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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  October 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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good morning everyone. the latest on hurricane matthew coming up in a minute. after the national news you've been watching, let's check in locally. >> we have breaking news out of denver. there's a very large police presence at the area of 50th >that's where we find jamie right now. jamie, what can you tell us? >> police are looking for one person right now. adams county sheriff's office assisting denver police. they have a perimeter set up near 50th an washington around the area. 50th and washington currently closed. want to give you an up close look at that time scene.
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this morning. denver police pursued a vehicle. that's the car that wrecked. the manager of the gas station told me he saw the car come flying past the gas station, sparks shooting up from the rim of the tire which was blown out and that's when the car wrecked at 50th and washington. it sustained serious damages. you can see from some of the pictures coming in, the ran towards the gas station. he tried to open the door. of course, the manager saw him and said no way are you getting in my gas station. at this point in time we know there were two people in the car, at least, the suspect on the loose currently and another person who sustained serious bodily injury from the wreck. details are still coming in.
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we're going to keep an eye on it for you. >jamie, we'll let you work on the details on that one. >> now let's get a check on the friday forecast with ashton. >> good morning. as expected a very cold morning on the eastern plains. it's cold in the mountains as usual. freeze warning goes until 9:00 a.m. and then out on to the plains, widespread frost th as temperatures have been dipping down into the 30s throughout the area. we have teens and 20s in the mountains and as we take a look here, city parks down to 35. dia36. we dropped the 32 earlier this morning at the airport making this morning our first official freeze of the season. right on schedule, average freeze october 7th. it actually never occurs on
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9:00 a.m. 41. by noon high temperature of 65. cold morning turns into a pleasant afternoon. it's time to get a first check on traffic. joel is away today. joe is here. good morning, joe. >> ashton, good morning. on the highways it's pretty much going to be construction that's getting in your way. as jamie mentioned a little bit earlier, we have the closure around 51st and washington. allen, what i would just say is take i-25 because police is going to >> good place to stay away from. let's go to hurricane matthew right now. it's left a path of destruction in the caribbean as it makes its way along the florida coastline just tracing the coast right now. in the bahamas, the winds from matthew were so strong, the roofs were ripped from homes like that one there. in in florida, matthew is pushing storm serge water.
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here's the latest from florida. reporter: matthew is expected to come ashore or close to it later today. the florida coast is bracing for a punishing day of wind, rain and storm serge. overnight, the outer bands of hurricane matthew began bringing unrelenting rain and errorring winds. the storm serge from the category 3 storm sent boats rocking side to side. >> it's rile off the front of businesses. in daytona beach police were left patrolling empty streets as most residents listened to evacuation warnings. >> we can rebuild homes and businesses but not lives. this storm is a monster. >> some people living on the coast who couldn't get out of town sought safety and red cross shelters.
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cafeteria. conditions will intensify over the next few hours. they expect to slam florida and then turn towards georgia. they're reversing a lane of traffic yesterday to accommodate the exits. south carolina did the same as this beach bar stayed open for one last party. >> we're closed after tonight. we should be good after that. matthew is expected to move out >> the last category three storm to hit the u.s. was wilma in 2005. >> right now, more than 2,000 in florida are without power. so far, president obama has declared a state of emergency in florida, georgia and south carolina. >> both presidential candidates are preparing for the second debate on sunday. yesterday donald trump held an hour long town hall event in new hampshire and insisted he
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trump and clinton tackles more issues sunday when they have a town hall style debate in st. louis. the upcoming town hall between the presidential candidates had us wondering what would colorado like to see in the second debate? i set down with several voters and picked their brains. >> is there a certain behavior you would like to see for hillery clinton or donald trump? >> it's g brings it up and fair game for donald to bring up the fact she enabledded bill. >> everything he says is offensive to women. his demeanor, his candor, his con den sending way. >> well, people got emotional about this. you can see my report on what they call the most important debate in history. >> we want to take a look at
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>> jill is live on the floor at the new york stock exchange on this friday morning. hi, jill. >> good morning. the september jobs report, strong numbers make it more likely the feds raise the interest rates by the end of the year. analyst expects the u.s. economy added 175,000 jobs. after the slow down in august, the unemployment rate expected to hold down stead a at 4.9%. hurricane matthew could cost the u.s. economy more than $25 billion. analyst think it could be a lot more than that. thousands of flights canceled. restaurants in the carolinas are closed. for the fourth time in history walt disknee world is closed today. if you're planning a flight for christmas, now could be the cheapest time. the cheapest flight is 80 days
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than last year's prices. >> okay, jill, thank you so much. a developing story that concerns anyone with a sunroof in their car. the national highway traffic safety administration is looking into more than 400 complaints of exploding sunroofs. they involve as many as 13 manufactures. one woman was in her mini van with her children when the sunroof shattere away to stop the glass from coming in the car. >> the government might order a recall. we have a link to file a complaint with the highway safety agency if this has happened to you. be careful out there. head to >> trover told reporters he's day-to-day.
