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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  October 8, 2016 5:00am-7:00am MDT

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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's october 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." a bhe trump campaign. leaked video shows the candidate making lewd and sexist remarks, and breaking overnight, trump responds with a midnight video. hurricane matthew charges up the southeast coast. we are in the heart of the storm. and picking up the pieces in florida, as the dangerous wind dies down, a surge of water still threatens the state. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.
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and i apologize. >> donald trump says he is v sorry. then goes on the attack. >> bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. >> the lewd remarks causing a firestorm within the republican party. >> when you're a star, you can do anything. let's do it. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> do you think the audio is going to hurt? >> yes, i do. >> hillary clinton tweeted this is horrific. we cannot allow thisan become president. >> donald trump is, indeed a sexist, misogynistic pig, period! >> a still very dangerous hurricane matthew heads up the atlantic coast. >> big impacts are still expected up the coast of georgia, south carolina, and north carolina. >> the storm will not quit. >> you can see what is happening right now. i'm holding myself up against the wall. >> passenger jet trying to land
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and pilot aborts the landing and takes off again. >> check out the president leaving the white house. yeah, jumped aboard marine one. forgot something! >> all that. >> a diving attempt. clemson, rack up your highlight reel tonight. >> all that matters. >> quick pitch. >> baez sends it deep to left! pagan is there it's a home run! >> this sunday in st. louis they are holding another presidential debate! trump versus clinton. one-on-one! the kerbluey in st. louisy. >> the town hall format is next debate. the questions will come from undecided voters. undecided voters? they have been running for over a year! they have been famous, both of these people, for 30 years! it's like undecided about santa
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? welcome to the weekend, everyone! i'm anthony mavson with dana jacobson. the storm matthew has kied four people here in the united states. we have a team of reporters coming up. breaking donald trump's campaign is in crisis on the eve of the next presidential debate. >> the republican candidate is facing increasing backlash for a leaked 2005 video that shows him making offensive and sexist remarks about some have called sexual assault. key republicans have disainvoiced the comments with some pulling their sport. overnight trump responded in a statement. major garrett joins us in st.
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>> a small sample of political party revulsion with donald trump. late friday, endorsements were drawn and one senator said trump should quit the race and make room for running mate mike pence. trump's hold on the nomination less certain than ever. >> i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> reporter: donald trump did not apologize, at first, though. in videotaped comments about groping and kissing women amounted to a little more than locker room banter. under criticism from a disgusted republican hierarchy, trump relented. >> i promise to be a better trump tomorrow and never, ever let you down. >> reporter: the videotape showed trump recorded without his knowledge during a studio
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hollywood" reporter billy bush. >> i did move on her. she was married. >> trump is heard boasting borishly for the "days of our lives" set. >> trump who had recent married his current wife melania also freely discussed his aggressive moves on women and the supposed license that came with celebrity. >> when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do >> whatever you want? >> grab them by the -- do anything. >> reporter: but trump's apology was defiant as he used the opportunity to attack hillary and bill clinton. >> bill clinton has abused women and hillary has bullied and shamed and intimidated his victims. >> reporter: u.s. congressman jason chaffetz withdrew his endorsement and mark kirk suggested that gop use emergency
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house speaker paul ryan disinvited trump from a family function in his congressional district scheduled for today. running mate mike pence refused to speak to reporters about the trump tape, but was said to be despondent over its contents. >> that ugly face of hers. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign swiftly produced this web commercial and in a statement, said, this is we cannot allow this man to become president. >> nobody respects women more than i do. >> reporter: trump trails from women voters by 20 points in the latest cbs news poll. >> my father is not a groper. >> reporter: his closest female surrogate daughter ivanka told cbs news in may. >> i've never known a man he hasn't surrounded himself with
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women and i think his track record clearing shows that. >> reporter: reince prieb it's was supposed to be with a photograph today. he is huddling in new york trying to find a way out of this mess in time for tomorrow night's debate. >> thank you, major. with insight into all of this is "the washington post" columnist catherine a bombshell might put it lightly at this point. we have seen moments like this before from donald trump. why is this different? >> if it is different. >> yeah. >> and there have been many times that have been called the very last straw when he made comments about a judge of mexican descent, when he insulted a gold star mother, everybody said this was the moment. he was doomed and he bounced back. i think if this time proves different, it could be because these are not mere words that
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rosie o'donnell. in this tape he is talking about physical assaults and bragging about behavior either he has graeged engaged in or a license to do and for some people that might be over the line. >> "the washington post" broke this story yesterday afternoon. how did this tape come to light? >> well, my colleague david faren has been doggedly foundation. he got an anonymous to the rest of us source saying this material had surfaced and would he like it. apparently nbc had been aware of this footage and planning on doing something about it, but david beat them to the punch. >> we heard and saw in major's report that republicans right away coming out and disavowing the comments. we certainly heard from donald trump's running mate, governor pence about it and he was despondent over it.
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now? >> the question now is can the republican party tarnish all republican politicians with trumpism as they have been attempting to do. not clear whether that will stick or not. we have seen a number of politicians have condemned the comments but not rescind their endorsement of trump. john mccain released a station condemning the comments and saying trump and trump alone should be held responsibility for don't blame me. >> trump was supposed to appear at a fund-raiser with paul ryan in wisconsin today and has essentially been disinvited from that event. ryan is in a difficult position, is he not? >> he has been in a difficult position for months and months an months. trump have been saying things that go very much against paul ryan's core values. he condemned, for example the uniform ban on muslim immigrants and said this was textbook --
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comments was textbook racism. he has been put in a difficult position. yet, he has not yet come to bring himself to actually rescinding his endorsement. >> we have the debates coming up tomorrow night, as if people weren't looking forward to it to see what is said. how will this change what we will see in the debate tomorrow night? >> you can bet that hillary clinton will bring up these comments and she has already cut an ad about earlier about donald trump with lewd comments and degrading women. i think a talking point for her. the question is how donald trump responds, given that he sort of released that -- >> we saw this a little bit. >> we did but he was very defensive, right? he apologized and said bill clinton is worse so how is he going to be when he is on on the debate stage and when he doesn't have a script in front of him? he is a little more riled up. we will see. >> catherine rampell of "the
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much. tomorrow morning on "face the nation" guests on reince priebus and robby mook. john dickerson will be joined but norah o'donnell and gayle king. the presidential debate on cbs sunday night at 9:00/8:00 eastern. hurricane matthew remains dangerous as it moves up the southeast coast but has we heavy rain and maximum sustained winds of 105. matthew pounded beaches with high surf and pushed waters into the streets. the storm is being blamed for at least four deaths in the u.s. the latest victims are an elderly couple in florida who police say died of carbon monoxide proioisoning from a generator. 2,400 u.s. flights today are cancelled today or delayed. >> in haiti, reports say the
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homeless as well. a u.s. navy ship is on its way to the island to deliver aid. food and water supplies are dangerously low. this morning, matthew is moving due north, top sustained winds are 105 miles per hour. the eye of the hurricane was at hilton head, south carolina. forecasters say some coastal areas could get as much as 15 inches of rain with storm surges up to 9 feet. hurricane matthew closed busy travel route. a stretch of 95 near hardeeville, is closed. no word on when it will open. kris van cleave has more in charleston, south carolina. >> reporter: good morning. as the sun is coming up, matthew is coming to town. we are starting to see winds pick up here in the last hour or so. we still haven't seen sustained hurricane force winds here in charleston.
