, right? >> exactly right. >> finally, on this note. how do you exit gracefully? >> instead of saying nice to meet you, okay. you can send a signal since we only have a couple of minutes left, i want to ask you one
8:50 am
in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
8:51 am
? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology
8:52 am
that does it for us.
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will be anchoring from,, when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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good morning. 8:55. i'm alan gionet. the latest on the beulah hill fire now 50% contained. several hundred evacuees returned home yesterday. the fire started monday and quickly burned eight today. rtd wants to make changes to its bus and rail system. workers want your feedback. there's a special meeting tonight to talk about the changes proposed for this winter. that meeting is at the rtd office on blake. one is at noon, another at 6:00. hurricane matthew is barreling toward our atlantic coast. here is a satellite picture of it. warnings are out for people in florida and georgia and
8:56 am
there. we'll get the latest on matthew's track at noon. matthew is impacting travel around the country, including denver. we'll get a live look at the scene at dia today. plus, a samsung phone catches fire on board a plane forcing an evacuation. but this phone is one of the replacement phones. the latest from the company at noon. rain today affecting your commute. joel is on it. >> we have emergency sign repairs. this has closed off of i-270 between i-76 and i-25. just some of the lanes. look what a mess we have along the roadways this morning. ashton has been tracking this for us as it's moved across the denver metro area. you can see this line of blue. that's the road weather index where there could be areas of standing water. we run the risk of hydroplaning, inbound along portions of pena boulevard. we did have an earlier accident
8:57 am
8:58 am
welcome back. our cbs4 weather watchers have been reporting including bailey. 31 degrees the temperature there. and take a look at this picture, more than 5 inches of snow in his back yard. bailey not much snow left. deckers conifer still has snow, jefferson county. rain lower elevations, but it's tapering off as it moves not east. 53 for the high today. and a freeze tomorrow morning. 64 tomorrow afternoon, and
8:59 am
,, z254ez zi0z
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