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yesterday after not taking part on wednesday, we seen him throw the football. that's a good sign. he went through seven on seven drills and his left shoulder was heavily wrapped after practice. still no rush. gary said he liked what he saw. >> you just tell the rotation is something you got to get use to. kind of working through the hip corner is the way it's described to me. you guys kn good. it's something you got to work through the soreness. i think he took a good step. >> you can check out the broncos section of the web site for the match up with the falcons and the latest on trevor's shoulder. always head the >> this morning, 42 degrees in denver. >> severe weather hitting parts of the midwest in addition to what's going on with the
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twister in kansas caught on
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. good morning everyone. this is the news in health. more americans are living with arthritis pain. 50 million adults have arthritis with severe pain. that's about 4 million more than 2002. severe joint pain can limit arthritis patient's ability to function. they recommend education and physical activity as the most effective ways to reduce or
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west virginia has the most smokers in the united states. utah has the least. this is according to the latest data from the cdc. nearly a third of adults in west virginia currently smoke cigarettes or use smokeless tobacco. in utah it's just over 11%. globally, life expectancy has increased from 62 years to 72 years over century. researchers say future progress is facing the health problems. >> not all of the severe weather is off the atlantic coast right now. a twister caught on camera in kansas.
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a storm chaser got a good look at that twister. 16 counties were under a tornado watch last night. ashton, i know, look -t athat. >> that's quiet the video there. that's impressive. you know, the same storm system that rolled through here yesterday, the same system responsible for the rain and snow yesterday made its way east of kansas causing the severe weather. in the wake of that storm system for us, very cold temperatures. in fact, our coldest official freeze of the season. we're now up to 36 at the airport. 37 in greely. same in fort collins. wyoming, teens. teens for many mountain areas this morning including 15 in ledville. 50s for the higher terrain. 60s on the eastern plains and most of us here along the front range will be mid-to upper 60s
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doppler 4,000 showing mostly clear skies throughout colorado and the rocky mountain region as a ridge of high pressure is in control through the weekend and monday as well. for the next three or four days we have nothing but sunshine and temperatures will be on the warm up thanks to this area of high pressure. i want to show you what doppler 4,000 is showing her with it's been running parallel and as we get closer to midday, it should be adjacent to jacksonville, florida. 65 for the high temperature today after this morning freeze and frost and then tomorrow 72. 73 coming up for sunday and then monday, 78 and then another system comes in. joe is off with a look at your
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here's a look at i-25. cdot is starting to pick up some construction around. as we take a look at the rest of the picture, looking good. i just want to remind you because it's cold this morning, do not leave the car running to warm it up. not only are you subject to having illegal. >> colorado knows that, the out of towners may not. inspiring new developments on the recovery of a deputy critically wounded in a shootout. detective dan was released from the hospital yesterday. the staff lined the halls to give him a heart felt send off. they all wore shirts inspired
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heroes meet heroes. he'll now continue recovery at the hospital. he's been in the hospital since september 2nd when she was shot in the chest near sierra elementary school. the gunman was later killed by other officers. >> causing a lot of sleepness nights in north east denver. the horning blare at all hours. people living close to the airport. >> the a-line connects denver with the airport but it's the night train keeping people up sounding the horn at 1:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m. and constantly starting at 4 a.m. >all night long. that's all you hear. i'm sick of it. >> ryan lieus visited denver from kansas city staying at a hotel in stapleton.