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came overnight. the third highest tide in history here in charleston in the harbor. now with the rain that is coming and all of this churning is pushing up the water on both sides here in charleston. so we are seeing streets and places are waist-deep. the tide has come down some. the lotide normally would be a foot. we are seeing tides around seven feet. flooding remains the big concern. the rain continues. still seeing strong winds about 100,000 people across south cana he know trees are down across 95 and other freeways and part of the why the evacuation orders were in effect here here in charleston. the mayor said he thinks half the city was left and they were very clear to people living in low lying areas, get out or you could die. take a listen. >> some low lying areas where we were knocking on doors going door-to-door urging people to leave and we knew they were in low lying areas, if they
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next of kin. >> reporter: so the curfew here in charleston lifted in the last hour. we are starting to see people out and about. road are still flooded. and the worst of this storm, we understand, is yet to get here. we are not seeing hurricane force winds yet but not a good situation for charleston as the danger of flooding will continue the next several hours. dana? >> kris, be savecareful out the. historic cities was hit hard by matthew overnight. jericka duncan is in savannah, georgia, where flooding is a major concern. >> reporter: matthew ripped through savannah last night. the storm intensified in the early morning hours, dropping several inches of rain, before the storm really started to make its impact. 75% of people who live in chatham county where savannah is located evacuated. >> i've got a family, two little kids here, a wife.
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when the tree could come in the roof. >> reporter: the big concern now is flooding. matthew's storm surge was projected to reach up to 11 feet some some coastal communities and meanwhile, some of savannah's streets were emerged before the worst of matthew even arrived. to the south of us on this enclave of st. simon's eyelid the beach isn't even visible and in coastal brunswick, the streets were flooded long before the most severe storm surge. >> that was jericka duncan in savannah, georgia. for more on the track of the storm, here is lonnie quinn, chief weather caster at wcbs tv. where is this thing headed? >> reporter: good morning, everyone. it's moving to the north/northeast and literally hug the south carolina coast. the way that it did the florida coast, except maybe even a little further inland. to the latest information from the national hurricane center. 30 miles to the south/southwest of charleston, south carolina.
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105-mile-per-hour winds and 111, you'd have a cat three. we don't think it's strengthening and probably weaken throughout the day. holding on cat two status. take a look at it from high up in space. center of circulation. look how close we are to a landfall. no official landfall but the eyewall is right on shore. moving into right now charleston. charleston, you're going to get the worst of it very shortly. hurricane warnings from savannah, georgia to the coast of south carolina and around the question, the most dangerous part of this store. storm surge charlton 79 feet and six to eight foot storm surge in charleston. here we are right now. it's going to move right along the coast. as long as it stays somewhere around the coast, it continues to spin and pull in this water from the ocean and push it on shore. it's going to be a very, very
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coast. somewhere around early north carolina, it's transitioned to ooa 1 and our big thinking big curve and back towards the bahamas where this situation started for our area a feud ago but we believe at this point in time a low pressure system with some rain. keep an eye on this one. back to you. >> lonnie quinn at our new york station wcbs-tv, thanks. florida took the first blow from matthew on friday and while the storm has moved on t is feeling its effects. it erased a part of a highway near daytona boch. high tide is kraeck. it comes with a million utility people without power. a massive cleanup situation about to unfold. errol barnett is in jacksonville. >> reporter: people her here are just waking up to survey the damage this morning. the national guard is out
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lines in the most dangerous places. the evacuate order has not yet been lifted. so really all people can do is take in what was an intense day hurricane matthew brought with it. the powerful storm slammed the coast here in jacksonville. wind gusts up to 75 miles per hour sent sheets of rain sideways. high surf and a strong storm surge sent water pouring into the streets. evacuate but marisa hickson chose to stick it out. >> i want to be with my family. we talked through this and we want to be here. >> reporter: the biggest concern here is flooding. sand dunes meant to protect the city were no match for the rising water. florida governor rick scott. >> river flooding could last even longer. >> reporter: in st. augustine, more than 9 inches of rain
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submerging cars. many residents have been trapped in their homes or business. this man on the porch of a bed and breakfast said 20 people were stuck inside. wind gusts reaching at least 80 miles per hour tore through roofs. snapped power lines and toppled trees. magnolia drive is now completely covered with broken branches. and now further south, daytona beach faced the brunt storm earlier on friday. the only thing protecting this home from the storm surge was a glass patio door. many homes and businesses suffered significant damage. this gas station was leveled by the strong winds and heavy rainfall. as the storm heads north, residents will wait for the floodwaters to die down before starting to rebuild. and residents of beach-facing
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fared. but the intercoastal bridges remain closed. it is estimated, anthony, power won't be restored until mid-day sunday. >> errol barnett in jacksonville, florida, thank you. president obama accused russia of trying to interfere with next month's election. the directors of national intelligence and homeland security ended weeks of speculation on moscow deliberately hacked into the computers of the democratic national committee and other political groups. this morning, russia denied any vomit in the hacking. "usa today" reports samsung may be having another recall with his note 7 smartphone. it caught fire on an southwest airlines flight on wednesday. samsung recalled more than 2 million note 7's last month when
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fire. mylan has reached a settlement with the justice department for allegedly overcharging medicaid by more than $1 billion. the government says mylan was told several times it was wrongly classifying the allergy treatment epipen as a generic drug instead of a brand-name drug. mylan did not admit any wrong doing. a fired up tom brady is expected to suit up tomorrow in cleveland. the patriots quarterback will play his first game of the suspension after serving a four game suspension in his role in the so-called deflategate scandal. the cleveland browns happen to be winless. i think we can hear the cheers from boston here in new york right now. >> very loud. the chicago times says the chicago cubs are giving supercircumstansup superstition a run for its money.
