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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  October 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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ashore. >> it's here. it's absolutely here. >> millions of people evacuated. >> how high are the waves going to come? >> but many more remain in the storm's path. >> the storm is a monster. >> forced to wait it out and hope they survive. >> this hurricane is unlike any other hurricane we've seen. >> we've got a live look at the radar showing matthew's path and just how big it is right now. miami has been spared the brunt, but areas to the north are in for a long couple of days. alreep power outages in florida. storm now blamed for nearly 300 deaths in haiti. >> emergency officials in florida are trying to make sure that number doesn't rise in their state but not everyone is listening. >> this storm is a monster. i'm going to pray for everybody's safety. >> reporter: matthew's outer band started pounding florida's southern atlantic coast with heavy winds and wave late this afternoon.
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to make landfall overnight near cape canaveral. powerful winds whipped up the bahamas, tearing the roof off this house. in haiti, hundreds are dead. and roads remain flooded. but even scenes like that can't convince some floridians to leave. >> we've been through so many of these and not had any serious alter occasions. hopefully it will be the same thing. >> reporter: but the police chief in daytona beach worries for their lives. >> what would you call because this hurricane is unlike any other hurricane we've seen. >> reporter: tonight the airports in miami, fort lauderdale, and orlando are all closed. airlines canceled more than 3,000 flights through saturday. ed greene in colorado's weather center tracking this hurricane. when is the worst of it going to hit and where? >> it's kind of a monster right now. you can see the eye right here.
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on land. heavy bands of rain around the area. it's about 100 miles north northwest of freeport, grand bahama island. that's the eye of the storm right there. as we take a look, this is the path we think it's going to travel. 135-mile-per-hour winds right now. moving northwest at 13. it will get up to about south carolina, the northern coast about saturday. just brushing along the coast. lots of rain, maybe storms that spawn tornados. we'll watch that. but watch the turn it takes on may again cross over florida. so this is a storm to watch. we are not done with it yet. we'll talk about this but we're also going to talk about our weather. and it is cold around here. let's go to lauren whitney in the mobile weather lab and check on that freeze advisory and warning that we have. >> oh, ed, it's going to be a chilly night. it's clear here in denver now. we had a rainy and chilly start to the day this morning. it's still pretty cool outside
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tonight we do have cold temperatures in store. all along the i-25 corridor out to the eastern plains we have a freeze warning that starts at midnight tonight. parts of moffat and rio blanco county, western slope in to some of the valleys and high country will also have freeze warnings in place tonight. if you have any plants outside, you want to cover them up, put some sheets on them. if you have larger vegetation areas, know it's going to be a pretty cold night. yuma, cheyenne counties, a f of the cows out there on the eastern plains and northwestern corner. also make sure your pets come in tonight because it's going to be a bit chilly out there. this will be our first real hard freeze of the season. if you have any exposed pipes you may want to cover those up as well. it's going to be a bit chilly out here. tomorrow morning you may actually need the jacket if you didn't need one this morning. from the mobile weather lab, lauren whitney, cbs4 news. happening right now, the search for three luxury rvs
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thieves breaking in to a dealership in frederick tuesday night. karen spent the day getting more information at that dealer. shows us what those thieves got away with. >> the manager here believes these crooks knew what they wanted. they targeted 2017 models, all of the same brand, and when it comes to the inside, they were looking for this. top of the line. >> reporter: surveillance cameras capture the crime. >> these coaches combined value right at a million and a half. so it's a lot of money. >> reporter: a convoy of luxury rvs stolen off the owner's lot in the middle of the night. >> some of the staff here said we can't find a motorhome. i said well, got to look for it. it's got to be here somewhere. this went on for a little bit. pretty soon we realized it was missing. >> reporter: general manager andrew lyons says a look at the surveillance video shows at least five suspects pulling up to the lot in a white pickup
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night when they arrive. >> this is not a spur of the moment. this is a thought out, they knew when to come here. they came between when we left and when the cleaning crew comes in. it was well orchestrated. >> reporter: once the crooks are able to carefully open the gate, they get right to it, targeting the newest and most luxurious motor homes. >> just like home basically. tvs, all the electronics. tile floor. >> reporter: four of the suspects get the rvs up and running, the driver of that white pickup truck circles the lot. lyons says nearly an hour later his cameras catch those thieves lining up and driving away. >> if we don't get them back in the next couple of days, they're gone. >> if you think you might recognize the truck seen in the surveillance video or maybe you know the folks that are involved in this, you're asked to call the local police right away. in frederick, karen morfitt,