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i can't do that. >> others share their reviews online. who's night of sleep i've got at a hotel. staff and room great. train horns not so much. and omg, the trains. >> if you're a light sleeper and trains bother you, it may not be the place to stay. >> i don't think we'll ever get use to the store. >> for people who live near to a-line, it's a constant complaint. >> nick says they hope to have quiet zones established before the a-line opened five months ago. >> bottom line it is for safety. we would hate to see somebody get hurt. >> right now, federal regulations requires them to sound horns when they approach an intersection. >> this year hasn't shaped up like we've expected.
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at every train crossing. the gates still don't work properly. until that's fixed and the quiet zone is established, the horns continue to blare. >> we know it's not ideal. just be patient with us. >> in denver, cbs4 news. >> rdtv says reverting to buses at night would be a nightmare. patience until a quiet zone can be established. >> time now for the chevy sports break. >> if the cubs are ever going to win the world series, it's going to be this year. the divisional series started last night. vegas has cubs 9-1 odds to win the whole thing. red sox have the next best odds at 9-2. they were in cleveland last night. nobody told the indians they
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two batters later, another home run for cleveland and they weren't done yet. after this one put them up 3-2, 4-2 sounds better. cleveland gets a 5-4 win. toronto visiting texas. blue jays were red hot from the get go. adrienne trying to figure out how he missed that one. bases load he'll deliver. they ended up winning 10-1. 3 for 5 on the day. that's a look at sports, have a great morning. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet. the most awarded car company
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. it's a catch that's gone viral and getting a florida teen plenty of attention. our jenny shows us one of the best catches of the year. >> there are more unusual things to catch than a football, for instance, when a crowd walking member of a dutch band caught and drank a beer. or when a dad sat his son on a luggage caddy. the boy fell and was caught a security officer. at least 13-year-old jayden wilson didn't bobble a baby. they tried the as -l dazzle and pass to jayden. watch him bobble. bobbles again and touchdown. an unforgettable catch, right.
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talking to his wife on the phone. >> he kept bobbling the ball. >> how cool is this at the age of 13 to not only be included in sports centers top 10 plays but to be number one. catch of the year tweeted someone. a nay sayer disagreed. if he was actually really good it wouldn't been bobbled so much. try telling that jaydens dad. >> he averages 2-3 touchdowns a game. >> this kid is humble. all that bobbles won't go to his head. cnn new york. >> that is awesome. >> there's always somebody negative too. from rock to blues, there's something different for music lovers out there this weekend. we break it down in our calender. >> you might want to take in
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before the year is over. it's jeep on the rocks friday night. two acts well known the kdco listeners. then on saturday, colorado heroes big head tie and the monsters team up with chicago blues musicians. they're going to pay tribute to the great blews artist wily dixon. that's your concert hall on a lot more at >> the newest members of nashville's music city hall of fame. they are the 73rd and 74th honors. as much as they love nashville, hill and mcgraw plan to leave
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. good morning everyone. this is the news on friday, october 7th. you made it. >> here's what's happening cbs4 morning news, jamie is live. reporter: we have a large perimeter set up on the north side as dpd continues to search for a dangerous man. >> hurricane matthew whipping through florida. it's going to be a long day and weekend ahead. the latest on this storm coming up. >and severe weather hits the midwest as well. we'll take a look at the damage that spread through some 13


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