5:22 am
eighth and gave the cubs 1-0 win over the san francisco giants! the cubs are ten wins away, not that we want to put any pressure here, from their first world series championship in more than 100 years! we are wishing them glum. >> -- good luck. >> still a long way to go. it sure looks tantalizingly close. here is a look at the weather now. coming up, we will continue to monitor the latest on hurricane matthew. the storm is pounding the south carolina coast. while texting while driving is one of the most dangerous
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it's getting worse, so they have come with a novel way of catching texters. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday."
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,,,, z24qoz zvpz
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? coming up, meet the creators and stars of oh, hello. comedians nick and his partner have a hn take a look at the characters they created just out of college. >> that is getting a lot of buzz. then the little train that could save you time. we will show you how one library now has books delivered to you by train. >> it's just great people are reading actual books still. >> i love this whole idea. kind of reminds me of my childhood. we will be right back. this is "cbs this morning:
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>> you say despite all of your experience, you say being on the stage still terrifies you. how is that possible? >> well, how is that possible? >> with all that you do. >> it's a high-wire act. they say the theater people are the same as people that jump out of airplanes. i would never do that. there is connectivity with the live audience that is delicious. and you feel their energy. and it is a two-way street and interactive. >> do you wish you had done more theater? >> i've done my share and i've done some good stuff over the years with theater. >> you continue to make films? >> yes. i love it. it's a very different medium, as you know. the weird thing about film, which i don't really care for is that i'm always surprised when i
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one way or another, i'm always surprised. >> but you were there when they were making it. >> isn't that weird? >> but not in that editing room, that's true. a lot can change in editing room. >> i joke and say i have an editor on my altar. >> the energy expended and anything but average but the average week of your schedule. >> it shows. >> what is it to constantly get back up for that moment? >> interesting you say that, before we -- before the curtain and we are back stage and, you know, this beautiful group of people that i am a humble part of and i get to be the poster girl and, yes, it is very much of the story, she is the one whose family this cherry orchard belongs to, but we, as a group, go through this as a team sport, we hold hands and i swear
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spective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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hurricane matthew is battering south carolina this morning. the eye of the storm was at hilton head, island. mexico sustained winds are 105 miles an hour. the massive category two storm struck the coast with dangerous winds and torrential rain overnight and waves. >> forecasters say 15 inches of rain and storm surge up to nine feet is possible in south carolina's low country today. matthew is blamed for at least 800 deaths in haiti and four in the u.s. we will continue to track the path of matthew throughout the morning. a serious and growing problem. texting while driving. police say drivers who text behalf much like drunk drivers. but catching violators in the
5:31 am
so the cops are thinking outside the box. here is kris van cleave. >> reporter: this is not your average patrol car driving interstate 40 in memphis. up here in th semi's cab it's easy for the tennessee highway patrol to spot texting drivers like brandy hayes. >> pick up on my right. >> reporter: lieutenant carrie pull her over. >> do you text and drive often? >> unfortunately, probably more than i should. think about it before you text next time? >> yes. definitely. >> reporter: nationwide, in 2015, nearly 3,500 people were killed, up nearly 9% from the year before. in tennessee, distracted driving crashes could surpass last year, when 116 people died and more than 6,000 were injured. tennessee highway patrol captain jimmy johnson. >> often when you see an accident now, you don't see any brake marks? >> correct. >> reporter: what does that tell
5:32 am
to that crash and never have a chance to avoid the crash before impact. >> reporter: they weren't looking at the road? >> they weren't looking at the road and wasn't paying attention to the road. >> reporter: 46 states have laws against texting. but cops say it can be hard to enforce. people know they shouldn't be texting while they are driving so they are kind of sneaky about it, aren't they? >> people are holding the phone down and it's really even more dangerous because they are taking their eyes completely off the road. >> reporter: that is forcing officers to get >> hummer. she is texting. >> reporter: police in san bernardino, california, posed as panhandlers warnings that signs are looking for violators and many miss that message and got ticketed. in moscow, dlidaho, they used a yellow school bus and they can spot texters a mile away with a lens like this. in massachusetts, police saw
5:33 am
chief victor flaherty. >> we are out here to make sure that you're not the next stat that injures somebody or kills somebody. >> reporter: it's a message sent the old-fashioned way, with a handwritten ticket. >> you have to pay over a hundred dollars, so don't look at your phone! >> reporter: for "cbs this morning: saturday," kris van cleave. >> on the topic of word in motion, coming up, we take you to a library so big, they now have a train to bring books to you! we will show you how it works. first, here is a look at your weekend weather.
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year for prostate cancer. we will discuss this common disease and what could help men avoid it. plus the annual challenge we all dread, holiday weight gain. "morning rnds" is coming up. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." we thought fibers that y >> announcer: this weather segment from the maker of miralax. and is less likely to cause... unwanted gas. finally. try new mirafiber. from the makers of miralax. you inherit lots of traits from your family. my ancestor, lady eleanor, made it big in textiles. my great-grandfather bernard wrote existential poetry. and uncle john was an explorer. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin.
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what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor.
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? dr. tara narula and frances largeman-roth with us. first up, prostate cancer. this week actor ben stiller spoke publicly for the first time about his june 2014 prostate cancer diagnoses. stiller who was 48 at the time had surgery and deemed cancer-free three months later in september. >> at first, i didn't know what was going to happen. so i was scared.