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was found in side creek park in aurora. someone reported a mannequin with a weapon. when officers showed up they found a man dead with a gunshot wound. we do not know the victim's name or anything else about the crime. are denver police officers investigating or spying? that depends who you ask. americans civil liberty union says the latest technology goes too far. now it wants answers. en look. they can't agree on how to use this new software. >> the aclu is saying don't let history repeat itself. for them, the fact that denver police have this technology and are using it reminds them of a time they found officers to be taking down license plate numbers of people attending a mosque or perhaps a meeting then using that information to build what became known as spy files. >> reporter: after controversy
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director mark silverstein says denver police agreed to stop collecting information on law-abiding citizens expressing their views. now he says the department has the technology to quietly go back on its word. >> we just don't know how the denver police department is using or intends to use this software. >> reporter: the software, geofedia helps them track social media posts coming from a certain area like a protest. last month reported denver acquired the tool without making the purchase public. aclu wants to see the terms police search. >> we think somebody might be more hesitant to attend a rally, to go to a demonstration, to sign a petition if they know that doing so is going to make them the target of police attention. >> reporter: denver's department of public safety writes, police use the cloud-based platform to identify open source posts that may
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identifying criminal activity. the platform also allows the department the ability to gain on awareness of events which could impact public safety. >> the aclu says it also wants to see whether the department has a policy that would keep officers from abusing it. the city says it is responding to the aclu's request. lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. developing now, it's a place where plutonium is inhe to add 5 miles of public trails in the area around rocky flats. jeff todd joins us now. a lot of people worry about the federal government opening up a wildlife refuge. >> the hope is that this will connect trail systems in boulder, broomfield, and jefferson counties but the signs say road closed. this one even says closed to all public entry. but the hope is in just 18
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said this is government sponsored human experimentation. >> we're really concerned about the amount of plutonium that's in the environment from the former weapons plant. >> reporter: a packed crowd came to hear the plans for opening up the rocky flats wildlife refuge. >> there's a significant amount of money that's been secured for these projects so that includes building a building, building an entrance road, parking lots, trails within the refuge. >> we're not here to debate whether it's going to be open. >> this is not concerned with the amount of plutonium still in the soil. >> we don't know what's underneath the soil that might be disturbed and those workers constructing the trails might be exposed to. and also just exposure to the residents and visitors. >> reporter: but many others are in favor of the new trail system. >> i see it as a real gem for the communities here. >> reporter: steve watts is with the boulder mountain bike alliance. >> it's not going to be advanced trails but they're going to be
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beginners can enjoy. >> reporter: many people called for new independent soil testing to find out if the area is safe. >> we fully recognize that there's a wide variety of opinions on the rocky flats. we recognize some people have concerns. we've made our determination that the site is safe for our workers and safe for us to be out there. >> we were told that jefferson county is doing some soil testing but we don't know those results. fish and wildlife says they hope to hold three more of these meetings to make a final pla like. live in jefferson county, jeff todd, cbs4 news. tonight new information about that destructive wildfire near pueblo. how a cdot worker started the blaze that gutted eight homes. >> plus, disturbing reports from hundreds of drivers. exploding sunroofs could prompt a massive recall. >> new tonight, new complaints about rtd's train to the airport. horns blaring all through the night. >> all night long. that's all you hear.
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they can't stop those horns. >> most of the rain and snow has ended around here. skies are clearing. that means it's going to be very cold tonight. we'll talk about that and we'll talk about this category 4 hurricane pushing toward florida.
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we're back with new information abouthe pueblo county. officials say a cdot excavator sparked the fire that destroyed eight homes and charred some 5,000 acres this week. the cdot worker was moving rocks to prevent erosion. >> what we assume happened right now is in that operation it somehow sparked and that's maybe what started this fire. >> the employee immediately called 911 and tried to put the fire out. cdot calls the situation incredibly difficult and a tragic accident.