5:38 am
>> sure. >> one thing that it does, it just stops everything in your life when you get a diagnosis of cancer because you can't plan for a movie. >> no. >> because you don't know what is going to happen. >> stiller later posted an essay on the website medium detailing the diagnosis and the aftermath. tara, that has put a big spotlight on prostate cancer right now. how common is it, exactly? >> so brave of ben stiller and many celebrities to come out and talk about their diseases publicly. and stimestimated this year 180 new cases of prostate cancer of men in this country and 26,000 deaths. this is the second leading killer in term of cancers for men after lung cancer and the second most common cancer in men after nonmedically lanoma skin . less common if you're less than 40. >> i know ben stiller said the
5:39 am
literally. i'm surprised it's controversial at times as well. what exactly is it? >> it is a blood test, a screening test that hopes to pick up cancer before there are symptoms and when it's early enough we can treat it appropriately. a blood test that looks at levels of protein secreted or from the prostate cells. this psa level, no real normal level in terms of normal or abnormal. no cutoff. if the level is greater than 4 concerning for cancer and greater than 10, 50% of men will have a cancer diagnosis. there can be false s/negatives. if you take medicines like pro scar or propetia could lower your level. the biggest reason is controversial is we pick up small cancers that would never
5:40 am
they do go on to cause biopsies which can result in infection or bleeding or surgeries or radiation that can cause incontinence or bowel positives. >> i had one of those false/positives. it scared me. i went back and had a much lower number and it's fine. you have to be aware some of those times the numbers are wrong. >> the biggest recommendation by all of the societies this should be an informed decision, meaning doctor and have a discussion about the risks and benefits. it is recommended by the american cancer society that that discussion start at age 50 for most men of average risk who shall a life expectancy over five years. if they are at the highest risk meaning they are more than one family member who is diagnosed early that discussion should happen at age 40.
5:41 am
ways with diet and exercise that you can try to reduce your risk? >> sure. well, you're right. there is no anti-cancer diet for any specific cancer. but studies do show that by eating 2 1/2 cups of produce each day. fruits and veggies, we know people are not getting enough of this is one way to reduce your disk. there are food like walnut that show promise with prostate cancer. also getting regular exercise. we areki and staying at a healthy weight. of course the regular exercise and two and a half cups of provide will help produce will help you stay at a healthy wait. the holiday dreaded weight gain. thanksgiving is fast approaching. a new study published in the new england journal of medicine say we may gain pound along with the gifts we get during the holiday season. the study examined people in the united states, germany, and japan.
5:42 am
most during the christmas and new year's period and the japanese put on weight during golden week which is a major japanese holiday. frances, obviously, people are not giving up their favorite food. >> no. >> if they indulge and when we indulge because well, what should we keep in mind? >> first of all, stick with mom's apple pie if that is what you love and forget aunt millie's casserole. the things you don't care about it leave it to the side and always use a plate. of standing by the buffet table. >> by the fridge. >> all of it. if you use a plate, at least you have a visual cue and that is going to help you remember, oh, yeah, i actually had a whole plate of food! >> or two! >> and then, finally, the booze. the booze calories they just add up. 125 calories for a glass of wine and five-ounce glass of wine
5:43 am
and 200 or more calories for a cocktail. use one alcoholic drink per hour and follow it up with a glass of water. >> tara, obviously, there are different foods as a cardiologist we should keep in mind ahead of the holiday season? >> salt is one of those things. it's sneaky and hide in places like poultry and bread we consume a lot of. the average american consumes 148 milligrams a day and the recommendation is 1,500 mi milligra milligrams. you need to rinse off canned bes and vegetables and use herbs and spices when you're kicking during the holidays instead of salt. you should assume the leanest cuts of meat, three ounces like the size of a deck of cards. avoid transfats and cookies and pastries and added sugars and
5:44 am
doesn't mean you can't get out and exercise. >> thank you both for being here. up next, how it started. no one is sure but the cops would sure like to stop the spreading creepy clown phenomenon and why it's telling us little about the state of our nation. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." ? when you ache and haven't slept... you're not you. tylenol? pm relieves pain leep and stay asleep. we give you a better night. you're a better you all day. tylenol?. attention! did you or anyone in your household work around asbestos-containing gaskets, packing, or equipment? if you or a loved one have an asbestos-related disease, you may have a right to vote on a plan to reorganize and pay claims in the garlock/coltec bankruptcy. garlock's and coltec's products were used in industrial and maritime settings,
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? many h hoaxes. others more serious. as threats on social media. we are talking about the wave of reepy clown sightings across the united states. >> going back to late august, there have been dozens of reports of threatening clowns. largely centered around schools and colleges. many have been dismissed by law enforcement as pranks. but more than a dozen people have been arrested in connection with the sightings. don dahler is here with more on this troubling trend. don, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
5:48 am
police and other officials have to take them seriously as a potential threat to safety. and that is starting to drain resources from law enforcement agencies who are also concerned about feeding into has steer ha sister ya. >> a woman claimed she was attacked by a clown suit this morning. >> if a threatening crown seems to pop up by the hours. >> crown inside these wood. >> reporter: this week, 14-year-old in california was arrested when he threatened a middle and high school on an instagram page called fontana's killer clowns. >> we heard people are showing up on campus but haven't seen anything. >> police say the teen want to scare people and gain social media followers. police in connecticut dealt with a similar social media threat targeting several schools in the new haven area, while they dismissed it as a hoax, they are
5:49 am
considering this to be nothing more than a prank and harassment fueled by social media and upcoming halloween. working with the police department and our own security team, we have no evidence that there is a credible threat to students or schools in the district. >> blue hat, blue curly hair and polka-dotted rainbow outfit. >> reporter: it appears to be much more than a scare near san francisco on wednesday. a mother says she fought off a person dressed grabbed her 1-year-old daughter. >> i thought he was going to kiss her hand. instead, he pulled her arm. i pulled her arm back and i kicked him. >> at that tree there. >> reporter: the phenomenon started in late august when children in south carolina saw a clown beckoning them into a wood benefit the sightings was never confirmed. the clown scare was brought up in a white house press briefing this week. >> i wonder fountain president
5:50 am
the white house wants to discourage these types of pranks. >> i don't -- i don't know that the president has been briefed on this particular situation. >> reporter: some are so upset by the perceived threats, they are ready to take the law into their own hands. hundreds of students at penn state university launched a late night manhunt after a clown was reportedly seen on campus. it's that type of behavior that has must some professional clowns on edge. >> i have been flipped off. i've been mooned. i've been experienced excessive profanity while performing. >> reporter: why are so many people playing into the panic? >> hoaxes and attempts to frighten people and people buying into it have happened % throughout history. we are right for this right now, because of social media, which allows a fear to propagate globally very quickly and because right now, we are a country very anxious about other
5:51 am
suspects accused of making online threat, some of those who have been arrested are charged with making false reports. making this whole situation more frustrating for police officers all over the country. >> you think about the resources. the 911 call in there. if it's not resources that are needed, they are being wasted. >> i have two kids in middle school and they are scared to death. there was a high school in new jersey just last week that went on lockdown because a clown was reported on the campus. >> was resource of the police >> don, thank you very much. don dahler reporter. coming up, call it the reading railroad. the latest thing at a sprawling new york public library. a train that delivers books and magazines right to you. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." ? people all over the world
5:52 am
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5:55 am
all aboard the reading railroad. this week, the famed new york public library unveiled its brand-new book train. >> we have millions of volumes of our research collection stored below brian park and we have to get them from there to here as people ask for them quickly, so we went and found the best little choo-choo train that we could find. >> they may not look like ty corridor, but they run like the little engine that could. traveling at 75 feet per minute, each one of these trolleys can haul 30 pounds of pamphlets, periodicals and portfolios. after a visitor puts in a request, the book train gets to work and carrying volumes both horizontally and vertically over 950 feet to two study areas, including the iconic rose reading room which just
5:56 am
>> the old system that we had took about twice as long to get the material from where it was stored into this reading room based on any request that we get. this system is also much more reliable, much easier to maintain. it's quieter, which is important in a library! >> so while the library's immense collection will always be the draw here, for this week, the book train is getting the lion's share of the attention. so they went from conveyor belt to the train. renovation. that portion of it but part of a larger renovation. it shows that people are still reading real books. >> can you imagine your book arrive on a train? what is better than that. up next we continue to track the developments and damage from hurricane matthew. for some of you, your local news is next. the rest, stick around. you're watching "cbs this
5:57 am
i've heard from black women in particular you are telling their story. is that the best compliment you could hear? >> 100%. i'm just like where were y'all when i needed friends in middle school? we could have gone through this together. sorry i'm not looking for a relationship right now. sad face. >> he did not sad face you! >> reporter: the other thing they like it's authentic telling of black female friendship. >> black women are like the best thing to happen in my life. >> reporter: but what do you think most people think about black women? >> that we fight all the time. like the rise of reality shows which, you know, we talked about, i'm guilty of watching, and i love watching. >> reporter: me too. >> but i don't know that life. my friends and i don't throw chairs at each other.
5:58 am
other out and that is still out of love. black women aren't tired of being expected to settle for less. >> her outfit settles for less! >> reporter: insecure, she struggles to fit in just as they did growing up in potomac, maryland, and los angeles. >> in potomac, i had a lot of friend of different edge nis -- ethnicities. so i spoke properly and that was considered talking white. so when i moved to l.a., they were just like, you're not black. black. you talk white. this is not -- who are you? i said, i don't know who i am. i thought i was black! you know? >> reporter: issa, you are black. >> my name is jay and i'm awkward and black. >> reporter: when did you know, though, that "awkward black girl," that you had something here? >> honestly, it was after the first episode. i was like nervous and anxious about putting that out. i uploaded it early in the morning and just went to sleep. i said i don't even want to
5:59 am
6:00 am
? welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> i'm dana jacobson. coming up, taking flight to involve an environment mystery. we will talk to a figure out why fewer and fewer swans are making a key mo migration. >> actress haley bennett is in three of the fall's biggest films, including "the girl on the train." we will talk with her about her quick rise and the comparison to a certain oscar winning actress. >> two friends turn an inside joke to a broadway hit. we will speak with comedians
6:01 am
hurricane matthew is about to make landfall in south carolina after pummeling florida. the eye of the category two storm is expected to cause significant damage along the coast of the state with maximum sustained winds over 100 miles an hour. >> the storm has already knocked out power to more than 200,000 customers and it's creating some of the highestes ever recorded along the south carolina 800 deaths in haiti and four the u.s. flooding and storm surge from the heavy rain and those matthew fueled high tides has south carolina on high alert. kris van cleave is in charleston this morning. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning. we know that matthew is not yet, at least the worst of matthew is not yet here to charleston but the real concern here has been floodwaters. a lot of streets on the east bay in charleston, sometimes the
6:02 am
we had to abandon our hotel at one point the water was to the point you couldn't get out and why so many people here in south carolina have been under these evacuation orders because police knew once this storm started they wouldn't be able to get to people because of the water. the worst as far as the winds still to come. a lot of focus here on flooding as we had very high tide and, of course, this rain has been unrelenting. anthony? >> kris van cleave, be careful out there, kris. t campaign in crisis. after hearing trump's newly revealed remarks about women, two congressional republicans say he should drop out of the presidential race. >> the remarks were caught on an open microphone in a 2005 video. that video obtained and released by "the washington post." trump can be heard describing his attempts to have sex with a married woman and bragging that women let him grab him because he is famous.
6:03 am
released a video statement late last night. he apologized. >> i've said and done things iregret and the word released on this more than a decade old video are one of them. anybody who knows me know the words don't reflect what i am. >> trump's 90-second video ends with him leveling criticism at bill and hillary clinton. major garrett is covering the reaction and at the site of tomorrow night's debate in st. louis. >> reporter: donald trump's first instinct was the video as little more than than harmless locker room banter but under republican criticism, withering criticism, trump relented and put together that videotape. in question about that apology be enough and will republicans continue to stand with trump? that topic is first and foremost on his mind in new york today as he huddles private with the republican national committee chairman reince priebus before the presidential debate for the
6:04 am
university. those in trump camp knew it was an opportunity they hoped to regain momentum on trump's unfocused performance in the first debate. another question on the mind of republicans is can trump withstand this, yet another, self-inflicted wound? he has done it in the past many times but there are those in the trump inner circle who fear this may be more than he can withstand. >> major garrett? st. louis, thanks. the trump video leaks whirl, hillary clinton facedam wiki leaks released what it says are e-mails from her campaign chairman. they contain some potentially problematic revelations for the democratic nominee. cbs news justice report paul reid has more on that in washington. >> reporter: good morning. wikileaks has released a batch of more than 2,000 hacked e-mails from the account of hillary clinton's campaign chairman john podesta. the e-mails include excerpts
6:05 am
street speeches. clinton has been asked repeatedly to release transcripts of those speeches and says she won't until the other candidates are held to the stadium standards. it points why clinton has refused to make them public. in a speech in early 2016 colon recalled a middle class upbringing but admits she is far removed from that now because the life i've lived and the economic fortunes my husband and i now now. a year before she said politics is like sausage being it's unsavory. you need both a public and a private position. trump has previously said he doesn't care about the transcripts. that being said, tomorrow's debate is a town hall style so the audience or the moderators are bound to ask about them if not trump will find a way to bring it up. >> president obama cast his vote in next month's election. mr. obama stopped at a chicago polling site friday taking advantage of the early elections
6:06 am
the president and first lady had made multiple appearances on the campaign trail in hopes that hillary clinton succeeds them at the white house. here is a look the weekend weather. up next, she is one of the hollywood's hottest young stars. she joins us next, haley bennett. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." which you are you? be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress.