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each victim who lost their home. some really remarkable new developments in the case of a detective shot in the line of duty. douglas county detective dan brite was critically injured september 2nd. today he left the hospital amid cheers and smiles. [ applause ] >> love this story. the staff at parker adventist lined the halls wearing shirts detective brite is at craig hospital where he'll continue his rehab. the national highway traffic safety administration looking in to over 400 complaints of essentially exploding sunroofs. they involve as many as 13 manufacturers. one woman was in her minivan with her kids when her sunroof shattered. >> i shut the partition right away and that's what kept the
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>> the government might order a recall. we have a link to file a complaint if this has happened to you. happening tomorrow, the new parking garage opens out at d.i.a. the four-story garage has nearly 2,000 parking spaces to the east side of the terminal. parking will cost you $3 an hour or $24 a day. project took just over a year to build and cost $45 million. we've got a freeze warning in the metro area tonight. >> we sure do. right now we want to move weather that's moving in. >> there's ed. >> take a look. we've got the clear skies. that means those temps will drop. don't have the clouds to hold in the warming air so we are seeing those skies. a few scattered showers off to the south. that's about it right now. as we take a look at the big picture, there's our storm system. they were heavy along the frontal system. cold air still over eastern colorado. warm desert air here.
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coming our way. means a nice weekend is ahead. here's hurricane matthew. winds 130 miles per hour. if it drops to 129, it becomes a category 3. still officially a category 4. moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. could end up here on saturday but then it takes a hard right turn. hurricane nicole, 85-mile-per-hour winds. that's a category 1 but looks like it's going to stay out there and not threaten. but we do have another hurricane out there. as we take a look at the the computer models put together. remember how they were going to run up to long island? now they're going to take a turn. look how some of them have this come back and hit florida once again. so we're not done with this storm. may get up to south carolina and then make a turn back or it may just go on out to sea. we're watching this very carefully. we also have that freeze warning and frost advisory for our area. all the dark is the freeze warning. out here in yuma, kit carson and cheyenne counties, we have the
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tomorrow. here's our hour by hour forecast. couple showers. they dissipate. then the clouds slowly move out of the area. sunny skies all day friday. a few showers push up. we'll see southern showers over the mountains but sunday looks like a pretty good day as well. 55 and 54 today with 41 and 40 our losez. 69 and 40 would be normal. 87 and 26 are the records. for the weather watchers, east of conifer, 40 iliff, 42. arvada, gun. 53 in berthoud. 42. and look at the airport. 37 right now. south for the winds, 93% humidity. a rising barometer. carl fry, winter park, got some snow as did aspen. this from jeremy swanson. this is dustin schaeffer. loveland got 5 inches of new snow but the guns are still running. take a look at this. smooth as glass. you can see the reflection here at copper mountain. also pretty good snow. temperatures for tonight, 20s
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20s and 30s out west. then for tomorrow, starting to warm it up. 50s, 60s, nearing 70 over the eastern plains. 50s for the mountains out west. 50s, 60s, nearing 70 degrees as well. here's your denver forecast. we do have that freeze warning out. clear and cold. 32 and 30. so we will drop below that freezing mark out at the airport. then for tomorrow we'll be in the low to mid 60s with sunny and cool weather. we get back to the time for the weekend. columbus day. 70s, maybe 80 degrees. sunny skies right on in to next weekend. >> hold on to it while we can. rtd's new a line trains are causing a lot of sleepless nights in northeast denver. the horns blare at all hours and the noise complaints are getting louder. cbs4 investigator brian maass talked to people living within earshot of the new train to the airport. >> reporter: morning, noon, and
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its airport. but it's the night train that's keeping people up, sounding its horn at 1 a.m., 3 a.m., then constantly starting at 4 a.m. >> all night long. that's all you hear. i'm sick of it. >> reporter: brian lewis visited denver from kansas city staying at a hotel in stapleton. >> i'm here on vacation. vacation means relax, quiet. i just want to sleep, have a good time. i can't do that. >> reporter: other visitors shared their displeasure in online reviews. worst night of at a hotel. staff and room is great, said one. train horns, not so much. and -- omg. the trains. >> light sleeper, trains bother you, again, may not be the place to stay. >> i don't think we ever get used to the noise. >> reporter: for people who live near the a line the noise is a constant complaint. >> i don't think they thought about that when they put that in. >> reporter: nate curry with rtd says they hope to have quiet zones established before the a
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safety and we'd hate to see somebody get hurt. >> reporter: right now federal regulations force engineers to sound the horn as it approaches every intersection. the federal railroad administration can establish a quiet zone where trains don't have to honk if it's safe enough. but that hasn't happened yet. >> this year hasn't shaped up exactly like we expected. but we're rolling with it. >> reporter: right now workers are stationed at every train crossing because gates still don't work properly. zone established, the horns will continue to blare. >> if i was waking up at every night at 2:00 in the morning because of a train, i'd be frustrated too. be patient with us. we know it's not ideal. >> reporter: in denver, brian maass, cbs4 news. >> rtd says reverting to buses at night would be a logistical nightmare. the agency is asking for patience until a quiet zone
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y24qmy yvpy another day, another trevor siemian update. the quarterback continues to take his shoulder day by day. today was better than yesterday. after not practicing yesterday, siemian limited today. we did see him throw the football. that is a good sign.