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6:10 am
? if you haven't heard the name haley bennehat is about to change. the ohio native star is on the rise. >> case in point, she is co-starring in three major movies this fall, including the magnificent seven, warren beatty's "rules don't apply "and "the girl on the train." a thriller based on the best selling novel of the same name. she takes on the name of hipwell, the perfect wife with a terrible secret. here is a peek. >> i have to keep things vague. with all of the men, the exs, the lovers. it doesn't matter who they are. it matters how they make me feel.
6:11 am
it's like having a secret that no one else knows. >> haley bennett is with us this morning. good morning. you were jumping up and down looking at that clip. what were you thinking? >> oh, it's just surreal. surreal. >> how would you explain what has happened? you've been in films since 2007 when you made your film debut and all of a sudden things are coming together this year. >> i think it's just been -- i've been -- i'm very lucky and i think, yeah, i haven't thought about it like it was never part of a plan. it was just a lot of luck and a lot of hard work. >> really interesting story that caught both of our attention. in getting the role for "the girl on the train," it was while you were working on "the magnificent seven." tell us about that. >> i was working on the magazine seven and working with a costume
6:12 am
davis. she had called tate tailor, unbeknown as to me, there is a girl working on "the magnificent seven." i think you should meet her. i think you're adapting "the girl on the train" and i think there might be a role for her. we were shooting in louisiana and tate has a home in mississippi. so i baked a pie. >> and we have to get into and we had lunch together and talked about the role. and we just hit it off. >> what kind of pie was it? >> it was lemon meringue pie. >> this isn't the first time you have baked a pie. where did that come from? let me sweeten them up? >> i wish i had caught on to this a little bit earlier and i would started making pie earlier. it was sort of my preparation
6:13 am
i wanted to make a classic apple pie. it was a good ice-breaker. it was a great ice-breaker. >> a smart icebreaker. you didn't study acting. you ended up going out to hollywood when you were, what, 19? >> i was 18. >> you were 18? and you had some background in singing? >> well, i had sang in my school. i had sang in a traveling girls choir and i sang in church choir growing up. so definitely there was a strong influence of music in my family. >> lyrics and you have to sing and dance. a pretty prominent part. >> i have a funny store about that. i had about seven auditions and i wasn't familiar with this process. and the music and lyrics was my third audition. >> wow. >> and i was asked to go to new york to have this screen test. the night before, they asked me to prepare a dance number.
6:14 am
star. so this certainly wasn't familiar territory at all! and in my audition, i ended up crying. i was down on the floor and i had learned -- i had called -- i had found in the phone book a choreographer. i'm going to this guy and he'll teach me to dance and i'm going to go and i'm going to dance and perform this dance for a drew barrymore more and hugh grant. and mark lawrence. then i started crying. >> that got you pies and crying is what get you jobs? >> tears of sweet. >> you have to have a lot of nerve to do that. >> what is that? >> to be able to dance in front of drew barrymore and hugh grant. >> that is the thing. so intimidating. i started bursting out into tears. i think drew barrymore she says she always comes in with tears and daisies and says you remind me of myself a little bit. >> you worked with warren beatty on a film coming out on soon.
6:15 am
experience working with warren. he called me up on the phone after we had about a six-hour meetings. i think his meetings are infamously long. and we -- he calls me three months later, i didn't think that i would ever get a call back. he calls me. he has a very distinctive voice. hello, haley? you know, i need you to sing an eth yes, of course, i can do that. no problem on. i look her up. she is very influential in the broadway world. i said, my god, i said yes, what am i going to do? >> what was the song? >> it ended up not being that.
6:16 am
are you getting tired of that yet? >> oh, no. it's a wonderful compliment. i saw hir recenter recently ando beautiful. >> have you met jennifer lawrence? >> we didn't actually meet but i saw her from across the way and she is stunly talented and stunningly beautiful so thank you. >> i have a feeling that meeting is destined to happen. >> thank you. >> what a pleasure, haley bennett. "the girl on the theaters now. up next meet the very funny stars of, oh, hello, now on broadway. >> our guys george and gil have seep the second act of hundreds of broadway shows. >> hello, how are you? oh, hello.
6:17 am
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6:20 am
? after a national tour, two of the hottest voices in comedy are bringing their alter egos to broadway. jamie wax spoke to them about their long time friendship and unique collaboration. >> reporter: the show is called oh, hello and one of the most sought-after tickets on broadway right now. i caught up with the and stars between rehearsals and found they are as funny off stage as they are on screen. >> you're a great guy. a few ladies. >> polarize is t. >> reporter: that camaraderie between the two on screen. >> we like the great traditions of the scene here. >> reporter: and now on stage apply to their creators nick kroll and john mulaney in real
6:21 am
she feel like friend and john has paid me a ton of money to say we are, indeed, friends in real life. >> i think it helps the marketing of the show and i'm willing to pay him a small amount of money to keep that alive. we don't speak, honestly. >> reporter: did you see anything of yourself in these two men? >> at first it was like a character. as we have grown into them, i think we have grown into them. someone made the observation they really get to the heart of who we are as people. >> yeah. >> in that nick is a baby and i'm an [ ]. my baby! my chair! you killed it! waa! >> reporter: their play which grew from early life sketches and became popular videos tells the story of two older men, roommates on new york's upper west side. >> oh, hello? sure. >> reporter: one is an actor. >> the police?