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wrapped after practice today. still no rush to name a starter. gary kubiak certainly liking what he saw. >> trevor threw the ball fine today. you can tell the rotation, stuff you've got to get used to. kind of like working through a hit corner, the way it's described to me. and if you guys know what that feels like, doesn't feel very good. something you've got to work through the soreness and get it going again. i think he took a good step there. centurylink poll question. who do you want to see start sunday? 62% of you saying you want to see trevor siemian in favor of the rookie paxton lynch. defensive guys don't put up the big numbers that offensive guys do. but that doesn't mean they don't care about their stats. in the locker room you can often hear the defensive guys arguing over who should get credit for the sacks. derek wolfe had a career day in tampa. according to von miller, if it weren't for von, you'd see more numbers from derek more often.
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for two or three years now. it's great to see him get a lot of sacks. he's right there on top of me. so about 10 of my sacks that i got throughout my career, i've stolen from derek. so it's been a great partnership especially for me. >> he does the work. i get the credit. sounds great. thursday night football. cardinals visiting the 49ers. 3rd quarter, drew stanton filling in for carson palmer. he's going deep to larry fitzgerald. second touchdown in the game. cardinals up yards. that's the most this season in the nfl. and oh, by the way, arizona defense was pretty good too. calais campbell had a big night. interception, sack, and a safety. cardinals win it 33-21. if the cubs are ever going to win the world series, it's going to be this year. at least that's what vegas thinks. the divisional series beginning tonight. vegas has the cubs at 9:5 odds to win the whole things.
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odds at 9:2. indians went off in the 3rd inning. perez with a homer. 377 feet. two batters later, another home run for cleveland. that would give the tribe a 3-2 lead. and they weren't done yet. very next batter, yeah, you guessed it. cleveland goes on to get a 5-4 win in game 1. toronto hosting texas. blue jays were red hot from the get-go. somebody forgot to tell texas this was the playoffs. adrian beltre trying to figure out how he missed bases loaded for tulo and he would deliver. a bases clearing triple. blue jays scored five runs in the 3rd. they led 10-0 at one point. they end up winning 10-1. tulo, 3-5 on the day. >> cole is obviously a great pitcher. i think he made a mistake there. put a big swing on it. obviously it was a big hit for us. series isn't over. it's only one game. when we come back, no
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there isn't much that football players are afraid of but kathy is good at pushing their limits. here's a sneak peek of this week's get to know. >> something i always wanted to do but was too scared to do. it prepared me for it. i'm getting ready. i'm a little nervous right now
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fun. >> would you do real skydiving after this? after you come back a couple more times obviously? >> i would love to do real skydiving. it's on the bucket list for sure. >> so would you bring your friends and kids out here to do this with you? >> yes, as soon as possible. my wife and my kids will be out here. and when i have people come in town who's not over 250 pounds. [ laughter ] >> i guess there's a weight limit. [ laughter ] you can see the who countdown to kick-off 9:30 sunday. >> i haven't done that. looks fun. >> so he can't bring all this teammates. >> we'll be right back.
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you can see we have temps week. >> thank you for watching me out here? who are the major party candidates for vice president? >> pence and kaine. >> stephen: okay, so if they were going to make a movie of


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