6:22 am
writer. >> do you want to know why karen? because i cannot afford microsoft word! >> reporter: both are very opinionated and painfully out of touch. how did oh, hello begin? >> one day we are watching through a book store in new york and saw two guys reading alan alda's never have your dog stuffed. >> they a >> we follow them to a book store and a diner. they both sit there at the diner reading their individual copies. these guys like share a murphy bed with you not share their alan alda autobiography. >> reporter: that is about ten years ago. >> this is too much tuna! >> reporter: since then, they have become fan favorites on
6:23 am
"kroll." >> it's an international passport for these characters. everyone gets why it's funny. >> it's very wet. >> it's a mess. it's never -- you never have seen a tuna sand wish and say that is well made. >> and you smell it. you're like, oh, boy! but then you're like, yeah, i'll eat it. >> i want that! >> reporter: want it or not, each night a special celebrity guest, anyone from bobby kanavall to fred savage gets pranked with an oversized tuna sandwich. >> i didn't order this. >> don't lie! >> i think the most fun for us was marcia clark. >> you're about to get the second biggest surprise of your life! >> yes, that marcia clark, the head prosecutor in the o.j. simpson murder case. >> we had zell hater on the show and then bumped him. he was so fun.
6:24 am
[ bleep ] tuna! >> reporter: when you see this show, it appears the two of you are throwing surprises at each other. is that part of what is happening up there? >> yes. i think it was just by we are doing the show every night and we are so undisciplined. we have to mess with each other. throwing pistachio shells is not the same as being a dad. >> reporter: every night, john will throw a joke at me that i've never hrd new description and, like, it makes me laugh. >> it's fine. we are good. it's a good -- it's a good time! >> you're in that early phase? >> that early phase, you know, when you're in love with a raccoon. >> he had been making each other laugh from the day they met in college. >> we both went to georgetown. i was director of the improv group and john directed. he was the funniest audition.
6:25 am
thought of me. your son is an idiot but a sweet hard working idiot. >> reporter: since then each of them have had their own tv shows and comedy specials. >> now i'm serving the worst sentence of all, moving back in with my father! >> reporter: they say very little compares to performing these characters together on broadway. >> oh, hello! >> almost nothing brings me as much joy as the idea the thing we thought was thing to do has continued to grow. >> it is not lost on us how much we do not deserve to be on broadway. we truly are honored to be here. >> reporter: do you see in the future continuing to do these characters until maybe you don't need the age makeup any more? >> that is the goal is to keep doing these guys until no more makeup, we just get to physically just show up on set. >> i'd like to keep doing them until i don't get what is funny about it. why are people laughing that i
6:26 am
that is not funny. that is exercising. >> the production opens on broadway this monday night! >> i think i walked by these guys every day on the street. >> these are men we share dry cleaners with! >> they were in my old building! did you have to know them? i was asking you like the audience there. if you don't know the characters yet, you catch on quickly, right? >> so much universal about this type of character and they are out there doing so much weird stuff and enjoying themselves infectio infectious. >> we are all laughing. >> i'm proud. coming up, we take flight with the swans of northern europe. it's a thrilling trip with a very serious goal. learning why there are fewer of these beautiful bird on the wing every year. you're watching "cbs this
6:27 am
>> we have the real hillary? >> that's a good question. i don't know that -- i don't know that we do. i don't know that we do. do we need to? do we really need to? do we really need to think like we should go out for drinks with people or want them to do a good job? >> but do we want to know something about their character or temperament? >> if we don't know about hillary clinton by now, what can we ever know. it's been so long. >> it's like a live colonoscopy on television. >> hasn't it? hasn't it? we have seen those too! >> yes, we have seen those! >> had a party to those as well. >> jon stewart seemed to make such an effort to be nonpartisan. and you and your team seemed to have embraced putting your feelings out there for everybody to see. you make no apologies about
6:28 am
you know, we have one shot to do the show that fully expresses who we are and how we feel. we always wanted the show, in abstract terms before the show started when they talked. we wanted to make a show that really kicks the door in and total disdistellation of how we felt. that's how we're doing it. it's not our fault that people are responding t can't be apologetic for it. >> was charlie rose better in person than watching him on television? >> let me tell you about charlie rose if you want to talk about him, enter psychology. it's like i delved into the person he is. >> sorry, we have to go! >> did you come out feeling better? >> so many riches. >> do we have more segments? >> we don't. >> what? oh, no! >> all right. samantha bee.
6:29 am
6:30 am
we begin this half hour with buoy and venture and science. between 1995 and 2010 the number of swans making the annual flight from northern russia took a dive from 29,000 to just 18,000. a drop of more than a third. >> to find out why, british conservationist sacha kench strapped on a paramotor. johnathan vigliotti has more on their flight. >> reporter: viewing swans has an unlikely new co-pilot. 41-year-old sacha dench, with
6:31 am
paraglider, is joining their s. it's a 4,000-mile journey that begins in the remote feeding rounds in russia's arctic north and ends all the way in england. her mechanical wings are part of a effort to save the endangered species from the growing threat below. hundreds are illegally shot out of the sky each year and the land they breed in is being built on. during the first leg of the expediti expedition. >> the only people out there are reindeer breeders who use sleds and reindeer. >> reporter: it's the reindeer breeder, along with fishmen and farmers she has come all this way to meet and speak with and share the story of the swan's
6:32 am
the data and they are interested in that. >> reporter: at 35 miles an hour, sacha can fly as fast as her feathered mates but the trip will take three months. when the birds rest so does she and often staying are locals along the way. >> i've had to sleep on reindeer skins and i worked up, i don't know if reaction but i had a massive puffy face. >> repor i familiar, that's because it is. ? >> reporter: in the 1996 movie "fly away home" inspired by a true story, a young anna takes to the sky to save an abandoned flock of geese. that flight is not based on the movie but in a way she is the swan's mother goose. >> this is just a conservation problem we are causing and we can fix it. i think if you share the right
6:33 am
questions, then we have a really good chance of solving it. >> it's a man-made problem one woman is taking to the skies to end. for "cbs this morning: saturday," johnathan vigliotti, london. >> what a trip that must be. >> yeah. like the side story to the story of conservation, seeing the country that way. >> and a bird's-eye view literally. here is a look at the weather for your weekend now. up next, "the dish." chef todd kell i didn't started list career in a remote place they didn't have tv or even pizza. now he is one of the country's
6:34 am
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6:37 am
coast of east africa. in a place with no radio or tv or no pizza or hamburgers or french fries, he first learned to cook. after returning to the u.s. in his teens he got a job peeling potatoes in a job outside of philadelphia and later worked in pittsburgh, charlotte and san francisco. >> these days he has moved up in the world a long way up. he is executive chef of the award winning orchids at palm supreme court at the cincinnati netherlands plaza. longam welcome to "the dish." >> what is on the table? >> we have house cured ham with persimmons and next to that brussels sprouts. tossed in a pomegranate vinaigrette and goat cheese and
6:38 am
childhoodho childhoodhoo childhood. over here is a family recipes of a sugar pie. >> that looks awesome. >> sugar pie. i'm looking at the drink. is this wrong of me? >> please tell us what is in the glass. i gather a special bottle you've brought with you? >> it is. we do barrel selections with four roses. we wanted to have a drink that showed off the quality of the whiskey that is old-fashioned ice and whiskey is poured over the top. >> delicious. really good. i'm fascinated by your back story. i mentioned you're on this island of mauritius and nothing you're used to. >> sure. >> how did you get the food that you were liking? is that how you got into cooking? >> that is how we got into cooking. a ton of fresh seafood and louvre indian influences and european influences obviously. we had fishermen would come to the back door what they caught
6:39 am
delivered daily by the person on a moped. honked the horn and picked out what you wanted. no pizza, no milk. we had to really adapt. >> you had to create your own? >> exactly. >> if you wanted fries, you had to make your own fries. >> exactly. >> you end up back in philadelphia when you were 14? >> yeah. right around there. >> at what point did you know you wanted to get into cooking? >> i started right on my 17th birthday. wanted to be with my friend so i got really good at peeling potatoes and cleaning lobsters and things along those lines. as i progressed it became something i was really passionate about and enjoyed? of the sentenof the sciences. >> your first title was potato peeler? >> i was able to do it well. >> you kind of crisscrossed the country. what took you out west in the
6:40 am
was opening a restaurant and one of my other older brothers was a chef as well. >> wow. >> also into it because of where you lived? >> i think that was the main reason, yeah. and we had an opportunity. he brought us out to san francisco and ran a restaurant in north beach. from there i worked at some high profile restaurants and i really -- i really created who i was in the food industry. >> what ultimately took you to cincinnati? >> the netherlands orchid. the original design is from 1931. it's one of the designs i say a clean, beautiful palette that needed an artist to paint on it. that is what we did. we created something really special there. >> it's sort of a time now i feel like we eat more casually. you're fine dining? >> our food, we have a lot of history in what we do. we source grade ingredients is
6:41 am
the for mmalities make it fun a interesting. >> people embrace that and looking for something like this. you had source food. you're creating your own butter and cheese? >> sure. >> where does that come from? >> well, there's a point in time where you continue to source things and then you start to look at it and say say why can't we do this? one of the inspectors that came in from aa asked why we didn't have locally domestic cheeses any good ones so we took it upon our own terms to make it and started making our own cheese and same with the butter. we could manipulate the butter by manipulating the ph and started doing it ourselves. >> if you could have a meal with anyone, past or present, who would it be? >> present would have to be my daughters. we love doing sunday night pizzas. it's a big thing for us to keep the family bond.
6:42 am
father. he didn't get a chance to see me as a chef. of course, james dalton. a pioneer of food and beverage in the late '80s and really shaped the way the food industry is today. >> great table. >> they would love the meal, no doubt. chef todd kelly, thank you so much. for more, head to "cbs this morning".com. >> up next our "sat session" with blind pilot. from touring the u.s. on bicycles to a series of hit albums. this band is not to be missed. don't wa morning: saturday." ? [vacuum sound]
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6:46 am
and critically acclaimed studio album and "and then like lions." here is blind pilot with their first single "packed powder." ? ? i start looking at second h i thought you'd make me more color and i i saw the sky as torn world ? ? i started working as a dime store clerk i thought you'd make me kind and put me first ? ? my only dreams
6:47 am
where it would take me ? ? i want to see how it helped me don't want keeper can ever more don't wait to miss a turn ? ? ? ? started working as a jeweler i thought you'd make me believe my own words ? ? can't be patient just ask me
6:48 am
? i started working in a church. i thought you'd make me better man ? ? the sins i had i always had as if a person come to my own hands mo hand ? i want to see how it takes me i want to see how don't want to keep what kills don't want to wait and miss a turn ? ? i want to see where it takes me i want to see how it helps me ? don't want to keep to have more of don't want to wait
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? >> don't go away. we will be right back with more music from blind pilot. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." >> announcer: "saturday sessions" are sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family wit
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have a great weekend, everybody. >> thanks for watching. we leave you more with more music from blind pilot. ? when i first wake up this isn't worth offering ? ? even faces change my heart stays the same ?
6:54 am
going slow if i'm far away if i'm hearing straight a voice you want to know ? ? you've been a force burning one direction caught me sleeping protection you drift into my world are you wrapped up in his arms i'm rushing faster and faster ?
6:55 am
of what could have been even when i thought wasn't worth giving ? ? at least my mind has changed i've been a force going all directions i try to hold you i try everythin ? my heart is aching kissing reaching drifting through my water i will not hold you
6:56 am
i will not think about you ? ? i saw my whole world rushing right back to me you didn't shy
6:57 am
for those of you still with us, more music from blind pilot. >> this is "don't doubt." ? of the year that made you near beg to turn you right ? ? two dead birds underneath the headlight ever sound they make
6:58 am
? every piece of me that breaks trying to keep on the side of doubt ? ? don't you dare everybody's seen some winter don't you take the dark way out ? ? even if breath is breathing for another one don't you just take the dark way out ? ? took you by the throat
6:59 am
7:00 am
it's saturday, october 8. this is the news on cbs4. >> i was apologize. donald trump issues a statement after a leaked video where the presidential candidate is heard saying vulgar comments the republicans purepublicans p support and hurricane matthew is pounding the area, which states most at risk? and we now know the man shot and killed on the boulder campus was a former marine. what friends are saying . and good sunday morning to


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